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Friday, December 6, 2019

About Us Working With Karen Hudes

By Anna Von Reitz

Editors note: This should have been published on December 3rd. but I must have missed the article.
Paul Stramer

Karen Hudes is a flack for the World Bank— but this statement requires analysis of what the “World Bank” is. It’s a bank of banks, controlled by bankers from all over the world.
So what happens when the World Bank does things that endanger or offend the member banks?
If things get bad enough and the implications liability-wise are clear enough, those member banks that stand to lose the most will need a “whistle blower” to dampen down the improper actions being taken by the World Bank.
The same scenario could develop within the World Bank itself. The Directors could find themselves being outgunned and out-maneuvered by several very powerful member banks —in effect, forced to do immoral or illegal things and left to take the blame for it.
Enter Karen Hudes.
That is the kind of “Whistle blower” she is— not the brave, lonely figure alerting the world to criminal wrong-doing, but the Insider being employed to blow the whistle because internal organizational control mechanisms aren’t working.
You might think of her as the person being paid to pull the emergency brake on a runaway train.
So, she’s certainly not an enemy of the World Bank. She still indirectly works for them and so, last time I looked, does her husband. She was, in fact, taking action to help at least some factions within the World Bank and most likely, her activities stem from the second scenario— that is, most likely she was working for some of the directors of the World Bank to save the World Bank.
My beef with Karen is that she either doesn’t know or chooses not to tell the truth about the American issues. She misrepresents American history and does so in a way that undermines efforts to settle accounts.
And why that is?
She has spent her life in Europe and even many Americans who grew up and stayed in this country for a lifetime don’t know their own history, so it is completely plausible and even likely that she simply doesn’t know that she is misrepresenting what went on here.
It could also be that she knows the history and is — again —- protecting the World Bank.
The World Bank has reasons why it does not want to hear about what it owes Americans.
For starters—
1. We know that FDR collected by his own admission 20,000 tons of privately held American gold. We know that 6,000 tons of that was used to capitalize the Federal Reserve System, and 14,000 tons was used as a bankruptcy guarantee for the other Secondary Creditors—- the World Bank and IBRD (International Bank of Reconstruction and Development).
We know this gold stash was used as a collateral guarantee backing both the World Bank and IBRD as a result. We also know that when the bankruptcy of “the” United States of America, Incorporated was finally settled in November of 1999— that gold was not returned to the Americans.
World Bank and IBRD claimed it as “abandoned assets” —-and made no attempt to contact us and return the assets to the lawful heirs—- the living people of this country.
I have a problem with that.
It’s bad enough that they had the free use of our assets as collateral for 66 years without our consent and even worse that FDR stole our assets at gunpoint in the first place—- which they also had cause to know—- without adding injury to insult by purloining the assets once the bankruptcy was over.
We want the 14,000 tons of American gold returned to the lawful government of this country, to be returned for the direct benefit of the heirs of those it was stolen from.
It’s just simple law and decency. If your Grandmother was forced at gunpoint to “donate” her wedding ring, you’d feel the same way I do. It’s not even the thought of any riches. It’s the thought of justice and property being returned to the lawful heirs and owners.
Second Bone to Pick—-
Upward of $21 trillion dollars' worth of credit owed to Americans is also owed by the banks —and the World Bank and its members certainly have cause to know this.
The “system” adopted in 1913 and completely implemented in 1934 is a debt-credit system using a private military script I.O.U. known as the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE — FRN’s, as currency.
Like any other “Note” this is just a piece of paper promising to pay at some later date.
But to be legal there has to be a redemption date and there is none published on these notes—- why?
Because the debt was transferred to Treasury Bonds that are issued in tranches and paid off on specific dates —to the purported investors, the Federal Reserve Banks.
