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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

White Hats-- Get This to Trump, ASAP, Please?

By Anna Von Reitz

We just saw this:

But he hasn't quite got it right yet --- this isn't a "fake debt" --- its an accounting fraud scheme, yes, but....

Here is a one page synopsis:

THEY used The United States of America [Unincorporated], as the Credit Account in their Double Accrual Accounting System adopted in 1946.  We got all the assets and credit accumulation, while they kept the debt as a control mechanism. 

The two sides of the ledger were never reconciled, with the result that we got richer and richer and had the full benefit of all accruals and interest undisturbed, while they did nothing but gather debt, debt, and more debt. 

This is anti-intuitive until you realize the aims of the Vermin. 

First, the Popes and the British Monarchs, had to demonstrate their stewardship of our assets.  What better than to keep our assets locked up and earning interest?

Second, by keeping our credit and assets pooled they could form a gigantic investment fund they controlled. This allowed commodity and resource rigging on a vast scale, culminating in the establishment of the Exchange Stabilization Fund, which allowed them to control currency supplies and values worldwide.

Third, they established so-called “Private Placement Trading Platforms” – this allowed them to invest our assets by “blocking accounts” for specific periods of time and leveraging the assets in those accounts via pre-determined contracts based on fractional reserve banking conventions.  This allowed them to profit 5-10X the asset value, without actually moving or risking the original underlying assets.

Fourth, the runaway accrual of debt on the USA, Inc. and UNITED STATES, INC. side of the ledger let the politicians Poor Mouth for increased taxes. “The National Debt” also justified paying more and more to the “government” and the widespread belief that we were deep in debt then made bankruptcy of the government corporations seem reasonable, if not inevitable.

And what was this all leading up to? 

The Secondary Creditors --we are the Priority Creditors-- were counting on us not claiming our assets.  

When the bankruptcy of the “United States of America, Inc.” settled in 1999, the World Bank (one of the original perpetrators) stepped forward and claimed approximately $387 billion worth of American gold confiscated by FDR as “unclaimed” property. 

All the schemers counted on pulling the same schtick on a much vaster scale now-- and got caught.
So now what? 
We take control as the Priority Creditors, we forgive a lot of debts, restructure others, and get the planet back in order. It's not that difficult.


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  1. If you think that just getting rid of the major financial players making up the CABAL will result in a better world, think again...!! There are more than enough evil , greedy and materialistic people around the world to take the CABALS place within a few years......unless people report FRAUD immediately to the police, who have to make the crime of FRAUD the most insidious crime of all time....!! As soon as someone even tries a con, in order to enrich himself, he has to be reported immediately, or we will wind up with the exact judicial system we have right now...!!

    In other words, if you see something, say something....!! Especially when it comes to FRAUD...!! Law enforcement has to be retrained to focus only on FRAUD so it never confronts us again....its a 24hr/7 day a week job.....nome stop...!!

    1. You are almost there... " police" are mercenaries of the banks, they have to go. We ( the people) get to devide the fste of the crimonals...hmmm we paid for " FEMA CAMPS" .. Now you know where to put yhem while they are publically tried in a Dejure Court by a jury of their peers..

  2. Whoa. That's putting it out there. Indeed White Hats everywhere need to get past the vermin roadblocks the zionists put in place and let Pres Trump review this. IF Trump truly is intent on Making America Great Again then he will do his best to get Leo Wanta his court-ordered Trillions and take appropriate action on this information.
    Anybody have family that came thru the Great Depression presided over by FDR? I do and it is sickening to learn they didn't have to suffer like they did while so much wealth was being stolen. Which makes Hitler's accomplishments even more impressive. While Israeli-vermin were looting and starving this country, between 1933-1935 Hitler was putting 6 Million starving Germans to work there after the same vermin decimated that wonderful Country. Those vermin had absolutely NO REMORSE for what they did to Americans back then, and have NONE Today.

