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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Examples of Operant Conditioning

By Anna Von Reitz

I was about five. I was at the grocery store with my Mom, following behind her and her grocery cart like a dinghy tied to a big ship.  She paused to look at items in the baking aisle and so of course, did I. 

By that time I could already read printing quite well and my line of sight left me staring at bags of flour. 

"What does "enriched" mean?"

Then, "Why does flour need to be enriched?"

Then, incredulously, "That's stupid! Why would anyone ruin their own product and then try to correct it?"

This gives you some idea of how my parents earned sainthood. 

I am demonstrating the kind of questioning that needs to go on in your head and the processing of information that needs to go on. 

First, we need to notice odd unexplained words-- like "enriched" and odd unexplained practices, too. 

Second, we need to think about what we learn. 

A good friend faced with the demand to get a Driver License quickly noticed about a half dozen things that were asked on the paperwork that were improper-- for example, the ambiguous "Are you a US Citizen?" question. 

Which "US"-- mine, yours or theirs? 

What kind of "Citizen"?  State? Territorial? Municipal? 

Followed by demands for Social Security Numbers and statements claiming "residency" -- none of which apply to an American State National. 

We aren't supposed to be enrolled in THEIR retirement system and we are certainly not "residents" in our own country. 

The simple obvious answer is that Americans aren't supposed to apply for Driver Licenses, either. That's why all this verbiage is there that applies only to foreign Federal Citizens.  THEY have to be licensed. Not us. 

Since it makes money (lots of it) for their States-of-State organizations they naturally want you to subject yourself to all their rules and statutory laws by "voluntarily" applying for a DL --- an act by which you hang yourself and knowingly or unknowing misidentifying yourself as some kind of "US Citizen". 

The lawyers leave it nebulous so they can pick and choose whether they misidentify you as a Territorial or as a Municipal today--- knowing all the while that you are, most likely, neither. 

The act of coercing someone to buy something or do something which enriches you and harms them is a crime of racketeering, which is why so much of what they do is actionable under the RICO laws, if and when you can get any of their own foreign "district" attorneys to enforce against them. 

And how likely is that? 

But I digress-- I am just tuning up your Shinola Sensors.  My friend had gotten to the point of recognizing all the suspect words and phrases, but he hadn't gotten so far as to recognize the evidence and admissions contained in the Driver License Application. 

They are in fact admitting that DLs are not intended for Joe Public.  And, furthermore, any demand that Joe Public get such a license intended for foreign workers is admitted to be an act of racketeering under color of law and also an attempt to suborn perjury. 

This kind of analysis of the situation only comes after you learn the words and their meanings -- that all important second step of the process. My friend hadn't yet gotten to that part yet.

So today we are going to tackle some things that are related to this whole Pilgrim's Progress, and look at Operant Conditioning, because it is very common and very destructive. 

Please note that Operant Conditioning always involves either rewards or punishments and sometimes both. 

So if the system you are studying offers rewards, punishments, or both combined in a carrot-or-stick pattern---- beware and look deeper. 

We already saw how Operant Conditioning is used to instill a False Belief in the "value" of money:

Let me recall it for you in case you missed it: 

Mouse puts a piece of litter in a cup and gets a piece of cheese.  Mouse puts a piece of litter in a cup and gets a piece of bread. Mouse puts a piece of litter in a cup and gets a piece of ham.  

This leads "mouse" to believe that cage litter is valuable because it is consistently translated into things the "mouse" wants or needs: cheese, bread, and ham.

But in fact as you can now see, the litter has no real value and the choice of litter as the reward stimulant is arbitrary. 

This is how we are trained to use money, indulge the false belief in the value of money, and get trapped in a rigged control system that the Enemies of Mankind manipulate and control. 

Let's look at another example-- time. The entire concept of time like the value of money is a lie foisted off on us by Operant Conditioning. 

First, they set up a system to measure something that doesn't exist: a watch, a clock, even an atomic clock-- to improve their measuring system designed to measure something that doesn't exist. 

If sideshows at a circus come to mind, as they surely should, read on. 

Using this measuring device they get you to in fact measure your own labor and physical energy resources, which can then be unitized and bought and sold and traded as "hours worked" which can be paid for with what? Worthless litter being used as money. 

Now, "mouse" is on a treadmill. 

Every day, week, or month-- also bogus time measurements, mouse gets rewarded with a paycheck based on the value of litter. 

Now he gets to trade his hours on the treadmill for pieces of litter to drop in the cup to get his bit of cheese or bread or ham. 

And he has been given nothing but some false beliefs and assumptions about arbitrary and non-existent things, which he then trades for actual goods and services. 

His energy to run the tread mill is actual, the bread, cheese, and meat are actual--but everything else is phony and arbitrary and guess what else?  

