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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Robert David Steel's latest report

There are many aspects of our life on Earth and within the larger Cosmos that I do not understand. I am however fortunate to have gotten to know over time and through common trials some extraordinary people. Anna von Reitz is one such person, Sacha Stone is a second, John McAfee a third, Bill Binney a fourth. What I lack in direct understanding I augment by “knowing who knows,” a phrase devised by Stefan Dedijer, the founder of the modern discipline of commercial intelligence (not to be confused with database idiocy known as business intelligence). What is clear to me is that the British did not “lose” the War of Independence and the Germans did not “lose” WWII. The ostensible “losers” simply went covert. Between Freemasons and other secret societies the British ended up controlling the US economy and US politics, and between CIA and NASA and Argentina and Antarctica the Nazis lived happily ever after. Most of what we are taught, be it history, medicine, science, is a lie.

I know a hundred times more today than I ever knew at a clandestine case officer in the Central Intelligence Agency, and I owe that knowledge to a mix of non-fiction reading and the convergence of great minds — of like minds — on me as a unifying force. I am blessed to be in the company of these other minds and I embrace my role going forward as a catalyst for unity with integrity.

In ten days time over twenty indigenous kings and sultans from across Asia are meeting with over twenty high priests of the indigenous peoples, among them representing all of the gold and land and other forms of wealth that are NOT controlled by the faithless Cabal and its sluts in the banking world. The indigenous peoples have re-emerged as a force — the era of absentee ownership and geoengineering and 5G and the tolerated poisoning of the planet and of the human species with glyphostate, chlorine, aluminum, mercury, flouride, and other toxins is OVER.

It is my prayer and my hope that this coming 4th of July our President will announce the 2nd American Revolution, this time for real.

Below are my preliminary thoughts on the 2nd American Revolution and the four core reforms that I will strive to help our President effect in his second term, followed by my larger vision — a vision I have articulated since 1992 — for creating a prosperous world at peace.

I want to pay a special tribute to Wayne Jett, author of the book below that documents the degree to which Presidents Wilson and Roosevelt were traitors to the Republic and complicit with the banks in contriving the Great Depression with three goals: to destroy the rising middle class; to buy up America at depression-era prices; and to consolidate banking control over the federal government.

Review: The Fruits of Graft

I also pay tribute to Nicholas Nassim Taleb, author of many books including the two below, all of which suggest, as Elinor Ostrom and Ron Paul have suggested, that decentralization and localization are the only form of self-governance that works. We must cut the federal government by half, end the income tax, make the federal government again subject to allocations from the United STATES of America, and restore the sovereignty of both the individual US citizen and the individual state, commonwealth, or tribal territory.

Review: Skin in the Game – Hidden Asymmetries in Daily Life

Review: ANTIFRAGILE – Things That Gain From Disorder

I am sick of evil. I am sick of lies. I am sick of waste. Enough, already. Let us be all we can be, which is to say, a cosmic force for good demonstrating intelligence, integrity, and imagination — exercising free will, in liberty, with compassion and justice for every living being including particularly the Kurds and the Palestinians, both at the core — at the center — of our struggle for decency as a species.

America is at a turning point. Conservatives stand for values and the Constitution. Liberals stand for perversion, “anything goes,” what Herbert Marcuse calls “repressive tolerance.” Election 2020 is about the soul of America — about the goodness of America triumphing over centuries of subversion by the British and the Zionists and the Nazis.

This is a fight we can and will win.


  1. God bless the living Law Firm God bless you Paul God bless the judge and God bless every human being that is honestly wanting the right thing for Humanity and to bring forth what is good in this world I was saying these exact same things yesterday and I needed to hear this this morning thank you for everything you do your great individuals awesome Patriots and Real Americans and real human beings and God bless you all and let's keep up the good fight have a blessed day

  2. I have been holding back on forming a more solid opinion regarding Mr. Steele. With so much co-intel among the "patriots"- A.Jones. being a good example, and having been associated with him also. This post feels very genuine and his sentiments are much more closely aligned to my own. Thanks for posting this Paul. Oh, my opinion remains open but I have a more settled feeling now.

  3. And I seen it comes up as unknown and I'm not unknown my name is James Casey whorton nice to meet yah...

    1. James, You can change that in the Reply as: Click the arrow in the box to see alternatives. I don't know if it retains your specific choices or if you have to check it each time you comment.