  3. Oops! Looks like they have their own plan for cleaning up the swamp and restoring sovereign America...tick tock!

  4. The QFS (Quantum Financial System) won't allow people to create fraud. It recognizes melevalent behaviour.


    9 October, 2018 20:31
    Kim-Possible, Response to “In my Experience”

    Ms. Von Rietz,
    Please do not include me in any more of your posts. It is clear from the above post and the below you have gone from a knowledgeable attorney/judge or just a person versed in legal matters to bat sh&^t crazy.

    I have not spoken to you in years, and I do not include you in anything I am doing anywhere. So please grant me the same courtesy. Why you periodically bring me up in your ever increasingly crazy posts boggles my mind. I would say it is an attempt to discredit me, but they seem more about you discrediting yourself.

    For all the 900 inquiries I have gotten.. The person she describes as “Marduke” is dead, long dead.. 2 years dead. Not coming back and no longer influential in any affairs not even from “beyond the grave” (if such a thing were possible). The minions also known as the “Dragon Families” are still running around haphazardly trying to create plans they know little of.

    The man you describe here as my “male counterpart” is about as close as you can get to the anti-christ on this planet and has been trying to kill me since I was 15. So no, not now not ever will this man become any partner of mine, for your information he is Egyptian his code name is “The Dark Prince” and it is very fitting, one of the “Parents” just above the covens 4 layers above the “Dragon Families” in the “Order”.

    Lastly, I have moved funds to banks and to governments for the last several months with no male counterpart needed. Sorry, nice try.

    As for the rest of what is in the above linked article and the below?? OMG I do not know who is feeding you this crazy, but save yourself from any further embarrassment and go back to what you know and excel at please. Did you really write the words “double dog dare” to the President of the United States?? Oh my.

    Kim “Possible”

  6. Kim actually assists in helping Trump.And supports his efforts. And understands the QFS as to how it will work.

    1. Robert

      Kim seems to be the one with her hand on the throttle to monetary system. My concern is how does this benefit the average person. So far the discussion has been about funding the governments, but I do not get my livelihood from the government, so now we are looking years of political thievery and chicanery before the people see any benefit, after the governments spread the cash around to their friends.

      If there is no reset, then the money will remain where it is, all stolen and embezzled into secret accounts. I would really like to know what the plan is to fix this.

    2. LOL. Meanwhile I love 💓 CJ's American state national 5 minutes video🎶 CJ on American state national 🖒🎶💓Lee

    3. Dane, not intending to sound mean.
      Well then I suggest you get your butt over to and go through the last year of information posts and as Anna would say,do your research. Also there are months of archives from the Truth,honorand integrity broadcast by Thomas William's to go through to update yourself on all that has been transpiring while being distracted here. I have done my best to share info here but nothing will make sense till you process all I have. I am done being attacked here from people who are just plain brainwashed.
      Good luck. Also I have posted all the informative links in this forum in various posts from Anna.

      You tube search: truth honor and integrity Thomas Williams

    5. Dane, I agree with you and I have had much the same thoughts. We have always had governments and infrastructure infusions of cash, and that does absolutely nothing for me or my household.

      I too would like to see Kim come out and frankly address the individual american with specificity. The economy has always been from top down and it has always left the grass roots in pretty much the same condition simply because it has always been intended to ''trickle down' but NEVER does.

      I still ''am waiting' for president Regan's ''trickle down economics' to trickle, LOL. For that reason I would only hope that Kim has come to realize this and give consideration to ''the grass roots UP'' method of infusing the economy.

      So if anyone knows how to reach Kim and encourage her to speak to this issue, that would be appreciated. What is the Plan, Kim?

    6. Dane, go here for TW broadcasts click on the house icon and an archive of all broadcasts with dates will pop up. You can get on the email list for broadcasts or sign in with facenook.


    7. Apparently Kim ,Tank,and Thomas are back together as a working team as he told me himself directly on Facebook in real time.

      Thomas William's says, he does Q and A (questions a nd answers) if sent to

      Where he will review them and present them on his broadcast every Thursday at 7:30 PM EST at

      Now I have heard it said, that when we don't like something someone is doing it is usually because we do the same ourselves.

      I personally, do not subscribe to this thought, because there is no way that I present my thoughts in the same manner he does.