Controlled by someone or something else--- the Hidden Hand, which inculcates the false beliefs, controls the "weights and measures" and the supply of litter and operates this whole delusional batshit crazy system of fraud in front of our faces every single day, without as much as a question being asked. 

No wonder the Enemies of Mankind think we are stupid dumb cattle to be ear-tagged and milked and slaughtered as livestock. 

What would you think if you observed such a situation?  What DO you think, now that you have observed it? 

You have spent your whole life in a maze being conditioned by your "Masters" and your energy and your goods have been stolen for the cost of some bookkeeping, paper, and false beliefs promoted by charlatans (also known as hot air). 

Sadly, this same System has been applied to religion as well. 

Take the example of Communion. 

The reward is the forgiveness of sin.  That's a big reward. 

The punishment is damnation.  That's a huge punishment. 

And the Church holds the franchise concession. 

So here we have a system of Operant Conditioning that involves both ultimate Reward and ultimate Punishment. 

So far as Con Games based on Operant Conditiioning go, we have hit the Big Time. 

But let's examine this further...

Did Jesus create this system? 


Did he grant the Church a concession to sell his forgiveness? 


What he said about both the bread and wine was--bless it as often as you eat or drink it in remembrance of me. Period. 

That's it. 

When you eat bread or drink wine, bless it and remember me.  Imagine how the world would change if we simply did what he told us to do, instead of getting trapped in an Operant Conditioning scheme by his erstwhile claim-to-be disciples, who were endlessly wrong-headed while he walked the Earth and still are despite the admirable efforts of the Holy Spirit. 

So Communion with our Lord and Savior has been hijacked from being the simple everyday action that anyone can take -- the action that He commanded -- and transformed into another Operant Conditioning racket designed to enrich and give oppressive power over Jesus's Followers to The Church. 

"Do what we want or we will condemn you to Hell!"

Which is also non-existent, at least in the way they describe it.  

By making Communion into a commodity -- a soul saving product -- and cornering the market, these charlatans have served a very different Master, 

Not only are they doing something that Jesus never told them to do, something that only serves to oppress and control innocent Believers, reducing otherwise sane people to blithering idiocy when faced with the awesome power of the Church to forgive sins "in Jesus's name"--- they are not doing what he in fact instructed.

Based on my own relationship with Him, I can tell you that that leaves them doubly up a creek without a paddle. 

This is why he will coldly say, "Depart from me, you Evildoers!" --because they are doing evil and failing to do good in his name. 

Where have we seen that phrase "in our names" or "in his name" before? 

That's exactly the same fraud the vermin have pulled on our entire country--- they have been acting in our names and committing crimes and running up huge debts in our names, too. 

You see how this works? 

The Satanists came in and pretended to be leaders of the Church.  These False Apostles then pulled the same scheme with our government.  

As a result, when people wake up and see this, the Church will be blamed and will deserve the blame, but the actual Perpetrators who misled the Church and promoted these evils in the name of Jesus and in the name of The United States of America think that they will skip town....and escape any punishment at all. 

They think they will steal the world's gold as they have done twice before, bribe Chinese officials to give them safe harbor for their piracy---and sail on, nothing but richer and more powerful for the exercise. 

Boy, do I have news for them. 

Jesus has seen it all and he is steamed. 


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  1. Oh they are certainly conditioning alright
    Part One
    Part 2
    Parts 3, 4 and 5 can be obtained at the top of the pages
    Cannot stress enough that you read them
    Gorbachev Foundation now located in a decommisioned military base sitting right outside the Golden Gate bridge
    All kinds of information on this page

    1. ANY Monetary System that these criminals control will apply "operant conditioning". The crime syndicate can't control and enslave people without it. And they have no intention of giving up that control....ever. We must have some sort of monetary/credit/trading system that is separate and distinct from their rat system. This new system must be controlled by American National fiduciaries for American Nationals. And it must be secured in such a way that the rats can't get access to it. These b*stards have destroyed generations of good people and have lost the right to live in a civilized society. Please God remove these vermin from our midst! Crypto Currencies are one alternative among many.
      John McAfee
      ‏Verified account @officialmcafee
      Government 101, Lesson 2 - the real reason that government's fear Cryptocurrencies.

    2. Many of the following people were born before the "civil war", didn't pay taxes because taxes were and are illegal and appear to be happy and healthy....imagine that.
      1929 - Interviews With Elderly People Throughout The US
      Multiples interviews of elderly people filmed in 1929, when sound movies were a new thing. These people were born from the 1820s to the 1850s and recall the experiences of their youth. A nice piece of Americana from a saner time
      Condensed & worked on footage. Same video with fixed sound sync -

    3. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 25, 2019 at 2:29 PM

      IYOpinion,if we get the ustreasury note and silver certificates and the gold standard back, will that solve things?
      I don't even like the name "crypto". Yikes. It reminds me of the photos I've seen of the catacombs under the Vatican.
      Besides, its just FORM and not any kind of SUBSTANCE, too... Just digits on a computer screen.
      What Is crypto backed by? What ensures it's value to the holder of it?

