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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Dr. Annie Bukacek of Kalispell Montana explains covid-19 Death Cert. Manipulation.

Dr. Annie is introduced by Pastor Chuck Baldwin.

Here is another article you should read on this subject, mailed in by one of our readers.

Below is a link to another important article about why the death rates credited to the Corona Virus are unreliable and inflated.

Here is one more fact that can effect the death rate attributed to the Corona virus. Hospitals receive $34,9927.43 for every case of Corona virus they treat. Hospitals are big businesses and have a big financial incentive to treat every person coming to them with flu like symptoms  as Corona virus cases even if they have not tested them for the virus.

It is a fact that thousands of people die every years from the standard flu virus even those who have been vaccinated. Without 100% accurate testing for the Corona virus, and no test readily available to all hospitals, it is not hard to believe that hospitals just list many flu patients as Corona virus victims.

IHME has revised  their data on the number of deaths from the Corona virus to be about 60,000. That is 20,000 less than died from the flu in US in 2018. We have destroyed the greatest US economy in years and caused incredible financial damage to millions of Americans because of this national shut down. It is time to put people back to work while using some reasonable precautions just like they did in Sweden.


  1. The jews didn't need a 911 at all. They just use their guile. Just came back from grocery store. I am smacked. Masked & gloved, but for a few of us. WHILE THE JEWS LAUGH at us, at our stupidity, & the ease with which they can once again steal us blind.
    JEWS laughing all the way to the bank & beyond.

    I have no qualms about giving these idiots the truth & how idiotic they really have become.


    I am mortified at the culpability of the herd. Those of us without masks roamed feely among the majority who are. What are the chances of getting anything with everybody else face-wrapped in scarves, medial masks, gloves... UN-FREAKING BELIEVABLE.

    Well, next time I AM GOING TO JUMP ON THE SHEKEL-SHAKER WAGON. The jews know exactly how to do it. To HELL with all of those useful idiots.

  2. Hard to explain this to people when those people know doctors and nurses that are freaking out also saying its crazy. Dont blame them but i blame upper management that are in charge of the chaos

    1. Anonymous - true. Today while >>> walking around <<<< yep we get out regularly & so do other families <<< stopped to ask a Creole guy in scubs, asking if he worked medical & whats going on there. He worked in supply, gave the spiel of deaths, blah blah. So I asked him if he'd seen it. No he hadn't. So asked if he would keep a few things in mind & when we see each other again, let me know what he thinks.
      Before I was really finished, he already agreed it could be a hoax. Said he could see it being hyped up. Told him about the Municipal Inc bankruptcy, to look for presidential seal & flag missing, plaque saying Washington but no D.C. & he could perceive that too. Kind of an odd topic to relate to Corona-Con, but its absolutely related to this massive psy-op.

      Glad he was open enough to consider it. It was after this encounter I walked into a large grocery store to find long masked, gloved check-out lines, due to inadequate cashiers open.

      One guy I was standing near, neither of us had masks, was a statistician, white, who said they're reporting false info & its not at all the numbers they're reporting. He was intensely sincere & we were both in awe as to the populace falling to severely for the lies.
      So 2 guys were able to chat on alt-msm views. Glad to have met them both. Strangers in a strange land.

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  4. Don't recall from where this post came, but if from someone on Stramer, thanks, its a great one to consider. Go to the page for graphics:

    FROM THE NUMBERS: Only 150 Americans to Date With No Pre-Existing Conditions Have Died From the Coronavirus or 0.9% By Jim Hoft
    - Very few Americans are dying to date from the coronavirus who had no pre-existing conditions. Based on the most recent data, this number will shock you.
    As of this morning, April 10, 2020, there are now 16,697 Americans who have died who had the coronavirus and more than 96,000 world-wide.
    But this data is misleading because the most recent data shows that only .9% of deaths related to the coronavirus are related to individuals with no comorbidity (i.e. pre-existing conditions):
    Therefore based on this data, only 150 Americans have died from the coronavirus who had no pre-existing conditions out of 16,697.
    In addition, of the top 29 countries in the world based on number of coronavirus cases confirmed, eight of these countries have opened their countries up economically in some part or in full. (See countries highlighted above in yellow: China, Brazil, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark Czechia and Japan.) The death rate per case identified for these countries is 4.1% which is less than the overall world average of 6% but the US death rate is slightly lower than both at 3.6%.
    So …. the US has shut down its entire economy because of the coronavirus based on 17,000 deaths (which is less than this year’s deaths related to the flu) and only 150 deaths where individuals had no other pre-existing conditions? Hmmm…
    So why are we committing economic suicide again?

    Lets see if others come up w similar numbers. thanks & stay sane