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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The Original Peter's Pence Wasn't Enough For Them

By Anna Von Reitz

The original "Peter's Pence" started in France and England as an Income Tax back in the 1100's to help defray the costs of the Crusades; it was collected every April 15th by black-robed Officers of the Inquisition led by the Dominican Order. If you didn't pay willingly, you got stretched on the rack.
Sound familiar? It should.
Very little has changed. The IRS is still run by the Dominican Order under the Spanish Law of the Inquisition and the "federal" income tax is still collected every April 15th, and if you don't pay "voluntarily" the black-robed executioners will happily take your home or whatever else you've got.
It takes a Big Stick and a lot of hard-won knowledge to stop them.
Taking larger and larger hunks out of everyone's paycheck and forcing everyone to sign their own arrest warrants [1040's] was not enough for these Vermin upon the Earth. Oh, no, they had to start collecting a Second Peter's Pence.
Bearing in mind that while the First Peter's Pence is still being collected as "Federal Income Tax" every April 15, they started another, Second Peter's Pence, collected in June, which really is a more or less voluntary pass-the-hat donation.
The problem is that instead of creating a special fund for the Pope to use to help "victims of war, oppression, natural disaster, or disease" as advertised, the money has been going into (often sleazy) investments and not used for the purposes described to the Faithful.
Ninety percent of this Double Dip Second Peter's Pence "Relief Fund" has been used for speculative investments and slush funds while earthquake and hurricane victims have gone without, children have died of malnutrition and thirst, epidemics have rampaged, and wars for profit have proliferated.
The excuse? Well, you gave us this money, we can't just leave it sitting in a drawer....
Why leave it sitting anywhere at all? Ever? Why not put it to work immediately and directly for the purposes intended?
It isn't as if Catholic Social Services itself couldn't use a hand. Right here in Anchorage, Alaska, the local soup kitchen, emergency food banks, women's shelters, homeless shelters, and hospitals and clinics could all use a shot in the arm.
It isn't as if there is any sudden dearth of victims of war, oppression, natural disaster, and disease --- so that holding onto the money for "future needs" instead of spending it would make any sense.
Just this past year alone in Alaska we have over a thousand people who have lost their homes and/or suffered severe damage to their homes or lost their businesses as a result of wildfires and earthquakes, and that's just the "natural disasters" category in Alaska.
Think of all the people in the Middle East and Africa suffering from everything from plague to water shortages to corporate mercenaries running around killing and pillaging? People in Haiti who never received the aid we sent them, because Hillary Clinton siphoned 90% of it off to benefit her private foundation? Street kids in Delhi? American Indians stuck on Reservations?
The whole idea that there aren't enough "victims of war, oppression, natural disaster, or disease" in urgent and immediate need to justify a steady stream of Mercy Money from the Holy See, is ludicrous. Those bucks should hardly hit the plate before they are out the door.
The Pope's hands should be hot from the friction as he rushes from one disaster site to another, passing out relief money, supplying hospitals, rebuilding schools, drilling new water wells, extending electrical services, reforesting burned areas in the name of Jesus and God, the Father....and instead, it turns out that these despicable Con Artists have been taking that money and Slush Funding it.
Not only could the Pope have donated a few shekels of the Second Peter's Pence Fund to mitigate the cost of rebuilding and providing shelter for the victims of fires and earthquakes, he could have stopped spending money to spray noxious incendiary elements and compounds --- Chemtrails --- all over the planet, a practice that has contributed to these "natural" wildfire disasters and to deforestation by encouraging conditions favorable to Spruce Bark Beetle infestations. This extra-curricular project of the Vatican has also depleted the oxygen in our atmosphere and destabilized the magnetic pole.
Read that: they are spending money to CAUSE the problems, and then not spending money intended to help alleviate the consequences. Double whammy. Screwed if you do, screwed if you don't.
Do you think that all the fire victims in Australia -- and flood victims, too -- could stand a helping hand right about now?
But, oh, gee, all our Peter's Pence money is tied up in luxury condos and Hollywood film productions right now. Don't have a dime free.
I could throw up, and I'm not even Catholic.
So here's encouraging news. At least some Catholics are showing a backbone. If you are Catholic, and you "in good faith" contributed to Peter's Pence in the innocent expectation that the money would be used as advertised, read on:
(LifeSiteNews) — A Dallas law firm filed a class action lawsuit Wednesday against the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) for “unlawful, deceptive and fraudulent practices” in promoting and collecting funds for the papal charity Peter’s Pence.
