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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

You Are in School

By Anna Von Reitz

We have all been to school at some point in our lives, and we have cause to know and recognize the process.  Like our first lessons walking, we often fall down and make mistakes before our feet flatten and our center of balance stabilizes and we are suddenly able to run. 

The same thing happens with learning to talk.  We discover our voice box early and make sounds, but not words.  Then, we learn to say words, sentences, whole paragraphs.... It doesn't happen overnight and it does not happen without errors. Plenty of errors.  This process continues as we learn to write. 

I have been writing for six decades and I still make plenty of errors. 

So, if you think about it, your whole life you have been in school of one kind or another.  Before formal school, your parents and other family members were teaching you lots of things, and then all through formal schooling your teachers and instructors were teaching you things (and your friends and family members also) and after formal schooling ended, your supervisors were teaching you your job and your place in the company.... and your spouse was teaching you all sorts of things, and Lord help us all, then your own children came along and your learning curve took another uptake....

And now you are learning about law and government and the actual history of your country and about money and the media and so many other things.

If you don't like school, Earth is not the place to be, because everything you do here is about learning  ---- and making mistakes.  

It is obviously not the making of mistakes part that is a problem.  Mistakes are built into the entire matrix of our reality here, accounted for, accepted, and most especially --- unavoidable. 

The issue is what do you do, when you make a mistake?

In order to learn from a mistake, you must first realize that you made it.  Then you have to admit that you made it (confess it) at least to yourself.  Then you have to choose to do things differently in the future, if and when you have to make the same choices or do the same things again.

That is the learning part.

That is the process that counts.  It's being willing to engage that process of recognizing mistakes, admitting them, and learning to do better that matters.

Of course, some mistakes carry their own automatic punishments and other punishments are less obvious.  Gravity, for example, is a very stern teacher. Lying to your Mother may not carry such an immediate correction, but it catches up to you, one way or another. 

Learning not to fall on your butt is a lot easier and more universal lesson than learning not to lie about anything ---ever.  Nearly everyone learns to walk, but a very large portion of the population continues to knowingly tell lies.  As a species, we are "stuck" in Fifth Grade seemingly forever on that one.  Even otherwise good adult people knowingly lie all the time about all sorts of things and they lie for all sorts of reasons.

They lie to go along with the crowd and be popular.  They lie to get money or make money or keep money.  They lie to win mates and influence other people.  They lie to get sex and promotions in the workplace. They lie to cover up errors, for the sake of pride, and even to protect other people's feelings.  Some people even lie just for "fun" --- to see how long they can string someone along.

All these lies and half-truths and false assumptions result in an ocean-like cloud of disinformation and falsehood that creates delusions and false assumptions and false teachings that are blanketing the Earth like smog.

Sadly, even our own parents lie to us.  How many of you never recovered from finding out about Santa Claus?

Parents are, on average, less likely to lie to us than other people, but they often lie to us because they have been lied to themselves.  They unwittingly pick up their own blivet-load of falsehoods, half-truths, media-induced "opinion" and prejudice, which they dump on you along with perfectly good lessons about how to hold a fork.

Many people lie simply because they think they can. They think that secrets exist and that their lies won't be known --- but I have already told you, there are no secrets. .

Our existence on Earth is like being in a school run by professional con artists.

No wonder we get confused, make mistakes, and sometimes go crazy.

I have told you that your physical body is like a space-suit, a means for your consciousness to exist in this dimension and express itself. These space-suits wear out eventually or break down, and our consciousness departs from them --- either temporarily to allow a repair process to take place, or permanently, which we call "death". 

The fact is that our space-suit has always been dead --- at least as dead as anything in the entire Creation is ever dead.

Obviously, to the external world, your space-suit (or your house or your temple, however you wish to visualize this) is a representation of your consciousness and its presence here, in the same way that a shell gives evidence of the presence of an abalone.

And yet the shell is not the abalone, and your body is not you.

We are all familiar with photographs and can readily tell the difference between a photograph and a living man --- because one is two-dimensional and the other is three-dimensional, but what if I were to tell you that this is just an example of a far more generalized phenomenon? 

What we call dimensions overlap each other in surprising ways. The representations of "you" in a photograph are not that much different from representations of "you" in 3-D and other dimensions, too.  Different perceptual parameters are involved, but, like a mandala, all these representations of "you" unfold to reveal your fully expressed consciousness, which operates in all these different dimensions at the same time.

You never really leave any of the many dimensions and are present in all dimensions at all times.  Whether your consciousness is inhabiting a body in this dimension or not, you can be sure that a portion of your consciousness remains here at all times and in all dimensions forever.  There is no such thing as death, only an experience of separation from your space-suit and release from the limitations of the incarnate 3-D state of being.

So now we have you thinking, what if I were to tell you that the actual "currency" of the Universe, is love?  That love, like thought, is a living thing? And the more love you give and the more love you receive, the richer you are?

Love is the one form of currency that you can never lose, that can never be degraded or destroyed, that keeps its ultimate value regardless of time, of distance, or any circumstance at all.  Thus, store up your wealth in Heaven, where thieves cannot break in and moths cannot destroy.

All love is supremely valuable, including the love of animals and friends. We were meant to live in an environment of boundless love and to have and share this abundance without measure or concern or any fear of lack.

It is only the burden of lies and false assumptions and delusions that keeps it otherwise.

All forms of "currency" on Earth are just representations of the actual currency
like a photograph of you is a representation of you. 

If you think about idols being a representation of God, and about a photograph of you like your physical body both being representations of you, and about digits and gold coins being a representation of love (which is credit, both deserved and undeserved) and a rainbow-colored shell being a representation of an abalone --- you will better understand the invisible realm that is our actual home: The Kingdom of Heaven.

What does it mean to have "Heaven on Earth"?  Well, obviously, Heaven is here already permanently embedded in what I shall call the "Universal Multi-verse" and has never been separate or lost or forbidden.  Heaven isn't so much "coming down" from somewhere else as it is slowly revealing itself to your senses and your consciousness, like an airplane appearing from behind a cloud.

Only in our case, the "cloud" is a cloud of lies and mis-perceptions and false teachings and deceits and half-truths and delusions and false appearances and false values based on all the above. 

