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Thursday, August 1, 2019

Why We Should All Buy Art

By Anna Von Reitz

People sometimes approach me, and more often, my husband, and they are curious about the role of art in our lives and why we would devote such a considerable and fond portion of our time on Earth to art? To many people, art seems extraneous, useless, just "pretty pictures" on the wall--- something that might be nice to have, but serving no actual purpose.
People have lost their "eyes to see", and are like dead people in fact as well as on paper, not because they lack the essential organs and capacities to relate to art, but because they have been stymied, atrophied, and discouraged to the point wherein they can't perceive art naturally anymore, and can't interpret it, either.
It's like a foreign language hanging on the wall, someone speaking in Dutch or Japanese or another foreign language --- pleasant enough, for the most part, but unintelligible.
In frustration, many modern artists have attempted to bonk audiences on the head, to demand attention, and force people to look at things like soup cans and dead bodies and manikins and dog feces and all sorts of ugly, or mundane, or downright offensive presentations. They don't know what else to do. Their art becomes the equivalent of a fire alarm or S.O.S. signal.
Other modern artists have attempted to become art. They tattoo their bodies and pierce their noses and weave odd colors and bones and ribbons in their hair. They dress up in costumes or wear things that aren't identifiable as clothes, or they tear off every stitch in desperation --- all because they feel that they can't get through to the numbed-down and dumbed-down audience they are playing to.
So if you want to avoid the penalties of bad art, become a better seer and a better listener. Tune up your inner organs of perception --- your inner eye, your unseen ears of the soul.
Art helps us do that and to make that leap in perception that can carry us all the way back to the "lost" Universal Language of Photo-Feelings and instant knowing. This is why we love art and collect art and spend time with art. That's why we enjoy it. We speak the Universal Tongue.
Most people in America are like little children just learning to read when it comes to art, and they tragically stay that way all their lives. They spend their whole lives meeting externally mandated and arbitrary needs, content that they can tell the difference between red and green. And as a result they can neither "read" art, nor can they communicate with art --- their own or anyone else's.
They pass by, they glance, but they can't take in the content.
All brave souls begin the journey with simple art that pleases them, because that's their reading level, and that's wonderful. I encourage them every step of the way and discourage no one. Remember when you were a child just discovering books? It's the same way with art.
Most of us start out with simple sounds and simple words and simple art, and that's just fine. Whatever pleases you, whatever speaks to you, is fine. Never feel embarrassed or defensive or pretend to like things because "art snobs" like them. Like what you like and let your responses be honest. Let your responses to art thrive. Exercise your perceptions like you exercise muscles.
As time goes on, your appreciation will increase, become more mature, and your art "vocabulary" will expand. Maybe you will be like me, and always retain a place for simple art and friendly mutts. Maybe you will be strongly drawn to one kind of art or one medium. Over time, most of us develop multiple interests in multiple mediums and genres.
Paintings, prints, sculpture---- will all stimulate your inner eyes and inner ears. They will all teach you to speak the Universal Tongue that existed before Babylon.
And they will all empower you beyond your wildest dreams.
That's why we should all buy art. Art still retains the power to transport us into realms where we are at home, restored, and safe from the parasites that would suck us dry of every living impulse, and squelch every creative thought until we are reduced to living in a box provided by their constant propaganda.
And that, again, is why we should seek art, love art, and buy art for our homes and offices and anywhere that we spend time. Our art becomes our castle keep, our mental retreat, our reminder of better things. Even the memory of art allows us to dwell in a different world, using different sensors to attain new perceptions and stir our emotions.
Art keeps our souls alive and develops our ability to see with our inner eyes. It allows us to silently communicate vast amounts of feeling and meaning, just as two lovers can say everything with a single soul-piercing glance.
What use does art have, but to discover and to express and to expand your own soul and your own ability to see, to feel, and to know? To empower you to speak the Universal Tongue. To know who you are. To know what you most truly value. To express your heart. To find others who have felt what you have felt, to find silent mentors whose vision expands your own.
Art is infinitely more important than any news you will ever hear on the television or radio, yet we are encouraged, almost forced, to pay attention to the Talking Heads and the politicians, to believe that they are important when all they offer is a constant diet of discouragement, embarrassment, fear, and hot air of a kind that won't even heat your home.
A decent painting of a warm fireside on a cold winter night is a far, far better investment than a television set. Why? Because it warms your heart, makes you feel secure, maybe even grateful. It stirs good memories and associations and gives you hope. It tells you that you are safe. It tells you what matters.
The pictures flickering over a television screen go by too fast for your contemplation, and no matter what their content, much of which is bad, they slip by so fast that there is no opportunity for us to learn how to extract meaning from these pictures. Our feeble yet-to-be-developed inner organs of perception are flooded, dulled, overwhelmed, unable to get a foothold on all that content --- but a painting or illustrations in a book, that's a different story.
So we should buy hard copy art --- art for our walls, illustrated books, you name it. If it is a picture that we can pause over and actually look at and see before it morphs into something else, it will teach us the skills and sensitivities we desperately need to be and to feel alive.
Buy art, for the sake of those whose mission it is to save our lives and awaken our souls. Buy art, for your own sake to comfort you and inspire you and enliven your vision and your soul. Buy art and cherish it and keep it for your lonely days and quiet moments, for when you need to cling to something beyond yourself. Buy art and spend time with it, as it is the only way to learn the Universal Tongue.


