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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The Payseur Myth

By Anna Von Reitz

There is another Big Story floating around that virtually everything in this country is owned by a bastard son of the King of France named "Payseur" and his progeny.

To the Old (especially Catholic) Monarchs, a bastard son was the carrier of their sins. Royal bastards were routinely forced to practice usury for Dear Old Dad, just like the Jews were. This was called "Bastardy" and unfortunately, enough years elapsed between its well-deserved end in the 1700's and its resurgence in the 1850's, that the public no longer recognized its evil.

So if Payseur was the illegitimate son of a French King during the referenced time period, you may be sure he was doing the King's dirty laundry for him. The claim of his parentage is not incompatible with his Office --- that of Payseur --- Purser, aka, Paymaster for the French Army in America.

I have already explained to you how the French Monarchs claimed over the British Monarchs ever since the Norman Conquest and how both countries have been ruled by various permutations of both genuine bloodline kings and usurpers ever since. 
France and Britain are not the "natural enemies" everyone assumes. They have been ruled over by sometimes the same and sometimes different branches of the same Franco-Celtic families for centuries. So what you are actually witnessing as wars are mostly internal squabbles, usually over money.

Anyway, like the current scam, Payseur is claiming to "own" the corporations. Look up the legal meaning of "own". It's not what you assume.

And considering that Lincoln made the Territorial United States' Army responsible for safe-guarding our money and everything that happened afterward with the bankruptcy of the Northern Federal States of States, it is consistent that the Payseur would act as the Receiver of Title.

But that is not "ownership" in the popular sense that everyone assumes, either.

These videos suddenly appearing on the internet claiming that the Payseur Family "owns" everything in sight are dangerously misleading because 99% of Americans don't know what a Payseur is or how his office (hereditary) functions, nor do they know the actual meaning of "ownership".

Suffice it to say that all those corporations and holdings do not belong to any hereditary Payseur, nor to the French Government.


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  1. If people can't see by now that this Q operation is just another Psyop to give the people false hope and to stop them from doing what is really important, thereby rendering them unprepared for what is coming, then how in the world can we convince them of anything?

    The Lord knows we are doing our best to wake people up, but it seems people just want to stay asleep.

    1. Right Paul... Q-anon is about a big of fraud as their ever has been. I even designed an offhand teeshirt design about it... but it will go over many peoples heads literally.

    2. Actually dear WONDERFUL Paul Stramer's Christian/Catholic nonsensical Bible beliefs have FAR, FAR less legitimacy than Qanon in ANY book of mine for the record😂🎶💥

    3. Paul,
      i believe the danger of many such as presented by Q and quite a few others is (false hope.) Now you can still gain intel by watching such operations. When you are gifted with discernment and perhaps 'talents' we can see the deceptions as they take place and we can issue some warnings to others.
      The propaganda machine is in high gear and ran by the spirit world that we are at war with!

    4. Yeah, don't bother to read anything outside one's 'perameters' either😎

    5. Basterd
      Wow!! 😳
      alleged to be involved in the facilitation of sex trafficking even going so far as paying lobbyist in DC to oppose the crackdown on sex trafficking!!
      No wonder
      stepped down & distanced himself from Google!! 😡
      Quote Tweet
      Rosie memos
      👀 “While at Google Rubin is also alleged to have engaged in human sex trafficking- paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to women to be, in Rubin’s words ‘owned’ by him”
      Show this thread]

    6. Qanon exposed this^ awhile ago, too😉

  2. Replies
    1. mtman2 - once for the father, once for the son, once for the holy ghost or he stutters consistently. Hah!

  3. Meanwhile Qanon quite some time ago explain how the wall has been been funded...😂

    Do u need links?😉

    1. Most recent one updating on old post last winter...

    2. I have read All since last winter, so can verify the veracity of

    3. I agree Leland. I read them all as well. While I don't take it as gospel, I do follow the links for verification and what is happening in real time without MSM influence. I don't know if the end result will be another more acceptable version of what is but it is helpful for truth discovery. Q has been responsible for awakening many along the way which helps Anna's approach being much more meaningful.

    4. Nov/December 2016 ptty female mouth Mega Anon was my indirect introduction the ongoing greatest military intelligence operation in modern times...known as Qanon

    5. Typical post by her😂

      [Anonymous ID:d8ll8Lq2 Mon 18 Dec 2017 00:53:11 No.153676868 View
      I "shill" for Israel? How so? In many ways I'm actually extremely opposed. I mean it's fact that Israel is a Jewish state because it gifted by all the people in Europe who solidified the reason it could be gifted a.k.a. the Holocaust/WWII in the first place, was unironically bankrolled by the Rothschilds, only to exploited by the zionist globalists who profited from it, all justify the establishment of the UN.

      What am I missing?]

    6. Then David Wilcock pissed her off, so she calls him only to eventually quit posting...forever apparently last year.

      [David Wilcock - MEGA ANON TALKS: I can confirm that I did... | Facebook
      Facebook › posts
      MEGA ANON TALKS: I can confirm that I did have a conversation with the one and only Mega Anon, as she has now confirmed in her 4Chan posts, linked below. ... She had an encyclopedic knowledge of the Mega Anon posts, and spoke so fast about such technical things, and all the names ...]

    7. Then David Wilcock wrote this gem💎

      "Let's be clear, again, that I never thought I would have anything nice to say about Donald J. Trump in the past.

