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Saturday, October 20, 2018

The Paperwork Debate

By Anna Von Reitz

Incredibly, despite the actual experience of literally millions of Americans, there are still millions more who need to get the message.

These quasi-governments operating on our shores to provide "government services" are not Common Law entities so trying to do anything in Common Law has no effect.  None.  Writs bounce off.  Rights are ignored.

You have all been kidnapped and shanghaied into a foreign jurisdiction with the result that none of these idealistic ideas about "Common Law" and individual rights or Constitutional guarantees apply. 

Imagine being kidnapped and finding yourself aboard a Chinese fishing trawler where everyone speaks nothing but Chinese? 

That's where we all start out-- in a completely foreign place operating under foreign commercial law and being forced to deal with foreign language. 

The situation is only made worse because the foreign language is superficially similar to English and until we learn "Legalese" we are constantly at a disadvantage, because certain words no longer mean what we think they mean. 

Who knew, for example, that the word "person" means "corporation"?  So your "personal bank account" means "corporate bank account"?

Or that a "not guilty" plea means "guilty" by default?  You need to enter a plea of "Innocent" if that's what you mean, but nobody on the opposing team of privateers is going to tell you that. 

People who cannot or will not deal with the reality of this situation just get slaughtered by it.  They are defenseless and unable to respond and have no evidence on the public record to back up their claims to be treated any differently or under any other law but commercial law.

This is all dictated by the registration of your name and the issuance of a Birth Certificate. 

Unless you take steps as outlined to reclaim your own name and establish your permanent domicile on the land and soil of your birth state, you are at the mercy of these fiends and have no recourse. 

And no right to participate in the land jurisdiction government, either. 

After all, what right does a Chinese fisherman have to serve on an American Jury? 

People have got to wake up, face facts, and deal with them. All this airy-fairy 'what I was taught in grade school' and the 'Bible is my defense' stuff does not work against these animals in suits. 

They will be quick to prosecute anyone mis-identified as "one of theirs"--- look at what happened to Schaefer Cox and the Colorado Nine? 

Even after you do the paperwork, you have to learn how to use it and bring it into evidence and shove it down their throats.  These people make their livings off of preying upon defenseless Americans and they don't go down easily.  The only thing they are really afraid of is exposure. 

They are afraid of having a lot of people know what they are doing and how they are doing it and that is about the only thing they are afraid of. 

Which means that all Americans need to wise up.  All Americans need to record their actual political status and domicile.  All Americans need to push back and getting their own paperwork in order is Job One to be able to do that.

So enough of the "debate" over whether or not you "have to" correct the public record and declare your political status as an American.  If you have been issued a British Territorial Birth Certificate there is absolutely no doubt that yes, you do need to record your actual political status on the public record. 

Besides, unless you are a Brit trying to infiltrate and otherwise mess up the American Jural Assembly process, why would you have any objection to declaring your political status and nationality as an American? 

Why, in God's name, would any American prefer to have the same political status as a Puerto Rican?  Especially now that Puerto Rico is bankrupt and at the mercy of Secondary Creditors of the Queen?  

Wake up and listen to what I am telling you all--- and get moving.  Get your paperwork on the public record so that you have evidence of your claim and stop milling like cattle in a feed lot. 

You already know for sure what happens to cattle in a feed lot and I should not have to say one more word. 

The paperwork is necessary and the paperwork is only "First Base".  Once that is done you have a lot more work to do to educate yourselves and get in position to blow these British Privateers out of the water.

It may well be a daunting task, but it is still a task that has to be done. So buck up and do it. Those of you who have talent for pushing paper, help the others. There is safety in numbers, so the more people you can get on the public record as Americans, the more on your side of the fence. 

And the fewer "British inhabitants" there are. Kill them off the same way they have offered to kill you ---- on paper.


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  1. Agreed...same message was put on my heart and I posted this morning as well. Thank you Anna! Have a Beautiful Weekend everyone:)

    Much Gratitude, Love, Awareness and Peace Be Now for All

    1. Awareness, acceptance and acknowledgement Is the Key for All change. These are the stages we All are progressing through as we take this journey of duality in Lawful truth/substance living vs. dead legal fiction/graven images of No Real "Thing" lost at sea with lawless pirates:

      Much Gratitude, Love, Peace and Awareness Be for All Now

    2. We have all learned enough now that in order to make a real difference is to go to other, non- patriot sites and tell them what is going on so they too can understand how our courts work and that there are 3 constitutions, and 3 United States, and only one jurisdiction in these administrative courts...But the way, why do they call all these courts administrative courts...what are they administrating....??? Can anyone answer that on this site...its fairly simple....they are administrating the "BANKRUPTCY" of the UNITED STATES....THATS WHAT...!!