The suit alleges the American bishops “actively” misled Catholics into believing their millions of dollars in donations to the collection would be used to help “victims of war, oppression, natural disaster, or disease,” when in fact much of the money was funneled into private investments, such as Hollywood’s sexually explicit Elton John biopic, “luxury condominium developments” and “hefty, multi-million dollar commissions” to fund managers.
Stanley Law Group filed the lawsuit January 22 in the United States District Court in Rhode Island on behalf of David O’Connell, a parishioner at Sacred Heart Church in East Providence, who is seeking a jury trial, it stated in a press release.
“USCCB must come clean and give back the money it took from well-intentioned people who thought they were giving urgently-needed funds to help the destitute around the world,” said lead attorney Mark Stanley.
“It’s regrettable and tragic that such a trusted and well-respected organization has been taking advantage of the generosity of Catholic donors.”
The firm is also asking American residents who contributed to Peter’s Pence between 2013 and 2019 to consider joining the legal action.
The lawsuit alleges that the USCCB is “liable for common law fraud, unjust enrichment, and breach of fiduciary duty” for “misleadingly soliciting millions of dollars in charitable donations that were diverted into private investments,” the press release states.
According to the 23-page complaint, Peter’s Pence is a “special collection taken from Catholics every June” and is described by the USCCB as a fund that “supports the Pope’s philanthropy by giving the Holy Father the means to provide emergency assistance to those in need because of natural disaster, war, oppression, and disease.”
But a bombshell report in the Italian newspaper L’Espresso in October 2019 exposed a very different story.
L’Espresso reported that “secret internal Vatican investigative reports” showed most of Peter’s Pence funds had been “diverted into ‘reckless speculative operations,’ with 77 per cent of the collections” -- “roughly $560 million” -- channeled to the Swiss investment company Credit Suisse, the complaint detailed.
The newspaper also reported that a high-ranking Vatican official asked Italian financier Raffaele Mincione to invest $200 million of the collection, and that Mincione used the money to buy real estate in London “for a luxury apartment development” through a fund he managed, stated the complaint.
When the investment didn’t yield the expected returns, the Vatican pulled out of the fund and bought the property, and Minicone made $170 million on the deal, according to sources cited in the document.
Pope Francis responded in November, stating that the fact that the Vatican invests the money shouldn’t bother anyone, according to Catholic News Services (CNS), the complaint stated.
“The sum of Peter’s Pence arrives and what do I do? Put it in a drawer? No, that’s bad administration. I try to make an investment,” CNS quoted the pope as saying.
That was followed by a further bombshell report in December when Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera broke the news that $1 million of Peter’s Pence donations had been invested in the Elton John biopic Rocketman, and more than $3.6 million in the movie Men in Black: International, the complaint stated.
Moreover, Corriere della Sera reported that “millions of dollars” had been sunk into the Malta-based investment company Centurion Global Fund run by Italian financier Enrioco Crasso, “who received ‘millions of euros in commissions’ while losing 4.61 percent of the fund (approximately two million euros) by the end of 2018.”
The complaint also cited a Wall Street Journal December 2019 report stating that for “at least the past five years, only about 10 percent of the money collected—more than €50 million was raised in 2018—has gone to the sort of charitable causes featured in advertising for the collection.”
Meanwhile, in the summer of 2018, plaintiff O’Donnell’s priest at Sacred Heart made a plea from the pulpit at Sunday Mass for donations to Peter’s Pence, the complaint recounted.
“Nothing [O’Donnell] saw or heard, on that day or beforehand, told him or made him understand that his donations to Peter’s Pence would be used for anything other than emergency assistance to the neediest people around the world.”
The complaint asserted that if O’Donnell had known where the money was going, he would not have donated.
But the USCCB “actively concealed the true character and nature of the Peter’s Pence collection and made misrepresentations about the specified purposes of the collection” that “rendered their statements misleading.”
The USCCB “has always known the difference between a donation for emergency assistance and a donation to defray Vatican expenses” but “hid this distinction in its promotion, oversight, and administration of the Peter’s Pence collection in the United States,” stated the claim.
As a result, the USCCB “has effectively profited at the expense of David O’Connell and members of the public.”
The legal action defines USCCB as “composed of all active and retired members of the Catholic hierarchy in the United States.”
It is asking the district court to certify the proposed class, and for an order enjoining the USCCB “from continuing the unlawful, deceptive, and fraudulent practices alleged in this complaint.”
The complaint is also seeking “costs, restitution, damages and disgorgement in an amount to be determined at trial,” an order for the USCCB to pay pre- and post-judgement interest on any amounts awarded, as well as costs and attorney’s fees.