I get all sorts of people writing to me wanting me to direct people beyond the slings and arrows of governments and debts and credits and guilty parties and all the rest of it. 

As Fiduciary I occupy a very odd position that demands awareness of all these things in terms of fairness.  I assure you that there is far, far more than enough here on Earth to provide for you and for all generations.  There is no scarcity of anything. 

There are only misguided people and groups suffering under the delusion of greed and scarcity and superiority, who have hoarded up and stopped the flow of both the symbolic currencies and the natural energies of this planet and its people for themselves. So like madmen they have accrued far more than they can ever spend or enjoy, while others suffer and go without. The gluttons die choking on their gold and the poor die choking on their spit and nobody is served by this circumstance.

Out of their delusions and false assumptions based on lies and half-truths the Mistaken among us have created scarcity --- poverty, starvation, lack of water, lack of transportation, lack of fuel --- these are all evils created by men.  There is no reason for them to exist.

Let's get rid of the burden of lies and half-truths to the best of our ability and see what happens.

I want everyone to do two things:

(1) When you catch yourself telling a lie---- stop. Even if it is a so-called "harmless" lie, like an exaggeration, stop. Examine it.  Admit that the blister on your toe is not "as big as a house".  Train your mind and tongue to tell the truth to the best of your ability at all times.  Be open to the Truth.  Ask Our Father to show you the Truth.  Don't worry about being "right" and "not making mistakes" ---- worry about being deceived and contributing to deceiving others.  When we all become conscious of the Plague of Lies, and do our part to end it, the clouds of confusion and delusion clear away.

(2) Make the effort to examine what you are told and evaluate it carefully.  Really question and dig and search and think for yourselves.  Turn your "Shinola Sensor" on "High" and leave it there. Permanently. Few things on this Earth are what they seem to be and everyone and everything deserves questioning. You have to ask before you receive, and knock before the door is opened--- but if you will faithfully and honestly search, you will see everything with increasing clarity, and that will give you both peace and power to change all that needs to be changed.


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  1. Thank you Anna for the wonderfully exquisite knowledge you share…The parables you have used above really make me think… I have told our 3 sons to question everything in life, and of course, the first thing they question is me… Alas…but at least they are learning…

  2. I started realizing this back in the 90's and began sharing my discoveries of the subtle ways we have been indoctrinated not necessarily with known malice, but lied to just the same. I remember attempting to explain this to my wife and kids at the time and it eventually turned into a humourous way to begin discernment.

    An excellent way to begin is with the "What if" statement. It is said that by the time we reach 14, 95% of our beliefs are installed. As Tony Robbins once said, we then have 5% opportunity to challenge or change the 95% or any portion thereof.

    Thank you for this reminder and presentation! David R Hawkins' book Power vs Force is an excellent text on using kinesiology (muscle testing) for truth testing in a wide variety of subjects. As an example, we could truth test our elected representatives within 5 minutes as to whether they will serve the people or other entities for the betterment of mankind. All that is required is a set of a few quality questions with simple yes or no answers.

    Heck, we could resolve the Hillary investigation or any other inquiries in 5 minutes. We could do it live on CNN and spill the whole pot of beans in one fell swoop!

    1. Yes Kinesiology would Be a most excellent tool to determine whether candidates for our local public office holders in our re-convened assemblies are motivated by egoic/vain service to self or if they are genuinely driven-led in prudent service to others!!!! Yes, this IS a simple and wonderful solution INDeed!! Thanks for bringing this priceless method forward!!

    2. A possinle solution... we could force our public servants to wear exploding neck collars for their term, to detonate the moment they begin to lie or screw us...I didnt say it would be a neat and tidy solution , but it would tend to keep them least the ones that survive long enough to honor their promises to us.

    3. Patriot58...under you system no one would survive, especially those involved with the govt

      What no one has brought up, including Anna, is why do we need govt at all, and all the taxes that go along with them...!!
      With this govt "shutdown", it has finally revealed why most people go to work at earn a paycheck, not to help the public, otherwise govt workers affected by the shutdown would still go to work if they really believed the job they are doing is vital to keeping everything "civil" and not plunging everyone into chaos...!!
      No one loves their job enough to work for free for awhile...!! And most govt workers are living paycheck to paycheck, so this shutdown is going to get people and families pissed at some point...!!

  3. I labs time can be manipulated anamils can synchronize elements they don't have using longatoudel waves emitted from thair brain into nucleus of atoms and causing order
    From disorder .
    However it's a constant you can only go back in time to a state of order!
    A rusty nail sent back and returned comes back clean .
    So love is the natural state nature likes.

  4. Multiple experiments Dr yamoto.create water crystals focus intent of thought
    Bad thoughts render ugly crystals were as words like love create magnificent elaborate crystals consistently .

    1. Now Bubba, you are getting far out there on a limb, its called New Age bullshit, Lol.

    2. Try some lt.col tom Bearden or Dan winter two leading scientist .ww2 german scientist went to Russia to create the scaler weapons demonstrated on 9/11.
      America got the rocket team .
      This is cutting edge .

  5. As fiduciary, when are you going to move the dirt bags to another dimension? You mentioned in a previous post that getting rid of the bad guys was your appointed task. Is there some reason for a delay? Get rid of them at your earliest convenience. Please!

    1. John, she is a fiduciary only in her own mind. What kind of fiduciary has no money, no treasury with which to do their job? This entire article is one of her biggest bunch of nonsense of all time; they get worse with each week/day. Its all indicative of one with serious mental issues; one that has lost control of their grasp on life and everything involved in it.
      Deception is now in full force.

