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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Your History

By Anna Von Reitz

Even today in French, "elle" is the word for "she".   And she was Eve. "Eve-El" a name that translates as "Eve, the Goddess" but became our word "evil" because Eve brought death (the opposite of our word "live") into the world.  

She confessed and repented and was punished and the Lord of Lords allowed her children to live. 

In the same way we have Ba-El and He-El and Be-El and Pe-El.  These are just prefixes added to "El" as in "Elohim" -- "the Gods of Heaven to Earth Come Down". 

The words ""Belles" and "Helles" and "Pelles" are all related, too.  Notice that these are, again, just prefixes -- "be", "he" and "pe" -- added to "elles", the plural of "el", the word for "god".  

"Helles" refers to the Mycenaean Greeks.

"Pelles" refers to the Grail Kings of Ireland, Scotland, and the Isle of Man. 

"Belles" refers to the French Kings of Normandy. 

These are all branches of Eve's family, the family of Man-kind. 

Always remember that both Eve and Satan passed the test and earned the right to rule the Earth by accepting responsibility for Original Sin. It has been a contest between their lineages ever since: 

"And you shall bite their heels and they shall bruise your heads."

The descendants of Eve are called "Man" while the descendants of Satan are called "Hu-Man"---literally, "color of Man", but not in the sense of skin color-- in the same sense as "color of law".  They appear to be men, but are not. 

This is why you should not use the word "human" to describe yourself. 

Obviously, you have all been told many lies and half-truths, but for my money, few are as outrageous and silly as the idea that America was named after Amerigo Vespucci, an early cartographer. 

America was named after the Amoricans who settled Canada and the East Coast of the United States.  The Amoricans are a French Celtic tribe from the coast of Normandy and part of the Belles Family of Man. 

They had lived in England and Ireland for centuries --but in fact most of the Colonists were Norman French, and many of them were Amoricans. 

Amoricans are why you are Americans. 

And Eve is why you are part of "Mankind" and not "Humans" 

You are all quietly entering an Age of Wonders, where many things that were hidden will be revealed and much history that was lost will be found again.  

At the same time, if you think about it you can see that nothing I have said is really that strange and in fact, it has been hidden in plain view the whole time. 

You were told about the enmity and contest between the children of Eve and Satan.  

You were told about both the Roman Conquest and the Norman Conquest of Britain. 

You were told about the Founding of America. 

Now you just need to think through the facts and the consequences. 

November is a great time to learn and think about history. So cuddle up by the fireside and enjoy the opportunity to observe where you are and how you got here-- no thanks to University Publishing. 


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  1. Hu-man, I read being the color of man, the color of man being green, green representing growth, the earth, regeneration, etc. not color of man being almost like man but not. Seems you made a jump without explanation. That eves children were men. Where did that information come from?

    1. Deeply hidden in some arcane Aramaic 'correctly' interpreted literature for sure🎃

  2. Simple Definition of "men" is plural, more than one.

    Eve's children were man. Spirit in the living Flesh. Man and Wombman.

    Hu-man is described as "species".

    Many terms we believe are used by one definition is entirely different in the legal world. Good Example is Citizen [subject/slave] and Resident [temporary].

    I came across some documentation while researching last year which described HU-man as monster.

    1. 😂Biblical nonsense @ its very best☇

    2. I concur Annie, I came across those two definitions in my research as well and not from Anna. Actually, more than once. Neither of the references were using the bible as a source of data but interpretations from heiroglyphics.

    3. Last Hollywood actor act to play Set that I am aware of was Gerald Butler😂🎶

      "For the 12th year, FIDF National Board Member and major supporter Haim Saban and his wife, Cheryl, chaired the star-studded gala. Guests included prominent business, philanthropic, and political leaders and celebrated names in entertainment, fashion, sports, and technology, including Ashton Kutcher; Pharrell Williams; Gerard Butler; Andy Garcia; Fran Drescher; Ziggy Marley; David Foster; Katharine McPhee; David Draiman; A. C. Green; Ralph Sampson; Robert Horry; Josh Flag; Israeli actress and star of hit Netflix show Fauda Rona-Lee Shim’on; Israeli actor Yaakov Zada Daniel, also of Fauda and an FIDF IMPACT! scholarship recipient; Consul General of Israel in Los Angeles Sam Grundwerg; business magnates and philanthropists Dr. Miriam and Sheldon G. Adelson, Serge Azria and Florence Azria; Managing Member of R.H. Book LLC and Chairman of Jet Support Services Inc. Robert Book and his wife, Amy; Founder and President of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein and his wife, Joelle; GUESS Founders Maurice and Paul Marciano; FIDF National Chairman Rabbi Peter Weintraub; FIDF National President Robert Cohen; FIDF National Board Member and Western Region President Tony Rubin and his wife, Linda; FIDF National Director and CEO Maj. Gen. (Res.) Meir Klifi-Amir; and FIDF Western Region Executive Director Jenna Griffin."

