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Thursday, January 10, 2019

800,000 "Non-Essential" Employees?

By Anna Von Reitz

If they are "non-essential" why are we paying for their services?
Just sayin'.

If we don't need them....what are they doing on our payroll?
Also bear in mind that we have the better part of a million "non-essential" employees on our payroll at the same time that those responsible for this situation are poor-mouthing about their "National Debt"?
Well, if they have an insurmountable National Debt and 800,000 employees we don't really need, the answer to the problem seems obvious enough to me as an Employer.
First, make the Pink Slips permanent.
Second, deport the two million or so Bar Attorneys, confiscate their ill-gotten assets, give their homes and retirement accounts to the 800,000 unemployed federal workers, use the rest of the gross largess to pay down the "National Debt" and everyone (except the Bar Attorneys) will go home happy.
Very happy.
Talking about humanitarian crisis and borders and forced immigration --- what will the Lord Mayor and the Queen do with two million or so unemployed British Merchant Marine Shipping Clerks when they all come home to roost?
You think Europe has trouble with Muslims? And we have trouble with Mexicans and Hondurans? Just think about two million angry disinherited lawyers hitting the streets and unemployment lines in London?
Makes me smile.
Tune in tomorrow for "As the World Turns (and I Vomit)".


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  1. Doc, a title of Nobility...part of a secret society....keep flapping your gums...

  2. Now that's a "Bill" I can get behind....!! Let's get 100,000 signatures and submit the bill to Trump....!! There

  3. Wow this site really imploded too bad so sad.

    1. They unmask and they reveal themselves?

    2. I think we have way more than 800,000 non-essential government employees myself.
      I would love to see the entire Federal Reserve personnel behind bars, as well as any remaining family members like the Rothschild's and their inter-related marriages. Don't forget all the other central banking institutions around the world and their goons, the IRS. Let's see how many people want to be part of the Bar Association when their license to steal is taken away. Going forward, only Corporations will be liable for Income taxes not the individuals who have been conned as corporate fictions.

  4. Part of their process to destroy as many lives as possible and it's not going to be the lawyers either
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  5. Paul StramerJanuary 9, 2019 at 5:26 PM
    "There is only one true Church, founded by Jesus Christ while he walked this earth and in the process revealed all we needed for salvation, and what we need to know about who God is. There can only be ONE true Church that is from God, and that is the one Jesus founded and is still in complete control of."

    i would like to discuss much about this site you provided. There is a lot there to be revealed.
    i do agree The 'physical' churches that we all can see including the catholic church 'Yes,' is very divided. On this we should be able to agree? A House divided?
    The Author of this article is a Jesuit (Society of Jesus) as i read it. "About this Document and its Author
    Father Arnold Damen was born in the province of North Brabant, Holland, on March 20, 1815. He was admitted to the Society of Jesus, November 21, 1837, ..."
    Now is not "Pope Francis" also a Jesuit?
    So how divided are you? How divided are the Catholics or is this also a strategy?
    Can we discuss?

    1. Francis is not even a Catholic, so how can he be a Pope?

      Jesus said he would be with His Church until the consummation of the world, but he didn't say how large that Church would be at that time. My guess is very small.
      Evidently you didn't read the rest of the links. It would take a lot of study for you to understand the history.
      Start here, and this time read it all. Read this entire website!
      Satan's greatest trick is to make us believe he doesn't exist.
      The Vatican II counsel is 63-64 is what changed everything. For an overview of what changed then.

      Once you have read those entire websites, you might have a basis and background where we could start a discussion, but it will be by email, not on this blog. The reason is that I don't want to sort through all the crap people will come with when I actually try to discuss this.

    2. Churches are not Christian. They are the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing. Indeed, the institution of “church,” from its beginning, was a pagan concept whose origin was from Rome. The 4th-century Roman emperor Constantine gave the western world the “church” as we know it. It did not exist before Constantine. Thus, it was Constantine, not Jesus, who started the church and gave it state approval. To some it may come as a surprise that the term “church” does not appear in the Holy Scriptures. I know, the term can be found in the published English versions of the Bible, but the translators added it in the text against all proper protocols of translation. “Church” does not appear anywhere in the Bible. If Jesus had founded church it would have certainly been in the Biblical record. But it’s not there!