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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Art can include or relate to music:
    "The Master said, '... A superior man, in regard to what he does not know, shows a cautious reserve. When words are not correct, what is said is not truthful. And when what is said is not truthful, what must be done is impossible to do. When what must be done is impossible to do, rites and music cannot flourish. When rites and music cannot flourish, punishments will not be properly dispensed. When punishments are not properly dispensed, the people do not know how to move hand or foot. Therefore, a ruler considers it necessary that the words he speaks must be appropriate, and also that what he speaks can be carried out appropriately. What the superior man requires is just that in his words there be nothing incorrect.'”:
    From "Confucius (Kong Qiu), Selections from The Analects (Lunyu)"; derived from the 1893 English translation by James Legge.

    1. Really enjoyed your comment chef.

      May it be that we can all end up being superior men and women from this crucible we've been allowed to be in.

  3. Pass this to everyone you know. This is the bottom of the barrel. If this does not drop your jaws and parents don't have an outburst of rage with this then God help us all!!

    1. Sounds super important, would you please give us a little further info.... I can't/don't use the "Tube".
      Thanks :)

    2. This is a raunchy film with pedophila, drugs, sex, profanity abound
      Ages of the boys in the film maybe 10-15
      One of their agneda items
      No coincidence it comes out during the so called Epstein crap
      More Talmudic filth to demoralize the masses

    3. I watched the trailer out of curiosity. While the presentation is as Shelby says 'raunchy' and highly used profanity, there is a truth to it in that the puberty stage of life curiosity of what sex is all about since it is not taught in the home and the versions of sex education are biased and now the transgender aspect can make one draw various conclusions.

      I wouldn't recommend it for under 18 either, but there is a humourous side if we think back to our youth regarding the curiosity and in my case, the male perspective of the female body. We see little girls begin maturing and wonder what it looks like under those garments. Because it is taboo and secretive, it makes the curiosity that much greater thus sneak peaking enfolds.

    4. With conclusions like this is why i said we are in trouble!!!

      Only a pedophilia would go see this movie and anyone who give reason to such madness is truly insane!!!

    5. DEdesign,
      I didnt see it, and glad now I didnt, but I have to commend you on your comment. I agree. I am so dam sick and tired of people acting like "well, this is nothing new, so let's just move on... Nothing new here..." When MOST of us truly had NO idea that all this was going on like this; I mean we knew things like this happened but only on rarer occasions.

      It was reported in around 2014 that a sting was done in my own medium-sized metro and surrounding area; LEnf put out local ads for/suggesting the type of thing being discussed here. The report said that one out of every seven men on the internet looked at it.
      Now, I know that men are always keeping up on things in their local area that women don't even know about... And they should, but if that's true, then that's around 15%. I was truly shocked. But as I've brought this subject up now to different men, most either feel helpless to do anything about it or seem to feel like its sorta normal.

      Playing "hospital" when one is ten years old or "peeking" might be normal, but making a video of it isn't.

      What is it doing on u tube anyway?

