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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

More Invasive, Nasty BS

By Anna Von Reitz

Did you know that Bill Gates has nine (9) vaccine laboratories in production, planning on profiting from the "emergency" he has helped to create? 

Did you know that anyone 18 and younger has already been micro-chipped when they received purportedly harmless childhood disease vaccines? 

Did you know that nano-tech has polluted the entire Earth and invaded your gut biome?

Did you know that radio frequency sensitive viruses are being used as transmission agents, together with the nano-bot technology, to mess with your biology and collect data on you? 

Did you know that 5G is fully weaponized to kill people? 

Did you know that when 5G is powered up to 61.8 GHz, it denatures atmospheric oxygen and interferes with the ability of hemoglobin to carry oxygen in your bloodstream?

Did you know that scalar technology has been coordinated to create kill zones wherein the heart beats of victims are turned off like a light switch?

Did you know that more than 200 HAARP antenna arrays have been constructed throughout the world to create a secret communication network  that is being used by madmen to literally destroy humanity? 

Did you know that in addition to these land based HAARP antenna arrays, there are mobile sea-going units called CIPPA units that serve the same evil purposes? 

And now, hear this -- Harvard scientists want to turn off the sun and plunge the world into darkness, presumably so their vampire friends can move around in broad daylight:

Instead of trusting and respecting these scientists, we should be taking busloads of them to the nearest cliff.

It is now very clear that most of them don't have the common sense of a chicken, and should not be trusted to run anything more complex than a city bus.

It is also clear that many corporations have been lured by the siren song of easy money into investing in and creating problems, that they then profit from solving.

When you have corporations the size of Microsoft investing in patented viruses and causing pandemics in order to profit from vaccines, something is very, very wrong in Denmark and elsewhere.

When you have corporations like Evergreen, Inc., spraying incendiary metals and metallic oxides on everyone and seeding this pollution with nano-bot technology invasive to all living organisms on Earth, it's time to obliterate the monsters and the organizations responsible.

Yes, folks, its time to throw the hissy-fit of the century and start stomping these politicians and corporations into the dirt.  It's time to take out the anti-monopoly hammer and smash, smash, smash.   It's time to start pulling corporate charters and burning them in the public squares.

And it's time to remove the corporate veil and start confiscating the assets of these corporations and their board members and their shareholders.

They've done their worst by us while expecting us to pay their insurance. 

Time to make use of our options in return. 


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  1. EMERGENCY,EMERGENCY This is there plan,download this pdf from the scum bags them must down load to see the hole thing,its hidden some how.

    This will blow the hole thing wide open

    1. Tony man, I don't mean to be critical but! Their plan, THERE is like over there!!! I don't believe he ate the WHOLE thing, The HOLE is in the middle of a doughnut or HOLE drilled or dug as in a post HOLE or made by an animal!!!

  2. EMERGENCY,EMERGENCY This is there plan,download this pdf from the scum bags them must down load to see the hole thing,its hidden some how.

    This will blow the hole thing wide open


  3. They are about to have a bloody f-ing civil war on their hands quite soon, be sure of it, if indeed all this is true, which I am sure it is all what they mean to do. We are the boots on the ground of the avenging angelic forces!

  4. And what are the options? VOTE THEM OUT! LOL

  5. Write them a cease and desist letter?

  6. it would be nice if you kept things real or is this part of the plan

    you can fit over 1million earth in the sun now imagine the true emensity of this star... eriously common.

    Vampires? The only vampires are those nihilist demon posses mankind who have given their souls to Satan.

    Come back to reality and what was the first word Jesus spoke??

    Reasons for the wooos in Revelation??

    REPENT and come of her my pepole!

    Sea of Glass

  7. Consider rural property , prepare .
    Invest in seeds and water filters and 2nd amendment items trump isn’t stopping anything he’s fast tracking everything for the canal .for us we need to be up on the corporate structure the states have entered into they are not sovereign not of the people nothing but greedy corporations.

