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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

An Unavoidable Realization

By Anna Von Reitz

What if people have been taught to call themselves "Christian" just as they have been taught to call themselves "US Citizens" ---- to their own detriment?  What if the whole concept of "Christ" versus Jesus is just another substitution fraud?  

How else to explain how many "Christians" do nothing toward imitating Jesus, and make no real effort to follow his teachings?   

How else to explain the ugly doctrine of transubstantiation, which would have us believe that we are drinking the actual blood of Jesus from a Communion cup? Cannibalism?  Blood-drinking?  In the Church?  Really? 

How else to explain the gross commercialism of going to "confession", paying a fine, going out the next week and committing the same sins, going to confession, paying a fine ----- over and over again, with no change in heart or action?   

Why leave Jesus hanging on the cross as a crucifix, instead of declaring that the suffering is over and the deed is done?  

What if the confusion of The Kingdom of Heaven with "The Kingdom of God" is the same sort of deliberate substitution and deceit as substituting "the State of Wisconsin" for The State of Wisconsin? 

What if the confusion of the Roman Catholic Church with the Universal Catholic Church is also deliberate?  A matter of usurpation?  Just as "the" United States of America has masqueraded as The United States of America? 

What if the deliberate use of the endearment "Father" applied to Catholic priests is a knowing insult to our Father in Heaven?  A turning away from the Heavenly Father in favor of an earthly one----with feet of clay, no less?  

Substituting the "civil" government for the "civilian" government?  

Substituting the "boat" -- the amnion/fetal afterbirth -- for the baby?  

It's all part of the same thing.  Deceit. Deception. Fraud for gain.  This is the Kingdom of Satan in our midst, with all its glitter and emptiness, it's cruelty and oppression of Mankind --- and its not just limited to the "Christian" Churches or the government corporations.  

All these airy-fairy "belief" systems with all their arbitrary man-made codes and traditions and obligations attempt to ignore and evade and side-step and misinterpret the profoundly simple and inexorable laws of the Living God. 

Yet all the cruel deceits and lies fade away in the glorious light of the Truth, like darkness dispelled by a single candle, like a grease film removed from a dusty mirror.  

This is, indeed, a spiritual and mental battle, one in which the battlefield is our own mind and heart, a battle in which we are tested not for our brute strength, but our ability to discern the truth and make corrections accordingly.  

There is a brief scene in the movie "Secondhand Lions" in which Hub McCann tells his Grandnephew a profound truth ---- we should believe in things that are worth believing in, the things that are good and right and true. 

Our choices may be somewhat flawed, we might occasionally swallow a "whopper", but if we hold our religious and political beliefs to that standard, the deceits of Satan will fall.  The self-interest and dishonesty will be exposed.  The excuses made for violence and cruelty and lust and selfishness will be shown up for what they are.  

We should reject anything that isn't good, and right, and true.  Regardless of tradition.  Regardless of indoctrination.  Regardless of "what we've been told". Or how many generations of mankind have been fooled by these fakirs.  

America, sadly, is not the land of the free.  It is the land of the enslaved.  

We have been enslaved by gullibility and ignorance, deliberately dumbed down and trained to be good for nothing but gun fodder and emptying bedpans. That's the fact.  

But its not where we start from, folks.  It's where we end up that counts.  

We have begun a process that is as inexorable as rain falling and the sun rising, a process of awakening, of seeing---- and ultimately, a process of taking action against these evils in our midst.  


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  1. I have been telling our kids over and over and over again that 501 c 3 churches are not for us they are of the false god I implore everyone to read the almanac of evil.

    1. correct! They are registered and belong to the gov't. Register no-thing!

    2. 501 = 5+1=6
      Occult Significance Of The Number 6

      Occult Numerology, History and Rune Magic

      C=3 N 3 = 33

      I know this may appear schizo until you understand this code I just showed you lol but trust me it is very important learn why this code recognizes and signifies the Masonic (33) churches of materialism (6) not God.

    3. Anna I disagree entirely with many of your ideas in this article.

      If we are going to believe what Jesus taught we must believe it all, not just cherry pick what we like and leave the rest out.

      Jesus IS the Christ of the Lord, our Savior, and our God. He is the second person of the Blessed Trinity and one with the Father.
      He is Truth personified. The word of God made man. He told His apostles to "Go forth and teach ye all nations... He didn't tell them to go forth and write.

      You don't understand Transubstantiation at all. This is what the Church teaches (officially) about the Real Presence of Our Lord in the Sacrament of the Altar.

      You also make huge errors in your understanding of Confession, also called the Sacrament of Penance.

      What is a Sacrament?

      Absolution by a Priest. Did Christ mandate this for the forgiveness of sins committed after Baptism?

      Why a Crucifix and not just a bare cross?
      To remind the faithful of what Jesus endured for us, and to teach us the value of suffering when endured for His sake.

      Confusion about universal. The word Catholic comes from the greek word katholikós which means Universal, Global

      Confusion about applying the word Father to a Priest. The opposite is true, since a priest is responsible for his flock in a spiritual sense as a father is for his family, it is a title that reminds him of his responsibility and acknowledges his office as a dispenser of Christs's Sacraments, which gives honor and glory to God who is the author of those Sacraments. So what is a priest?

      So my opinion is that anyone who has not studied what the Catholic Church has had to say about itself over the last 20 + centuries of time has really swallowed lots of big whoppers.

      What we really need to be, is dedicated to finding the truth as God sees it, rather than what is convenient for this life, and regardless of the consequences to us in this temporal existence.

      We must be very careful that we are not throwing the baby out with the bathwater!

    4. it seems the biggest critics of "roman catholicism" are always ignorant of basics.

      all that is to say: anna is fine for "Americanism" (a masquerade of "secularism") but best avoided on any "religious" topics.

      ("americanism" is itself a religion, "freedom of religion" merely a masquerade the occultists and masons and illuminists use to bait the masses)

      as nesta webster pointed out decades ago, this is akin to the fundamentally-impossible-to-hold- simultaneously "liberty" and "equality". noone can serve 2 masters.

      they proclaim(ed) "nature's god" -- in the declaration of independence no less -- as the "god" of america -- at the same time proclaiming "freedom of religion". cognitive dissonance at its finest.

      that seems to me the primary "substitution" fraud of america -- a nameless, vague, neutral at best and opposed to a trinity at worst (merely a pretence to disguise what is primarily anti-catholicism), one-size-fits-all "rights of man" that is utterly meaningless in practice, as everyone has their own opinion what it means.

      even jefferson merely chose 'english common law' as a basis because it seemed the best at-the-time protector of 'rights' -- not that he thought it was perfect. had they money/time/less fear of independence being "lost", they may very well have invented a new type of "law" and written if not miles, at least some amount of "codes" -- that would have been much more ideal -- see jefferson's autobiography on this -- but this was not feasible at the time.

