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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Our Debt to Jailhouse Lawyers - Good News for "Criminals"

By Anna Von Reitz

This week I was approached to run for President of the United States. I had to explain that that was impossible and that the only office I could aspire to would be President of The United States of America, and that is an office I am too old and crotchety to do justice to.

So then I was asked if I knew people who are still Federal Citizens who could take up the torch and act as Third Party Candidates-- maybe scissor-kick the old Two Party System where it hurts. I scratched my head. I smiled.

I know some men who could do that and do a fine job, though they would not be likely to win because they are all Felons.

Every single one of them have run afoul of the Statutory Law and have educated themselves as lawyers while in prison. They are all fine men, all skilled lawyers as a result of their own miseries, and they are helping people all across this country--- Jailhouse Lawyers, one and all.

We all owe a great debt to them. They have done and continue to do service in the cause of actual justice, a job that the conventional attorneys have largely forgotten or willingly abandoned, if they ever held justice as a goal to begin with.

So many men and women have been unjustly jailed in this country that it is almost unavoidable and nearly a badge of honor to have a criminal record for infractions like resisting arrest and tax issues and refusal of licenses.

A little later in the day I got an email from a young Jailhouse Lawyer who is exceptionally gifted, and with it, good news for other living people who have been jailed and prosecuted by these foreign courts. To protect his identity and forego the likelihood that he will draw even more flak from his jailers than he is currently suffering-- I will wait until he is released to properly credit him, but be aware that this is the result of one man working tirelessly from a jail cell. This is what he discovered and what he shared with me and what he wants me to share with others:

Title 18 U.S.C. is a codification of authority granted under to Article IV section 3 clause 2 of The Constitution of the United States for lands purchased, which means Guam, Mariana Islands, and Virgin Islands, as identified in Title 18 U.S.C. Part 1 Chapter 1, Section 23 --"Courts of the United States defined".

These specialized District Courts are established under Title 28 U.S.C. Part 1, Chapter 5, Sections 81-131, and only have authority to handle Civil matters pursuant to Title 28 U.S.C. Part IV, Chapter 85, Sections 130-169. The referenced sections provide a list of administrative duties.

Read that: these courts have no ability to try criminal matters at all, so put it all together and turn it all around (do the Hokey-Pokey) and what do you get?

(A) Virtually every criminal case they have adjudicated is void for lack of jurisdiction and lack of Due Process, and (B) they are simulating legal processes, which is clearly criminal activity [constructive fraud] and whenever it has involved fines or charges for incarceration fees charged to the Public Purse, it is organized crime and racketeering.


I think we have just sounded the death knell of the "Prisons for Profit Scheme" and mandated the end of the false charges and false imprisonment of millions of Americans who aren't from Guam, the Marianas, or the Virgin Islands.

This coming to light is especially helpful in view of our discovery that the IRS has moved its headquarters from Puerto Rico to the Marianas. Now we know why, and we also know where all the "Public Transmitting Utilities" --- the entities using our names in the form JOHN M DOE are being domiciled. These Municipal Corporations are being housed in the Marianas to bring them under the jurisdiction of these criminal District Courts, and only God knows what form of "law" is being practiced in the Marianas.

In Puerto Rico, where they domiciled our ESTATES doing business under names in the form JOHN MICHAEL DOE, we were being held accountable under the Spanish Law of the Inquisition.


Well, folks, this also appears to be a gross violation of Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 of the Municipal Constitution, which limits the activities of the Municipal United States Government to the District of Columbia.

Houston, Houston.... we have a problem here, Mr. President. A real, great, big, fat, stinking corruption problem. Corruption of the Municipal Government. Corruption of the Courts. Fraud, theft, and racketeering by these subcontracting commercial corporations on an unimaginable scale.

Here is the scheme in black and white to impersonate the American Employers, steal their identities, and move the resulting fictional doppelgangers offshore, so as to manipulate and subject THEM under foreign Territorial laws and enable the Territorial Courts of Guam, the Marianas, and the Virgin Islands to claim jurisdiction over people and property assets to which they have less than no justifiable claim.

