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Thursday, August 1, 2019

To the World:

By Anna Von Reitz

The American People still exist.  

We have been set-upon and robbed by our employees, both the British-controlled "US" military, and the Pope's Federal Civil Service have participated in these crimes against the innocent civilian populace of our country.  They have knowingly and with malice aforethought made false claims in commerce against us, against our property assets, and against our good names.  

Instead of aiding us and giving us full disclosure of the circumstance following the end of hostilities in their Civil War, the guilty perpetrators have usurped upon the lawful government and established a criminal system of white color fraud to fund their operations on our shores.  

We have suffered identity theft, theft of our property interests, and gross mis-administration of a totally unnecessary and gratuitous military "protectorate" that should be better termed at the highest levels as a gang of  mercenary thugs and thieves.  We have been betrayed additionally, by an usurping Municipal Civil Service, which has served itself to our detriment.  Both have acted in Breach of Trust and violation of their commercial service contracts. 

They have made false claims in commerce against us and committed fraud upon our courts, granted themselves letters of administration related to bogus estates purportedly belonging to us, after cobbling up excuses for misidentifying our fetal afterbirth material as a "living person" and attaching our Given Names to it, and forming these estates in the first place under conditions of fraud and non-disclosure and deceit. 

These criminal outrages against the American People at the hands of their own employees have been exercised under purportedly "delegated powers", yet we have never directed our employees to set up any such system and have not authorized any such claims as they are making against us or anyone else.  

In fact, the protection of our "Persons"--- is a primary obligation and mandate and condition of their employment contracts known as "The Constitution of the United States of America" and "The Constitution of the United States", respectively.  

Both have contrived to evade their obligations and responsibilities and to grossly glut and benefit themselves via unconscionable usurpation against their trusting employers.  Worse, they have extended this "system of governance" throughout the world, and secretively substituted their commercial corporations and franchises thereof for the actual lawful governments people are owed.  

The only thing allowing them to succeed in this monstrous enterprise, is our ignorance, our lack of awareness of what they have done and are doing, and our unknowing support in the form of allowing them to conscript our labor and other resources to make war and carry on their additional parasitic activities. 

This is not the will or desire of the American People, who have been victimized by the Queen, the Pope, and the Lord Mayor of London, along with everyone else.  

We wish you to observe that the "US" is not America.  We wish you to cease and desist blaming America for this state of affairs.  We are not the perpetrators.  We are the victims. 

Please do whatever you can do to spread the word, increase public awareness, educate those who need to overcome the false indoctrination they have received, and support the effort to expose and dismantle this cruel and criminal enterprise for what it is. 

Our Living Law Firm and other organizations we support are making the effort to exercise the Public Law and the International Law to recover from this situation, as well as making a major educational and organizational effort aimed at both ends of the Public Employee Spectrum---- from the lowest paid clerk to the Principals responsible.  

These people are taking their paychecks from our pockets, the bread from our mouths, and we are living in fear of our own employees.  Think about that.  They are operating in our country as purported "service organizations" and they are using our money and our natural resources and our labor to prepare concentration camps for us.  

They have spent billions of dollars charged against our own assets on "resettlement" camps.  They have bought and distributed billions of rounds of ammunition and railroad trains full of guillotines and guns to Municipal Government Agencies --- BLM, FBI, FEMA, BATF, and so on,  in anticipation of staging yet another "Civil War" on our soil, in flagrant violation of their contracts with us and all that is holy.  

Please help us tear aside the curtain of ignorance and blind trust that has allowed these monsters to so far progress toward their aims of enslaving and controlling the entire Earth for their benefit at the expense of everyone else. 

The people behind this are literally parasites that eat into their hosts and deplete them in the same way that all parasites do.  They gained a foothold in America a hundred and fifty years ago and used this as their Base Camp to deploy worldwide.  Now they are trying --- as all parasites eventually must --- to find a new home and new hosts in China.  

They will simply do the same thing again --- use the Chinese people as gun fodder, starve them and siphon off the value of their labor, steal "title" to their land and even to their children, and engage in the same criminality again. 

It's time for this to end and for the people of the world to recognize the true source and nature of the evil that has brought our Earth to the edge of destruction: lies.  

This all based on lies and fantasies, on symbols, and on propaganda. It has no meaning -- or value -- apart from what they contrive to make us believe that it has.  Look at the "money" in your pocket.  Pieces of paper.  Look at the obligations of your religions.   Are you free?  Are you happy?  Do you even remember what that might mean? 

Yet, that is what your Creator intended for you -- that you should be free and happy. 

