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Saturday, October 13, 2018

A Note of Explanation For Melania Trump:

By Anna Von Reitz

What I say is true.  The National Archives contain all the proof that will ever be needed and those records are available to you.  So let's cut to the chase.

Donald Trump needs money---actual money as well as credit to run and rebuild a viable organization. 

The banks are holding our assets captive and thereby preventing us from helping your husband. 

We are the actual asset owners underwriting their banks.

So not only are we in a position where we can forgive the "National Debt" and pay off any actual Secondary Creditors, we can fund the government going forward. 

We are not Tin Hats.  We are the (potential) victims of a Middleman Swindle by the banks. 

Now, ask yourself-- what  happens when a man like Robinson Crusoe, marooned on a desert island for twenty years, disappears? 

The courts declare him "legally dead" and give his estate to Secondary Beneficiaries.

What happens if he isn't actually dead, and returns home?

The courts are obligated to return his estate free and clear of debt or encumbrance accrued by the presumed Secondary Beneficiaries.

We've returned home. 

Our assets are owed back to us free and clear. 

All debts accrued by the Territorial States of States and Municipal STATES OF STATES against our assets have to be wiped clean.  All their assets have already been claimed and returned to the sovereign land jurisdiction States.

Knowing this, your corporations have sought bankruptcy protection and are milling around not knowing what to do. 

Do you kill your employers in hopes of re-inheriting their property?  That doesn't seem reasonable, does it? 

Or do you side with your actual employers to bring these banks to heel and free up our assets and make a deal with us? 

As of October 9, 2018, all the Delegated Powers returned to The United States of America [Unincorporated].

All three branches of the Federal Government have been rendered incompetent. The Delegated Powers revert to the Donor of those Powers by Operation of Law. 

We acknowledged and accepted the circumstance and the return of our Delegated Powers on June 6.  Ninety-three days later, it became final and cured.

So, not only are we the only ones with the standing and the provenance and the claims in place to receive our assets back, our Holding Company is in receipt of all the "Powers" delegated to the Federal Government by the Constitutions.  

Your husband needs to make a deal with the right people and stop chasing tails. We are Americans.  We don't care much for the Queen or the Pope, but if your husband wants to make America Great Again, we are on his side of the issues.

As for Bob Hurt and Larry Becraft, if they actually knew anything about Law, they would know the difference between Law and Legality--- but they don't. The reason for this odd lapse is discussed in my article, "Did You Go to Law School or Legal School?" published on my website:

Like most Americans, Larry and Bob are blissfully unaware of how their actual government is supposed to operate -- but it is our responsibility (and yours) to teach them and enable the American People to regain control of this runaway train.

In the article below, we explain about the "Historic" Trusts.  Those trusts and the assets in them belong to us. The banks are trying to claim the assets under false legal presumptions. 

Even the President does not have standing to challenge them, because the assets belong to us, not him, nor the "United States" ---- but we can bring the banks to their knees, because we are the rightful owners.

Once our assets are in our control, we can fund the federal government services without blinking an eye-lash.  And since The United States of America [Unincorporated] is the lawful and still-standing government owed to this country, this can be done without international controversy or question.  

Even though the Federal Constitutions are now all dead and gone, we can continue to honor them in the interim while this mess is being resolved.

Loan us some Treasury Agents, some Forensic Auditors, and a few Marines, and we will fund the American military and the Trump Administration and set things on course again.

The proper jurisdiction for this (ask Judge Kavanaugh) is international and without the Delegated Powers, your husband cannot act lawfully or legally in our behalf in international jurisdiction without working with us. 

The Federal Government was always limited to the realm of Commerce and without access to the Delegated Powers your husband is in charge of a bankrupt British Territorial corporation, up a creek without any lawful or legal authority, no viable long-term funding, and a huge mess on his hands.

With us, the American States and People, dba The United States of America [Unincorporated] he is out of debt free and clear, in peaceful possession, fully funded and able to navigate toward a new future.    

