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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The Big Billy Goat Gruff

By Anna Von Reitz

Remember the story?  It was one of my favorites.  There is a troll who lives under the bridge.  (The Roman Pontiff. Literally.) This troll eats unwary goats and sheep passing over the bridge. 

So, first the Little Billy Goat Gruff gets caught by the troll and pleads for his life, saying, hey, my brother is coming soon.  He's much bigger and tastier than me. The troll sits back and decides to wait for the Middle Billy Goat Gruff, and the same thing happens--- hey, wait a minute, my brother will be here in a few minutes and he is much bigger and tastier than me.....

Again, the troll waits, slavering in anticipation.  Finally, the Big Billy Goat Gruff arrives and bounces the troll right off of the bridge, passes freely over to the other side, and joins his brothers.  The end. 

Okay, folks, your actual given family name is the Big Billy Goat Gruff.  It is the "Person in Being" --- Joseph Blow.  Just your first name and your last name, printed just the way you did it in Grade School, Upper and Lower Case. 

The Middle Billy Goat is your Lawful Person:  Joseph Alphonse Blow, when he is standing on the land, or could be your Legal Person--- also called Joseph Alphonse Blow, when out on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways.

The Little Billy Goat(s) are all the Municipal PERSONS named after you -- JOSEPH A. BLOW, JOSEPH BLOW, JOS. BLOW, etc.., which are easiest for the monsters from under the bridge to snack on. 

So naturally, these "trolls" who live "under the bridge" attack the easiest prey first --- all the Municipal Corporations that they have concocted and named after you.   Ah, but you are exempt under Title 50, Section 7, Subsections c and e, of the 2012 version --- which you are grandfathered-into, if you were alive in 2012.  

Oh, Mr. Troll, there has been a mistake.....

So trot on over the bridge and start grazing.....

Ah, but here comes your Middle Billy Goat, your Lawful/Legal Person, and the trolls come out and try to attack him, too, but you say ----

Oh, Mr. Troll.... the Doctor at the hospital made a mistake.... Joseph Alphonse Blow is the name of my Lawful Person, and as you can see, the Earth is solid under my feet.... 

And now we come to the best part of the story, when the Big Billy Goat arrives.

"Oh, Mr. Troll, I am Joe Blow, a man from Minnesota, and heir to everything in sight, including the land under my feet.   I am a Third Party, a civilian native to this country, and not the Subject Matter of any corporation or US military protectorate." 

Ka-thunk! Splash!

That's the sound of your actual family name, knowledgeably applied, hitting the Bar Attorneys squarely in the gut, followed by the sound of them landing where they belong --- in the water and headed out to sea.

Now, you are dealing with trolls and trolls will be what trolls are.  Bear that in mind and avoid bridges whenever possible.  Prepare yourself mentally and emotionally.  Know whether you are a Little Billy Goat Gruff in Municipal Court or a Middle Billy Goat Gruff in Territorial Court or..... the Big Billy Goat Gruff holding your own sovereign court proceeding.

Strange as it seems, plain old Martin Hansen, hand-printed like a kid in Grade School, Upper and Lower Case, is the Big Kahuna.  For most people in any kind of court situation, this is the name to use.  All other names associated with you derive from it.  This is the name of the Being in Possession. 

It is neither wise nor necessary to belabor all the various names and jurisdictions.  When the Recorder calls out, "Is Martin H. Hanson here?"

"No, but Martin Hanson is."

Smile. If you listen closely, you will hear sphincters closing all over the court building. 

Some of us have our reasons for dilly-dallying with the other names and jurisdictions, but 90% of the people reading this and being forced to cross such a bridge would be better served by cutting to the chase. 

Martin Hanson -- Being in Possession

Martin Alan Hanson -- can stand for a Lawful Person on the land, or a Legal Person on the Sea; they always try to interpret it as a Legal Person, but you can rebut that and they are self-evidently in dry-dock.

MARTIN ALAN HANSON, MARTIN A. HANSON, MARTIN HANSON - Municipal corporations of one kind or another. 

Martin Hanson is the rightful owner of all these entities, but he has to claim them and declare their domicile on the land and soil of one of the actual physically-defined States of the Union.


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  1. agreed, but this content is coming from Kurt Kallenbach's class info. Where does it fit in with Anna's old info on the pauper? I don't know at this time.....

  2. You must understand, if you accept they can make a claim! So you should understand that the rights are yours, if you want to keep them. No one has your rights just you! Always make it known that you refuse to have your rights arrested! That you further demand that they uphold there oaths and affirmation, to uphold that they are Americans, not UNITEDSTATESIANS, as there is no such animals, united States, was and is just an agreement that the states (STATES) are under the American Constitution, as there is no such thing as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, stated in the Constitution, and that America has Republics that are united States. Words, then there are words and yes then there are words again, then they are put into a sentence. So is the water under the bridge, or is the bridge over the water? Is up also down, and down also up, I guess it depends on what side of the planet you are referring to. Is it relativity or infinity? Just words, it depends on who or what you believe. Why are cherries consider red, if apples are red, or raspberries are red, or cranberries or strawberries are also considered red? Oh different shades or hues, or darker or lighter? So what or who thinks that the name of your family it up for grabs, and then they add your given name, as the ens legis creature is know their property??? Then Rule 220 states that you have the right to make a claim in all those words?? What? When? Why? Who? Oh the system? Really must be real a tivity!! Have fun tell them your not interested in anything they believe is in the system, your Honor, you must realize that your Honor is bound to up hold the truth, and anything you say or do is being recorded!