Where is the life, where is the dynamic, where is the fulfillment, where is the true value?  All gone.  All siphoned off and denigrated, adulterated and perverted by these criminals. 

It's time to cast off the illusions and the false claims and the false beliefs.  It's time to join together in a worldwide self-defense, to overwhelm and defeat the Father of All Lies---- and his minions, once and for all. 

Truth is our sword and our armor.  Truth is the means to overcome, but it is not easy to discern what is true, because we have been indoctrinated to believe lies our entire lives.  

Please help us in whatever way you can.  Pray for us.  Spread the word for us.  Send money if you can.  David meets Goliath every day on the field of this battle.  I am still the Paymaster and Chief Bottle Washer.  I use your PayPal donations  and checks and money orders  as best I can to help support our research and our non-Bar lawyers and Paralegals by paying at least some of the expenses associated with our activities --- nobody gets a salary.  We are all volunteers, but your donations help with emergencies, travel expenses, supplies, and in some cases, light bills and food.  The addresses are: Paypal at and Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.  

Bless all who help put an end to the Kingdom of Lies.  Bless all who help in any way.  It isn't possible for me to reply to every letter, question, or donation.  There isn't time or staffing available, so I plod forward and remember you all in my heart of hearts.  

We are gaining on them.  


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  1. Everyone on HIGH alert
    I have heard they are moving military all about the mid western states, Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio, Illinois
    Many semi trucks full of military equipment
    They are targeting nuclear facilities so anyone near nuclear facilities be on high alert and watch everything

    1. Shelby, Thanks for the tip. Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan and Illinois have nuclear plants. If they came to central Indiana they couldn't get through as all the highways (interstates and city roads) have construction.

    2. Jewels most likely part of their NAFTA super highway set up - construction is most likely their cover for operations of another nature beside just the roads
      Most likely they setting it all up with the 5G IoT and wiring up all kinds of things
      Construction probably includes all their highway cameras, toll roads, new led lighting which is also a weapon, etc etc etc
      DOT's are part of the operations, they too are working under the corporation
      Mike Pence and Indiana and the NAFTA Super highway
      The so called fire in GA concerning a bridge
      Diasasters along the east coast and the I95 cooridor

      As Anna stated the other day they have set up a zone along all shore lines 100 miles inlet or 200 miles inlet - they have determined these are human free zones

      Human settlement zones

      21 goals, one of which includes taking out nuclear power not weapons - they want complete control of all energy sources

      Chemtrails and culling the useless eater populations and their plans for the United States

    3. The chemtrails you see now are to reverse the affects of what the cabal has been spraying for the last 4 years.

    4. More babylonian bullshit
      Healing chemtrails - almost like chemotherapy that they tell you is helping heal cancer
      Healing chemtrails hmm maybe like lithium to keep you asleep
      These crooks haven't attempted to heal anything in over a century due to the cabal medical mafia and you think they spraying healing chemtrails - oxymoron by the way healing chemicals, really
      Cereal for brains is more like it
      You don't see And We Know or SerialBrain or Q publish anything about UN Agenda 21 do ya?
      Hell chemtrails is only one part of the issue, go look up the affects of the 5G military weapon and open air cancer prison system they putting up all around their mapped out FEMA regions

    5. Thank you for this information...we really do only get part of the truth....People do not realize we are one minute away from a disaster....

  2. Getting to lock down the future slaves of Eastern consumerism!

  3. Discernment. Thank you for your help with that. When an honest man discovers he is mistaken he either stops being mistaken or stops being honest.

  4. Thank you for all you are posting about this.

    We are about to be able, being a people, to separate the true from the imitator. For example:
    The Zionist/mossad from the Hebrew 14-tribe (ephriam and mannaseh) people.
    The vatican from the catholic people.

    We have been so beaten down by the criminals pretending to be what is good.

    Your three-paragraph explanation a few articles back explained the process the have used so simply... You made it so easy to understand.
    Thank you!

  5. … and Protestants from Christians, jews from Gentiles...

  6. Shelby commented about "Cain and Able" = can I bal....Yes, the perversions are incredible. They get us to saying THEIR evil.

    Word "magick".

    Also, about "*ABEL* Danger"... And *Field* McConnell. What??

    "...and it came to pass when they were in the FIELD, that Cain rose up against Abel his brother, and slew him." Gen 4:8.

    Abel('s) danger, indeed.

    Abel danger, Field, has, I guess, a guest on his channel named Juan O'Saven... This Juan guy has been a guest on mcallistertv on bitchute, that is how I heard him. (So far, I think mcallistertv is actually trying to help and not hurt people. But who knows?)