But are the Federal Reserve Banks the actual investors?
No. They are just a bunch of check kiters, illegal securities brokers, and crooks.
The American States and People are the actual investors— again, at gun point, forced to “invest” by Legal Tender Laws.
So let’s look a little deeper at the actual situation.
They are using debt as legal tender which results in what is known as a debit-credit system.
I give you an I.O.U. and you give me a hamburger.
Have I paid you for the hamburger?
I have promised to pay you back sometime in the future.
In this way the “US National Debt” accumulated, and so also did the American National Credit.
All the Americans who exchanged their actual labor and actual hamburgers for I.O.U.s are owed pre-paid credit for every penny of the US National Debt.
Plus interest.
This is a fact that none of the banks want to face, because they all benefited from using this credit that was in fact owed to us. They purloined it, leveraged it, invested it, cashiered it away so that we couldn’t have any direct benefit from it, and now, they don’t want to admit what they did and return it.
In fact, they can’t return it, but they could make a good faith effort to benefit the people they wronged by carrying through on the promised remedy passed by their Congress back in 1934, and honoring a system of Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemption, which the miscreants never actually disclosed to the public or fully implemented.
In a MOCEE system both parties owe each other debts.
In this case, we owe them for government services and they owe us for the goods, services, credit, etc., that they receive from us—- so we simply agree to “offset” our debts.
I owe you $10, you owe me $100, so we agree that henceforth, I owe you nothing and your debt to me is reduced to $90.
If the rats had simply carried through and made this available to the Americans, the US Debt would have been kept in check and never “blossomed” into a $21 trillion dollar behemoth. Plus interest.
Now the “US” Corporations, including the Federal Reserve System, responsible for this theft and embezzlement of pre-paid credit owed to the Americans, applied for and received bankruptcy protection because of the bogus “US National Debt” that should have been offset —but clearly, this was all predicated on fraud and embezzlement of credit owed to us, so that no bankruptcy protection should have been allowed.
Those who benefited from this theft and who protected the perpetrators—- the Pope and the Queen—- remain on the stick for it, but all the banks worldwide benefited, so Karen’s buddies at the World Bank are squeezing their knees together, too.
It’s an absolutely staggering amount of pre-paid credit that was extracted from us and the interest owed on it has taken on a life of its own.
The pre-paid American National Credit is the elephant in the downstairs bathroom.
We know that they can never pay us back in actual fact, but they can begin to make amends by doing what they agreed to do in the first place. They need to be authorizing Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemptions for all Americans, allowing us to offset all public debts.
In real time that means that we would be able to offset mortgage payments (which are public debt, not private—but that’s another story), college loans, utility payments, and various other bills.
This could be done simply by issuing a special purpose credit card.
In this way, Americans would finally obtain relief and the Perpetrators would finally be paying some of their own bills and nobody would have to go broke over it.
So far, they are trying tooth and nail to obscure and cover up the facts, but both the history and the very nature of a debt-credit system belie them.
They are stuck and they either come to terms to provide relief that is owed, or eventually enough “wolves” will wake up— enough other countries will realize that they have been or are being victimized in exactly the same way, and then all bets are off.
I suspect that this latter fact is what makes the World Bank so nervous.
Growth and profits are good things for corporations—-and that includes banks, but not at the cost of enslaving people you are supposed to serve, and not at the cost of fraud, embezzlement, and all the other crimes involved.
This is just "the credit side' of things. There's more that puts us -- Americans -- at odds with Karen and the World Bank on the actual assets side.