      That being said, his candidacy was supported by the Alliance, and the Alliance is calling the shots in the decisions that are being made -- not the Deep State.

      This is a mess for many people, who are not seeing anything positive come out of this, and in fact are terrified -- as the MSM has taught them to be.

      The briefings I have received have painted a very, very different picture, as we will again cover more in Section Two.

      There is clearly a civil war going on between Deep State elements, such as the CIA-controlled MSM, and this administration."

    Ambiguity and confirmation bias can undermine critical thinking and logical reasoning. May open-minded, honest individuals awaken to end entrapment and blockages, know truth and be free. Peace.

    https ://www .youtube .com/watch?v=zmEScIUcvz0
    CAESAR'S MESSIAH: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus - OFFICIAL VERSION [1h23m10s]
    CAESAR'S MESSIAH | Sep 15, 2018
    http ://caesarsmessiahdoc .com OFFICIAL VERSION
    Seven of today's most controversial Bible scholars reveal their shocking conclusions about the origins of Christianity. Based on the best-selling religious studies book by Joseph Atwill, this documentary shows that Jesus is not a historical figure, the events of Jesus' life were based on a Roman military campaign, his supposed second coming refers to a historical event that already occurred, the teachings of Christ came from the ancient pagan mystery schools, and the Gospels were written by a family of Caesars [Josephus and the Flavians] and their supporters, who left us documents to prove it.

    [1 :12 :01] … Conclusions: … The story of Jesus was an allegory of Titus Flavius. … historical literalists versus allegorical Gnostics … Christ within versus Church Militant … religion and dogma used to pacify and control people … “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” Note: Josephus, a Jew from Judea, was the Flavian court historian and was adopted by Titus Flavius.

  5. Do you mean like Eve knew "truth" and was free? Which of His teachings or laws are you wanting to deny and be "free" of? Which of the teachings of Jesus burden you so much that you can't live without denying Him?

    I pity you when you die and are standing before the just Judge of the Universe and have to give an account of each and every one of these heresies you are pushing. Your so called "Bible Scholars" are just another list of heretics that can't seem to find the strength to obey God's laws. So the ten commandments must also be an invention also, or are you another jewish denier of the whole of redemption?
    The website you refer to even hides from view the real identity of this Titus Flavius who probably is the first Caesar to pass himself off as a God. His name was Domitian and he shed the blood of the Christians like every tyrant who persecuted the Church. He was one of those who was responsible for the blood of the martyrs becoming the seed of the Saints.

    Your "scholars" are a bunch of suedo-scientists and suedo-scholars who make their living denying Christ. I would not want to change places with them when they meet their maker.
    God have mercy on them, and may Jesus give them the grace to repent before they die.

  6. Syncronistic? This in my inbox today from Seth Godin:

    "How to be honorable

    Honorable men (at least that’s what they called themselves) used to settle their disputes with dueling pistols.

    Honorable women used to bind their feet and shame others that didn’t.

    Honorable humans used to own slaves.

    “Honorable” has always been measured against the current culture, not an absolute of what we’re capable of.

    Over time, then, as the culture changes, what used to be honorable becomes dishonorable.

    Sticking with it because it’s always been that way is a truly lousy reason to persist in a behavior that causes harm."


    We have to be careful that our emotional truths come from the heart and not from any written text or hearsay. Otherwise the next generations will be using Orwell's 1984 as the bible because what it says is really happening or happened.

    If any fictional documents result in an awakening to the real heartfelt truth-do no harm, we must absorb the message, not the literary presentation. Debating over which documents awakens us is insane.

  7. Want to see the role Hollywood brats are playing to disarm and roll out the tattle tale surveillance programs in all of our schools
    This Sandy Hook Promise is being rolled out in the Florida School District where this 'incident' took place
    And once you know about their demented scheme you are blacklisted
    This is all part of their plan to create a techno surveillance scoring system to totally destroy anyone and everyone that gets in their way
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  8. And they are tracking and tracing everything no matter where you are on the internet or on social media - so what this tanslates to is you either modify your behavior or you are blacklisted - you can't make a living - your Universal Basic Income of which they propose is a whopping $10,000 a year is docked
    This is the most demented shit ever and unless action is taken this is the plight of the whole damned world
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  9. "I pity you when you die and are standing before the just Judge of the Universe and have to give an account of each and every one of these heresies you are pushing. Your so called "Bible Scholars" are just another list of heretics that can't seem to find the strength to obey God's laws. So the ten commandments must also be an invention also, or are you another jewish denier of the whole of redemption?" Paul Stramer above👣

    I 'pity' u Paul because I will be defending u there as well on judgement day (death of physical body only) by Lords of Karma, too, because of your fantastic blog here in the physical gave rise to so many people outside your faith (& my childhood/teenager/adult background of growing up in a billionaire Catholic neighborhood🙄 - not to mention my Catholic French cousins in Strasbourg🌍) to see far, far higher realities outside mere only a black & white righteous heaven or hell ruled by another onlybegotten relic of 2000 years back...but still then a great man who taught the forgotten truths of reincarnation & the light & sound aspects of the 'word' so lost in Christian theatrics today✂

    God is 💓

    God created ALL Souls....including animals ~ a truth TOTALLY missing in current Bibles😂☻🎯💓