    2. U r my very favorite female liar here Abby💓 I♡u🎶💥

    3. She's Uccadia's alter-ego. Combined they've not enough juice to power a 40watt bulb.

  6. “There is no such thing as death”

    Really, seriously think I heard that before:

    Gen_3:4  (KJV)  And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die:

    From Etymology on line

    dead (adj.)
    Middle English ded, from Old English dead "having ceased to live," also "torpid, dull;" of water, "still, standing," from Proto-Germanic *daudaz (source also of Old Saxon dod, Danish død, Swedish död, Old Frisian dad, Middle Dutch doot, Dutch dood, Old High German tot, German tot, Old Norse dauðr, Gothic dauþs "dead"), a past-participle adjective based on *dau-, which is perhaps from PIE *dheu-(3) "to die" (see die (v.)).
    Meaning "insensible, void of perception" is from early 13c. Of places, "inactive, dull," from 1580s. Of sound, "muffled," 1520s. Used from 16c. as "utter, absolute, quite" (as in dead drunk, 1590s); from 1590s as "quite certain, sure, unerring;" by 1881 as "direct, straight." To be dead-set against "wholly opposed to" (1843) is from earlier noun phrase a dead-set in reference to resolute opposition (1787). Dead heat, a race in which more than one competitor reaches the goal at the same time, is from 1796. The dead-nettle (c. 1400) resembles the nettle but does not sting.

    So this word dead means you CEASE TO EXIST, You have no sense of perception.

    Psalm 6:5
    For in death there is no remembrance of thee: in the grave who shall give thee thanks?

    See I aint saying it, the definition said it and so does the bible, Anna. So what you going to do with it?


    1. The dead know nothing,also comes to mind.

      Have a look at satans initial deception: . 4And the serpent said to the woman: No, you shall not die the death. 5For God doth know that in what day soever you shall eat thereof, your eyes shall be opened: and you shall be as Gods, knowing good and evil.
      Sound familure? How many now think and say they are Gods
      Douay-Rheims Bible
      The Serpent's Deception

      (Genesis 7:1-5; Romans 5:12-21; 2 Peter 3:1-9)

      1Now the serpent was more subtle than any of the beasts of the earth which the Lord God made. And he said to the woman: Why hath God commanded you, that you should not eat of every tree of paradise? 2And the woman answered him, saying: Of the fruit of the trees that are in paradise we do eat: 3But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of paradise, God hath commanded us that we should not eat; and that we should not touch it, lest perhaps we die. 4And the serpent said to the woman: No, you shall not die the death. 5For God doth know that in what day soever you shall eat thereof, your eyes shall be opened: and you shall be as Gods, knowing good and evil. 6And the woman saw that the tree was good to eat, and fair to the eyes, and delightful to behold: and she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave to her husband who did eat. 7And the eyes of them both were opened: and when they perceived themselves to be naked, they sewed together fig leaves, and made themselves aprons.

    3. DE, once again anna shows her true self; she does not believe the bible, does not believe God, and has her own false ideas and gullible people are believing and following her; and they will all fall into the ditch together.
      ''It is appointed unto man, once to die, and then the judgement'.

      Anna speaks exactly like the demonic serpent in the Garden, deceiving. Deceivers are surely not Christians. The gig is up.

      aFollower, Yup.

    4. What are you babbling about? Lol. Just study the files, nutter, or shut up and move on. I don't even know why Paul allows you to comment? Go join Robert in his gallant search for the big red easy button and a free pile of cash. You lazy airhead. Easy to see who's actually studied. Easy to see who hasn't. You've nothing to offer anyone. Anna would already be in jail if she didn't know what she was talking about. Those who do study law are already well aware of this. You'll sway no one with any sense, airhead.

    5. Crazy, you know you sound like a loser who found that money was hard to come by, never got any, and so now you try to lash out at folks whose words you think you can twist, so you can make imaginary accusations to. Otherwise, why are you sounding like you are afraid somebody might get ''some free cash''? Even after nobody said anything of the sort.
      And Crazy, dont assume we have short memories: I NEVER saw Robert allude to ''looking for some big red easy button or some free cash''. That statement from you goes to show that You really are in dire need of a 'brain readjustment' because your mental capacity is just not up to par.
      Plus you told a big lie about Robert, who really left because he got fed up with all the nonsense such as from You. What Name did you used to come in here under........You know you were here under some OTHER name, otherwise how would you know there was any Robert in here before?


    6. To this day no one on this site or any other, has given me a good reason WHY WE NEED GOVERNMENT AT ALL...!! ANNA, anyone...Paul can you take a shot at it...!!
      Otherwise, what are we trying to accomplish...!! Any govt, no matter how small it starts, always grows beyond anyone's control..!!
      It reminds me of the movie.."The Blob" that engulfs everything in its site and keeps growing beyond control....!! No more blobs...!!

  7. Supreme court ruling from the bench but other branch says let's see them enforce it.

  8. Thank you Anna!!! Learning IS Living !!!Learning who We truly Are, in All our Divinely Created Multifaceted Aspects IS Awe-mazing to discover INdeed!! The more we choose to allow ourselves to be open and accept that There truly IS so many layers/aspects to All of us and All Living Energetic Beings beyond just what our physical carnal minds/bodies have only a limited perception to see or understand. We Are and Everything IS So much More than we have ever been "taught" by this limited man-minded "World" of beastly controlled-socially manipulated thoughts, behaviors and destructive deeds.
    Loving ALL the Discoveries and Insights on this Lifes Journey Now!! Thank You Anna!! Thank you All!!

    1. I have already suggested a few articles ago that our main problem is the idea of "MONEY"..!!
      Instead of getting paychecks, people should be payed or earn credits for donating their time on helping others, and not themselves all the time...!! That way even evil people will have to donate their time on helping society rather than always trying to destroy it, which should act as a "DEBT" that can only be rectified by having the person to only helping people ....then we would have a better world...!! This money thing is not working...!!

    2. I'm on your side James. I have been advocating that for years now and get real funny looks. The gift of exchange is all we need on a pay it forward concept. Will there be some who will just attempt to not contribute? Of course, but do we have that now? Of course we do and we call it welfare. There are good people on welfare that don't want to be but in a society where there is no money these people can contribute to earn their keep. What stops people from doing what they love? Money. Those who say only the love of money is bad don't get the big picture.

    3. Dan, then you are saying that God 'doesnt get the big picture'? Because he is the author of ''the love of money is at the root of ALL evil'.
      There is nothing wrong with money; its the love of money. And it is surely true. Wherever you see wrong doing, or evil doing, you will generally find there is money involved and they cease to do what is good and right.
      I am not falling into Anna's brainwashing trap of trying to persuade y'all to turn against money, like she is. She's been saying this every once in awhile here, and I see it has worked on some of you.
      But Abby is not persuaded in the least, lol. If it bothers ya so much, I can solve that problem for you real quick; send it my way, lol.