      I even have my browser set on moderate safe search and the other day a photo of a girl with her jeans unzipped smiling into the camera popped up from google. I could not believe it. It didn't show anything, but still... Jeans unzipped???? Why? I guess that's not considered to be a problem. On google. On moderate safe search.
      And with all of our communications stalked tracked catalogued, gollygee you'd think the stalkers would have this not be available. Ooops, I forget for a minute, the pentagram/dod/pretend military (not the real one) is the 19th out of 3000 top child pornography traffickers if my info is correct.... So, I guess that explains it. You have to wonder if THEY are the ones putting this stuff up. My suspicion is that they are. Why else would they have stuff like that on THEIR GOOGLE AND YOUTUBE platforms when they could so very very easily just block it like conservative people are so easily blocked? so they can build false cases against innocent people like were seeing the FBI Inc. and other corporations that are pretending to be "our government" are doing so they get a "contract" to falsely accuse the "funders" of their often unnecessary jobs:


    6. When I just tried to publish the comment above, posing the question: is the pentagram/dod/fake military, who control GOOGLE AND YOU TUBE but are allowing questionable material showing youthful people in private-ish types of situations (especially when people have their browsers set on moderate safe search), setting people up for entrapment??
      Since they are 19th of 3000 top child pornography traffickers.... using military time, contract, and funds?(from the info I am getting)... It makes me wonder.

      ...?..?The captcha program said it would not/could not receive my comment!!!!!

      I sincerely wonder about these things that we are talking about showing up on peoples computers, especially when we have made it clear, by the use of moderate safe search/other means that we don't want that kind of content to show up.

      To me, its Especially suspect now that we have info about the DUMBO program the CIA/others have where they can hack any electronic device and put things on it or remove things from it.

      Veeeeeeedddy suspicious.
      Mebbe its "the rrrrrrussians" again.

    7. When I just tried to publish the comment above, posing the question: is the pentagram/dod/fake military, who control GOOGLE AND YOU TUBE but are allowing questionable material showing youthful people in private-ish types of situations (especially when people have their browsers set on moderate safe search), setting people up for entrapment??
      Since they are 19th of 3000 top child pornography traffickers.... using military time, contract, and funds?(from the info I am getting)... It makes me wonder.

      ...?..?The captcha program said it would not/could not receive my comment!!!!!

      I sincerely wonder about these things that we are talking about showing up on peoples computers, especially when we have made it clear, by the use of moderate safe search/other means that we don't want that kind of content to show up.

      To me, its Especially suspect now that we have info about the DUMBO program the CIA/others have where they can hack any electronic device and put things on it or remove things from it.

      Veeeeeeedddy suspicious.
      Mebbe its "the rrrrrrussians" again.

    8. Okay, see... now the second comment published twice.

      I have no explanation for it.

    9. I've said all along, entrapment - including the name fraud

    10. i didnt watch, but such is a useful study in materialism/hegelianism.

      merger of "innocent" kids with "adult" things, "good boys" being sarcastic (maybe the movie they end up being "good" eventually, like anna says, it doesnt matter where you start). hollywood ALWAYS does this.

      thats why "the shining" is so great. crystal clean, whiter than white, spic and span spotlessness, luxury, cleanliness next to "god" is the image -- but reality is the british ghosts/bankers are murderous lying deceiving psychopaths out to genocide everyone else, end of independence. satan posing as angel of light.

      the opposite is also done. present "evil" as being "good"

      all media/hollywood (type of wood that "wizards" used for "wands") does such "magic" "merging"

      such things is why "the shining" is so great. turn their illuminism against them.

      subjective, objective. such is useful to understand the masonic/illuminist mindset.

      the real danger is when they put on a shiny veneer of "good" but really it is rotten evil to the core. satanism posing as angel of light is much worse.

      if people understood masonry, they wouldnt fall for 2nd coming. at this point, i am leaning towards people should watch more such movies.

      a certain "image/style" merged with varying substance (may or may not match the image), to try to "merge" things. that is what so-called "alchemy" "magic" is.

      its how majority of brainwashing works. if more people knew satanic "tactics" "methods" the world would not be so easy to deceive.

      this is one reason luciferians do 50/50 god/satan. because the goal is to "merge" them. some people say "they try to outweigh good deeds with evil" but this scratches the surface. really, the philosophy is of transcendence/will power. so, e.g. if you were born A, you should study "not A" to make up for losses, be well-rounded. everyone does that somewhat, they just go a step further, try to completely destroy their "old self" on purpose, to be "reborn". just instead of being "reborn in christ" their idea of truth is a 50/50 mix.

      thats why censoring such things doesnt work too. they always play both "sides". thats also why just bibles wont save anyone. the satanists have studied them too.

    11. its not that such things are "good" but IMO misses the bigger picture of satanism/2nd coming.

      point is, i would never censor such things. if i had kids, that would be my segueway into "lets talk about the hegelian dialectic children" nails it. the bible (specifically 2nd coming) is written only for people "initiated" in both "religions". aka rosicrucianism "sex on the spiritual plane".