    3. Paul, in the real kjv bible which is from back in the days of king james, who gave permission for it to be translated from its foreign language, into english, there is no catholic, or popes, or any indication of ANY 'church organization' as being ''the church'.
      So it is quite insignificant for anyone to ''BE catholic, or baptist, or lutheran, or ANY ''member' of such places. But what it DOES say that one MUST Born Again.

      Here is the scripture, by which ALL of us have to be measured up to: John 3:3 Jesus himself says ''verily, verily, I say unto thee, except a man be Born Again he cannot see the Kingdom of God'.
      That, and that only, is what God says we must BE. Not 'catholic, or methodist, or....... So without being born again, one will not be in the Kingdom of God, and will not be any part of it.

      So you do what, Paul? You want to instruct people to go study up on all your Catholic websites, to get indoctrinated in Catholicism, which is a false religion, so you can hopefully get them to agree with you?
      Paul, it is not about getting people to agree with ourselves. It is about people agreeing with God and His Word - - not agreeing with your religion and all its own doctrines.
      The trouble with catholics is that they have their so-called 'church' as their God. Their obedience is to their church, not at all to God. They are so indoctrinated with fear of opening their ears to anything other than what their 'church' tells them, that they are missing the Truth altogether.

      It is high time that catholics come out of their false 'safe place' and use their own common sense and check to see if they are really ''in a safe place'' or not. Because they are surely NOT.

      And Paul, I have not been taught by any church, but by the Holy Spirit himself. In fact just last night he reaffirmed to me that I am totally correct in my beliefs.
      Paul, who have you been taught by? No one should ever allow themselves to be taken as hostages, and told 'listen to us and do not listen to anyone else.
      We should do like Paul the Apostle admonished us ''to check him and see if he tells us the truth or not''. See? We are to look all around to insure we are in the Truth; not isolate ourselves in some Cult. And the catholic church is a cult. We know this by their own beliefs and words and 'teachings'.

      1 John 2:27 tells us that when we are born again and have the anointing of God and have thus received the holy Spirit which then abides IN us ''then you need not that any man teach you; but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him.''

    4. GREAT POST John QuincyπŸ’“

      As was was this recently by Carl☇

      [carl of mountiantop has left a new comment on the post "My Father's Question":

      so.....I used over ten years of my life reading and studying the book I was taught to be the absolute word of the god in heaven. Six times I read the bible, cover to cover, and daily prayed for understanding to enter my heart. The creator finely granted me the ability to see the truth! I never got to finish the seventh time reading and studying that great work. When the creator opened my eyes, so I could see the truth, the words of that book took on so many different meanings. The "God" that was spoken of, in the old testament, was telling the people to go to war, to kill all the people, and to smash the heads of the children with a stone.(genocide!}I'm not the smartest man on earth by far, but I do know when something is totally wrong! Right or wrong, I made the decision to look to nature to try to understand the creator. I found that I didn't need a book to tell me right from wrong. The spark of life I inherited from the creator is all I ever needed! Books are written by men! Nature was written by the creator! The handy-work of the creator is the absolute truth! I realize that I will ruffle a few feathers by posting this, but today, I felt led to post a truth that, if thought about ,can change the way someone sees this world. MY creator loves me( and everyone else on this earth).May the creator shelter each and every person that reads this post.]

    5. Yes, Yes, Yes Carl!!! Me too!! Its an amazing Love INdeed...soooooo grateful!! Thank you for sharing

    6. Once i read all your suggestions?
      i did try.

    7. Leland and Kelli,
      i can understand your happiness and desire over Both what Anna posted and Carl.
      Here is the thing neglected and overlooked. Consequences.
      A Father corrects rebellious children (out of Love.)
      Anna and much of the New age movement seems to follow people such as Joseph Prince, who also thinks God serves us, and not the other way around.
      satan turns everything upside down.