      But that is my opinion. I wouldn't,couldn't do his job.

      You can also listen to broadcasts and go through
      Archive broadcasts at

      If you wish to know anything about humanitarian projects,submitting qualifications in regards to them,all that info is at
      or it might be

      I was jotting it down quickly.

      Also you can keep up with posts usually by Tank or Kim at

      I imagine you can subscribe to the email lists as on all three sites.

      This is how I understand it.
      I have not double checked these myself since presented with this info,
      though I am subscribed to at least two of these links.

      Now go forth and find your truths a d ask your questions


    8. I suggest anyone who has interests in these topics cut and paste this somewhere as I get tired of being asked where to get info. No offense taken from those who previously inquired.

      Again, Namaste.

    9. And by all means if you have info that sheds light on doubts...share said info with others. How else do you expect to know what really is going on. You don't get it by holding your cards so close that only you can see them.

  7. Sovereign citizen movement - Wikipedia

  8. Well Anna I appreciate your information. Critics are like assholes everyone has one. The internet gangsters live here because they couldn't make it in a man's world. I usually research information and use what I need to process the next step. No hassels, just do my homework and let the rest lay. I'm sure Mr. Allen could find many other issues in his world to discuss other than this since he has it all figured out. I'm not sure why he doesn't have a no money down get rich program operation on a global scale?? Mr Allen it seems to me u r wasting away not leading the world to the promise Land. I'm confident you have life figured out and hold all the answers to everyone on the planet. Please help me Mr. Allen I've fallen and can't get up!! Creep.

    1. I can't take you seriously since you don't even know how to make a post.(one)

    2. Sean, why do you seem so objecting to publishing what Kim is doing? And why do you think it is wrong to publish Kim's response to Anna's 'lies' about her? Does one not have the option of self-defense or to correct those 'lies'?
      Why do you find it necessary to condemn one who posts such a rebuttal as given by the one who was falsely accused?

    3. Sean,you talk as though Anna has some ''Promised Land'' mission going on. What evidence do you base that on?
      The fact is she has NO such 'promised land'' to offer anyone. It is time for some of you daydreamers who just love to hear pretty words of utopia, but who never stop to actually think. Look. What have you actually seen that would even come close to your idea of a ''promised land''?
      Sean, in plain words, you cannot ''smell the coffee coming from Alaska, when there isn't even a coffee pot on the stove''.

    4. Abby,
      Anna does have some "Promise land" mission going. And i believe that is why many of us are issuing some warning.
      Also, as far as i can see these others that are often mentioned also seem off track. They all want the gold back, or some promise of protection and or reparations.
      "Manna Trust?" Now where did they rob this name from, and what did Manna truly mean in the Biblical History?

    5. a follower, do you mean ''does have'' or doesNT have?

      I think all that Anna has done is design and offer a bunch of paperwork with the insinuation that doing all of them will bring about 'freedom''. In fact there was one poster in here who even said they had accomplished all their paperwork and ''now felt Free''.
      That is so delusional. Because even if any of them could be put into effect, it would require one to have full capacity to USE them to success IN a court environment - - and when it comes to that, I highly doubt any one in here has that capability. Talk is cheap, action is quite another story. It is sort of tantamount to 'having ability and wherewithal to purchase a new car, but cant drive it'.

      In fact I will go one step further and say that I am very doubtful that Anna ever sent any of the Letters she posted in this venue. Its quite simple to type them in here, but sending them to the pope, the queen, mr. president........? How do we know that ever happened? We don't, and especially doubtful because we've never heard the response to ANY of those letters, she supposedly sent.
      But at this point, and after all this time, years, we have absolutely no proof that the Queen acknowledges Anna. Or even the President, for that matter. Why else does she ask the White Hats to get a message to the President?

    6. Lol...Just get to Kenya West☻

    7. "does have some "Promise land" mission going."
      That is why most are coming here. Their ears are being tickled.

    8. Sean Becareful what you say.. Instead ask questions.
      Many a serving decades in jail.. For blindly following half truths...