      Anyway , it is interesting to bring this knowledge to other sites who are all arguing about the media induced distractions instead of our real problem....The FED, their collection terrorist agency the IRS, and the main one "The BAR" who's attorneys support and control this entire process by the force of law.....their law....!! Start spreading the word to other sites...!!

    3. a troll obviously lost in trolland. Hope the troll finds its way home ๐Ÿ’™

  2. I read this and printed it and put it on my wall where I see it and review it. I think this observation of the general public is a large part of our problem.
    " Few if any intelligent and well educated laymen are schooled in the science of law and if charged with a crime are capable of determining for themselves wether and indictment is good or bad. They are unfamiliar with the rules of law and lacking in both the skill and knowledge to adequately prepare their defense even though they have a perfect one. They require the guiding hand of counsel at every step of the proceeding. Though they be not guilty ( meaning innocent here I think) they are in danger of conviction because they do not know how to establish their innocence. If this be true of a man ( women included also) o intelligence how much more true is it of those without adequate schooling and experience."
    Most American State Nationals do have a perfect innocence concerning the myriads of false charges yet cannot or will not work to establish their status and prefer to bumble around as a US Citizen who by law has no rights or privileges save those issued by the corporation, cool stuff like the Patriot Act and so on. Even spending 1 hour a day learning can really pay off, work, reading, and if afraid of getting in to a court just go as an observer and listen to what they are doing for an hour or so. There are many ways today to learn that were not available when the judge made the observations so no excuses. Jurisdictional, a quick learning lays our pleadings, objections and standard everyday proceedings they use. Leave no stone unturned and let no one steer you off course. God put us in charge of ourselves and provided the correct path,the plants and food and all so it is up to us to work and find it and keep it safe and protected.

  3. Error in message above; Jurisdictional should be "Jurisdictionary, a quick weekend learning tool"

  4. Yes, the deck is already stacked against us by these childish tyrannical word-game players, which is pure deceit, and satan is the great deceiver. So that is who they all work for, and are ultimately hell-bound where they belong. Meanwhile......
    There are some great problems with all this Plan: As I said numerous times already, paperwork does not do the trick; if you don't know how to use it, it is almost worthless.

    First problem is that even upon reclaiming the Name, there is no Card to carry to pull out and show.
    Second problem is the vast majority of americans do not have time to learn the System, and how to maneuver it. Even if they did, they may never need to use it, and who is going to keep refreshing the Study for an ''in case'' situation?

    We have enough to do just getting thru the necessities of life, and what free time is left, needs to be spent on things we love to do, just to balance out ones life.

    Thirdly, most americans do not have the mentality geared in the direction of ''law'' anyhow. Personally, I find it so absolutely disgusting I couldn't focus on it for even 15 minutes. In fact, just knowing we are living in the midst of a legal system that is from the 'Dark Side of the Devil' is tantamount to living in a dungeon.

    IMO, you are going about this in all the wrong way. What is really needed is a battery of folks who thirst for this kind of shit, and train them up to be Counselors for hire across the country......''in case'' folks out here ever need to hire one. AND I don't mean for 2 or 300 $ an hour !

    After all, we know that the 'law'' says ''we are entitled to Counsel'. It doesn't mean one of their BAR brats.

    IMO the majority of folks are NOT going to spend their every spare waking moment playing this ''survival of the fittest''. If they do, thats perfectly fine with me; its their time, not mine, and they can do what they want with it.
    But IMO learning all this is one thing - finding yourself in court and handling yourself for the first time, is another story. Easier said than done.
    (Turning this whole System around is at least a 50-Year Trek. The clock on this world will Expire before that IMO.)