      (paraphrase "transcendental magic")
      [re johns apocalypse and baptism] sealed with seven seals for all "believers" but perfectly sensible to the infidel initiated in the occult sciences
      the "occultists" know this, but deceive their followers. the "good" religions say dont study masonry. so you get 2 flocks of "deceived" people, left hand doesnt know what the right hand is doing.
      also, thats why secret of mana neko is so great. bad guys try to undo 7 seals. art. turns their illuminism "style" against them. "eastern" "magic" image/style but he is really CATholic/believe in a trinity, fighting against the angel of death, trying to avoid the illuminist raising of "atlantis"
      "My deadliest drug shall bear my patron's name!"
      "I am a doctor" he interrupted me.
      "A doctor?" I repeated in surprise.
      "Yes, didn't you know?"
      Hegelian idealism is a widespread adjustment to an uninformed understanding in the West of the natural mysticism of Baruch Spinosa. "They" are Spinosists

    12. i am more worried about the "upstanding luciferians" who appear "clean" "well dressed" "no profanity" "responsible" "pillars of the community" "family-oriented" -- and use this disguise to lead everyone straight to hell (2nd coming, reverting back to "the lord" instead of christ, etc.)

      satan comes in all shapes and sizes.

    13. Big T - yeah, so we "made it" in jew York via 'photo realism' ok. Not the real, realism, but photo realism, all the rage. We could do photo realism of an ancient oak, but to paint the oak was passé. Who makes this stuff up? So one jew does photo realism of shoes in a display window, her boyfriend does photo realism of toys in a shop window, but to mention they're both into the same thing was an insult?? Ohhh we insulted the monotonous jews who, of course, must perceive themselves as highly individualistic. Again, PAINTINGS OF PHOTOS, gridded, copy-painted per each square exactly as the photo onto canvas?? Can't go down there & paint the real thing, maybe capture a unique light or reflection. No.
      Jackson Pollack aka 'Jack the Dripper'. Rothko's gigantic paint color samples, wow, what an intellect & such brazen technique. People stood before that cr*p in contemplation -?? OF WHAT? Orange?
      Got to mention Damien Hirst, the installation of once live animals into formaldehyde tanks? Some 913,450+ creatures have been killed back in the 90s. Who exhibits a bisected cow & calf? An animals head being devoured by flies in a glass box. The same jew psycho whose 60' tall bronze 'Verity' dissected woman w fetus?? WHO DOES THIS?? Who?
      If art is to be a reflection of the artists soul, then the jew hasn't one. Don't get me started on that total psycho freak jew Gunther Von Hagens & his Body Worlds!
      As you say - FACT. How to get these hideous jews out of our world? How? Bottle them all in a formaldehyde tank & pop it off to Saturn? Make it an 'art project'. Yeah, fill up a formaldehyde tank w all those fake holohoax jew shoes. Send that one too. They're insane. They are so sick. Sick. Psychopaths, literally.

  4. As a child, 1 of 6, we were always encouraged to find a hobby and were given praise for our efforts regardless of the quality in comparison to 'professional standards'. We all had a different take on the creativity and projects. In the educational realm however, while art,music and drama were subjects there was always a prescribed limit on the teachings and the boundaries of what one could create and be acceptable. I loved drawing and used to draw pictures from magazines, and I loved sculpting.

    My findings over the years was that most people have been dumbed down about what art is about and that art regardless of the genre has to be controlled thereby suppressing the acceptance of true art. We have been indoctrinated to compare results to the idolized experts and rated thusly.

    The theory in art was to determine what the artist saw as opposed to what the art actually stimulated in us. To view the art as a good play, the characters did their part well, the picture is a good depiction, the vase has the right colour, the song was played without missing a beat or a wrong note. The attention was guided to be a critic in picking out the negative as opposed to the positive. I must say, the educators did a good job even though I disagree with their teachings. That is perhaps why people don't appreciate art these days, it is either pretty or it doesn't fly. Instant gratification. It either triggers a good quick response or it is discarded. Only those items that can be mass produced to commercialize a piece of art seems to be the acceptance level these days. So sad.

    I agree Anna, we need to pay more attention to art and the artists.