      Still no substance (physical), still just form (fiction).

    4. You are correct, bitcoin is not real money. Also, if the only access you have to your money is through the computer and the power grid goes are sol.

      The same b*stards who stole our gold also took our jobs, business and technology to China. We need to recover our stolen gold and gravitate back to a gold/silver backed trading system. I think Trump is trying to do that by playing poker with China.

      While I like the idea that we all be given a million plus dollars to do as we please - realistically that won't happen. Maybe establish a monthly credit system with a set monthly balance where we can carry the balance with us at all times should we need to make a purchase. It might be a way to get back some of our stolen money. Notice they are floating the idea of granting us a credit account system now but they want to control that surprise there. Control of that system should be granted to a trusted American National fiduciary ONLY. If a legitimate extenuating circumstance comes up (medical bill, house/car purchase) we could apply to the fiduciary for payment.

      Since Anna seems to know who these parasites are who made off to China with our gold – I wish she would cough up a few names. What’s the harm Anna, they’re gone now anyway.

    5. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 25, 2019 at 6:03 PM

      That's seems the same as what we have now, to me, except in a different shaped package.

      To me, having the thief who stole my purse offer to give me a fiat, value- adjustable credit account with them, the thief, that I have go through him, the thief, if I want to carry or use it, my purse (their fiduciary) --does NOT qualify in my book as returning my STOLEN PROPERTY...
      That seems like it is just their way of stalling and not giving me back what belongs to me... AND continue to keep control of my property that they stole....presumably while they try to figure out how to permanently steal it from me or figure out how to permanently remove me, -- based upon what we are hearing and seeing that they have done in the past!

      Since we are the ONLY source of credit (since the earth belongs to us), then being offered a credit account with the thieves is extortive, since it already belongs to us to begin with... the thieves are offering back a promise instead of my land or other property they have broken the law and stolen from me while they were acting under obligation of fulfilling promises they made to me when they STOLE it!!!

      I also do not need to pay an Officer that is under the thieves' kontrol to manage what God gave me!!

      I'm sticking to what actually hsppened:
      1. They stole my physical substance.
      2. They're going to return my physical substance.

      If people get bamboozled into accepting FORMS instead if SUBSTANCE, call me practical, but Imo, it looks like people are perhaps going to get waylaid again.
      This time without recourse.
      Thanks for the info.

    6. Yes, I know it's maddening. But the problem we face is that they have bribed/blackmailed our military, predominately the Generals. If we had an honest military, this situation would have been cleaned up long ago. It's more than just insubordination in my opinion - it's treason. It's a sad situation. We will find out soon enough how it plays out.

    7. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 27, 2019 at 10:58 AM

      Have you seen the articles about crypto failing in Europe?
      Just wondered what you thought...: if true, is that the likely end of crypto?

  2. READ

  3. And if anyone thinks that wall is coming think again
    Planned NAU

  4. Their green global lies and wikileaks changing the history to fit the narrative
    Hence now why you have the new global mouthpiece Greta jumping all over the world to spread here terrifying message to the youth

    An excerpt from the following page
    Council of Foreign Relations, together with the Mexican Council of Foreign Relations and the Canadian Council of CEOs, launched a Task Force on the future of North America to examine our trilateral relationship and to suggest opportunities for deeper collaboration.....

    "We talk about deeper cooperation, both law enforcement and defense.... And we've opened the door to greater military cooperation on a trilateral basis, including with Mexico.

    "...we ought to be looking to a North American energy strategy....

    "...this is an opportunity for the three leaders of North American governments to build on a vision of the future, to try to capture what the architecture of a North American community in the 21st century in which China and India are becoming major economic and perhaps military players; in which Europe has coalesced around 25 members, a common currency, and little, if any, border controls internally." Revelation 13

    Notice the India and China reference and humpty dumpty just attented some kind of crap with India 'president' here in Texas

    Can you say BRICS new deal

    Bush clan the the SPP

    Check out the URI and the Gorbachev foundation all who happen to be housed in one of our old military bases on the sunny shores of California

    Grobachev and disarmament through the Gorbachev Foundation
    Lower right corner of the above link

    These pricks have been planning and carrying all of this out in plain sight while the bought and paid for tell a vision stations are putting on the political show for the consuming masses

  5. Green global serfs

    Education and how they rolling out the agenda through the DOE and through their unemployment workforce solutions departments

  6. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 25, 2019 at 12:08 PM

    "First, we need to notice odd unexplained words-- like "enriched" and odd unexplained practices, too.

    "... demand to get a Driver License ....were improper-- for example, the ambiguous "Are you a US Citizen?" question.

    Which "US"-- mine, yours or theirs?

    What kind of "Citizen"? State? Territorial? Municipal?"