In 1868, the Scottish Government chartered a commercial corporation calling itself "The United States of America, Inc." They then gained access to our credit using this semantic deceit. Their plan and the plan of every other corporation operating in this manner ever since, was simply to charge up our credit cards to the limit, claim bankruptcy protection for themselves, and claim that we were their co-signers --- so as to leave us holding the proverbial bag. Before their planned bankruptcy, however, they did a number of things that have still to be corrected or accounted for.
Most significantly, they bought the Philippine Islands "for" us, using our money to do it, and then, they transported all our physical gold to the Philippines for "safe-keeping" offshore.
Yeah, right.
That original Doppelganger went bankrupt in 1906 and the next Doppelganger, "the" United States of America, Inc. pulled the same basic trick, inflated the currency, ran up the stock market, caused the whole "Roaring Twenties" and Prohibition mark up, went bankrupt in 1933 --- and in 1934, their Board of Directors calling itself a "Congress" passed legislation "creating an independent government for the Philippines".
This created a situation wherein we owned the land of the Philippines lock, stock, and barrel, but now the Philippines had an "independent government" to act as the Trustee for all our gold that was packed off and stored there. This is the connect between Marcos and the Philippines and our gold and President Kennedy and the various agreements that various Presidents made "for" us and that Karen keeps hooting about --- the Bilateral Minefields and Green Hilton and so on.
To put it mildly, all that went on back then by any sane evaluation, is piracy.
And by Maxim of Law, "Possession by Pirates does not change ownership."
Everything that they stashed over there still belongs to us and we have the shipping and docket and flat and box numbers and everything else from those days down to this: We even have their supreme Bank Trustee in our jurisdiction, and are working with him to sort this Mess out.
So, that is strike Number Three that Karen Hudes and the World Bank don't want to face.
Don't get me wrong. The Americans don't own all the gold that is cashiered in the Philippines and Indonesia. We do, however, own a very goodly part of it, and we own it outright. Our gold and silver deposits collateralize many, many, many banks and the loss of that collateral is what ultimately terrifies the banks.
As with so many other bunko schemes they changed the meaning of "Depositor" to allow themselves to seize deposits left in their keeping, but our deposits were made before those surreptitious changes away from a "normal course of business" ---- so we are unaffected and grandfathered-in.
Karen and her Employers at the World Bank don't know whether to stand up or sit down as a result. Nobody knows what to do, and at the same time, nobody wants to talk to us --- because they are afraid of us. They know how mercilessly we have been cheated and defrauded and they expect no mercy in return.
I can only assume that they judge others by themselves.
However, in the broad scheme of life, it does no good for anyone to seek the destruction of others. That just opens up another avenue for nasty people to profit themselves at everyone else's expense, so no, we are not proposing vengeance. We are proposing a peace and reconciliation process to discharge odious debt and open up credit resources and restore a sane economic system, at the same time that we fully restore our own government--- putting Americans in control of America again.
This should be good news for people worldwide, as it dawns on them that "the US" is not America. It should also be a relief that we are proceeding in a lawful and peaceful manner and not being vengeful. At the same time, Mr. Trump and the Pope and the Queen, need to talk directly to the actual Creditors and dispense with any pretense that we are anyone or anything but what we are: the American States and People, doing business as The United States of America [Unincorporated].
Obviously, Karen and the World Bank and the community that she represents professionally have tried to avoid these facts and tried to explain them (and us) away, and that is why I have a less-than-high regard for Karen. I see her as someone who is grinding her own wheel and actually protecting interests that have been less than honest and forthcoming both now and in the past.
That doesn't mean that they can't change, and it doesn't mean that we won't talk to them in the interests of resolving all these issues. It just means that the facts as we know and observe them don't jive with the story that Karen is selling.