    4. Ra = Sun god

    5. Actually Ra was the Supreme Deity of the Lemurians, but that was before the current version of the Bible popped up, of course💥

  3. Quote " So cuddle up by the fireside and enjoy the
    opportunity to observe where you are..." But what do I do if it's summer here? LOL. Like the blog Anna.
    PS Been watching a lot of Cal Washington's stuff, any comments re his work?

    1. I am an avid follower of Cal and the Inpower movement. Nice to see you Nick. I have been in touch with Kiwi Pete from "living spontaneously" as well through the Inpower movement. We should find a way to connect.

  4. Very interesting revelations Anna. Not sure I can agree, and yet, I wouldn't count on verifying your insight by looking into other historical texts; as they also had No clue, but parables, inferences and fairy tales!

    Why is the west so obsessed with itself in all origins?
    And ignore the most ancient and magnificent civilization on the planet, [5,000 years +] the Middle Kingdom, between heaven and earth? hmmm.

    Why did they have Dynasties, where the entire Culture and attire completely changed for everyone overnight?

    Could it be that purpose of the Dynasties was to set a blue print for the character of future Nations?

    I know this is out there folks. Just offering an alternate possibility on the origins and essence of man.

    After all heaven spent much time to just develop the perfect human body, over eons and many historical periods, just to infuse through experience, many basic fundamentals and ethics, at cellular level.

    For what purpose?
    Here we are at the last days of the last days!
    We have experienced it all. We have all the memory and lessons buried deep within our genetic make up.

    The old human stopped reincarnating in the early 50's

    Who is here now to pass the test and offer Salvation to the people belonging to the infinite number of Universes? [ beyond our imaginings to be sure].

    And we had to do it within this total state of delusion too! Completely veiled from our prior knowings.

    Truthfulness; Benevolence and Tolerance.
    The Universal characteristics in-bedded at all levels of matter, from the absolute micro to the macro levels of matter.
    That's why in the end, even the most evil intents, will always have a positive effect!

    Thank you for your attention.

    1. "Here we are at the last days of the last days!"

      Geez...more 'endtimer's nonsense ' by otherwise seemingly sane people🕇

    2. Sorry Leland Roth... You know the saying " All Good Things must come to an End".

      However, this may bring you some Comfort: "End of Times, does Not mean End of Life"!

      besides, this has happened many times before of our Earth, every 100 millions or so. But... after a very long period of time, so does the Cosmos needs to be rectified.

      Especially, once the various Gods at every level Nor longer qualify to remain at that level, nor can they remember the beginning time.

      At which point, the Ultimate Creator Father, is compelled to create a new Cosmos with newer and higher characteristics based on lessons learned.

      Gods exist within the Cosmos. The Creator is outside of it. This should stand to reason, as intent is required to be outside the thing created, as a thing cannot create itself!

      Hope this makes more sense to you, and am sorry if upsets you. It is Not my intention.

      Please note I am not coming from a religious perspective. I trust you noted that from the language i'm using.

    3. U can't upset me with idiotcy little bear😂

  5. No, really, i am ok with looking at the beginning. Everyone should for 'themselves.' And yet shall we not move along and look at Abraham and Sarah?
    Shall we not see the split between the seeds of Abraham? Shall we not look at the bond woman and the free woman?
    Galatians 4:23 His son by the slave woman was born ... - Bible Hub
    But he who was of the bondwoman was born after the flesh; but he of the freewoman was by promise. Christian Standard Bible But the one by the slave was ...
    One of Paul Stramer's many "Catholic" in origin articles described this Birthright promise split as a division of the jews and the christians.
    This was very wrong. And perhaps they did not get it, back in that day?
    We can see it now if we look.
    Eve and Satan passed a test to rule the earth. Well if that is the way you want to see it, go ahead, "daughters of Eve indeedy"
    as for myself i do not wish to rule the earth i will follow my Messiah He Alone is My Master.