    8. John Quincy, please tell us which bible you refer to that 'does not make any mention of the word 'church'? You ought to give backup to what you say in here, because some of us in here will 'hold your feet to the fire'.
      You happen to be in error that translators changed any words. Translators only translate words from one language to another, but now there are MANY Revisionists who hate the truth, so they went about creating their own bibles and watering down the Truth of the original writing.
      I can tell you with certainty if you have a bible that lacks the word 'church' then you have a book of lies; revised by liars.
      In fact the word 'church' appears hundreds of times in the bible.

      I still would be interested in knowing what bible lacks that word, which you are alluding to. Thanks.

    9. aFollower, exactly. A Father who is a good father always corrects his children. He loves them and corrects them so they will live on a moral and righteous and godly path in their lives.
      The bible even tells us that God chastises those that he loves. This does not mean we are to beat our children, but to correct them in an appropriate and effective manner.
      Personally, I never had to spank my one-and-only, as I quickly found that he expected to just be told and that was all it would take. (no, you cannot drag a chair up to the silverware draw to see what is in there than clangs around; these fork prongs will hurt you, so here is a spoon you can play with. You cannot go by the stove or it will burn you; see as we get close it is getting hot. Smart kid, he got it the easy way, needed no spankings at all, ever. Whew.)
      Anna says admittedly that she was spoiled, and it shows in her adult life, like now. She shows no discipline and rejects correction. Those are the types that refuse to have God in the driving seat of their life, but think God is going to ride around in the back seat 'in case they need help on their journey of Life'.

    10. Abby, your private interpretation of what you call the Bible is getting you into big trouble.

      Here is the real history of what you call the King James Bible.

      And here is the real Bible.

      Readers can study and decide but pay attention to the footnotes.

    11. A follower, I guarantee you DONT understand, as YOU do not dwell in my Heart-mind/Body, or most likely NOT in Leland or Carls and Absolutely Not in Anna's. However YOUR Huge Ego BELIEVES it KNOWS Everything and MUST therefore pass judgment AS IS Your Vain Mental deficiency and Worldly trained disorder showing again. Here's a True thought for ya; mind your own personal spiritual evolution and relationship, and stop worrying about everyone else's. Im sorry your not hearing/feeling/Seeing and knowing from within what many others Are, but You Aren't the "Authority" or Worldly Cheif "expert" of anyone's lifes experiences/callings but Your own.
      You have made it very clear you Do Not Support Anna or Any of Our work speaking awareness of the Deceitful, dark beast system we've been entrapped our whole lives in, but you still come here and spread your fear porn propaganda and falsely believe that we aren't grown-up enough to choose our own thoughts, behaviors and actions for ourselves. I guarantee you as a Daughter, Mother and Grandmother I AM FED up with Your Worldly condition of Mental Judgement and Sick Male dominant EGO bullshit! Game Over! If you don't like it, please go complain to your god, and get OVER yourself Alteady

    12. Kelli, not only is your insecurity showing, but your ignorance as well. IF you were soooo sure you are 'in the right' then why are you so discontented that you obviously need a good long Anger Management Course?
      You are the one who is admittedly 'entrapped in some dark system and can't seem to get out; but just because you find yourself in such bondage is NO excuse for throwing your Childish temper tantrums and just start throwing your Garbage all over the room that you always seem to have at the ready right on the tip of that uncontrolled tongue of your.

