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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Owning Trillionaires -- Read This Conversation

By Anna Von Reitz

Nearly every day I get calls from wealthy people saying --  "I have billions of dollars (or more) of assets in bank accounts and its all right there on the FED Grey Screen..... but I can't access anything.  What is going on?"

While the Trillionaires and Billionaires have been working their tails off to operate all these assets and exercise all these ownership interests for profits appearing to benefit themselves, the Federal Reserve has been claiming to own the Trillionaires and Billionaires.  For free.  As a "gift".

It's really that simple.

The Vermin "took title" to living men, created ESTATES named after us, sold our assets to investors without our knowledge or consent, and now, the investors are coming after us in the mistaken belief that they have a valid interest in our assets.

You see how the Middlemen worked this scam, so that both the actual owners and the investors are defrauded while they, the Middlemen, pocketed the ill-gotten gains?

It would be like me selling your house to Joe Baxter, and when Joe and his family show up ready to move in, there you are going --- "What the $!$#!@!?" ---Now, that's a helluva situation, isn't it? 

Both Joe and you are screwed and the Middlemen "holding the title" to your Name and those holding title to your ESTATE, are long gone. 

This has been going on for a long time.  That is exactly what the whole Mortgage Fraud Scheme has been about.

The British Monarch was obligated to act as our Trustee on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways by Treaty and Commercial Contract with The United States of America--- our unincorporated government.  He saw a chance of pulling a fast one after the Civil War, and of substituting himself as the Beneficiary instead of the Trustee.

So he gave the Trustee position to the Pope and the Pope named him the "Presumed" Beneficiary of our birthright trust. And things went downhill from there to their current state of criminality.

The "State of Ohio" or the "Government of Moldavia" or the "CITY OF CHICAGO" or the "County Clare Municipal District" --- ad infinitum --- set up franchises for themselves, copyrighted our Names, registered them as property belonging to their corporation(s) --- and there you have it.

"But, my dear don't even own your own name," I tell the astonished victim. (pause) "A corporation called the "State of Ohio" copyrighted your name and registered it as property belonging to them in 1964...." (pause)

"They claimed it was a "gift" from your Mother." (pause) "So everything owned under that name is ---according to the records---  owned and controlled by the "State of Ohio", not "James Leland Zwinke" (pause)

"Yes, I know it's fraud." (pause) "Yes, I do "give a damn" that they falsified the public records." (pause) "I am aware of that, sir, but they have stolen your identity and your assets, sold them to Third Parties, pocketed the profits, and are now sitting on a beach in Puerto Rico getting smashed." (pause) "Yes, both you and the investors are being screwed senseless." (pause)

"I know you were never told a word about this." (pause) "Your Mother wasn't told either." (pause) "They aren't allowed to talk about it --- see 18 USC 472." (pause) "I am terribly sorry." (pause) "They are outside our American jurisdiction." (pause) "Yes, I know, but here's the problem --- you have been defrauded, no question about it, but where are you going to prosecute them? Their own courts?" (pause)

"Bombing London and Rome isn't really an option." (pause) "Besides, how are you going to pay to bomb the Vermin? They stole all your money, all the assets you had in the bank under that name." (pause) "They took title to your home and land in the same way." (pause) "Well, yes, I agree, there has to be a way to return the favor." (pause)

"Reclaim your Good Name and Estate and permanently domicile them on the land and soil of Ohio." (pause) "No "State of Anything" ---just Ohio." (pause)
"Then join your State Jural Assembly." (pause) "Set up your local courts and State Courts, elect your Sheriffs, elect your Justices of the Peace." (pause) "Then set up your actual State Legislature.  The Ohio Legislature --- no "Ohio State" Legislature and no "State of Ohio" Legislature --- just "The Ohio Legislature" and select your Deputies to attend the Continental Congress. (pause) "And never incorporate anything, not even a dog house. Run everything as an unincorporated business in international trade." (pause).