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  1. Peter's Pence started much earlier than the 1100s. Here is the 1907 Catholic Encyclopedia on that. It was never an "income tax" because it was not tied to anything but the value of land owned by a family when it started in 787 at the Synod of Chelsea in England.

    1. Reposting the funny poster, but he seemed to be right on this related topic:
      xerces yakir October 20, 2019 at 8:37 PM
      my dearest anna,
      is there some bounty for pointing out masonic agents posing as "catholics", such as people spreading bogus "catholic encyclopedias" ?
      i haven't seen anywhere you decided on a calendar, however, i would totally accept:
      Michael McGivney was born in Waterbury, CT on August 12, 1852.
      be known from hereafter as st. neko's day.

      For me, I would question or doubt anything coming in the west from 1850 to be true and honest. Why?
      1) The Vermins had been around teaching their children to survive by FRAUD for so many centuries. In the STATESMEN 3 Doc, it points to 1645 the year of Corruption in paper-moneys.
      2) 1837~, I've found the expansion of Siam King 3 Fraud, learned by the west. The US Diplomats/traders joined the British in 1851, to plan for Mercenary war.

  2. Please prove with the connections, names, and documents that the IRS is run by the Dominican Order.

    1. Paul, I would love to see that proof as well but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for it if I were you - it will not be forthcoming.

  3. Once again you need to make your readers understand that we are talking about the new false "catholic church" now in the vatican that is known around the world by real Catholics as the Novus Ordo.

    Nothing they do surprises real Catholics, no matter how evil.
    They are using stolen buildings, offices and de-facto temporal power to do these things, and the American clergy who are scamming need to be in jail just like the rotten people masquerading as our legitimate government need to be in jail.

  4. Paul, to be consistent with you editing policy aimed at me, when I offered actual scripture for the benefit of readers in the article "Substantive or Statutory law? you deleted my thoughtful earnest comments. Without any proof, evidence or even having done any investigations of the scriptures by yourself, you chose to acting on mere hearsay and resort to popular bad will of an uninformed group using their vilifying rumor, you declared the holy word of God I offered was man made writings from a church organized in the 1800's. But Paul, if you were informed and took the trouble to quit making sweeping un-informed condemnations of anything non catholic, you would appreciate how valuable to the holy scripture cannon the worshipers of Jesus Christ find the Book of Mormon to be, as it teaches all students more of Christ on every page than any other book on earth. And there are other revelations our Savior gave us through modern prophecy to guide us through this dark plane of lies and mans corrupted designs to lead his fellow man into webs of deceit in the darkened wide paths the destroyer loves to have people who do not know where to look to find the truth, to conduct his diabolical work.

    So, why have you not deleted this article by Anna which is so critical and damaging to the image of the institution you defend without considering there may be other revelations worthy of your own personal careful study, and valuable to students of Anna's blog looking for guidance on better pathways through life, which have been given mankind to assist God's children through this soup of lies called modern society?

    1. institution --a public [or private] place for the care or confinement of inmates, especially mental patients or other persons with physical or mental disabilities. < CONgress; Pope?

      The definition of words is important ask any alleged attorney [communist] why they change everyday words into TERMS.

      Are the inmates running the US asylum? == an institution offering shelter and support to people who are mentally ill.

    2. Where and when did mans woes start ? Who created the problems of the Illusion we are ensnared in today and why is everyone anesthetized ?


