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Thursday, August 1, 2019

Economic Flying Factoids

By Anna Von Reitz

For those of a certain age, you will recognize the Flying Factoids as a by-product of the Flying Fickle Finger of Fate.  I keep getting questions from people that indicate an ongoing level of confusion about economics that needs to be dealt with, so I am setting this up as several separate topics to answer these questions.  Most people could benefit from contemplating the answers. 

1. Abeyance My Foot

THEY have claimed that our government is in "abeyance" --- a sort of suspended animation, not dead, not alive, just sort of sitting on idle for a 150 years.  This is because certain parties have deliberately chosen to "mistake" a business organization for the employer thereof.    

This would be like mistaking your housecleaning service or the guy who mows your lawn,  for you.   They claimed that Wisconsin was "in abeyance" because the original entity doing business as The State of Wisconsin went bankrupt and was never reconstructed after the Civil War.  

One is tempted to say, "So what?"  Obviously the power that delegated all the power ever held by The State of Wisconsin is capable of either fronting a new service organization of its own or hiring someone else, but instead.... 

The Brits usurped the position of The State of Wisconsin by substituting their own territorial version, "the" State of Wisconsin, and used semantic deceit to cover it up.  If we had been properly informed and supported by our employees, this bunko by the British could never have succeeded.  

Now that it is discovered, it can no longer succeed.  We are faced with the responsibility of self-governance, and it is a burden that carries with it our freedom and our property rights.  We therefore have no choice.  We have to assemble our States of the Union, reconstruct the Federal States of States we are owed, and get on with the business of restoring a fully functioning and properly structured Federal Government for ourselves. 

Restoration comes first, followed by reform. 

2.  The First Scam Gives Rise to the Second:

Having substituted their own corporate franchises for ours, the Territorial Government threw up its hands in the equivalent of a coy school girl and basically said, "Oh, my!  How are we to fund the government in the "absence" of our employers?"  

It was quite simple really.  The military confiscated everything under a British-controlled Protectorate, placed false claims and liens against all our property, public and private, and borrowed against it.  This was pretty raw and contrary to basic law, including The Ten Commandments, so they refined this over time and made up a new vocabulary to smooth over the rape and pillaging of our country and our people by foreign interests.  

This is now called "hypothecating debt" ---- where someone surreptitiously seizes title to someone else's property, borrows against the value of someone else's assets, and leaves the victim to pay for it.  

Hypothecation of debt is fraud by another name.   It's a form of theft by deception and assumption.  People think that their own legitimate government is doing this to them, so they make their best effort to pay and they assume that the debt is theirs.  In fact, they have no contract obligating them to pay the debts of these foreign corporations and it isn't their government.  It's just a foreign commercial corporation in the business of providing governmental services acting under "color of law". 

That is, they give you the impression that they are the government and acting with the government's authority, but in fact, they aren't your government and have no such authority.  They are spoofing you into paying for whatever services they want to offer you and charging whatever price they like, too, then enforcing this situation using the pretense that they have some legitimate authority or right to do this, when they don't.  

This is called "operating under color of law". 

3.  Over time it became more apparent that something was wrong, so increasingly sophisticated obfuscations and confusions have been developed, all designed to pass their debts on to you by any means fair or foul. 

The Administration under FDR (the corporate government of the offending commercial corporation administering the military protectorate) was obliged to set up a system of Mutual Offset Credit Exchanges as remedy to this outright theft.   

The idea is that they owe us for the use and abuse of our property as chattel backing their debts, and we owe them for services they provide.  So both owe money to the other.  

This is a situation where you owe me a hundred bucks and I owe you ten, so we agree to reduce your debt to me by ten bucks and now, you only owe me ninety.  

This is all well and good, except that the rats never told you a word about this arrangement and did not provide any well-explained or obvious means to execute such a transaction.  It remained something that government insiders could use, but all the victims were kept out and prevented from accessing this relief by a Code of Silence.  

