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Friday, December 6, 2019

Eight Minutes You Need to Hear and Understand

By Anna Von Reitz

Bless Bill Still and the Still Report. I am recommending that everyone including President Trump listen to this Youtube, and then, also understand how and why these vermin in Congress are getting away with committing crimes in front of our noses.

The reason that Nancy and Harry and Chuck and "Alphonso, the Illinois Rat Boy" are getting away with it, is that they work for a different government: The Municipal United States Government.

Our Forefathers unwittingly created a Monster.

What they did was, at the time, perfectly safe and reasonable. They created a separate Municipal Government for the Capitol City: Washington, DC, and they placed the elected members of the States of America (Confederation Government) in charge of providing a government for Washington, DC. Read: Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17.

There it is --- plainly described as a "plenary oligarchy"---what it fails to point out in an explicit way is that Washington, DC is an independent, international city state, chartered by the Holy See as a franchise of the City of Rome.

The members of our original Federal Congress were trustworthy to act as the comptrollers of this separate municipal government. They all worked directly for the States and were subject to recall by the People and/or the State Legislatures.
Not so the Municipal Congress in DC today.

The original responsibility vouchsafed to the Confederation and the elected members of the States of America Congress was up for grabs in the wake of the Civil War --- and subsequent to that, the horse was out of the barn. The Municipal oligarchy went into business for itself and secretively usurped against the People and the States is was created to serve in a very limited capacity.
Despite the clear and obvious restrictions placed upon the Municipal Government in terms of its size and purpose and reach, the subsequent generations of Congress members have endeavored to usurp upon those restrictions and extend the reach and influence of their plenary oligarchy far beyond the "one mile square" limitation imposed by the actual Municipal Constitution.

Because of this we now have over 185,000 municipal corporations operating illegally in this country ---- which is a major part of the bone we have to pick with the Pope --- and also because of this, we have criminals waddling around Washington, DC, flaunting both our Public Law and the Federal Code of the British Territorial Government.

These yahoos --- Nancy Pelosi and Pals --- are operating under the Municipal Code and that allows them to do anything, up to and including eating American babies and holding Dual Citizenship with Israel, if they want to.

Repeat after me: within their capacity as the Municipal Congress, they are plenary oligarchs. This means that both together and separately, they can do whatever they wish. They are not obligated to follow our Public Law. They are not obligated to follow Federal (Territorial) Code.

They are only obligated to follow their own Municipal Code and the directives of the Pope.

And it is precisely their lawlessness and their piratical usurpation against their Employers that has brought this country to such an impasse.

Donald Trump is being impeached as the President of the Municipal Government ---- not the actual Power-holder Office of The President of The United States of America, not even the Territorial Office of the President of "the" United States of America.

He is being impeached as the President of "the" [Municipal] United States.

Read it carefully. He took his Oath of Office as "President of the United States", just as George Washington did. The problem is that George Washington knew why he was taking that oath first and in public --- to make sure the Papist "Civil Government" stayed honest.

Donald Trump walked into the office and was blind-sided. His Inaugural Speech was a clear clarion call to return the government back to the people of this country----and sparked the very worst fears of the Municipal Usurpers, that their unlawful and immoral hegemony was at an end.

The Municipal United States Government owes its charter to the Holy See and stands under the Municipal Government of Rome. It is responsible (entirely by default of the States of America Confederacy) for running the Federal Civil Service and the subcontracting "Federal Agencies" that they gratuitously created for themselves.

And this, the Municipal United States Government, is the entity running amok.

This is the "Civil Government" meaning "City Government" as opposed to the "Civilian Government" that is supposed to be in charge of the Federal Civil Service and any Agencies.

Now, you can understand why the Municipal Government is not subject to the Territorial Federal Code, and you understand why they are running amok with respect to the actual Public Law and the Territorial Code.

You also understand how it is possible for Nancy Pelosi to impeach Donald Trump as the elected President of their Municipal Government doing business "as" "the" United States, in spite of the Territorial Federal Code.

The Municipal Government isn't under Federal Code. They are under their own Municipal Code. And they are running wild.

We have several answers for this situation.

(1) Hold Pope Francis with both feet to the fire. He is responsible for the operations of the Municipal Government. He directly owns it and he indirectly controls both the Territorial United States Government (through the Queen) and the United Nations (as majority stockholder in the UN Corporation). Any "civil" unrest or problem in this country is his fault and he can't get out of it. Any fight or insurrection or unpleasantness at all, tracks directly back to his door and stays there.

(2) Our States of the Union have been called to Assemble and a majority of them (now 40) have done so, and they have been polled concerning our action offering the actual Power-holder Office to Donald Trump, if he will reclaim his own political status as an American State National of New York as one of the two citizenship(s) he can hold while in Federal Office. An overwhelming majority of our States confirmed this offer. If President Trump is impeached as President of "the" Municipal United States, he can correct his political status as we all have done, and lawfully enter into the Presidency of The United States of America [Unincorporated].

In that Superior Office, he can order the evacuation and quarantine of Washington, DC. He can also arrest any Municipal Officials caught operating outside the Boundary Stones marking the original "one mile square".

This flushing of the toilet would be a civilian government action undertaken in our sovereign capacity and the only one who could say anything about it, is the Pope, who needs to talk to us anyway about the Holy See's performance as our Trustee in the global jurisdiction of the air.

3. The members of the Municipal Congress are claiming "immunity" as a foreign government, however, they have acted in Breach of Trust and in violation of both the letter and the intent of the Municipal Constitution which established the Municipal Government in the first place. Those who established can also destroy the Municipal Government simply by holding a Continental Congress and firing them all. Send them home. Stop paying for services we aren't receiving and for insubordination and Breach of Trust.


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    Donald Trump is being “impeached” as we speak only because he is an “outsider” who has never been “read in” to countless Military and Black Ops Programs!

    As much as he must “know” already about all of the Alien Programs that are on-going…, the entire length and breadth of how the American People…, and the rest of the people of the world have been LIED TO…, is both staggering and astounding!
    Adam Schiff is head of the House Intelligence Committee…, and as part of that Committee he is part of the so called “GANG OF EIGHT”.

    To read more ...

  2. Look no futher than the CFR and all of it's members

    The Bush clan who signed this so called treaty to destroy The United States of America and create the North American Union as per their 1941 plans
    1941 map

    The Rockefeller clan sitting in New York harbor for decades undermining the entire nation through the United Nations


    The California HEIST


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