  8. Much of the radiation is non-ionizing. We need proof 5G isn't...

    1. Of course 5G isn't, it's like standing in front of a microwave oven.

      Ionizing radiation is produced from nuclear fission of Uranium or other suitable heavy element in a nuclear power plant.

      An ion is a charged atom which is what happens when atoms in our bodies remove electrons from the outer valence shell in response to ionizing radiation, which is not a natural condition. AT least at high levels like fission.

      Since the electron has a negative charge associated with it, the that leaves the atom with a net positive charge, which we call an ion. Everything in the universe wants to be balanced, thus it is unnatural for an atom to remain ionized, it eventually wants that electron back to be a net zero charge state.

      Or so they say.

      That causes the atomic structure of the body to become sick and eventually die if the dose is too great.

      Everything that 5G is about also happens in a microwave. Notice that little screen in front of the microwave door so you can see inside? That is a filter that prevents the electro-magetic energy from escaping, but you can still see through it.

      So it should be obvious that being protected by a similar filter in the presence of 5G energy at 60 GigaHertz will block the energy because the filter is a cavity resonator.

      Do the math.

  9. One comment and one suggestion.
    Close down DARPA. Why you ask? All of the new technology they came up with is only being used by our Military Industry Complex and Secrete Space Program.
    I wonder how much they will get of our future trillion dollar Space Program?
    Establish a new company that needs to be overseen by a group of State National's. Who's primary goal is direct the research toward uses and benefits for mankind only.
    Semper Fidelis
    Donald J Brickham

  10. This is very upsetting to hear. I'm aware of this since later 2018. I feel better to keep them out of the vermin hospital. They keep writing legislature, fake court procedure to let the vermin highly-qualified dogtors and nisus.

  11. working on my adult child.

    The "Soldier home" is likewise unprofessional. When someone threatened to kill my kid there, they wouldn't let me have a word with them at all.

  12. How many are even partially awake ? The stupid lemmimgs will gladly line up for vaccines,FEMA camps and even stick their heads in the giullotines. ...its not so much the evil bastards perpetrating this insanity, its the stupid people who will go along !!!!!!!!!!!
    How in Hell do we wake them up ? Should we even care or try ? Do any of you know how difficult it will be when your wife, children or parents just agree to go or worse are taken by force ? Is this possible or probanle ? ( probable)
    Some of you have nkt agreed with me , called me names and discount and ignore me...who is crazy now ?. I take no pleasure in being right. Take what little time you have now and prepare for what is to will not kniw the day lr time....tbey will come like robbers in the my home its where they will die.

  13. I have been a rebel all my life. There is honour amongst honourable men. All the paper in the world with honourable claim of protest means nothing to those who disregard anything beyond their agenda. These monsters have infiltrated the very essence of honour.

    We have been taught from an early age to honour our elders and have respect for all they stand for not knowing the consequences of compliance until now. The "Do No Harm" only applies to those honourable souls. Like a disease, these monsters need eradicating without second thought. Those who can be re-educated must be separated from the honourable and the monsters and if re-education fails, they must be eradicated as well.

    It is time for action. In my opinion!

    1. Well done Dan, I have long thought that we should be screening for psychopaths and sociopaths at an early age in the education system, the footprint is easy enough to detect.

      They say it is not possible to fix it, but they should then be sent to segregation and treated like any other disease waiting to happen. Sounds harsh, but there is no middle ground to accommodate both points of view since the psychopath is a reptilian mindset, too much reptilian DNA to balance the desired "do no harm" mindset.

      I wondered if the corporation masquerading as Canada is also bankrupt right now, the track seems to be the same 90 day window that Anna mentioned. I am going to guess that things will only start to loosen up after that expiry, because the Federal Government is all but shut down too.

      Actually I wonder if every country with a Rothschild central bank is bankrupting the corporation with this being a global problem right now. Sweden and Brazil are open for business, China is now. Not sure about Russia, Goldman was over in Russia stealing all the assets from the Soviet era in the early 90's when it collapsed, so it is safe to say they are likely infected too. Somebody knows all this info.