Gradually, because they obstructed your access to this remedy, their "National Debt" simply continued to grow and with Obummer in power, to sky-rocket.  They explained this circumstance to the rest of the world by claiming that we all "gifted" our estates to them and deliberately "abandoned" our claims to be repaid.  

How convenient.  That's how they wound up with a $25 trillion dollar National Debt--- by never exchanging any of the debt they owed to us.  That is, they continued to rack up debt against our assets and never returned any of the credit they owed to us.  

They intended to discharge their debt in bankruptcy, and to saddle us with paying it off for them as purported co-signers and accommodation parties (all without our knowledge or consent, of course), only this time, the people they deluded into extending them credit based on our assets wanted to be paid off.  So they concocted yet another duplicitous scheme: false letters of administration. 

4.  This is where the "dead baby" scheme kicks in, where they claim that you were born dead based on the fetal afterbirth material they collected and "named after you" at the hospital.  

They claim that "John Michael Doe" died within a short time after his birth at the hospital where "he" was admitted by the attending physician's signature.  You, meanwhile, technically don't exist.  Think about it.  

Your Mother was admitted to the hospital, pregnant.  The afterbirth "entity" was admitted to hospital as a poor dying "person" named with your name.  You were never admitted to the hospital so far as the hospital records are concerned.  You are Nobody.  Literally.  

Even though your DNA is the same as the Dead "Baby's", and you are in fact the living being inheritor of any "estate" he or she left behind, the State of State has probated your estate and claimed it as public property underlying their debt.   They then set up "Letters of Administration" giving members of the BAR Association control of the estates that purportedly belonged to all these "dead babies" that just happen to be named after us. 

Neat, huh?  72 different ways to Screw the American People Senseless, all orchestrated, allowed, and promoted by their Public Employees --- both the federal military and federal civil service and all the judges and bar members and police attached to them.  

That's why the vermin were parading around the effigy of a giant dead baby in a coffin at the London Winter Olympics.  

If I could, simply by thinking about it, I would erase every lawyer who participated in any of this.  They would simply cease to exist in the physical sense, in the same way that they have attempted to genocide us on paper. 

It's time that we started showing them that the baby survived, grew up, and is here to claim back their estate.  And it's also time for the whole world to hold the Queen and the Pope and the Lord Mayor of London and the Cretins in "Congress" responsible for these outrages. 

5.  Why a GCR Cannot Happen.

People have been staking their hopes on a Global Currency Reset (GCR), but it should be apparent that no such thing can happen ---- at least not the way they are expecting it to happen.  

Why?  Because those promoting and executing it, would be admitting to crime. 

They have been rigging the currency as a commodity, like any commodity, for a long time.  They've been sitting around on their duffs arbitrarily deciding that the money of Nigeria is worth 1/13th of a fiat Petro-Dollar, for example.  They have a giant slush fund called the "Exchange Stabilization Fund" set up to enable them to enforce these kinds of decisions.  They've been doing this for decades and it is completely immoral, illegal, and unlawful for them to meddle in the world currency markets this way, but they have done it anyway.

So you expect them to come out with a GCR and show everyone that they can do this?  And you expect them to admit that they have been doing this for a long time, and that any decisions that they make now, are just as arbitrary as the decisions they made then?  Hello? 

No matter what they did to tweak the "valuation" of the dollar or the yen or the ruble, it's just pure self-interested and otherwise arbitrary committee nonsense that has no basis in any actual factual market for currency commodities. 

They are literally sitting around saying, "Oh, I don't know, Jamie, what to you think?  Put the yen up four points today?"   

"Not today.  Wait a week."  

They quibble back and forth like this among themselves trying to edge out this economy or that, via manipulation of the value of that country's currency.  As a result there is no free market in world currencies and no way to prove or assess the actual value of any national currency. 

