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Sunday, August 4, 2019

Regarding All Federal Retirees --- Civil and Military

By Anna Von Reitz

Anything that the PERSON is owed as a result of service or labor is still owed regardless of where that PERSON is domiciled or what law that PERSON lives under after retirement.  

Our veterans earned their pensions and services in terms of medical care, etc., so their situation is entirely the same as a person who worked and vested in the Social Security system and retired. 

Imagine that you went to work for a foreign corporation in a foreign country ---- say, for example, that you went to work of a Target store in Morocco.   While in Morocco, you have to follow the law of that country, right?    And while working for that employer, you have to follow their corporation's rules, too?   Well, that's what happens when you join the Armed Services or the Federal Civil Service, either.  You subject yourself, temporarily, to the rules of a foreign corporation and enter the foreign federal jurisdiction, which is the equivalent of a foreign country.    

When you come home ---- and that is what they call it, too ---- "going home",  you have to set aside Federal Citizenship in order to receive back your natural birthright political status.  This is the equivalent of leaving Morocco and moving back to Columbus, Ohio.    Suddenly, you are no longer living in Morocco --- or in this case, "the US" anymore, so you are no longer subject to the laws of that country.  You are back home living under American Public Law.  And, you have retired, so you are no longer living under corporate rules and regulations, either.  You no longer have to punch their time clock or wear their uniform.  

Just like the example of the Target store, any employee pension or retirement  or service benefit you earned while employed by the Federal Government is still owed to YOU, and is still due and payable as a Priority Debt of the corporation, even if it goes bankrupt. 

So, military retirement benefits, like earned Social Security payments, like Federal Civil Service pensions ----are "earned dividends" that are still owed to you, wherever you choose to live and whatever law you choose to live under after your retirement.  You can leave Morocco.   You are not obligated to stay and live there after you retire.  And once you stop receiving a current-duty paycheck, you aren't obligated to follow the rules and regulations of any corporation, either.  

It used to be that when our men and women retired from the military it was "assumed" that they returned home to the States and took up their natural birthright political status again, but after Korea, the "presumption" was changed, so that our retired military personnel are assumed to stay in Federal Territory until and unless they specifically tell their branch commander that they have returned home to their State of the Union.    

The DOD should be automatically issuing them the correct ID when they leave the service, but that hasn't been done, because the corporation is trying to protect its bottom line and trying to retain coercive control over the veterans ---as if they stayed in Morocco and are still working for Target, long after that is no longer the case.  

As military personnel our veterans carry many burdens that civilians don't have.  By pretending that our veterans haven't "officially" returned home, the rats have continued to impose military law and military discipline and military service obligations and have deprived these Americans of the very freedom they fought for.  They have also imposed unfair taxes and deprived them of benefits that they are in fact owed.  

Americans are owed the National Credit by "the US" and its corporations.  US Citizens are not eligible to collect on the National Credit.  This is another reason why it is to the advantage of the Federal Corporations to "presume" that you all stayed in Federal Territory once you left the service.  It renders you ineligible to execute Mutual Offset Credit Exchanges with the US Government and claim against the National Credit that Americans are owed. 

By returning home to the States and expatriating "your" Federal PERSONS to Ohio, for example, you make it clear that you are no longer in Federal Territory.  You become eligible for all the protections of the Constitutions.  You become eligible to claim against the National Credit you are owed.   You are set free of military obligation, regulation, and discipline and have to be treated as a civilian again.  

The advantage of this is self-evident.  Who wants to claim "civil rights" that are dependent on the whim of a corrupt Congress, when you are owed your "natural and unalienable rights"?  Who wants to carry the burden of the US National Debt, when you are in fact owed trillions of dollars as an American?  And you are owed access to all that credit, too?   

You can have your cake --- your freedom and ability to access the National Credit --- and eat it, too, by retaining all earned dividends and services that are owed you as a result of your military service, simply by expatriating back to your home State of the Union and waiving all "unearned" benefits.  It takes a little paperwork, but the rewards are well-worth it.  