    2. Will, corporations are forced into bankruptcy usually by the banks for default on loans, or by significant vendors not paid. When corporations linked to the IMF etc, they basically are subsidiaries through the loan structure and will continue to operate as long as the IMF can collect from the corporate tax payers. If IMF and world bank are subs of the Federal Reserve and it is bankrupted then all corp govs will be as well. Since the DS owns the legal system the only thing left is to take away their paycheques.

      I am hoping that is what Trump is doing and the globalists will no longer have funds to operate with, so all their minions will not get paid in $$ they can spend. It won't matter how much USD $$ they have if it becomes monopoly money overnight. That is why the desperate effort to get to digital before Trump's trigger.

    3. I think this might play into an asset grab, a hard asset grab like physical real estate. I think part of the play could be to squeeze commercial and residential landlords into default with tenants that can't pay thus causing plunging cash flows that allows the banks to foreclose on zillions of those properties en masse.

      The banks get to vacuum up distressed properties. Real physical assets that were built with IOU money conjured from nothing to save it from collapse as you suggested.

      Much like buying real physical goods from China and sending IOU's in return. The situation is so dire from all directions if governments are willing to force almost every country in the world to commit economic suicide right now.

      If things don't get biblical tomorrow as Anna suggested, then we will wish that it did go that way in a few months when frayed nerves and real hardship meets up with millions of guns on the street seeking vengeance for what was done to them. This is going to be ugly unless sanity sets in and we start realizing that parasitic, too big to fail banks, are too big to exist.

    4. Dan said:
      >> Will, corporations are forced into bankruptcy usually by the banks for default on loans, or by significant vendors not paid. When corporations linked to the IMF etc,

      That may be true in Canada, but not always true reason in US. Why? The Bankers are dishonest corporations, extracting people Credits, transformed from people gold, and human energies they extracted in the first place. They never lent people a dime. Their profited so much, consumed so much, in toxic bad behavior for so long. Their Bankruptcy fraud, is part of their multi-scam on people. The Bankruptcy court shouldn't let them have people assets as seen in 4/2017.

      Prince "Philip got away with $995 Trillions". So their servants must have got something on top of this amount. There is legal cost, servant cost, etc.

      The vermin had been giving people many confusing theories, by making false logic on their terms of "Re-investment, or borrowing buffers" These are their common excuses, not real investment at all.

      Why? Here is a common scenario: when Banks took out too much liquidity out of 11,500+ Pass-Through Trust accounts, they cause the Insufficient fund in the Trust, that is a stall. To stop a stall, they had to put the money back in. That's not a re-investment. It is a fix-up of their own greed's.

      The vermin are the great liars, with many excuses, I wouldn't believe their excuses.

      Evidenced by their (altered) UCC 8-102(11) <<==== That's where they extract -ed people credits, multiple times.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. My error on the $dollar amount above, not $995 but $950 for the UK. Beware the cost is divided, meaning the deep-state likely got away with 0.5X of its original amount. Meaning they took our $1.425 Quadrillion. They Gave $450 trillions to the crooks Bar lawyers and/or the elites, and $25 trillions for their sub-servants, or cost for fake Canadian bankruptcy. How do I know this? I checked their pattern of the past Thievery WWII in 1940 – 1978, this is the period the UK made most Thievery gold earnings by Fraud, linked to FDR, JFK killing. FDR very Greed’s were still below the UK Super-greed’s. The UK killed FDR for his shares that they originally promised each other. JFK opposed their DP-State-UK-France idea from steal off one particular country he had a deep concern, by his word in a video "they are harmless, they are neutral country, (there is no need to create war in their country, by the secret society)".
      To search online, please beware the vermin changed the search Algorithm too frequently

      FROM: “prince Philip got away with $950 trillion”,
      or from: “prince Philip got away with $950 trillion”
      To this: “prince Philip received $950 trillion”,
      or from: “prince Philip received $950 T ”
      or from: “Prince Philip absconded with $950 T USD