Part of Mr. Obama's job for the Queen and Lord Mayor was to counterfeit and release trillions of unauthorized hundred dollar Federal Reserve Notes.  Because he controlled the presses and actually exported money printing presses, engraving plates, special inks and papers to foreign locations all over the world, there is no way to tell the difference between these counterfeits issued in places like Thailand, and those dollars printed by the U.S. Mint. 

And guess what?  

They all carry serial numbers attached to our estates.  According to the vermin doing this, we issued those promissory notes.  You and I.  

According to them.  

Meantime, the Queen's Hubby, Prince Philip, has collected all the "Life Force Value Annuities" owed from the life insurance policies the vermin took out on all the dead babies and their estates. 

So there can't be a GCR and if there were, it would be arbitrary and criminal.  
And those responsible would be exposed simply by showing their ability to do such a thing.  

7.  People ask me--- "What do I do about buying a house?"   

You can't buy a house under the current scenario.  Nobody has been able to buy a house in this country since the 1930's.  All you get is a "future lease-payment agreement" and the privilege of paying off the debts these vermin have already placed against the property as an asset.  And at the end of the day, it is still their property --- not yours; the only difference is that you have paid off their mortgage.  You, of course, never had a mortgage in the first place.  

You're dead, remember?  Or you never existed.  One way or the other the lousy crooks have mucked things up to the point where there is no private property---- at least according to them, on paper.   

It has all been confiscated and "administered" under the False Pretense that you: (a) voluntarily gifted your estate to them; (b) you knowingly abandoned and waived your estate; (c) you are incompetent ---- because, obviously, if you knew what was going on and were competent, you'd object.  

You'd find the means to shove this whole wad of shinola back down their throats.  Which is where we are right about now.  

So don't enter into a mortgage and help them out.  Get rid of any mortgage you have by any means fair or foul.  Dump this all on the heads of the bankers and the military and the lawyers and the politicians that have concocted this morass of criminal deceits, lies, false claims, and genocide of innocent Third Parties on paper.  

It's Payback Time and you have better things to do, than to pay back their mortgage on your property for them.  


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  1. It is strange but I am finally able to understand what you are saying.

  2. Michael Hoffman‏ @HoffmanMichaelA
    Mr. Hoffman: Name one of the biggest historical scams the Cryptocracy pulled off.
    Hoffman: To distract from their own usury Renaissance papal bankers made the name Jew synonymous with usury, yet in that era Judaic banks were not 1/10 size of Medici, Strozzi & Fugger usury cartels.
    'The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome", By: Michael Hoffman.

    Revisionist historian Michael Hoffman penetrates the sub-strata of the Roman Church after it had departed from fourteen hundred years of Catholic orthodoxy and embraced institutionalized equivocation and deceit, usurious money power and diabolic occultism. Here is an unprecedented investigation of an epoch of spectacular fraud and labyrinth subterfuge unique in western history. This book names the guilty conspirators including many pontiffs, such as Popes Alexander VI, Leo X, Clement VII, Sixtus V and others. The author demonstrates that much of what we have been told about the history of the Church since the Renaissance has been an ingeniously mounted illusion. The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome is a chronicle of magic, mind control and the betrayal of the Christian ecclesia on the part of an operation of deception of world-historical significance.

    Mr. Hoffman: You mention Satanic elite. Any examples from history? Hoffman: Black Mass Satanist “Monks of Medmenham,” elite "Hellfire Club"—Chancellor of the Exchequer; First Lord of Admiralty; Oxford Regius Professor of Law; a financier to the Crown; Ben Franklin, and many more.

    1. Mr.Hoffman's book is over $25.00 on Amazon. Mixed reviews.

    2. Everyone buying from Amazon is assisting in the destruction of all small business' throughout the country
      Consolidation of all forms of buyin everything from one company
      No different than the oil barons
      Their aim is world domination of everything and AMAZON is part of that agenda

    3. Shelby, I want to thank you for your research links. I agree with you about Amazon. Many of Mr Hoffman's books were banned by Amazon, consequently, he offers the books for sale on his web site. You know you're speaking the truth when Amazon bans your books.