  9. The international legal definition of a stateless person is “a person who is not considered as a national by any State under the operation of its law”. In simple terms, this means that a stateless person does not have a nationality of any country. Some people are born stateless, but others become stateless

  10. Appendix A, page 266, Anna's book, You Know Something is WRONG WHEN….. starts to sorts out some of the American colony rip-off legal fictions of the last 150 years.
    USA, Inc. ?
    United States of America, Inc. bankrupted in 1999?
    This is just a few "big ones" mentioned in this article.
    A comprehensive list includes every man, woman, and child in America.

  11. Constitutions:
    1776: The Constitution for the united States of America
    1865: the Constitution of the United States of America (Lincoln's death)
    1933: the Constitution of the United States
    1963: the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES (Kennedy's death)

    For the me is with the earth-creation-natural-law-constitution.
    For the earth-constitution is with this single-sentence-statement:
    For the human-earth-population is with the equal-shared-total-sum-creation-powers.
    For the currency of the creation-natural-law is with the equal-sharing of the creation-gift.

  12. Thank you, again and again, for this post.

  13. Just listened to this audio last night

  14. I thought Anna was taking a couple of weeks off?
    Guess not..
    And still no straight answers.

  15. King James Bible 2 Peter 2:3
    And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.

    Deliverance from False Prophets
    …2Many will follow in their depravity, and because of them the way of truth will be defamed. 3In their greed, these false teachers will exploit you with tales they have concocted. The longstanding verdict against them remains in force, and their destruction does not sleep. 4For if God did not spare the angels when they sinned, but cast them into hell, delivering them in chains to be held in gloomy darkness until their judgment;…

    Anna has done a good job exposing what the New world order has accomplished through time and patience. And yet what else does the Bible say about such governments? Being led by the Holy Spirit i would ask , spend some quality time searching the Gospels on how we are to behave.
    Both first Peter and second Peter hold much to say in these matters and of these days.

    1. I could care less about studying the bible for what biblical nonsense therein should be construed to be the perfect government for humans .

      I do however really appreciate what CJ🕆 has done for those who wish to set themselves free as American state nationals🎶

      5 minutes long CJ on American state national 🖒🎶💓

  16. Abby, Thomas William's challenged Anna to produce copies of said letters and the official seals. As predicted she did not produce.

    1. robert, that pretty much tells the story, doesn't it. We can well know that if anyone gets a response letter from any 'well known Name'' we would gladly post it and, especially Anna would stick it in our faces, like 'here it is, feast your eyes, the Queen acknowledges me and has responded to me in my Official capacity'.

      But we have not seen that, because it does not exist. This is the height of deception and it is a given that when a person deceives in one way, they deceive in many ways. Honesty is absent, IMO.

  17. This a layered and complicated reality. I for one have to believe, there are many good people with 'good in their hearts' doing their best daily in high positions against great odds. That the tide is turning and that what has been wrong with reality is being dealt with by brave people behind the scenes in positions to do great things, at great odds. Just in the last two years I have seen, felt and listened to things that have given me hope, that for once,humankind has a chance to turn the tide that has been trying to poison us,weigh us down, deceive us,blind us, di- vide us and create a world with one government controlling all of it and us,
    while in the process destroying the very beauty that is our planet.

    Now do I think this can be done over night, of course not. But we must realize what seems to have taken too long has only been done in two years or more (arrests and tribunals that need to take place,etc.)as compared to the generations it has taken for the opposite to create over those generations. Two years in reality is lightening speed. This infestation that has creeped into every facet of reality. Certainly,the best we can do as humans is to be patient a bit longer and to help where we can in whatever capacity we can. And not just blindly believe what we are fed by controlled MSM propaganda machines. To question, decern everything with an honest heart and to share information that helps bring light where there is doubt. Team support where the is none. Clarity where there is none. Only in this way, can we create the world, the dream in which we are all hoping to be living and healing in.In sharing information that brings this reality forward, not just for our "individual" selves, but for all of us as one humanity under God.

  18. And sometimes that takes a great understanding that all we think we have been taught and stubbornly hold onto at all costs, might not be what we thought and that individual "inner" change will be needed.