As a US Citizen, you have to struggle to pay back the mortgages that the Territorial States of States have placed on your home and land.   As an American, after you have given notice to your Branch of Service of your decision to return home and done the paperwork to expatriate back to your home State of the Union, you can claim your exemption under Title 50, Section 7 (c) and (e), 2012, and then execute a Mutual Offset Credit Exchange to pay off any mortgage, hospital bill, college loan, etc.,etc., that is addressed to the federal PERSON.  

So, yes, Virginia, you can collect any earned Federal pensions and pension services owed to your PERSON, without any obligation to live in a Federal Territory or subject yourself to Federal regulation.  Once you expatriate back home to your State of the Union, you also become eligible to receive access to the National Credit and can use the process of Mutual Offset Credit Exchange to pay off any debts addressed to your PERSON.  

For millions of American Retirees, especially military retirees, this news is the difference between scraping along, barely living---- and enjoying life.  It's the difference between being a free man and a slave to autocratic Federal demands.  It's the difference between being a "Freeholder" and standing on your own two feet and being considered a Pauper and a Ward of the State of State. 

Some people are alarmed and afraid to claim back their birthright status.  They are confused because they don't understand the difference between a "US Citizen" and an "American State Citizen".  Others think that we are doing something wrong or obtaining some unfair advantage or taking some form of welfare by claiming and accessing the National Credit.   Nothing could be further from the truth.   Our National Credit has been bought and paid for with honest goods and services, by us and by our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents.  There is nothing dishonorable or shady about exchanging our credit for THEIR debt.   In fact, this is the only realistic way that the US National Debt can ever be off-set and reduced back down to reasonable levels. 

So both as a former "US Citizen" and as an American, our veterans can best serve this country by returning home to their birthright political status, expatriating back to their State of the Union (where they were born), and exercising their ability as Americans to offset the debts of the US with credit that is already earned.  

That's right --- already earned credit.  All our debts are pre-paid.  We simply have to return to and act in our proper political status to access this credit and apply it.   The IRS is responsible for crediting any ACCOUNT that belongs to an American State National or American State Citizen.   

The difference between an American State National and an American State Citizen?   A National owes no service or obligation to any government.  A Citizen owes a duty or service obligation to uphold the State Government.    So, upon your "return home", you can choose to join your State Assembly, which I highly recommend, and engage actively in the necessary task of self-governance, or depending on your own needs, you may choose to be a State National with no obligation to the government at all, beyond maintaining the peace and not causing damage to other people and their property. 


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  1. As an Honorably Discharged veteran I have earned my services of "medical care." (I've already had a couple helpful surgeries at Veteran hospitals in the 70s.) Now the VA requires a new ID that subsequently requires things that are beyond the quintessential DD214 (which I have). Although I've put in some hours inquiring with the ID verification people I still do not have a way to positively verify my identity as a veteran with the VA. Does anyone know whether or not I can receive emergency medical care at a veteran's hospital if I came in just with my DD214?

  2. There is no Title 50 Section 7...

    1. Hope you stay in touch with your question/comment.

      Some of the rest of us are pushing a little bit on other questions/info that we have not, as yet, been able to verify and are waiting for answers on.


    2. Search results
      Found 25 items, now showing 1 - 10
      index site map search tips advanced search

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      Title 50 Section 7
      Title 50 Section 7 (c) and (e) of ... seizure of Unregistered Trademarks; Title 15, Section 1125 (a)and 11 ... Jurisdiction of the United States, Title 18 Section 7 (1), (3), (8) and (13

      Law of Peace, Volume ,
      Responsibility of a state for acts of its militaryforces ... 7-1 1 . ... languages ... 8.30 . Summary ... Section. Termination and Modification ... 34, at 50. 3s. Socialist
      Title 50, Section 7 (c) and (e). So all presumptions against us, ... Breach of Trust has occurred. All land and titles, all property assets and interests naturally belonging to
      Title 50 Section 7 (c) and (e). And we rebut the enslaved Negro Fourteenth Amendment "Citizen" claim as we see fit. The so-called "Amendment" is in fact a corporate By Law adopted
      Title 50, Section 7(c) and (e)) - it serves the purpose of returning us to our proper standing. Recorded copies of our paperwork in tandem with a Certified copy of our Birth