    1. So well-said Dan.

      About twenty years ago, I wanted to paint with watercolors. My friend, an artist, was going to a weekend watercolor workshop given by one of her favorite teachers and before actually deciding to sign up and go with her, I made the remark to some artists, "Well, I'm not an artist".

      One of them looked at me and said, "do you want to paint?" I said yes. She said "Are you going to pick up a brush and paint something?" I decided then to go, and said "yes". Then she said, " well, you're an artist".

      I've never forgotten that.

    2. You were fortunate goodboots, to have a friend like that. I preferred pencil and ink using various shades and strokes. I attempted water and oils but was never able to create the images on paper or canvas using colour that I could with pen and ink. I was told by a high ranking community person that I had negative and dark spirits because I used black for sketching. I laughed at him and asked what he used and of course he said he didn't do art. That pretty much taught me not to put too much faith in opinionated idiots. The event where he mentioned my spirit was a Lion's Club President's Ball where I had about a dozen different pictures depicting various lions, lioness and lion cubs in different settings. I think the smallest was about 30"x 48" and each one varied in size according to the drawing. I created them on the living room floor as I had no other space at the time to do them. Those who did appreciate them, asked to take them home and I was happy to give them away.

      I was a social co-ordinator for a few groups at different times and would always create artistic drawings to enhance dance/event themes. I enjoyed helping to set the mood.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I collect old books. Historically relevant but unknown as such to the public.
      "My Friend Mr. Leakey", a 1939 children's book that happened to be a covert spy document. In as such, the coordinates for all Tibetan religious worship locations, longitude &latitudes, where included that allowed China to overtake Tibet!
      Every page is historic art!

    2. Danika, that reminds me of today's digital memes. Often when it was not popular to say what was meant, information was translated into pictures and cartoons. Disney is no exception since while the cartoons and animated movies are presented in child-like fashion, they all contain messages for the adults. I think it was the early stages of subliminal messaging that is rampant today.

  6. Да,Анна! все верно. Все точно так же относительно истории. Она похожа на торт Наполеон. Мы воспринимаем лживую, примитивную информацию с детских лет. Но, беда в том, что нас не учат, умышленно, распознавать значения и символику слова.Поэтому, мы оперируем информацией на уровне самого нижнего коржа. Но, если, вдруг, преодолеваем под' ем и оказываемся на втором корже, это уже совсем другой уровень восприятия. Однако, многим лень уделять внимание на распознавание символов и смыслов. Поэтому они спорят с вами, а Вы понимая их неподготовленность к восприятию, страдаете. И очень часто оказываетесь в положении виноватого.К сожалению, социальная политика государства делает свою работу, кодируя население до конца жизни.

    1. As always...a clear and concise report. Thank you.

    2. Google translation: Yes, Anna! that's right Everything is exactly the same regarding history. She looks like a Napoleon cake. We perceive false, primitive information from childhood. But, the trouble is that we are not taught, intentionally, to recognize the meanings and symbolism of the word. Therefore, we operate with information at the level of the lowest cake layer. But, if, all of a sudden, we overcome it and find ourselves on the second short layer, this is a completely different level of perception. However, many people are too lazy to pay attention to the recognition of symbols and meanings. Therefore, they argue with you, and you understand their lack of preparation for perception, you suffer. And very often you find yourself in a position of blame. Unfortunately, the social policy of the state does its job, coding the population for the rest of their lives.

    3. Thanks Dan, as usual I couldn't resist being a jerk, no harm intended. My brain just works that way sadly.

    4. Will, your comment was hilarious.
      I'm still grinning.
      Non-Offensive Dry Wit is very hard to come by these days. :)

    5. Gosh thank you goodboots I thought about that comment for exactly one second, sometimes there is no filter haha! Gotta be careful too when you are on-the-fly like that. Glad you received it as intended, just some light humor.

      By the way you are doing some great work with your comments, always enjoy seeing your thoughts here; and educational too. You're bringing a valuable perspective.

      Also Dan you were very productive and insightful on this post today, very good work thanks for your thoughts.

  7. Hmm 2 articles ago
    7. People ask me--- "What do I do about buying a house?"

    You can't buy a house under the current scenario. Nobody has been able to buy a house in this country since the 1930's. All you get is a "future lease-payment agreement" and the privilege of paying off the debts these vermin have already placed against the property as an asset. And at the end of the day, it is still their property --- not yours; the only difference is that you have paid off their mortgage. You, of course, never had a mortgage in the first place.

    You're dead, remember? Or you never existed. One way or the other the lousy crooks have mucked things up to the point where there is no private property---- at least according to them, on paper.

