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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Gallant Australia - Hot Off the Presses

By Anna Von Reitz

I know that many of my readers have been following the massive destruction of Australia by weather warfare, manipulation of the Southern Hemisphere Jet Streams and Chemtrail incendiary spray, which kills trees (causing dry wood for fires, deforestation, and depleted oxygen levels) and further sets the stage for massive wildfires, loss of property, loss of life, loss of oxygen and loss of biological diversity.

On the ground in Australia there are actually two horns of the dilemma, because the manipulation of the Jet Stream that causes the tinderbox dry conditions in some areas also means unnaturally wet conditions in other areas, so you have fire and floods going on at the same time.

The madmen creating these conditions --- particularly those at the Vatican who are paying for the Chemtrail spraying and promoting and causing these problems in an effort to sell their bogus human-caused climate change and carbon tax agenda --- really do need to be stopped. With pitchforks and sledge hammers if necessary.

They need to be stopped by actual Catholics waking up and rallying within the Church to oust these criminals and by the governments, especially the Italian Government, enforcing sanctions and taking action to make sure it stops.

I have pointed out that under the ENMOD Treaties of the United Nations Organization, these kinds of geoengineering and weather warfare "tests" can only be carried out against "domestic populations".
This means that the Australians -- including the indigenous people and the animals which are by no means "domestic" with respect to the AUSTRALIAN Government -- are being set up and put through all this by their own politicians and military.

I am calling on the Australian tribal leaders and Animal Rights Activists to pound the United Nations Secretary General and Security Council with demands that these "tests" and the Chemtrail spraying cease immediately.

We should all, on a planetary basis, demand that the Holy See pay to clean up the pollution and reckless environmental damage that their organization has deliberately funded and caused since 1985.
And for what? So that they can find a new excuse to wring more taxes out of people.

They have destabilized the entire Earth Biosphere -- depleted the oxygen, caused the destabilization of the magnetosphere, and now this fire and flood destruction. They have caused the entire problem and all this misery and destruction to provide "evidence" for their ridiculous quasi-scientific claims -- and all to get the brainless people to accept their carbon tax scheme.

Everyone, everywhere, every politician in every country, needs to know that carbon dioxide which accounts for 1/300th of one percent of the atmosphere isn't causing this damage. The Holy See and the Roman Curia are causing this damage. And right now, they are causing it to Australia.

For those who haven't already heard, Chemtrails are proven to contain a veritable cocktail of highly incendiary compounds and elements derived from industrial wastes---Aluminum oxide powder, Magnesium, Barium, Strontium, Lithium, and more. We also have proof that the Vatican minted a coin celebrating Chemtrails as far back as 1985.

So now the Big Mystery about who was funding this massive program to spray unknown crap all over the Earth has been solved. We know the purpose and effect of the Chemtrails, and we know who to blame-- the same people who have set themselves up to rule the entire Earth via the United Nations and an interlocking trust directorate scheme affecting slightly over 700 corporations worldwide.

Pray for Australia. Be thankful for Australia. Hold a vision in your mind of Australia getting exactly the right amount of rain and sunshine to be completely restored and healthy. Picture Australian meadows full of wildflowers and tall grass. Picture groves of eucalyptus trees and sleepy Koala Bears. Picture kangaroos hopping through verdant forests and grasslands. Picture thundering waves and teeming seas and healthy coral reefs. Hold Australia in your heart.

Australia and Australians have been key to the fight in what I call "The War of Deceit" that these monsters have waged against the unsuspecting people of the Earth. It was Australian researchers who first blew the lid on the use of DOG LATIN by Roman Emperors to defraud and mischaracterize people -- a criminal system that was first dreamed up by the Emperor Justinian and which is still in use today: the Roman Curia, again.

It's because of numerous Australian researcher that the people of the world finally know -- "What's up with all these names appearing in all capital letters?" and also because of them that we can stuff it down the lawyer's lying throats when they say, "Oh, it doesn't mean anything, pay no attention to that…."