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  1. Remember....Rudy said he had his own "insurance policy"..looks like he just dropped a grenade on Biden and Obama...

    Mike 'Thomas Paine' Moore@Thomas1774Paine
    BREAKING **** Rudy Drops Ukraine Grenade on Biden & Obama With Mysterious Tweet About Billions of Missing U.S. Cash

    "Rudy Giuliani just dropped a bank safe on the heads of Joe Biden and Barack Obama — a bank safe that might be missing billions in U.S. funds. This is getting interesting. And ugly. Fast.
    And what a surprise, MORE missing money linked to Biden and his former boss. And talk of another Obama-linked cover up."

    "The Accounts Chamber in Ukraine found an alleged misuse of $5.3B in U.S. funds during the Obama administration while Biden was “Point Man.”

    Obama embassy urged Ukrainian police NOT to investigate!
    Stay tuned to find out why."
    — Rudy Giuliani (@RudyGiuliani) December 6, 2019

    1. I think Anna is wrong on Assuming that the World Bank is controlled by the little Banks around the world.

      I saw their communication letters of the private FEDBank telling the little Banks what to do to defraud the Public, etc.. Like a program manager, so their Foreign masters will not look bad.

      She claimed that American Gold and silver taken to World Bank, if it's true, then the private Fed is the one, doing it. It's not the little banks around the world. The Little banks maybe invested in additionally, but that's not to say they control the World Bank, IBRD, etc.

  2. Giuliani involved up to his eyeballs too
    His law firm working the NAFTA super highway land steal
    He was also involved in 9 1 1
    They are all in on it

    1. Shelby, I agree with you on Giuliani. Giuliani has the goods on the traitors and they know it. Anytime that anyone sheds light on back dealing nefarious activities - it's a good thing for us. Greg Rubini (Intel Agency) was providing outstanding information on the traitors & pedo's, until they froze his twitter account. I'm sure he has filed a lawsuit so they don't dare suspend and delete his information.

  3. Conspiracy to Advocate Overthrow of the U S Govt, 2850
    Dec 5, 2019

  4. Ted Turner (Turner Broadcating) a member of the Committee of 300, sits on thousands of acres of land, raising his own herd of buffalo, goes untouched, while they steal the land from everyone else
    Mega region on North Dallas Texas they piling all of us on top of each other, situated around the newly created NAFTA Super Highway, and saturating all of us with chemtrails and 5G radiation, more bang for their buck as they exterminate us
    Build the healthcare (deathcare) system out here in Texas complete with Cook Childrens (CC=33), new Shiners hospital built in record time, Texas Health Resourses all over the place - see they planned for the decline in the health of all of us by building all this stuff up while they roll out 5G right under everyones noses using their COG's to do it, while the tell lie vision political circus continues on their owned MSM
    Morgan Freeman who owns his own spread in Alabama raising honey bees of which I am sure his land is not saturated with 5G therefore the bees will be able to live on his spot of land
    Wake up folks they are all in on it

  5. Spy highways and tolls paid to foreign organizations- planned decades ago
    License plate readers, toll tags, inspection stickers, all being linked together for the Interstate highway tracking and tracing system
    And the first leg of the INTERSTATE HIGHWAY SYSTEM was part of that plan
    They do not call them I95, I75, I85, I35 and so on for nothing
    The all seeing I
    All planned using their private for profit corporations such as the DMV and DOT
    In Texas your car inspection is now ties to the inspection station and you get a slip of paer to go pay your taxes before you get your inspection sticker now, which the inspection sticker now contains a barcode
    No mistake that the new highways here in Texas are named after the very traitors that organized this theft, LBJ and the George Bush turnpike (all tollways)

  6. And make no mistake they already have ameans that the so called illuminated ones pay for nothing
    I've seen where they pull up to a gas pump and through their use of special process at the pumps they get free gas
    Something like push the gas selection first in a series of coded pushes and then they lift the pump handle and wala they get gas without a card or paying anything
    Now this is what I have read
    It is my belief that Trump is already a member of this priveledged clan no reclaiming his birthright required
    I would bet he pays no taxes and never got a loan bail out by anyone nor did he ever file bankruptcy, all stories they fed the gullible public to make him seem like one of the serfs

  7. This one cartoon says it all.....

  8. Read the entire following thread - it will blow you away

    We have ONE FAMILY who has WORLDWIDE access to:

    Our DNA
    Our email
    Our search history
    Our entertainment
    Our research interests
    World troubling physics
    Bias journalism
    Influencing impressionable young
    and creating vaccines

    But I'm sure it's all just a coincidence

  9. Have alook at the following site

    Let's see who is behind the curtain of staged events

  10. There was never any intention of implementing the spirit of HJR-192 which I assume Anna is talking about. Offering the remedy owed by confiscating all the gold in 1933 would have at least two issues. Greed plays a big factor. I think the bigger issue is that it would be so disruptive suddenly for people accustomed to using their personal energy working for everything. The criminals responsible for this knew that this would be a powerful disincentive for people to continue being pawns in a capitalist playbook. It would tip off too many people capable of realizing that something fundamental had just happened and other people would not realize or care that the status quo had just changed. Capitalism requires obedient slaves just smart enough to do the work and fill out the paperwork for the job. It requires a conquered class of people that are exploited and unaware of their real power.