    It has all been confiscated and "administered" under the False Pretense that you: (a) voluntarily gifted your estate to them; (b) you knowingly abandoned and waived your estate; (c) you are incompetent ---- because, obviously, if you knew what was going on and were competent, you'd object.

    Why we should by art? Really?

    According to them we are dead so the art ain't ours either - not to mention is will be bought with a debt note meaning you didn't really pay for it

    Go by some art and hang it on the inside of your tent, or your tiny house 4'X4' nation house or on your FEMA camp cell

    While I appreciate the article seems funny in one instance don;t buy a house, you're all dead anyway
    Hey go buy some art??

    1. "in one instance don;t buy a house, you're all dead anyway
      Hey go buy some art??"

      HahahahahaI've got the giggles today reading the comments...commenters are "on their game" with the humor and dry wit.
      We need it!

    2. Hey goodboots glad to make you laugh
      If you like what wink wink has been saying check out this article
      If Anna wonders why colorado is a problem state to assemble well this might shed some light
      I would presume this is the case across the country as they are following the plan
      Foundations abound carrying out their plans
      And this family here has some huge secrets - shh don't tell the goy
      Building their human settlement zones for the goy
      Building those non profit organizations all over the place
      And using their State of State, STATE OF STATE to do it with too
      Along with willing bought and paid for accomplices

    3. Most of you MISSED Anna's point. Art and love of GOOD art is nourishment for the soul. My grandfather came to America in the 1920's and brought with him a treasure trove of oil paintings/period frames/and Carved wood chairs.

      My grandfather was a businessman and art collector and out of his kids , my dad was the only one interested in the art and collecting and treasure hunting for hidden gems. When I was younger my grandfather sat with me and described an Italian school landscape in a carved gold leafed frame and the figures in them and what they represented.

      I started getting interested in the collection much later and started to collect and learn restoration techniques from two different masters at their craft. I am the ONLY ONE interested in my family in art (4 brothers and a sister) and that includes ALL my relatives that I know of.

      Is it ironic that I am the only REAL ART LOVER out of all my relatives and the MOST AWAKE and AWARE one of them all too ?

    4. Your last paragraph above:
      that fits in with why they would be telling Annamaria that the USOFA needs to hurry up and "re-construct" the federal states of states.

      Just as I guessed, they have to have another dead corps(e) fictional federal state of state to work through to attach their tentacles onto the living people again.

      The Same Tired Old Plan:
      Reconstruct several undistinguishable, undetectable, undisclosed layers again (the onion) and throw in secret laws and courts in each layer to entrap the people.

      Just more of the same fraud and theft, "manufactured consent" bilk or beat-down scheme.

      Everyday now I return their curses and judgments back upon them. Many times.

      Its hard to realize that they are able to do these two things at the same time:
      1.Recognize that we have a creator-given "estate" that they have to obtain consent to be found in possession of
      2. Be seething to kill us...
      They don't just want people *contained*. That just seems to be a necessary step to their final goal... wanting to literally exterminate people... as we see them trying to do with the chemtrail program. WORLDWIDE! and so on and on. And on and on.

  8. Anna has missed the best purpose of art, and Im speaking of the Van Gogh (sp) kind. The rich and famous dont buy it because they are of ''some high level of intelligence'. They buy it because it is the only investment that has always increased in value.
    For Anna to go around claiming that if we dont have any interest in Art, then we are of some lower like calling a person an idiot if they arent an avid fan of baseball like they are.
    So aside from the discovery of the investment value, I do not think there is any reading of a painting that consists of standing back and throwing various colors of paint onto canvas, and calling it ''Art'. But if it is documented as having a high value, then Im all in.

    As for the raunchy stuff increasingly being publicized, beware! it is all intended to desensitize people till finally they will think it is normal behavior across the boards.
    Sickening. Shouldnt even read that trash; it is intended to keep that stuff burned into yer brains.

    1. Exactlt Abby - all this raunchy stuff is being put out to demoralize and create the atmosphere that this is all just a ok, do what thou wilt
      Meanwhile the same ones pushing the crap have just passed 'laws' to execute child rapists and sodomites but not the ones who put the smut out
      How about the common core education world order system teaching smut sex education, gender confusion and masterbation in schools to your 3 year old
      Create the problem, outcry for solution, kill them all except for the bastards who mind screwed the kids in the first place

    2. Oh and also to Abby's point of not having to be in the high IQ set to "enjoy art", anyone besides me running into info that says that that's how some of these pefos are getting sons and daughters/other into the country???!!!??!!