  6. A Follower, There is no master to follow, as we are oneness in the extreme of existence, once again learning how to be the oneness. History is not to be repeated but was an experience. Using our inner self energy the "GOD" within assists us in moving forward with Creators love within, which brings us back again to oneness, peace, perfection, love. Learning about what happened helps us to understand our quirks, and the best is changing that which does not serve us in its entirety. We need to recognize just who we are in our souls and bring it out into our now. Energy is what we bring to the table. The energy of loving oneself and understand our own roles is what helps move more energy to assist others.
    Have a beautiful day.

    1. Mazie Miles: "A follower that believes in No Masters"s"?

      Please do not be offended, as I understand where you are coming from, and Know you mean well.

      However, let me say that as human beings, we do need teachers, otherwise what was the purpose of spiritual teachers the likes of Jesus, Lord Buddha and Lao Zi, and many others, playing roles as inventors, writers etc. all about?

      I would respectfully ask you to reconsider your stance on this serious matter. In fact, we all need each other to learn from, and we certainly need teachers! Especially spiritual teachers.

      The problem is that there aren't that many available in our present time. As indicated by the degradation of our traditional spiritual houses.

      And that is no accident either, but beyond the scope of this forum to delve into it.

      Please understand, the simplicity of my well intended message.

    2. Please enlighten me little bear... 😂🎶

  7. Amaraka is the land of the serpent = America


  8. We're onto it! We've been peeling back layers & chunks of our false history, & ain't afraid of what Anna shows us here.
    While am not proposing the trajectory we're endeavoring is Anna's, we're saying THANK YOU multiple times over for having the courage to bring it up!
    For fun, image 1000 yrs deceptively added to our timeline, thus contracting the timeline by 1000. We use both timelines.
    Fomenko's Chronologia mathematically evidenced truer historical timeline. . This corrects jew Scaliger's (late 1500's) purposefully fraudulent timeline, which we're forced to follow today & w their false 1000 yrs added. WE'VE BEEN LIED TO ABOUT EVERYTHING, even the Bible, the jew, Rome, etc & our history is being edited more each generation. See the monopolization of jew publishers, wiping of our libraries, even school childrens libraries replaced w jew publisher LIES. Why do even romance novels have jew named characters... that's how filthy lying scum force writers to promote the despicable jews.
    Scaliger & Flavius Josephus are the same character, each 'studied' the same things, but were divided into two, 'living' over 1000 yrs apart, but hey, that jew's timeline is a mess!
    We were never convinced history as presented was correct. We also noted the volumes attributed to jews as originators, inventors, when they were nothing of the sort. Even Einstein is a total fraud, patent clerk, plagiarist who stole patents for his jews, whose reward for this massive theft was to impose him as genius, to destroy the true genius Nikolai Tesla, White Eastern European American. When we see a jew, we know it’s a LIE, a FRAUD & discard, put it aside. Ever notice how jews reference other jews? That’s a tip, ok.

  9. Take a walk on the wild side:
    Search for Fomenko vids
    Closed captioned in English New Chronology By Fomenko 52:11
    Still need a jew to verify?:
    Eichmann’s daughter-in-law argues Jews have falsified history
    “The history that you know is not the real one, the version that you know from movies and books is written by the Jews, and all the world accepts that history,”

    Scaliger jew, rewrote our entire history, literally rubber-stamping events & renaming them, inserting jew relevance into our timeline & we follow the Scaligerian timeline today. Their ‘antiquity is really Middle Ages. ‘Greeks’ really Turks, were all White Aryan as in Greek sculpture, & the people objected to being called Greek. Note Scaligers specialties Greek, Roman, Persian, Babylonian, jewish, Egyptian, remarkably the same as jew Flavius Josephus. As we now know the ‘jew’ term was concocted & applied to a people who were known by other identities. 1000 yrs has been added to our timeline, due to the mis-use of the letter ‘i’ & 'j' (as After Christ) before the year date, but was turned into a ‘1’. So i500 became 1500.
    Joseph Justus Scaliger 5 August 1540 – 21 January 1609) … classical history from Greek and ancient Roman history to include Persian, Babylonian, Jewish and ancient Egyptian history.

  10. This is how the jews do it:
    Wandering Who? Gilad Atzmon In case you follow Sand’s line of thinking and happen to ask yourself, “when was the Jewish People invented?” Sand’s answer is rather simple. “At a certain stage in the 19th century, intellectuals of Jewish origin in Germany, influenced by the folk character of German nationalism, took upon themselves the task of inventing a people ‘retrospectively,’ out of a thirst to create a modern Jewish people.”