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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Anna's Notice of International Protest - mailed on 04072020, Letters and proof of service

From Anna Von Reitz

The links below take you to Letters of International Protest, and letters to President Trump and Mr Fink of Blackrock.

The following are all the proof of service of the above letters.


  1. Like seeing these letter format & your autographs & seals. Am interested to know the application of each autograph, seal, & the drawn symbol to Gutteres?
    Will they be in receipt themselves, not just some mail room clerk tossing it in a pile for possible review?

    Meanwhile keep looking for the latest video BlackRock Fink'ary portrayal to his buds & shareholders to see if he's realizing whats going on up with his Employer Priority Creditors.

  2. International Jew money changers counterfeiting, infiltrated all universities,legal institutions,media even the Vatican has lost to communist.
    This is the same old using ottomans to wreck did in 1937 in Spain murciless butchering priest and nuns were the ones Anna hates Italy and Germany came r

  3. Anna, your doing the same thing the forfathers missed in there organic make it very clear that what they did was wrong, but then you make NO ATTEMPT to hold them accountable...all those crimes have to be answered with a very specific sentence if breached...and you conviently dismissed them....they all deserve life imprissionment or the death penalty...!!No exceptions..!!

    1. Hi James, I believe Anna is doing this in steps.
      She sent Final Second Decree Over Mandate last week. I believe she is building a case against all of them, making it public record, and if they don't comply, then the ax will fall as per the organic constitution.

  4. God Bless you, Anna, James, Paul, Teri, the Law Office, and the Assemblies of all 50 states.

    Thanks for sending out these letters on our behalf to liberate us from ALL US Inc. FED.GOV and the offshore cohorts subcontractors = Global Organized Crime Syndicate.

    I pray we can do all this peaceably and move into a Golden Age of peace and harmony as a human species.

    Have the Global corruption ends for once and for all starting here on our shores.

    Anything I can do to support all of you, please do not hesitate to contact me!

  5. crazy people :)


    this filename format sorts by date easily.

    day_month_year would also work, but looks funny IMO.

  6. What is meant by Non-Domestic population and non-domestic citizens. I don't understand the non-domestic. Can anyone explain why that term is used. Thanks.

    1. non-domestic, in relation to their fake gov jurisdiction. They place their 'citizens' (citizens volunteer to serve their government, but who knowingly volunteer to serve their fake Gov Inc) on their jurisdiction no matter where they are actually factually domiciled, captured under their incorporations. Also a resident is a temporary status, domiciled is permanent, thus non-resident.
      Evil little bastards, aren't they.
      They have multiple ways of entrapping, as we unknowingly give them our consent.
      As using Mr. Mrs Ms are all titles. Citizen of the United States of America. United States Citizen. Resident, reside. As jew rat-Fink BlackRock & Fed Reserve, said to make us 'shareholders' of his dead-entity & funny how claimed shareholders don't ever seem to benefit.
      Its just horrendous.

    2. Unknown, the British govt' has a tie with Kharzarian Jews, at the Q level. They met with American British sympathizers between 1837 - 1850, overseas, including the French, Pope to conquer China, and to perpetrate fraud against many other countries for natural resources, by simulating the NAMES of American Gov't, as corporations, by omitting the word "Inc., Incorporated, Limited", to pretend they are American government.

      They are doing these right now, through Mr. Donald Trump, he knows it before entering into the presidential games. He is the corporate president, he plays the foreigner games along with them.

      That's the British and Vatican games, they are foreigners, they deceived America and her Citizens to be "Non-Domestic population and non-domestic citizens." To pay taxes and give up all assets to foreign intruders.

  7. Who are these people working for?
    "We are working together with the White House Coronavirus Task Force, Department of Health and Human Services and state, local, tribal and territorial governments to execute a Whole-of-America response."

    Who are they really employed by?
    A bankrupt company not meeting their payroll.

    1. This is where Continuity of Government kicks in which Anna talked about before. IRS on one side of the coin versus Internal Revenue Service on the other side of the same coin. Everybody is noticing that the Presidential Seal on the podium is missing which presumably means that the Municipal Corporation has packed up and fled as she said. Everything now is about the White House this and that, blah, blah...

      Visibly different, but behind the scenes a spare corporation was waiting in the wings to keep the levers of power engaged unlawfully, again under presumption. That should have been end of story and the unincorporated government steps back in.

      To a public eye that is not trained to see the difference, it is just sleight of hand to disregard what should be happening. The difference now is that the playbook has been exposed. I believe that is what she was trying to tell us.

  8. jews jews jews jews jews ==>>> Hear what they're clearly saying ==>>>
    How BlackRock Leveraged Control of the U.S. Economy 37:49
    FTN channel

  9. OHHH lookie the JEW tells us we could be back in business by May. Reckon the Corona-Con will be all better.
    THE JEW tells us what, when, how we may exist.

    Treasury Secretary Mnuchin says US could be open for business in May
    ==>> "I think as soon as the president feels comfortable with the medical issues," Mnuchin added. <<== means Trump to feel comfortable.

    ==>> Mnuchin said that the administration was doing “everything necessary that American companies and American workers can be open for business and that they have the liquidity that they need to operate their business in the interim.” <<<== NO JEWS are maneuvering themselves into place for goyim control.

    "The comments came shortly after the Federal Reserve announced new moves designed to get another $2.3 trillion of financing for businesses and municipalities. <<== MUNICIPALITIES & business under JEW CONTROL. Sweet. And which JEWS walk away with OUR 2.3 TRILLION in Credit??

    ==>>> “What we are going to have to do is loosen the tap gradually, not open the flood gates,” Dr. Tom Frieden, a former head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said on MSNBC earlier Thursday. <<== JEW Frieden tell us open the tap gradually.As the JEWS walk away very pleased with their Corona-Con & STUPID IDIOT GOYIM so willing to bow & kiss jew azz.

    Just know they are planning their Palliative Care options already being placed. This means you have a choice to AGREE to let them KILL YOU, or they just kill you. ORGAN HARVESTING at 1 million shekels per body is also on their menu, for their profits of course. Call the body infected with one of their JEW CONCOCTED DISEASES & the corpse can't be buried by loved ones, it must remain in JEW CLAWS. All of the wealth of course goes to the jews.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. All I can say is ����
    You’ve done it again! Well spoken and directed!

    I love you Anna,
    Keep fighting for and with us ��������������������������������

  11. Truth~Wisdom~Knowledge~Understanding
    The four Cornerstones of a great Foundation. I'm here to gather this info., data, etc. to use for the betterment of mankind.


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