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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

So, You're A Mouse....

By Anna Von Reitz

The last few days we've been looking at the nature of Satan's Kingdom, otherwise known as "the world" and much to some people's amazement, we've shown that "the world" is built of nothing more than words and ideas. 

We have also looked at how words are misused to manipulate our thinking processes and assumptions to promote wrong emotions and wrong actions.

This can be done using labels like "Luddite" and "Sovereign Citizen" and "Nigger".  It can be done by changing the common meaning of words to mean something else entirely, such as changing the meaning of "person" to mean "corporation" --- for "Federal purposes".    It can be done by leaving meanings ambiguous in order to promote fraud, such as the question, "Are you a US citizen?"  -- which then leaves the answer open to interpretation.

It can be done by attaching prior experience and assumptions to new meanings, too. Prior to 1933, when someone offered you a "home loan" it meant they were offering to grubstake you and loan you money to build a place of your own.  After 1933, for the Federales among us, it meant, "Hey, buddy, loan us your home as an asset and let us tax you to death, too."

And then, they and the banks just conveniently "forgot" to explain the change in the verbiage to you, and let you continue to assume that a "home loan" still meant that they were loaning you money to buy a home, instead of you loaning your home to them so that they could borrow against it. 

We also discovered how similar lies and deceits can be used to steal even more precious things --- like your identity and everything you own, using The Dead Baby Scam as a means to falsify records held "in your name". 

We have also discovered how our Public Law and Public Peacekeeping Offices have been undermined and "unlawfully converted" into private corporate "Law Enforcement" positions --- so that our domestic police forces have been misdirected to act as corporate mercenaries for hire, tasked to protect the "service" corporations and their bottom lines, instead of being assigned the duty we all intended for them, which is to protect our private property and persons. 

This then was all designed to protect the corporate criminals and their operations on our shores, and to unlawfully convert the apparatus of our government to serve them, instead of us.

Finally, we looked at how these monsters use Operant Conditioning to get us to believe in obvious falsehoods, get us to worship idols, and hand them the keys to our property, our minds, and our lives --- including our spiritual lives.

It's basically the same mechanisms discovered by Pavlov and B.F. Skinner, just applied for a much longer time and on a much greater scale than anyone imagined. 

We have seen how we have been misled to ascribe value to "money" which is an arbitrary token in an equally arbitrary reward system, how the vacuous concept of "time" has been used to capture our energy and even how something as simple as communion with Jesus has been "converted" into a "saleable commodity" and subjected to commodity rigging.

Obviously, these activities and evils have been going on for a very long time and have been practiced at a high level by certain elements --- organizations and institutions -- that have used these means to obtain coercive control and then abused their positions of trust  to inflict misery and theft on others. 

The chief offenders? 

The Roman Catholic Church, which was itself targeted by the Roman Empire for use as a storefront hiding their continued criminal enterprises and con games. 

The Bar Associations and their members, who have worked for the Roman Empire since the second century BC.  

The British Crown Corporation and its Secret Partners, the "American" heirs of the Dutch East India Company. 

The UN Corporation, which was formed in 1943 by Nazi Sympathizers in France and Switzerland and Luxembourg--- a full two years before the United Nations organization was even chartered. 

The so-called Central Banks and Securities Brokerages.

The problem for them and for the Pope, is that all of these organizations except the Holy See, are incorporated, and they have all acted as crime syndicates, so under the Ecclesiastical Law of the Air, he is obligated to nullify their charters. 

He also owes us the responsibility, as I have pointed out numerous times, to deny the Perpetrators of these crimes access to new charters designed to commit the same crimes.  He can forgive them all he likes, but he owes us good faith service to prevent crime. 

This is, in a way, the same situation posed by all the pedophiles and sodomites that the Roman Catholic Church has protected.  The Popes and the Cardinals can forgive them---for their own part--- all they like, but at the end of the day, they also owe a duty to the rest of us to report and to prevent crime.