      "Living God" just sounds like another substitution.

      to my not-raised-anything mind, is the only story that makes sense. if christ is messiah, his mother must be mother of god. if "the lord" is he whom "noone has seen his face" (per the "bible"), then holy ghost must be the true "father", all "father" entities before christ are false (moses/mosaic law is incompatible with christ for many reasons; christ's own statements, but one has to e.g. merely read the talmud to see who is "saved" and "unsaved")

      also see e.g. mormonism to note according to them, 2nd coming believers are "saved" everyone else is of the devil. for people who proclaim "tolerance" and accuse others of 'religious bigotry' (see mitt romney) the hypocrisy is deafening.

      all you have to do is read some masonic writings, rosicrucians, study, illuminism, various "socialists", "the union jack" helen peters, etc. to see how the stage for a false "2nd coming" is set up.

      this is something anna never distinguishes. she wonders about "christ" versus "jesus" but makes no distinction on what "2nd coming" is about.

      the silence is deafening.

      maxim of law: everyone knows something, noone knows everything.

      any search for truth is impossible on an ever-shifting playing field. don't build a castle on shifting sands.

      the only thing worse than a "fundamentalist" or "literal" bible thumper, is one who won't pick a "bible". this leaves them free to improvise/make it up as they go.

      merely a vehicle to spread atheism/heresy disguised as "jesus". why not drop the act, just proclaim yourself a non-believer?

    5. to some, it seems put on the "religious" cloak and you are free to make up things as they go to benefit yourself/your own causes.

      in reality, worship of self/one's own intellect.

      (in theory) evermore "perfection" akin to the scientific method/experimentation.

      this type of pseudo "religion" may yield fruits eventually, perhaps only of the materialist kind (i.e. in this world), but noone sane should attach any "religious" importance to it.

      it is "the meek" who can't make up their minds, yet still want the posture/appearance of being "religious" "moral".

      so they are forced to attempt to "merge" 2 fundamentally incompatible things, and make an unholy mess.

      "define your terms, and then we can discuss [financial matters]" -- ezra pound.

      the "roman catholics" wisely state they only use canon books they have vetted. (although this is double-edged sword; if false councils win out, false sources get "established" and difficult to undo such heresies)

      wisely, they don't (at least shouldn't) waste time with people using other "sources".

      simply put, if you want to "criticize "roman catholicism" your best bet of "attack" is to study councils, know the "catholic" bibles and other books inside out FIRST, THEN see if you can find self-serving "make it up as you go" charades.

      otherwise, you are just showing your ignorance.

      how can you judge what you don't understand/comprehend?

      any science teacher would give anna an "F" because "too many variables, impossible to observe any results, incoherent thesis, results inconclusive"

      it is impossible to "verify" any of her statements on "religion" because she gives no sources but her own speculation, which is ever-shifting.

      at least with "fundamentalists" you can gather all the "prophecies" amongst them and compare, and try to see which is "true meaning" and which are self-serving "appeal to authority" or why someone might push such things.

      it is not possible to prove a negative. one giant ever-shifting vacuum of nothingness. dark matter. you can't prove that version of "god" doesn't exist. utterly meaningless feel-good BS IMO.

      at least with "roman catholics" they lay their cards down on the table (perhaps less so in the past, but nowadays, due to protestantism, forced to). anyone can read their books nowadays.

      person-posing as "ucadia" did the same thing. miles of "canons" exposing various bible/religious "frauds"...but when you try to see which "bible" they think is "true" the only statement i could find was "oh, well, some ancient thing circa AD 0 - AD 200 was probably authentic, give or take a few missing books" ... but no known copy exists.

      and this version of "ucadia" plan was to censor all other bibles. yet they cannot show they themselves have anything authentic.

      again, reeks of "atheist" conspiracy masquerading as "religion"

      the solution to speech you don't like is more, not less.

      again, the "unenlightened" "roman catholics" historically may not have followed this, but quite amazing to see the biggest critics use all the same "inquisition" tactics and the ends justifies the means in their minds.

      the hypocrisy is astounding.

    6. Thank you Paul,
      I love Anna and there is no one who knows American history like her. BUT there is too many Eucharistic miracles (google it) and 2000 history of the Holy Roman (where it sits) Catholic (Universal) Apostolic (Founded upon the 12 apostles)Church that teaches without exception of the true presence of Jesus Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. Further, there is overwhelming evidence that is not disputable that the secret societies infiltrated the church with monarch mind control Satanist into most seminary's in America for the sole purpose of defacing the true image. There only purpose was to reach the highest levels of the church to destroy its true image. But no fear Jesus Christ says that the gates of hell shall not prevail against My Church. Paul VI is 1972 stated that the smoke of Satan has reached the highest levels on the catholic Church. There is the Church that Jesus is the foundation and there is a mirror image created by Satan. God Bless. "Thy shall believe before you can understand. You will never understand until you believe". The meaning of Faith. St Augustine.

    7. Yes Michael, you are right, but the Church is much smaller today than it was about 60 years ago.

      This website might help you.

    8. Infiltration of the Catholic Church....
      1936 - Bnai Brith Mocked Freemasons for 'Joining Jewish Plot' August 1, 2019
      Makow- Terminated - Freemasonry's Final Revelation

      "In the London Catholic Gazette of February 1936, a sensational article was published under the heading: "The Jewish Peril and the Catholic Church". The monthly organ of the Catholic Missionary Society of England was quoting speeches delivered in a series of secret Jewish meetings in Paris. A few weeks later, the Parisian weekly "Le Reveil du Peuple" published a similar account, adding that the statements had been made at a recent convention of the B'nai B'rith (secret Masonic order in which no Gentile is admitted) held in Paris."

      "So far, we have considered our strategy in our attacks upon the Catholic Church from the outside. Let us now explain how we have gone further in our work, to hasten the ruin of the Catholic Church, and how we have penetrated into her most intimate circles......"

      The Plot Against the Church, Maurice Pinay

    9. Anybody who is NOT a member of a church should not be talking about what that faith believes or means or is or does or says.

      If one is not a member of that certain group of people, then all one can do is speculate.

      And will generally be WRONG!! :)

    10. xerces, you might want to read this about the Church.

