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Saturday, October 20, 2018

About Federal Code....

By Anna Von Reitz

The first thing every American has to know about Federal Code  is that only about 10% of all the Federal Code--- only those General Session Laws posted in the Federal Register -- ever applied to us. 

The rest is and always was just internal rules and rule-making for federal employees and dependents.

The second thing that every American needs to know is that the "Revised United States Statutes" that would have applied to us were never in fact adopted or "revised" because neither the Territorial Congress nor the Municipal Congress had authority to "revise" anything done by our actual Federal Congress prior to 1860. So the old "unrevised" Federal US Statutes-at-Large still stand.

The third thing every American needs to know is the organization that promoted and developed all the rest of the Federal Code structure from 1860 to 1999, went totally out of business when its bankruptcy settled November 7, 1999, and all those rules --- all fifty (50) "Titles" worth --- became "discretionary" -- that is, something that federal employees are taught as standards, but not obligatory.

The fourth thing that every American needs to know is that you look like complete idiots when you go around quoting these defunct federal rules and codes.  Why?  Because you are like Dutchmen lecturing Australian Aborigines about their own history, and they could care less.

Just stop. 

These people are your employees and that is what you need to drum into their thick, thick, thick heads.


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  1. Are the "General Session Laws (that are) posted in the Federal Register" Acts of Congress? If so then aren't all Acts of Congress limited to the proprietary jurisdiction of the "United States"?

  2. Two different congresses one was federal for federilists based in NYC.
    then the continental congress in Philadelphia that was attacked in 1812 burned our archives and threatened our deputies and was over welded with propaganda printed by British publishing called university press.
    we had unalienable rights what thair congress passed was for federal citizens.

    1. So we lost big time in 1812 and the molto jew Lincoln went full tyrant .

    2. Lincoln passed laws that John Adams alien and sedation act look tame.
      just exalting the motives of the traders ( successionists) all your property would be confiscated and 50% went to the person who turned you in.

  3. What is, or what should be, is one thing; what ''they'' treat it as, is another story.

  4. When I worked as a federal employee ( military active duty and that is a federal employee, US Citizen) we were taught specific laws and rules to follow. Not why or where they came from and real simple like "fill out this form like this" "send this form to such and such or so and so. Most everyone at most if they know it are concerned the form is filled out correctly so they do not get yelled at. Each job has certain tasks and certain forms, that is all you know. You are taught to follow all orders unless unlawful but they do not teach what that is. You are supposed to read the rules and know the law. I never saw even one soldier point out an unlawful order. Like being ordered for a pee test for drugs is an unlawful order, most commanders know and order it so you have a defense. Test has to be tossed if not voluntary. Most all government stuff is kept only to those who need to know in order to get is accomplished. They do not publish stuff for the people or anyone for their edification except carefully edited media releases and local family day pamphlets. Also the U.S. Code was not properly passed and West Law that publishes it has a disclaimer that the are not responsible cause they know it is not the law.

    1. The river of lies can be quite FRIGHTENING to those embarking on new legal versus lawful paradigms.

      I was driving recently over a 100 miles an hour w/o seatbelts for a while trying to 'save' a drugged up young female from the police.

      Finally, I slowed to 75 miles an hour or so & 'let' the police have her...The cop car following me then turned his flashing lights on to pass me on a 3 lane road and finally nabbed her, thus saving perhaps her life, as I left that hwy for another to calm down😨

      Afterwards when I was home & written down the entire CRAZY, CRAZY story to a friend that follows this blog fairly regularly...I shut my eyes & immediately saw the Angel of Death.

