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Thursday, October 11, 2018

"The National Credit" -- My First YouTube Video -- By Me -- Ever

By Anna Von Reitz

"The National Credit" -- My First YouTube Video -- By Me -- Ever

There are milestones in every life. For me, a woman plagued by shyness, a big one came yesterday.  I made my first YouTube video. You can imagine the stress that put me under.  It is under five minutes long.

My dog could pant and roll over and be more entertaining, but....the information is crucial.  Go to YouTube and look up "The National Credit".  That's right --- The National Credit, not the National Debt. 

I am not confused, but everyone else sure seems to be.

A Federal Reserve Note is a Promissory Note --- an I.O.U.

When you accept an I.O.U. as "payment" for actual goods and services, a debt is created and assessed against the party offering the I.O.U.

So that is the source of the "National Debt" that has accrued to the Territorial and Municipal United States and the Federal Reserve since 1913.

They have been getting something --- actual goods and services --- for nothing but paper and hot air.

So, yes, their "National Debt" is actual, factual debt and that debt accrues interest, etc., like any other debt.  And most of that debt is owed to us, the American States and People of this country.  We are by far their Priority Creditors.

On our side of the ledger -- the side of the living people and the actual States -- the credit owed to us for our goods and services continues to be owed and collects interest.

So we get richer and they get poorer with every transaction that occurs. 

However, we have been "blocked" from having access to our wealth and instead, our purported "Trustees" have been using our accumulated wealth as a gigantic investment fund.  They have used it to secure majority ownership interest in all the Fortune 500 Companies and to rig commodity markets including currency markets from here to Bangkok and we've never seen a dime.

Instead, all we hear is the Territorial and Municipal United States officials poor mouthing about their "National Debt" and more than a few of us assume that the "U.S. National Debt" is something we owe --- when in fact, it is mostly owed to us.  

And here we are, rich beyond Midas on paper and in terms of actual assets, working like dumb animals in a treadmill, and our purported Trustees (the Popes and British Monarchs and the members of "the" United States Congress) and their bankers are sitting like cats in cream enjoying our money and exercising our power "for" us, bilking us, reducing us to poverty, and ignoring the National Debt of our subcontractors.

But we have news for them and good news for Mr. Trump.  At least nine-tenths of his "National Debt" is owed to us.  We are his Priority Creditors. And we have enough money and credit on the books to: (1) wipe away the U.S. National Debt like a fly-speck; or (2) simply forgive the debt and get him out of hock and out from under the thumb and forefingers of any international bankruptcy trustees.

And then, maybe, with a renewed sense of duty and understanding of how this country is supposed to work, we can combine forces to put the rest of the screws where they need to go.

That is the import and meaning of my first YouTube video addressed to President Donald J. Trump and the American People.

Basically--- let's stop being stupid. Reconcile the accounts and go after the crooks.  Make America great again. Make the whole world great again. 


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  1. I approve and encourage Judge Anna to continue broadcasting on YouTube and other media. Video is the biggest trend since the internet began and will be for the future. Now that most people have the bandwidth (speed) to support video so much more can be done. Now, Anna should get on the PowerPoint slide creation bandwagon and maybe even Webinars on demand. Evergreen webinars are the key, record your material once then make it available to the subscribers at any time they choose. No need to show up at a certain time (most people forget) and great for those located in other time zones. Stay with video and watch the subscribers and funding grow. I suggest a crowd funding campaign to support The Living Law Firm etc., Learn about them starting here: HeartLightLove~PRK

  2. Anna is telling it like it is again--with conscientiousness, in a very deliberate manner, with a concentrated purpose, indefatigably persevering, undeviatingly steadfast--continuously.

    Please check out the comments on the video, which the majority are with gratitude, respectful, appreciative and recognizing the justice of Anna's contributions, refreshing to see.

    Some comments left on this blog tend to detract (verb):
    1. to take away a part, as From Quality, Value, or Reputation.
    2. to Draw Away or Divert; Distract: To Detract Another's Attention From More Important Issues.
    3. Archaic. to take away (a part); abate (verb):
    a. to reduce in amount, degree, intensity, etc.; lessen; diminish:
    b. to abate one's enthusiasm. c. to deduct or subtract.

  3. Congratulations on your first You tube!!
    It was a total success. You get an A+ Thank you for helping us Anna.


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