      One can not have God for his Father without having the Church as his Mother.

    11. The concept of following the laws of nature that are established by the creator of nature
      Added to
      The concept of freedom of "religion" under same

      Does not create cognitive dissonance in me.
      I'm quite comfortable with it.

      Reasonable boundaries

      I like it.

  2. To say that ''we have begun a process of awakening'' is like feeling the earth shaking and rumbling right under your feet, and saying 'we should begin a process to decide what we will do in case of an earthquake''.....LOL

    1. The mass awakening in the age of Aquarius (air sign). It is quite literally written in the stars :)

    2. "satan" "god of this world"

      everything i have read points to "age of aquarius" as strongly tied into more "jewish millenialism" "2nd coming" etc.

      that is not to say i lump all people into "signs" etc. with luciferians.

      but it seems the illuminists and lucuiferians use everyone else for their own ends. what a better way to spread annihilation of catholicism and christianity than the "stars" foretell it?

      in other words, the higher ups dont believe a word of it. just a tactic to try to get the "reactionary" old world "religious" types on board with luciferianism (disguised as 2nd coming "christ").

      (in reality, of course, reviving ancient "religions" is the most "reactionary" and anti-progress one can get, and reverting back to "before christ" times is truly "old world order" not "new" at all)

      satan, masquerading as angel of light. same old.

      by "use for their own ends" i mean they use astrotheologists and other illuminists and other luciferians as well.

      aleister crowley proclaimed age of horus. the whole of the law shalt be do what thou wilt.

      although him and anton levay i consider much-less-dangerous than the "image" (at least they openly proclaim what they are about, don't try to masquerade, e.g. don't proclaim horus is the same as bible jesus and/or "christ" from what i have seen)

      IMO that is the "age" that is "winning" and coming about, the age of horus.

      it looks to me the "illuminists" and/or luciferians always find a way to parasiticially sit on top and try to "merge" everyone else below to serve their own ends.

    3. Ages have nothing to do with any religion anymore than what time it is. The Heavens are a huge clock and when the hands (planets) strike different positions "things" happen :). I wrote this article try it and see what you think

      What Is Reality? The Holofractal Universe

      Also listen to this small video about yugas
      Yuga Cycles – Changing Densities And Dimensions

      That should get you started if you are interested. Knowledge is power my friend to escape all the false paradigms of this world of deceit you have to know what the puppet masters don't want you to know. The mass awakening occurs when people finally learn what we really are and how this reality really works. That is how you beat these people, at their own game :)

    4. I've been reading your material, very interesting to say the least
      I believe you might find this article of some interest?

      I'd like to know what you're thoughts are on the timeline presented?

    5. I'd really like to get your take on the Georgia Guidestones?
      Their alignment with the heavens etc etc etc - you have anything on that?

    6. The Georgia guide stones were put in place by the Rosicrucian apparently, many exoteric conspirtards seem to think they are about some secret genocide plan of the Illuminati which isn't true. They are simply guides for the next global disaster like the one that destroyed Atlantis, the global flood.

      Everything is cyclical in this reality on a set schedule just like a clock as I mentioned. There will be another catastrophe just like the last one because it is on a schedule like everything in this reality. The guide stones are just helpful instructions for the survivors of the next catastrophe for the next root race.

      Ty for the compliment my friend I am glad you enjoy the material :). I write for the few people like you looking for hard to find information. I will take a look at the website you linked ty! Make a new comment to remind me to respond if I don't get back to you on this in a couple days or you can just leave a comment on my website if you want.

    7. Oh as far as the alignment it lines with the solstices through a little slit you can find if you do a web search I am sure

    8. Try this, crystalinks is a great site, very knowledgeable

    9. Bodhi: Thanks for the link. The message on the Guidestones remind me of a story my friend wrote about aliens coming to Earth and presenting humans with a book whose title was eventually translated as "To Serve Man", so lots of people flew off to the Aliens' planet looking for pure pleasure. But when the book was further translated, it turned out to be a cook book.

      We ALWAYS have to dig deeper.

    10. I lol'd indeed! There is a lot of esoteric knowledge in science fiction. Our language has been corrupted and the population so dumbed down most people don't know what any of this stuff really meant and rely on people as clueless as them to tell them.

      Etymology is the key to unlocking where these words come from and what they really mean as I mentioned in comment below just like the law, a person or citizen is not what people think it is, just as Satan or Lucifer is not what not people think it is. Jail house lawyers and street preachers should be the last people we depend on to interpret the work of genius masters written in poetry and metaphor with forgotten languages that have been mangled and changed. YW for the link

  3. I asked the same questions, and more at 14. I was told by members of my Catholic family: "That's what we believe". Short, sweet and empty. It was a bad explanation 46 years ago and in my opinion there is not a good explanation now.

    To blindly follow things you don't understand is a recipe for disaster and a lot of suffering.

    My biggest question was "Wouldn't God get bored with all the repetitive BS"? I sure was. Kinda like pledging allegiance to a flag every day. Wasn't once good enough or is it about indoctrination?

    Realizing the living God is part of each of us and we can have a real relationship instead of spouting repetitive "prayers" that do not come from the heart is empowering. It is a shame there are not more Ministries or Churches that are not under the doctrine of the STATE. People need the fellowship without the indoctrination. Maybe things will change as people wake up. There is Hope.

    1. the problem is "america" is based on "nature's god" so even if "living god" was true, i haven't seen any new "declaration of independence" based on it.

      the only time "living god" appears is lincoln's 2nd inaugural.

      anna is just making up things that hold no water lawfully/legally under the "american" system of law

      "living god" is not in the declaration of independence.

      she has ZERO grounds under the existing document to mix and match and "substitute"

      (notwithstanding she can "declare independence" with a new document more to her liking)

      if we want to know who "nature's god" is we can see mr. franklin QUOTE Franklin provided a summary of his beliefs in a 1785 letter to George Whateley:

      it is (egyptian) alchemy: fire/water/air/earth.

      aka 18th century "science". that is who "nature's god" is.

      and when we compare to 68th convocation of the rosy cross order, fundamental laws, 1916, we learn more about this "nature's god". just an excuse to program people while giving them a facade of "freedom of religion" because they are not enlightened enough to be given "the truth"

      as "red symphony" rakovsky points out, the "state" is simply power, despite people who masquerade they are not the "state" e.g. financiers. just a question who has that authority.

