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Monday, January 14, 2019

Authority of Executive Orders is Limited to Fictional Entities

By Anna Von Reitz

Authority of Executive Orders is Limited to Fictional Entities
Again, Congress can give the President no authority it does not possess itself.
All the various Acts of either the Territorial Congress or the Municipal Congress undertaken in 1933-40 which purported to grant FDR all these sweeping (over 350 new "Powers") including the power to rule as a virtual Dictator in time of "National Emergency" pertain only to the now-bankrupt Municipal Government and its "Citizens" or to the Territorial Government and its employees and dependents, and in both cases have no authority related to us.
None of us nor our parents "volunteered" to act as "franchises" of the Municipal Government, despite the obvious lies and fraud and falsification of public records that these Vermin have indulged in.
Clearly, they have been preparing for years to use a Democratic President to do a Fascist-Style take over of our country by granting all these "Powers" to the "President of the United States" ---- note, not The President of The United States of America. The seemingly sweeping empowerment of Executive Orders is a set up as in any sting operation, serving to bamboozle the Public into accepting all this horrific usurpation under color of law.
"Color of Law" --- appearing to be "Law" but in fact being Code, Regulation, Administrative or Statutory law applying to incorporated entities, not people.
The only jurisdiction occupied by the Federal Government is international jurisdiction. International jurisdiction is populated exclusively by corporations and officers of corporations --- no people at all.
Ditto the Air Jurisdiction inhabited by the Municipal Government which inhabits global jurisdiction. The Air Jurisdiction is likewise populated by legal fictions having no substance --- patents and patent-holders, copyrights and copyright-holders, etc., ---- no people at all.
So when the Municipal United States Congress granted FDR all these additional "Emergency Powers" as exemplified by Executive Orders 10990, 10995, 10997, 10098, 10099, 11000, 11002, 11004, 11005, 11051, and especially 11310 which takes all the powers of the Presidency and hands them over to DOJ--- which is obviously a big part of The Problem --- all those "powers", including the power to issue and enforce all these Executive Orders, pertains only to the Municipal Corporations and their employees and has nothing whatsoever to do with the rest of us.
We have been the victims of this sting operation, but the plain fact is it has nothing to do with us, and anyone who tries to make it have something to do with us is engaged in racketeering and other forms of crime.
Likewise, when Abraham Lincoln issued the first "Executive Order"----- General Order 100, aka, The Lieber Code --- it was issued in his capacity as the Commander-in-Chief of the Territorial Government to his employees and subordinates --- the Generals of the Grand Army of the Republic.
Obviously, he didn't have the power to issue an Executive Order to the American People---his employers. All he could do was direct and instruct his employees and subordinates as to how they were to conduct themselves and how they were to conduct the administration of the southern [Federal] States of States after the war.
Bottom line --- you are not a Federal franchisee and your property assets do not belong to them and any assertion otherwise is fraudulent.


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  1. Quite so, problem is not even judge Andrew Napolitano will wiper a peep .
    That defaults back to the only reliable oversight the informed populace . Anybody have a yellow safety vest ?
    Up until we reconstitute our lawful state government Thomas Jefferson said it's our duty to defend aginst tyrants or tyrannical governments

  2. Right on the mark, trade mark, token, plan-et as in extraterrestrial, fiction!

  3. Yet another event for gun confiscation
    As a result of Sandy Hook event they now rolling out tattle tale surveillance system in schools - most recent school to join is in Florida how about that
    So while we play patty cakes with these psychopaths they further their UN Agenda to disarm and lock down this whole damned nation
    Get you kids out of the schools
    The education system is where they started all this crap and they still using the schools to mind warp the kids
    For the life of me I have no idea what the militia is waiting for
    The United States is the capstone to their scheme and if we do not stop these psychopaths only divine intervention will save this planet from complete and total genocide and enslavement
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  4. ''our assets do not belong to them''. Well, THEY think they belong to Them, and They are the ones who hold the positions of power, even though its all Fraud, they do not care and it makes no difference.

    Same thing with all the fraudulent courts, judges and attorneys; they were ''ordered'' by anna to vacate a YEAR ago, but you see how that worked out, right?

    1. are wrong...people have won cases against the govt but those cases are always sealed, so that we never know about them....!!!
      They control all the info flow, especially in FRAUD cases....!!

  5. Short and to the point article Anna, thanks. When you take a sub topic like this one and briefly illustrate how law is correctly applicable or not to given segments of the government, comparing to how the society of free people can and should operate, it helps dispel the fog and myth propagated by public opinion employees of government who aim to keep everyone confused as to the severe limits of government in relation to us, the free sovereign American people.

    I wonder why so many of the people spend so much time detailing the frauds, or actually assisting a usurper tyranical government that has based its authority on deception and force by becoming its employees, but spend so little time on getting themselves organized to run their own lives and jural assembly governments in each County and each State.

    What is the status of the banking project your team are working on Anna? Until we get banking for free Americans without Social Security Numbered accounts organized on a large scale, meantime we can always use our labor and our local connections to organize and accomplish improving each others homes, gardens, workshops, crafts schools, (like in private homes for starters), and gain excellent learning experiences and skills working with other free Americans. We can teach others in small neighborhood groups about our American traditions of freedom and use as reference our Biblical laws of "good" (godly) sociality and trade, reverence for our Father in Heaven and His Son, mastering the wealth of knowledge contained in our Organic Laws, and applying the amazingly productive principles thereof.

    TV "News" and similar pastimes wastes our time and our lives away on empty unfulfilling mind numbing wasting of the joys of living a life living in the present among loved friends and family, and becoming the dynamic creative people we all ARE in potential. Let's put our faith in God, our own industriousness, and in applying eternal principles of godly conduct to practice daily to begin rebuilding a free society, a sane and joyful world starting right in our own dwelling places. When people see good happening , they want to join in naturally. That is part of our godly nature, to help, share, teach, encourage, and build up others. We are created to live in high degrees of order and cooperation and we can pursue that value RIGHT NOW!

    1. Not on this monitary system, which separates and devides people according to their wealth...!! If we are all "created equal" by our creator, then all of us should be millionaires....RIGHT?? I am so sick of a document that has caused more discourse and fights between people than if they never created it...!!
      Govt have to be audited every 5 years by forensic accounting auditors, just to make sure the books are ligitament and lawful, with no "private off-sheet ledergering accounts, not accessible to the public...!!
      The way accounting should be done , if properly applied, should always come to zero....never a positive account showing millions of dollars...!!

  6. For example I could teach people in fine arts, and in he craft of ceramics, and in home construction, and in planning for and producing nourishing food in vegetable gardens. Add doing or teaching photography. I can help others learn about the doctrines of Christ and the exalting values of striving to live as our Savior lives. I can show people how to discover that their Savior indeed does live. I can help others with the basics of nutrition and self care of their bodily temples. I can help others understand the Organic Laws.

    What can you others offer and what ideas on getting ourselves organized do YOU have?

    1. I can tell anyone interested ~ the vast eternal flaws of onlybegottenismğŸŽ¶ğŸ’¥

  7. It's to bad you don't feel that way with our corrupt govt...!! still dont get will never be one of them...EVER..!! So to be fair, why don't you diss our corrupt govt and officials too while your at takes two people to start a fight...and govt is not on your side..You talk as if they are saints, when they , not Anna or Paul, have perfected the art of following the "pied piper" to their doom...!!