  19. And to take personal responsibility and make those changes yourself without waiting for others to do it for you. I do not need piles of paperwork to tell me who I am. Though some of you may feel that it what it may take for you, that is your right.

  20. not it. Police spelling martials give it a rest.

  21. The more I learn and read what is said from different individuals is everyone has their opinion on what really is the truth.

    Yes I have seen where Kim said she moved "Funds" to "Banks" and "Governments":

    I also seen on the site where she posts that people with humanitarian projects could be funded. I also seen quite a few asking how to contact her about their humanitarian projects, the last I seen she had never answered them.

    So to this moment the same ones are still getting the funds the "Banks" and the "Governments" not the people.

    I also see a few follow Benjamin Fulford: Today he posted that Trump was being blackmailed by the satanist. They tricked him into attacking Syria because poisoning babies with heroin. But the real truth why he attacked Syria is because the satanist have a recording of Trump murdering a 12 year old girl name Marian Pentagon.
    Is that some of the lies they used to entangle people in or truth, you tell me. So we have lies or truth. video-

    Now we have another tactic "FEAR" the truth or the lies about the A bomb and the radiation from it. One man eats and drinks the shit to prove that it is all fake and lives to the age of 80 or more.

    All the areas that were suppose to have been contaminated are flourishing now. The so call nuclear plants turn out to be just damm secret military bunkers keeping everyone away by using "FEAR" of radiation. video-

    Then we have this horrific 140 mile an hour "Hurricane Michael" wideo uses recordings of buoys and recordings in towns around Panama showing the worst was on 80 and that just happen to be right over army base. This person has been tracking these storms over a year and has the recordings from every town in that area to prove it was not a hurricane. More like strong wind and a blast that took down twin towers. video-

    So what do we do keep creating gods and give them our power to solve the problem? which has not worked for thousands of years or do we wake up and realize who really has the power!?

    Putting value on things that are worthless in this illusionary earth matrix with a damn so call moon observatory watching and dictation our every move and thought!

    With our extraordinary creative minds, what we think and ponder on and put our energy in we believe, and if not herded together and put Fear for us to believe a certain way(You go to HELL IF) we all believe different, each mind or soul has its on journey in this hologram illusion. (Abby excluded)

    1. What Hubbard Said
      THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN CONTROL PEOPLE IS TO LIE TO THEM. You can write that down in your book in great big letters. The only way you can control anybody is to lie to them. When you find an individual is lying to you, you know that the individual is trying to control you. One way or another this individual is trying to control you. That is the mechanism of control. This individual is lying to you because he is trying to control you -- because if they give you enough misinformation they will pull you down the tone scale so that they can control you. Conversely, if you see an impulse on the part of a human being to control you, you know very well that that human being is lying to you. Not "is going to," but "is" lying to you.
      Check these facts, you will find they are always true. That person who is trying to control you is lying to you. He must tell you lies in order to continue control, because the second you start telling anybody close to the truth, you start releasing him and he gets tougher and tougher to control. So, you can't control somebody without telling them a bunch of lies. You will find that very often Command has this as its greatest weakness. It will try to control instead of leading. The next thing you know, it is lying to the [illegible]. Lie, lie, lie, and it gets worse and worse, and all of a sudden the thing blows up.
      Well, religion has done this. Organized religion tries to control, so therefore must be lying. After a while it figures out (even itself) that it is lying, and then it starts down tone scale further and further, and all of a sudden people get down along this spring-like bottom (heresy) and say, "Are we going into apathy and die, or are we going to revolt?" And they revolt, because you can only lie to people so long.
      Unfortunately there is always a new cycle of lying."
      - L. Ron Hubbard, Technique 88

    2. Michael, whereas you mentioned Kim offered an area to apply for funding for an humanitarian project people may want to do, it did state there is no Form for that yet. So I agree it would be good if Kim would explain that one.

