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Monday, January 14, 2019

Living People Are the Creditors; Corporations Are the Debtors

By Anna Von Reitz

I can make this really, truly simple.  

Just study the title of this article until you fully grasp what it says and why it is true. 

Living people create and define the State.  

The "State" may be "China" or "West Virginia".   The State is defined geographically as the area within which the laws established by a group of people apply.  

The State then creates Territorial and Municipal franchises:  the Province of Szechwan, the City of Shanghai, the County of Blaine, the City of Clintwood. 

Notice that little word "of" ----these are not actual physical provinces or cities. 

These are corporations created to care-take physical assets actually owned by the people living in the State.  

Forming a corporation of any kind is privilege granted by the State that belongs to the people living in that State. 

Thus, New York grants the privilege to form The [Federal] State of New York and grants the privilege to form the [Territorial] State of New York and grants the privilege to form the [Municipal] STATE OF NEW YORK.  

The Municipal STATE OF NEW YORK then grants the privilege to form the franchise known as the CITY OF NEW YORK..... 

All these privileges can be revoked and should be revoked the instant a corporation is caught doing anything improper, much less criminal.  

At the end of the day, all these corporations belong to New York, the State belonging to the people living inside the physical borders that define "New York".  

The people who live in New York are thus the Creditors of all these corporations that owe their existence to them.  Not the other way around. 

If you are being addressed as a debtor, you are being improperly addressed as a corporation and it is up to you to know this and to "take exception" to it.  

The Great Fraud has been worked upon you because your Trade Name was deliberately mis-represented as a franchise of a bankrupt foreign corporation doing business as the United States of America [Incorporated].  

This is a crime of personage and identity theft and unlawful conversion that resulted in credit fraud against you and your family and was then assessed against your physical assets and labor, your Good Name and your Estate.  

Neither the British Monarch nor the Pope who are the Trustees responsible for protecting you from this sort of thing moved to protect you, so the fault and the Breach of Trust and the resulting debt is theirs, not yours. 

The lawful Head of State of The United States of America [Unincorporated] has Notified the Trustees of these conditions and objected to them.  

Now it is up to you to enforce correction.  

You do this by taking exception to their claims and "presumptions" and by actively posting Notice to their officers and in their public records of your action reclaiming your Good Name and returning it to the land and soil jurisdiction of your actual birth --- that is, in the example, to New York, as opposed operating as a franchise of the State of New York, Inc. 

If they attempt to continue their false claims,  you cite their fraud and non-disclosure and continue to bring your claim.  

Next, you form your State Jural Assembly  --- the "New York Jural Assembly" in the example cited---- not the "New York State", not "The State of New York", not the "State of New York", and certainly not the "STATE OF NEW YORK" ---- none of this business concerns these foreign incorporated entities that exist only via privileges granted by New York.  

This is your physically defined state known as "New York" we are talking about, and as you are a living man or woman, this is the state you live in.  You do not "inhabit" New York, you are not a "resident" in New York --- you live there or in whichever other state of the Union you live in.  

Now you are back in the Driver's Seat and enabled to elect your actual County Sheriffs and set up your actual County Courts and elect your actual Justices of the Peace to enforce the actual Constitution and the actual Public Law. 

These criminals have been usurping upon your lawful government and upon your lawful authority for a very long time, but you have the power to turn this around and bring them to justice and to force them to pay their debts to you. 

Do so.  Reclaim your lawful identity.  Reclaim control of your State.  Reclaim your country.  Kick these criminals and trust-breakers in the teeth.  Do so lawfully, peacefully, and with great prejudice. 


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  1. The court is well aware it must collar you as the corperation .
    Guilty until proven innocent .

    1. Precisely. It is a commercial Sea jurisdiction court system that is after legal fiction. Not living people, which they have zero jurisdiction over. They need/want you to admit to being legal fiction. That is the game in very simplistic terms.

  2. The #1 Risk To Earth
    i encourage all of you to watch the complete 20 minute video.
    At the 7 minute mark: What would it take for the sun to cause a GLOBAL blackout now?
    How many are afraid of what man is, or what man may be doing to you? We are not to fear man!
    satan does not want you to recognise nor fear Yahuah (respecting Yahuah.) satan would rather have you fearing man, fearing each other serving him! Many of the preachers over the years would have you fearing man, mankind their bombs. i always kinda balked at what they said.
    Did they know what the Father the Son and the sun are capable of? Does mankind yet not understand we are not in control. 'He' is our only source of protection.

    1. Second Peter 3:12 ? The above video sounds like this.
      Why do we not claim Life instead of looking only to the material world?
      No matter what you think your fellow man is or is not capable of
      There is One Much Greater. And we do have a choice, we do have free will. We can see we can listen, we can follow we can trust we can have faith, or not.

