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Sunday, August 4, 2019

Sheriffs and Marshals -- The Enforcement

By Anna Von Reitz

The Offices of Sheriffs and Marshals are split into two kinds and two "venues" -- land and sea.  

Sheriffs and Marshals operating on the soil and land jurisdictions are peacekeeping officials.  

Sheriffs and Marshals operating in the maritime and High Seas jurisdictions are law enforcement officers.  

See the difference?   Peacekeepers v. Law Enforcement.   Public v. Private.  Land v. Sea.  

Sheriffs of both kinds work at the county level.  Marshals of both kinds work at the federal district level--- only one works in the Postal Districts (land) and one works in the US Districts (sea).  

They are intended to work together for the common good of the people of this country and of the country itself, but thanks to greed, graft, and commercial corporation self-interest, these offices have been misunderstood, misdirected, and misinformed. 

Land jurisdiction marshals used to be called "Federal Marshals" as opposed to sea jurisdiction marshals who were called "US Marshals".  Both are operating in international jurisdiction, both operate in "districts", but the peacekeeping officials are operating in a Public Capacity and the law enforcement officers are operating in a Private Capacity.  

The run amok members of the "US Congress" have sought to phase out the Federal Marshals by leaving them unfunded and forced to serve as a volunteers.  This circumstance led The United States of America [Unincorporated] to re-name and re-commission these Public Peacekeeping Officials as The Continental Marshals Service in 2015, in an effort to draw the line between land jurisdiction and sea jurisdiction and to make it clear that these men and women are serving the land jurisdiction of this country and are here to enforce the Constitutions in behalf of the lawful government as peacekeeping officials operating in international jurisdiction. 

The public officials outrank the private (corporate) officers, but in the absence of public peacekeeping officials, the private officers enter the vacated office of "County Sheriff" and act "as" both kinds of Sheriff until the public office is re-occupied.

As a result, many so-called "County Sheriffs" are not actually functioning as County Sheriffs.  They are simply federal corporation franchise employees considered Dual Citizens by the federal organizations, who have the option to enforce the Law of the Land --- or not --- as they see fit.  

This gives them almost God-like usurped power, until and unless the people in the actual, factual County wake up and (1) prevail upon these men to do their actual intended duty, or (2) reclaim their own birthright political status, hold their own elections, and elect their own County Sheriff to serve specifically in the actual Public Office as an elected peacekeeping official.  

This usurpation of our Public Offices, both the County Sheriffs and the Federal Marshals, by privately owned and operated commercial corporations and their employees is a violation of our Constitutions at all levels.  

It occurred without disclosure and under conditions of semantic deceit, resulting in the entire process being tainted by fraud, and also without any valid authorization.    

County Officials at the time that this corporate take-over occurred (circa 1965-66) were lured by federal kick-backs in the form of Block Grants and never told the consequences of their actions.  Those few individuals who knew what they were doing committed both treason and fraud.  

Now is the time that we all have to deal with the consequences and exert ourselves to straighten the resulting Mess out.  

All across this country Sheriffs -- whether they are acting as peacekeeping officials or as law enforcement officers -- are waking up.  

They are beginning to enforce the Public Law and to defend Americans from unlawful asset seizures, unlawful arrest, and other crimes contrary to the Constitutions.  They are beginning to quietly take up positions in the backs of courtrooms and their presence has proven sufficient to keep the judges honest. 

The Enforcement of the actual Public Law of this country has quietly come back into view, and as it does, conditions will improve.  Do everything you can do to educate your County Sheriff whether he is acting as a Law Enforcement Officer or as a Peacekeeping Official.  And when you meet a Continental Marshal, realize that this man or woman has taken up a most difficult and challenging duty, and is voluntarily policing the land jurisdiction of this country directly under the auspices of The United States of America.  

If the County Sheriff fails to protect your persons and property, it is the duty of the Marshals Services, both the Continental Marshals and the U.S. Marshals, to protect them and enforce the Constitutions. 


