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Sunday, August 25, 2019

About the "International Arrest Warrant".....

By Anna Von Reitz

About the "International Arrest Warrant" issued by "Reign of Heaven" Society, against me and my husband and the Government of The United States of America ---- another bogus entity pretending to be "the" American Government, based on the purchase of documents related to the defunct Scottish Corporation formed 1868 and operated "as" The United States of America, Incorporated---- at a Naval Auction, no less ---- it is all 100% Bushwah, having no cause, no basis, and no affect so long as everyone who is anyone keeps their heads screwed on and reality firmly in view.
There is one actual Federation of States doing business as The United States of America. It is an unincorporated Holding Company formed September 9, 1776; it is privately held by the States and People of this country, and has never been incorporated. This is another example of British Crown guile in action --- a gross breach of trust and infringement upon our copyrights, names, and trademarks without our knowledge or consent.
Keith Livingway, the leader of this quasi-religious group, is a whackjob who has been in and out of Federal Prison for decades and who was forced to leave this country and live offshore to avoid arrest. He went to a Naval Sales Yard Auction, bought the aforementioned items once belonging to the defunct Scottish Corporation, and thought that he was thereby made King of the World, and America, too.

Next, he got "religion" and plagiarized the work of Frank O'Collins and shamelessly abused another man's work for his own purposes (shamelessly took credit for it all, too) to create the completely elitist and whackjob "Reign of Heaven Society".

They closed membership in 2012 in honor of the "End of the World" predicted (they said) by the Mayan Calendar. That means that you, Bubba, can never truly be a member in their elitist little group, because you were not "called" to their banner and subtly extorted into signing their contracts by December 21, 2012.
It turns out that the Mayan Calendar did not, does not, and will never predict any such thing. It also turns out that these people are nuts. Ignorant nuts, too, as they are continuing to rely upon documents created by pirates as the basis of their supposed authority and ownership interest.

So, however "official" all their documents and prognostications may appear, its all just more crappola, wrapped up in a different piece of paper. Sorry to bother everyone to pay any attention whatsoever to their nonsense, even for the purpose of debunking it.

If anyone needs to be arrested, its the heirs of that Scottish Corporate Interloper and all those who attempt to form commercial corporations "in our names" for the purpose of identity theft, copyright and trademark and patent infringement, constructive fraud, credit fraud, and other nefarious purposes.


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  1. The vermins are up to discredit you Anna, to make you look a foolish Anna. Because, common people aren't able to tell the difference between the fake USA(Inc) and Real USA (Uninc).

    The issues with their scheme is consistent, they always tried to simulate us, to be real when they are fake.

    I checked the old Crooked DOJ documents, and I see their Consistency in naming themselves, like "the United States", Notice the lower case "t". They'd never disclosed their secrecy to anyone but themselves.

    I am your witness, and I saw thousands of the fake USA's Fraud. Do not worry, the Gods of the Universe know you are right, and will get them in due time. Of course, we all have imperfection. As long as we can keep our 95% perfection going, that's all we could do. This "John Harold Fulks" keep popping up in my mind, since I last inspected his Red DNA remotely...

    Do you know what Anna? All Bankers, Politicians, Power-players have "Red DNA" in common. We don't have what they have... No wonder why, we're here.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Thank guys are amazing, I'm still in nappies but ready to try trainers. Blessings in abundance to you all.

  3. That naughty John Harold Fulks needs to tell his workers to deliver our mails. I had 9-10 fake delivered, no return signature card on several paid mails. Many complaints I made only turned into a run-around. John Harold Fulks is protecting the crooked thieves, and fake lenders, fake authorities. Don’t they care about their credibility or what?

    1. The more we wake up, the more holes they have to plug to protect their scheme. The media, the recording offices, the mail, more organizations with the idea of a different take on control of the people.

      We don't need governments of any sort. What we want is a service bureau to operate for the common good and that needs to be controlled by the people, not any kind of artificial corporation.

  4. While researching a couple years ago I happened upon the "Reign of Heaven" website.

    I don't remember now which STATE OF STATE they incorporated the Entity "Reign of Heaven" but even long before I had an understanding of the complexity of all this Territorial and MUNICIPAL FRANCHISE nonsense, I knew incorporating one entity into another made it part of the Thing, so how could "Reign of Heaven" be separate and sovereign from the system of CORPORATIONS?

    Anna, there is one piece of advice you give in your articles I always admired. "Turn on your Shinola sensors!"

    If it smells like S**t and looks like S**t don't step in it.

    Find the Holy Spirit inside yourself today and smile. Be kind to yourself and your brothers and sisters no matter their indoctrination by manmade religion. The spirit is more important than the words.