It's true that we have every right in the world to despise both the Territorial United States and the Municipal United States and their leadership since 1860. It's also true that the past is now dead and gone.  We are ready to move on.

The "Historic" Trusts

The banks did something deplorable, criminal, inexcusable.

It wasn't the first time.

They pretended that actual assets left "on Special Deposit" in their banks were "abandoned" simply because nobody had used or inquired about the assets in a long time. 

Of course, there was no contractual obligation on the part of the Depositors to meet any schedule of contact with the bank, but the banks acted upon the theory that if Depositors didn't walk through the doors as often as they or someone in the Legislature thought they should---- well, of course, those assets had to be "abandoned", "lost", "unclaimed".

It's basically the same schtick they have applied to all the "missing" American babies who were born on our shores and who magically "disappeared" (on paper) and whose good names and estates were then labelled "Disregarded entities" for the purposes of fraud, racketeering, and theft.

After cobbling up this after-the fact requirement, which was never disclosed to the Depositors, the banks then seized those private account assets for the bank's use, and the bank gambled with those assets and made use of these private deposits to underwrite lending, which the bank multiplied according to the rules of "fractional reserve" banking --- thus benefiting itself many times over with no risk or expense for itself and no consideration for the actual owners of the assets.

All of this took place with no notice given to the actual owners.

And as the banks had unlawfully and without authorization made use of these private assets for investment purposes, and those investments were often time-dependent and had to be left in various funds for various lengths of time, the discovery of their malfeasance was a constant worry.

So they came up with a new label, "Historic Trusts" or "Legacy Trusts" and they cut a deal with the "governmental services corporations" officially allowing them to steal the trust assets and block the actual owners from accessing the assets.

If you care to look, you will see that many "State of State" organizations did the same thing with your Birth Certificates, labeling them "Legacy Certificates" or "Legacy Trusts". 
And just like all of us waking up and saying --- "WT-- do you think you are doing?" The actual owners, trustees, and beneficiaries of all these so-called "Historic Trusts" have rumbled awake.

The owners of the defrauded trusts are more then willing to pay handsomely for the return of their assets --- more than the banks would ever share. So this is another avenue of help for Mr. Trump. 
I have an "Historic Trust Association" of asset holders who have been robbed by the banks. Just one account in one of these trusts is enough to fund recoupment of all of them, and access to enough money to run our entire government including the military for two hundred years.

And it is all good, clean money with known provenance. The Trustees are ready to make a deal.

Again, I say, let's stop being stupid. 
We have the records, we have the provenance, we have the proof. When people see that we mean business and that their deposits are going to be protected in America, they will bring their money here, just as they have been bringing it to Iceland.

Between what we can do for you in terms of crediting and/or forgiving the U.S. Debt, Mr. Trump, and what we can do for you in terms of delivering hard assets, its pretty apparent that we "Tin Hats" hold the cards that you need and have done our homework for many years.

If you are serious about making American Great Again and are open to doing it without World War III, you need to find a conference table with two seats.


See this article and over 1200 others on Anna's website here:

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    Link will follow.


    This certainly puts things in perspective. Organized in 2012.

  3. Looks like desperation to....somebody wants to get something out of this.

  4. Really??? Trump isn't answering so you are so desperate as to solicit Melania! Roflol

  5. Anna desperate much!!!
    I think she is afraid that she is going to miss her opportunity to gain 1/3 of the inground assets that she tried 2 times to access through Kim and was denied! Maybe Trump and Melania will fall for it. No, think not cause they have been working with other sources.

    1. Is this the "Kim" and "other sources" you support and speak so highly of Robert? The old Court case against banks for "Blocking" funds is again making its come back Now, as these players use the same "Stories" to give false hope to the money-minded and scam people over, and over and over again. Think GCR/Prosperity packages and how that has played out, and scammed many. That's how evil rolls unfortunately. There is way more info available for those that care to seek and to consciously consider, always.