    13. Another fabulous post by KelliπŸŽΆπŸ’ž

    14. Paul,
      i do not speak for Abby, Yet i will speak.
      The whole 'private interpretation' conversation is being looked at in the wrong way. This is one thing (a concern) i saw within the link you posted (
      , and i have noted you say this line repeatedly.
      If and i mean 'if' an individual has received of the Holy Spirit, do you see that the Interpretation is no longer a private one?
      I see the differences between so many Bibles and yet the main Truth is still there. Many people are now seeing these differences and are going on to mistakenly assume that it is all hogwash all lies written by men and there own doing. Do you see the danger?
      The Holy Spirit is not to be confined to those few (Elite) within any physical home based "church." The Jesuits or otherwise!
      i did try to contact you last week, privately. as the Word suggests. Everything out here in the bully pulpit does pose some problems. Yet we do what we need to do.
      Sometimes my e-mail address goes to spam because it is linked to my former self employed business.
      i am slow to check it at times. i cannot read each and every link you provide before a discussion. We are each and everyone individuals as we should be, nor do i expect you to walk a mile in my shoes and read all that i have read.
      We are to use discernment in all circumstances.

    15. Kelli,
      i am not judging you or any one as others do. i am simply raising questions and making observations. i do not wish the responsibility of being a Judge, as i have one much greater than me.
      Kelli , why do you and i both agree with E.T. Tishbite in the way he replied? There is common ground, we just need to find it. The name calling and childish behavior of many in these blogs serves only to divide.


    16. E.T. TishbiteJanuary 11, 2019 at 11:50 AM
      Since I missed the window of opportunity for posting on a couple of the past articles, I'll just have to comment here. There has been much said in recent articles and posts about there being 2 Gods in the Bible, and the God of the old testament telling people to war, kill, smash babies heads with a stone,etc.
      When God first told Abraham that He was going to give him the land of Canaan, He also said that the iniquity of those people was not yet full. But about 600 years later, when He brought the children of Israel out of Egypt, he told them to go and destroy these nations, and to have no pity on them, and MOST IMPORTANTLY-HE told them to NOT INTERMINGLE (MARRY their children with theirs). He told them to do this because these people had reached the point of no return in the evil they were committing.
      Nowadays we have Trump saying he is going to drain the swamp. Most of the folks who comment on here understand that the ones responsible for what is known as the new world order are the ones he is speaking about. They also know that these same criminals are responsible for genocide, war, chemical and nuclear weapons, poison in the air, in the food ,in the water,all the deception and fraud and theft of property,money, people and their labor,slavery,abortion and just about every other crime against humanity. Most on here would rejoice to see the day when these criminals were arrested and tried and put to death by any means. Patriot 58 wants to "hang em as high as Haman", I've seen others call for waterboarding or other torture,firing squads, etc. Most feel that the crimes they have committed against humanity had no limit, therefore no punishment is too much for them. Many here have also discovered that no matter which group of the NWO you look at: 13 bloodline families, committee of 300, Bilderbergers, Freemasons etc. who you always seem to find running the show are those we refer to as Jews. I find it very interesting that the Rothschilds trace their family lineage back to Nimrod. Even just a casual reading of the Bible will show you that the Israelites who inherited the land of Canaan FAILED to do what God told them to do. He gave them a new law to establish their kingdom with, which Jesus affirmed the entirety of that law hung upon 2 commandments, 1 to love the Lord with all their heart and soul and mind, and 2 love their neighbor as themselves. But first they had to get rid of the evil . But what did they do instead. They inter-married with the inhabitants of the land and LEARNED THEIR WAYS. So now 4000 years later what do we have?; The Jews who are the descendants of those who intermingled with the ones who were sacrificing their children to Molech by fire and ripping up women with children, and all the blood-letting and evil things, that God said about them enough is enough, destroy them. But they disobeyed His command and now they are foistering all of their evil deeds upon the unsuspecting people of the world, and we want to see them destroyed for that. But we want to say that the god who told them to annihilate these evil-doers must have been Satan or Baal.
      Perhaps God, who sees the end from the beginning, was trying to get mankind to "nip this in the bud", and destroy that evil before it got to the point we are at today. He did it once with the flood, but it spread once again. So why do we think that the God who ordered the destruction of these evildoers 4000 years ago was evil, but now we want to think that if Trump does drain the swamp and defeat the NWO, and destroy these evil ones who planned all these horrors for mankind, by any means necessary, that it was God who raised up Trump for that purpose. Me thinks this double-mindedness is with our own lack of understanding, not God's.