  11. Can we believe in Washington D.C.? The French or UK? or even Wikipedia or Google? NO!! Someone is lying, about FDR death on April 12, 1945, which is not true. On Mai 8, 1945 He appeared to have a Temporal Arteritis, affecting his left arm.

    See this French film, showing his sitting with UK president (left), FDR in the middle, and Russian President (Right).

    This film is about capturing Hitler, on May 8, 1945.

  12. May not agree with everything he published but everyone should have a listen

  13. New Video: Judge Anna von Reitz Reveals How The Queen and Vatican Own The U.S. Government Robert David Steele December 8, 2019

  14. Am part of the Royal Family members from the Hawaiian Kingdom occupied by identity thieves entity State of Hawaii with documented premeditation to take over our Queen Liliuokalani in 1893 see:United States Secretary of State John W. Foster "helped ...

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    Mar 23, 2019 · United States Secretary of State John W. Foster "helped direct the overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy or JOHN W. FOSTER: LOADS OF LIES OUT OF WASHINGTON, D.C. As Secretary of State, Foster "helped direct the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy." [ Review by Amelia Gora … I did contact Karen Hudes to help our Royal Family, descendants of Kamehameha...and she said that we were a Cabal - a secret political clique or faction, and to not contact her again.... I wrote an article about Vladimir Putin (Russian President), Karen Hudes (World bank) and Alana Fleischmann (J.P. Morgan bankers) and how they are whistleblowers... but am in agreement with you that Karen Hudes does Not appear to be a true Whistleblower and still works with the World Bank … appears Hudes supports the crimes of her employer....the Hawaiian Kingdom is one of the owners of the gold housed in the Bank of Hawaii etc. ...The Hawaiian Kingdom never went away because the Kamehameha descendants exist... Pirates have been in Hawaii since the arrival of the Mercenaries/Missionaries in 1820. The U.S. Presidents planned for annexation but legally could not be made. The J.P. Morgan bankers, bankers with the U.S., and Great Britain developed the CFR - Council of Foreign Relations which set up the United Nations....all of them were bankrupt in 1893 Vladimir Putin said that the U.S. usurped their own citizens...see article at: Diary: One World Order Background or The Dark Forces ...

    Jan 02, 2015 · One World Order Background or The Dark Forces Secrets. By Amelia Gora ... Vladimir Putin, Karen Hudes, Alayne Fleischmann, and Amelia Gora. Compiled by Amelia Gora (2014) ... Amelia Gora Social … Everyone should watch the bankers -including Karen Hudes-, the U.S., and Great Britain.

  15. Citibank & Project Hammer (estimated 3000 tons of South African gold disappears)
    The following from depositions made in 2000 and un-officially leaked; the statement relates how a US bank was used as a halfway stop for dodgy financial dealings in “black gold” through Project Hammer; designed to cipher gold and diamonds for ailing banks & USA’s economy.
    The best screen to move large amounts of money and gold bullion was to create political instability between the NP government and the ANC; creating a political vacuum where dodgy gold & diamond deals could be done.
    In October 1998, an intelligence document was forwarded to the SA Intelligence Agency citing the disappearance of $223,104,000,008 from the South African economy through black gold dealings (effectively bankrupting The Republic of South Africa Corporation)
    More info go to: link Imperial History, download text: about-the-project-hammer file.
    Without prejudice, non asumptsit, in peace


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