      "part of each of us" just reeks of "illuminists/luciferians trying to overthrow all established religions/nations/peoples/states/countries/races/genders.

      that's how i see "living god": short, sweet, and empty.

      just seems more "millenialism" trickery IMO, something the lucierians/illuminists push to the little people try to destroy all religion while appearing "holy" "pious"

      like various politicians say "on the right side of history" -- utterly meaningless. assumes humans always "progress". reeks of enlightenment/scientific method always leading to "progress". totally ignores the reality of living under a "scientific" state where everything is "managed" for "socialability". good for economists and financiers who have annuities on everyone's head at birth, bad for everyone else.

    2. eustace mullins "the world order" also decades ago pointed out the problem with dialectical materialism/marxism/hegelianism, which i see "living god" as a variant (never-ending "levelling" "merging of all society into one giant mass the nation (and now world) over"

      it disallows all other philosophies. with the "living god" no other "god" is allowed for long, because you must "merge" into it.

      it is monotheism masquerading as "democracy" "freedom of religion for the masses" IMO. in the end just another brand of "satanism" IMO. tries to take over all other religions under disguise of "tolerance"

      just looks like another false god to me, disguised as "awakening"

    3. IMO "living god" falsely sets all religions as "equally true"

      it assumes that there are no satanists/luciferianists/illuminists, or if there are, they too have one of the "1000 points of light" (gnosticism, let there be light i.e. genesis, very masonic/kabbalistic)

      and that if we all discuss and hold hands and share our insights and together we will arrive at "truth".

      i see no evidence this ever works in practice.

      it assumes there are no bad actors, no bad people, no mislead/deceived people either, noone who is only looking out for themselves and makes things up as they go to control everyone else. everyone has clean hands/honour/a properly functioning mind. everyone has their own "truth"

      everyone and all religions are born without "original sin" so no need for christ. everyone is innocent. everyone gets saved. noone burns.

      it fits "satan's plan" perfectly IMO.

      actual god/christ is dead, satan is living. so come join the "living god".

    4. I agree with what you saying - not an awakening at all - it is being dished out as an awakening and everyone taking the bait
      Have you heard they have an AI God and an online AI church?
      Can't remember where I read that at, sorry

    5. xer you are the living God, you are Shiva, the Christ (if you so choose to be) you are a fractal of the divine Universal being that we all inhabit.

    6. What Is Christ Consciousness

  4. "Do this in memory of me" -- kind of hard to deny the gravity of that, but throwing out the "difficult" parts is probably a good start.. Domesticating Truth to 'our' will is such a bloodless endeavor, but not for Him. Yet He still loves us to the last.


    1. This was an awesome video - explains exactly what they are doing all over the world
      And have a look Australia listed as a corporation posing as a government

      This does not pertain to Australia however there is some information in here to see how they are usurping the EU

      Which goes along with their UN agenda

      Australia looks to me like it falls under USPACOM

      Sustainablity is a UN term anything sustainable is part of their so called green new deal which means the people are all serfs and they are the rulers

      Schools / common core and UNESCO teaching all children to be global serfs

  6. It's all consentual securities fraud if we do not complain we are being used for surety without fully informed consent...

    1. yes and no. "democracy" means they don't care.

      the "majority" "people" have spoken. of course, non-feds can't vote. but truth doesn't concern them.

      right from the start "federal constitution" they did this. abandoned amending (there was a process) articles of confederation, proclaimed a "majority (9 of 13 IIRC) had "ratified" the federal constitution, despite "we the people" never having any say whatsoever. (except through "representatives" of course).

      in theory yes, in reality "the whole of the law shalt be do what thou wilt" seems to be the game.

    2. Crowley is commonly misquoted and misunderstood, have you ever actually read any of his work? You shouldn't just judge him based on what you have read on some conspiratard website. The entire quote is

      "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law". "Love is the law, love under will."

      Crowley was Thelema anyway, Thelema is a very small order that branched off of Golden Dawn if I am not mistaken. There are many esoteric organizations lumping them all together as "Mason New World Illuminati" etc etc etc is not accurate. Occult knowledge is mostly just math and science, true spiritual knowledge from the ancients Rome has tried to destroy for control. Most occult organizations aren't political in the least.

      Lucifer means light bearer in Latin, Lucifer and "Satan" are not the same thing. Lucifer would be mostly referring to the Sun or even Sophia the Greek goddess of wisdom and knowledge. Luciferians are not "satanic" in the exoteric Christian understanding. Satan in itself simply adversary in Hebrew is not a fallen angel. The pop culture imagery of what these things mean is never correct it is nonsense fed to the masses to keep them confused and ignorant of their true meanings and origin.

    3. Bohdi, i would just like to ask you one simple question, have YOU personally ever read or studied the Bible? I'm not looking for any argument, I just find that many who make comments about the Bible, yet those comments don't agree with what the Bible actually says, have simply never read it for themselves but are basing their opinions on what they have read or heard from a 3rd party.
      Isaiah 14:12 says " How art thou fallen from Heaven O Lucifer, son of the morning.." and in Luke 10:18 Jesus said "I beheld Satan fall as lightning from Heaven..." And Rev.12:9 says "And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole earth..."
      All one and the same being. He was created as Lucifer, the son of the morning, the light bearer, the anointed guardian cherub...Ez.28:14. He was also a musical being. Pride was his undoing and is still his main tool of deceit and delusion since it is absolutely the most difficult to self-discern.
      No pop culture imagery here, just plain scripture.
      40 years ago I was a practicing occultist...a Pantheist...won't even go into all the things I did and experienced...and was exceedingly aggressive against Jesus, the Bible, and anything that had to do with that entire way. I thought, as you just stated that I was equal in every way to the Christ until through a series of events completely out of my control, Jesus appeared to me and declared that He was God, and the power of His presence was all I needed to know that this Being was One who not only created it all, but He was, is , and shall be the absolute owner and authority over it all.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Yes I have in fact I went to a private Baptist University, one of the best private schools in the nation in fact Mercer University, and took numerous courses on theology and Roman history, which is crucial to understanding even the exoteric aspects of the Bible. I also know the esoteric sciences the scriptures are really based on and the real history that has been hidden from the west by Rome. No offense but you don't know what the Bible is really talking about anymore than a kindergartner understands what the computer code of this website means if you were to see it. Again I am not trying to be rude just looking for an apt metaphor to use. If you want to learn what the bible is really about you should start with this playlist.