    3. Every liar must tell about 95% truth in order to get their 5% lies believed. That is the case with most false religions as well. The book of mormon is not scripture. Neither is the D&C. The Mormon religion is an invention of men and a recent one at that (19th century). Your false religion is a polytheistic fantasy invented by Joseph Smith and others to suit their own whims. Here is the real story.

      I will say it once again. This is my blog, not yours. If you want to promote your false religion start your own blog. I will leave you alone on your own blog to promote whatever you think you need to. Just don't come here and try to make this a forum for the Mormon teachings.
      You try to use the real Bible just like Smith did as a cover for the falshoods he promoted.

      Here is the real Bible accepted by Christ's real Church for centuries before mormonism was invented.

    4. I will not delete any of Anna's articles even though I have made it very plain that I don't agree with her view of what the Catholic Church is and where to find it.

      I have stated many times that what is currently in control of the Vatican is NOT Catholic, and not Christian in any sense of the words. Does that mean I am supposed to suppress her articles. NO She is an author on this blog with an agreement that I will publish her opinions as she writes them. That doesn't mean I agree with all of those opinions. Read the blue print at the top of every page. People who comment are not authors of this blog. Your comments are public domain without copyright, and I have reserved the right to delete any comment for any reason and will continue to do so. If that is not to your liking you always have the right to not comment.
      I am not obligated to put falsehood on any equal footing with the truth. It would be wrong to do so. There is only one God, and we don't become Gods on any equal footing with the real God, Father, Son And Holy Ghost in the next life, even though we are made in His image and likeness.
      I may be obligated in other public places to tolerate the false beliefs of others for the sake of civility and Christian Charity, but that doesn't mean I have to agree with those false ideas, or place them on an equal footing with long known truth.
      On Religious Toleration

      When it comes to any theoretical toleration of dogma (what one must believe to get to heaven, or morals (what one must do to get to heaven) there can be no toleration of error (deviation from how God sees things) as that would imply a certain indifference towards the truth in principle. I can't go there, so stop trying to get me to "compromise" (com-promise) principles I know to be true from long experience and hundreds of hours of study.

  5. I am printing this one out and sending it to the local parish here on Warwick, New York, my Father the devout Catholic and the local newspaper . It very well may do no good but it will record my protest and total repulsion to this deciet and criminal/sinful activity. We also contributed to this scam . Perhaps we should all sue them in small claims for the $50 we donated plus interest and compensatory damages of the limit allowed.

  6. Who created [re]ligion and for what purpose

    Income Tax, what is it good for - Absolutely nothing

  7. I encourage everyone to read the following book

  8. In the following book

    Under the tab Secret Societies of Rome, Dominican Order

  9. The scapegoats or shills, just as we are seeing today

  10. Babylon

    Pope just another puppet as is rothchild and the rest of these idiots helping them to complete their stupid agenda 21/2030/2050 plans to enslave the entire earth

    Hmm makes you wonder why the trumpy puppet boy was spouting off about greenland recently??

  11. The 'All Seeing Eye'

  12. Read on about how Britain is a cover and always has been


    I know Anna is not perfection, she is fast, that's how she is. Use what is beneficial to you, and leave what's not.

    HOW ARE YOU TO GET America Back? When you depend on resources, STAY IN FOCUS, PEOPLE and avoid friction.

    >> The word donated << means gift. You want to sue someone for $50 back? Think about the BIG benefits you received so far, sooner or later you will use them. If you don't see the results it's the Vermins blocking you.

  14. Paul, thanks for responding to what I believe is deserved criticism from me of your editing of the Blog’s commentators of Anna's Articles. It seems very ironic, even hypocritical, to me Paul that you choose to immediately delete any words I believe and I openly share with Anna's Article readers, fervently believed also by over 16 million worldwide converts as members of the "Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day Saints". God has re-established His Church in its fullness of offices, ordinances and doctrines in "our day". I would be doing a great disservice to my Lord to hide, ignore, or cower to those who condemn God's work (even if though ignorantly) among his children in "the Latter Days", days preceding the second advent of His Son Jesus Christ, to preside over all the earth during a long promised millenium of peace and righteous reign on earth of our divine elder brother.