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  1. How does one go about identifying whether a "Continental Marshal" exists in their "federal district "?

  2. Well they better be waking up fast because last night
    FF in El Paso Texas
    Today, FF in Dayton Ohio
    HSEEP exercises abound for the disarmament agenda planned long ago by the crooks
    Their arrangement to disarm everyone on the planet

    The last two notes from above listed link

    In the past, meetings have been held by the disarmament agency with discussions to close off five states at a time, and make house-to-house searches in the United States to seize guns from American citizens.

    The Homeland Security is an agency that is not responsible to the people. In creating the Homeland Security Agency, simply by writing Executive Order No. 13286, George W. Bush has merged the civilian law enforcement with the military. This is never done in a republic if it is to remain a republic. Under this change we have moved from a republic into a militarized system, which is an action necessary for implementation of the finalized “new world order”.

    They will stage an event every damned day


    1. They are more than likely doing this by regions

      Watch for military movement in your regions - that would be the FEMA regions they have set us all up in

      These are all for profit private corporations (FEMA, DHS, ICE) and they have all been militarized

      No doubt ole Gorby in California helped in the planning of this with the Bush gang

      I caution all returning veterans you are on the FEMA list for detainment (see number 59 on the below list)
      Yes I know it is about us citizens but most haven't a clue of the citizen fraud bestowed upon all of us
      Agenda 21 also agenda to one government - that is their deadline they working no doubt about it

    2. It would appear that based on this article that these FEMA main locations have bunkers under them
      It would also appear that these things were built years ago and I mean like 50 or more years ago as part of their planning

    3. Gorbachev Foundation working to close military bases
      And how about that military bases listed as FEMA Camps
      See the video in the middle of the link above and the military bases listed as FEMA camps
      Can you say China Lake - decommission of a military base?
      The below is a good site with lots of information

  3. Federal, US, contintenal, sheriff, marshall, and so forth are:


    Whereas, our, the living peoples' essential, foundational and actual, true protection and law enforcement is:

    That is our own actual, true military.


    2. Our own lawful *American* traditional **common law** authority.

    All(/almost all?) of the things mentioned in this article are not the American peoples' law and justness system!!

    For example, there are no Constitutional Sheriffs.
    Find the word Sheriff in the Constitution... You can't. It isn't in there.

    What the Sheriff is, is part of the English political white-slavery-feudal bonding/slaving system that was backed up by the corrupted Roman catholic church that is EXACTLY THE POLITICAL "BANDS" (bands are bonds or chains) that our fathers DISSOLVED in the first paragraph of the precious and inestimably valuable Declaration of Independence!!

    It's TRUE!!

    The "sheriff" is the 'shire reeve" in that political white-slavery system!
    The "shire": town/ village "reeve": the local administrative AGENT of the KING was the one who came to take the white slaves/serfs home and threw them and their belongings out into the street when "the KING" told them to, while their neighbors watched in fear and horror.

    1. goodboots have a read
      These are the mind screwed people we are dealing with

    2. I'll look at that today. Thanks Shelby.

    3. I just went there and opened the wrong tab but looked around anyway and it was talking about how many freemasons were around during RevolWar.
      And how it was staged, the people didn't win, washington was for the English, and so forth.
      In the 60s they taught that only half of the people wanted to separate from england which was part of why each of the states were recognized to be free and Independent.
      That the king and minions, no doubt, didn't want to give up the slaves, is just a given. That they would plot and try to "recapture" what they had lost is not surprising. They're still doing it!!
      But to make a long story short,
      1. They are admitted liars:( HR3166 ss 2b (1996)
      2. They falsify paperwork. Even now.
      3. They have no morals or integrity.
      4. Lying is a sacrament to their goat.