      Kelli MillerJanuary 11, 2019 at 1:35 PM
      Yes, agreed wholeheartedly ET, very well said, thank you!

    17. Kelli,
      Do you see Et, is 'also' refuting some of what either Quincy or Carl said? Also rebuking Anna and many of the things she is falsley leading others to see.
      And you revealed you are a mother and grandmother, good for you. Do you not see the Value of correction?
      Do we not see a correction of the world is coming from above? A Fathers Correction, do we not acknowledge the need?
      i think many of us do, yet it is by His timing.

  6. Anna- "The Holy Roman Empire is now rising as the Fourth Reich. As Voltaire observed, it isn't holy, it isn't Roman, and it isn't an Empire. It is a crime syndicate formed around a base of false ideas and evil sentiments, implemented via institutionalized and carefully compartmentalized crimes against "humanity".
    Satan knows his time is short, many do not see the fourth Reich has already risen, they were cloaked, (you should know this) they have already risen from the ashes. We are now in the process of revealing and destroying them now.
    They will not rise so soon from these ashes. As i have been led to see it.
    a follower

    1. "Satan knows his time is short..."πŸ˜‚♭♯🎢πŸ’₯

    2. a follower, speaking of ashes & what may come out of them?
      "The Phoenix Moment: If you thought 2018 was a wild ride, wait until 2019 gets going!"
      These are perspectives that may be interesting for reading.
      Peace. ra

  7. It's the common man that is getting the shaft
    The actors and the other con artist will not suffer - I'm sure they are writing legislation now to take away gun rights or sending 50B to Israel
    Polosi (AKA Jane Fonda) and Elizabeth Warren (AKA Annette Benning) I'm sure are still on the payroll just like the rest of the liars
    Pope Francis is Jonathan Price
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  8. Likely 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris hints that her office was too big to notice the sexual harassment of one of her top aides, then does not apologize to the victim.
    Her office has 5,000(+)staff?? (Multiply that times 100 senators
    = 500,000 employees?)

    How many staff members can senators employ?
    During the year 2000, Senators are allowed to hire 34 full-time and part-time staff members without limits; while the Representatives had a limit of eighteen full-time and four part-time staff members. Their budgets for their staff were determined by the population of the state. Feb 13, 2016
    How many staff members are Senators allowed to employ? A. 18 full ...

    Are congressional staffers federal civilian employees?
    There are about 31,000 congressional staffers within the Legislative Branch. ... While congressional staffers are federal employees, as a group they are quite different from their Executive Branch counterparts. According to the Office of Personnel Management, the average federal employee is 47 years old.
    The Legislative Branch - Federal Managers Association

    How much do Senate staffers make?
    This estimate is based upon 84 U.S. Senate Staff Assistant salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods. When factoring in bonuses and additional compensation, a Staff Assistant at U.S. Senate can expect to make an average total pay of $33,268 .
    U.S. Senate Staff Assistant Salaries | Glassdoor,26.htm

    How much do congressional staffers get paid?
    A glance at the numbers above shows that salaries for congressional staffers are not always in the common $30,000 to $50,000 range. The member with the highest average salary for his employees, Rep. Rob Bishop, pays his staff an average of $81,000.Aug 13, 2014
    What Members of Congress Pay Their Employees In Two Charts | Time

    How much do Capitol Hill staffers make?
    As of 2015, ordinary members earn $174,000 per year, and they can pay a staffer up to $172,500.Jan 26, 2018
    Government Job Profile: Congressional Staffer - The Balance Careers

    Who pays Congress?
    “The Senators and Representatives shall receive a Compensation for their Services, to be ascertained by Law, and paid out of the Treasury of the United States.” This means that Congress is responsible for adopting legislation, which must be signed by the President to become law, that determines its salary.Sep 17, 2007
    Who decides how much to pay Congress? - Congressional Institute

    Do senators get paid for life?
    Senators and representatives make a good living and have very generous retirement benefits. However, congressmen are not paid for life. ... To collect their full pensions they must meet set age and terms of service requirements. Senators and representatives can never receive more than 80% of their final salary.Jul 5, 2018
    Can Senators Be Paid for Life After They Retire? -