Pope Francis, Queen Elizabeth, and President Trump --- we have figured out the whole scheme, top to bottom. We can cite chapter and verse, not only for the prior fraud against our estate interests, but the present fraud involving the PUBLIC TRANSMITTING UTILITIES--- and it looks like we need to send a million volts up all of your Collective Entity knickers.

The Great Fraud is over. Done. There won't be a reboot.

Your continued unwillingness to face facts and deal with us all in an honest fashion, the continued efforts to install foreign "States of States" on our shores, the continued use of "substitute" PERSONS and attempt to conscript and subject us under whatever local law is adopted in the Marianas-- is all emblematic of continued Bad Faith.

I recently told my Readers that Stigmatics are bleeding and to expect "more idiocy on a half shell" -- and here we are.


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  1. Sounds like crucial legal threads have been identified. Can these threads be "pulled" to thereby start the great unraveling? .........

    1. I'm thinking swift unravelling of the guillotine kind of justice!

  2. Stigmatics are just another one of satan’s tricks to deceive the sheeple.
    Nowhere in Gods word is this mentioned as being a sign from HIM.

    The only sign given by God was Jonah.

  3. Within the writings of the BIBLE, The Living Creator warns us to stay out of LEGAL FICTIONLAND, "PERSONHOOD". A MAXIM of Law is "Let those who wish to be deceived, be deceived." We have each gotten ourselves into this mess and have the responsibility to get ourselves out of "BABYLON".

    Thank you Anna for bringing forth the "law" governing these ACTORS and their Private Courts. I am having such an issue with young people when presenting knowledge concerning this Fraud. I'm told: "You can find anything online to support what you want to believe in". It takes a lot of work and time to look up the law.

    They never prosecute criminally, it's just a Grand Illusion. Every Crime is Commercial. "Prison for Hire", is debtors prison, with a Grand Show for the spectators and participants to be distracted from what is really going on.

    I also have a friend who has a badge of Honor "Arguing with Police" on his record. Many blessings go out to all those working to bring this fraud against mankind to light. Your own home can become a prison when you Fear your employees.

    Annie McShane
    On Delaware


  4. IRS.hiding out side of our jurisdiction . Using foreign law on state nationals .running a illegal business in our names .

  5. The JOHN JIM DOE is registered with the US Post Office, as a Franchise.

  6. Nice Finds, but--

    "Every time you claim you are a U.S. CITIZEN, you claim you are U.S. PERSON as a corporation or association."
    -- Who the heck is this "you" person? How does you claim you is a U.S. CITIZEN?

  7. And now that they all know that the IS transferred all its "persons" to the
    Marianas, what are the chances of them having a hurricane just happen to destroy that island too...!!

    You guys still don't get it...the IRS will never play with "clean hands" or in "good faith"...!! The law doesn't mean anything to them...!! Your bringing a knife to a gun fight...!!
    John McAfee, the inventor of the security app for computers has something like 4 terabytes of info on the IRS and they are doing everything possible to charge him with murder just so they can extradict him from the Bahamas where there is no taxes, and once they get him here they will drop the murder charge and follow through with tax indictment...!!
    Does this sound like an agency that wants to come to the table in "good faith"...!!??? Anna, if you ever encounter a rapist, why don't you try talking to him diplomatically and let us know how that works out for you...??? Lol.

    1. James there are times when you don't seem to let the facts get in the way of your opinion. It seems like there isn't a lot of linkage between what Anna writes, and how you process and respond. Not saying there is an underlying agenda there.

      For example, your declaration of independence idea. What you have proposed in past seems to leave the same people in charge even though though remedy has been exercised to extract oneself from the beast. You have called on Anna to insist that the IRS be abolished and I admit I have suggested that you are dangerously close to inciting violence. Now you know that Anna recently covered that recently and warned specifically against anything that can be interpreted as insurrection.