    The Catholic critique of "Mormonism" you shared for readers gives an overview that may actually help people who read it to know more of the remarkable accomplishments of the work of a man, called by Christ himself, to do "a marvelous work and wonder" in the latter days. HE WAS AN EYEWITNESS OF MIRACULOUS EVENTS INCLUDING ANGELS, OLD TESTAMENT PROPHETS, AND THE SON OF GOD APPEARING TO HIM.

    Sponsoring a blog which examines what Substantive law is, are you going to deny that the God of Substantive Law is a God of miracles? DO YOU, PROFESSING TO BE A BELIEVER, LACK CONFIDENCE GOD CAN PERFORM MIRACLES? Or do you intend to try to deny Substantive Law’s importance in our discussing comparing Substantive and Statutory law? What are you saying by denying my comments in sharing my points of substantive law from being apropos to Annas’ discussion of the same?

    1. It is a good thing, religious freedom. Why don’t you just take Paul’s suggestion and permanently vacate his site. It stands to reason you have been rejected by every blog you have ever determined to share your mindless banter on. It may help to get psychiatric help, maybe not, since you are so deeply infested with your false personal views. Nobody is interested in your self aggrandizing attempts. I am afraid life has played a terrible joke on you Joel.

    2. Netal your comment strikes me as both ignorantly judgemental and somewhat sympathetic as you try to offer advice that you apparently think I need to consider. So thanks for your sincerity. But unless you have an opinion of the subject matter in question ie the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, or specifically why it may be false, born of honest investigation by studying for yourself in an earnest search for its truth, your opinion remains of little value.

      I appears at this moment as though participants on this blog are cowered to silence by Paul's authoritarian policies of excluding anything he finds non catholic, and even Anna appears to be too invested in her view of mankind being descendants of half serpents or reptiles and half divine, which clearly reminds us of medieval superstitions.

      It is very hard in this world to find the un-tampered truth of God, thus I have and will recommend reading His scriptures in their purity as contained in the Book of Mormon to all seeking to know God's Word.

      I will not discontinue professing what I know to be true, that God speaks to us through prophets in times of old as well as modern times. Read his restored truths which are missing from the Bible but are restored purely in the Book of Mormon, to realize how important these revelations are for mans salvation. After all, anyone with an honest interest to know between truth and error which errors Paul accuses without a shred of proof or evidence by his allegations has only to ask for a Book of Mormon from one of the 60,000 anxiously engaged missionaries bringing the restored gospel to people who are searching for the truth, all over planet earth.

      Also readers do well to consider that as Anna teaches, Satan has got hold on the minds and imaginations of mankind, almost universally. For this reason alone, offerings like pure Godly truths from modern revelations ought to be welcome to all truth seekers.

      My intent is to assist this effort in self governance to re-establish the American State National effort by bringing to everyone's attention that mankind is extremely prone to being misled, to be blinded by deception, and to suffer deep misfortunes from his tendencies to err. Only by following the sure word of God as our source of the principles by which to govern ourselves, such as the Ten Commandments and reverence for godly behavior, applied to our families and our communities, can we hope to avoid making things worse for ourselves and those we think to assist toward freedom from deceptive government services providers who hold people captive by malicious policies.

      Anna, you weigh in very often about your views of the nature of law. What is your view of Paul's deleting my sincere comments quoting scriptures, then having Paul claim it is false, lies, and un-catholic? This is a near perfect opportunity to apply critical objective thought, judicial skills and commentary judicial analysis of justice to a real life test of the justice you proclaim is found in Substantive law. So, why are you silent?

    3. Cowered to silence? No they just recognize the truth, that your religion's belief in multiple gods is wrong.
      Start with Frank Sheed's Theology and Sanity, which contains a lucid and compact explanation of this subject. Biblical evidence there is only one true God: Isaiah 44:6; 45:5-6, 18, 21-22; 46:9.
      and God is omnipresent: Psalm 138 (139):7-8; Wisdom 1:7; Jeremiah 23:24; Ephesians 1:23.

      Now read the real Bible instead of your Book of Mormon fantasy.