    1. Abby, I will gladly help you with the political correction paper work if you are so inclined to accept. There's only one condition, you agree to help two other individuals seeking help after you have completed the process and also stipulate the same condition. If each that understands the document process will take on this task of helping others in like manner, it will eventually begin to turn the wheel of momentum in removing the chains of slavery from your fellow Americans. Let me know... With love, kindness and sincerity, Louisiana Tim

    2. Very Kind offer Louisiana Tim๐Ÿ˜

      I am willing to initiate a weekly "topic specific" educational call for those that are interested in actually "Why" doing "paperwork" IS absolutely necessary and "Why" its even more important you understand "How To" Strengthen and Confidently Stand on Your Status and Standing moving forward. We are our Only Enforcers. Time Now to Accept being the "Employer" vs. "Employee" at All times.

      I'm no expert, but I've experienced my share of "battles" in the last 10 years, from which I've learned quite a bit. Mostly "What Not to Do" lol I am still learning every single day. I am always being inspired by others digging "in the trenches" and hearing their personal awareness, and experiences.
      Having guest speakers for specific topics is a plus, and I would be willing to Initiate & secure as well.
      I will invite fellow known paperwork Do'ers& "trench diggers" such as, but not limited to:
      Ra String?
      Annie McShane?
      Air Carvings?
      E.T.Tishbite? .....and many, many others!

      This will need to be a private call via email invite and acceptance ONLY to keep the naysayers and hecklers from distracting and disrupting the call and diminishing the intended value in any way.

      Anyone interested in participating post your email address and what Day & time would work best for you.

      Its time. let's do more to help support each other Now!

      Thank you All for your consideration!

      Much Gratitude, Love, Awareness and Peace Be Now

    3. Hey Kelli,

      I think your educational call would be of great value to those on this blog needing instructions and learning more in-depth "why" it is absolutely necessary to complete process ASAP. I've been in this arena for over twenty five years fighting this personal battle from slavery. By Yeshua's grace, I found Anna and The Living Law Firm. I am deeply grateful for their personal efforts in blazing a trail of blood, sweat, and tears in tying the pieces of the puzzle together as well as giving us some necessary steps in correcting one's political status. I completed the process over a year ago and have been in the front lines testing its power in the corporate courts (for personal reasons). This is definitely the process to remove one's self from the power grip of the US corporation. They absolutely stand down in using your name once your back on the land jurisdiction.

      Let me know how I can help!
      Louisiana Tim

    4. Thank you Louisiana Tim! Your Insights and personal experiences would be honored and much appreciated InDeed!!!
      All interested participants:
      please leave your email on this post string and I will check back often, save your email and acknowledge your interest Quickly so you can delete your post ASAP.
      Hope this helps!

    5. Louisiana Tim, I would welcome your assistance if you know of a way to do it in Georgia. There are no "land recording" offices here.

    6. I think they are just called County Recorders Office.

    7. There are none of those either. The Clerk of the Superior Court in each county maintains real estate deed records. If your filing does not relate to real estate with a parcel i.d. number, it is not accepted for filing. As late as 2005 there was a thing called a General Docket, but they took that away because people were using it to make a public record of their status correction.

    8. Joseph, Many people, even people from other states (via certified mail) have used the lamar County recorder's office in GA, successfully and as their default "go to" for getting their Status Docs recorded. I just googled "Lamar County Recorders office". Have you mailed to this office:

      Lamar County Recorder of Deeds
      326 Thomaston Street, Barnesville, Georgia, 30204

      Hope this helps!

      Much Gratitude, Love, Awareness and Peace Be Now

  5. What Abby has to say has merit. We went to the Public Fool System. To conduct yourself in these foreign jurisdictions is taunting. Ive been fighting the banks for 10+ years and still am on the brink of abject failure. My clock is about to tick its last tock.

    1. Henry, you are confirming some of what Ive been saying - this fighting the system is detrimental to our health, and it is just not right for anyone to have to consume their whole life having to battle to exist. That is the whole reason why I refuse to participate in such a life of combat.

    2. Please do not give up sir.Emit Fox I believe said "Remove it all from your mind for a bit and everytime you think about it block it out with a prayer of God is good,God is great while praying to God that you know he will protect you and take care of the situation.It is worth a try sir,it worked for me in a seven yr long lawsuit.Peace and God Bless you with the energy to win what you are being faced with.SS