"Well, the quickest way to end this, is by informing everyone you know and exposing the rats." (pause) "Rule of law?  Hahahah!  That's a good one!" (pause) "I did tell the Generals!" (pause) "The only reason they will do anything, is that they realize that the Chinese are in line to get the new contract for cheap mercenary services." (pause)

"Boycotts, shut downs, marches, education of the people....." (pause) "I think he's doing his best with a bad situation." (pause) "Put pressure on your local bank to "resolve" this in your favor." (pause) "Hey, it's the military and the bankers and the Catholic clergy and politicians and Bar Attorneys and European monarchies that created this mess. (pause) "Go after all of them. Rag their asses clean off---not mine." (pause)

"Nationalize the whole thing---especially all the railroads. Close off any inroads they have.  Give the public property back to the actual States and all the private property back to the people. Just need to get our tails in the air and do it." (pause) "Lock down their accounts, seize their assets as unjust enrichment, put new managers in charge of the banks --- arrest them." (pause)

"Why not?  They are criminals." (pause) "In the old days, we just found a tall tree and a short rope." (pause) "These guys have rustled a lot more than cattle." (pause) "You are a case in point.... everything that you assumed was yours, has been stolen by fraud that began when you were just a few days old, long before you could know a thing about it." (pause) "That is known as an unconscionable contract. It's supposed to be readily recognized as null and void, but of course, their hired Bill Collectors running these courts routinely ignore both the facts and the law." (pause) "I guess it has to be run up their rectums with a rubber hose."

"Technically, if the local "sheriff" --- and bear in mind, these guys are not actual sheriffs and not occupying actual public offices, they are all working for corporations and have been elected in corporate elections--- but if the local guy pretending to be "Sheriff" doesn't obey the Public Law and is misapplying statutory law to people, the United States Marshals are supposed to arrest him and return your property." (pause) "In fact, it's like pulling teeth to get them--the Marshals-- to do anything." (pause)  "That's because the Marshals work for the Pope and the Pope is in on this crap---profiting from it." (pause)

"Look, the Municipal Corporation that was claiming to act as your Trustee, the STATE OF OHIO, has been bankrupted and liquidated along with all its franchises including "JAMES LELAND ZWINKE". (pause)  "Now the Territorial Corporation claiming to be the Beneficiary of "JAMES LELAND ZWINKE" will come forward and claim "HIS" assets, but they are bankrupt, too, so----" (pause) "Oh, yes, all these jokers are subject to Bankruptcy Trustees named by the banks." (pause) "The Trustees and the banks are the real problem." (pause)

"If Iceland can do it, so can we." (pause) "No, all of this is totally bogus, unlawful and illegal --- both.  Mis-characterizing a living man as a citizen of a foreign country-- such as mis-characterizing an American as a "U.S. Citizen" --is a capitol crime under the Geneva Conventions." (pause)

"And "securitization" of a living man is totally illegal.  It's been outlawed for generations.  So has conscription and press-ganging."  (pause) "And so is Bastardy and Bono Vacantia in America. None of our actual States allow it." (pause)

"Well, yes, I know. They will get away with what they can get away with." (pause) "And though they can't actually own you, as long as you let them own and control your Name---they can do whatever they want to you and your assets using that as a ploy." (pause) "Looks like most of them, especially the Democrats, have Dual Citizenship in Israel." (pause) "I hear that Trump has opened a branch of the Ritz-Carlton in Cuba." (pause)

"It's all Banker's Wars, one group of thugs and criminals thumping on another group of thugs and criminals." (pause) "My approach is simple.  Bring your proof and claim, assemble your Jural Assembly...." (pause) "That's right.  Get organized and do for yourself what you have been paying them to do for you." (pause)

"Hey, it's better than paying someone who rips you off, right?" (pause) "These are grossly disloyal and insubordinate employees. They haven't just failed to do their jobs --- they have done "other" jobs instead, jobs that have served to defraud and rob and enslave you.  You paid their salaries while they were doing this." (pause) "Yes, and if that doesn't make you mad, nothing will."