      The bible was never meant to be understood by the average person it was written in codes for esoteric initiates, much like the law you learn about here, things don't mean what the masses think they do, they don't have the knowledge to understand it any more than they could understand the schematics for a nuclear reactor. This playlist will give you the knowledge you need to understand what the Bible is really about just as Anna gives you the knowledge to understand what the law is really about. Those who seek find :)

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. " How art thou fallen from Heaven O Lucifer, son of the morning.." Lucifer in this context is Venus, Venus is the morning star.

      Ez.28:14. He was also a musical being.

      This is referring to Pan

      Rev.12:9 says "And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole earth..."

      This is open to numerous interpretations. The great dragon is likely referring to the constellation draco or maybe the 13th constellation Ophiuchus. Also the Jews always invert Aryan scripture the serpant is one of the most holy symbols because it represents the sine wave, the fundamental basis of this reality, the cobra is very holy is Buddhism (the Buddha was covered by the Cobra as he found emligtnement and Shiva always has the Cobra around his neck)

      Again Satan means adversary in Hebrew and is not an entity it is a title referring to the Jews would be the most apt way to interpret it or the Saturnian heretics. Also I don't know what Bible you are quoting from if it is KJV it was written by the Freemason Francis Bacon and the bible is terribly mistranslated in most translations. I would like to see where this word Devil comes and really translates too. Have you ever read the Septuagint the original Greek bible?

    8. Pan: In ancient Greek religion and mythology, Pan (/pæn/; Ancient Greek: Πάν, Pan) is the god of the wild, shepherds and flocks, nature of mountain wilds, rustic music and impromptus, and companion of the nymphs. He has the hindquarters, legs, and horns of a goat, in the same manner as a faun or satyr.

      Goat, music, beasts, horns, sound familiar? :)

    9. Bodhi, check out the first video that is one this page
      Genesis to Revelations in less than 7 minutes
      Read this afterwards though
      Aquarian age moves us right in the direction they want us to go is all I'm saying
      Santos is great but I have also watched him go from someone looking very healthy to someone who looks like walking death via his vegan path stating we should not eat animals
      This to goes along with their green new deal and CO2 fraud that cows eat too much grass take up too much space and fart too much so lets do away with them too
      Meanwhile those in the know like Ted Turner, living large on a ranch raising buffalo
      He also preaches that there are too many damned people in the world - he has 5 children
      He has also been planning with the likes of Gorbachev and Oprah on the sunny shores of California for the demise of the West
      Nancy Pelosi set ole Gorby up nice and pretty and you guessed it through the use of The Gorbachev Foundation, yet another non profit he has been chanrged with dismantleing our military bases and the depopulation agenda
      On the bottom right of this article it says
      Alien Troops to Police U.S.A

      World Troop Map19, Adopted in 1952 by the World Association of World Parliamentarians for World Government

      Notes on the World Troop Map20

      Base Closure and Realignment Commission (BRAC)21

      Base Closure and Realignment Act of 1990 (BRAC)22

      Economic Development Administration - Defense Conversion23

      Mikhail Gorbachev - 1993

      "Friday, he inaugurated the Gorbachev Foundation, USA, which is moving into new headquarters in the Presidio in San Francisco.

      In his speech in San Francisco, Gorbachev announced that the foundation is creating a national task force on U.S. Military base closings. It will be co-chaired by former San Jose Mayor Tom McEnery and former Democratic Rep. Mel Levine of Southern California.

      The Group will call for a national conference of the 36 U.S. communities that the base closings affect." 24

    10. Now you have to ask yourself why is the former Soviet Union leader here in the US in charge of closing down our military bases
      Who are these alien troops
      Rex 84 was a joint military exercise conducted here in the US and I have personally talked with people who know Russians who are stationed here in the west and this American came right out and told me they are waiting for orders to strike
      This guy lives in my neighborhood and works in the oil fields
      I have read that fracking and oil rigs and platforms are being used to destableize the earth and to cause earthquakes and such in areas they working to clear the people off the land
      1941 map
      UN map
      And they linked it all in with the holy books to Justify their dirty deeds like killing off the worlds populations and blaming it on god
      Swath of land up through the middle of the uS they just flooded out is part of NAFTA super highway - they flooded them out on purpose to take the land
      Notice how the map of the US almost looks like the path of the eclipses' next one 2024
      Green new deal that highway is for the crooks in the know - people in the path of it have been wiped out
      Just like those in the path of Katrina and other gulf storms and the gulf oil spill - moving the people off the land so Rockefeller Oil could move in
      These are all instances of planned genocide and destruction for their GREEN NEW DEALS

    11. The world parliament
      You might note that India is playing big role in all this role out, hmm can you say BRICS deal
      So while the crooks who are stealing all the land, water and monerals and putting all of us in stack and pack housing, lowering wages, throwing up 5G and the IoT, behind the scenes they have The Earth Constitution
      You see behind the scenes through their UN and through their communist common core education
      They are teaching everyone to be global serfs
      The aquarian age in my opinion is just another ruse they cooked up to go along with their green new earth deal
      This stuff wasnt lost science it is the science they pushing for us to take hold of and spread around
      They want us to think that we are just sould drifting through demensions and that these things that our body is are just meat suits and we move on to higher demensions

    12. And look at the name of this non profit organization, ISISAR (ISIS)
      And how about the Earth Federation currencies
      EFCC - Earth Financial Credit Corporation
      So you see they don't give a rats ass about the CONstitutions they owe to any nation they already have a new one and they working it behind the scenes
      How about the Earth Federation Pledge of Allegiance
      DID YOU KNOW there are International Chief Justices
      And if people don't realize that this has all been planned for new commerce routes and for the total enslavement of the entire population then they are fooling themselves
      1941 map
      UN map
      Regionalism in the united states
      Regionalism and education
      Common Core = CC = 33
      This is no accident people

    13. I give you UN agenda 21 and the weather manipulators plans to relocate all people so they can steal the resources
      Jew suit - Jerry Brown, more than likely not his real name either
      Notice in the one instance where the guy says in our country people cannot just do what they want? Hmmm
      Their first state - Switzerland
      Second state - ISISRAEL
      Third state - US??????
      Sure as hell seems like it now doesn't it

    14. Under the guise of the WWF (a rothchild organization) 'endangered' fish species is being used to confiscate peoples land all over California
      Green new deal for the crooks in the know like Nestle who is pumping huge amounts of water out of the great lakes and selling it back toyou in plastic bottles while they scream water conservation and scarcity

    15. Santos has been a Vegatarain a long time, he is also getting very sick due to health issues but the two aren't related.