      I also notice that lately there is a ''new religion' coming into view by idiots who are now claiming that we are living in a hologram, and that nothing is real. To which I had a big belly laugh because about 3 years ago I got up from my desk before getting my footing secured, dumbo like, and fell and broke my arm. I can sure tell ya this is No hologram, LOL. I once had a jackass pull out crossing the highway I was driving on, smashed into me and broke my sternum. Further evidence to negate this hologram shit.
      MOST of what is presented to be true religion, is nothing but mere bullcrap, and it seems every decade or so, some idiots cant grasp the real living active God of Heaven, so they have to dream up a 'religion' of their own making. So this hologram stuff is just the latest one.
      Ive already concluded there is just very little common sense sanity left in this world.

    3. Abby have you ever had a dream that felt so real that you were living the dream until you woke up and said something like, that dream felt so real, I am pretty sure most of us have, what would you call that? As for hologram, I believe Michael Jackson's last concert was a hologram. I seen a commercial a few days back, it showed a crowd of school children sitting in what look to me like a gym where they play basketball, they are all setting in the seats and out of the middle of the gym floor came a big whale up into the air with water falling off of it, making a big splash as it dove back into the water. All the children jumped and screamed and it was a holographic illusion, you may have seen it, looked as real as if it had really happened.
      I read where the military used a weapon when they were fighting a group of muslims, from my understanding an energy type weapon that when the military used it to make them hear their god Ala tell them to put down their guns and they did, and were captured without firing a shot. We would be shocked at the technology they have hidden from us because they think we can't handle the technology. I have read that the DOJ has evidence of things on Hillary Clinton that are so bad that they can't reveal to us because it would be to much for us to handle. One was her and her aid having sex with a young girl and when they had their thrills the skinned the girl and wore her skin around on their body, said it made some of the officers vomit and some could not watch all of it. Could we be living in a dream state illusion? You would think things like that would only happen in a dream or maybe not.

    4. Abby, just about any night here in Pensacola I can go outside at night usually between 11pm to 4am and look up and stare into the stars and in a short time see light objects moving around, some slow and some will be just a white streak across the sky, it is a common thing, what are those light round objects, now there is an army base close by. Welcome to my world.

    5. Michael maybe I did not make my statement clear. But what I was saying is that there ''is now a new 'religion' that is teaching that ALL of life is just a hologram and that nothing is real''.

      So now that I cleared that up, yes, of course 'they' have been working on hologram/technology. That has been told for at least the last couple of decades.

      With that being said, what I disagree with and think is totally nutso is those who are trying to brainwash folks to think ''all of life is nothing but a hologram and not real'. Anyone who falls for that is definitely in need of a psycho evaluation, LOL.

      Now as for what what you see in the skies, such as your suggested ufo's ...sure, I wouldn't put anything past our military and their experiments. In fact I believe that all so-called ufo's are directly from the u.s.a. and our govt. and military. NOT from 'some galactics out there.' The only other entities operating would be demonic boogers, lol.

    6. Glad u r in good humor about your EXTREMELY short sighted belief system Abby😅

      That is what 'free will' is ALL about🎶

  22. Leland, thought provoking article.👍.I am really liking the E Macine! I actually can tell a difference. I started on low 30 minutes, then progressed to continuous on high over three days using it at night while sleeping.Of course drinking water before and after. Jeff was able to find me one for $395.
    Then I went for my weekly Chakra alignment. Added note, my health practitioner did a treatment and commented after, that my energy was clearer and that for the first time he noticed that is was different in a good way that he has never before noticed. Prompting him to ask,What had I changed in my daily routine? He uses a light frequency machine(also created by Russian Scientists) that aligns chakras by shooting light frequencies through clear Quartz Crystal's over each chakra. Combined with magnet healing. Just thought you would like to know. Of course as you are aware in the booklet on E Macine it states the results vary with each person and they state you will begin to notice changes within a months time.
    So I find my health practitioners comment foretelling.
    I also I am in good health for my age for the most part compared to my age group. However I like having this added hands on benefit.
    Thank you for this insightful suggestion and referral.
    I have a friend who makes Kava and has her own Kava Bar. So I have initiated plans to introduce her customers to this on a weekly basis. Should prove to be an interesting experience in sharing.


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