    2. Kelli Miller, you obviously missed the cover on this one star rated establishment. Here let me help...

    3. Read the customer reviews. Their practices are well known.

    4. Kelli it is not my problem if you prefer to be an idiot. I have posted all information that will inform and educate you. If you choose to use an unaccredited company that makes false claims and choose not to listen to the actual accused who are honorable then you deserve what your stupidity grant's you. This topic (Ripoff report)has been covered in detail and has been debunked. Nice try though.

    5. There is way more info available for those that care to seek and to consciously consider, always/ so you just take the first thing you can find that supports your attack and consider that research.laughable.

    6. Kelli as you can see I am not impressed in the least.

    7. Kelli♩

      For the record - our friend has been playing with Anna versus Kim synergies since at least July 18th, if not earlierπŸ˜ƒ

      JULY 18, 2018 AT 11:48 AM
      Pray Kim releases the funds
      then this can ALL be over and all lies and manipulations EXPOSED !
      we need to go on with our lives
      Help others and ourselves
      This needs to end ,,years ago
      I am baffled at how deep and long the arm of the ‘dark’
      once again
      What can WE DO to help !!???

      Robert Allen
      JULY 18, 2018 AT 1:11 PM
      Thank you ever so much for clarifying this women’s poor perspective.
      Much respect and love!]

    8. Robert.... enough already....if you have nothing better to do than bitch at Anna..... leave!

    9. Afraid someone might learn something? Get real like a real name Tinker, seriously.

    10. This is how people "learn" by discussion.

    11. Lelend...thanks. Has it been that lies fly.πŸ’£πŸ’₯πŸ€—πŸ’–πŸ˜

  6. Honestly the bold print is a bit overbaord.


  8. Once again Anna has left out way more info than what she has provided to us here. Like.....what happened on October 9?

    ''we acknowledge acceptance of delegated powers on june 6''. Anna, where is the documentation for that? Why don't you show it to us in here? In fact why have you never shown any documentation or proof of anything you claim?
    When are you going to realize you withhold almost all information from the very people you profess to be siding with?

    God forbid that such a person as you would ever be Fiduciary of any such Funds as your profess to be attempting to free up ! And some of us notice that you are only focused on the debts of countries or nations, and show NO indication of debts of individual Americans.

    You see Anna, we don't give a shit about any so-called national debt. The ND is not a concern to those who are wondering how they can take their kids to the dentist or get glasses for them.
    Try to focus you brains back around to the 2 Trillion dollar Student Loans that these kids are NEVER going to be able to pay off because at least half of them NEVER get a job sufficient enough to pay for the education they were ''guaranteed would get them a good paying job''.

    In reality, that bullshit was just to keep these commy universities in business. Now they have 2 trillion dollars more than they would have otherwise had. These grads will never earn that much to pay debt, PLUS to pay their living expenses at the same time.
    The result will be, they are the new class of poverty stricken. I would bet money that this will still be the case next yr. at this time.
    Any takers?

    1. Take your certificate of beneficial interest and quote the federal emergency relief fund act 1933...defacto govt promised to pay for all necessities- a home not a apartment and services ie internet, gas, heat, electricity

      Take a copy and remind them.. if your interest BC copy isn’t your NAME as you dont have one... they cant evict anyone... they made a promise to we the people! Remind everyone ie bank, school,

      Stop using tradeNAME on Birth certificate... you were told not too .. wakeup

      Love & peace

      By fname

      Love & peace

    2. Life Coach, I have no idea what you are talking about, do you?

    3. Life coach.....oh, really, that easy huh...just show up with more paperwork and show some govt bureaucracy your beneficial interest and they will pay for everything because they are so honest and good on their word when it comes to their contracts....lets just trust govt again....!!