      Because they have lots of weapons and are probably dying to use them on somebody. It just takes a match, and we know that they will use false flags to encourage violence to give themselves an opportunity to act.

      This whole process is a minefield because of prior claims. And unless someone can show evidence otherwise, the elephant in the room appears to be Unum Sanctum as the grandest of all claims. Anna has defended it in past and that is a source of confusion for me because even though she is calling out the Vatican and the Popes and the church, I am not aware of anyone other than Anna who thinks that Unum Sanctum was intended for anything benevolent.

      I am surely not a scholar in this area but I can read the opinions of people who might be, and it sounds like this is the claim, along with the subsequent bulls establishing cesti que trusts, and other express trusts is a great deal of what is causing a big chunk of our problems on this planet, because it affects the whole world. That is HOW it was claimed. And that is how it is playing out. If this was intended to be a free will planet, no such claims of ownership should have been declared, nor can they be defended.

      This is bigger than abolishing the IRS, the tip of the iceberg you see is just the start of a much bigger mess under the surface, it is an apt analogy.

  8. "scissor-kick the old Two Party System where it hurts"

    Why not "Grab the old Two Party System where it stinks"; or,
    "Hit them 'Hooker Ass Punch' style [to save face]"; or,
    "Bitch-Slap them, so we don't have to tell them twice"
    [ya know equal rights, equal pay, (not equal accountability though apparently)]

    Allusion to the violent act unique to the male gender? Really?
    -- might explain this statistic, however:

    71% of Children Killed by One Parent are Killed by Their Mothers; 60% of Victims are Boys

  9. C.Johnson, that is helpful information I will look up your references, but...

    You said:

    "Ask for the proof of that registered corporation bearing the LEGAL NAME, that is assigned to you, as the corporation would be registered by SEC. OF STATE."

    I am just a bit confused by that statement, are you referring to the BC as proof of the registered corporation, I am not quite catching your meaning there? It's end of day and I am not firing on all brain cells LOL.

  10. The IRS wasn't set up to be afraid of anything or anyone....Name me one agent or anyone else in that agency that has ever gone to jail for fraud...!!

    Just one...!! Even Trump couldn't charge the commissioner with that....all he did was put so much pressure on him that he "resigned"...and that was the end of it...!!

    Even if we were somehow able to correct our mess here, how will that help the rest of the world......???

    1. Because as Anna also said recently...All roads appear to lead to Rome. Well and now apparently Spain, which I have heard recently not sure where.

      James, so who are you recommending that the world declare independence FROM? Originally it was the King of the world, but who do you now reckon to be causing the problem? And I don't think the IRS qualifies, they are a just a symptom not the problem.

    2. James it doesn't take long to search and find examples of people that were silenced by the IRS for discovering the truth and becoming whistle-blowers to disseminate the truth about the IRS.

    3. c.j he probably gets paid for all this time wasting disinfo controlled op garbage ; he's been on here spouting off crap way too long . these shills are all the same !

  11. C.Johnson, thanks very much, you did clarify what you meant and them some. I do get it, I do know it is a name exchange I have been at this for a long time. Like many I am scouring the internet for understanding. If not for the internet who would have known this? They surely are kicking themselves for letting the slaves learn enough to finance their own freedom in terms of knowledge. I get that when they say SEC. OF STATE is responsible for foreign affairs, they mean the persons that they administer the registrations for.

    I know enough to know that quietly they mock us for not even knowing what our names are, or being educated enough to know that the upper case DOG LATIN isn't a correct name style. That gives rise to the claim that we aren't competent if we don't even know our names, and that is one of the ways they claim right of lordship over us and that essentially we are idiots.

    But...they educated the vast majority of us to know as little as required. I have heard that 200 years ago it was common to have a bible and a law dictionary and study both. It's an ugly bit of business, but thanks again. And yes James is looking like a shill, he is leading things in a specific direction, goading and nudging things along and thinking that nobody notices. We notice...