    Love and Blessings to all,
    Annie McShane
    On Delaware

  5. Yesterday I had questioned Anna's validity regarding her ''office as fiduciary'. She responded in Comment by telling us ''she had been visited by a Spiritual Being'' who apparently 'called her to the task and to that office. I believe all of you/us read her comment there yesterday.

    And so now I wish to respond to her attempt to qualify her Position: Anna, Im afraid you are going to have to do a whole lot better than that. We are not all so easily persuaded and that is most certainly NOT a validation. You see Anna, 'spiritual' does not indicate Godly and pure things; in fact, I am quite sure what visited you - if anything other than a pipe dream - was a demonic spirit.
    I happen to know the difference between Godly spirit and demonic spirit, which apparently you do not. Demonic spirits will tell you what you want to hear. They are liars of the worst kind, and are happy to play mind games with people and love it when people go along with them. Then they will play you as long as you will play along, and continue to believe them.
    Whereas a Godly Spirit, whether it be the Lord himself, an angel sent by the Lord, or the Holy Spirit, will always most definitely confirm his Word. There will be progress shown, cooperation shown, doors swung wide open for the person involved in the task; a very plain easy going path. The entire mission will go precept upon precept.
    But Anna, your 'spirit' has just gotten you - as you said - your rump out on a limb and all alone. BTW, where is that Head of State husband Belle Cher in all this? Why are you all alone in your mission? Is that because he is really not involved and it is really just you? We all know we have not heard him speak at all.

    Another thing that needs to be addressed here: About 2 or 3 years ago you showed us a letter or told us that you had called the Fiduciary of the United States - a woman, I forget her name now - and you informed her that she should call you and arrange for her to TURN OVER everything to YOU.
    That was the only thing we heard about that, and you failed to ever follow up and tell us if a meeting between you two, ever resulted from your communication to her. So perhaps now after all this time, you could now finally follow up. But it sure seems apparent that you got nothing turned over to you, as you dont seem to have any of the ''goods'' in your control to this day. I suppose if we did a little research we would find that that particular woman is still in her position as Fiduciary of this country.......right? So that would tell us that your ''spirit contact' has sent you on this wild goose chase, and left you hang out on a limb to blow with the wind, having not given you follow up support?

    Anna, it is perfectly fine for you to admit you got snookered, and just go retire to your cabin and enjoy the rest of your life. You do not have to keep ''a face'' for anyone. You may have many skills and research knowledge but ......

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Abby,
    1) Human grows from 1-tree to become a giant forest, like a top-of-down-pyramid-fashion. So if you think Anna is crazy insane, maybe you are the one that fits that type you want to label her. I recognize she is a real Judge in a few days, for many reasons.

    Evidently you have not done any mathematical Calc’s to verify if TEDed's estimate of 101B (- 245) Billon people lived and died on earth. You concluded that your 7.4Billion people earth has always been the same #, that’s because you are short-sighted, unwise, and quick to judge others without overall picture analysis of your own. That proves how short you are the one with major problems, missing many things.

    2) I estimate TEDed calculation is 145B people short, Noah Myth is INCLUDED. I bet you don’t know there are many formula’s that would bring the answers to the same conclusion. Ie. The Chemists and scientists agreed with me, that there is an internal Clock controlling our DNA, which is part of God’s creations, to correct earth imbalance. So your games of fears to get people to be on your Devil side won’t work.

    I have been visited also. Likewise 2035 years ago, Joseph has been visited, so you want to label us as crazy insane people? May be you ought to Stop wasting your times helping the Devils or your Satanic bosses.

    Now your time is up, you cannot talk about how many people lived and died on earth. You have 1-chance to say it right. I am rebutting this case.

    Go figure distinguish the difference between “Crow the templar Jesus cross” and “Christian Jesus Cross”. Christians admitted that “Satan and Jesus” are the morning star. After the crooks hit your head with a hammer, you may not be able to return, to make the right choice,

  8. Good points Pinkham and very well stated...Peace and Bodhi please I left a message at your page....take care everyone

  9. Sorry Abby, I don't think you're bought, based on your 2018 complaints.

    >>Tom Dooly May 30, 2018 at 6:52 AM
    >>The BIG question is NOT "is there a problem" in that we have complained and repeated over and over that 'we" need to take this country back, but "Does anyone know HOW and is willing to show us exactly how to go about it. Complaining and detailing what happened surely makes one feel good about recognizing the problem! How about some detail as to what, how, and with back-up support for questions. Who can lead us out of this mess?

    The crooks won't let us, unless if they have no way out.
    So Anna many recommendations and papers didn't work for many.


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