      I also want to urge everyone to make a contribution to Anna and consider purchasing an item from Paul's store. When you contribute to Anna or Paul, they pay it forward - so it's a worthy cause.

  3. Georgia Guidestones should tell you what their massacre plans are
    Why their RC Christian (rosicrucian) stones have been left standing is beyond acceptable
    Their world order military map - check out their web pages and the so called leaders of these forces that have been working to exterminate or enslave the entire world
    Lets not forget NASA who is responsible for clearing up space on the ground for their world wide resource and land take over
    The so called new SPACE FORCE is a part of this world wide deception
    See and for detailed information on organizations and all the equipment they have set up all around the world to manipulate the weather, heat up the atmosphere (climate change, global warming scam)
    GREEN NEW DEAL for the crooks and global serfdom for those left standing
    Resilient Cities created by the crooks to deal with the aftermath of the horror they create, you know like entire burned down towns, or flooded out cities, or how about a school event so they can launch yet another tax free we care about your children tattle tale school surveillance program
    Just few days ago at a Garlic Festival an event and within hours had tee shirts #Gilroystrong, like after all the other events they have #strong teeshirts and campaigns, hmm funny how this group just seems to know where disaster will stike next before the actual town itself
    The cities, counties, towns and states actually receive funding to put on and participate in these events
    The gang at FEMA call it HSEEP prepardness exercises for the homeland
    Remember we have no idea who holds positions within these orgainzations - they may and most likely are foreign troops not American considering they have our men and women in all other nations controlling their slave populations there

  4. Is there no end to all of this madness?
    How is it this "dead baby" scam has only now surfaced now and after so many have worked relentlessly to expose and correct those wrongs against us?
    Arethey are planning to "golden jubilee" themselves out of this imposter scheme...?

    Is there NO hope???

  5. Regarding Anna’s “An Unavoidable Realization” (Tuesday, July 30, 2019,) By Anna Von Reitz

    Guess what? – each of you represents about 30 to 40 trillion cells (30,000,000,000,000,000) So spend your attention wisely!

    A.)Ann's Paragraphs 1 thru 11 - Each are QUESTIONS, hence are NEITHER True NOR False.

    B.)Anna's Paragraph 12 – She writes “It’s ALL part of the same thing, Deceit, Deceptions, Fraud for gain.

    “Eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil” is INTERMIXING good with evil. Which is co-factor to formulas for Deceit, Deception and Fraud, for gain.” e.g. - Present an appearance of Good, next cloak good to accomplish Evil, per any motive.

    “The word" = “Jesus Christ.” Who re-warned us - Do not intermix good with evil, be good. Do not straddle betwixt/between good and evil. Nor be evil, for you lose, eternally.

    Know Him ONLY by message – it could be false to say you know Him otherwise, yet we may reserve “love” for those who claim beyond His message - yet we also remain subjects of error.

    Definition “sin = error.” Sin does not = evil.

    Evil is a “death dealing adversary” – not an “enemy.” And does not equal “unfriendly.” Death cults are evil.

    An unfriendly family member = enemy = en amity. Evil DOES not equal Enemy (enemy means only “unfriendly.)

    Don’t get lost in multiple dictionary definitions – those multiplicities are a portion of the big bamboozle. Babel. The message can only be grasped within the bounds and full context of the entire universe and forever. And your 30 to 40 trillion!

    Those who are merely “unfriendly” might convert to “friendly?” So discern! You can live among the unfriendly (the enemy.) But a Death-Dealing-Adversary (DDA) permits no life.

    There is no salvation for DDAs, no sanctuary, no avenue for repentance. Do not “turn your cheek,” unless for refuge from further harm. Turn cheek only to mere “en amity.”