    2. Guy is anti white said so to eliminate the white dominance in. Government .
      Hedeging.his bets with Jewish banksters.
      Anna never heard of transfer agreement jewelry got passage with huge shipment to new home and all monies owed.
      109.countries can't be wrong same story bribery , monopolize , murder inc.
      Wonderful ppl.

    3. bubbapatric - Our thoughts are on the same trajectory. Please see Wink Wink's posts. Its so much worse than Gentiles see, much less comprehend - all of this JEW COLLATERAL DAMAGE - & folks have got to realize that THE JEW NEVER CEASES - the jew is unceasing in its destruction of us, of all that is good.

      Just as we think, ah-ha, the JEW is busted, so they'll stop this evil plan - - - OHHHHH but Noooooo - they are already far, far exceeding that one particular evil. Far, far beyond the horizon of tomorrow... Ohhhh but noooooo - the JEW IS A DEATH CULT MACHINE on auto-pilot.
      WHITES are the JEWS PRIMARY TARGET #1. Gentiles - the longer it takes to Wake Up is our death. We heard RDS on many, many vids, & quit listening as the toxic prop-oh-ganda was too much! Never did we hear RDS promote concern, well being, interest of WHITE PEOPLES. He's all for Latinos, he's Latino, for Negros, Asians, anyone but... he would not say Whites.
      Nor have we heard Trump say Whites in a positive way. Referenced the Charlottesville False Flag & anti-White cr*p - but we've not heard Trump say how White jobs are up, but dang sure talks about the Latinos, Negros & jews jews jews jews jews jews jews…. but not Whites.
      Is this strategic? Can't be for Whites & expect JEW shekels & support, now can he? Gotta get those shekel-votes! Gotta get that Israhelli meme going... Trump is the best thing Israhell & the jews have ever had! But... Whites... ??
      Tree of Lies Chabad False Flag for mega-shekels received tears, & bouquets from Trump & 1st Lady. Such sorrow, pity, pushing their jew anti-White agenda with such grace.
      The INCINERATION of WHITES fleeing Paradise, their remains still in vehicles, entire populace banished, homes incinerated, made homeless, pushed into parking lots w plastic tents, children in SHOCK... but no tears, no bouquets, no real questions, just INCINERATED WHITE PEOPLE, that's all.
      Same weaponry beta-tested on OUR PEOPLE on 911, who were turned into jelly. A Kosher-jelly at the hands of JEWS, probably playing their computer games, getting rewards for hitting the target.
      See Talpiot, Unit 8200. See RDS's Open Source Everything + Bezos + CIA + OUR MILLION$.
      And for those who still don't get it: JEWS ARE NOT WHITE.
      Is RDS running a parallel agenda of controlled steering to benefit his brand of jew & to marginalize, exclude Whites?

    4. yes bubba / wink bet you can't guess who's behind the burial grounds here where i am at and related to the tape/stickers on our signage here !!! yessiree military guidance 'stickers/tape' leading to designated burial gravel ridges right here in the red river valley of north dakota // military routes MINIMUM 120 miles radius from MY PLACE ========= death routes hidden in plain sight ! PSYCOPATHS running the show called ZIONISTS !

    5. lut - hadn't known of the death routes, burial gravel ridges. Is this planned for burial of the masses, FEMA Camps, etc? Heard some FEMA Camps have crematoriums. Still, need a dumping field? Are there train tracks?
      Those 'bastard seeds born of satans backside' aren't worthy of existence on our Earth.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. certainly got the markings of AGENDA 21 depopulation / removal of us from the land !

  4. Read the article pay close attention to Armenian 4 in about the middle of the page

    1. Shelby - yeah, is this Preston James' article from Veterans Today? Didn't see the author. Oh yeah, the JEWS did the ARMENIAN GENOCIDE, typically blame their evil on others. The suffering pleases the jew to no end, feeds the jew parasites they are. It must have its suffering from which to exist. They do not belong among us.
      The entire jew is fiction. Never really existed, just made up, the whole history is fake, concocted in mid 1800's. The jew is fiction, & that's why it imposes its simulation upon us, becuz it can't exist in our realm. It has no existence but in our minds as its simulation. The jew cannot exist in our realm. Its all a lie.
      Therefore it cannot posses land & soil, its fiction. The jew wasn't given land becuz it doesn't exist. So it steals, parasites off of us in order to simulate existence. It has no rights in our realm. No land was given the jew. It has no claims. THE JEW HAS NO LAND BECUZ ITS FICTION. So evil. So evil.