"I am terrible sorry, but until this mess gets straightened out, you won't have access to your assets." (pause) "Because, even if the boneheads in charge knew for sure who owns what, they wouldn't know how to pay them out." (pause) "Ha! How do you want it? Federal Reserve Notes? Yen? Monopoly Money? Shares in diamond mines that may not exist?  Shares of cotton for shares of pork bellies?" (pause) "Now, you begin to see what I mean. The criminals have wrecked the basis for everything, including trust." (pause)

"It's not a matter of making a deal anymore." (pause) "It's an operational system that's out of commission because of abuse by criminals. Both the pipeline and what goes in the pipeline --- kaput until further notice." (pause)  "I mean "broke" like a truck without an axle.  That kind of "broke".  Of course, your assets have value, but translating that value into symbols, digits, and currency is another matter." (pause)

"What do I suggest? I gave them the way to convert the debt system to a credit system in three days without hurting anyone.  They laughed at me." (pause) "They think they can ride it out --- come up with a new scam or a new version of the old one." (pause)

"Of course, they think people are that stupid. They got away with this fraud for a 150 years and glutted like pigs, had us paying them for the privilege of being screwed over by them." (pause) "They have to be convinced otherwise. They have to know that we know, and that we mean business." (pause)

"I think Trump will take care of his own business. That doesn't mean he will take care of mine." (pause)  "Remember --- it was the military and the Territorial Government that Lincoln made responsible for protecting our money. And you see where your money is now --- locked up on a Grey Screen at the Federal Reserve, claimed as part of the "abandoned gift ESTATE of JAMES LELAND ZWINKE", a franchise operated by the bankrupt  "STATE OF OHIO", claimed by the Territorial "State of Ohio" and --- more importantly, claimed by the Bankruptcy Trustees and Creditors of the "State of Ohio". (pause)  "According to them, it's not even your money.  Never has been." (pause)

"Yes, I did something about it." (pause) "I claimed back my name and returned it to the land and soil of Wisconsin --- reclaiming the land of Wisconsin in the process.  Then I placed claims against all these rotten corporations in the name of the actual State, "Ohio", and the living Ohioans. I did this for all fifty States." (pause)

"I did it for everyone. Every State. Every American.  So the claim is there and lodged with Notice and Liens established." (pause)  'I also established a Private Registered Indemnity Bond covering all the States."

"In fact, the Vermin tried to re-claim "me" by making up a different version of my name and asserting an ownership interest, but they weren't fast enough and I wasn't stupid enough.  I officially claimed that version, too, and certified it." (pause)

"Of course, all this is fraudulent.  Grossly so.  All of it." (pause) "But what are you going to do about it?" (pause)

All I heard was the sound of a round being jacked into a .12 gauge shotgun and the line went dead.  I don't think he was mad at me.  I don't know what state he was from.  I just used "Ohio" as an example.  I'm not even sure I caught his name.  I have talked to so many people like this, in this situation, that I lose track.

I hope he didn't do himself harm over money.  I hope he doesn't do anyone else harm over money. 

The criminals will come to justice and it will all get straightened out, but in the meantime, folks, be advised and hunker down. Do what you can to preserve and protect your own lives and assets.

Adopt my motto: "Keep Calm--- and Get Even". 


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  1. Hopefully he did not stick the barrel of the shot gun in his mouth

  2. Killing ones self over money= so stupid.
    Life is the true gift= which cannot be purchased for any price + Christ's life was/is priceless beyond measure= seek Him...

  3. Killing ones self over money= so stupid.
    Life is the true gift= which cannot be purchased for any price + Christ's life was/is priceless beyond measure= seek Him...

  4. Killing ones self over money= so stupid.
    Life is the true gift= which cannot be purchased for any price + Christ's life was/is priceless beyond measure= seek Him...

  5. I would also like to add that many of this dual citizenship Isreali played a huge part in killing 3 thousand people on 9-11.