      Quit signing contracts with anyone....if you want a car, tell the dealership you will not sign an attorney created word is my bond, so let's shake hands like normal honest people do and give me the keys to the car....aftrr all, it's not yours either....did you buy the car your trying to sell me....??

    4. james, absolutely. These people talk like its a walk in the park, they know better than to say such things. Even IF Anna's papers were legitimate and 'lawful' these cabal/elitists that have been in charge of the world all these centuries are NOT about to take their hands matter what they have to resort to.
      Their entire Life is energized by the Power they hold, so to even think they will be defeated is nothing but a pipe dream. They hold all the weapons and will not use any restraint whatsoever, if thats what it takes to stop The People. IMO

  9. Upon first reading of Anna's message here it appears to be "sound logic" .... up to the point of "all good, clean money". That raises questions starting with: "What does this 'money' actually consist of and if it is indeed "real money" then where is it located now?" .........

    Nevertheless the two primary dates are most auspicious! First (according to the ancient wisdom encoded in the cards of destiny): "June 6th" is the Jack of Diamonds known as: "The Salesperson Card" which is the Birth Card for the Declaration of Independence (as July 4th gives this card as well). Then "October 9th" is the King of Clubs: "The Master of Knowledge" (the same card for September 11th). In addition both these cards have the same Planetary Ruler Card of the Four of Hearts: "The Marriage & Family Card", AKA "Security and Protection in Love". This really looks great "in the cards" (for whatever that may be worth) however "the money" needs clarification.

    1. Cont. - This message from Anna could be the first draft of a film script ~ an American documentary of epic proportions! I sincerely wish that I could produce such a documentary as I am reasonably certain that there is a large audience of Americans who rely on having a "sound and light show" in order for a message like this to reach them.

  10. 1/Only fiction corporations have names
    2/-Man has christian only / title ie queen of windsor
    You returned your certificate of beneficial interest to treasury with affadavit now open your treasury direct accounts and join to business tradenames

    How to create security:
    form/1 notice of born from hospital & is matching with form/2 SOLB/CoLB by 3rd party interloper of same information =intellectual property can create a registration. These forms were completed incorrectly. No body has a legal surname vs surname ... defacto govt shouldnt be creating two forms and matching.

    Baby bs child/ man vs /fiction
    State/provinces created security and blocking accounts but only man can fill out paperwork

    We can reverse all contract ls for its all illegal , void fraud ...

    Who doing your process has gotten access to their tda accounts? Of beneficial interest?

    Love &peace

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Anna stated she hasn't paid taxes since(?) 1995. When asked why she hadn't accessed her TDA. Never responded

    2. robert, I think we can somewhat assume Anna tried to access her TDA and found it didn't pay off, didn't work......presumably.......because just a few short months ago she came out and said not to try and use your TDA accounts. So something caused her to change her mind after she first came out with the instructions/suggestions about the TDA accounts.

  12. "NLA is JFK's Peaceful, Wise, Compassionate and will be Successful affect to that Inevitable Revolution that We the People see today as we Stand at the Precipice, Learn of us, Join us! Now! ... Time has Come Today!" - NLA

    If you believe America is worth Saving, "Please Donate $5 a month or More" so that we can continue our court filings, continue putting our elected servants on notice, continue building our National Emergency Communication Network and continue organizing Jury Administrations and Committees of Safety's in every American County. When we accomplish these five (5) goals in most American Counties We the People will be poised for success in warding off any thing the enemies of Liberty can throw at us

    1. NLA organized in 2012 are not whining about their cupboards being bare and seem to be getting the job done as well as offering free education.

    2. Xerces, you are one hilarious dude, LOL.

    3. XercesπŸ–’AbbyπŸ–“πŸ˜…

    4. Leland and Xerces.....πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ’©πŸ’©

    5. james, is that 2 little piles of poop there at the end of your comment? LOL, should be, LOL.