      The truth is that:
      1. The people who came over here and settled were running away from the roman cath church, eng monarchy, jewbankers, Freemason types
      2. If there was no win for the people, there would not have been a War of 1812! There would have been no need for them to start another war in 1812 if they had won the one 36 years earlier. Doesnt even make sense.
      Heres a kicker:
      3. Why was there a Secret Treaty of Verona in 1822if either the RevWar or the warof1812 had not been lost by the English?...wouldn't have needed one.
      But they *did* need one.
      4. On the private side, my dads grandfathers great grand father was a brigadier general training and leading the American militia into the War of 1812. There are tons and tons and tons of private and public records, documents, military service records and hand written testimonies and so forth about him in several historical society archives all over the USOFA. Thousands of pages: many different writers, authors, family members, friends, military service records and much more, he was a scout for Daniel Boone and so on...

      I'm emphasizing the sheer volume of the archived info because I believe what is the records of our ancestors and their neighbors and contemporaries FARFARFAR above anything the lying, loser, sniveling, rooting, scavenging, weazelsnouted, pieceofcrap, hr3166ss2b 1966lying, doppleganging, two-faced, deceitful, darksouled, backstabbing theives, murderers and liars are now saying!!!!

      Ooooo, we won we won!! NO. You didnt! If you'd have won why go to all the trouble of hiding your *BIG WIN* for over 200 years? :):):):):)

      Its a lot easy to rewrite history after all of the contemporaries and their 2nd or 3rd generation are gone!!!!!

      Oh and there is a couple who are somehow getting ahold.of document copies from the 1940s (30s?) Showing this very thing going on. If true.
      I'm not a fan of theirs but they really have some very embarrassing english documentation on there right now where they are planning to propagandize the Americans falsify documents and more....its aim4truth.

    4. aim4truth is controlled opposition, IMO
      Funny how no one knew where bilderberg meeting was going to be until last minute and aim 4 truth was there in Switzerland covering the 'event'
      It's not the Americans falsifying documents

    5. Agreed. I'm pretty sure he has said he took that ultra-oath when he "used to be" a Jesuit.


      A lot of the controlled oppo is
      1. actually TELLING us the truth....
      2. only to gain our trust
      For the purpose of
      3. Leading us to the wrong conclusion or ACTION.

      Bohdi explained it really well a few articles back.

  4. True...there are no legitatamate sherriffs..there are only military trained and coordinated police units that are all international in basis....!! I don't know what they are thinking but I guess you don't worry about that when you are working for the corporate state...!@

    1. One deputy I talked to while being unlawfully acted upon said his office is public, due to the Shire Reeve being *elected*.

      We were actually conversing, and he actually ended up "red-pilling" himself twice within about 40 minutes. It was beautiful to watch. :)

      One red pill was when he realized that the Sheriff Dept. has CONTRACTS!....He "got it": public office holders don't have/can't have contracts. I know he realized then that he was working for a commercial organization and not the people.




    ALL OF OUR RIGHTS, PROPERTY, STATUSES AND ALL OTHER THINGS THAT BELONG TO US, PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE, ARE SAFELY TUCKED AWAY IN THAT *PRE*CEDING (coming before) AND *SUPER*CEDING (superior to) American traditional common law lawful trust that never, ever needs to be renewed!! Ever.

    Our grandfather's knew what they were doing.
    Bless them, they COMPLETELY LAWFULLY LOCKED DOWN our property, rights, statuses, states and more.

    AND SAME WAS "ACKNOWLEDGED AND ACCEPTED" /recognized and received to be true and right by the other nations of the world, FULLY ESTABLISHING IT WORLDWIDE.

    IT'S STILL STANDING.:):):):):)

    They say, "oh, we don't use that anymore."
    That's true... *they* don't... it isn't *for* them anymore than the "Constitution" is for us, the American state nationals and State Citizens.
    It's their downfall!!

    They can't find a lawful way around it. So they acted criminally upon us, on the world's stage and now it's time to
    pay for their crimes.