    4. Abby, why do you assume I said God doesn't get the big picture? You can bet he isn't the author of that phrase either. Money is a limiting factor in most all phases of life. Those wanting to acquire expanded education must have the money to get it. Without money as a limitation, that education can be acquired. As long as money is a factor we will never know how many geniuses there are that can contribute to the good of all. I never got my idea of money from Anna, I had it many, many years ago...almost 50 yrs ago. I wanted to go to college to become a teacher or a doctor but there were no funds. I spent my youth helping my family of 8 keep a roof over and food on the table. After graduating high school my first job was $40/ for a 48 hr work week. So, don't lecture me about money.

    5. Dan, then you were not clear I understood you to be saying you agreed with James that money should be done away with. And I also understood you to be saying that it is not just the love of money that is bad.
      Here you are now indicating that 'as long as money is a factor' etc etc. But I am not quite sure which directional factor you mean. ?
      So if you are saying lack of money is a roadblock, then yes I agree with you. That is also my stance, as you saw me say ''send it my way if its a bother to people' lol.

      Semantics. And in writing sometimes its hard to get clarity. P.S. My first job was also a measly $1 an hour but for 40 hours. Hardly anything to write home about, I agree.
      So I think we may be on the same page.

    6. No. You're not on the same page. He's not looking and waiting for free cash to fall out of the sky. ROFLMAO

    7. James,
      "I have already suggested a few articles ago that our main problem is the idea of "MONEY"..!!
      Instead of getting paychecks, people should be payed or earn credits for donating their time on helping others, and not themselves all the time...!! That way even evil people will have to donate their time on helping society rather than always trying to destroy it, which should act as a "DEBT" that can only be rectified by having the person to only helping people ....then we would have a better world...!! This money thing is not working...!!

      Is that not what we have now (in ways?) The Government takes and decides where to donate it.
      You can not force people to be good, somewhere along the line people need to see this as the right choice.
      If people are being good just for the money, is it real?
      A cashless society serves only the Tyrants in control!

    8. Abby, you are right. You are unclear. Any form of 'money' is a limit of value. Who decides the value of it? The bankers do. It is a presumed or assumed authority to determine the value. People's energy is the real currency, not money. Digital currency is just another form of money. It still creates limitation of what people are capable of achieving.

      The common phrase of "who would build the roads?" comes to mind. Who builds them now? People do. If only those who loved building roads built them, we would have much better roads and ones that didn't need repair every spring. The quality of the roads is determined by the amount of money allocated. With technology today, we don't even need roads.

      I venture to say that 80% of jobs today are involved in producing junk mankind doesn't need just to keep money flowing. 100% of jobs are for money to live.

      No one except the Creator has the right to measure one's value.

    9. Dan, well, you are getting deep now, and I keep it simple, and thats the difference. I have learned to live one day at a time or about a week at a time, and I dont sweat the intricate details or what ''should be'' or what could be, because for me, I just find that all a lot of wasted time that I could spend on what is already at hand, or can actually be doing.

      It seems to me like most of the folks in here are spending their time and attention on futuristic/tomorrow/maybe stuff all the time, and it doesnt look like any of you are living Today for Today. Whereas, I just do the opposite of all that and am spending my life living.

    10. "
      I venture to say that 80% of jobs today are involved in producing junk mankind doesn't need just to keep money flowing. 100% of jobs are for money to live." Dan

      [wolfintimber #415488
      from this article-quote—–If the U.S. health care system was a country, it would have the fifth largest GDP on the entire planet. At this point only the United States, China, Japan and Germany have a GDP that is larger than the 3.5 trillion dollar U.S. health care market. If that sounds obscene to you, that is because it is obscene.—–unquote….. ^this comes from comment section of Ben Fulford’s latest report ^ ]

    11. "Whereas, I just do the opposite of all that and am spending my life living." Another Abby lie🎯

    12. @ Dan...remember those tally sticks of lore with 600 year history?

    13. @ Leland..Absolutely interesting article. Should have burned some in Buckingham while they were at it. Perhaps history could have been re-written. Thanks for sharing.

    14. People have a bad habit of quoting only certain sections of the bible, and not the whole chapter which is needed to understand what is being said...!!

      Yes, the bible and Jesus says that only the love of money is evil....but he was actually talking about MONEY, and not "Private Commercial DEBT Instraments ", which you don't have to live at all to be "evil", because instraments cannot by their nature, "PAY" for anything...!!
      So people who quite only a small portion of the bible are also creating deception because no one living today can even define "Real Money" as opposed to "Commercial Instraments, whoes sole purpose is to steal the wealth of countries and it's people's until they wake up one day to find they no longer own anything and being taxes by everyone...!!
      By the way, TRUTH be told, Jesus never ever said he liked MONEY in any form, and he walked only in faith...He only made his apostles to agree to never having or hoarding any money at all....they would only exsist on the faith of the "Father" to supply everything they needed....NOT WANTED..!!
      His whole ministry was about the evils of Bankers.
      "The Money Changers"..!! And their protectors...the attorneys (esquires)...!!

      I'm sorry, but money , even if real, will always be used by the ruling elite because they are the only ones that study it endlessly...!!
      One more thing (Abby)..Jesus never confined "usuary", even with real money, because he knew the secrets of the bankers control over people and Nations..!!
      We dont, and what's worse is 95% of people just don't care to know...all they are concerned about is "how much"..!!

    15. James, surely you dont think anyone is going to sit here and type the entire chapter, lol. I give book, chapter and verse often, so that anyone can go and read the entire chapter for themselves, which is what yer supposed to do, if you want to know about it more in depth.
      As for the rotten banking system we have, and commercial instruments and usury/interest........that was all set up by Man, not God. And the fiat dollar and the coins we use are what we are given to use. We have no other choice. God is against usury, but we still pay it just the same IF we borrow money.