      >The aquarian age in my opinion is just another ruse they cooked up to go along with their green new earth deal

      No one cooks up ages my bro, as I mentioned before no one can make up ages/yugas anymore than they can make up morning, noon or night. They are simply cosmic seasons, it is science and a provable fact. The things I write about are provable science I have personally done the research and provided all the evidence to prove conclusively. Yes they are attached to the 3rd dimension for w/e reason idk, it is their function, their program, socio and psychopaths.

      As far as the rest yes I am well aware of what they have been and are doing and what their end game is, they won't succeed however :). You have done some good research very refreshing to see ty for the links.

    16. Bodhi, thanks for your reply. I just read your article What is Reality: The Holofractal universe. You're way smarter than I am, I'm certainly no scientist, but I sure do love Tesla. I see the energy everywhere in all things that he describes, and I understand what he's saying, I do not possess any of the scientific training to be able to bring it forth out of the ether into the physical as he did. I know exactly what he's saying in that quote you have on there saying His brain is a receiver and in the universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength, inspiration...etc. That's kind of the weird thing about my entire experience here; I have always had an experience of things before I had ever read or heard of those things existing. At the age of 18 I managed to crawl out of Plato's cave into that world where, as the Moody Blues say, " A beam of light will fill your head, and you'll remember what's been said, by all the good men this world's ever known". I suddenly was filled with understanding and insight, and for the first time in my life I had a desire to read and learn all I could. I also developed some degree of psychic abilities at the time,( which I prefer to not talk about online).
      I do not have hours to watch videos, I did however preview your ugetube channel, and just reviewed topics you have videos on, and I'm being honest,most of what I saw are subjects that I've been interested in for years and have read or studied to some degree, some more than others. From the looks of you, I have children as old as you are and I was into much of this before you were born. I know that doesn't necessarily
      mean anything. I was into this stuff 15 years before I ever heard of the internet. You had to read books and did not have all this other info so readily available for referencing back then. I was an avid Art Bell fan for nearly 15 years before he retired from radio, so I've heard pretty much all of it. Looks like you probably read Joseph Farrell, one of my favs. Or possibly William Henry, or Jordan Maxwell. There is not much in that realm, at least anyone who has been a guest on Coast to Coast for the past 20 years, that I haven't heard or read.
      But to me what has been unique for me, is I have had the EXPERIENCE of things in the spiritual realm BEFORE I had read or heard about them, so it certainly wasn't the power of suggestion to my mind. A friend once told me, "A man with an experience is never at the mercy of a man with an argument." If there was room on this blog I could tell you details, but the night that was the culmination of months of a series of events which were completely being orchestrated from a Divine source, Jesus Christ appeared to me, touched me, spoke to me, and gave me a life's review like as folks have who have NDE's. He showed me that every event in my life had been designed to lead me to that very moment of decision. I was alone in my room. I certainly had not been to any churches, nor ever heard a radio or tv preacher. I had no idea personal experiences with Christ even existed. But I've read or heard thousands of similar stories through the years, much the same as the Apostle Paul. Stories from men of nearly every century and every country of the world testify to such experiences that changed their life as dramatically as mine was changed.
      So I ask, are you just a real smart guy with a lot of education? Or "Are you EXPERIENCED"?

  7. Forcing us to violate scripture is a ICCPR human rights violation the Vienna Convention article 27 removes their civil code arguments entirely and the SEC honors human rights but we need serious informed complaints to their whistle blower line

  8. I discoverd the Canadian Ownership Control Determination Act in 2000 anf could never find another mind to digest it till Raphael who shared it with you an Anna,,What have you done with that info and the annuities info?

  9. I just listened to Anna's webinar from Monday night and this just dawned on me
    This story of the amino and the live born entity
    This is Cain and Able - how Cain killed Abel to take his birthright?
    ZyGOAT - the goat, the beast
    Just putting this out on this article because I don;t think people go back and read the others on a daily basis
    I did not get any repsonses from anyone so I am putting this here
    Tell Me what you think

    1. Another observation from the Monday call
      Anna stated that the woman retains DNA from all sex partners
      Remember when Maury Povich did all those shows about DNA and you are not the father, you are the father
      This is how they sold the DNA crap to the people
      So if the mother retains the DNA from all sexual partners then who is the father - how do they know
      I'm tellin you their science is bogus
      DNA testing coming back that we all have african DNA?
      Where is the monkey DNA?
      Selling the story on the african side of the spectrum that they were the true Israelites and that they are now going to inherit the kingdom
      They have a story for every scenario and pushing it out to the various groups
      This guy right here makes it appear that they have some special gene the X gene that will somehow protect them from radiation - says thats why the white stars have black children
      He also uses colors and says that CERN is central to all this when in reality CERN is the world wide web
      There is a main hub for all this stuff with computers and CERN is it
      Cabeling connecting the information highway and protecting the so called mother land
      I don't believe it I believe this is just subliminal messaging working the black on white intermarriage to depopulate the white race
      The Kalergi Plan - the world order will be only brown people
      Bet you can't guess who it was written by

    2. The black cubes they were on their heads

    3. Who is Cain and who is Abel in this scenario?

    4. Rog, good question?
      Again I am putting this out there
      Cain and Abel, cannibals
      Lots of stuff breaking now about how they sacrificing kids, bathing in blood, eating their organs, etc etc etc
      Some very deprived minds behind this
      Again I give you this blog where porn, prostitutes and pedophila to become commonplace in their so called new world that's why this is all being put out as it is
      I read a blog by this guy izrealzeus where he had explained that they plan to create an AMAZON of nothing but their kind
      I told you AMAZON is not a just so happen to be business - slave labor abound and so is WalMart
      Everything is made in countries that they have taken over, they destroy the water, take the resources, enslave the people
      Lennar which is a home builder is part and parcel in line with Amazon of which is building their wifi certified homes for total home surveillance in their SMART Cities
      They have removed the blog that had that information in it but here is one link to his stuff
      Ever wonder why there are so many chicken places now
      Especially chic fil and tell them the cows sent ya
      It's because it is all part of UN Agenda 21 and the green new deal
      Cows eat too much grass and fart too much and leave off too much CO2 so we have to get rid of the cows so we will feed you all factory farmed infested chickens
      And they put a religious spin on chic fil too closed on sundays
      Not and accident
      None of it
      Vegetarians who have no meat on their bones will be the first to die of starvation, already malnurished
      Doing away with raw milk too - you can't have that
      How about some almond milk?
      Well guess who just happens to grow those almonds and those halo little cutties - The Wonderful Company out of California
      Which by the way they use more water on their farms than the whole city of LA
      They have their own little plantation set up with slave workers, their own schools etc etc etc
      They openly advocate war with i r a n so they can become the number one pistachio distributor in the world
      Bet you can't guess who they are and their roots
      Remember the elephant in the room selling you pistachios?
      Hmm who owns the media? Hmm who owns this farm? Hmm who picking fight with i r a n
      It's all connected
      So while they take land from people in California they selling it to Saudi Arabia
      And I would bet money those in Saudi are crypto too

    5. Put all that aside. Who is Cain and who is Abel? Who killed who for who's birthright?

      The Amnio/afterbirth is born "alive" then dies. This requires a BC and a DC in most states if it were the baby . You get a BC. We had no part in killing anyone or anything. If they are basing their nonsense on the afterbirth, as Kurt claims, where's the Death Certificate for the Amnio thus creating a dead man's estate?