    Anyway, I kept, from the beginning, subconsciously thinking: hummm "O'Saven", what does that mean?
    Then: hummm, I've never heard of a name like that before.
    Then: hummm, that's weird.

    So I thought about it with full consciousness because it continued to attract my attention. Not in a good way either.

    Hebrew/chaldee (that they nearly always use for their names, I have found):

    Juan = john = yah = god/God
    os = mouth or bone...(bone is "ossa").
    Aven/Avon= evil (Strong's exhaustive concordance H 205 and others.)

    Taken together, going from the right to the left (Hebrew), his name *could* potentially be interpreted:


    Just sayin'.

    Especially if we find ourselves "in a Field where Abel (presenting the righteous) was in Danger of his brother (presenting the unacceptable) murdering him for jealousy's sake.*

    Just some thoughts.

  7. I thank God for you winkwink. You have STARTLED me completely out of the false narrative I picked up in the present iteration of the 501c3 evangelical church. Through all the ages, the artwork of the churches has shown that "the jews" are a blight on the people... But we were led away from that knowledge, and people in the 501c3 churches are indoctrinated that "the jews" are our SUPERIORS!! Its very sad. (And you can't give them any other info, because they are taught that you have to bless "the jews" in order to be blessed!... Never even being told that claiming to be "the jews" aren't biological Hebrews!)

    What you are saying on here corresponds to what has always been said about "the jews"... Until after ww2, that is... And after Vatican 2."

    Hope you keep the info coming and reminding us.of what the actual history of that group is. Especially since were learning that GZEO BUSH adopted Noahide Law for everyone, AND since now "the jews" want to make it criminal in America to criticize "a Jew."

  8. goodboots, O Saven, o satan
    Able danger is pushing the JFK Jr narrative and I think it is all BS
    Bush executed my ass - Bush and co living large on their newly acquired land down in Brazil which just happens to sit on the worlds largest fresh water aquifer
    McCain same thing
    Don't believe that these are their real names either
    After all they own all the tal mud vision and publishing of any kind they can makeubelieve, make believe anything they want it is their magic kingdom

    Think about this - ever watch big bang theory
    How about the segments on fun with flags
    All these flags they got us all believeing belongs to our independent nations when in reality that is not the case
    Again I say this book is relevant
    All the religions are corporations/business'
    Collecting billions of their fiat dollars to obsolve you of your sins
    They conduct business in these places
    Jewrusalem - a jew ruse out of salem
    Solomon a brother of Rothchild, Solomons temple
    LORD Rothchild, king of the swej
    Jesuits, wej suits
    A link from the religions of rome tab
    How about cabal/kabbalah
    Heard wej roseanne crying about all the hshwej artifacts that were lost in the iraq war - hmm what about the iraq artifacts?
    How about Palesitne, Yemen, Lebanon, Syria
    How about the people of all those nations
    Oh that does not concern them only their stuff matters
    In Romleys video he exposes the talmud as the source for all the so called laws
    NOAHIDE laws signed in to 'law' - NO HIDE
    No coincidence either that they are now bringing back the death penalty to kill those they so choose accoroding to their talmudic bullshit
    They can rape a 3 year old girl or boy according to their Talmud and turn around and make the laws to execute someone else who has done the same thing
    Have you ever met a poor wej?
    Just some thoughts

  9. And fraud Ben the Fullford (agent) says that we must model ourselves after Asia because it worked so well for them
    Can you say BRICS deal
    And the roots of the planners
    1941 map
    UN map
    Pay close attention to the one below
    Go look up their info and see who the 'leaders' of these commands are
    Why is it you never hear anything about Greenland?
    Millons of millions of acres and only 57,000 people live on that land mass - hmmmmm

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. The Able Danger classified military planning effort
    Now you have to ask yourself after you read the information provided why would a so called ex military freedom fighter name his operation the same thing?
    Something definitely not right with this?
    wikileaks and wikipedia
    Ever hear of wikimedia foundation inc
    How about that, another non profit organization providing us with all the rewritten history they can dish out?
    I've listened to ole field ramble on and on and on, I've also heard his so called intel tell us about Bush and McCain and blah blah blah - why isn't field talking about UN Agenda 21
    How about with all his intel we never here anything about this command map
    He's got intel out the wazoo but never mentions to his fellow patriot truth seekers this very map and these commands that are in place?
    Instead we get Trump is great JFK Jr alive he's coming back from the dead to save Camelot
    Story out today about a Kennedy drug suicide
    Hmm more selling of the Kennedy legacy not that they have not made a gazilion dollars off the clan name already
    Again I just put information out there that I find for those who read to discern (notice how that there word has CERN in it)