    *1. "Which "US"-- mine, yours or theirs?"

    This is the same thing I have been pointing out about this NEW COUNTRY called The United States of America, unincorporated, that was constructed by this "Ann Avon reitz" Legal Fiction/ construct [?], to go back only to SEPTEMBER of 1776 and not back to the very BEGINNING of our true united States of America that was lawfully formed by the Declaration of Independence in JULY, [NOT SEPTEMBER] 1776 from consent of the people.

    I'm asking the question:
    Is the "ANNAVONREITZ"/ hesheitthey/ himherother/ who/whatever it is: trying to leave out our superior status and claim: be-ing living men and women and souls and being one of the living people and
    hope you won't notice the "detail" that YOUR Declaration of Independence,-- where all of YOUR, the natural living man's or woman's, creator-given and unalienable rights, property, and statuses are all held safely for you from the very beginning:-- has NOT been made a part of this newly-constructed, Papacy-authorized COUNTRY being called TUSofA, unincorporated?... and is trying to have us agree to accept and acknowledge this NEW COUNTRY THAT WAS CREATED USING *SOVEREIGN* LETTERS PATENT FROM THE PAPACY as the substitute for OUR, the living common peoples', true and lawful united States of America formed July 1776 LAWFULLY, in law, from consent of the people --(NOT the *ROMAN*/[Municipal] *UNIVERSE[one-world?/new world order?]-AL/"Catholic"* *Church* that meets in a building shaped like a snake's head and has a maze of bonefilled tunnels and catacombs underneath its headquarters)-- published internationally in the Declaration of Independence.

    It stands to reason that we would want to ask "annavonreitz" why THIS particular, our primary FOUNDING paper, has been meticulously left out of nearly all of the 2000 articles written by the "annavonreitz" [Legal Fiction/ construction?]!

    I'll give you a clue:
    *Only living men or women can make or deal with Declarations, Legal Fictions/Constructs cannot. *WARNING*: Legal Fiction Constructs use the word "declaratory" to confuse us.

    If we experience the refusal to clearly and fully answer ALL of our questions, then consider putting a "stink" on that thing and leave it alone!
    Its likely it may simply be more FRAUD.

    Don't just nilly-willy take any one else's word for things. In the end, you can do your own research and form your own conclusions.
    Don't be duped!-- develop, hone, and use your own critical thinking skills so you can make decisions that benefit you and those you care for.

    1. Many thanks good boots!
      DOI is absolutely the number 1 top Organic Law that (IMO) has not been adequately acknowledged at this site given "nearly all of the 2000 articles" to date here. If one quarter of the time that was spent writing some of these articles (especially indulging in personal stories) would be focused on "one of the best-known sentences in the English language" (especially regarding "unalienable Rights") that could possibly serve to actually de-condition the induced ignorance of enough Americans to have the kind of impact I think we would agree is needed.

    2. "Declaration of Independence" versus "Organic Law."

      The DOI subscribers appeal and pledge,themselves to one and other, with rectitude "under divine providence."

      "by the authority of the good people of these colonies...we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor."

      So Chef, to whom, or with whom on this green earth, are you (along with the "good people of these colonies") pledging your fortunes and sacred honor?"

      "We, therefore, the representatives of the United States of America, in General Congress, assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the name, and by the authority of the good people of these colonies, solemnly publish and declare, that these united colonies are, and of right ought to be free and independent states; that they are absolved from all allegiance to the British Crown, and that all political connection between them and the state of Great Britain, is and ought to be totally dissolved; and that as free and independent states, they have full power to levy war, conclude peace, contract alliances, establish commerce, and to do all other acts and things which independent states may of right do. And for the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor."

      The verbiage above describes what the subscribers "intend" and "ought" to do.

      And so, the subscribers did what they intended, on the date of September 9, 1976. yes? no?

      And, are not Anna Von Reitz and the good people (not of colonies but of our similar "state" of mind) doing what we "ought" to do?

      Or, are you and some others promoting something which is in-between an aftermath of Declaration and the essential and declared next steps, which ought to be undertaken - that of establishing a good and "free" state, all in accordance with the DOI subscribers original good intentions?

      It is all well and good to "declare" something, but then you are called to act and perform.

      Seemingly the "in-between zone" is . . .? I don't know?

      Your thoughts?

    3. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 27, 2019 at 9:36 AM

      Thank you chef!
      Yes, so good to know you and others are out there who know that the DofI outlines OUR law substance.

      Sharia is for Muslim people.
      English common law and Kings Bench Equity is for English subjects.
      Roman Municipal Civil/Civilian Law is for Roman serfs.
      Maritime and Admiralty is for Corporations.
      Talmudic/Noahide Law is for "jews" to follow.