      A glob of tissue containing DNA is not a Man or woman any more than a removed cyst is. Can someone scoop up that cyst and then make a claim on my body? DNA may be a recipe for a cake but it ain't the cake.

      What about a Lotus Birth? Can they make a claim on a retained and naturally expired placenta?

      Maybe they are doing as Kurt claims, but the lack of a paper trail casts doubt on this theory.

    6. Your input is appreciated
      Keeping that stuff off the books - second set of books?
      Just a suggestion
      I wonder if you can go to the hospital and request the death certificate?
      Know several who just had a baby wonder if we should attempt to get copy of 'death certificate'
      Just my thoughts

    7. If it's "off the books" then it's just a claim no different than someone claiming "That tree assaulted me!" Do I have to prove that claim is false?

      If it's a claim of ownership of DNA, what do they really have?

      There is no death certificate for the goo!

    8. Shelby, my comment has nothing to do with the current topic. I wanted to thank you for posting within the last week the video on Hierarchy. After watching I finally got it!

    9. Jewels glad to hear it
      For those who want to know what Jewels is speaking of, here is the video again on Hierarchy
      The original producer of the video is Romley Stewart
      His you tube channel is Justinian Deception
      Helping any way I can

    10. re: shelby

      farbeit for me to defend modern "computing" ... but the 'internet' is voluntary/optional (although, in modern world, same as without car/phone, which "employer" is going to "hire" you? they expect everyone to buy their own equipment, no more "job training").

      anyone can run their own "private internet" (i.e. using modern "open" "internet" protocols privately)

      once one knows the sequence of events/actual definitions, then truth is much easier (i.e. to see what happened, and how the sequence is being distorted in the present)

      inter-net == between net. a bridge/union between other networks.

      nowadays the old proprietary networks/cables/mainframes are if not gone, not on most people's radar. there is nothing stopping people from running these old networks/protocols, or using the modern "open" "internet" protocols on a "private" network.

      just like the "federal citizens only" switcheroo is what happened to the 'internet'. it was supposed to 'unite' the other networks, allow 'translation' 'communication' between various networks/protocols. not a network per se, a connection of networks. same thing as saying the "feds" are not a 'state', the internet is not technically a "network" but a "network of networks", or a "union of networks"

      in that sense, the "internet" is not a bad thing, people have forgotten definitions of words, assume it is the only "network" around.

      not that the old proprietary/mainframe stuff was all good, but even on the "open" internet, one can argue its all private corporations writing the "open" standards, running it all anyways, etc.

      for example, look at contributors to linux. in theory it is "open" "grassroots" (perhaps it once was, a long time ago). in reality, just giant corporations doing a good 99% of things.

      it's not that i think reviving the old proprietary/mainframe/etc. stuff is good for most people. but they are doing it anyway disguised as "the cloud"

      those who don't learn from history are condemned to repeat it. if people unknowingly don't know what "internet" means and "delegate" everything to it instead of maintaining their own networks, they will never get that back easily when it goes in a direction they don't like.

      the technology and cost is more than ever in reach for people to run their own wireless networks and not pay any ISPs a dime.

      but who is going to pay the "sysadmins" to secure things / keep things running smoothly?

      people want convenience.

      that is not to say i support "fragmentation" but the truth is the opposite: the "internet" was never one "network" in the first place.

      it is like saying "we can't have state citizens, we know its unconstitutional/violates consent of the governed/is extortion/slavery, but that would be fragementation!"

      there's a certain mentality, i call it the "satan" mentality that tries to "unite" everyone. i see the "internet" as merely a manifestation of this.

      they do the same thing saying the "cloud" is an "operating system" nowadays. more BS/wrong sequence of events.

      ever-shifting definitions means no "debate" is possible.

      metaphors are only good up to a point, or when something "new" need some way to reason about it by comparing to past/prior things.

      too many metaphors/improperly used destroys all meaning.

      that is how the "internet" and the tech. world. got so screwed up.

      not that i want "the king's english" but too much shape-shifting meaningless terms that depend on context, means you will always get bad software.

    11. Thanks for the input
      I can tell you from first hand experience that those old mainframes are still operational and computing data across many platforms they are basically using different applications on the back end to translate then move that data in and out
      I know of data that is still stored on mainframes in very old formats that they extract from that mainframe and translate it accordingly, AS400's too
      I have a buddyy that will tell you that cobol is the best programming language there ever was - he still programs using only cobol, we're talking he's been using and only coding with cobol for over 40 years
      This guy here says that all of the microsoft windows coding was done in i s r a e l
      They have also installed a back door on every system?
      Now they outsourcing Pentagon to the cloud through Microsoft or Amazon??
      Wish I had my old buddy around to set me up with something
      Data I do know other stuff not so much

    12. MS and google are supposed to help "secure" elections from "hacking"

      by "secure" they mean "federal citizens only voters allowed" of course. same as trump's census "security".

      you are either a "federal citizen" or un-american. precisely backwards of course.

      the track record of such "security" is not good; while people may disagree with below (i.e. should freenet be "legal") any argument against it can be used against ANY type of encryption such as HTTPS, which you cannot prove does not do same "routing" of whatever kind bad data (porn, copyright infringement, stolen gov. docs, etc.)

      thus, even people who disagree with freenet and similar, below does not bode well.
      The next question people need to ask is why is the FBI knowingly hosting child pornography?
      In reality, the false positive rate of their method is at least 83%, and close to 100% in real world scenarios.
      If they can get a warrant with an 83% false positive rate, that's a problem for lawmakers. If they falsely claim a 0% false positive rate, that's eroding the trust of citizens in the legal system.
      QUOTE they've formed the opinion that there is no legitimate use for Freenet in the west. Everyone who uses it is a likely offender.
      stuff like below might be a good sign, but these are not "mainstream"

