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Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Iteration Method of Stopping Any Court Action Before It Starts

By Anna Von Reitz

This must be done at the very outset of any court case, criminal or civil, and you must avoid the whole issue of the "name game" entirely.  When asked to "state your name" say only your first name -- "John" for example, or "John Michael" -- and admit that you are here to address the court "in this matter"--- which actually means, in your fleshly body.  

There are only three jurisdictions available to the courts now assaulting the American People --- ecclesiastical courts, maritime (commercial) courts, and admiralty (military) courts.  To defeat the action against you, you must establish that you are outside all three of these potential jurisdictions.  

At each step of the process the jurisdiction changes and the change is signaled when the judge gets up from the bench and leaves the courtroom.  When he returns, you have "ratcheted up" into another and more serious jurisdiction. 

They always follow the same order and begin in the maritime (commercial) jurisdiction where the answer is to "wish for" remedy.  

The second more serious jurisdiction is admiralty (martial law) where the answer is to "wish for" cure and relief. 

If the judge dares to leave and come back again, you are both playing for High Stakes, and are now in ecclesiastical court (cannon law).....  where the answer is to identify your self in connection with the Creator.  A Judge who violates your sovereignty in this jurisdiction loses his job permanently.    

This is the "iteration" method when facing any action in one of their courts.   You make these three "iterations" as your only replies. 

"Your Honor, for and on the record of this court, I am a living man, the blood flows and the flesh lives and I wish for remedy....."
He will have to get up and leave the courtroom.  When he comes back.... 

"Your Honor, just to reiterate, for and on the record of this court, I am a living man, the blood flows and the flesh lives and I wish for cure and relief...." 

He will have to exit again, or dismiss outright.  Most judges will dismiss at this point rather than risk the consequences of a final confrontation, but if he comes back a third time, you reiterate.

"Your Honor, to reiterate, for and on the record of this court, I am a living man, the blood flows and the flesh lives, and we are sovereign.  Nothing stands between my self and the Divine Creator of All That Is."  

And there is the final end of the nightmare.  He has no further recourse, no other jurisdiction to exercise, and he has to exit --- permanently. 

The DA may be dumb enough to set up another case and the Clerk may attempt to assign another Judge, but after a few judges lose their jobs by pushing the envelope and running afoul in canon law,  they all get the message. 


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  1. Or do not give them process being the finger prints the picture and the signature, and do not go to the court under any circumstance, and do not put on the slave clothes. No one is required to answer to a crime without due process of law. they have to let you go and it is then a absolute abduction. The jail is the article III court. Works every time.

    1. Please go a 'lil more in depth. The jail is the Art.III court???

      i 've just been 'mailed' what i believe to be a citation last week. i returned their unopened mail the next day. Wrote in red no contract no agreement Return to Offeror. No consent.

      Monday i get a letter from a PA CONSTABLE with alot of the same 10 days.. blah. Blah, blah. Sent 'it'bavk as well.

      Sent a W-9 and a FORM 56 to magistrates 'court' (cash register)

    2. Jim, how do you not show up at court. They will issue a warrant or you will be found guilty just for not showing up. And please explain this jail Art. 111 court???

    3. Jim,
      Thank you.
      I am interested in the jail Art III court also.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Why would the words of the third iteration be "we are sovereign" instead of "I am sovereign"? If "we" is correct, then who does "we" refer to? Anyone know?

    1. I would think both you and the judge are sovereign. One sovereign cannot force another sovereign to do anything. It's a standstill perhaps. Hence, one sovereign is telling the other sovereign, "Hey, look, you and I are both sovereign. You, the judge, do not stand between me and the Creator." That's why the judge would lose his job permanently.

    2. The judge is operating in a court that may ONLY deal with fictions, e.g., the judge is a fiction when acting as the administrator. YOU are also presumed to be a fiction/dead PERSON unless you rebut it effectively and NEVER allow yourself to give the court, police, etc/, a NAME or authority by voluntarily complying with an order. It goes MUCH deeper and is far more involved but, everything is about getting YOU to admit to the NAME and accepting liability, which 99.9% of those, who believe they are the NAME, do without thinking or knowing that it is THEM, who give the court authority, VOLUNTARILY!

  3. Awesome information Anna,
    Thank you..

  4. "we" means one's Body, Mind, & Soul united (tribunal of 3 in 1) perhaps in union with Source Creator as one may so choose with holy/whol-e Spirit; could also refer to NAMEd CORP(SE) dead entity that one "resurrects" with one's knowledgable re-claimation of same with anna's suggested recordings.

  5. Not sure if this was transcribed and floating around the Internet but this is from Frank O'Collins I have the audio archived some place and its on Youtube.
    If your standing in court you have already created some kind of joinder to the NAME especially if your answering a summons??? The quickest way to quash it is to return any notice of summons unopened "return to sender mistaken identity" and quote the mail fraud statute, also if receiving a ticket tell the officer your legal council advised not to accept any tickets and to have them mailed to the address then you can return those also, if mailed now there is a liability for fraud through the Post Office which is higher law then the administrative process, if forced to sign put a postage stamp on the original and sign over it then ask to have your copy mailed.
    Whats your name? first-middle was given to you technically the last name is your family's it doesn't belong to you and its private, also start using your Julian calendar birthday (-13 days) if they ask its not a lie if they did not specify which calender,the Greek Orthodox church still follows this calendar mention the 1st Amendment.