It's Australian research that also allows us to recognize "PARSE SYNTAX" as just another variation of the same old s#$!$.

One of the ways that we can help our Australian counterparts and ourselves is to become fully informed about The Justinian Deception.

You can now order The Justinian Deception Series featuring researcher Romley Stewart --- get all the facts, all the documentation, the history back to Roman times, yes, the whole enchilada and proof concerning one of the key mechanisms used to steal your identity and your assets.

Here's the eBay link or you can simply go to eBay and type in "Justinian Deception" and it will pop up.

Or you can go directly to the GLOSSA channel and order using PayPal by sending them your email address:
the GLOSSA channel
GPO Box 2197, Sydney, NSW 2001, Australia

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Be ye not like dumb, driven cattle. Stop being destroyed for lack of knowledge. These men and women have suffered to bring you this startling insight into the actual Evil Empire. The least we can do, is listen and learn.


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  1. For anyone to think that even at it's worst evil disposition anyone could control all the destruction going on in Australia, or be responsible for it to the point that they could stop it is ludicrous. There have been almost 100 people arrested for arson. I would like to see any one of them tied to the Vatican by anything more than circumstantial evidence, even though I wouldn't put it past some of the most evil at the top are capable of such evil. Those kinds of accusations are either provable or they are destructive of one's credibility on a grand scale.

    People say that they have the right to their opinion, and I say no, rather we are responsible to see to it that our opinion is right.

    1. “But wisdom is justified (proved) by all her children.” Luke 7:35

      Corollary - “Destroyer” destroys by all its’ children.

      "to whom much is given, much will be required’ Luke 12:48

      Question - The "Roman Catholic Church" (versus the incorruptible truth of Jesus Christ)is required to take full responsibility for all claimed under its' aegis.

      Should not The Roman Catholic Church bear full responsibility, even though one can not point to any direct connection? The spirit works both directly and by extension, yes?

      And stealth is within modus operandi of the destroyer.

      Is this opinion right?

      Axiom - Anyone could know anything, provided they do not have to prove it. Proof itself can be seen as certain level of aberration.

    2. ->-> HOLY SEE RAIDED ->-> This article shows who controls all Vatican departments. BUSTED -> EVIDENCING -> Swiss Octogon JEWS control it all -> Bruelharta Swissy lawyer raided & Vatican Secretariat of State raided ->
      Vatican police raid top offices in financial investigation ... - Vatican police raided the offices of the Holy See's Secretariat of State and its Financial Information Authority, or AIF, on Tuesday and took away documents and electronic devices as part of an …" >>>NOTE>>> "The AIF, headed by Swiss lawyer Rene Bruelhart, is the financial controller, with authority over all Vatican departments. "

      Swiss Octogon JEWS & their Swiss Guards guard the Vatican.

  2. Paul, u are a man of integrity and honour, i have great respect for what u r exposing world wide via the internet of things. i am here, on the land of australia, luckily i am not in the midst of the fires, but there have been days when the air is just smoke and visibility is restricted. The destruction is frankly, beyond belief. It is not one family who has lost everything, it is hundreds and hundreds of families and people who have lost everything, not to mention the thousands and thousands of animals destroyed. Anna may not know everything, but the logic she puts out is beyond. Nature is not capable of causing so much destruction to the earth and man, short of a volcano or earthquake without warning. This has to be manmade and controlled by satanic beings or likeminded men that only know how to destroy, who are diabolically opposite the creator, who only knows how to create life. It has happened and is happening. look up pictures of the once great murrumbidgee river and see now it is just dust. One thing i have learned from reading your site and writings from anna is that opinions are just that. Actual truth should be every light baring beings goal, on this earth. Here is another source of info from another aussie searching for truth. love and light.........

  3. I have no doubt that the destruction is real. I have seen many pictures and videos of it.
    I live in Northwest Montana and have been a heavy equipment operator most of my life. I have run clippers and cats on forest fires as big as 40,000 acres, so I know what wildfire can do to an area, espeically when it tops out and runs 30 miles per hour through the tall pine trees here.