  5. Finally I'm absolved...even he says we need another "Revolution ". And that the IRS has to be eliminated even for Corp . The money can go to the employees instead of Corp CEO s getting billions of dollars a year, while the employees are living on minimum wage...!! Mc Afee, the tech giant for computer security who has millions is in a bitter dispute so bad with the IRS that he had to move to the Bahamas where there is no taxes there...!! He has so much info on them that they are trying to charge him with murder and other things and just terrorizing him...!! Of course no one helps him...A lonely voice for change. ..!!Who on this site is going to help him...!!

    Listen to it, because someday we will be facing the same thing if we don't stand up for him...!!

    John McAfee and the IRS

    1. This post did not discribe the need for a "Violent" 2nd American Revolution. Who would we fight and maybe kill, the people that are not awake, our children who have been indoctrinated by the system, the Ladies at the MUNICIPAL TOWN OFFICE who swear I'm a CITIZEN and RESIDENT because they don't know any better?

      This needs to be corrected peacefully and those promoting violence are not supporters of this cause. First do no Harm!

  6. Let me add to the list of American hero's,
    working to bring health and the rule of law back to America.

  7. Not a fan of RDS. If I had any questions about Anna' creditability, seeing her name bolstered by RDS would give pause.
    And Sacha Stone?? & chosenite associates in ITNJ, which doesn't seem to be doing anything but regurgitating all the tortured work of Kevin Annett & ITCCS like some co-oped diversionary tactic? To see RDS appear in black priests robe as some ordained administer of a cult court? What has come of ITNJ but more churning? How many jews bundled in that ITNJ package?
    What If RDS hooks into those whom he deems will grapple him upward?
    So he's the centrifuge of intel & has the arrogance to tell Trump what to do & when? Come on, Gentiles!
    Gotta ask, whom are the indigenous kings, sultans, high priests, etc meeting in 10 days? Maybe his bestie Ben Fulford will inform us?
    Would there be any Whites included? Reason asked, is cuz RDS favors Latinos (says he's one), Negros, Asians, etc but haven't heard him say Whites. Who doesn't he say Whites? Not even Trump says Whites in a favorable tone.
    (side note: As for indigenous peoples, let it be known, WHITES are indigenous, & WHITES are an indigenous people to America. WHITE remains are the oldest found in America by 27,000 yrs.
    And as ones mind may go, What If it wasn't Whites who 'killed off' Indian tribes, but invading Canadian tribes, who are NOW called indigenous Americans, while Whites are completely diminished in false historical narrative. I say this becuz, no matter how quaint such espoused 'meetings of great minds' may occur, we must always ask is this to the exclusion of Whites, the ultimate goal of the jew world order? Is RDS a part of this agenda?)
    What If there isn't one thing that comes of RDS worthy of creditability for the good of anyone else, nor anything, than self-promotion? Whats RDS's goal? High gov position, maybe president of the US Corp? As his Unrig w Cynthia McKinney, who's also a clog in the ITNJ shekel-shaker? By the way, since RDS lost so much revenue, from thousands/mo to a few hundred shekels/mo, does ITNJ supply the shekels?
    ITNJ is filled w JEWS & 'titled' & BAR Association & modeling after Nuremberg Trials??? Rebecca Cope is USA rep??
    Seems everywhere RDS stirs, jews are top ingredients. Not enough non-jews in the world to fill these posts, eh? Gotta stuff it w jews! After all, ya want shekels, gotta go for the shekel-shakers.
    Come on! Who among us desires "such self-appointed leaders" of anything? If there is one thing we must acknowledge in our evolution is that WE ARE OUR OWN LEADERS. No such RDS nor any other entities plop their rule upon us, give advice & timelines for whose agenda? See what ITNJ is all about, people. NO JEW MAKES MY LAWS, no jew judges me, no jew holds Nuremberg Tribunals in judgement of anything - NO JEW.
    The narcissism, arrogance of this CIA cog is just unbelievable.