  6. I am quite sure the shotgun was for one of the bastards responsible for running this it wasnt me..I know the game and Anna , Actually going through the process even if these bastards ignore it...for now.
    Just think of the thrill of arresting the criminals, trialing them, sentencing them and seeing tge last bit of life leaving their corpse on the gallows or tied to a post at a firing squad....thats what keeps me going...ending this nightmare, ending the enslavement , ending the suffering that my family and friends and fellow Americans have suffered. Bringing justice .

  7. i think this is nothing more than an author cleverly designing a "conversation" around 'her' mission.
    She clearly is having a "conversation" with herself.
    Numerous times we have been told flat out that she is on a mission from God. She speaks with the voice of God, "Selah."
    And yet do not many of us see a problem?
    Anna--"Adopt my motto: "Keep Calm--- and Get Even".
    This motto shows us, us who are on a path of being followers of Christ, of Mashiak, that something most definitely is amiss.
    Many articles all using I, Me, I, Me, I, Me, are a also a clear indicator.
    Note: i do not hate her, nor anyone as well as He is with me and gives me aid in this. Pray for them, Pray for our enemies as He has taught us.
    Get even? That too is not our mission, revealing the false and Guarding the Truth is reward enough.

    1. @a follower: There is nothing false about Anna mission. Maybe you have NOT been a tragic victim of the vermin, or maybe you work for someone to discredit her/us. Your world vision, my world vision, and Anna world vision are different. But I can attest that she is telling the truth. Any one who does not care for his/her own country, falling for 244+ years is traitor.

    2. Sorry, but anna's mission is misleading people. It may sound good, but I don't think anyone has really thought it out; how can it possibly work. Who actually thinks that the masses will ever get the elitists to surrender their tyrannical position.
      Our country has become a total wreck, and that is what most people do not like. It does not make anyone a traitor.
      To tell these followers of hers that ''criminals will be brought to justice and everything will work out'' a pipe dream that is not going to happen that way.

    3. Abby doesn't have a mission really...just another discordant 🎤

  8. The Vermin "contradict themselves - Their title is invalid" "Their notes are fraudulent, and Contract(s) are fraudulent" w/o two party signature contracting the business. Their Courts don't care after I claimed and filed everything as Anna suggested. I think the real problem is, the vermin don't care about any logic of law or of our reclaimed Names back, is bc, they don't want to admit they're wrong.

    That they claim owning every soul, every property preexisting or not bc they outlaw everything by Fraud. Like saying they own the police. What are you going to do about this?

    Their police are quite dumb too, sorry, they don't have time to use any logic or study law, they only look for the word "Granted" and the crooked Judge signature. They obey their deceiving bosses (governors and mayors).

  9. National assembly is a long road, who wants to confront with the misbehaved Police? Carrying guns with us? They will claim we look for trouble. They made the Admiralty law to coarse any one as trouble maker. Sending proof of the British stealing our assets is probably something good to do to wake them up.

  10. Gosh Anna!
    Hard to say what may be your best work ever. However, this article has to be on the short list!!
    Amazing, incredible insights. i could add only that its incredulity is its best protection. The fact that ordinary folks & even the folks doing "service" for the vermin without realizing it, can hardly believe any of this could ever be possible. That alone is likely the greatest hurdle we have to overcome.
    Keep writing & beating the drum! Folks will come around!
    Thanks so much!!!
    All The Best, Wirkin

  11. There is the SEC record of Loop-back, Book-entry as a new Fed IOU's, associating with our property and our lives as their property w/o our consent. SEC Rcd Year 2001.

    Furthermore, the fraudulent lenders, use MERS as a temp. placement holder for their position to jump in to steal ppl home in the last days, without following the Supreme Court rules on Bifurcated loan, to keep Note and Contract together instead of separating them, by having our note be with the investors, duplicated many times to sell to different investors illegally, to expand their fraudulent income on investors, or us via direct Wall-street and/or 401K IRA via our employers dishonest fund mangers. Their British Courts in Deceiving US State Names are the problem, as well as their crooked &/ incompetent Judges.