      The Jural Assembly Handbook
      Pointers and Questions ... 20 Section 7 — Discipline. .. 28 Section 8 — ... Civilian ... 172 Section 50 — Congresses ... 176 Section 51 — NAMES ... TAXES ... 190 Section 56 — The

      Is this how the world is really run
      America, and given surreptitious title to all real property ... A complete bounty collection of $50,000,000.00 USD may additionally ... for violation of XIV Section 4 of its Charter

      Anna Von Reitz
      Alaska, Inc. for violation of XIV Section 4 of its ... of the domestic geographically defined 50 states. They are likewise commanded to release all titles and claims held under

      Microsoft Word - FINAL JUDGMENT AND CIVIL ORDERS with Finalized Addendums-updated ...
      Westminster, and any successors, executors, 50 administrators, corporate officers, ... return 131 of all titles to land, homes, properties ... October 14, 2014 7 States of America

      Microsoft Word - FINAL JUDGMENT AND CIVIL ORDERS with Finalized Addendums.doc
      contract changes and becomes a 7 "civil contract". 8 " ... the domestic geographically defined 50 states. They 189 are ... commanded to release all titles and claims held under

  3. I can't see why anyone in these two categories wouldn't jump at the chance to fix their situations except, evidence of the procedure resulting in success. Surely if anyone has been successful it would spread like wildfire. Having a specific process for military and specific federal civil service retirees and dedicated support would certainly move this along. Keeping an accessible list of successes would certainly help promote it and provide support to newbies. I know from my personal experience of working with Canadian retired military that they have been so indoctrinated to follow orders that they almost have to be spoon fed every step of the way. These were intelligent people but deprived of their ability to think their way through unfortunately.

    1. I agree with your assessment Dan
      We have no evidence what so ever from anyone about won court cases, successful mortgage pay offs, stopped foreclosures, nothing
      Week after week same thing, file your paperwork, send in some money and wait and see?
      Meanwhile the crooks continue their terror 'events' and sell more surveillance equipment and services to feed the 5G IoT lock down
      Never see not one person other than Anna on any calls, no back up testimony from non bar anybodies as to the living law firm etc etc etc
      While I appreciate her time and efforts in all of this, it has been several years now of the same thing with no proof
      From all the things I have read international courts set up by the same crooks are already in operation
      World bank, world courts, etc etc etc
      To go along with their green new deal and the age of aquarius they have The Earth Constitution and even the pledge of allegiance
      The Earth Federation - seems this is being spun really hard in India
      how about that maybe a reincarnated East India Trading Company???
      Seems that may very well be possible as that would mean they have come full circle???

    2. dan and shelby both of you are correct !! let's see some proof of all of what anna has been preaching ! very simple situation and also a list of state assemblies; names , contacts etc ! PROOF OF RESULTS of what has been put forth ! seems that anyone wanting to change their political status on a one-at-a-time situation fighting the system the way it is set up is an impossible scenario; mo !

    3. Is it a conclusion that we are cornered by these criminals that have our country under this foreign occupation? That nothing is going to help us as long as the rest of the people stay asleep? The status correction does nothing? The drivers license of the ens legis with my photograph on it expires next month, and im told by my state assembly leader that their is no getting around signing their contract, and if We dont arrest is a definite if pulled over. Also having a corporate fake court come against me, im told its best to just plea as their is no winning and you will at least live to fight another day. That the status correction does nothing to help in their courts, as it has been tried, and as they do not follow their own rules. Learning this it seems that their is no hope? What do we do? Are we just trapped and just have to learn to go along to get along? Does it come to a point where " give me liberty or give me death" is our only escape from this matrix? The pure definition of a psychopath is those who seek to control others, and apparently we are surrounded by them. Is all this paperwork just a waste of time? If the truth is not relevant and shall make us free, what the hell is the truth? Have to walk away from the studying at times to meditate so that frustration, depression, stress and fear doesnt take over. I mean you have the ucc, usc, etc that are all man made and copyrighted that we are trying to learn from. "Oh you have to get a proper passport to be free" which is still their document. Then you find from a reliable source that the passport is being bypassed by policy enforcers and people are still being arrested. Its like their is nothing solid to go on or believe. Are we just putting ourselves on a list to be harassed and dissapeared? This can be very frustrating! Reached out to David Straight for help with the fake courts to no avail as of yet, im sure he is very busy. But as of now it seems their is no escape, no options, nothing. Giving up is not an option, but its tiring and steals our joy. Knowledge is power but even people i talk to who have studied 30 years are frustrated.