    But it's irresponsible to pin it on on person or organization without proof. Show me the proof of who it is that is doing this. We had the same thing happen in California two years ago where whole towns and housing developments just were flattened to the ground, and thousands of people displaced. Can anyone give definitive proof that would stand up in a lawful court so the perps could be locked up by it?

    It does nobody any good to fling wild accusations around without some evidence that people can believe. Doing that only ruins ones own credibility.

    1. Paul - WE KNOW ITS NOT THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. We do not appreciate vindictive attacks against the Church, a seemingly obsessive compulsion by one.
      Its the JEWS & there will be no legal evidence, no courts for the genocide of Paradise, nor exposed truth about Australia.
      There's us who dig up what we can.
      Its the jews themselves, their theft of our technology turned into death weapons, & jews announce it on videos. Evidence to present in their corrupt jewdicial system will never happen.
      Its the jews, like Oppenheimer had to use the knowledge to create the jew-bomb >>> ITS WHAT JEWS HAVE ALWAYS DONE, ARE DOING, WILL ALWAYS DO.
      Just like 911 jew holocaust of Americans, long hinted in children's cartoons, movies, tv, commercials by jews themselves, YET not a jew charged much less prosecuted. AND JEWS SENT MESSAGES not to go into NYC on that day to JEWS ONLY.

      Theres no way to have definitive proof becuz JJEWS prevent it, jews escape prosecution.
      Evidencing their culpability, ties, intent, acts, words etc is the best we'll ever have against JEWS as global protected criminal class.
      WHO has invaded Australia, New Zealand w their PATENTED GENETICALLY MODIFIED ANIMALS, PLANTS to destroy all life & re-seed with their own modified species? JEWS.
      It is the JEWS intention to have only their Patented animals & plants on New Zealand. Anyone who kills one of their animals or plants for food will be charged. This is JEW FEUDALISM.
      JEWS are a squat .02% of global population. WHY ARE THEY STILL IN EXISTENCE? And WE let them.
      thanks & stay sane

    2. Sen. Al Franken: One of the widely disseminated stories was that no Jews died in the collapse of the Trade Towers because they had received calls telling them not to go to work that day. To tell you the truth, I got the Jew call. I had an office in the Trade Center where I used to do most of my writing. The call came from former New York mayor Ed Koch. “Al,” he told me, “don’t go to work on the twenty-third day of Elul [September 11, 2001.].”

    3. "The United Nations is nothing but a trap-door to the Red World's immense concentration camp. We pretty much control the U.N." ~ Harold Wallace Rosenthal, Zionist, The Hidden Tyranny

      No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Lucifer Initiation.” – David Spangler, United Nations’ Director of Planetary Initiative


      Jewish Invented United Nations’ “Resolution 666” Plan To Starve 90% of America To Death

      JEW agenda: First lgbt mayor Salt Lake City, NOT from Utah, & this JEW brought in the United Nations to occupy Salt Lake: Mayor's Office | Jacqueline M. Biskupski | (801) 535-7704 ... Mayor Jackie Biskupski.


      Eustace Mullins -JEWNITED NATIONS - Early 1950s
      "It is the Jewish Garden of Eden. Kikes to the right of me, kikes to the left of me, the work is done in an enchanting Israeli blue. . . and stocks of Yiddish propaganda. . . being gobbled up by. . . white school children. ... I suggest to anyone who is not anti-Semitic, that he visit the Jewnited Nations." (from The Broom, a leading anti-Semitic publication of the period, in which Mullins recounted a visit he had made to the United Nations headquarters)
      Here the United Nations a big shekel-shaker TOOL for JEW ORGAN HARVESTING - the 'donor' must be alive when ORGANS EXTRACTED in order for a JEW to benefit = THEY ARE NOT DECEASED:
      The Falun Gong in China are also being harvested. ...The hospital explained that it had abided by Israeli law, which allowed organs to be harvested without the family’s consent. (3) (The United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime includes the extraction of organs in its definition of human exploitation.)... ...“The recipients were mostly Israelis, who receive health insurance reimbursements of 70,000 to 80,000 dollars for life-saving medical procedures performed abroad.” ... ...Brazilians were recruited in ... most impoverished neighbourhoods and were paid $10,000 per kidney, “but as ‘supply’ increased, the payments fell as low as 3,000 dollars.” The trafficking had been organized by a retired Israeli police officer, who said “he did not think he was committing a crime, given that the transaction is considered legal by his country’s government.”... {note globally, most aren't paid, their organs stolen!Further : Organ donation in Jewish law - Wikipedia Certain fundamental Jewish law questions arise in issues of organ donation. ... most organs must be transplanted BEFORE THE HEART HAS CEASED, .... Although the recipient of the dead person's organs benefits, since this was done with the purpose of saving life, ... Pikuach Nefesh allows it. ...