    Form W-8, Form 1001 and Form 4224 are effective until December 31, 2000. Form W- 8BEN and Form W-8ECI are effective until the third succeeding calendar year from the date the form is signed.] The term "U.S. Person" means (i) a citizen or resident of the United States, (ii) a corporation or partnership or other entity treated as a corporation or partnership for federal income tax purposes created or organized in or under the laws of the United States, any State thereof or the District of Columbia or (iii) an estate the income of which is includible in gross income for United States tax purposes, regardless of its source or (iv) a trust if a court within the United States is able to exercise primary supervision of the administration of the trust and one or more United States persons have the authority to control all substantial decisions of the trust.] This summary does not deal with all aspects of U.S. Federal income tax withholding that may be relevant to foreign holders of the book-entry securities. Investors are advised to consult their own tax advisors for specific tax advice concerning their holding and disposing of the book-entry securities. I-5 [LOGO OF FIRST HORIZON HOME LOAN CORPORATION] (Seller and Master Servicer) First Horizon Mortgage Pass-Through Trust 2001-2 (Issuer) $171,612,100 (Approximate) Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates, Series 2001-2 ----------------------------- PROSPECTUS SUPPLEMENT ----------------------------- Bear, Stearns & Co. Inc. First Tennessee Securities Corporation Dealers will deliver a prospectus supplement and prospectus when acting as underwriters of the certificates and with respect to their unsold allotments or subscriptions. In addition, all dealers selling the certificates will be required to deliver a prospectus supplement and prospectus until June 25, 2001. March 26, 2001

  12. In Canada, they have made it difficult to even get a copy of the live birth certificate. The failed attempts by others claiming sovereignty has put everyone on the terrorist watch list. So this whole process has to be done in an underground fashion, including group meetings to even discuss these processes.

    Since there never was a declaration of independence or a constitution, only the BNA Act(British North American Act) that Trudeau conveniently combined with the Charter of Human Rights designed to circumvent the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that Canada is signatory to, and without a constitutional convention, as our Constitution in 1982. All courts including the Supreme Court of Canada have been indoctrinated that it is a crime to claim sovereignty.

    They have allowed us a choice however. Leave if you don't like the rules.

  13. Hi Anna, I do respect your post, I read the comment just to see what peoples had to say. Well, I for one totally interested in this process and you can only show us the way, its up to us to make a choice as to the direction we take.. thank you

  14. Anna, you forgot one thing..!! We are dealing with "Criminal Syndicates " and by trying to start "Jural Assembles" , you are effectively challenging the "Mafias" right to rule, which will be challenged by every single dept of the govt and courts, with their hired mercenaries, local police, the Sherriffs, and the U.S. MARSHALLS...!! And they will shoot to kill anyone getting in there way...And walk away free..!! And even if "jural assembles" can solve our problem with the Corp State, how are you going to Fund it...your bankrupt too..!! Everyone, everywhere is insolvent and incapable of running anything....lawfully..!!
    So in my opinion, your "jural assembles" will resort to fraud also just to survive against an enemy that can just print money to overcome the "jural assembles" Corp takeover...!!
    You cannot have lawful jural assembles without REAL MONEY...!! Where is that going to come from...!!

    1. Jesus, your onlybegotten savior, of course, James🔥

    2. Time to dust off the muskets and gather the musketeers!

  15. dan: ever read section 32 & 52 of the charter, 32 states all codes, rules, regulations,statutes and acts only applies to government and government agents alike, section 52 states anything inconsistent with 32 is null and void and they removed the term 'de-facto' from the attorney generals website ...

    1. @13chi: I was aware of 32 & 52 and the whole charter, but not the AG's removal of the defacto term. Is the removal time-stamped? Did they remove the term 'defacto' from the criminal code? It was right at the beginning. I don't see how they can remove it because all the codes are under the Corporation Canada. Through the birth certificate the presumption as a Canadian Citizen servitude is assumed voluntary thereby subject to all the statutes and codes. If you now try to claim sovereignty, you are put on the terrorist watch list.