      OUR, AMERICANS, law is d/Declared in OUR Declaration of Independence. It is our living testimony, the testimony of living men and women. It cannot be changed by others! It is our lawful superior claim in lawful superior authority: be-ing the living, among the living: a "status"/state/condition that is inherently superior in nature, in law, and in fact to the state/"estate" or condition of the "status" of be-ing DEAD.

      And so it is for US, in accord with OUR d/Declaration, just as is so for other people and nations of people and their own d/Declarations!

      I really have appreciated your comments and value what you would have to say about the DeclarofIndep. and other.

    4. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 27, 2019 at 10:45 AM

      The fact that this "annVonreitz" almost entirely EX-CLUDED the DeclarofIndep from their construct is our proof that THEY, IN ACTUAL *FACT*, DID NOT *IN*-CLUDE it!

      They could not IN-clude it because it is a common law paper created by the living people .....Rather than a Legal Fiction Construct Document which is what this "annavonreitz" is working with.
      Two entirely different "things".
      These two systems cannot cross-over.
      I think it was Freemom7 who recently noted and posted that they are trying to MIX the living with the dead when they do this kind of thing.

      The DeclarofIndep is a complete paper.
      It is also a complet-*ed* paper.
      It needs nothing else.

      Being an Amertradcomlaw paper, a paragraph cited above by a commenter, itself provides all of the answers to the commenter's questions.

      In that single paragraph, the authors have included ALL THREE of the necessary elements of AmTradcomlaw that are required in order to lawfully establish a "thing" claimed:
      1. Intent.
      2. Publicly Declare/publish.
      3. Do. In accord with the declaration.

      Here is the paragraph again, with asterisks added around, and a notation regarding, **the common law element being used**; with [brackets around the context] pertaining to the (element used):

      "We, therefore, the representatives of the United States of America, in General Congress, assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our **intentions** (element 1), **do** (element 3), in the name, and by the authority of the good people of these colonies, solemnly **publish** (element 2)and **declare**(element 2), that these united colonies are, and of right ought to be free and independent states; that [they] **are** (element 3)[absolved from all allegiance to the British Crown], and that [all political connection between them and the state of Great Britain,] **is** (element 3) and ought to be totally [dissolved; and that as free and independent states, they have full power] to levy war, conclude peace, contract alliances, establish commerce, [and to] **do** (element 3) all other acts and things which independent states may [of right] **do** (element 3). And for the support of this **declaration** (element 2), with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor."

      IF ONLY THIS ONE PARAGRAPH WAS ALL WE HAD, WE CAN SEE BY THIS SINGLE PARAGRAPH, THAT THEY HONORABLY, LAWFULLY, and FULLY ESTABLISHED the "dejure" u/United States of America in (American traditional/other) common law authority that cannot be changed except from consent from the living people under whose lawful, sovereign, delegated authority these deputies (had been deputized to) set it up!

      This has been the opposition's stumblingblock all along.

      And presumably why they are trying to flood our countries with immigrants who have been indoctrinated to despise us --They want to change the population into one that gives consent to change us from a free people into, as Shelby so creatively put it, bug- and grass-eating green global serfs!

    5. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 27, 2019 at 10:53 AM

      Also, please note that the Declaration of Independence was established in the *GENERAL* CONGRESS ASSEMBLED, not the *CONTINENTAL* CONGRESS.
      Anybody out there who can explain the difference to the rest of us, in accord with American law substance?

      Or even just provide what you DO know, so we can hack through the trash, if any, and come up with the truth.

      Thank YOU!

    6. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 27, 2019 at 11:29 AM

      Also,I have marvelled many times over the following!:

      "we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor."

      To me, at least the way I read it right now is:
      since there were no "Public Bonds" yet available for the people to use to BOND their lawfully elected delegates and deputies, these Men of Profound Honor and Goodwill toward the people (?) used their own fortunes to BIND THEMSELVES TO THEIR WORD THAT THEY WERE AGREEING WITH EACH OTHER TO ABIDE BY: THAT THEY WOULD, TOGETHER, HONORABLY ***SERVE*** THE people!!!!

      They seem to perhaps have been so sincere that they also included in their own BONDING OF THEMSELVES TO THEIR WORD OF AGREEMENT WITH EACH OTHER: their very lives and honor.

      Whether that us what they meant or not, I believe we (still?) have people like that today, willing to serve.
      They have just been pushed out.

      We need to push the criminals OUT and make room once again for HONOR in our system of government.


  7. When we had real money (gold and silver), we didn't have all this fraud..It took them a hundred years to pull it off or more..!!
    But one way or another they will always get control because that's all they think about..!! The average person doesn t have time in the day to think about it or care to...they just think government will always be for the people and do their job properly..!!

    We need to get away from the concept of govt. is nothing but a fiction...litter for nothing..!!

    That being said, the forefounders had to create some form of govt so people could live in peace...!! We have wondered way off the path for a civilized society...!!