  6. Who forces the judges to quit?

    Do they just cry out “oops “ and resign?

    More details please...

    1. lol exactly because they are NOT going to give up that bench, and who is there to enforce the LAW?

  7. Very interesting. Has anyone ever gone through this and did it work?

    1. I had one of my law mentors tell me once, that all one had to do, was ask the judge who pays them their paycheck, and because they are elected, they have to answer, then turn to the prosecuting attorney and ask the same question. Hence he said the gavel comes down, case dismissed, because they BOTH get paid out of the same cookie jar, hence, bias. :)

  8. So, if the judge comes back the third time and I reiterate does he/she automatically lose their job? Who is in charge of ensuring that process? What happens if the judge orders the court cops to arrest and put me in jail in violation or contempt? To whom do I turn?

  9. Or
    Spring on them, look at lawyer/ attorney barflies ... and ask .... where is the letter from the Office of the Executor/Executrix appointing him / her trustee to administer the FULLNAME, estate ?

    Its treason for a trustee to administer an estate without written permission from the Executor/Executrix—— [YOU! ]

    [Who is you?]

    [You is]. “firstname or christian” of “bornLocation”

    Run rats ...

    Love & peace

  10. Thank you, so much for this post and the comments.
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
    This is real nourishing-food for thought.
    Thank you again.

  11. UCADIA is promoting death and destruction and should be banned. That isn't free speech, that is terrorism and unlawful. Agents can get away with murder and do daily, however, this should not stand or be tolerated and really could be considered as acceptance of such conduct. Bad news.

    1. I strongly agree.
      Edit the terrorism.
      Lose the profanity.

  12. For the International-US-BAR-association
    is with the $279-trillion-debt
    with the affidavit-perfected-law-commercial-instrument-true-bill
    of the Security-Exchange-Commission-tracer-number-2640220
    by the record of the Mesa-County-Colorado-Deputy-Clerk-recorder-Brandy-Emow.

  13. I have never used this document I composed below but thought if I end up in court trying to expose the corrupt court verbally then I can enter into evidence (along with the recorded documents from this site)...what does everyone think of this?

    Page 1 of 2

    CASE NUMBER: ______________________

    I; John Mark Doe, would like to enter into evidence the following...

    "The 6th Amendment to the United States Constitution grants me the right to know the nature and cause at this action you are bringing against me, and it grants you, the court, the duty to tell me. I do not understand the nature and cause of this action which has been brought against me."

    Under a criminal action...

    "The Constitution grants this court 2 different criminal jurisdictions: One is a criminal jurisdiction under a Common Law, and the other is a criminal action that constitutes a condition of contract under the criminal aspects of a Colorable Admiralty Jurisdiction. Under which of these 2 jurisdictions does court intend to try this criminal action?"

    Not Under Common Law But Under Colorable Admiralty Jurisdiction...

    According to the Law Merchant Codes, the very law that this contract was made under, there are certain things that constitute a valid vs an invalid contract. You must realize, that no court has the authority to enforce an invalid contract; and I deny the validity of the contract that President Roosevelt entered into with the international bankers. He borrowed bank credit on the promise to redeem in gold coins. Creating credit out of thin air, the bankers had no risk and no interest, because they didn't loan anything of value, and thus had no interest in the loan being paid: it was a 'no interest 'contract, and thus void by the international law of Nations. Therefore America owes no legal debt ."

    Page 2 of 2

    "... And now since America only owes the debt by an invalid contract, how am I as a sovereign man , legally compelled to perform to an invalid contract under the Admiralty jurisdiction of this court? You must realize that no courts in America have Admiralty jurisdiction without also having valid international contract in dispute. And I'm not aware of having entered any international contract. So I deny that any such contract exists.

    If the prosecuting attorney disagrees with my argument then...

    Instruct the "prosecuting attorney" to inform this court that there is a valid international contract in dispute, and to place this alleged international contract into evidence, and explain how I can be a party to it, and how I am compelled to perform under it.

    If the prosecuting attorney cannot comply then I request a "Motion To Dismiss"

    ______________________________ _____________________
    John Mark Doe Date

  14. Keep Shining those lights by Standing and Speaking/dicussing/learning that "we" are the Living Law on the Land, "we Are the Living Law Enforcers" and each moment, each day "We" have the choice to take back our power, our living energy, our peaceful responsibilities and become stronger everyday or give our energy away to desperate, greedy, power hungry control freaks (middle-men) who are more than happy to TAKE everything you are, and everything you have, to not only destroy you, but everyone you Love as well!! Its your choice.

    They are really desperate now and its very clear to observe and See by their Angry, hateful, jealous, intolerance and Judgment they PROJECT so viciously onto peaceful people. They are SCARED!!! Their "mind games" and manipulations through FALSE FEARS are weakening and they ARE losing power and control over the masses Now!! IT IS Beautiful to See and witness Now!! Great work Everyone!! The more we Shine, the Darkness IS extinguished!! So Grateful ❤

    Much Gratitude, Love, Awareness, and Peace Be for All Now

    PS You ARE the Living Article 111 Court of Competent Jurisdiction. The Physical Location to enforce Your Lawful Land Jurisdiction Is the United States Post Office. Enforcement starts physically there and ends physically there. Period.