    1. migbest, Great Analogy!

      When a man knows in his being and his feet are firmly planted on the soil that he holds the power, the Fear leaves. It is a very empowering feeling!

      Stop Functioning in the "OFFICE OF LEGAL PERSON".

      Annie McShane
      On Delaware

  3. The moral of this simple but excellent Story is: Know Thyself! Step into the waiting "Executor Office" which Fool school fails to divulge to our us or our progeny and manage your own Supreme Court.

    We just had a big win. Judges "Order" reversed, case dismissed and Bar Attorney Fired. Judge might be gone too, waiting to fibd out.
    It could not have been done with just paperwork alone, a man/wombman must know they hold the highest Court and instruct not request from these people. It works and it has to be this simple.

    My Brother only has a first and last name, so I believe he has an easier time of establishing his lawful capacity than those of us with a middle name. Looking to report another win next week.

    Annie McShane
    On Delaware

  4. Anna's reply to James:

    I was talking about the Municipal Trust and Corporations. HERBERT WALKER is a Municipal Public Charitable Trust overseen by the County Attorneys. HERBERT H WALKER (the "H" isn't even followed by a period) is a Municipal Public Transmitting Utility. HERBERT HORATIO WALKER is a Cestui Que Vie Trust. All these things are named after you.

    Technically, all these names written in DOG LATIN are registered trademarks that infringe upon your own unregistered trademarks. This is where the slang expression, "He's an easy mark." comes from.

    What I am telling you is that plain old Herbert Walker is the actual Being in Person name and that you don't have to argue with these guys. You can just run the table by identifying yourself using the simplest most basic family name possible---- First and Last, Upper and Lower, just like in Grade School:

    John Adams
    George Palmer
    Bethany Olson
    Laura Coleman
    James Holmes

    It's fine for people like me to fight the fight over the identity of the Lawful Person versus the Legal Person. Most people are never going to know or care, though I wish more had the knowledge and the teeth to help keep these rats in line, we can't get it through to the masses fast enough. So this is the short cut to the real issues of identity and ownership interest.

  5. anna watch this video for a differant definition of the word human in the sanskrit language

  6. Our names have been placed all over the world, over our lifetime, and so IMO people can try to ''reclaim' their name or anything else to do with themselves..........but I am hard pressed to think ''they'' will give a damn and nothing changes. Thats just my viewpoint of it all and I cant see wasting time doing stuff that nets me nothing, lol.

  7. its all toooo hard for the sheeple, it is confusing, I am an Australian and we are in need of the bond/insurance too but no one in oz cares, those that know "the arseholes" are just making a business out of it. and helping themselves, I am in the final process of placing a commercial lien on WILLIAM PELHAM BARR and others.


  9. PELHAM BARRS HOME address would be handy so I can take his house

  10. Today I know a lot about the dishonest UK, FR, and the Copy-Cat USA CROOKS then 10 yrs ago. They keep creating fake Debt, or Obligations to take/ swap/ exchange for our real tangible properties, then they cancelled their Bond/Contract promises. In America, the deal is flipping.
    Act of 1654, reminds us the All Contracts must be so satisfied.
    They named themselves as Lenders where they have no proof, only railroading’s. Today is worse then 120-165 years ago. Why? Via their Book-entry, their Certificates of Investment, Bond & Stock-alike-Certificates are made for our fund managers to fall/view temporarily, but NOT to allow them to keep like the old days. Very much like today’s online view. You can’t print, and CANNOT scan their lying wording.
    However I can still take a snapshot of their lies anyway, or use alternative method to store information’s. So yes, fight, and you will win. Don’t let them scare you by the first-short. I see their tactic, they cannot destroy us, they need us, they have to come clean.

    1. Thank you for sharing this info pinkham... Its really important to have an idea how they are doing these "switches" on us...
      So they just have IMAGES of the certs and bonds then that can't be printed off for proof/evidence of fraud and crimes?...
      And then just go in and switch the bond and cert names and amounts around??? ... Pillaging and robbing and theft and stealing and fraud.
      The psychopaths.
      They cannot stay here with us.
      They have to go.

      What is the "first-short"? Is that when it looks like they are winning at first?

      I'd be interested to know your insights and thoughts on why they cannot destroy us, why they need us, why they have to come clean and why in America the deal is flipping.

      ...Not trying to be prying or nosey, so if you're not comfortable with my "20questions", no problem.

      It just sounds to me like you have done alot of deep, specific research that you have true head-knowledge of.

      Anyway, what you have already shared is terrific info. Thanks.

  11. This old bill reminds us, how America was:

    If you wonder where to locate Act of 1654? See your Statesmen Three Doc. page 23 or 33, w/ Google coverpages.

    The old Silver dollar allows us to redeem. The FRnotes are truly made to extract our energies. The worst is the mortgage fake Doc. & agreement's.

    The whole things revealed to us, through the Divine power. God and angels don't lie to me.

  12. Need to address this so called UNIDROIT Treaty
    Anna anything you can report on this