    2. Satan doesn't want u to know the truth for sure🎯

      "His research investigated multiple hundreds of children who claimed to recall past lives and there are many examples. These children are able to give remarkable details about their past lives, and in some cases include describing how they died, locating past family members of who they used to be that are still living, and more details that would otherwise be impossible to describe."

  3. It is not Anna, but YOU who are misleading the People. There is no provision within the Constitution that says it is mandatory to send a percentage of our gross income to the government. It was worded that if money was sent in, that it is considered to be a gift. Through the years, it's been bastardized to mean it is a tax and implied with that, if you don't send the money, you will be punished. Why else did the govt have income tax deducted from our payroll checks?? Answer: Because if it was truly only a "gift" very few people would send money.

    1. no but the 14th amendment does say persons may not question the debt ie U.S. citizen. also if you are operating their federal franchises, stated you are a U.S. citizen on your contracts and agreed to being a "resident," well, you gotta pay your franchise fee or be fined if you do not know who you really are...

  4. Ucadia, I think I finally figured you out. You have pretty good reading skills and not so bad writing skills. However your comprehension skills are below failing grade. You should do your research and development that aims to prove that sovereign citizen theories are a farce. Let me help you. One cannot be sovereign and a citizen at the same time. You are either sovereign or you are a citizen- a servant. There! Research DONE!

    1. I wouldn't waste your time counseling fools. Assuming he's not a complete fraud / shill, he's just attached himself to someone else's bubble because it lines up with his existing delusions. That's as far as hell ever get because he believes he's already arrived. If he is a shill, his handlers should ask for their money back. He'll only appeal to those who haven't actually read and studied the files Anna has published with regard to both Law and historical documents. That is pure gold for people like myself.

    2. Crazy Horse...u DEFINITELY r not the reincarnation of that guy😂👣🙄

    3. Nope. Just a piece of the whole, like the rest of you.

    4. Lol...& I wanted SO BADLY after reading 45 years ago in Montana to be him, too😭

    5. Actually, I had Neil Young's band in mind, lol. Though, I do hold much respect for the big Chief.

    6. Lol...Well, he married that Minnesota babe finally. Maybe she was Neil's horse in another life?💛🎶

    7. Whoopsi🤗 My bad...Jessica Lange is the Minnesota gal Darryl is from Chicago (near where I was born anyway😂🎶)

    8. No worries. I knew who you meant. Sadly, Pegi, his long time wife, just passed from cancer.

    9. Grandfather & Little Big Man Death Prayer

  5. E.T. TishbiteJanuary 14, 2019 at 8:26 PM
    Paul it's your blog so you certainly have "free will" (lol) to limit the time for comments, but I feel often the comments can really help to add more depth to Anna's articles, and would love to see at least a couple days to comment.
    I hate to comment on an earlier article again,however;
    In article Judas Iscariot, Anna wrote: The Life of Jesus was not pre-determined. He didn't have to die like that. He died because Judas and the members of the Sanhedrin and the Romans and the hoity-toity Jews of Jerusalem at that time rejected him and his message of peace and love and healing.
    Luke 22:21-22 :But behold the hand of him that betrayeth me is with me on the table. And TRULY the Son of Man goeth AS IT WAS DETERMINED; but woe unto that man by whom He is betrayed.
    Acts 2:23 ...Him, being delivered by the DETERMINATE COUNSEL and FOREKNOWLEDGE OF GOD, ye have taken and by wicked hands have crucified and slain,
    Rev 13:8 and all that dwell on the earth shall worship him, whose names are not found written in the book of life of the LAMB SLAIN FROM THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD.
    Heb 10:5-7 (quoting psalms 40) Wherefore when He cometh into the world, saith, Sacrifice and offering Thou wouldest not, BUT A BODY HAST THOU PREPARED ME;in burnt offerings and sacrifices for sin thou hast had no pleasure. Then said I, LO I COME ( IN THE VOLUME OF THE BOOK IT IS WRITTEN OF ME) TO DO THY WILL O GOD.
    This is just a few, I could show many more examples. I like to just let the scripture speak for itself. SLAIN FROM THE FOUNDATION OF THE EARTH !!! Sounds awful predetermined to me.

    a follower: i also will be a witness. i agree.
    Are there others?

    1. Onlybegotten nonsensical biblical COMMENTS in AMOST EVERY ARTICLE POSTED BY ANNA😂 r clearly THY authors choice to promulgate a dead religious p.o.v. ancient in scope, but devoid of living free willies imho✂

  6. Anna!
    I'm speachless...