    6. Xerces....we all know that not only the bible but every single Text books have also been intentionally rewritten and me one book we van trust 100% anymore.....there certainly are no true law books or true why don't you do your part and start "open carry" a gun right on your waist like the cops, since it's now been deemed legal by the 9th circuit court by both Hawaii and California...the truth always comes from the barrel of a gun....!!!

      One thing they can never change are real life and corroborated by millions now are "Near Death Experiences " who all say exactly the same thing....Jesus is real and waiting for us...never doubt again...!!! People can mess with anything in this temporal world, but they have no power over any thing in the spiritual dimension...!!

    7. Good eye Abby.....i wish I could make it

    8. Honestly? I think america needs a good ole fashion gigantic Enema ....for starters.

    9. Abby, it's gone to far for that...Something more invasive is needed to correct this problem....a good old fashion "COLONIC IRRIGATION", so we can clean the entire 5 ft of a clogged colon....!!! I'd love to be in charge of turning the water on if and Democrates come in to be

    10. James I love u, but Jesus ain't it, never will be. Frankly with your intelligences on legal nonsense ~ still surprised u somehow think EVERYONE who has had (in my case countless πŸ˜…) NDEs sees JC as onlybegotten☇Wow, talk about being brainwashed πŸ•‡πŸŽΆ

    11. Lealand, now your going to arbitrarily dismiss even first hand experiences as nonsense when even athethest and even hard core Musims that have never heard about Jesus, since they grew up their entire lives knowing only Mohammad....!!

      I think you are confusing the meaning of "NDE" as just passing out or coming close to death....!!
      No, near death is a should be referred to as "Actual Death Experiamces"....Have you ever died...i mean flat-lined, completely with no vitals for 2 hours...And in the case of Dr Alexander, a neurosurgeon (brain surgeon"), who had an answer for everything about the brain and death, even he came to the conclusion that he is real and so is heaven...because he finally had one himself....only his wasn't for a few minutes or hours, it was for 8 days......he should have been 6 ft under by that time, but for some reason he was still in the morgue...!! He could try and explain neurochemicals being released after death giving them that experience but not eight days...!! And his story is very unique compared to everyone else's, probably because The Creator" wanted to show how foolish he was...!! Now he hears about the newest theory called "the theory of everything", which he might have believed before, but now realizes the stupidity of that theory after what he experianced....the past, present , and future all converging at once to understand the whole picture without asking any more questions, because during that timeline he did know it all...there were no more questions to ask....!!

      How can you compare this limited 3D dimensional world with the spiritual unlimited dimensional world...!!
      He is making sure that no matter what these churches covered up or witheld, he will use other methods to show he is real , so no one will have any excuses for not believing...!! All churches have been deceived and I don't go to any anymore, even though I was raised a Catholic...!! Everyone thinks that NDE means you almost died....!! It actually means you did indeed died and flat lined completely, and usually shown on the patients record as the time of death...!!

    12. James...Thanks for your passionate defense of JC (via Alexander - the 2 hour Actual Death Expertise ADE πŸ˜…) another onlybegotter in this particular LIFETIME....something I probably have done in countless past lifetimes like u as well πŸ˜…πŸ•†

      It is ALWAYS ok to accept as 'truth' whatever it seems @ the time.

      I have not yet done the "Flatliner' movie trip this life. God so far hasn't given me that ADE 'trip' yet. Nor a 'Shack' like experience either...

      Probably because I don't need those experiences like Dr. Alexander didπŸ˜…πŸŽΆ

      Since I was a very wayward child - my invisible friends in some respects from back then r still with me.