  8. It is my belief that the Papacy is also a front and has been from the word go - it's a store front for their opertions - the rabbi's (men in blank) in plain sight - spread all throughout the world using the church as their base of operations on all fronts, from Islam to Hindu, to Budda
    All religions created by the jews which they say are all religions of Rome but in reality it is the jews?
    Even the below book leads you to think this is Rome but is it?

    1. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 27, 2019 at 11:03 AM

      Agree. That is sure what its shaping up to look like isn't it? After all these hundreds (thousands?) of years!

      What a disgrace.

  9. They working people at break neck speed to get their MEGA cities built while they steal everything else and scream climate change and become a vegan
    Have a rural channel here in Texas where they talk cattleman to cattleman
    See that cc = 33
    I would bet that the huge ranches are all owned and operated by the same people
    Ted Turner, TT, the double cross, owner of Turner Broadcasting and all the billboards across the nation, sits on huge chunk of land and raising buffalo
    While on the other side of their media show they pushing the green new deal and a dying planet if the middle class does not give up their life style of meat eating and air conditioning
    Morgan Freeman (aka Jimmy Hendricks) sitting on a nice plot down in Alabama
    It's all a fraud and so are they and humpty dumpty is part of the side show while they continue their rape and pillage all over the world
    While this woman here former Brazil leader (see below)
    She is actually Jeb Bushs' wife and she was president when the Bush clan went down there and bought 150,000 acres of land that sits on the worlds largest fresh water aquifer
    The BRICS connection
    So the plan is to decimate the United States and bring in the North American Union
    While they made deals with India to ship a crap load of people in here to change the demographics
    Bush clan now down in Brazil after they screwed over Texas and no one is the wiser that they there
    Florida Marquis did a video not to long ago about Brazil giving up a strategic military base?? HMMMMM shaped like a pentagon too
    They are all in on it

  10. But real moneys were heavy, the crooks said so around the globes to scam other races first. Don't you know? They scammed N.America last. After the crooks brought other races to get scammed more in N.America. Now, when you lumped the assets of other races into N.American assets only. This creates tension.

    1. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 25, 2019 at 8:20 PM

      This is true.
      I had been talking with mixed-races group of people and was telling them all the things we are just now finding out,-- like what we discuss here; everyone collectively had been mostly silent and non-responsive and even seemed like they were kind of angry with me.... Finally this one woman let out a big breath and said, "*WE* all know about all that. *YOU'RE* the only ones who don't know about it."

      It actually ended up being a good thing because it was first-hand "testimony", that we the people haven't had a dam clue as to what they've been doing to our neighbors in our names and blaming on us.

      I have been welcomed since.
      We've been given such a bad rap.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. From me it is all hypothetical.

    But, the question you bring to my mind is - Is it not all about "Jurisdiction?"

    And, am I no longer within the "Jurisdiction" of the system which has summoned me?

    There is(are)references, within the AVR writings which I may recall addressing such questions.

    And it may be that you can respond with an appropriate letter?

    Search the AVR blogs on how to deal with summons' to court, provided you are NOT within that courts Jurisdiction. Maybe you will find an answer?

  13. I have filed all necessary paperwork as a sovereign person and suddenly...

    I just received my first jury summons in my life. To be disqualified I can mark "I am not a citizen of the United States" or modify it with "I am a sovereign living man in Colorado" and see what is their response. What do you all think. Any suggestions?

    1. Would you not demand of yourself to proceed legally, lawfully, courteously, rightfully, even obediently, to a summons, at all times? Wouldn't you just do the right thing?

      If you do not know what the right thing to do is, you best hire competent, legal help.

    2. High plains drifter...if you are trying to get out of jury duty, just throw the summons in the trash and don't contact the court....!! However, that is not going to make thinks any better for America...
      What are you guys afraid of..??
      When asked by the prosecutor if you will be impartial, tell them you are going to judge both the law and the facts, no matter what you say because that is may right and duty as a juror..!!

      Trust me , you will never be picked...!!

      But how does that help some poor SOB who only violated a Mala prohibita law...!!
      I just got one myself in the mail and I tossed it in the trash because the court they want me to show up to is too far away. It's not because I don't want to sit on a jury...I do. If they want me to show up to another court I would gladly do it..

      Everyone sees "jury duty" as some sort of punishment when we should all be looking for that mail in the mailbox, to actually do what is required of us...!! Remember, you are there to rule under "Public law" and not under " Public policy"...big difference..that is the best way to chance this system, because that is the only place where one juror can hold up an entire conviction and move the court to a mistrial...!!

    3. Quit making up excuses..!! The judges are well aware of those and you will not be helping the defenand at all..!!

    4. James, one huge problem is when you live in a large city like we do, to go down to the court house which is downtown, the only place to park for more than 15 minutes, is one of the parking garages.

