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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The Seventh Angle and the 45th "Day"

By Anna Von Reitz

Dear President Trump,

Today, October 9th, 2018, marks the Seventh Angle in Space Banking and the end of the 45 year Moratorium and is the day that our Delegated Powers return to us.

The cycle is complete and you are shaking your head not understanding a word we are saying, yet we hold the key to all your troubles and all your remedies.

Not just the money --- all of it.

Double-dog dare you. You and America and 350 million Americans have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Anna Maria
(907) 250-5087


  1. Not gonna get any vacation that way Anna. And posting your phone???Not the brightest idea you've had.

    1. She never get replies from Trump or the Vatican because she was challenged by Thomas to produce said letter with the official seals and predictably didn't respond. Something she is very good at doing.

    2. robert, I agree. All of Anna's 'accomplishments' she has reported, don't have one ounce of proof to any of it. The proof is in the pudding and by now anyone should be able to see there is NONE whatsoever. Still, many people just cannot bring themselves to admit they have been ''had'. So, they will continue in their delusion......willfully.

    3. Anna posted the correspondence to the pope on her site eith all the post certifications and an action was taken by the Pope. The Pope issued a ruling (particular act of a pope) forget the name, sorry. I printed both.

      All law is based on Canon law. All judges ect... are held to their Oaths of office and if they act outside their oath now they are on their own. The problem is ptheir buddies protect them so it is hard to prosecute charges against them unless you know who you are, what office you hold and what you are doing.

      That is why it is so important to correct your status and claim your ESTATE by public record. They posted a Legal Notice when I was born, I have the newspaper clipping. No one claimed me. Obviously because my parents had no clue what was going on. My given name was stolen and converted into some fictional entity without a nationality. USA is not a country nor is IT a Nation in which a man can claim a nationality. I am close to 80% Irish but I was born on the land state New Jersey,. STATE OF NEW JERSEY stole my nationality.

      Registered As a British Territorial Citizen or a FEDERAL MUNICIPAL CITIZEN you have no right to challenge these pirates, ever!

      We haven't accepted our rightful position as Executor of our ESTATE. Birth Certificate proves living man is entitled to hold that office as an Adult. The Pirates act as EXECUTOR and the STATE via ITS REPRESENTATIVE BAR ATTORNEY claims to be the beneficiary, because we haven't stepped into the OFFICE OF EXECUTOR. Leaves us holding the bag. They know we are alive as we stand in front of them but we havened corrected our status via the Public Record and unfortunately most people have absolutely no clue what's going on in at court. I spoke to a man outside the COURT OF COMMON PLEAS on Georgetown Delaware who resigned himself that he no longer had any Freedom. I weep for that soul as I am more determined than ever to find the answers.

      Learn basic TRUST Law, all will become clear. Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 still alive and well today.

      I have filed all my paperwork and each month I will be sending them registered mail to the proper OFFICES and the current souls occupying those OFFICES.

      I, as most have been accepting their limited benefits for almost 42 years. Never had a TRAFFIC TICKET. Have been a private traveler since 1975. Never participated in an international contract. Never was a government employee. I worked in trade all my adult life via private contracts with living souls so I participated in the government program SOCIAL SECURITY at a bare minimum as a minor. Of course all Contracts with minors are void.

      As I have stated several times, I blindly follow no one. Anna has been a great source of information to research and I love the history once I get past the BS indoctrination running around in my head opening my mind to the fact I was lied to. My 2 sons and my daughter are so indoctrinated by a public School education they have lost the ability to have an open mind. Anna has certainly posted some things I question or don't understand but as long as I can research I can form my own opinion and most times I am thankful for the knowledge. Not long after I asked God to reveal the answers Anna's site was referred to me. Many other sites have also been revealed. My first prayer in the morning every day as I awake is please God reveal more of the answers.

      Common Core Education is even further disabling our sons and daughters. Those with creative minds and certain personality types are being targeted for restructuring. Much to my fathers understanding I have always questioned authority. I raised 1 daughter and 2 sons who are without question "warriors".
      It is so very disheartening to see what this system has done to 3 souls who are leaders but live in constant fear and anxiety.

      Corporations structured exactly as WALMART are claiming to be government because of some private charter they dreamed up and the sheeple just blindly follow along. Not in my world.

    4. The Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 does not make you or an infant lost at sea. This is only a myth, a fantasy! Here is some history and the reason why the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 was passed....

      In Seventeenth Century England, much of the land of England belonged to members of the House of Lords. They couldn’t sell the land because their membership in the House of Lords was dependent on their landholdings, but they couldn’t use all of it themselves. So, they invented the Life Lease. By paying the lord an agreed-on sum of money, you could move onto a piece of the lord’s lands and act as though the land belonged to you for your entire life. There were also “multiple life leases” where you could will your leasehold to your male children, and they to theirs. You could build all the structures you wanted, run livestock over it, open businesses - anything you would do on land you owned yourself, you could do on land governed by a life lease. But when you died, title reverted to its actual owner.

      Where it gets a bit on the sticky side is when the leaseholder goes to sea and dies. The land-lord would certainly wish to re-acquire the leased land after the leaseholder died so he could lease it to someone else, but if there was any possibility that the leaseholder was still alive, this couldn’t be done. And since most of the leaseholders so affected had been converted to fish excrement long ago, proving the guy was dead was more than a slight inconvenience.

      The CQV Act is a very simple law. (It’s only two paragraphs long, and one of the two explains why the law is needed.) It stipulates that if a person goes missing for seven years, you can petition the court to have him declared legally dead.

  2. Do you really think he reads your column? Because you have never posted any replies to previous mailings, thus far.

  3. Well you are right nothing to lose and everything to gain
    I stand with you on
    It's tough when u are in your seventy can get hired because they think you are too old but SS does help but some totally depending on God for direction , I'm glad I have him and not depending on myself

  4. I'm shaking my head too. Looked up these vague references and found nothing.

  5. Replies
    1. Faith in who?
      Do you not see the Hypocrisy?

    2. Faith gets my decedent body out of bed every morning, thank you. Faith gets me past shaking my head when such vague information is posted. I get not all can be revealed as many have been executed for providing information bUT lack of faith is not the problem here.

  6. Hmmm, what? Waiting for the follow-up letter that explains what those terms mean, why Trump should care.

  7. Space Banking:

  8. Robert how r u doing? Just a quick question. I have researched the public record and have found lots of proof. One our birthright, two the oath of office these clowns take(government), three blacks law dictionary, the one that describes what words the American Paradigm(a fraud) uses to use symantics and deceit against the ignorant. Now I have been tuned into your position. One of stand in the grey areas and try to play mediator between your own ego and Anna. Just for s giggles let's not trade words let's put our money we're are mouth is. Do u think your all caps name is a corporation called a STRAWMAN? If not prove it.

  9. Kurtis Kallenbach shows how the empire of the black sun ,all use the old testament timeline the anno mundi date of 5778; all the dead fictional corporate entities use the gregorian anal dominant timeline 2018; so everyone on the A.D. timeline have been dead for 3760 years we are all then "ancient history" a clever insane way of creating 2 realities and keeping us and them divided...

  10. Hey Robert one more thing, if it's all her Illusion then u must have excepted the American Paradigm "is what it is" and not "as is".

    1. I am not questioning her facts on this Corp reality. The facts and history are clear. I never needed Anna to point those facts out to me. They were obvious to anybody who has been awake for 50 years.
      Is this reality, what it is yes. As it should be , no.

      She raises more questions the get answered.
      I believe my point is clear.

    2. Robert, what about those who have just awoken who we have a responsibility to educate. One Man can not beat this. He will be executed or provided a perpetual home under the prison. We have to stand together. I've felt something was wrong for my whole adult lifeel but it took the pirates going after my son for me to really wake the F**k up. I no lonher live in fear as I know who I am. Not so for my son. A warrior living in Fear is pitiful. If we don't enlighten the next generations they will all be slaves forever more

  11. Frankly,
    I really don't care.
    My birth certificate is a f'd up any way so none of this would help me get back to land.
    Anna said she was gonna make an article just for me. Nothing ever came of it.
    She never answers questions that should be answered. And by her own admission no answer is agreement to whatever accusation is made.

    My EGO has nothing to do with my comments. My position is that if she chooses to use her Ego to slander people she should be ready for those people to comment back at her. And rightly apologise or answer said accusations with proof.
    She has done neither or any of all. She claims she is helping people while in the background she has been pointed out as trying to access 1/3 of the in ground assets of the Mana World Trust not once but twice. Neither confirming or denying.
    She claims she writes letters to Trump,Vatican , the Queen etc and never posts any replies(she has been challenged to send copies of said letters and replies with official deals and has done not)
    So, those of us intelligent enough to ask questions get attacked.
    It is her agenda that I question.It also has pointed out that she is in line with the Rothchilds
    and she supports Harp and NASA while claiming she is against the same groups that support them. We the people require answers.
    Her double standards are catching up with her.

    1. Robert, you have every right to correct information on your certificate of live birth. Anna can't do it for you. Even if she published a step by step article for you to follow you still have to to the work. Hey, if Anna is not providing the instructions someone else is making the effort. If the information is wrong find out who you have to contact to fix it. So many people just sit and complain all day long.

      I spend every waking moment focused on finding the way out of slavery. As I travel on the highway I constantly reiterate in my mind what my questions will be when a pirate gets me in his sights. I have had no Peace since 10:30 am EST February 17, 2016, after a pirate ACTING as a law enforcement officer for the State of Colorado, ACTED outide his oath of office and damn near destroyed my son's life.

      This has been the biggest wake up call of my life.

    2. Annie, anna has not shown one speck of proof of any of what she claims to be doing. Not one actual letter to any of the bigshots she claims to have written; and surely not one single response from any of them.
      She has said many many things over the past couple of years, that were merely said by her, and then drifted off into the wind. She never follows up on a single bit of what she claims to have ''in the works'.

      Even one year ago, she showed us (supposedly) her Issuance for all BAR attorneys to vacate the court houses BY Jan. 1, 2018. But we see they are still there and when we asked about that we never get an answer.
      Another example - she told us 'there are 100 Trusts, and that she had 9 of them herself'. When we asked of their Status and whereabouts, we get No answer. Instead, she continues to seek donations to 'continue their work''. But one would have to ask ''what work'....when we have seen No results as it is to date.

      If you think filing all the papers she has put out there, then thats up to you, but have you noticed anyone saying they have used it with success? And if you want to believe there is any 'work in progress'.......then how long are you gonna wait to see that?
      ''A good man ought to have evidence of their goodness''.

  12. It is my personal belief after first coming upon Anna before Kim, that Kim is the most qualified to do what Anna thinks she should be doing herself. I have listen carefully and watched communicated in both areas. Kim possesses all the qualities Anna has accused her of lacking. To that point, my question remain what is there to gain for Anna. What is her end game and who is she getting her information from, because based on her own long winded detailed posting it doesn't add up.

  13. Bingo!!

    9 October, 2018 20:31 - We the Sovereign People of Planet Earth declare our Sovereignty!

    1. Robert, We all have the right to seek information wherever we choose.

      I spent months researching the documents Anna Recommends we use to correct our status.

      If you believe this "Kim" is right and Anna is Wrong, why oh why are you still here complaining? Is it not time to blindly follow Kim?

      I am seeking answers to free my daughter, granddaughter and sons. We can only live in the moment as tomorrow is promised to no one. You have yet to state facts of why Anna is Wrong and this Kim is right.. only a complaint that Anna did not take her time to provide you with a special article just for you! Anna has apologized many times for not having the time to answer and address individual issues. Why the hell are you so entitled? I never even sent her one email although I have catastrophic issues going on in my life too.

      I open each article with the hope answers are revealed in the form of researchable facts. Sometimes Anna is offering an opinion which she is certainty entitled to. Opinions are like assholes we have to have one to function. Facts are not opinions.

  14. Priceless!Well I have been blocked from sharing posts here. Must have tapped the well. No matter I got my answers and buy was it worth it!
    Truth rules.

    1. To clarify...blocked from cut and pasting posts, directly from the sources.

  15. Well cut and paste has been restored.

    Do you still live in fear? – True souvereignity – Message to clowns – message to all – Land of Eden


    1. I guess I was divinely led to this article as I certainly was not looking for it..

    2. You obviously have more time on your hands than brains or courtesy. Pound sand buddy!

  16. Why the "Esoteric " article....!! Where's the "TRANSPARENTCY"....!!
    Everyone talks about it, but it first exsist anywhere on the planet, because if it did, all BAR attorneys would have been given their marching orders to get out of our country.....imcluding the judges......!! Imagine all these multibillion companies finally having to deal with lawsuits without attorneys.....let the CEO's show up to defend themselves against patriots that do know a large claims court, or a small one even....with nothing but justices of the peace sitting on the bench.....mano e mano..!! It's time for a fair fight..!!

  17. In the above comment, I meant to say that transparency doesn't exsist anywhere on the planet...!!

  18. Is this not a typo? Should the title be Seventh Angel, instead of Seventh Angle?

  19. For all you people who are worried about getting a passport claiming to be a non-citizen National passport, and thinking you will lose any of your benefits, or anything else, then check this site out and don't worry anymore about that....!! It does say however that "expatriatating " from the U.S. completely, is much different than being a non citizen National , and may affect your benefits....Questions and answers are on this site, plus the reason you are Appling for that explains it very well...


  20. And under the heading of the "PRIVACY ACT, it states this:

    CONSEQUENCES OF FAILURE TO PROVIDE INFORMATION: With the exception of your Social Security Number (see Federal Tax Law statement on Instruction Page 3), you are not legally required to provide the information requested on this form. However, failure to do so may result in Passport Services' refusal to accept your application or result in the denial of a U.S. passport.

    If you pay for expedited service, they only have 3 days to process your application instead of 45 days without it.....!! This hardly gives them any time to deny your pay it....the whole thing will cost about close to $200 (maybe $179 if I understood it properly....!! Those of you that can afford it, what are you waiting for.....!! This is the best way to go because a non- citizen National is also by default a non- taxpayer legally speaking....!!

  21. This site also explains how to get all the money you paid in income taxes , back with associated forms, etc...!!

    No wonder 1FreeMan left this site....if there was ever a silver bullet this is it.....!! But honestly, I thing everything is coming to a head here very soon, and there is going to be a stock market crash, of biblical proportions, and before they can reset the economy, I think it's safe to say to be prepared to live a couple of weeks with water and food, and a cheap propane stove....because even survival good needs to be heated in boiling can get them as cheap as $20....

  22. I meant to say survival "food"..instead it automatically changed it to good...
    I guess I have to start using the voice to text feature on this phone so everyone around me can hear what I'm saying and think I'm a lunatic...!!

  23. James, I think that information from Family Guardian is for people asking for a passport for the first time. I renewed mine back in 2012 and for the sake of expediency I filled out the DS-82 form for the renewal. Have you any ideas on how those of us who already have the slave passport can get it changed to the American state national passport?


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