      LOL QUOTE The average lifespan of a web page is 100 days.
      proving that there very much are legitimate uses for freenet -- they are just being used as a scapegoat.
      the mainframe stuff, for all its faults, had to run 20 years later. if only because million dollar giant machines there might be one or two for a whole corporation or university and they didnt get a new one every year. newer hardware had to run the old programs.
      corporatization == consumerism == everything is disposable == forced upgrade cycle == ever progressively slower/buggier software IMO. because noone is forced to maintain it, things are never maintained.
      OLD PARAPHRASE apple has said they purchased a cray to design the new apple. seymour cray replied "that's funny, i just purchased an apple to design the next cray" (upgrade from pencil and paper)

    13. How about TOR that was developed by the US NAVY
      The Onion
      I know for that these were promoted as safe a secure because they we created by the US NAVY
      And on using this you can buy just about any illegal drug out there using crypto
      No I have not done any of that but I can tell you I've seen it with my own eyes that it is used to market and move illegal drugs
      I heard about the TOR browser on VICE on tell lie vision
      Says it uses layers (hence the onion reference) of rerouting the data so that the end user cannot be identified?
      Not sure if you've heard of this but thought I would throw it out there
      Another form of entrapment or dealing in drugs which is one of their past times and big money makers all in plain sight

    14. You have to go read the stuff on this site
      One of the things they claim is their mission was to unite the world using global connectivity - hmm
      They claim they not taking land but that is what UN agenda 21 is doing
      They claim they don't want to take guns but eliminate the need for them??
      Again I refer to this book
      I know it was written and put out for a reason but there are some things in it that make some good points
      Anyway just some thoughts

  10. What a great post. It is so true.

  11. I still say this guy here has some very compelling information
    Did you know that 'Carter' is now a world elder

    1. They own all the media
      John Perkins is Jeffrey Epstein
      See the new RT America interview with 'Lee Camp' who is really not Lee Camp but a Greenburg - So while they parade 'Epstein' around, Perkins making his rounds on tell lie vision interviewing, he is also playing the role of Epstein putting the SEX narrative out to world and NOONE sees they are the same guy
      And while they create all this terror they selling cameras and surveillance stuff galore for you know 'national security'
      And the same crooks are implementing UN agenda 21
      You watch humpty dumpty gonna fall off the wall like j f k (aka Jimmy) - can they fool the ignorant masses again with their tell lie vision
      These are my opinions, you can take them or leave them
      Agenda to one 'government' 21, the year 2021
      Trump Card, 2020 selection, then something happens and in steps 'WHO' I wonder, another Lyndon Johnson faker like what happened in 'Dallas'
      Babylonian Bullshit

  12. Go to about the 11:30 mark in this video and listen to what the ANT has to say
    If we puny little ants every figure out what they doing it will be the end for their way of life
    Think all this is coincidence - not

  13. Jesus Christ never claimed to be God. He said many times that His Father was God. The doctrine of the Trinity, i.e. God existing equally in three persons, is not based upon scripture.

    1. Joseph A.,
      That's very interesting. Thank you for sharing that.

      Since one of the main scriptures people use to support the trinity is
      "I and my father are one."
      in John 10:30, I'd be interested in hearing what you believe he meant by that.

      Also, if you want to go this far, Hebrews 7 makes references to sons being inside their father's and even grandfathers'/ancestors' (in other verses) loins prior to bring born...
      That doesn't make them the exact same man but is used to support the belief in the trinity, too.

      If he wasn't God, how was he able to tell people about themselves,?
      Raise the dead?
      Heal the sick?

      Why was the temple veil torn in half when he died?
      Why were the graves of the dead opened and the dead seen walking through the streets of Jerusalem after he died?

      Do you believe those things even happened?

      I am not challenging what you said, others have made similar observations as well.

    2. Joseph A. Another thing:

      I do believe you are correct that he never came right out and said "I am God" although he did say "I AM", but one of the things I love about him most, that tells me, not his name or title but *who* he is and what his heart was all about was: when, after asking Peter to tell him who men said he was, he said to Peter, "Who do YOU say I am?"
      As if it is two different questions.
      Which it is.
      Because,to me, he indicated that it really doesn't matter who anyone else says he is; *I* get to say who he is to *me*...apart from everyone else's opinion, mine counts on its own with him! I suspect this was part of the foundation for the declaration of our grandfathers and mothers of "The separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature's creator entitle us" in the Declaration of Independence. :):)

    3. goodboots:

      If you are so sure, that Jesus is God, my BIG question to all of you is, how come, Jesus was affected by God's Omens and evil Omens? while he was on earth. I used to follow Jesus wholeheartedly. I am not saying he is not important. I also see his death according to schedule, as any human death schedule, at 95% I see them. For these reasons, I see the earth has a long way to go. It is now only 1/2 life. The analysis tools said, Jesus was Conspired, by both The Roman King (Pluto), and Pharisees (Uranus). Some Christians cursed me to go to hell, but I say it is NO sin to speak the truth. Do I like any other Religions? NO, I still call upon the only God, the Holy Ghost, who came into my dreams and woke me up, and made promises to help me through the sufferings.

    4. "goodboots:

      If you are so sure, that Jesus is God, my BIG question to all of you is, how come, Jesus was affected by God's Omens and evil Omens?,"

      That actually is a very good question.

      He didn't want to be placed under that evil.
      He asked for the cup to be removed from him.
      He knew what was in there.

      If you believe the bible, it says its because he had agreed before the foundation of the world was laid that he would take the sins and faults and evil of you, me, the world upon himself and ALSO *BECOME* sin itself in order to consume/"swallow" it.(ex:death is swallowed up in victory).

      If the bible is to be believed, (I do) it says he endured the cross, despised the shame he was put through for the joy that was set before him.

      His mockers told him to go cry to his father. They told him to come down from there and save himself.

      He didn't.
      He stayed there.

      Was he just a man who couldn't help himself?

      Or a sacrifice and gift?

      Was that wood a death spike for a bragging halfwit to hang on in the public square?

      Or a public altar clearing the wrongdoing of everyone who accepted him being up there instead of them?

      I've said a couple of times on here that one of the things I love about him most is, after asking peter who men were saying he was, he asked peter. "Who do YOU say I am?"

      He really doesn't ever come right out and tell any of us.He lets us decide for ourselves who he is.

  14. On the contrary Joseph, Jesus is God, one with the father, and the second person of the Blessed Trinity.