  4. The Vatican Power (Pluto) manifested in hidden LARGE palace, NOT easily seen to the naked human eyes, or by astrologers. Then do how if it's true? consistency, after checking 1000+ charts.

    The Roman Empire became the Model for its structure. The Pope, who resides in Rome, is also called the Supreme Pontiff (Pontifex Maximus). This title, which can be found on official Vatican Documents and on Church and Vatican buildings around Rome(often shortened to “Pont. Max.”) was actually an official title used by the head of the college of priests in Ancient Rome.
    The Roman Empire and the Vatican

  5. Nov-2008: The Vatican Downfall has to do with the Mortgage Fraud (Housing bubble), the Vatican miscalc. And are blamed for the connection, (the pattern recognition detected on 11/2008). The Bank Lending Fraud first Responsible party is the Vatican Group, Queen Elz2, Bankers, but NOT the recent pope, Benedict was aware of it in 2011, then 2/2013 he quited, it makes no difference a coup or not.

    WHY? the A.B.A attorneys and US(Inc) agents always hide something, to not making the news/mesessage too clear, that the Bankers + US Treasury committed FRAUD.
    Saying the coup sounds better INTEL.

    >> WikiLeaks: Clinton, Obama, Soros Overthrew Pope Benedict In Vatican Coup Posted by Francesco I

    1. I mean "detected at the Vatican Palace," not a Wall-street.

  6. The Vatican and Switzerland, storefronts for the hidden hand
    The Roman Empire
    1300 hundred years added to calendar and timeline

    Britains role in the world wide deception

    Interesting note in the above link Paul about the shape of Montana

  7. In thought of Pauls comment for proof of allegations, I looked a bit. Won’t be proof’ing, but Evidencing links to what I find is the opposite of True Catholic Church culpability, finding it’s the JEWS doing to the True Catholic Church what JEWS are doing to Americans, America. Holy Moly, the same layers of deceit, identity theft, false claims, fake franchises, debt, … using their jew sorcery… AND not covered here is the capture & monetizing of Birth Certificates, when this really began, but maybe later.
    >>> Questions: What If: the Roman Popes have NOT had full access to the wealth of the Catholic Church? What IF the franchise Roman Church has been borrowing from JEWS since Rothschilds loan after Napoleonic Wars 1812-1815? Have the JEWS been trying to steal the Churchs wealth in the same manner they've FAKED control over America via debt slavery?
    >> What IF the Holy See, Roman curia, Pope have never had full control, full access to the Church's wealth, thus are taking money from the JEWS & now the JEWS want control of the true Church but can't quite get it?
    Question: IF this is the case, then the True Church has NOT been involved in 'crimes against humanity', has NOT been funding the chemtrails, fires, weather warfare NOR funding Jewnited Nations, Agenda 21, etc, but all this funding comes from JEWS who require DESTRUCTION in order to get funding.
    >> Same Modus Operandi used in our local America: Sanctuary Cities, FEMA regions, concentration camps, False Flags gun confiscation, stopping Free Speech, Earth water sky poisoning, etc.