  12. Anna said on Dec-8, 2016 that:
    Lincoln left the US Army in charge and they are still in charge and they are still getting it wrong, from Ulysses S. Grant to General Joseph F. Dunford, Jr.
    WELL, Lincoln WAS SET UP. by someone of the past. Meaning (England) and his screws. They took your massive wealth, on ship, and went away to spend and squander in East Asia, especially on Chinese products. The UK used to love Chinese Teas so much, that they imported them massive amount to go in high deficits between 1824 – 1837. This is why they coordinated with the French, to invade China with Opinion War 2. BUT The Chinese won’t settle. Meanwhile the UK agreed to leave SE Asia to the French Indochina to screw, for resources and labors, on their 1837’s deal.

    I am sure, American wealth had been stolen twice, the First BIG chunk right from 1776; Around 9/9/1776. Then the 2nd Largest chunk from 1872’ until now, through corrupt legal and financial schemes. You should NOT have bound the USA Holding blindly as Government on Neg. date, similar to above date. There was NEGATIVE Pluto energy on this day. So the manipulative energy had and are affecting us, our ancestors since from this day on forward.
    . It will not end, until we fix it. Evidences? 1) In the revelations of your “Statesmen Three, doc”. Search for 1740 and 1775, in your Dnloaded copy below.
    2) I know for fact that the world is controlled by our Highest God (not Jesus), and by someone like the Devil. I see good and bad happening on earth, mapped by Law of Physics, like never ending, through the tools that the Holy Ghost given to me. 3) Everything Anna said happened did happen, in 1860-64, -1871, -1907, -1933, -1953’s – present about the multiple Bankrupted USA Corporation, I see their Neg.energies on the past viewing tools, like never ending. 4) So watch out, around 2022, the vermin’s will send their authorities problem-makers to control people. If you fight intelligently, you will get the Neg.Crews to settle and side with you, and win. SO Enforce your Dead-bold lock with a block of Stainless steel, using a 1.4” x 0.34”, about ¼” Thick. Create your own bullet proof, using the SS steel materials, for thin but strong protection, and use a 3mm vinyl to protect sharp edges.

    Next time, after your successful Revolution, let me know, how to bind your next USA as a powerful productive country. I was born to balance the fairness around the world.

  13. wink wink go watch this and download and keep somehwere

  14. I was thinking about the zygote:zy-GOAT word magick that shelby brought up and about how they might be using that.

    "x" is pronounced as "z": [xylophone, xenophobe, etc.] =


    x(girl):y(boy)goat =

    the baphomet.

    The realization that they have taken/could have potentially taken their "hidden hand" and their "word magick" to such an evil extent just literally made it seem for a couple of seconds like "time stood still".
    I'm serious, it was like time had to miss a couple of beats and wait for my body and mind to catch up with the information my spirit and heart had just received.

    The realization from this was that these people aren't just bad or undesirable or losers or dumbies, they are a spiritual blackhole with a vortex spinning inward, licking and grasping at light, trying to recover what they have lost.

    There is no hope for them.

    Killing and eating and drinking and torturing and all that we are finding out about: are abominations.
    But those are the actions.

    What places them outside of redemption is that they knew they would lose their light before they did those abominations and yet they chose to do them anyway.

    I went to look for a bible verse about weeping just now and couldn't find it but I was in Isaiah 28 and saw I had marked verse 15 before, so read it and here's what it said:

    "Because ye have said,
    [1] we have made a covenant with death
    [2] with hell are we at agreement;

    When the overflowing SCOURGE shall pass through,
    It shall not come unto us:

    [3] for we have made lies our refuge,
    [4] and under falsehood have we hid ourselves;"

    ----This is what we are facing.
    These people have made a covenant, a COVENANT, with death! Darkness, no light, no breath, no life.
    They agree with hell, Gehenna, the pit, the lake of fire, the waste pit, outer darkness and more;
    They've taken shelter in lies
    And have hid under false-*HOODS*,...
    coverings over their head and face, masks, identities, names, in-corpse-erations,... desperate to be able to in-carn(flesh)-ate like we do.

    Imposters, im"person"ating men and women, capturing, licking up and siphoning off the/our natural, Ggod-created state/condition for themselves, for their im-"person"-ations and in exchange, dumping upon us their waste: those fictional, man-constructed hobgoblins with their emptied "estate"s and their deadman, lost, debtor, incompetent, criminal, slave "statuses" that they "gave" to us all as a "gift".

  15. Posted for Ben:

    I’m ben of the family cox

    This is my first time to post though I have been following the site for sometime, have all Anna’s posts but unfortunately have not read all of them. Actually, this is my first post anywhere and I will just be 84 if I live to Constitution day September 17th. This post is off point I guess but I need help.