    2. Dan, what are the terrorists going to watch you do?? Live? Declare Your Living State of Being and Party Like a rock star!!! Yes, Cmon Canadians, its time to Live again too!!!

    3. @Kelli, I get and appreciate the humour!

      The process of recording the documents Anna has suggested would be difficult because any action that leads to sovereignty would cause notification to the guys with the guns and handcuffs and crowbar hotel. I can send myself registered mail verifying my record of status. Without recording in the land office, refusal to pay income tax or property tax or tax on goods will land me in crowbar hotel as well. In Ontario, you can only get a copy of the live birth certificate if you declare it is for the purpose of court. It never used to be that way, but the rules changed by others getting theirs and attempting to claim sovereignty. That is how corrupt this system is here.

      The supreme court has already ruled - pay or leave. Our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are dear to us and leaving to go where? Where is the safe place to live my last days? I will be 71 in March. I am living where I am living because even with the mortgage, utilities and taxes it is still cheaper than rent.

      I haven't given up yet, I am still trying to find an angle that won't land me in jail. If I thought going to jail would solve the problem or get positive media attention, I would welcome it, but my wife would not survive it.

      So for younger people it would be worth taking the risk, but at my age, I have to continue to be a keyboard activist.

    4. Dan, I wonder just what does it take for you blind folks to see the 'handwriting is already on the wall', lol. Its been there all along, just like Ive been saying. But if y'all wanna spend your precious days battling and fighting a losing battle, then that is your prerogative.

    5. Abby, People fascinate me. Active on blogs is just like sitting in a mall people watching. In a way, it is entertainment whilst on a mission. Kind of like smelling the roses along the way. It intrigues me that you, having made up your mind that there is no alternative, continue to condemn those with a different mindset.

      I think that in your heart of hearts, deep down you too are hoping for a positive resolve to all this or you wouldn't spend the time here. Your approach, once one can get past the angry tone, triggers different points of view and that in itself is beneficial. So it poses the question of the game I like to play - "What if" What if there is an alternative?

      It has been said that there cannot be a question without the answer already available, so those of us who ask, are seeking that answer.

      So if the question is answered and revealed, would you not be open to accepting it should the "losing battle" be won?

      Einsteins quote "You can't solve a problem with the same mindset that created it" plays a role in this. In the battle of good vs evil, mankind let down its guard against evil and it gained some yardage on the football field and perhaps it is on the 3 yard line, but it hasn't scored and won the game yet unless we leave the field.

      Perhaps we still haven't asked the right question.

    6. Another fabulous post by Dan...& Anna🎤

  16. Common Law Notice to all.

    Yokoyama Legal, with Tank, 45:45 min’s:

    A small excerpt:
    Jan 17 2019 – Paul Yokoyama Lawyer speaking:
    Unincorporated entity called Guardian of Camelot, which is going to receive the "money" from the Manna World Holding Trust and then they have set up a structure of irrevocable trusts underneath the Guardian of Camelot, which will be the Kr8change Irrevocable Trust.

    Each of the people, we're calling them Project Affiliates, that will be funded, will have to have an irrevocable trust underneath Kr8change and the Guardian of Camelot.

    Why we're using irrevocable trusts--it's a Common Law Trust--the reason we're doing this is so that we can maintain control of where the funds are going to be going. You will own the funds, if you
    are a Project Affiliate, basically as the Trustee of the irrevocable trust, but the money will leave the Guardian of Camelot & the Manna World Holding Trust and will no longer be owned by them.

    And that’s an important step for Kim, she has to get the money to the people, so that’s one of the reasons that we set-up the structure like this.

    I did update my website it’s which has some tabs in there regarding this, explaining why we’re doing it this way.

    Tank speaking:
    This is an unincorporated, tax exempt association. Now, the association has certain by-laws, so in other words:
    the people that receive the money will operate in accordance with natural law, they will operate in the best interests of humanity, the planet and the individual human experience.