      Just the other day we went to a govt.bldg. down there and for just 2 hrs. in a parking garage it cost us $8. Who is gonna spend that kind of money Plus more, to go sit down there maybe all day, to finally get called to listen in on a case.
      And to take public transportation means about an hour or more to get down there one way, which is only about 8 or 9 miles at most; with changing busses and waiting to go from one to the other.

      Plus we already have a major league hockey team arena down there, and a AAA baseball league field, now getting a new soccer stadium with 20,000 seats. You see why I wanna move outta this city? Lol.
      Oh and this does not include the 100,000 seat ohio state university Big Ten football stadium down in that same area. We are getting wall to wall people, and no wonder Im sick of peeeeple lolo.
      So we got a picnic late lunch together and went out to one of our many city parks; only half a dozen people, very nice and quiet, just us few and the birds, the fresh air and the trees are turning a beautiful light gold already.

      But if I could just tweak my nose and be in a jury seat, I would make a good juror IMO. Can you see me saying 'but where's the evidence, wheres the real proof'? Lol

    5. That is the plan to cram everyone in to stack and pack cities while the rest of the land is made off limits to their human chattle
      Labron James is big in Ohio and is part of the club that's why his rebuild Cleveland theme
      Their plan is to make it inconvenient for anyone to drive a car except them
      Their plan is to take away travel and vacations all together, slaves get no leisure at any time
      From school to work and nothing in between
      Got ole greta and Sir Attenbor making pleas through the WWF now about saving the world and get back to nature
      Bet you can't guess who created the WWF?
      And I've said it before the Pope is an actor
      So dealing with the so called Pope is plain stupid
      He works with his Grand Master to put on the stage show

      UN and FEMA Mega SMART Cities
      First the League of Nantions then
      United Nations and now the 70 Nations

      Latifa's new commercial about talk to your doctor about mental health as they show pictures of people sitting in their cars bumper to bumper traffic
      When there is miliions upon millions of acres of land to put people but that is not the plan
      The plan is to inconvenience you and suck your wealth and time right out of you at every turn
      Sports is all rigged and I would watch all the big box stores and stadiums as they have been built to take in the cattle for slaughter
      Remember Katrina and the stadium and the thousands of people sent there, that was not an accident, no one questioned what happened to all those people that were in that stadium, did we
      Where did they all go????????

    6. Where does the jury sit? In a box. What does enclosing anything in a box mean? The four corners rule applies to a jury in a box too.

    7. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 27, 2019 at 7:01 PM

      I was thinking "On their butt"...
      I'm having one of those days :)! So don't mind me. :):):)

      Wow, though, getting serious, OmyGOSH!!!!!!
      You just recently noted something like "this never ends", didn't you Will?

      This is incredible.

      No wonder we have trouble getting to the bottom of the rabbit hole.

      This one is just blowing me away: this is taking it all to the nth degree.
      Everything is a dam symbol with them.
      They're not crazy by any means, they're just plain EVIL.

      It truly gives me a cold chill in my veins to realize how DEDICATED these ?people? ?peoplethings? are to indiscriminantly harming and destroying everything around them... The good things first.

    8. Yes goodboots it is truly evil, but in the same sense pragmatic of them. To give themselves a back-door way of setting an appearance of propriety yet saving face in the event that something goes against plan. Symbolism is super important it reinforces energy flows necessary to create an outcome. Numerology, Astrology, every "ology" that can be conjured up.

      It would be a tough call to wash only America of the systemic corruption that exists everywhere and still navigate through the rest of the world unchanged. You have to change everything at once.

      Well maybe not at once, but surely eventually. America would need to isolate inwards to protect a new status and keep vigilant watch everywhere to prevent the disease from creeping back, which disease is hardwired to do.

      It would require an iron will to change for the better which would be welcome by everyone but requires everyone to sign on to a new reality and it's a process. Kind of a WWG1WGA process globally.

    9. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 27, 2019 at 9:12 PM

      "Symbolism is super important it reinforces energy flows necessary to create an outcome."

      I don't follow "Q" myself, but do check in frequently with two or three people who have bitchute channels who do, so am somewhat familiar with the basics.

      They often quote that (I guess its) Q says:
      "Their symbolism will be their downfall."

      For example, Sheila Jackson Lee?/USHOUSEMEMBER:...
      Someone new I have been watching has her sitting right there, I guess on the House floor, with a royal blue pyramid shaped ring that has the spiral shape inside of it... A pedfl symbol.
      She was wearing it to work!
      And it wasn't even that attractive, it wasnt like it was an artsy piece or anything, -- I don't even think it matched her outfit. Cattywomancommentmeow:)!

      In your opinion right now, do you think there is enough saturation of this symbolism stuff going on that the criminals have already self-identified to the point of undeniable self-incrimination?

    10. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 27, 2019 at 9:16 PM

      Will, Are you a professional musician? Concert? Oboe? Bassoon? The way you described the music a few days back made me wonder.
      Or were you just trolling that troll?