    16. James, so I dont know where I have been deceptive. Anyhow talking about God just giving a person what they ''need'' and not what they want, here is an incident my son had happen a few years back:

      He was driving along at night and two deer jumped out right in front of his car, busted out one headlight entirely leaving a big hole there. The hood of the car unlatched and wrapped around the windshield and around to the roof of the car. There were deer hairs and blood all over the car, and down one side from the front to the tail of the car.
      Notice that the hood stayed attached to the car near the windshield, but folded up to cover up the windshield. When the tow truck driver came to haul the car to the junk yard for the insurance company, he stood there in amazement, saying he could not believe the driver did not get killed. So we told him about the hood and where it went. He shook his head and said that is a miracle, because he always saw the deer go right thru the windshield and kill the driver and had to use jaws of life to get them out.

      So that was the first part of God activity. Then he needed to buy another car, and said he just wanted something similar, a wagon, that everything worked well on it.
      So we searched, I made a call to my salesman at the dealership, told him what we were looking for, he said he had no wagons, but would keep his eyes open for one. Meanwhile I told God to find someone with a wagon like that, have them trade it in and give them a brand new car.
      About 3 days later my guy calls me and tells me he had the car for my son. So he brought it over here. It was exactly what my son wanted, except that it had all the extra package on it; remote start, auto remote door locks, fog lights etc everything except a moon roof. Cruise control, everything.
      We laughed so hard, because God has a sense of humor; gave us far far more extra's than he even asked for !
      He also had a good bit of cash from the wrecked car, and what he had to borrow for the rest of it was all Interest Free.

    17. James, oh I forgot to mention, when this car was found, the salesman told me 'a previous customer who owns a hardware store, decided to trade it in, and buy a new one'. LOL
      Now that kind of stuff makes your eyes pop wide open, Lol. But it happened just like that.

    18. James, I am in no way gonna spend my latter years 'helping others for credit to get what I need to live''. Now if you really think about that, you'd know that would never work, lol. Not only that, why would I wanna help shitheads anyhow, lol.

      Look,just use what you're given, dollars, fiat, whatever, and do what you gotta do, or buy, or pay, and don't give it so much thought. Why should we care; it sure beats carrying around sticky jelly beans, right?

    19. Crazy Horse Your Observations are right on target and Absolutely True!! Thank you for sharing your insights and en-lightening the "dullness" that often plaques the pages on here by the self absorbed, egoic broken records, and the sadistically trained Superficial, double speaking, Religious Persecutors lacking any real Spiritual depth in Clear-blanced Consciousness. Its always fun when someone feels compelled to finally speak up, contribute and respectfully nails these annoying "Behaviors" squarely "dead" center,lol I Love it!! Thank you

  9. Some thoughts generated by Anna's article.

    Yes, school on earth is open 24/7 'til death, whereupon the dead body is seen lying motionless and apart from the living energized joyful spirit which looks back at the lifeless body without remorse in separating from it, now realizing enormously greater capacity to see, think, feel, understand (comprehend). The dead body is perceived as an instrument of dullness and the spirit feels great relief to be free of its dullness and clay like limitations. The spirit looks around the spirit world and sees sights far, far beyond our mortal imagination, of unlimited space, of mobility of spirit and its "mind" or its own individual intelligence, in its newfound capacities to communicate and experience the spirit world in enormously freer and more effective ways.

    The spirit is now giving and receiving knowledge and understanding from both things, from other spirits, and by spirit companions ready to assist with orientation, who serve you as a new beloved arrival like tour guides. Beauty of sights are in every direction and a multiplicity of heavenly music at many levels are enjoyed, somehow entering your consciousness and helping a peaceful harmony to pervade your senses. Everything, as Anna suggests, is now visibly surrounded by a great pervading endless love, which brings unspeakable joy to your spirit. Light, pure, brilliant glorious light fills all space. Objects are glorious in their colors and in radiance beyond what we can imagine with our limited physical senses. Buildings are somehow so more well constructed as to make our finest buildings on earth pale by comparison to workmanship and beauty. Many, even numberless other spirits are seen, and all are anxiously engaged in whatever they are doing, focused and happy in their tasks.

    Long lost loved ones are encountered in happy reunions. Surprisingly they are not surprised to see you, but make you feel most welcome without reservation. There are boundless vistas to explore, and your spirit can move from place to place, even spanning distances like our solar system and even our galaxy in "the blink of an eye". There are parks, schools, homes, mansions, temples, mountains and rivers, valleys and fields, all clothed with a beauty far beyond what earth has to offer.

    You have arrived in the spirit world, where spirit elements are so refined we are unable to see them with our coarser natural eyes and senses. Being divested of your natural body and it's senses, your spirit now sees far better, learns far quicker, feels far more sensitively, and understands more perfectly how everything works together in God's creation. Everything was created spiritually before it existed naturally, and you are now, in your spirit body, seeing that spirit creation. It is familiar, it is understood. You feel like this is, no, you now know, this is your real home. You have returned home.

    For supporting references search the web for people who have had near death experiences, "NDE's, and whose lives have been changed by the experience. The subject is growing in interest, and revealing many things people have been unable to grasp without this special glimpsing into the windows of heaven. These NDE's suggest to me that in these "last days" we are witnessing the opening of the veil into heaven, foreshadowing many great and marvelous things our Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ, are revealing to prepare mankind for what is soon coming.

    1. By that quality of light which we live in mortality, we will eventually be resurrected. If we live here by a higher light and law and by obedience to it, we will have so much the greater opportunity to live by that perfect light of God in the eternities, for our spirits will be able to respond to that degree of light by which we have been led on earth.

      To re-join our Father in Heaven in His indescribably glorious kingdom, it all starts with hope, then comes faith in His Word, then comes repentance from our foolish errors, like lying, and wasting time on foolish pursuits that do not bring us closer to God on earth.

      God's word reveals all this in scripture, but we are dull of hearing and slow to move our views from the world to more exalted scenes, and slow to to change, so His word sits gathering dust on a forgotten shelf, while life with its golden opportunities, passes each day toward death.

    2. Ben Elyon you quoted: Psalm 6:5
      "For in death there is no remembrance of thee: in the grave who shall give thee thanks?"

      I read and understand this verse very differently than you do. To me it speaks of how someone still living sees the dead, as someone who will be forgotten, because he is dead. In death no one can participate in this world as they have "passed on" into another world. No one will remember the dead as it is natural to forget,over time, the life of those who are dead.