    I have received a “STATE OF TENNESSEE 2017 “DELIQUENT TAX SUMMONS” “that a complaint has been filed in the Sevier County Chancery Court of Sevier at Sevierville, Tennessee”. They say that “taxes are shown to be in your name as owner of record”, however I bought the house in 2005 and never recorded it and therefore not aware of any contract I have with any of the names on this summons. In this case they are addressing it in proper capitalization, that is Benjamin Gordon Cox and not ALL CAPPS but they are showing a TN 37862 address. Looks as if they have sent this to the Lawful Person or maybe from their view point Legal person? I think Anna has written about this sort of thing in posts 1846, 1849, 1931 and possibly others.

    If anyone can offer suggestions, put me in touch with a counselor etc. Such as a member of the Living Law Firm that would be great. I would especially like to hear from C. Johnson as I have a daughter in Spartanburg South Carolina and possibly l Freeman. I am a Christian, that is, a believer in Christ and the finished work of the Cross and a member of the body of Christ as per 1 Corinthians 15: 1-11. My wife and I of near 62 years have been in fellowship with the Lord’s people in three different locations, two in Georgia and one here in Tennessee. My email address on Anna’s blog is or you can use

    “for I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day.( 2Ti 1:12). May the Lord bless you all as per Numbers 6:24-26

    1. Ben I just sent you and email. I know what the problem is and I can tell you without a doubt what you need to do. Will give you greater details in the email.
      The county is a corporation and is limited to equity law. Equity is contract law. In order for them to use your PRIVATE name, they are assuming they have a contract with you PRIVATELY, not PUBLICALLY whereby, you PRIVATELY agreed to pay them PUBLIC taxes on your land. That means their standard assumption and presumptions are out the window, because they used your private name. They must have a physical contract with you as a PRIVATE man. Without they can produce that contract, where you as a PRIVATE MAN signed it, OOPS, then Houston, they have some major issues in violation of U.S. TITLE 18. The issue is this: they have no authority by the STATE OF TENNESSEE to make contracts with PRIVATE MEN AND WOMEN. That authority is not in any statute. My hope is they sent they little fraud thing, through the mail with a metered stamp mark on it. Hope you still have the envelop.

    2. FYI: istandrepublic=cjohnson

  16. Chancery court?
    I looked this up and this is what it says
    Sevier County Clerk & Master
    What the hell is a Clerk & Master???

    1. chancery courts are equity contract courts and masters are alleged judges of said courts. These courts handle equity property rights issues. No man or woman should be in those courts. As men and women are exempt. Equity handles actions between entities. I know of no man or woman who is an entity. This is why men and women cannot be HEARD in EQUITY courts. There are no men and women in those courts. There are only entities. This is why men and women must prove no entity exists. Claiming no entity exists is not enough, it has to be proven on and for the record.
      The chancery courts only deal with vessels. No man or woman is a vessel. So why are men and women in those courts? Because they don't know how to prove they are not a vessel! Nor do they know they must prove they are not a vessel.
      My question is this: why in the name of the good Lord God, are any men/women in TENNESSEE CHANCERY COURTS? Do you not know the fake names are vessels and are completely separate and distinct from you? HELLO DOES ANYONE HEAR ME? THE NAMES ARE FAKE!!! THEY CALL THEM FICTITIOUS. DUH? They also call them ASSUMED? Well, ask yourself, whose assumming those names, so they can presume they are you? They do it everyday, yet how many of WE THE PEOPLE call them out on their FRAUD AGAINST US?
      If you don't comprehend VESSELS and how they use them,

    2. ps, [sorry about that, it published for some reason before I was finished, continued...] read PUBLIC LAW 109 STAT 120 IN ITS ENTIRETY. When did a man/woman become a SHIP ON THE WATERS? When they turned ADMIRALTY MARITIME LAW into CONTRACT LAW, that's when. here's the public law:
      pay close attention to this, especially section B. really think about every word:
      ‘‘(2) CONSENT OR WAIVER OF OBJECTION.—Consent or waiver of objection by a foreign nation to the enforcement of United States law by the United States under paragraph (1)(C) or (E)— ‘‘(A) may be obtained by radio, telephone, or similar oral or electronic means; and ‘‘(B) is proved conclusively by certification of the Secretary of State or the Secretary’s designee. ‘‘(d) VESSEL WITHOUT NATIONALITY.— ‘‘(1) IN GENERAL.—In this chapter, the term ‘vessel without nationality’ includes—