    The “word” = Jesus by definition = savior. You know Him: by association, by guess, by research, by connection, by hope, by faith, by nursery songs, Christmas carols, by any or all that is good. But by mystery? I claim you known Him not at all!

    “the word” offers opportunity for CLAIMS, for those discerning – Offers an eternal and unassailable refuge against offense, by any or all evil.

    And ETERNAL UNASSAILABLE DEFENSE RULES! “Offense” merely dissipates, and has no endurance - Evil loses. Good prevails, forever.

    It is up to you too pass life into tomorrow.

    C.)Anna's Paragraph 13 thru 23 – Each statement is self-evidently TRUE. Except I have not seen the movie.

    There can be no argument here, so “Amen,” meaning only “Agreed.”

  6. Great!

    (Only - three extra "0"s in the figure posted for "30 to 40 trillion cells." ; ~ )

    Re: "by mystery?" - Consider: Ephesians 5: 32 "This mystery is great, but I speak with regard to Christ and the church."

    1. im no expert, but depending on context "mill" "million" can be thousand IIRC or thousand thousand trillion I may very well also "vary" depending on language.

      e.g. jefferson's "mills" are thousandths of a cent, used for "accounting" back when the "dollar" might have meant something. IIRC there might have been unofficial half-pennys/mills too, not entirely just bookkeeping, IIRC they were not real coins, but still used for small things.

      deci/dime == 1/10th, cent == 1/100th. mill = 1/1000th, but also 1000*1000 (th) . depends.

      so trillion does not surprise me if there are multiple definitions, because million likely throws off everything > than it by 3 digits.

    2. point being, i believe they used "thousand thousand" to avoid that confusion with "million", so something simimlar could be done for trillion.

  7. Anna said on Dec-8, 2016 that:
    Lincoln left the US Army in charge and they are still in charge and they are still getting it wrong, from Ulysses S. Grant to General Joseph F. Dunford, Jr.
    WELL, Lincoln WAS SET UP. by someone of the past. Meaning (England) and his screws. They took your massive wealth, on ship, and went away to spend and squander in East Asia, especially on Chinese products. The UK used to love Chinese Teas so much, that they imported them massive amount to go in high deficits between 1824 – 1837. This is why they coordinated with the French, to invade China with Opinion War 2. BUT The Chinese won’t settle. Meanwhile the UK agreed to leave SE Asia to the French to screw, for resources and labors, on the 1837’s deal.

    I am sure, American wealth had been stolen right from 1776; Around 9/9/1776. You should NOT have bound the USA Holding blindly as Government on Neg. date. There was NEGATIVE Pluto energy on this day. So the manipulative energy had been on you/us from this day on forward until now.

    Evidences? 1) In the revelations of your “Statesmen Three, doc”. Search for 1740 and 1775.
    2) I know for fact that the world is controlled by our Highest God (not Jesus), and by someone like the Devil. I see good and bad happening on earth, mapped by Law of Physics, like never ending, through the tools that the Holy Ghost given to me. 3) Everything Anna said happened did happen, in 1860-64, 1871, 1907, 1933, 1953’s – present about the multiple Bankrupted USA Corporation, I see their Neg.energies on the past viewing tools, like never ending. 4) So watch out, around 2022, the vermin’s will send their authorities problem-makers to control people. If you fight intelligently, you will get the Neg.Crews to settle and side with you, and win. SO Enforce your Dead-bold lock with a block of Stainless steel, using a 1.4” x 0.34”, about ¼” Thick. Create your own bullet proof, using the SS steel materials, for thin but strong protection, and use a 3mm vinyl to protect sharp edges.

    Next time, after your successful Revolution, let me know, how to bind your next USA as a powerful productive country. I was born to balance the fairness around the world.

  8. "Meantime, the Queen's Hubby, Prince Philip, has collected all the "Life Force Value Annuities" owed from the life insurance policies the vermin took out on all the dead babies and their estates." From Anna's statement.
    How can one get a life insurance policy on a "dead baby"??