    Now the reason why that is so important is because, depending on who you are, if you believe (which is happening to us right now, what the Cabal mode of operations is) they can justify what they decide, for example:

    ‘We don’t like Jewish people’, so they decide to drop a nuclear weapon/bomb on Israel, they justify it as being in the best interests of humanity because now they got rid of all these Jewish people.

    That’s what we want to avoid, that kind of ignorance. So, the reality is every individual human being is a universe unto themselves and we want to respect that: the beauty of that individual’s contribution to the world. And every individual has that ability to contribute in that way.

    And for the people who want to contribute in that way, on a larger level, what has happened that the Trustee of the Manna World
    Holding Trust, for the first time in history this fund of this magnitude is making those funds available to regular people.
    Much more to hear on the video and see on Paul Yokoyama's site.
    Peace. ra

    1. Three words: Lawyer, Trust, Own...…..hahahahahahaahhaahahahahaha

      One Silver American Dollar says I could Name five "persons" from this blogsite that have already "Signed up" and taken this "ear tickling" and have already justified it Religiously, LOL

    2. Also "Affilliate" IS another FUN ponzi-scheme "legal Term"

    3. This ought to be exciting to witness huh Kelli.

    4. People are Fascinating InDeed!! And Look One of The "Chosen Ones" Is so thrilled about their NEW "Set Apart" special "Affilliate Status" that they are Bursting at the seams to let out their private little "secret" financing agreement:

      "Lets just say that I am not playing in any of the ordinary financial districts; I dont deal with ordinary run of the mill banks or banksters. Im in a whole different arena, which of course I am in no way going to talk about here." THE ONE AND ONLY

      ROTFLMAO!!!!!!! Hilarious....this IS Definetly going to be very entertaining for sure!!!

    5. Now Dan how Synchronistic was our thoughts re" "Fascinating" being expressed at almost the same time! Love It!!! I agree, People have always fascinated me and I have always been entertained just observing people my whole life...never gets boring for me and I've always learned so much about myself due to this interest ive had to understand.

    6. Kelli, Ho'oponopono:

      As a messenger-of quotes, videos & articles of interest-it does not presume & conclude an underlying subscription to it.

      If it was me that you are aiming at? Enjoy your assumed interpretations & impulse to develop words to satisfy your musings. TY to not implicate/accuse this messenger of your fleeting concoctions or imagined fabrications.

      It's obvious you have capacity to analyze the underpinning words that cause a thoughtful response to "flag" words. That is the purpose of placing it before all eyes. Each in their own capability to comprehend the entirety of excerpt and recommended to view for their own curiosity and hone their skills of discernment.

      Peace. ra

    7. I appreciate you ra and your contributions Always, especially because I Do understand your consistent intentions and purposes to help people, not hurt or hinder ones growth in discernment. My comments on the "Topic" posted were not meant as any attack or assumption to "interpret" YOU in any way, I'm sorry for this misunderstanding.

    8. ra you also seem to have me confused with someone else here so I'm going to return this back to you, refused for cause:

      "Enjoy your assumed interpretations & impulse to develop words to satisfy your musings. TY to not implicate/accuse this messenger of your fleeting concoctions or imagined fabrications." ra string


    9. Kelli, Thank you for clarifying. Am greeting you with mutual care & common standing as companionable souls: our intentions to do no harm through the Law of One and Law of Love.
      Peace. ra

    10. Kelli, your first remark, above:
      One Silver American Dollar says I could Name five "persons" from this blogsite that have already "Signed up" and taken this "ear tickling" and have already justified it Religiously, LOL

      Comprehended it wasn't for "the messenger" me, after your 4:23pm response....but own that it was confusing because of my posting it in the 1st place, would that make me one of the five in your view?? Personally, wouldn't be able to pick out five that you are assured of (for my thoughts do not travel in those terms or ways). Ho'oponopono, please. Peace. ra