    4. I am recording my own records and claims anyway. It is established when we intend, declare and do.
      They know this.

      In this now-open psyops portion of their attempt to save themselves from the spiritual death they are already experiencing, they are
      1. releasing of all of this horrifying information upon us because they know our minds were not created to be able to process evil. So they are shoving it in our faces hoping it terrifies us into giving up.
      While also
      2. Using "Tokyo Rose" style propaganda by the Japanese during ww2
      Mixed together with
      3. Operation Gladio and the stay behind units left in Italy to terrorize the people using false flags after ww2 and so on.

      They need for us to feel terrorized so we run and "throw ourselves at 'the master's' feet and beg them to save us" from the bogeyman, when the bogeyman is them. Problem reaction solution.
      They need us to feel:
      Like there is no use...
      They are too big for us...
      We can't win...give up.. You're surrounded... You can never leave...we will destroy you...we've got you covered...

      They WANT us to know how evil they are so we are afraid.

      You could be being hit with directed energy too; read 2001 HR 2799 Dennis Kucininch, I think it was 10/01/2001---this house resolution was up and ready to go less than 30 days after 9/11.... Discloses that DEWs had already been being deployed on populations and INDIVIDUALS.
      discloses the use of weather warfare and artificial shifting of the tectonic plates.

      Who said "Be not afraid."?!
      They are cowards. Look at what they are doing to toddlers. We have higher standing than they do.
      They have already lost their light.
      They traded it, knowing what they were doing.
      They are unredeemable. Read Jude to see who they are. You are obviously a 'spiritual warrior'; I'll be joining you in prayer.

    5. Goodboots, having done printed the 928 forms do you think its a trap. Ive read some of your posts but after reading "one man out", "creditors and their bonds" etc, it seems legitimate although im wondering why we record anything in their offices to begin with. Its all theirs. We're still using their stuff, passport etc. Thanks

    6. Hi Rock,
      Just for starters:
      One of the basic questions is why are there TWO different Cancellations of POAs?;
      with the last of the two cancelling all *PRIOR* POAs?
      So that it actually cancels the first one!!

      So you do what? ... You give yourself POA;
      do some administrative recordings;
      and then you're going to turn right around and cancel the POA you were working under? Hmmm.

      I'm pretty sure that second POA cancels the work you just did!!

      So, I'm waiting for Annamarias answer on and for the record, here on Paul's blog where all of the readers can receive the answer together.

      I'm with you on the question of "Why should we record things in their Records?"
      The reason I'm doing any of that is to clear up the Records. ONLY. IM NOT PARTICIPATING, IM REMOVING MYSELF.

      What I did was to pay to publish my own Cancellation of All Powers of Attorney in a local newspaper in the "Legal" section and obtained an affidavit of publication.

      It is recorded.

      I had to pay the going rate for classified ads, but still chose to do it that way. To me it was worth it, to do the Cancellation independently of their system. Except that I did have it Notarized; I revoked by signature on Voter Registration and had that Notarized too.
      The rest of what I have done was privately after those revocations.

    7. Anna's reply:

      We cancel all Prior POA's because once you are in Possession of your estate there is no trust and you don't need a POA to operate. No living man who is competent needs a trust.

      As more than adequately explained in recent articles the "infant decedent estate" is being formed around your dead amnion-- the fetal Afterbirth organs, etc., that die when you are born. The name your parents meant for you is being attached to it as the "first born" and you then have to claim its estate in order to inherit your own.

      This is self-evidently identity theft and fraud but this is how they have been concocting all these "infant decedent estates" named after living Americans. Once you bust that scam there is nothing they can do. You are the living heir of your own name and DNA and there is no trust or middleman standing in the way.

      Recording it is sufficient Public Notice but the alternative is publication (3X) in the newspaper; some people do both. The problem with the newspaper is that you are responsible for keeping the tear sheets and publication dates, etc., and you are out of luck if there is a fire or flood or other circumstance that destroys your private records stash.