      But the verse does not make any observance or claim about what the dead themselves are now doing, and has no use as any determinant for where people go or what they experience "in death".

      Death is the gateway in to the spirit world from whence we came, but forgetfulness is our nature in mortality, and we have simply forgotten the fact of our prior, and our future, life in the spirit world where time stretches to eternity.

    3. Joel, you seem to have no concept of the Fact that not all people go to the same place. Matt 7:13 tells us that wide is the gate to destruction and many (the majority) go thru is; but narrow is the gate to Life and FEW there be that find it. v.14
      Read all of Matt 7 and learn directly from Jesus; stop painting picture of utopia for apostates and Jesus haters.

      (Here we are 2000 yrs. down the road, and we still have such ignorant folks falling for modern day Apostasy, which is what this ARticle consists of)
      v23 And then will I profess to them, I never knew you, depart from me. (Jesus' words)

    4. Joel....i have been telling people on this site about all these "NDE", numbering in the thousands now, and witnessed in every country, Race and Creed, and Cultures...It is not sticky an American thing...and just about everyone who has had one are telling the exact same story of complete acceptance and uncondition love eminating from everything they see...the trees, the grass, the animals , and Jesus himself...!!
      But people are so stubborn, they say it is Satan trying his deceptions again...!!
      I say everyone in the world should have a "NDE"to fully understand our next dimension..!! God told us he is going to use ever sourse available in order to save as many people as possible ...this is not a God of vengence, but of love..!! Unless they are in positions of "TRUST" and are intentionally "LIEING" to everyone for money's sake...!!

    5. James, God has many various attitudes; he is not the same to everyone. When we set aside opinions and look at scripture we can see he does have a vengeful side to him, accordingly.
      Heb.10:30 for we know he has said, vengeance belongs to me, I will recompense (pay back) saith the Lord.
      Luke 21:22 for these be the days of vengeance, that all things that are written, be fulfilled.
      Ezek 25:17 and I will execute great vengeance upon them (philistines) with furious rebukes; and they shall know that I am the Lord when I shall lay my vengeance upon them.
      Micah 5:15 and I will execute vengeance in anger and fury upon the heathen, such as they have not heard
      Romans 12:19 dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath; for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.
      Psalms 5:5 God is angry with the wicked all day long(as in 24/7) There is nothing about God that is unconditional; he has conditions for everything. It called 'holding everyone accountable'. If he was ''an unconditional God,'' he would not have any conditions, and it would be just a free-for-all uncivilized Kingdom of God, when it arrives.
      Psalms 5:5 he hates all workers of iniquity and 6 the Lord abhors the deceitful man
      2 Tim. 3 gives a list of 18 kinds of people he has contempt for

      All people are not the same. Some are on that Narrow road, and many are on the Wide Road.

    6. Fortunately I have had a few NDE w/o the latest so called wantabe onlybegotter pushing ITS divinity on me😃🎶💥

      Life is Good🕌

    7. Abby, Jesus only left us with two of God's rule of law..!!
      To love the "Father" with all your heart and mind, and to treat everyone they way you would want to be treated....and people can't even do who are these people who are going to be saved...all I see is a "wide path", with no sign at all of a "narrow path"...!! That path has a detour sign on it, which everyone will obey like they do down here...!!

    8. James, well its not all that simple. If it was, then Jesus would not have given the Apostles the Gospel to go out and preach to all the world. And that Gospel is the entire New Testament. It includes the Narrow Path to Life. It has not changed. The Gospel is full of Directions, whether anyone wants to try to dismiss it or not; it is still there, as God has said 'he is the Same, yesterday today and forever; I changeth not'.

      Jesus even said ''if you love me, then keep my Commands''. Ahhh, now who is ''keeping'' anything these days; and who will ever travel the 'narrow way''? This is why God says (about the narrow way) that FEW there be that find it. So yes, there ARE a Few that have found it and walk it.
      If you read the Epistles which is all that the Apostles went around and taught to the various Town/Locations (Corinth, Thessalonica, etc) you will see there is far more than just two easy rules. Remember, what those Apostles taught, was given to them by God to preach. If you think about that, then it tells us there is far more to the Gospel than '2 rules'.

    9. Don't worry Abby...Jesus ♡ u & me🎶💥

  10. Abby. This is a blog site that allows people to work together and grow together .I don't usually call idiots out but let's face it. Your Bible is nothing more than renamed characters from earlier times in Egypt and other kingdons. That's fact #1, #2 I am currently going through the process of regaining my birthright. The IRS has many forms that an idiot like you could even understand and it comes with instructions. Try to help on the solution side of things instead being this internet punk that had no business talking shit on someone that's actually helping. One more thing, if your level of humanity is based off of the value of your dollar then your a broke fool. Just saying their big mouth.

    1. So why does Anna use it (Bible) and twist it? And why does it upset so many, when others are pointing out these deceptions?
      i do not agree with Abby all of the time and yet i certainly do not agree with you.
      i believe you have facts and opinions confused.

    2. "i believe you have facts and opinions confused"😂

      Certainly not yours, of course🙄🎶💥

    3. Sean, you are free to work with whoever will work with you, and you are free to all walk in the ditch together if you choose to do so. Who is stopping you? And why does it bother you so much to hear what God has to say about it? If you think there is no Truth to God and His Word, why should it upset you so much, as it surely does seem to.

      Let me tell you what God says about these last days: "In the last days men will take lies to be Truth, and take Truth to be lies''.

      Does that sound like what is happening today? Does lying seem to rule the Day nowadays? Hmmmm, but I am an idiot for telling you what you probably wont hear from anyone you hang out with?

    4. Serial liar Abby continues..."And why does it bother you so much to hear what God has to say about it? I...."

    5. Oh poor whiney Leland, sits there all in a muddle, hoping that my comments are lies, but down deep inside he is surely afraid that I tell the truth. So let me tell you some more Truth: All Mockers get thrown into hell, so please do keep right on with your mocking. You see, you have already lost, and that's why it does not bother me one bit what you say, see? lol

  11. All and Abbe. The whole topic was about finding yourself in the many illusions. Your language constitutes you aren't vastly effected by the conveluted system we live in. So I visited Amazon to look for your books on how to be and idiot and found none. Know one knows how dumb you are till you start talking. You can look like the most intelligent person on the planet then you start talking and it's obvious the tard didn't fall far from the tree. I'm guess it's generational curses. Just saying.

