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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Gender X, Robotics, The Birth Certificate and their New World Order Slavery!

This is a projection of where Robotics will lead us in the imagination of the Elite.

I recommend you watch this 6 minute video and tell us what you think.

Paul Stramer


  1. "John Smith
    October 10, 2018 at 5:50 am
    A brilliant analysis by two of my favorite human beings. After connecting my own dots for over 40 yrs., I find That Dr. Joseph P. Farrell and Catherine Austin Fitts have a consistent and relentless ability to get to the heart of the matter." One comment on video I agree with🎶

  2. The video is correct - soon most jobs will be done by robots. I hate it when I visit a retailer and because of under staffing and long lines I am forced to scan and bag my own purchases through a machine. I'd much prefer to interact with a human cashier. I also hate dealing with the AI (artificial intelligence) voice when I call banks, utility companies, etc. I immediately demand to speak with a live "customer service representative". This is where it's all headed because they can control robots completely. Robots don't demand a living wage, health insurance, form unions or are entitled to any "rights". If they succeed in assigning robots birth certificates and making them eligible for taxation, there will be no need to hire human beings for jobs that can be performed by robots. See this article: "Disgruntled Amazon Workers About to be Replaced by Fleet of Robots"

  3. watch the blade runner sequel. robots ARE "humane" its that or people slaves.

    the "genders" i consider mostly lost already. once everything got incorporated that was the end of them both.

    actual people have been gone for a LONG time. outlawed.

    the real reason (besides "adult" entertainment) for technology: military.

    darpanet? MIT? transistors? ask steve wozniak. because the military.

    the military has drones. just see what they are doing with "robots" and you can see what to expect.

    its still horizontal stripes military war flag everywhere. just watch what the military and "banks" are doing, that is what will be foisted onto everyone.

    we are just floating benjamin franklin $20 bills in their minds aleady.

    see all the commercials and websites and software with the little game piece-looking people? that's us.

    we are the lego people.

    see the discover card ad where they call up and talk to their "double"? this is how they mock us.

    "mirroring" "twinning"

    we all have "law merchant" imposters working at discover card.

    if you had to do a survey "whoever made this commercial was on crack" how many ads would you rate above a 5/10 ?

    most ads and website "people" i rate a 9 or 10 already.

    i tend to view the politicians/etc. as if they are "manchurian candidates" so nothing they do really surprises me. they just try to pass on their "programming" to us.

    from what i see, they are robots already, just trying to net us all along with them.

    1. i pretty much see 99% of things as "virtual reality" already.

      "we're there dude" -- beavis and butthead.

      virtual courts. virtual citizens. virtual elections. virtual politicans. virtual judges. virtual banks.

      we've been there for a LONG time.

      "virtual town halls" etc. is really what it has already been.

      "virtual law merchant jobs" "virtual law merchant employers".

      the robots are really just the GUI on top of the command-line virtual reality that already exists.

      that's why it's "the matrix". because it's all around. the "robots" are just the latest upgrade.

    2. writes about elf, too🙄

    3. Female Cyborgs chase terminatorđź’Ł


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