  6. Thanks for daily uplifting us Anna๐Ÿ’™

  7. Put in a post 3 times timed the last one @ 10 srconds + it said sorry - "timed ou" for the third time again.

  8. Put in a post 3 times timed the last one @ 10 srconds + it said sorry - "timed ou" for the third time again.

  9. Yawn Robert....

    "Now the Asian secret societies and the U.S. military-industrial complex have agreed to …
    … cut off the Zionists’ control of the financial system.  The West will, in exchange, be given approximately $40 trillion in gold-backed bonds to finance major projects to clean up the planet and create new ecosystems in desert, arctic, and oceanic dead zones, among other things, the sources say.  The U.S. military will be turned into a planetary protection force, a big improvement from its current status as enforcer for large Zionist-controlled corporations, they say." Ben 10/22/18

  10. Regarding the south american Invasion heading to our southern borders, Trump is threatening withdrawing Foreign Aid to those countries if they dont turn back their people. It began with 3 or 4000, now has increased to 8000 invaders, and mexicans plan to join the trek; could be as many as 40,000 by the time they arrive. This is no small deal. Its very serious. Trump is planning to call out the Military to meet them at the border if they continue. Could get nasty.
    These people are NOT fleeing danger to their lives; they are carrying their country's flags. You don't do that if you are fleeing danger to your life. This is an Invasion, deliberate, and there needs to be an investigation to see who is footing the bill for all these people.

    IMO there needs to be tear gas aplenty to ''greet them'. There is no way we can allowed them to come across our borders. PERIOD.

  11. For Robert๐Ÿ˜ฒ

  12. I filed a document years ago that rescinded everything I have ever signed declaring myself to be a corporate U.S.citizen, and declared myself to be a state Citizen. Will this not correct my political status and place me back onto the land jurisdiction?

    1. From Anna:

      It should. But you will want to record a claim on your "Assumed" NAMES so that you control them, too.

    2. Here's the problem T2R, who really knows for sure that their political status was corrected by the paper work recorded. NO ONE KNOWS FOR SURE!!!
      Thoroughly understand HJR192 though and you will have started on the path toward exercising your freedom more forcefully than any other action you may elect to take.

      Plus, the only response necessary when some act toward you as though you are a US citizen, and treat you as such, is to respond with the following:

      I have no evidence in my possession that I have ever elected to become a United States citizen, and then shut up, unless it is to repeat:

      I have no evidence in my possession that I ever elected to become a United States citizen.

      By this simple 100% accurate statement you force them to produce evidence that you ARE a United States citizen, which, according to USC, can only occur when one has knowingly and willfully, under full disclosure sworn allegiance to the
      UNITED STATEs, which you most likely have not done.

      So in reality, 98-99% of us who live in America are actually non-citizen American Nationals and have never actually been a UNITED STATES citizen.

      Never make the claim that you are or are not a United States citizen. Either way then you have to prove it, which you cannot do, and they are fully aware of that and that is why they perpetually place the monkey on your back by getting you to acquiesce by reason of no rebuttal.

      Things are not as they seem even with the information Anna puts out. As much as I love her spirit she is far from the knowledge that will truly get the UNITED STATES off your back permanently.

      It is much simpler than they all make it, of that you can be sure. I am not sure what is in it for them in making the process so difficult.

      There is no such thing as law in America anymore, only Public Policy. The sooner we ALL get this thru our heads the sooner we will get on the path of certain recovery.

      I am 65 and filed an 11 page rescission document in 2007 rescinding my signature on several fronts and filed it with the IRS. I really did not know any better at that time. All I got was living hell for the next 5 years fighting the IRS. They are now my employees and do what I want them to do as long as I strictly follow HJR192. No Joke!

      No more hell...since I learned how to take the proper path to freedom and it is not near as difficult as some would have you believe. No more IRS, or any other uninvited infringement by the UNITED STATES government.

      Still more to do, but annoying phone calls from bill collectors, banks, hospitals etc. have all ceased. Two liens were 'Accepted For Value Exempt From Levy' and have been discharged. In fact, the IRS is now in my corner since I began compliance with JHR192.

      There are three IRS divisions in charge of correctly applying the information found in HJR192. All other IRS locations are still playing the same deception game over the sleeping masses.

      This is pretty cool stuff! Don't let the naysayers on this sight limit what you can accomplish.

      I will also say I have greatly benefited from Anna's information. In fact it is understanding the basics as taught by Anna that opened the door to my increasing power over the public form of government foisted upon us by the UNITED STATES via the 1933 bankruptcy.



    3. Hi Keith! So Good to hear from you!!! ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ’–
      Much Gratitude, Love, Awareness and Peace Be Now


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