    1. She's just a nutter with a weird bubble. Easy to see how stunted she is. Certainly hasn't read or studied any files that weren't religious. Just comments mostly on religion....yawn. It amounts to:"blah, blah, blah,hooray for me and @#%$ you"!lol

    2. Sean, it so happens I am one of the few left in this ugly world that is not under ANY illusion or delusion. And you are correct that I am not one bit affected by this convoluted system, and thats why I don't feel its my job to ''try to hit goliath with one stone right between his eyes'. If you wish to believe you can bring down 'the system' then you go right ahead; I am not stopping you.

    3. "Sean, it so happens I am one of the few left in this ugly world that is not under ANY illusion or delusions" another lie by Silver girl🎶💥

    4. Crazy Horse, your comment sounds more like wishful thinking than any logical real or honest thinking. Maybe you ought to try some sanity, then you wouldnt be such a crazy horse, lol.

    5. "Maybe you ought to try some sanity, then you wouldnt be such a crazy horse, lol"

      Abby thinks her lies r funny, too

    6. Sean,

      In my humble opinion...

      Abyss has built her house on the sand. She is truly a hater of good and yeah, no doubt we are tired of her mindless dribble about every subject matter that comes up. In particular the mean spirited approach she uses in making her accusations against Anna. She would be better off without a tongue.

      Abby is just not able to discern the spirit placed inside her at the time of her becoming a hue-man due to limited access to logical thought placed in her by her owners. She is able to think, act and speak only to the degree allowed by her programming. Such is the eternal fate of the hue-man.

      There are two primary bipedal entities living on this earth
      at every moment. The original is mankind and the imitation is called the hue-man race. They dwell together in every community, however, man seeks kindness for his brothers and sisters, while the hue-man race is bent on taking from one who has little and giving it to those who have much. Neither entity can be identified by looks, only by their fruits.

      The advantage of one who is able to access the gift of discerning of spirits is the ability to instantaneously recognize the apparent, and permanaent lack of a spirit in the hue-man race. Such is the case with Abby.

      The hue-man race (Abby's race) conjures every dark and imaginable thing against mankind for the purpose of perpetually hindering those attempting to help their fellow mankind.

      Abby's mission as a hue-man is to bring spiritual death to as many of mankind as is hue-manly possible.

    7. Hey Net, yer gonna pop all the buttons off yer shirt there if ya keep puffing away like that, LOL. And, be careful that you don't hug yourself to death there.
      I recommend you investigate the animal kingdom; sounds like you might fit that race description better. (namely, the jackass category, lol)

    8. Another fabulous post by Net...a keeper about Abyss🔥

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. A little off subject, but the earlier headlines were cut off from accepting any more comments.

    I seen where some are reporting on their you tube channels that as of now we have 30 declarations of emergency active.

    The military spent $50 million last year on surveillance and training of new personal monitoring sites and channels on the internet on how to insert themselves on chats and forms to sway one way or the other the topic. Here is video -(long video)

    1. Yes. But once you do understand it's just a corporation, you see the silliness of it all. We may as well be talking about Walmart. That is why it's so important to study the files on Law and jurisdiction. Once you do finally grasp and understand, your fear of those thugs disappears. They can send me as many summons as they want now. Everytime I see a cop now, I start laughing. They're all incorporated turds. They have no real power to do anything but bamboozle those who don't yet know they're a bunch of corporate frauds. Corporations can't write and pass Public Law. Absurd. No real power. Only the illusion of power that is held up by nothing more than the public's ignorance. That's why it is so important to actually read and study these files until you understand them. Her work has been pure gold for me. John-Henry Hill's blog has also been extremely helpful. But, you have to be serious and committed. The paperwork gives you evidence, but it can't give you understanding. It is the understanding, not the paperwork, that truly sets you free.

    2. "It is the understanding, not the paperwork, that truly sets you free."
      Yes, and this is also possible without the paperwork.

    3. Absolutely. That is exactly what I was getting at.

    4. Michael, yes indeed, there are people being paid to go around the internet and stir up controversy and there are probably some right in here. But I am NOT one of them so lets establish that once and for all. But they are call Shills or Trolls. Ultimately this is one of the reasons the Net is so full of fighting. Other reasons, as well, such as ignorance as humanity rejects Truth, so it seems.
      I know that as far as religious beliefs are concerned, the churches of today have nearly ALL been infiltrated with such trolls and shills deliberately there to turn Truth of Gods Word, into lies. These lies now prevail and are being ''preached'' for ''truth''. Its called Apostasy. This is why my postings are so scoffed at and mocked. But since I am so well aware of what has been going on, I am not persuaded nor am I bothered by anything that is said to me derogatorily.

    5. "But since I am so well aware of what has been going on, I am not persuaded nor am I bothered by anything that is said to me derogatorily"

      Abby's Number 1 lie....

  14. You want some schooling have a view - the total collapse of the US - the plan and the decades of deceit
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  15. And once they have stolen all of our high technology including our fighter jets, they have their one world military ready to pounce - even taking over old military bases
    And while our men are stationed in every country on this planet to enforce the new world order - we are left sitting here with no defense
    And every so called leader since WWII has been involved in the destruction of the constitution, the bill of rights and the killing of The United States of America
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. Shelby, yes, and everything you've said will happen, sooner or later, but its all just up over the horizon as we speak. IMO it is the height of insanity that mankind would even think to do such destruction to their own homeland.

      Oh, but they don't want to ''learn that''. School? No I am not in school; as far as Im concerned the teacher can go on and retire, lol.