  8. QUOTE Conservatives stand for values and the Constitution
    there is zero evidence for this. wheres the specie-based treasury? wheres "we the people"?

    empty talk from "the swamp" who just want to continue the charade.

    "conservatives" stand for standing around with their thumbs up their butts (anna's phrase) looking around dumbfounded, telling everyone "united we stand (federal citizens only fake elections, for your own good!)"

    in "god we trust" (they never say which god, pick a god, any god, lets go with all seing eye horus of the federal reserve note)

    "conservatives" are 100% useless. they stand for themselves only. they stand for doing nothing, continuing the neverending lies and deceptions, blaming FDR 80 years later?

    they retire quietly, and leave everyone else holding the bag. identical to the "liberals"

    who are the snowflakes? LOL. 80 years later, still whining about FDR?

    seriously? so what did the "conservatives" do the past 80 years?

    they are trying to save their "party" by claming to be the "good guys" with "values" but there is zero evidence of this.

    they stood by and watched everyone get enslaved just the same as the "liberals"

    they wear a different ski mask as they rob everyone blind. big whoop.

    you are either with the "conservatives" and skull and bones or you are against them.

    you are either with reagan's "perestroika" or against it.

    you are either with 2nd coming antichrist or against us.

    the "conservatives" simply dont like you to swear or get mad when they rob you blind. you are supposed to be polite, well dressed, and say "Thank you sir, may i have another?"

    who ran around dragooning everyone to pledge to the military flag? the "conservatives"

    somehow they twist this around and say it was the "dems" and "liberals".

    the "conservatives" show up after everyone is slaughtered, to tell everyone "don't worry, we'll protect you, we have values"

    "values" like permanent martial law against a peaceful civilian non-combatant population.

    "values" like fake "federal citizens only" elections for 150 years.

    the same exact "values" the "liberals" have. LOL.

    counterfeit money? check. fractional reserve usury slavery? check. phony 2nd coming antichrist? check.

    the "conservatives" are all talk. rob you blind, kidnap you at birth. and then "dont ask for any handouts".

    refund our credit first guys.

    "god helps those who help themselves"

    "conservatives" are as useless as the fake "cops"

    stand around with your thumbs guys. thanks a lot. just sit back and watch everyone get slaughtered.

    1. "conservative" is just a mindless hegelian marketing slogan. might as well be my little pony rarity versus fluttershy. oh boy another play acting "fight" with those evil "liberals". ill bring the pillows.

      there is only a masonic/illuminist "party" with different tentacles.

      Part IV. Antisocial conspiracy, Historical part
      second edition, revifed and corrected
      Chap. VII. Third Epoch of Illuminism
      Discovery of the Sect.
      Page 702, Footnote 12.
      It was on seeing the strong illusion of his degree of Epopt (so strangely impious) on the doctors Feder and Koppe, and some others of the University of Gottinguen, that Weishaupt wrote to Cato, "You cannot conceive how much my degree of Priest or Epopt is admired by our people; but *****what is the most extraordinary is, that several great Protestant and Reformed Divines, who are of our Order, really believe that that part of the discourse which alludes to religion contains the true spirit and real sense of Christianity. Poor mortals, what could I not make you believe!" ******

      Original Writings, Vol. II. Let. 18.

    2. it was the "radical republicans" who told andrew johnson he was "no longer a citizen". the "constitution" was saved by one vote.

      no thanks to the "conservatives"

      gee thanks a lot "conservatives", 150 years of treason on your "watch" all according to your idea of "reconstruction"

    3. my niece: i want to play the dancing game. im hungry i want cereal. (i thought you wanted to play dancing game?) i want to play with the magic hand-crank train. guess what? chicken butt.

      "conservative" values: i want to play roman civil law. now i want to play law merchant. now i want to play "create jobs". now i want to play inflation is bad. now i want to play constitution. (i thought you wanted law merchant? the state and federal constitutions require a specie-based treasury) i want to play freedom. now i want to play "promote family values" and "office of faith based and community initiatives" at taxpayer expense. i want to play bible. now i want to play unjust weights and measures. now i want to play "federal council of churches" declaring interdependence. (i thought we were playing freedom of religion and "constitution"?) i want to play marriage. now i want to play porn stars and models. i want to play consent of the governed. now i want to play "pledge." guess what? second coming all-seeing eye of egyptian falcon solar god horus. chicken butt!

    4. make a very good point...until Trump got in the Republican party was no better than the Democrates....birds of a feather....!!

  9. And another thing, is this the new name of an intended over-lordship: "the United STATES of America" - What is this? Written as such just for emphasis? Emphasizing STATES? If RDS comprehended teachings of Anna's it would be The United State of America. - Gentiles, this RDS 'feel-good spin' is fluff, cotton-candy, Prop-Oh-Ganda. This guy is so full of 'it'.
    This article reads to me, as RDS pushing the latest names with whom he wishes to associate his identity. As tho the named are of the same trajectory? What trajectory is that? Is this a Spin-Op.

    And if RDS isn't willing to call the "Nazi" what it really is, then the implication is to Germans. Nazi is NOT German, its JEW, National Zionism, AshkeNAZI. So to separate Zionist & Nazi to conflate terms in order to keep the wicked jew narrative on thread. If RDS doesn't know this by now, if he doesn't know The United States of America, then he knows what worthy of consideration?
    Gentiles, what most don't know about RDS, is he's long keep immense files of names, hundreds upon hundreds of names he says are enemies, his enemies. He's also said he tries to access data to find out whom each of these names, handles are.
    So if someone posts a comment RDS doesn't like, that posters name, handle goes on his lists. This is like a pre-crime judgement, by him. Is this not the very thing we want out of lives? RDS worked for Bezos/Amazon to merge Open Source Everything Engineering w CIA database, for which OUR WEALTH was used by CIA to pay Bezos entity to escalate its spying control grid on us, & for the JEWS benefit (see Talpiot)?
    How is it we so readily forget? WHEN THE VERMIN TELL US WHO & WHAT THEY ARE WE MUST BELIEVE THEM. See these articles. See for oneself EXACTLY what we're being told by the vermin spin-weaver itself.
    We must also ask, how is it one man can be such a pivotal vortex of intel, resource, manage power perches of so many highly relevant, highly important, highly strategic, entities?
    DOES ONE NOT QUESTION ANY CONFLICTS OF INTERESTS? Well, jews do it this way, placing themselves on many such perches, becuz, dear GENTILES, the JEW has no conflicts of interest becuz all such perches are ultimately FOR the SAME JEW AGENDA. This is how & why they do it. There is NO CONFLICT OF INTEREST, becuz the JEWS are for the JEW, no matter what image the JEW projects. Thus, there are NO conflicts of interests for the JEW, despite conflicts pertaining to us - This is how JEWS LIE.
    How is it RDS can spread himself so broadly, have such priority positions, of such relevance,...??? How many perches can one honorably maintain in truth, w integrity? One? Two? Three? Seven? Well the JEW can take as many as it desires becuz there are NO CONFLICTS OF INTEREST to the JEW.
    Do we see a pattern? I see a pattern.


    Robert David Steele | The truth at any cost lowers all other ...
    Robert David Steele is the conceptualizer of integrated election reform (#UNRIG) and the integration of holistic analytics, true cost economics, and Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) such that we can achieve a prosperous world at peace at 10-20% the cost of the failed Western economic model burdened by banks and lawyers.

    1. Have a look at this - see what it says at the very top of the page
      Just found it interesting

  10. Have a read at how the chosen ones are stealing everything in Argentina
    This article is of great interest as it seems they are flying people and soldiers from Israel in and out of this compound without any interference at all by the 'government' of Argentina
    All while taking over the land, fresh water supplies and the electric supply for the people - sound familiar to anyone
    Sounds like the same thing this family is doing in Brazil - see link below
    Wonder why the middle of the united states is being flooded, take a look at the path for the NAFTA Super Highway and who stands to benefit from the destruction of that land
    Weather warfare

  11. The 'handwriting has been on the wall' for quite a long time. What is taking y'all so darn long to see it.

  12. Have a read
    Some very interesting information

    1. Shelby - yeah am familiar w this. For Anus Piso as Flavius Josephus, tried to check the identities on Fomenko's, tho the search pulls up in Russian & am not able to find suitable translation.
      Fomenko did find that jew Scaliger in 1500 wrote himself into the historic narrative as Flavius Josephus 1500 yrs earlier. Is Scaliger also a version of Piso? I don't have my books.
      Another thing is these reptile/jews cannot create, they take what is there, flip it around, change names, events, characters, etc. They copied from something.
      Scaliger, in rewriting this fake historical timeline we follow today, also added 1000+- years to the timeline. Dates as we know them, seem inaccurate too. We've sat in contemplation of this & truly do question whether this is 2019 or 1019. If we envision that our progress really is much quicker than they say, the surge of invention wasn't unusual, just our history was erased, timelines extended.
      Such as antiquity is really the Middle Ages, there was no Dark Ages, nor was Rome so great.
      The 1000 yrs was added by changing i500 (500 yrs after Christ) to 1500. We see it on paintings, engravings all the time. So the timelines need adjusting, but its too hard to figure it out, unless its done mathematically, astrologically.
      Fomenko did a good job in pattern recognition of events & characters, & astrological events as chronicled in numerous ancient sources, languages, locations.
      Not saying The Biggest Secret/David Icke is wrong, only to compare info w Fomenko's work to see for instance if Anus Piso character is also jew Scaliger/Josephus. Wonder if Icke's read Fomenko yet?
      So, the jew can't create, so they copied from sources. We tend to think they also copied from the life of Christ (which is a state of being) & entire histories, civilizations, some existed prior & some from which Christ's lineage came.
      Like the jew claims Davidic lineage, its a lie. They attach their identities to those that existed, Davidic line being of Christ, so of course its made to be all about the jew when its nothing of the sort.
      I want to know, from where did these evil jews really come? We say their 'god' cr*pped their genetic pool so badly he got laughed outta the god-club house.
      Maurio Biglino was Vatican translator who left & tells what he translated. Very good stuff, tho he's Italian & vids are English subtitled.

      Fomenko’s Chronologia mathematically evidenced truer historical timeline.

      & Search page

      & closed captioned in English - WELL WORTH SEEING:
      New Chronology By Fomenko 52:11
      ALSO what if: 'sin' is really 'sine wave' & Earth is a torsion field. thanks

  13. Robert Steele is a white hat guy.He calls out the thousand pound elephant in the room the Zionists neo con scum all the time.Where that guy got the idea that Steele is anti white is deadwrong. He posts Anna's work frequently and Catherine Austin Fitts.Its ok to be suspicious about newer websites but don't get paranoid.

    1. Richd - Yeah, we're aware of RDS postings. We aren't paranoid. We see he'll glam onto info, post it under his umbrella, as tho this is some kind of compliment to his identity politic. Posting Fitts, or Anna dang sure doesn't mean he's for us. He's collecting souvenirs. Anna isn't a souvenir, nor is Fitts. Trying to make it appear they're buds? Like its a compliment to be recognized by him? Nah.
      Its kinda like picking up souvenir magnets & putting them on the fridge, making it look like you 'went there' when all ya did was pass through.
      We most certainly are NOT paranoid. RDS is not a legitimate White Hat, he's a wanna be. We know a narcissist when we see one. Thanks anyway.

    2. Who are the genuine white hats in your opinion?

  14. GOD'S CHOSEN PEOPLE (Banned From Youtube - Adam Green)
    Documentary reveals knuckle-dragging racism flourishing in the Israeli Talmudic Rabbi religious leadership embraced by the extreme right-wing Likud political party. This is the culture to which most in the US Congress applaud as they claim Israel as America's most staunch ally even after their leadership in the 9/11 false flag. All this while the United Nations Security council rates Israel as the number one violator of human rights.

    1. Hsaive - yeah we catch Green too. Am surprised Brighteon allows his vids. Mike Adams gave a hefty slam on how he wouldn't allow criticism of jews nor Israhell, a real hypocrite after he advertised Free Speech. That jerk! We do our best to stay away from his media, of which he has a lot - so much so, that we question his ((independence)). Yeah, he got jew'ed up to his gills. Good to see Greens work with all the threats from jews who cannot tolerate truth even when video shows it comes from their big glutenous ugly mouths. thanks

  15. This article is great. The only thing that discredit the writing is the viewers and writer both speak like we have a jural assembly and we elected this creep in office. How can u call it our president if your not part of the illusion??

  16. Open Source, Robert David Steele and the UN