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Monday, January 14, 2019

"Municipal Bankruptcy" Means Municipal Bankruptcy

By Anna Von Reitz

For at least three (3) years I have been commenting on "the Municipal Bankruptcy" that Mr. Obummer created and announced and commented on in front of millions of Americans and I am still getting all sorts of people reacting in alarm and sending me this video: 

Yes, these accounting firms are bankrupting all these Municipal Franchise CITIES.  They will be bankrupting all such municipal franchises --- the DHS, the US NAVY, the STATE OF OHIO, JOHN QUINCY DOE..... and so on.  

They will be doing this to protect the assets of the guilty parties from the Creditors, which includes you and me.  

The greatest crime thus far is underway --- bankruptcy protection is being afforded to these criminals despite what they have done to their employers, and the cost of this is to be absorbed by the victims and assessed against our credit, all based on the totally false and unjustifiable legal presumption that we authorized the creation of these ENTITIES and underwrote their activities and "gifted" our assets for this purpose. 

The Pope and the Vatican Chancery Court have been fully informed.  The Queen and her counterpart in Westminster have been fully informed.  The Office of the Prosecutor at the World Court has been fully informed.  The USAG has been fully informed.  The UN Secretary-General has been fully informed.  The Joint Chiefs of Staff have been fully informed.  

They sit and they do nothing.  They propose that the debts of all these municipal ENTITIES should simply be passed on to us and that we should have to pay for all their debts as "presumed" Sureties.  

Meanwhile, $950 Trillion USD in credit owed to us and to the Canadians as "Life Force Value Annuities" --- which should be available to pay off all those bogus debts---- has been absconded with by Prince Philip.  

Wake up!  Daylight in the Swamps!  Roll out!  Get moving!  Brawwwh!  Brawwwh!  Brawwwh!  [That's the Fire Alarm going off full blast.] 

I have been telling you about this for years and now that it is push-to-shove, everyone is standing around looking confused.  This is what I have been talking about. Hello?  Hello?  Houston?  We have a problem here.... a problem with those running the bankruptcy proceedings and those submitting the bankruptcy claim, too.  

They have lied through their teeth and falsified public records and presented you and your assets as "voluntarily gifted" collateral backing their spending spree. 

Now they are seeking bankruptcy protection for themselves and leaving you on the hook as a "presumed" franchise of their operations to pay all those trillions of dollars, while Prince Philip sneaks out the backdoor with all the credit that you are owed.  

These "Municipal" Flim-Flam artists are seeking bankruptcy protection, while the British Vermin are claiming that you "abandoned" all your credit so it must belong to them. 

Unfortunately for them, none of this is true and your assets have in fact been claimed and that claim is on the record and has standing.  

Mr. Trump --- time to turn the missiles around 180 and aim at Rome and London instead of Shanghai and Minsk.  


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  1. First thing Audit prince Harry the Satanist and start with seizing his assets in the States

  2. The problem is, the bankruptcies are being conducted in the dark. We have no idea as to where and when they are taking place. If we did know we would be able to show up at the courts in force and demand that the correct settlements be made. Absent this there is no evidence of massive objection by the people and the notices Anna’s group sent, I fear, will carry little if any weight.

  3. James response and fears have merit. There seems to not be a cohesive response by the people at the state county level. The Public Fool System/Banking System has destroyed any concept of an American National.

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  5. They have been harvesting free energy for decades and selling it to us
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  6. The Psychological Warefare Behind Economic Collapse
    Best be prepared on all fronts
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  8. I read "Quite weapons for silent wars" years ago...!!
    At the end they describe the intent to feminize all makes and make them subordinate to their female counterparts, calling them puss whipped and incapable of fighting back anyone....!! You can clearly see this is happening by the number of people in the LBGT community...!!
    And they all fight harder than any patriot groups do, and they do it together, so as to protect themselves, unlike the patriot community who are always pushing independent fighting in all the lions den (our courts)...!!!

  9. I meant to say feminize "all males "...!!