    2. Dear "All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved"

      I don't agree with u much in general, but carry on your redundant "All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved" posts🖒

  16. And the corporation A T & T - which is rolling out 5G, which is a military weapon that was used in Iraq - will be used to create millions of dollars in sick or dead creditors - also providing the infrastructure for the FEMA Mega Region SMART Cities spying netowrk to lock this entire nation down
    They just rolled out 5G in the Texas Mega Region and I can tell you first hand that my health is affected and has been since it's coming on line - this technology is basically microwave cooking us from the inside out - and they have built their new hospitals all around here to accommodate the people they know they are making sick including a brand new Shriners Hospital and a new Cook's Childrens Hospital in the works (you get it, Cooks Choldren)
    Need I remind anyone that this corporation also has it's name on the worlds largest stadium here in the US - remember what happened after Katrina and where the people where taken too? Anyone know how many people died in Katrina?
    ALL PLANNED not prophecy
    I don't think anyone realizes the level of complete and total treason that has taken place here and for there to be not one arrest at any level is just plain ignorance and subversion by all involved
    And if Anna has the power to stop this what the hell is she waiting for?
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. I believe during every one of these more recent hurricane disasters we've had, ''they'' have so "benevolent" bussed the victims who had no other transportation, off to 'shelters' where they were then disappeared forever. This is why we never hear of them again.

      Our suburb has gone all these years with no local hospital at all, then a few Urgent Care places popped up, who then just send people off to the nearest hospital. The nearest one for me was about 9 miles away, previously.
      UNTIL just the past 10 months or so, a new major very large hospital just completed with several buildings, very lavish with landscaping and all. High tech, and its just about 3 miles from here. Then late last summer more digging and rigging began about 2 miles from me in the opposite direction, and turned out to be the other major hospital Brand in our State. Also got completed in record time, beautiful, including landscaping and all high tech again, and announced open right on time.
      Those are just two of the newly built hospitals in my own suburb of about 20,000 people. I became immediately suspicious and as we were driving by the construction, I said, it looks like they are Expecting some kind of disaster to happen; why else are they suddenly doing this after all these years, and who is paying for all of this?
      Anybody got any answers?

    2. Abby,
      Many of the hospitals recently seem to be "Franciscan" "Catholic" of course. Franciscan health, always advertising etc.
      i think this seems a little odd, possibly telling?
      A couple of years ago a Hospital in my area changed its long, long standing name of St. Johns to St. Vincent. (Catholic also.)
      Had never heard of st. Vincent before this.

    3. aFollower, one of our new hospitals is a methodist hospital; the other one is not, but I would never go to any catholic hospital, myself.
      One that was on the national news tonight, was in our city, where a young doctor had been giving large OD's of fentanyl to the very elderly to speed up their deaths. He and some pharmacists and 5 nurses were fired, and some arrested; big investigation. Yikes. If you have elderly friends or family, YOU gotta make sure you are making a lot of noise and that they know you got your eyes on them, if they are in a hospital of any kind.

    4. i believe you are right, "a hospital of any kind."
      we saw this in the news, Here is a quote i found this morning, ""On behalf of Mount Carmel and Trinity Health, our parent organization,"
      "Trinity Health" interesting use of the word Trinity, these are the words that get my attn. i would suggest looking in to this (just a quick search can sometimes reveal much) "Parent organization" you may be surprised at what you find?

    5. aFollower, well lo and behold, this mt. carmel hospital that has now been found to be killing elderly patients with OD of fentanyl IS a catholic hospital. Ahh Ha ! Funny that they have kept that affiliation out of the ordinary News.
      The other of our two new hospitals in my area, is a mt. carmel hospital. Its quite modern high tech in facilitation and in architecture. A lot of money has gone into that entire project over here. Also lots of money being spent to put in the necessary new roads/streets to gain entry.

      Anyhow, today's latest news on the elderly speed-up to end lives at the main Mt. Carmel hospital in columbus ohio now numbers over a doz. lives and the law suits by families is piling up fast.
      Now I wonder how this newly built one is going to be affected. Trying to 'play God' has caused God to expose them.

  17. "It's how you deal with failure that determines how you achieve success." -- David Feherty

  18. And if we are all in school is it possible that by asking questions and pointing out misconceptions and falsehoods even those who are teaching may also be schooled?

    1. aFollower, even the Apostle Paul told his followers to ''check him and SEE if he was telling them the truth or not.'' Yes, teachers and pastors should all be held accountable for what they teach.
      In fact all people should be held responsible for any information they convey. Make sure it is backed up with Fact, not opinion, and if its just one's opinion, it should be stated as just IMO.

      P.S. And its time folks wake up and realize just because there is some popular book out on the market, does NOT mean there is any truth in it. We are overloaded with bull5hitt and Revisionism and revisionist history.......till the truth is almost a very rare find.

    2. "...till the truth is almost a very rare find." So it is Silver Girl🔥

      "His research investigated multiple hundreds of children who claimed to recall past lives and there are many examples. These children are able to give remarkable details about their past lives, and in some cases include describing how they died, locating past family members of who they used to be that are still living, and more details that would otherwise be impossible to describe."

  19. Ok, I'm gonna take a recess now. 72 comments and I have been bible thumped enough for one school day, so I am disengaging the notifications. Carry on all!

    1. Dan, maybe you can tell us just what it is about the bible that you bothers you so much.

    2. Your end timer nonsensical interpretations for starters?😂

  20. Nancy Pelosi and her gang of theives, have tried 3 times already to sign a contract which includes the "WALL"..But every time the Dems bring a bill for Trump to sign, there is always a hidden clause that rewards the central banks, which Trumps legal team always finds, then rejects the entire bill...Trump knows how these "bottom feeders" work and he is playing the winning game plan..!! This time she tried to include making "Treasury Notes" to replace FRN...!! Giving the banks power again...!! But her ploy didn t work...!! Right there she should have been arrested for drawing up an "unconscionable" contract...!!

  21. And if this document does not tell you that they have a full blown military take over of the United States by foreign troops than you are just plain blind
    And these so called psychopaths are not going to deal with anyone you either get it or you don't
    They will have their NWO order whether you go along willingly or by force
    The United States of America is the capstone to their pyramid
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  22. And they have the weather warfare going on to impact the power grid and how convenient that that have The Electric Infrastructure Security Council all posed and ready to implement their UN Agenda 21 shit
    And how convenient that the storms will cause downed trees and create the narrative to remove tress so that they can roll out their 5G surviellance system
    So tell me how is my claiming my birth certificate and my name going to stop the destruction and death of my fellow countryman
    Malitia intervention is needed yesterday period
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved