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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Swindle School 101

By Anna Von Reitz

When I was young we had a rash of land ownership scams based on abuse of Quit Claim Deeds.  The fraud artist would offer to sell you this beautiful piece of land and deed it over to you via a Quit Claim Deed. 

The problem was that the purported Seller never had any valid ownership in that land to begin with, so his Quit Claim was meaningless. 

For only $50,000 I will gladly give you a Quit Claim to all the land I own in Florida.

The Municipal United States Congress has been doing the same thing. 

They don't actually represent you, but they let people assume that they do, and then they act as if they had the authority to do all the things they have done--- when in point of fact, they don't.  

They have no valid interest--- no land in Florida. So all their works and ways are invalid from the start and as if they never existed since 1860 with respect to us.  The technical legal term is: void for fraud. 

We have our republics, if we occupy them.  We can, if we get moving and organized, "reconstruct" our Federal States of States and impose sanity on this asylum.  

The complete fraudulent nature of this entire situation is made clear from the fact that the perpetrators endlessly describe their aberrant, renegade government of, by, and for corporations as a "democracy" -- and they have never yet had a mandate of 51% of anyone voting for anything.  

They proclaim that they are a democracy, albeit one without any mandate to exist.

That's like claiming to be a milk cow without an udder, or a cat without claws, a bird without feathers, or a snake without scales. You might as well claim that your wife is a hat, as to claim to be a democracy without a mandate.

You need look no farther for any explanation or fact.  The entire house of cards falls apart on the first defect, and there you have two (2) defects that are completely unanswerable: (1) their United States Congress does not represent our United States; (2) their democracy can't exist without a mandate, and so far as we can determine, they have never had a mandate to do anything at all. 

Bottom line, the whole circumstance is nothing but a criminal Breach of Trust and Swindle owed immediate correction and cessation. 


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  2. The entire con against we Americans was accomplished via fraud and deceit. It therefore seems reasonable to assume that all of us need not be responsible to have our birth certificates certified and send notices. Rather, it seems logical that a single notice of fraud should terminate the validity of the contract used in all related instances. Why should we be burdened with the need to jump through hoops to undo what lawfully does not exist? It is a well-established fact that fraud vitiates a contract. Accordingly, if one such contract is deemed to be fraudulent and void the same would apply to the same contract used in all other instances.

    1. James, Thank You ! Ive been saying the same thing for the past YEAR. Yet, these lunkheads just don't seem to get it.
      And really, when you stop and really think about it, how do we know that ANY of this is really true anyhow? All we have is Anna telling us ''this is what they did to us all' but where is there any real proof of that. Ive never seen it. We just know that we have a bunch of people screwed up in their minds, running things and playing their roles and playing silly games with us all.

    2. That would be nice in theory, but the deep state and central bankers have bought out our legislative and Judicial branches of our gov't and will not grant relief on just claiming Fraud, even though, that's exactly what it is. Traitors everywhere. Only someone with more power than them can fix this problem now, like our President. No one has ever arrested these people before, because they are all involved.

  3. That is my question. . . EXACTLY! Why should we . . .file paperwork. . . in THEIR. . . system to tell them we don't want their . . . "help". . . anymore. . . We were never actually bound to it anyway. . .

    1. Unless you want to go to jail you shall record formal, lawful processes that they recognize otherwise they got bigger guns than you and most of Anna’s processes are informal fyi

    2. penny4, they will put people in jail no matter what, if they choose to do so. Anyone who banks on their paperwork being their safety net, better think again. Evil people do not care about paperwork.

  4. It's a swindle on a worldwide scale
    check out all the weather warfare technology that our tax dollars has paid for
    And on the back end they create the fing weather chanel to report the destruction to us
    And if that is not enough the home improvement stores make billions of dollars off of the disaster
    They also steal the land from the people who lived on it
    Paradise CA they burned those people off that land and now the Bildeberger group like the dogs they are, are holding their annual meeting just outside Paradise - like a bunch of wild dogs pissing on their territory
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  5. Debra T, brave soul. Stop the!