  12. One more thing this is an obvious one but you hear about people asking to enter their names properly into official computers only to be told that the computer automatically converts the name to upper case. The people behind the computers don't know any different, well I guess some do if they are awake and looking for information about the reality that we find ourselves navigating in.

  13. C have never stepped in a courtroom in your entire life have you....!! You have plenty advice for people but your nothing but an armchair general, far away from the battlefield...!! You aren't near battlehardened as you prevent to be...!!

  14. Pretend to be, is what I meant...!!

  15. these shills that behave like little kids thinking we are going to buy into their bs; not smart

  16. We the Living, get Declaratory Judgments. We can write affidavits, THEY cannot. DJ's settle controversies on rights title and interest.

    Declaratory Judgment Actions: When are they Appropriate?

    The purpose of the Act and its effect is to enable the citizen to procure from a court guidance which will keep him out of trouble and to procure that guidance with materially less expense than he would have to incur if he should wait until the trouble came before having recourse to the court

    In order to have recourse to and take advantage of the Declaratory Judgment procedure it is not requisite that any wrong should have been done or any breach committed. It is to prevent and forestall such happenings by a Declaratory Judgment setting forth rights and duties for the guidance of those concerned and indicating the course to be followed, that a remedy is provided by the Act, and thus litigation is avoided.

    “This act is declared to be remedial; its purpose it to settle and to afford relief from uncertainty and insecurity with respect to rights, status, and other legal relations; and is to be liberally construed and administered.”

    If before injury has been inflicted, the parties could obtain a decision on questions in dispute, much of the undesirable features of present day litigation might be eliminated.

    FS 120.565 Declaratory statement by agencies.—
    (1) Any substantially affected person may seek a declaratory statement regarding an agency’s opinion as to the applicability of a statutory provision, or of any rule or order of the agency, as it applies to the petitioner’s particular set of circumstances.
    (2) The petition seeking a declaratory statement shall state with particularity the petitioner’s set of circumstances and shall specify the statutory provision, rule, or order that the petitioner believes may apply to the set of circumstances.
    (3) The agency shall give notice of the filing of each petition in the next available issue of the Florida Administrative Register and transmit copies of each petition to the committee. The agency shall issue a declaratory statement or deny the petition within 90 days after the filing of the petition. The declaratory statement or denial of the petition shall be noticed in the next available issue of the Florida Administrative Register. Agency disposition of petitions shall be final agency action.

    Declaratory Judgment Actions: When are they Appropriate?
    by Neal F. Weinrich, Esq.

    1. And what first hand knowledge dose your cuck-ass have about anything ex. rel. my standing with Probate Court recognized capacity Attorney-in-Fact for the NAMED Franchise Estate? .... that's right NADA
      But does a girl like you know,, Answer: EVERYTHING - of course,

  17. James, you appear to be cherry picking the issues you want to address, like exactly who do you wish to declare independence from? That is germane to what would otherwise be considered sedition or insurrection. This is why you are being called out as a shill. If you ARE then you should be ashamed of yourself, you are very transparent, and if you are NOT then you need to work on your communication skills. You might start with not punctuating the end of every sentence with your trademark ....!! because not every word you utter is an emergency. Where's the fire?

  18. C Johnson. you don't want to fight in court, and you don't want people carrying guns, but you want are totally useless...!!
    Why not just pray about everything..!!

    There is a new way to fight now ....common law arbitration courts...!!
    Google it..!!

    And Johnson you don't know anything about me at stop assuming anything...!!

  19. Big Blue Ocean...dont try and educate C Johnson because she knows it all already....!! And Will Smith I want Independance from people like you..!!
    I will never obey your "jural assembles"....NEVER!! THE LAST THING I WANT IS MORE OF THE SAME GOVT IN A DIFFERENT NAME...!!

    1. +James Pansini: From People Like "YOU" Who?
      What Jural Assembles?
      BTW: I already have Declaratory Judgments under my belt, based on paperwork only with an order from the court in my favor
      ** that is, if the "YOU" you mean Big Blue Ocean, that is..