      It seems that if a shipment contains "artwork/sculpture/artifacts", that when it is shipped, it is not inspected!!!! It just is passed right on through customs, some people are reporting.

      So, likely then, the fascination for many, and the devotion of many to "the arts", may have more to do with *else* might be in those crates than just a canvas or a piece of marble.

    3. Actually I just read yesterday that the super wealthy often invest in high end art so they can use it as collateral to borrow against.

      Wow...might as well be pork bellies and interest rate futures, there is always somebody out there who can turn some of the greatest creativity of mankind into just another deal.

    4. Adding to previous post. Something extremely important, obvious to many, about twisted insanity of these so called "artists" we've long been subjected to, as Abramovic's spirit cooking, Podesta brothers torture pedophile "art" simulating jew Jeffery Dahmer's slice & dice, etc. I
      This is what occurs when the jew is left to its own devices, free to do whatsoever "art" it desires. These 'artists’ are promoted by their own tribe to do more of their insanity & vulgarity & perversions.
      'art opening' in which the jew threw baby chickens into a blender & called it art.
      Their infamous "art" is too often the most disgusting, vile, disharmonious, disproportional, ugly displays of how vulgar, how insane they are as each try to bottom-out the other.
      Infamous, high shekel 'Piss Christ' was a crucifix in a jar of urine, highly valued by the jew. Yale tribe artist who literally shat in plastic bags & hung it on the gallery wall for her class credit show. She also filmed herself cr*pping on the toilet. All jew.
      Body Worlds by Gunther Von Hagens - look it up - or don't for what you see you will never un-see! Find the pregnant woman sliced open w her child in utero. All are said "volunteers". See the elephant, horses, etc. How did Hagens acquire such ‘volunteers’ & in this volume, so freshly dead, so intact? Who, as a sane woman with child, would "volunteer" for this? This is NOT science. NOT Art. It is JEW.
      It is the epitome of complete & utter insanity:,+Body+World&espv=2&biw=910&bih=714&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwihkcq51_vRAhUO9GMKHYB0CksQsAQIPA
      Please realize when people reported their family members were the sculpture who’d been taken as political prisoners, it was quickly silenced.
      JEW ART?? See Damien Hirst's 60' bronze sculpture of a woman sliced open with child
      And this, a jews fantasy to see Woman with child flayed open. WHO DOES THIS? WHO PAYS FOR IT? WHO WANTS MORE?
      This is why we are living in ugly. Why too many don't even know Beauty.

    5. Shelby, yes Ive been noticing that many of our most recent two generations, especially the children, are confused and insecure, having had their minds messed with. IMO its just about the saddest thing of all.
      Goodboots, no I have not read that..........yet. Im sure it will become front page news, because these Days are all about ''all things done in secret, being exposed openly'. And we have all seen this happening.
      Will, yes the wealthy have their 'valuable art investments' on their Net Worth Statements. (however, I just cannot seem to get all tingly over that can of campbells soup, lol)


      i had read prior dali "sort of converted". that is interesting. not that i know anything about "art"

      dali was all about (paraphrase) learn the masters/classics/techniques, then do whatever the hell you want.

      all about golden ratio/etc. very technical/precise. which perhaps he used as a means to deliberately distort/twist things.

    7. an interesting comment QUOTE "I would tell him that Sister Lucia saw a photo of the painting in 1997 and told her interpreter that Dali had represented Hell as closely as is humanly possible. " [*]

      [*] of course there are at least 2 "sister lucias" at play, also "the lady of all nations" seems designed to derail/co-opt. so no idea if that was the real sister lucia.

    8. Abby,Where have you been?
      Had been wondering, good to hear from you.

      Also saw the humor from above about getting in my car i (evidently) do not 'own' enjoy and have not gained a thing from it including shelter( because of the bankers) and therefore should not pay for it??? And yet i should rush out and bring sum $$$ art home and place in this house, that i have been deceived into thinking i own, or will own?

      So don't enter into a mortgage and help them out. Get rid of any mortgage you have by any means fair or foul. Dump this all on the heads of the bankers and the military and the lawyers and the politicians that have concocted this morass of criminal deceits, lies, false claims, and genocide of innocent Third Parties on paper.
      "Any means fair our foul."
      Is that right? Fair or foul you say?