    Continued on next post

    1. Continuation: Scroll down to Personal Staff
      Chief of staff: Highest-ranking and usually highest-paid legislative staffer in the office of a member of Congress, usually the chief operating officer of the office, reporting directly to the member. Oversees a dozen or more other employees. Some chiefs of staffs are charged with personnel decisions and policy initiatives. From time to time a chief of staff may be based out of a district office, but they are almost always found at the Capitol ("on the "Hill"). Chiefs of staff are usually very experienced political staffers, often with years of prior work on the Hill, or are personal friends of Members. Some chiefs of staff were previously campaign managers.[5]
      So, how many staff does each Representative really have? That probably easily comes up to the 800,000 when you add that to the 500,000 for the senators staff.??
      Historically: Before the American Civil War, members of Congress did not have staff assistance or even offices, and "most members worked at their desks on the floor."[1]

      In 1891, Congress had a total of 146 staff members: 37 Senate personal staff, 39 Senate committee staff, and 62 House committee staff (37 of whom only worked during congressional sessions).[2] The House first approved personal staff for Representatives in 1893.[2] By the beginning of the 20th century, congressional staff had become well-accepted feature of congressional operations.[2]

      In 1943, House committees employed 114 staff members, while Senate committees employed 190 staff members.[2] The size of individual members' personal staffs were still relatively small, with the average senator having six staffers and representatives limited to having five staffers.[2] In the Legislative Reorganization Act of 1946, which reformed Congress and greatly reduced the number of congressional committees,[3] Congress expressly authorized permanent, professional committee staff for the first time.[2] The act provided for a much-needed increase in committee staff, allowing for up to four professional and six clerical staff members for each standing committee, except for the appropriations committees (which had no limitation on the number of staff members).[2][3] The 1946 act also reorganized the Library of Congress and created the Legislative Reference Service (which later became the Congressional Research Service) as a distinct entity.[3] The size of both personal and committee staff increased considerably after the passage of the Legislative Reorganization Act.[2] Following the significant increase in 1947, there was gradual growth in the number of both kinds of staff for about twenty years.[2] Increased staff specialization also occurred during this period of slow growth (i.e., staffers began to be divided into press, legislative, and casework roles).[2]

      In the 1970s, there was again a sharp jump in the number of staff.[2] This was a response "in part to increased workloads and in part to confrontation with the executive branch on various issues, including the president's impoundment of funds and the Watergate crisis."[2] The political scientist Morris P. Fiorina, in his book Congress: Keystone of the Washington Establishment, found that the number of congressional staff more than doubled between 1960 and 1974. The increase was mostly in district or state offices; the percentage of congressional staff who worked in a district office went from 14% in 1960 to 34% in 1974.[4]

      In the 1970s and 1990s, "staff numbers generally held level and increases were held down. After 1995, staff numbers actually decreased slightly."[2]

      Peace. ra

  9. Abby, as I stated "I know, the term can be found in the published English versions of the Bible, but the translators added it in the text against all proper protocols of translation."
    The word “church” was inserted into the English Bibles by Romanish translators to replace the actual Greek word:ECCLESIA. The Greek ecclesia is not church. Not evenclose. Ecclesia translates to “CALLED-OUT ONES.” Thetranslators simply inserted the word “church” and discardedthe original term. Churchgoers are told that “ecclesia”should be translated “church.” But that is just wrong. IfJesus and his apostles had meant “church” they would have used the Greek term “kuriokon.” That would have translatedto “church.” But they didn’t. They used “ecclesia.”
    As far as which VERSION, pick your poison. I prefer the King James VERSION because it has the best tools for studying. The kjv was translated by commission of a government and imo should not be trusted and must be verified. is the best resource for that if you don't have much background in the Greek and Hebrew languages. I do not have the "references" you asked for as my statement did not come from another man's opinion.
    Search the scriptures. Study to show thyself approved.