    8. Interesting. Do you actually publish the paperwork in the newspaper or do you write a summary article?

    9. I was under the impression that we needed to set up trusts for our assets. Didnt good ole Rockefeller say own nothing, control everything. Although without all the paper illusions and deceit, why cant we just straight out own what weve acquired? Its all a ridiculous game IMO.

    10. I published my own CancofAllPsOAtty word for word, including all notary wording.
      I think others in the past have said they wrote summaries and then even sent them to the Secy of State, of State and Fed to get them "accepted and acknowledged".

      A trust is *supposed* to be there to use for minors and maybe someone who is sick and has no family;
      We don't need trusts. We are competent, not minors, not sick and so on.
      They set up trusts for everyone -- who does NOT need one as a scam.
      Furthermore, they kept it a secret from us. Why? Because they are committing crimes against us in setting up trusts for.people who don't need them.
      To make it worse, they push us out of the beneficiary position in the trust and claim they are the beneficiary.
      All without telling us="Silent judicial notice."
      Its far, far worse than a ridiculous game. Keep digging. It gets worse as you go. But we have to know.

    11. Thank you Paul, for relaying the questions to Annamaria.

      The forms and publications I have of yours says you are having people cancel all Powers/Prior Powers of Attorney, and then you have them turning around and appointing themselves to be Attorney-in-Fact.
      Attorney-in-Fact is an Officer of the Corporate Commercial jurisdiction that they just recorded papers to get OUT of.

      Why are you having people become Officers of the Corporation that they think they are getting out of?

      AGAIN: An Attorney-in-Fact *IS* a "Power" of Attorney.
      Its a "Power" of Attorney in the Corporation people think they are getting out of.

      Are you saying that your form(s) making people Attorneys-in-Fact does NOT make them:
      1. Officers of the Corporation they think they are expatriating from/expatriating from presumption of being in?
      2. Does NOT set up a type of Power of Attorney called Attorney-in-Fact?

      I have more questions, but I'm limiting them to these presently since you are not yet substantively answering my very specific, succinct, and direct questions that are important for everybody who are wonders about them to understand the answer to.

    12. .........
      Also, just as a side-note: I won't be found claiming the afterbirth as a twin of mine, or claiming it was ever a living son or daughter, or claiming it ever had an estate of its own, or that it was the first daughter, ....all are abominations to our creator.

      It is not surprising that they would try to make making an abominable claim of that sort a "condition" of the release of what they have stolen from us...
      They have no light.
      They have committed abominations.
      They are rejected forever by creator.
      Not at all surprising tbey would try to traffick us into the same type of loss they have already brought down on their own heads.

      They know very well what the placenta is: every mammal comes lovingly and snuggly wrapped in one.

    13. Paul, I have answered this ten times at least and I am sick of it.

      We cancel all Powers of Attorney. Acting as an Attorney-in-Fact is NOT a "Corporate Office". It refers to the fact that we may have to function "as" an attorney if we are forced to bring suit under the Saving to Suitors Clause in Admiralty and use the Special Admiralty Rules attached to the FRCP.

  4. To all military and other officers
    executive orders galore for the crooks to put all this in place
    Humpty dumpty doing the executive order about human trafficking knowing full well they trafficking all those people from other nations in here using military equipment, railways and other means to do it
    I have no doubt these refugees are being used to build the infrastructure of the future - work brigades as the article puts it
    Look around at grounds keepers, road workers, store clerks
    They mass murdered an estimated 50,000 people in Paradise California in plain sight and no one is talking
    Katrina, how many did they kill during that man made storm? We will never know
    They did this to get the people off the land and to take all the resouces - Rockefeller Oil moves in to the gulf
    Manufacturing renaissance - who is getting these jobs?
    Green new deals abound for the crooks who devised the plans
    Family history of the crooks in the know

    As one commenter said in a video I was watching the other day
    The insane asylym and the patients have the keys

    Not trying to dismiss any work that anyone is doing just putting things out for those who want to read the information

  5. Our bibles talked about Jesus and Satan are the same or 2 identical falling morning stars. Therefore, there are reasons to believe the bibles are tampered, as bad as the Banking industry. You didn't do any homework’s until 250-280 years later, to correct FRAUD. Christians believe in the good-feelings so much like the "Going to heaven freely & easily", and blame on others for ppl imperfections. I see the Alice Bailey Teachings are as cloudy as Christianity Teachings. Bc Christians put Jesus SO HIGH and forgot about their Highest GOD.