    >> So just like JEWS are doing to America, making it look like Americans are evil doers, but it’s the JEWS behind it. The True Catholic Church is not involved, just like we Americans are not involved. But the FAKE, FICTION franchise, Vatican City-State Inc, just like Territorial & Municipal DC City-State services corporations, doing the same thing: Creating a false illusion of debt for control, when the True Church isn't in debt to the JEWS but are the Creditors, just like the JEWS are doing to America?
    >>So… the JEWS/Rothschild-bankers, employees for their Master JEWS, are trying to get full control over the True Church over fake debt they loaned to their own franchise fake Papal Roman church? Papal Roma= JEW.
    >> Is this making sense? What If: It’s the same jew Business Model repeated over & over, fake-it-until-you-break-it.
    So this goes back to the JEWS running all their false flag-ops, funneling blame upon the True Church, while the JEWS are paying for the terror to their own franchise-fake-church.
    >>Recent past popes were like recent presidents CEO’s of fake ‘the United States’, as Bush, Clintons, Obastard. These popes are CEO’s of the fake ‘Roman Catholic Church’. Same jew business model.
    >>The Rothschilds became the “PAPAL bankers”, NOT the True Church's bankers. The True Church is CREDITOR, just like True Americans are Creditors. Papal is Roma JEW franchise = DEBTORS.
    >>In reading about all of this, it will say the ”Catholic Church, sometimes referred to as Roman Catholic Church” >>> Roman= JEW, Catholic Church = Christian >>> Not the same >>> but is the same SCAM pulled on America.
    The Roman Catholic Church is NOT the Catholic Church. But we mistake it just like we mistake 'the United States' for 'The United States'. The Papal Roman isn't the True Church, but a fake, stolen identity, just like the JEWS are doing to America.
    thanks & stay sane

    1. Your theory doesn't explain Unum Sanctum in 1307 unless Boniface had jewish roots or indeed whether the whole kaborsch was already infiltrated at that point. Tough call to really know.

  8. Will Smith - yeah yeah yeah really on fitting this in. And not to incumber readers with my journey... Its... looking like the whole history is a fabrication. Its staggering. We have an entire historic tilling, brings forth an unearthing, flipping, kicking to the side, piling false narratives. HUGE.
    Boniface may or may not have existed, may or may not have been in 1302, may be a composite of characters.
    Again, not to complicate it, but Unam Sanctam may have been during the time of whats the Royal Christianity in which allegiance was to be solely to the claimers of Christs lineage which included a slavery, sacrifices, including human ones but was overwhelmingly vehemently stopped by what seems to be a truer bloodline & the peoples to Apostolic Christianity from which great achievements came... & this Empire was Christian Kapholic/Catholic & it was worldly. America too, right into 1776 >>> we were fighting against the jews even then & we don't even know it. And massive fake documents, treaties, contracts, concocted dates... the whole shebang is in question.
    If Unam Sanctam occurred during Royal epoch it may have been their clamoring for full control. As the popes trying to do now... & looks like the fake 'Royals' are all in it.
    And those fake 'Royals' who demanded sacrifices, singular devotion as gods themselves are the jews, were declared a 'false cult' & this was the end of XIV.
    And this new timeline (well 30-40 yrs new & improving) places the birth of Christ 1152 in the Bosphorus Strait.
    So imagine all the history this involves. And man oh man a whole lotta other stuff makes a lot more sense.
    Our historic timeline is 1000+ years shorter, characters were invented pushed back, duplicated, geographically separated.
    Antiquity its really the Middle Ages. Rome was not so great at all. Library of Alexandria may not have existed, but is another library still in existence. Egypt was Christian. 'Columbus' was 1677 not 1492. Eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 1638 not 79 A.D.
    gets crazy. real crazy. And I do not mean to upset anyone... its just whats coming out. thanks, ya hear & stay sane

    1. Yeah thanks Wink for the input, oops I goofed on the year and the spelling, my bad it was 1302. I knew that but was thinking 1307. Mind you I wasn't there so... :-)

      I do get the sense that you are often too quick to let the Vatican off the hook. I am not a scholar on this at all, just trying to make sense of it all and put the pieces together from what I can find. I think we all are just trying to get at the truth, whatever that is. And if that is what sets us free as they say, then so be it.