The same principles apply to the "revolving door" of these corporate crimes against humanity.  It isn't enough for the Pope to bow to the facts and shut down and liquidate the "UNITED STATES, INC."  if he then allows the same group of Perpetrators to "come in the out door" and form a new corporation operating as "US, INC." or, more to the point, "UN, INC." and carry on the same atrocities.

It's time to stop being mice and, instead, act as men and women.  Use the most powerful weapons the True God gave you --- the Truth and your minds.


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  1. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 25, 2019 at 9:47 PM

    The main perpetrators were mostly all named/mentioned.

    ISRAEL was conspicuously missing... unless that "8-word drive-by": "The so-called Central Banks and Securities Brokerages."
    is the substitute for SAYING:
    "ISRAELI"/"JEWISH" PRIVATE FAMILY-OWNED Central Banks and Securities Brokerages are at the top of the list of those who have acted criminally against us intentionally.

    The Pope can create whatever he wants, just like we can... As long as he doesn't infringe on us/others who don't want to participate in that system.

    They know this.

    "Ann Avon reitz" said the Pope is:
    1. obligated to nullify their charters.
    2. forgive them all he likes, but he owes us good faith service to prevent crime.
    3. forgive them---for their own part--- all they like, but at the end of the day, they also owe a duty to the rest of us to report and to prevent crime.
    4. It isn't enough for the Pope to bow to the facts and shut down and liquidate the "UNITED STATES, INC." if he then allows the same group of Perpetrators to "come in the out door" and form a new corporation operating as "US, INC." or, more to the point, "UN, INC." and carry on the same atrocities.

    Not only can he NOT do all the things "Ann Avon reitz" said, but hesheitthey /themhimherother failed to mention that forgiveness by the Pope does NOT mean that *I*, a Foreign Sovereign (to them) and sovereign-in-fact, -law, and -nature forgive them, because I do NOT!
    They stand guilty and responsible to return all of the STOLEN PROPERTY, and are responsible for all of the harm, damage and losses/other they caused. And more.
    And this is my Declaration: "I do not forgive them and they are not forgiven by me. All 'remedies' and 'compensations'/other are still owed, due, and payable immediately in lawful money, and so forth; and more."
    And so it is established and cannot be changed.

    1. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 25, 2019 at 11:22 PM

      Lost some of my text when I was cutting and pasting on this dumbphone. My fault.:

      Instead of:
      ""UN, INC." and carry on the same atrocities.

      Not only can he NOT do all the things "Ann Avon reitz" said,..."

      It should have read:

      ""UN, INC." and carry on the same atrocities.
      ***But who says we care anymore?
      Who says we want them, or want to continue ANY business dealings with them?
      Why would we?***

      Not only ***COULD*** he NOT do all the things "Ann Avon reitz" said...."

  2. Well, I dont know or really care what the pope is doing, I have no way of knowing what he is really doing anyhow, but

    Back here on our own shores, the sideshow/coup is getting into full swing now, and I dont expect it will ever stop. The aim of the idiot Shift and all his mentally contaminated party, is to prevent Tman from getting re elected; that is what its all about.
    Here we are in the 21st century and adults in d.c. are acting like little children, playing silly little games, while getting paid a huge salary and doing NO real work, having NO real accomplishments of any real value. And yet Anna and camp are in Tx ''patching up deteriorated dikes with chewing gum'. Well good luck with all that, but its akin to 'fiddling while rome is burning'.

    Of course Im referring to the circus that nancy started yesterday, and somehow managed to take up a couple hours of tv time today, and Shiff doing his commy arm-twisting of the Director, ongoing repeatedly to ''say what I want you to say or I will keep asking you till you do''

    (I only saw a very small part of it, as I was waiting for our noon day news to come on, didnt happen fast enough for me, so I just hit the Off button and dont know if its gonna rain today or not, lol, or how many shootings there were last nite.)