  20. Hey miss know it all....what court is the court of original never told him...???

  21. "you", "you", "you" : are you a girl or a cowed married man who has taken on the flavor of the v-jay.jay you married?
    ** everything is personal with you there Dorthy C. Johnson, do you want to talk about your "feelings", and do you "think" everything is about you and did god die with his fist up your ass ?
    ** The SOY is STRONG with THIS ONE

  22. C Johnson....when is the last time you got layed...its!!

  23. Big Blue hit the nail on the head....!! Why doesn't Anna settle this....chime in anytime Anna...!!

  24. C Johnson...when is the last time you tried to get into the supreme court...!! Centurori denied...!!

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. C Johnson....let me have 3 chi wow wows and a coupe of cats and your house smells like a kennel...Am I right....!! It's always the littlest ones that bark the most like you...!!

  27. One thing is for sure...if you ever get on a "jural assembly" here in Calif. I'm going to open carry a gun...!! I wonder how your law will work then....jerkoff...!!

  28. And for the record only now are you agreeing with Deep Blue Ocean C Johnson...but because of your annoying comments meant as bullets from an angry black woman he immediately gave it right back to you because obviously you didn't understand him the first time as his comments were not nice to you...!! You do belong in jail C Johnson....especially if I were a judge or even a cop....!! You need a lesson in life...!!
    Anna hasn't weighed in yet about our arguememt, so don't pretend to know her mind, thank you very much....why don't you just take over the site since you know so much and obviously have nothing but time on your hands...!!

    You just don't get let me spell it out to your empty head ....THERE IS NO "RULE OF LAW" anywhere..!!
    In Calif they don't even want to put Trump on the ballot here for the next election...maybe he should listen to you about!!

  29. C Johnson ....I don't know where you got the idea that I answer to my name but when I go to court, I ask the questions, not the judge...I recently helped a friend who married a elderly gentleman , 94 years old to be exact, who was going through hell , and locked up to a hospital bed for supposedly a "child abuse " case that the prosecutor wanted to make a name for herself as the oldest man ever to be convicted of that crime in Orance County...!! This all happened before I even knew or got involved with the case...!! He was basically buried by the system already by the time I got involved...! But when I found out what they were putting him through I got involved . All I had to do is show up one time, because it was a judge I had faced of before..!! Then I went to his PD in person, who wouldn't even come out to talk to me...!! He had a million dollar bond on him, and within a couple of days , someone had posted a $100,000 bond for him to get out (We still don't know who to this day), and the case against him was immediately dropped, all without ever going into court or filing ANY PAPERWORK at all..!! All they had to see is me showing up and the case was over and he was released...!! No paperwork..!! So don't tell me I don't know what I'm doing..!! That judge didn t want any part of me anymore after I kicked his butt the last time I saw him..!! It's better to have a reputation than to know what name to use...!! He didn t even want to go there...!! The case was over as soon as everyone knew I was involved....period...!! Dumb ass...!!
    I wonder if you could have gotten him out just by showing up?? No paperwork..!! All they have to know is you mean business...!! Let me know how all that paperwork and time gets you...I don't need any of it anymore, because I know there system better than they do...!! But nice try...!!!

  30. Oh, I did I mention I did it all for free...!!

  31. Dear are a total piece of shot to let this nonsense of belittling everyone on a site that is supposed to help people with court knowledge and procedural law...!! No other patriot site allows this division except you...and don't hide behind Paul...!! It's your fault for not stepping in and clearing things up.....there is absolutely no excuse for your non- participation.....!! Your a coward ..!!

    1. From Anna:

      Of all the things I have been accused of, cowardice is not one of them!

      What on earth are you even blathering about now? Participation in what? Dismantling a corrupt court system? I don't know what you think you are doing, James, but that is certainly what I am doing and all I have asked you to do is get busy, do your paperwork to reclaim your own birthright for your own sake, and organize your State Assembly--again, for your own sakes.

  32. As a matter of fact....YES THEY DID..!!