      There are thousands of false religions on this planet, but only one true Faith. No false religion will get you to eternal salvation. Only the one true religion founded by Our Lord Jesus Christ while he walked this earth can do that. We must find it, join it, and stay in it until we take our last breath. It's not LDS (Mormonism). Your book of mormon wasn't published until 1830 and of all places in Palmyra New York. If your book is the truth, how did all those people who lived during all that time make it to heaven without it? Or did they all go to hell? Is that what you are saying?
      Our book was published starting in the time of the Apostles, the real ones', not your "prophets" in the 19th century.
      Even some of the so called witnesses, Cowdery, Whitmer, and Harris, by renouncing Mormonism implicitly declared this testimony false about having seen the plates from which the book was taken.
      The fantasy of the book of mormon itself has no proof, yet you demand of me proof that it is wrong. It should be self evident. Lack of discernment if evil spirits is probably involved here.
      When I quote Catholic teachings it is coming from books and manuscripts that are centuries old and have been accepted by most of the Christians in the world all that time. Even protestants have admitted they wouldn't have the bible were it not for Catholic monks hand copying it for centuries, some spending their entire lives in that occupation. Where is the history and backing for your claim that God published His restored truths in your book? There is none. Just more claims that are part of the same Joseph Smith fantasy. No thanks. There was NO divine revelation after the death of Saint John the Apostle, sorry. And any private revelation was only ruled on by the Church to not contain errors or dangers to the Faith of Christians. Your book has no such guarantee. Your so called religion is a fairy tale, and completely without Christ's approval or promise to be error free.

    4. Paul, Anna, and readers,
      I admit openly, with no reservations I quoted what I believe are pertinent Words of God which are counseling everyone that only by His Word which is his ("Substantive") Law will we be blessed to return to His presence. That seems very apropos to me in a discussion about God's Substantive law vs. man's Statutory law. It seems to me to be an idea that might even inform those readers of Anna's blog who hope to create a better government of the land of The USA lands of unincorporated States governed by members of American State National Assemblies.

      If another Christian (per your definitio) commentator had offered his piece of wisdom to the blog in the form of quoting scripture would you have deleted his comment as well? What about a Jew? They may have wise helpful insights but are not "Christian". What about a Muslim? They may have wise insights but are not "Christian". I hope you get my point.

      The issue I urge is that we ought to be willing to consider views that will assist Assembly members to conduct their business effectively in a manner that has it's foundation in Substantive law, ie, God's law. Whether a particular reader has decided to accept that point offered is up to him, but the editor should not become the judge of any man's earnestly held belief in God's law, even it it appears unfamiliar to the editor.

      My comment was aimed at offering the opportunity to discuss Anna's proposals to organize American State National Assemblies while keeping in mind to whom such people must ultimately answer: to the God who created us all. If we hope to succeed in bettering the landscape of governing entities of The USA, we cannot hope to do so in a void of moral values. I propose to urge those values via scriptures which express moral values plainly so as to urge the best source of wisdom known to mankind be kept in mind as this group of fledgling "governors" tries to prepare for the work contemplated.

      Your deletion of my contribution you are framing into a claim that I am pushing a particular religion as my center piece. Not correct. I draw from scripture wisdom spanning from "Genesis" thouogh Revelations to the latest revelations I have personally determined for myself are genuine Words from God. I feel it is well to consider God's words in guiding basic tenets of operating as American State Nationals.

      By my questioning your deletion of my contribution reveals certain prejudices you harbor. Let the readers determine, or ultimately, Anna may wish to comment as it is her Articles we readers comment about, to decide whether a contributing comment has pertinence to a particular subject Anna has introduced --- for readers discussion and edification.

      As to your "objections" you expressed about the reliability or veracity of my statements including scripture, I am happy to answer questions or clarify whatever concerns you have about the faith I follow. But I do not think that is the intended focus of this Blog. We can discuss that in a more private context, unless you wish to have me respond to your complaints about my beliefs in public. You choose. Do you want me to respond point by point to your objections on this blog? I certainly do not wish to allow a mis-representation of facts remain where they can be eliminated by clarification, etc. I doubt that readers wish to deal with your concerns about my comments on this blog, but I could be wrong about that.

  15. Take your false religious beliefs and go start your own blog. You are not an author on this one. Read the blue print at the top of each page.
    I will not comment on your own blog unless you attack me personally.

  16. Some interesting information about NAMES

  17. Religions of ROME

    And just why would Northrup Grumman be protecting this space

    Everyone in the world is being lied to