  9. Will Smith - Oh big deal at all w the year, hells bells, it may be several hundred yrs difference & 1302, could be a year calculated by the Liars. Am not kidding. The false dating is formulaic as +/- 185 yrs or doubled 370 yrs, etc is one. Most all these dates are fiction. Imagine that!
    Take Columbus yr fake 1492+185=1677 real year, so jews re-wrote our true history pushing dates back, forward.
    And as for the Vatican issue, its the blame asserted as factual w various identities used, Holy See, Pontiff, Pope, Vatican, Roman Curia, Catholics etc. Well which 'entity' is it? Gives folks the impression all are the same thing & its gone on too long, ought to know which it is.

    Then recently I posted a timeline, which surprised folks, seeing how recently Vatican things occurred, as the impression's its gone on for hundreds of years. see below.
    Like saying Whites ran the African slave trade. No Whites did not run the African slave trade, it was run 100% by jews. Look at the harm its done to Whites ON PURPOSE. Well now that we're finding out it was the jews now jews are saying there was no African slave trade. See how those bastards do it? Never do they take responsibility for their heinous crimes! TIMES UP bastards!
    Same for Catholic Church. Catholic this, Catholic that blah blah... Nothing is said about jews attacking the JEW, when its the jews behind it all. Its always the jews, no matter where we look.

    Would it surprise folks to know the Vatican Bank started 1942? Holy See doesn't have jurisdiction over it, nor a department of the ROMAN CURIA (central admin of Roman Catholic Church). the Vatican Bank looks like our Federal Reserve Central Banks, which we have no jurisdiction over, not a part of our government.
    The Vatican is looking like an American mimi-me! So who's running the mini-me? Where's all this money coming from? Money laundering ops via the JEWS, just like in America & jews steal lie genocide - Well that's a character flaw.
    Golly gee whiz, lookie here, we got us a mini-me, parading as the Catholic Church... oh that identity theft thingy.
    So unless we realize what the Fed Resv is about, we'll never know what they're doing. If we never know what the Vatican Bank is about, mini-me gets away w it. I should call it mini-jew.

    Nothing gets solved w/o identifying the jews. Nothing. Thus the purpose of continually calling out the Catholic Church isn't about resolution, its about a personal issue & WE DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THAT. All the readers think what she says is probably correct, & I think if she thinks that... its worrisome, & does great harm to the Catholic Church, Christians, Whites, Europeans, Brits every time she wrongly blames them
    >>> which is the goal of the jew to destroy the Church & White people & White nations & if not, the jew will not succeed in their JEW WORLD ORDER. thanks & stay sane

    1. timeline is recent:
      ~~1929 -The Lateran Treaty creating political city-state Vatican City w Holy See full ownership, dominion & sovereign authority, jurisdiction & for Catholics, Christians to separate, find another unity.
      ~~1942 Vatican Bank created like Federal Reserve Central Banks
      ~~1962 - Vatican II Swissy-jew-coup.
      ~~1968 - Club of Rome - >>> In April, 1968, the Club of Rome was founded by members of the original Morgenthau group during a meeting at Rockefeller's private house in Bellagio, Italy. The meeting was organized by Aurelio Peccei, an Italian industrialist who had close relations to the Olivetti Corporation and Fiat. ~~ Another group representative at the December 1980 Washington meetings with "observer status" was John Graham, also known as "Irwin Suall," head of the fact-finding committee of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). The ADL is an outright British intelligence operation run by all three branches of British intelligence, that is, M16 and the JIO. Suall's extensive bag of dirty tricks was garnered from the sewers of the East End of London. Suall is still a member of the super-secret SIS, an elite James Bond type of operation. Let nobody underestimate the power of the ADL, nor its long reach.

      thanks again & we're all just trying to figure this baalcr*p out.


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