    And consider this if you will:
    why did the criminals set up TRUSTS "for" us in the first place??? ...because they LIKE us?


    They had to at least have the appearance of playing by the rules, because our grandfathers' common law declarations were already recognized and received by the *world*! to be true so the English/Criminals had work around that. Period.

    They had to use "like-for-like" to "unlawfully convert"/steal the CONTENTS of the trust our grandfathers created for us... Which contents are still in our common law trust, the Declaration of Independence.
    The owner of a thing does not change when the thing is stolen.

    ....And not even to worry: if your own grandpas were somewhere else in the world, the grandpas who were here took care everybody,... They claimed everything, (under highest authority: the one who created all that is) for all men, mankind and the people.

    1. The Declaration of Independence is the law for the living people on the land and soil.

      Are you sick of me saying that yet?

      I hope so, because if you are, it probably means it has soaked in to your brain tissue and dribbled through all the programming, indoctrination, and conditioning and misinformation and disinformation being shoveled at us 24/7/365 and has now connected with your natural, logical, rational thought processes and gotten your chemtrailed, vaxxed, glycosphated, fluoridated, gmo'd, synapses firing again!!

      If that is true, mebbe better hang on tight, it's liable to be a super wild ride, being fully awake.

  6. I highly recommend that everyone read the following article

    They are all pals and in on the screw job even the current actor they have prancing around on the stage

    Their end game is the north american union of which that is what the USMCA deal is all about - flooding out the farm land was so they could take the land and continue with the super highway commerce plans

    Gulianni, Bush all involved
    Read about the SPP
    Bush, IG Farben and Bayer Corporation

    goodboots like very much what you writing but too many people asleep

    1. Awww, thanks Shelby.

      I will just continue on.
      I know our poor brains have been purposely damaged so that its hard for us to think.

      They can be returned their softened state though.
      Its happening.

      ........sendin' hugs to ya.

    2. Right back at you goodboots!

    3. Have you run across "Amazing Polly"? Stateoftoday dot unowhat.
      She is very high IQ and does gradstudent/phd level investigative journalism, digging and connecting and runs with her hunches... She's the first one to discover that DonaldBarr (dad) brought JeffrEpstn into DaltonSchool w/o JE having a degree. Most people stopped there, but she kept digging and the last I knew, she had TEMP concluded that JE was brought in under DnldBarr and that DB apparent wasn't going to have it,... so he was replaced with someone who would go along with it.

      The reason I'm bringing it up is, because usu she is all chipper and perky, and today she started out saying she's depressed... She has realized that the corruption is all twine'd around itself, they are all connected, just like you keep saying... Its the mediabanksmilitarypoliticsroyaltylawenforcmenthighsocietyandso on, all wound around and around, lying, covering, murdering, stealing, harming, laughing, drinking and so on.

    4. Yep I watch Polly every now and then
      But remember they put the information out so what we are researching on line is stuff that they put here
      Hollywood, media all of it is involved across the board
      Two more terror events to mind screw the people some more for their selling of more surveillance and services to the unknowing public
      It is across the board
      All organized jusury
      It's the secret - all in the family
      So while the gang has been killing off the goy in Palestine, Yemen, Lebanon, Afghanistan they building the belt and road in the middle east
      Here at home they have been woring their magic behind the scenes to bring us all in to reservations like they did the natives before us but this time they have their electronic prison and better weapons and toys
      They also have their fake courts and their prisons set up too
      From what I have read biker gangs like the Hells Angels and the Barbarians, the KKK, ADL, NAACP all of them are working groups of the bankers
      Again I say this book is relevant

    5. Go check out this page if you can
      Lots of links below so be sure check them out too

    6. And if you think this well aware guy is off his rocker check out this video about disney who by the way has 666 in their logo
      Desilu and Disney hmmm

  7. And check out this article

  8. Oh they are all involved
    The Switzerland connection yet again