    11. Yes agree the symbolism is key, I don't think it is saturated they can never get enough symbolism, it's like oxygen. There was a minor uproar over the pin that Nancy Pelosi wore when the coven was all dressed in white pant suits for Trump's State of the Union.

      It was a lapel pin that was highly symbolic I would have to look it up again now for details. She was also severely trolling HIM with that retarded hand motion like she was a seal pup LOL. Looked like she was putting a curse on him.

      I was going down that road to be a professional musician when I was a kid, taking entrance courses in high school to get into college, my major would be guitar. I started with that with classical guitar when I was 12, played drums before that and also brass and keyboards in high school. I changed my mind and went into technology and I did a lot of production and studio recording work, also designing equipment for pro audio and studio work.

      I wasn't trolling the troll so much I always liked that version of that song from Hope Floats with Garth Brooks and preferred that arrangement and production of the song, the tempo was ideal.

      And now I am just a poor Shepard Boy tending to my flock, it is just as well the music business model died with the internet which blew it all up. Like that old song Video Killed The Radio Star.

      The internet brought a kind of democracy to music production that made the record label parked in the middle redundant, but it broke the established chain of record label -> radio airplay cycle. Now radio is recycling 50 year old music because there isn't the same record label model feeding Top 40 hits to radio the way it used to be. There is some but it is much more focused on the youth side of things, the music business has always been youth driven in terms of max profit. Adult Contemporary is more steady in terms of demographics and has been for a few decades. Classic rock stations are still there but there is no new production so we hear Hotel California 7 days a week now just to have something to air, and royalties are different. Many of the old rock stars are of an advanced age and they are increasingly going to start leaving the planet, many being in their mid 70's in terms of age.

      It's ironic actually that I thought a life of music would have been harder to navigate, in some ways I can't imagine now how it could have been any worse than what my life has been like taking the "safe" road that is more traveled LOL. Thanks kindly for asking very decent of you.

    12. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 28, 2019 at 11:31 AM

      I remember the flap about it; her pin was a Roman fascia; hence, for those who don't already know: symbol for Roman Civil [Municipal] FASCISM?
      The fascia is/are also on the stage of the Corporate Congress and on the front of the arms of the chair Lincoln is sitting in that is the Lincoln Memorial.

      "Looked like she was putting a curse on him."
      The women in white might all have been!

      "I started with that with classical guitar when I was 12, played drums before that and also brass and keyboards in high school."

      Ooo classical guitar...I remember the first time most of us ever heard one-- a classical gas.
      From your description of the music I had you pegged for a super-brainy double-reed woodwind musician now only to find you're one of those super-brainy classical guitarists. :):):)

    13. goodboots, stop yer gonna make me blush...well actually that was the first piece I learned to play was Classical Gas, it was Mason Williams. Small world huh that you should mention that.

      Yes I did set my sights a little high, but I got it done. I bought the sheet music for it and worked it out.

      Mason was a super creative guy and a writer for the Smothers Brothers show, that was around 1968. A few great records from Mason but that kind of music is long gone. Well people still like it and play it on the internet, but commercially that genre is long since gone.

      First time I ever played Classical Gas to an audience in my teens, it was a small bar and everyone was talking and drinking. Yes ignoring me noodling away on a guitar onstage, and I started into that piece and slowly the room hushed until they were all listening. That was cool and it was also many moons ago...

    14. I shouldn't have referred to Mason in the past tense, I believe he is still with us and kicking away playing music.

      What I meant was back in the 1960's he was into a lot of creative things, music was just one of them. Writing, poetry, artistic creativity etc.

      Oops sorry, I guess I have diverted direction onto a side road on this blog. Getting away from serious legal issues of discussing abject misery and other equally desperate and depressing topics.

      As recompense, I shall send myself to bed early with no supper and thoroughly scold myself when I arrive there LOL :)

    15. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 28, 2019 at 2:23 PM

      Yeh, well, don't be too hard on yourself, it's good to which brain hemispheres... Keep things in balance. :)

  14. Is it correct to say that "I am not a citizen of the United States"???

    1. You're still on the fence about US citizenship? Why is this so difficult for people? Obama admitted in his farewell address that a US citizen is an office. Did you agree to occupy that office? Anna and many others have been banging on this one for a long time, it's time to get over it.

  15. Reading up on the pros and cons of jury summons...

  16. Well again Anna shows she does not know what she is talking about....wrong Anna, communion does not save anyone's soul. In fact it can be damaging, since the Word says if you dont have Christ, then you just ''eat and drink yourself to damnation'. In other words for one to take communion, and still live like a heathen, is being a hypocrit; trying to have it both thats what that scripture says, it can be ''damning''.
    Neither is there any scripture that says there is salvation in partaking in communion. Sorry, but it aint just that simple, more is required than that. Stop misleading people like this.