      Perhaps I had saved another for awhile to being temporary 'healed' in the 'legal' hospitals/prisons we @ times SO despise here in this forum?🔔

    2. Agreed Air, thank you for sharing your insight via personal experience! So much "FEAR" (a.k.a. false evidence appearing real) has been programmed/ingrained into our worldly created minds regarding "forms & paperwork" that We need to See, accept and acknowledge this invisible enslavement tool for what it really IS and the purpose it serves to keep us in perpetual bondage (partnership) with Soulless, Dark entities a.k.a."legal" Paper "GOVERNMENT SYSTEMS" which are not our original Lawful Government created by and for the living people. Period.
      There Is so much for us to actually See and Learn from about this "Paper" wordly false, colorable authority "GOVERNMENT SYSTEM" by requesting and obtaining "certified FOIA records". This will be the real eye opener for those that are truly willing to See and learn. It shows and validates very clearly that there IS in Fact two distinct and entirely Separate functioning "entities" GOVERNING ALL Paper (apps & forms) Creations and attaching "Bonds" (a.k.a Case numbers/assigned "value" fiat currency) for/as their "property assets" that we unknowingly voluntarily agree and subscribe to daily without restrictions. Its ALL there, for those that choose to See. Order Certified Copy of your STATE "Drivers License" application and you"ll get a true eye opener Indeed! I personally have learned so much through Certification and/or Authentication processes of FOIA records. Great learning tool!

      Much Gratitude, Love, Peace and Awareness Be for All Now

    3. Agreed Leland, thank you! Everything does happen for a reason and does serve a higher purpose of learning lessons in our lives. We may not See it in the midst of the tragedy or challenge, but the "lesson" Always reveals itself as the "silver lining" when we are ready to See and Learn from the experience from a higher perspective for its true purposes and intentions for us individually, collectively to mature, grow. Its All Good, All the "time" Now😍

      Much Gratitude, Love, Peace and Awareness Be for All Now

  5. Bring your research to forum so we can check it out .I can't school ppl with personal opinions.
    we née source to build a case to sell.

  6. Back in the days when I didn't have a complete grasp of legal and law I cancelled my "no fighting notice" with the gov and immediately got my draft notice. I went in for my physical and to sign paperwork. I chose the 3 year term so I could choose my first assignment. (They lied on that) Then the paperwork - I said I won't serve under the blue helmet (UN) command, only US. Well, that didn't go over big. They sat me down and said 'look, you agree to this and you can get your choice. You don't and you'll get the straight 2 year draft. I decided I would rather risk the assignment route rather than end up in Viet Nam and signed. Then the ceremony and swearing in (here's where I missed it, the whole reason for the shenanigans). We stood in a group by row and raised our hands and spoke the oath - ALSO - 'step forward to finish' - Step Forward TO VOLUNTEER! That's what I missed. That's where I should object even with the 2 year draft. Took me a few years to realize what they were doing. I HAD TO VOLUNTEER! If I didn't what could they do? Tell me I was a conscientious objector? And if I refused to volunteer for that! No involuntary servitude! I didn't get my first choice but at least ended up locally. And so did all the 2 year draftees as well! It is a choice yet assumptions are made always by authority. I recently went for a driver's 'license' here in Wisconsin. The form no longer had a American National choice - I had to fill the box US citizen which the agent pointed out to me. I marked American State National to the side and checked the box. I told her I would send in separate paperwork to express my status. I also found a bunch of questions with only one box to check, the yes box. I wrote a big NO over the questions. It was a strange form to me and just showed how desperate these critters are to lock folks into their big, one world cage.

    1. Yes, listens Sky blue!!! Great Job!! Now IT IS an official "On the Record" State vs STATE of STATE Non-assumpsit, Limited Jurisdiction "Contract" by necessity, but You need that Certified Document as Your evidence. If you haven't yet requested a certified copy of DL application via a FOIA request, you will benefit greatly with that Certified/authenticated record, accepted and acknowledged "By:last,first" for your private records and then as admissable "evidence" when needed to enforce your Jurisdiction and Standing. Google "How to do a State FOIA request" to learn more.

      Thank you for sharing your experience!!
      Much Gratitude, Love, Awareness and Peace Be Now for All

  7. "VOLUNTEER'😅 And if one doesn't?😶


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