    Most Christians alleged that people, who don't believe their doctrine/bible 100%, will go to hell. Such a cursing belief is very much like the 9-11 that the perpetrators framed up to mislead us to go to war. The media industry enjoys pumping the cover-up's.

    After 4- hundred years of American ability to find her own High Power source. I technically see things clearly, that, In life, we are not allowed to have multiple choices in skills and knowledge. As you can see, 1) America spent so much times exerting Power from WA D.C. & NY outward. 2) It's the same thing, different view, WA D.C. & NY goe-areas & surrounding had been mapped by the Heaven-&-Devil Dispute so very long time ago, that the High power, put evil people there, and good people else where. England-France-Italy are also mapped, and tied to WA D.C. - New York, as their work place. Evidenced by the "Draco" or Dracular Stars clusters, pointing to WA D.C. - New York areas. We should move our White-House, UN, World Bank else where. And never again let any one born from these evil areas to come into power, including all lawyers (Neptune ppl), including certain EU people.

    The configuration above is in the WA DC+NY-ERS. blood system genetically, meaning, they were/are set up by the hidden high-power, that Christians don't understand, that they don't want to understand. Bc anything appears esoteric, the Christians assume it must be from the Pagans or the new-agers. Well the Holy Ghost was the One who created Astrology. The devil people obstructed God’s original design into their new-age and Illuminati's versions. One day, when the real scientific Astrology comes along, you mislabeled the real one. That is how you misunderstood and let your repeated problems going on 250+ years. The planets around the earth are proof's of God's creation of Astrology. Why can't you see the Truth’s in front of you?

    1. What bibles say Jesus and satan are the same, pinkham?
      Mine doesn't.

      Mine says satan fell from heaven as lightening for saying he would take over creator's throne; and jesus came through the sheepgate specifically to do his father's will.

      Are you looking at a different bible?
      What version do you have?

  6. I forgot to mention Israel, it is mapped and tied to WA DC+NY areas too, as its workplace. People born in other states could be evil too IF their sign falls in this group: Late-Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius, early-Pisces, and Aries. Their decision should be checked and verified by other signs of non-WA-DC. Non-NY-ers. Especially in Law, Finance, and War for the country.
    America won't be able to come out of her problems, until she figures out, outside the box, why slavery keeps happening to her forever, for 250-280 years, since 1745, see p23 of your ‘Statesmen Three’.

    I tested other region of the world, and I have not seen anything odd like this. The day of our entry has to do with our Destiny. For instance, the 9/9/1776 has a BIG Neg-energy in it. America has a Neg-Pluto in her house #10, professionally & politically, per her scientific chart. No wonder why, she focused so much on the religious good-feelings, while letting UNTESTED scriptures occupying her mind too long. She let her politicians obstructed the power, raging wars around the planet endlessly, looping back to get herself in the end.

    I know of a well hard working sr. energy engineer, he worked on HV HC since age 14. He knows micro & macro-energies. He said there are many fake free energies out there, and 10+ Major Energies Corporations went broke. What does this tell you? If he is lying, he would be fired or killed on the job by the HV & HC. We cannot throw a bunch of Theories and Accusations on the Dp-state without facts. Like Anna political status correction, it works for some people, BUT not for all people. I tried it, it didn't work for me. EVEN if we can fix it by our Reps, and settle with the crooks, American ECONOMY is still BROKEN, requiring a long recovery.

    There won’t be another Einstein and Nicola Tesla to give High power source, to improve America Economy UNTIL America satisfied the new inventor’s demand, for the destruction of his people and land in the last 50-160 years, done by the UK-FR-USA.Inc. Perhaps we could work thing out with this inventor, slowly, steadily. I think it is still better to work with him than with the Chinese. What do you think people?