      Now Anna , can very skillfully ram all of this and so much more down your throats, if you allow it. Yet we are told to use discernment as individuals. So do not blindly follow anyone.

    9. Hi afollower, Ive been just fine. Staying mum tending to my own life, so all can have the opp to see I was not the one hindering progress; progress just does not exist. But hey, to each his own, lol.

  9. Surprising topic, but much needed interruption to this chaotic life. I had always felt the need to learn why people would pursue art and be touched by it. Especially if I know hs/she is genuinely touched. I felt a vacuum when I know that I could be there too, but had no idea how.

    1. Here are two simple beginning points for that, if you're interested:
      1. Watch for what/the artwork that *does* catch your eye/attention; I can almost guarantee that it will either be a perception of "movement" within the piece, (like, you'll feel a sense of "being there") or it will "capture the light/luminousness" of the thing being portrayed in a life-like way.

      2. Take a camera outside in nature and hold it up to your eye, looking in the viewfinder, and just start moving it slowly. You will see beautiful things/scenes that catch your attention that you would not see if you were looking at the entire landscape.
      Snap a photo of all such scenes and subjects.
      If its a leaf or a bug, flower, move around it; play with the light on it with your camera:
      Get hi/low angle photoshots;
      See how the shadows rest on it and then move around, changing them.
      Get different proportions on your subject matter.
      Camera doesn't have to be expensive.
      You will probably soon start noticing those *beauty shots* without your camera. And when you see someone's artwork or photography, you'll likely be more drawn to it even if you never pick up a brush yourself.
      It is a great "brain re-adjuster" for sure.

    2. Ok. Ever Notice how the human race consent- volunteer to be slaves even as they are following this here blog that is supposedly supports setting them free? Bottom line " we need to start acting like "WE ARE FREE" if it's ever going to BE.

      Changing the topic from lizards, fish , and snakes to" Art" still does not (at least for me) SOLVE the Forms Anna is pushing that are clearly ARTFULLY WRITTEN! I for one want answers and clarification and one solution is for Anna accept full liability for her work/ forms in 928. This is your Art Anna so it should pose a problem for you to claim and Insure your ARTFUL -FORMS????Very simple Stand by your ART or at least explain all our worries and concerns without Art raised by Goodboots Articles. I want to know the TRUTH and I am AS-KING for the last time. thank you.

  10. Anna said on Dec-8, 2016 that:
    Lincoln left the US Army in charge and they are still in charge and they are still getting it wrong, from Ulysses S. Grant to General Joseph F. Dunford, Jr.
    WELL, Lincoln WAS SET UP. by someone of the past. Meaning (England) and his screws. They took your massive wealth, on ship, and went away to spend and squander in East Asia, especially on Chinese products. The UK used to love Chinese Teas so much, that they imported them massive amount to go in high deficits between 1824 – 1837. This is why they coordinated with the French, to invade China with Opinion War 2. BUT The Chinese won’t settle. Meanwhile the UK agreed to leave SE Asia to the French to screw, for resources and labors, on the 1837’s deal.
    I am sure, American wealth had been stolen right from 1776; Around 9/9/1776. You should NOT have bound the USA Holding blindly as Government on Neg. date. There was NEGATIVE Pluto energy on this day. So the manipulative energy had been on you/us from this day on forward until now.
    Evidences? 1) In the revelations of your “Statesmen Three, doc”. Search for 1740 and 1775.
    2) I know for fact that the world is controlled by our Highest God (not Jesus), and by someone like the Devil. I see good and bad happening on earth, mapped by Law of Physics, like never ending, through the tools that the Holy Ghost given to me. 3) Everything Anna said happened in 1860-64, 1871, 1907, 1933, 1953’s – present about the multiple Bankrupted USA Corporation, I see their Neg.energies happened, incrementally like never ending. 4) So watch out, around 2022, the vermin’s will send their authorities problem-makers to control people. If you fight intelligently, you will get the Neg.Crews to settle and side with you, and win. SO Enforce your Dead-bold lock with a block of Stainless steel, using a 1.4” x 0.34”, about ¼” Thick. Create your own bullet proof, using the SS steel materials, for thin but strong protection, and use a 3mm vinyl to protect sharp edges.

    Next time, after your successful Revolution, let me know, how to bind your next USA as a powerful productive country. I was born to balance the fairness around the world.

    1. "I was born to balance the fairness around the world."

      Pinkham...why wait?! Balance fairly now...