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Sunday, August 4, 2019

The Municipal Debt Scam

By Anna Von Reitz

It is apparent that a great many people haven't gotten the drift of why we have obtained copies of all these Birth Certificates and why we have Authenticated these records through the US State Department, nor why we have returned the Municipal PERSONS to Steven T. Mnuchin.  

It's because we need evidence of the crimes committed against us and proof of action taken to correct, so that we cannot be accused of wrong-doing.  

When we go through the effort to Authenticate a Birth Certificate through the US State Department for the purpose of conducting business in a Non-Hague Convention country, something very important becomes visible.  The good faith and credit of "the" United States of America (the Territorial Government) is being extended and an indemnity bond is being issued to insure the Municipal Government VESSEL.  

This proves that they are colluding together and benefiting each other.  It also exposes the nature of the deception.  It is designed to make it appear that we are acting as our own Creditors, as if "the" United States of America is the same as The United States of America. 

And its not.  

In fact, "the" Municipal United States is $25 trillion in debt to us.  We are their Priority Creditors, and they are endeavoring to make it look like that debt is owed by The United States of America, instead--- owed by us, that is.  

They are using "the" United States of America, the British Territorial Government, to promote that assumption.  It's a shell game. 

Which United States?  Which United States of America?  Who is on first and What is on second. 

The Pope's Municipal Government doing business as "the United States" owes us, The United States of America, $25 trillion in credit.   Their National Debt is our National Credit. 

The Territorial United States Government doing business as "the"United States of America, is standing in the middle, making it look like we indebted ourselves, but in fact, both the Municipal United States and the Territorial United States of America owe us money.  

We owe them for services and they owe us for goods and services, too.  So all three are debtors with respect to the others, to some extent.   

What is supposed to happen is called "Mutual Offset Credit Exchange".

So King George owes me a thousand dollars and I owe him a hundred.  I knock a hundred off of what he owes me and my debt to him is "offset" against what he owes me and at the end of the transaction, his debt to me is reduced to $900. 

So the Pope owes me a million dollars and I owe him a hundred thousand.  I knock a hundred thousand off of what he owes me, so that my debt is offset against what he already owes me and his debt to me is reduced to $900,000.

You see?  We are supposed to be trading debts as credits.  That is how the US National Debt is supposed to be reduced and kept under control. 

If they had simply done this, as their Public Policy and Public Law requires, there could be no out-of-control US National Debt, because most of it would automatically be offset against the American National Credit.  

Instead of doing this, both the British Territorial United States and the Municipal United States have been cheating and not allowing us to access our National Credit.   

This is how the US National Debt keeps growing exponentially.  There is nothing to offset it.  We just get stuck extending more and more and more credit to them, which they spend without crediting anything back to us.  The more they gouge us, the more they pillage and racketeer and counterfeit against us, the deeper into debt they go.  

These two foreign subcontractors have been run as commercial corporations in the business of providing governmental services, no different than Exxon or J.C. Penny.  They have dishonorably, disloyally, illegally, and unlawfully exercised our own delegated powers against us, all under color of law. 

They have planned to pretend that The United States of America no longer exists, and that all our National Credit is abandoned funds.  Meanwhile, they would use their own immense National Debt to plead bankruptcy and poor mouth for new taxes --- like carbon taxes.  

In this way, they planned to: (1) steal our National Credit and make themselves out Good Fellows by distributing it to their cronies worldwide as grants and kickbacks; and (2) avoid their own debts via bankruptcy while justifying oppressive new taxes, and (3) leave us on the hook to pay back their immense debts as presumed municipal slaves.  

And all this has been going on behind our backs and being promoted by foreign governments that owe us good faith service.  The rest of the nations in the United Nations have been looking forward to feasting on our National Credit---and our gold and our land---- and that anticipation is what the perpetrators have used to try to buy off all the other nations to participate in this gang criminality, all the while spouting the most sanctimonious bull crap about goodwill and brotherhood and caring for the poor.   Why not?  What does it cost them?   

They did the same thing in the 1960's to get the clueless county governments to go along with their criminality ---- promising "Federal Block Grants" and other payola inducements to those counties that "voluntarily" incorporated as federal franchises, while never disclosing the fact that the county's own resources and assets would be taken under "foreign title" and used as the source of these "federal" grants.  

And if nobody knows what they did, there is nobody to oppose it.  

Now they are trying to use our National Credit to buy off the other governments of the world and subsume them all into One World Government under the control of these same ruthless con men----criminals who blather about establishing a "meritocracy" to oversee this proposed planetary empire of criminals and fools.  

So.  That's the scoreboard.  Is it the Pope or the Pontiff on first base?  The Queen Elizabeth II or Her Britannic Majesty on second base?  The President of the United States of America or the President of the United States on third?  

What you all need to understand is how we have been played and by whom, what their game is, how they play it, and what it takes to put an end to it.  These people are liars, Masters of Deceit, and most of them are deluded into thinking that this is about "National Security" or "the True Faith" or other Noble Causes that justify Noble Lies ---- when in fact there is no such thing as a Noble Lie, and all this conundrum is about nothing more than greed and ignoble aims, betrayal of trust, and bank fraud.  