  6. What up cube what the **** happened to this site

  7. And in case Paul erases the above i ask again.
    Chervb Ezechielis
    So what does this mean in relation to you?
    How does this fit?

  8. Blacks law U.S.citizen is defined as a corperate entity .
    Yes two congresses one operating it Philadelphia that had deputies of states attacked in 1812 by the British
    Federilists congress operating in NYC.strong hold of the attorney Alexander Hamilton on british Wallstreet . Slowly wallpaperin over through thair university press kinda like the media empire on Avenue.of Americans today media mecca .

    1. bubba, and we all know Who made up their own blacks law dictionary
      dont we? Its just as fake as today's news, todays' court system, and everything else in todays world.
      So they simply wrote their own fake dictionary to suit their own purposes; we should not give it any credence. We should not give any attention to it , stop using their words and definitions in there, as IF they are 'gospel'.

  9. Bank Run, Riots, Disease Warning, Ebola Protest, Avalanche and Extreme Weather

  10. Since I missed the window of opportunity for posting on a couple of the past articles, I'll just have to comment here. There has been much said in recent articles and posts about there being 2 Gods in the Bible, and the God of the old testament telling people to war, kill, smash babies heads with a stone,etc.
    When God first told Abraham that He was going to give him the land of Canaan, He also said that the iniquity of those people was not yet full. But about 600 years later, when He brought the children of Israel out of Egypt, he told them to go and destroy these nations, and to have no pity on them, and MOST IMPORTANTLY-HE told them to NOT INTERMINGLE (MARRY their children with theirs). He told them to do this because these people had reached the point of no return in the evil they were committing.
    Nowadays we have Trump saying he is going to drain the swamp. Most of the folks who comment on here understand that the ones responsible for what is known as the new world order are the ones he is speaking about. They also know that these same criminals are responsible for genocide, war, chemical and nuclear weapons, poison in the air, in the food ,in the water,all the deception and fraud and theft of property,money, people and their labor,slavery,abortion and just about every other crime against humanity. Most on here would rejoice to see the day when these criminals were arrested and tried and put to death by any means. Patriot 58 wants to "hang em as high as Haman", I've seen others call for waterboarding or other torture,firing squads, etc. Most feel that the crimes they have committed against humanity had no limit, therefore no punishment is too much for them. Many here have also discovered that no matter which group of the NWO you look at: 13 bloodline families, committee of 300, Bilderbergers, Freemasons etc. who you always seem to find running the show are those we refer to as Jews. I find it very interesting that the Rothschilds trace their family lineage back to Nimrod. Even just a casual reading of the Bible will show you that the Israelites who inherited the land of Canaan FAILED to do what God told them to do. He gave them a new law to establish their kingdom with, which Jesus affirmed the entirety of that law hung upon 2 commandments, 1 to love the Lord with all their heart and soul and mind, and 2 love their neighbor as themselves. But first they had to get rid of the evil . But what did they do instead. They inter-married with the inhabitants of the land and LEARNED THEIR WAYS. So now 4000 years later what do we have?; The Jews who are the descendants of those who intermingled with the ones who were sacrificing their children to Molech by fire and ripping up women with children, and all the blood-letting and evil things, that God said about them enough is enough, destroy them. But they disobeyed His command and now they are foistering all of their evil deeds upon the unsuspecting people of the world, and we want to see them destroyed for that. But we want to say that the god who told them to annihilate these evil-doers must have been Satan or Baal.
    Perhaps God, who sees the end from the beginning, was trying to get mankind to "nip this in the bud", and destroy that evil before it got to the point we are at today. He did it once with the flood, but it spread once again. So why do we think that the God who ordered the destruction of these evildoers 4000 years ago was evil, but now we want to think that if Trump does drain the swamp and defeat the NWO, and destroy these evil ones who planned all these horrors for mankind, by any means necessary, that it was God who raised up Trump for that purpose. Me thinks this double-mindedness is with our own lack of understanding, not God's.

    1. Yes, agreed wholeheartedly ET, very well said, thank you!

    2. E.T.
      Good way of putting it.
      And In these end days (however long this is) Does God not say he will turn these evil men against one another?