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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Why There is No Change in Treaty Status and Why There is No "Numbers" Requirement

By Anna Von Reitz

Some self-interested parties are challenging our right to self-government and to our inheriting of our own estates based on the idea that we are a "new" entity and that there hasn't been "continuity of government" between The United States of America formed September 9, 1776 and today. 

We invite them to prove it.   

Did our States ---- Alabama, Ohio, Wisconsin, etc., suddenly disappear?  And if they did, what had to happen to all versions of  "State of Alabama" and "State of Ohio", etc.? 

Ever tried to form a "State of Iowa" without Iowa? 

That is what their claims logically reduce to. 

Did we actually, physically disappear?  

No, we have all the direct evidence of our provenance that anyone could ever imagine or wish for, back beyond the Revolution.  We and our ancestors have been here continuously and never left. 

All that happened to make it appear otherwise in any sense was a self-interested fraud scheme by commercial corporations masquerading as "governments" to steal our property via falsification of public records. 

Have we and our parents and grandparents and great-grandparents ever ceased to object and take exception to these false representations and presumptions?  

My Great-Great-Grandfather took definitive action against them in 1855, my Mother born in 1920 reiterated it, and here I am in 2018 saying the same thing.  

Did someone say, "continuity of government"?   What about the Trustee's "continuity of government"?   There's the bankruptcy of their Scottish ringer in 1907, and their HRE ringer in 1933, and now the bankruptcy of both together, 2015-17. 

None of these bankruptcies should have been allowed, but they were, and in each case, there was severance.  The Trustees simply acted in Breach of Trust and conveniently neglected to honestly and fully disclose their "private circumstance" to us.  Note that they have continued to hide their bankruptcies from any public cognizance and also their improper hypothecation of debt against our assets. 

Also note that our mailing address has not changed in over two hundred years and that our family has maintained additional proper mailing addresses in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,  and elsewhere since the Founding.  We even wrote to the Queen and made sure that she had updated her address book.

There's no excuse for trying to claim lack of continuity on our parts.  

Nor is there any "change in Treaty status", because the entities owed the Treaties, The United States of America [Unincorporated] and The United States [Unincorporated] are still alive and well and as you can see, kicking, and besides that, we were never involved in any of the conundrums coming out of the illegal commercial mercenary conflict mis-represented as "The American Civil War".  

The Federal United States was represented by the united "States of America" --- not The United States of America.  By what possible idiocy does anyone miss the grammar?  Their Proper Name is: States of America.   Our Proper Name is: The United States of America.   

We are not deceived.  We have demonstrated that we know the difference between ourselves and the look-alike, sound-alike impostors that other governments have run as commercial corporations infringing on our Good Names and Copyrights.  

It is shameful beyond the extreme that the Popes and the British Monarchs have allowed any of this fraud to go on, much less prevail, while standing there pretending to be defenders of justice and purveyors of the Rule of Law.  

Now either get off your Duffs and stand for these concepts and honor your responsibilities under the Public Law or stand down and go away. Permanently. 

Some other Weasels are complaining and saying that we need to meet some arbitrary standard which they offer to impose, demanding that we expose our People to their scrutiny and that we "prove" to them that we have some Magic Number of souls in each State of the Union who are competent to inherit their own assets and tell a jury whether they are afoot or on horseback or drifting about in the international jurisdiction of the sea. 

Indeed?  These same persons making these demands upon us, who are responsible for this deplorable circumstance in the first place?  

By what right do they have any right to demand anything from us but a good, swift kick in the rump?  

Lest everyone needs to be reminded of the source of controversy between our lawful government and the monarchies of Europe --- William Belcher, heir of William the Conqueror -- granted every Continental Soldier and everyone born on the soil of this country forever afterward --- "sovereignty in their own right".  

In terms of international law, this means that any American born on the land and soil of this country is competent to act as a Monarch of equal standing to anyone in Europe or the Pope himself. As long as there is an American left alive who remembers who they are, anywhere in the world, America has representation among the High Contracting Powers and Principals of the world 

And here we are.  

It just so happens that in addition to being an American and born on the land and soil belonging to our States, James Clinton Belcher is a direct descendant of William Belcher, fully enabled to hold and wield both The Great Seal of The United States of America and The Great Seal of the United States---and able to "personally" require HRM Elizabeth II to stay in her Dependent Sovereignty status with respect to us and our assets.  

Does anyone wish to continue to pretend that The Norman Conquest never happened?  Want to challenge our DNA?  

As the bankruptcies were deemed to be private matters, we deem the identities and the numbers of those Americans retaining claim and title to the States to be our "private" business. 

More than two years ago, we solicited qualified volunteers and received a landslide of people coming forward to verify their ancestry and standing in all States of Union --- more than sufficient to claim all the assets back in every State.  The solicitation and the report of the results as they came in and the announcement of the successful "re-population"  by sovereign entities is a matter of Public Record published here:  

And that is more record and explanation than we owe to anyone, anywhere.


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  1. Me too. Mist kind Appreciatiin to Anna, James, Paul and the rest of the team.
    Much love from utah Mom.

  2. Most Kind Appreciation to you All.

  3. The perpetrators and secondary creditors will do everything in their power to avoid the embarassment of admitting the truth and plea guilty to their criminal behaviour.

  4. does this finally end? How can these Pirates be brought to justice?

    1. Mookie ''humpty dumpty sat on the wall,
      humpty dumpty took a great fall,
      All the kings horses and all the kings men,
      Couldn't put humpty dumpty together again.

      (It is gonna take the King from Above, to perform True Justice and then take full Rulership......and He will.)

  5. Until the vermin are removed from the planet and their systems brought off line by brining the grid down they will not stop. Their systems must be removed if we are to have peace.

  6. I have a good idea Anna......the only reason we still have this problem is that you are Notifying the wrong people now....their main weapoweapon of war are the "County Rerorders office" who routinely let people, especially Big Corporations and the attorneys for the banks, and the IRS automatically are allowed to file anything they want without not so much as a whimper...!! Since when can a "Notice of tax Lein" be allowed to file it as an "Actual lein" when it clearly states otherwise right at the top....!! Everyone else has to get a court order to do anything unless they have a court order to do so...!!

    It's all the recording offices we have to target, and force them to do things right or shut them down....!!

    I already sent one to my CRO and of course a letter came back from the prosecutor office defending that they are following all the laws for filing...!! But you can still request our "Risk Mgt. Dept" and ask them for their form to ask "permission"(my words) to see if you have a case to sue us.....!! When are we going to get rid of attorneys in this country.....!!!

    They are the underlying problem to everything going wrong in America....!!!


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