    11. Aw I see now, and no you were not even a thought considered in my heart-mind. I was allowing my darker side (gotta do it sometimes) to poke some fun at a certain few that ARE ONLY here because of their obsession to "Money" and cause distraction and harm to others, with No Real appreciation for the Truth Anna shares with all of us freely, and the awareness We are mostly all here learning to overcome, and to become more than we've ever even imagined. It was the "Topic" of the message and knowing that unfortunately these "5 persons" from this blogsite will Be choosing to participate because they ARE "Money" minded and still are needing to learn this lesson themselves. Its all good. We are ALL a work in progress INdeed, and it was wrong of me to poke fun, but honestly it was too simple, timely and much to much fun to resist. I Love All. (Even the annoying, PITA's) I'm Sorry. Please Forgive Me. Thank You

    12. Kelli,
      My comments began with ho'oponopono to help us both to clarify any mis "take" regarding the com's from "my dark/
      confused thought". This ending brings ho'oponopono to me2 from u2 & visa versa. Thank you! :-)
      Peace. ra

    13. I cannot IMAGINE ABBY, A FOLLOWER...& perhaps EVEN WONDERFUL P. STRAMER giving a wit about:



  17. A totally commodity based system of exchange will replace the current fraudulent fiat paper money system. Labor, services, things in kind of all kinds, credit for valuable contributions to the peoples wealth, gold, silver, precious metals and stones, literary and social and medical and spiritual works of value to everyone created by any of the sovereign or would be sovereign people will create credits for those who create or place their commodity in to the lawful exchange based on just weights and measures and commodity value.

  18. And those wishing to join the sovereign people everywhere will be able to do so by applying the principles of pure commodity trading, living simply without prideful consumption and seeking the false god of "profit", while rebuilding lives of every participant around the globe, and in a short period of time.

    Ceasing to sustain Babylon and its underlying fiat currency is the fastest way to reform the world, while converting thinking people to the sanity of a commodity based economy of peace and prosperity in simple natural modest living and sustaining neighbors in the process.

  19. Paper fiat printed "money" has run its course in to the black abyss of valueless fakery, and must end forever by simply boycotting its use. Fiat money has funded endless wars, bankruptcies on innocent people, frauds unending, and is the rot that must be excised from man's "trading" (so called "commercial" activities under the current multiplicity of scams upon the people). Start by becoming self sustaining in skills, knowledge, tools and productivity, and promoting the values of commodity based living right where you are today, wherever that may be.

    1. Joel, Gold has been used, prior to fiat. Note this excerpt:
      By Andrew Power, Land of the Pharaohs 2005, The Ritual chapter 6 page 263:
      This system, benign or malignant, is a judgement call you must make for yourself: 'Unfortunately no one can be told what the Matrix is; you have to see it for yourself.' It is self-perpetuating and all of us, to different degrees, helped to construct it (Ref: the film The Cube). There are relatively few people we have named in general terms 'The Parasitical Elite', but they have cloaked themselves in many other guises throughout the ages...

      "The few who understand the system, will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favours that there will be no opposition from that class. The great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantages will bear its burden without complaint." *82: A supposed correspondence from the Rothschild's offices, in London to one of their affiliate in the USA.

      The controllers live in a symbiotic relationship with the system and believe it is their job to preserve it because they want us to believe our civilisation would fall apart if they defaulted on their responsibility as "gate keepers". Paradoxically, it probably would; if the parasite is destroyed, the host is damaged. Alexander Solzhenitsyn tried to explain this paradox: 'To do evil a human being must first of all believe that what he's doing is good' and added:

      "If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously, committing evil deeds and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing the good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?" *83: 2004

      Until we, as a race, are ready to assume complete responsibility for our own societies, the controllers are always there to "help," and in doing so acquire untold riches for themselves, and their families.

      To put our ignorance (naivety may be more descriptive) of the complexity of the controlling system.. Con't Pg 264: the game, the system, the programme, in computer parlance, runs in the background with most people being unaware of it. Those that are aware of it either do not understand, or misinterpret, the rules.
      ...we would becoming close to understanding how brilliantly complex the system is that we have been discussing..

      Peace. ra