Nobody --- and I do mean nobody --- has any right to steal anyone else's time on Earth.  Nobody has any right to lie and use lies to steal from others what is rightfully theirs.  And nobody who participates in, promotes, or advances any such scheme has "merit" going forward.   

Both Communism and Fascism are failed doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church.  Both sound good at first to the unsophisticated among us, because they preach liberty and fraternity.  They don't mention that it is the liberty given slaves, not the freedom owed to men.  They don't mention that it is a fraternity of eternal have-nots who are deliberately castrated and crippled and impoverished to better serve the Master Race of Liars and Thieves. 

We have no reason to ever go back and visit the horrors of any World War, nor to test out the economics of either Communism or Fascism again, both of which reliably end in the criminals trying to kill off their Priority Creditors---- which is, not coincidentally, precisely what has been planned for us, with their 800 FEMA camps and billions of rounds of ammunition distributed to the alphabet soup "Agencies".

The reason that the Communists and the Fascists kill millions of people is to avoid paying back their own debts.  It's all about money and assets and their endless, mindless greed.  It has nothing to do with freedom or equality, compassion or patriotism.  None of those things enter into it.  

This is about redistribution of wealth --- our wealth which we have earned the hard way --- going into their pockets, based on lies they have told each other.


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  1. Earlier articles speak of obtaining the "long form" of the birth certificate. Michigan's health department say they do not issue either the long form or the short form of birth certificates.

    "Our office does not issue long form or short form birth records. What we do issue are two different types of certified copies. The first type is an electronic certified copy. Our staff transcribes all of the information listed on the birth record into a pre-formatted electronic system, and the birth record prints on modern safety paper. The second type of certified copy is called a book copy. This is a photocopy of the birth record printed on modern safety paper. Both types of certified copies can be used for whatever purpose you would need, and both types of copies are accepted by state and federal agencies, i.e. Passport, Social Security, Secretary of State, etc."

    Is what they do issue sufficient for the Authentication process? .........

    1. They are doing the same in Canada.

    2. From what I have seen and listened to from Romley they are actively working to change all kinds of things when it comes to birth certificates
      They are located in the COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA which is yet another corporation who unsurped the government
      This guy here put documents in the court in Australia listing how they usurped the government there and replaced the seals and everything else
      Corporations posing as governments registered with the SEC

    3. Chef-doctor,

      Based on the response that you provided from Michigan's health department, what they are describing is indeed the short and long forms of the birth certificate.

      They commented that they do not issue short or long form birth RECORDS. The records are not the same thing as the certificate, the birth records are much more difficult to obtain, as they are proof of the creditor and so they are not made readily available.

      See Romley's videos on YouTube for more on this (Justinian Deception).

      So for authentication you want the book copy, what Michigan is describing as the second type, which is a photocopy of the actual birth record, aka the long form birth certificate.

      Hope that helps, all the best,

    4. Thanks, very much, Michael! That definitely helps!

      Re: "the birth records ... are proof of the creditor ..." - You say these "much more difficult to obtain" and "not made readily available" however wouldn't these records be prima facie evidence in support of the necessity for our for authentication? .........

    5. Absolutely, and as Anna has stated, the authentication reveals the actual agencies that committed the fraud, the identity theft.

      I was simply pointing out that there are degrees more levels of difficulty in trying to obtain the birth record, as opposed to the certificate of birth.

      Much like the degrees more levels of difficulty that one would face when trying to obtain the MSO for an automobile, as opposed to the certificate of title.

      The certificate of birth is proof that a birth record exists, but is not the birth record itself.

      Also, when requesting the certificate of birth, each state is different, and if yours uses VitalCheck, when it asks for the reason for the request, select "Authentication", that should ensure you are sent the long-form version, otherwise they may just send you the short form.

      Have a good one!

      "The Voice of Christ is Fearless, All Powerful, the Voice of a Conqueror; the voice of the shadow of good suggests limitation, sickness, death. Hold fast to the All-Good, The Only Real."

      -Christ In You

  2. Is Neil Keenan dead? A couple weeks ago I was listening to a you tube interview of Jim Willie and he stated that Neil Keenan was murdered. Is this true? I know Anna is his friend. I see information on but with the cyber world being what it is today I have to wonder what is really happening. I hope he is still among the living and I know they attempted o poison him etc many times. Is Neil alive?

  3. Thank you Shelly,

    Browsing through the links on your last post, then going from there, following my instincts,
    I found this jewel.

    The judge backs everything up that Anna posts!


    1. Yep judge dale been around for a while

    2. That was written by a judge a lot of information in that is wrong just FYI. I even left two comments there a few months ago lol

    3. sorry I meant wasn't written by a judge. Also I could have pointed out a lot of other mistakes as well but didn't feel like typing it all out

  4. And then there is the Dep. of Ed. who takes all our student loan payments and applies them solely to the Interest, and nothing ever comes off the Principal. Interest at the old jimmy carter days of 9%, is how our student loan total got so impossible to pay off, and with No Remedy offered.
    So for anyone thinking they have a snowballs chance in hell of getting this due diligence, let us know how that works out for ya. (and meanwhile 'they' can take that crooked inflated tricky student loan right into hell with them)