      I could write more on this, of course♩

      Have a BLESSED Sunday JamesπŸ•†πŸŽΉ

  13. Replies
    1. robert.....that site you gave..." the NLA (National Liberty Alliance) is an excellent forum to join....I always said that we need a foundational power sourse to confront this unlawful justice system that doesn't put our own neck on the line , standing all alone....!! No one is capable of that unless you happen to be "Superman" !!! We need TRUE "Grand Juries" that aren't lead by the nose by a prosecutor...!! And the same for our "petit juries"...!! The public voting polls are the least important vote we have, until just recently because of Trump...!! But the other two votes have more power than the judges, the prosecutors, and the STATE put together....but they have become ignorant of their duties to, because hardly anyone knows law now...which makes both those juries nothing but "rubber stamps" for the office, who is the only one that gets to tell her story to the Grand jury, without the defendant being heard....the defendants only hope is that someone on either jury can use simple common sense when judging someone guilty or not guilty, and having enough confidence to stand up to the prosecutor...!!
      I lived in a big complex in HB,Cailf and I just happened to live by one of three pools and Jacuzzis in the complex.. So one day I heard a lot of people talking in the Jacuzzi and went out to join them...Well this one lady was talking about a case she had to sit on as a juror...!!

      The case involved a kid about 17 who was about to be crucified by the prosecution for a mere drug possession would have destroyed the kids chances of ever getting a decent job or any job if convicted...she had enough common sense to know you can't destroy a kid's life over one mistake, especially when no one was hurt....this woman knew very little law, but tons of common sense...!! Well of course the rest of the jury just thought it was an open and shut case and voted him guilty so they could all go home to there nice lives again, with no consideration to this kid, who was as old as her own kid...!! So she refused to convict. The prosecutor was notified that the jury was deadlocked because of one person....she found out who it was and sat down and literary threatened her with all kinds of things if she didn't vote to about jury tampering...!! Well, she stood her ground anyway because she didn't see any reason to ruin a young kids life over a stupid charge....!! So the boy wasn't convicted...!! But she was on the prosecutors list of people she would love to take down one day...thats how arrogant they are....!! She was one in a million to have that kind of courage...that kid doesn't even know how lucky he was to have her on the jury...the only one with common sense...!!

      That's why I think they are on the right track by training people to sit on Grand Juries all across the country that know and understand law and the constitution and how the courts really work...!! I'm going to look into it....But they are having the same problem as everyone else....not enough money...!! We can't print our own money like the "deep state" can....unlimited funds...!!

      We have got to destroy and expose these courts and judges from within , just like they did to us....!!

    2. Xerces.....the fact that we have nothing but "fiat currency " to deal with is no problem because when they adopted Federal Reserve Notes as our currency in 1971 when Nixon took away the last substance from our money, he also had to make a law as a REMEDY for that at 12 USC 411.....demand for "lawful money" which only needs to be stated on all your instraments , informing everyone that you are only using their instraments because no one recoginizes or will accept "Real Money"..!! But that statement on all transactions (make copies of as many as you can to overcome the accusation of "heresay" evidence), then they can no longer use that excuse...!! But it's stupid to fight the Corp state by ourselves...You have to be involved in groups like Robert recommended....the NLA....!!

    3. James here is an interview of NLA.

      This certainly puts things in perspective. Organized in 2012

    4. Robert, I listened to it and think that it is a better road to travel than the one we are on...!! We need people on these juries that know law and the correct history of this country and how it got to this point....!!

      I don't know if you remember robert, but about 15 years ago patriots were trying to correct our justice system by starting their "ONE SUPREME COURT" , which law enforcement came down hard on and a lot of people went to jail...In fact, since nobody in court seemed to know what I was taking about (except the judge maybe, ) he sent the sherriff down to the holding cells below all courts for inmates to sit until they are called about their case...Well this sherriff knew all about "Our One Supreme Court" movement and asked me if I knew about it and if I was using that type of arguement....!! I confidently told him...."does anyone in this court understand simple "contract law", or is that illegal now to...!! He wasn't expecting that answer and was very perplexed so he gave up immediately and probably went back to tell the judge what I said...!!

      I guess I acquired a name for myself after that and was always referred to by the sherriffs that run the jails labeled me the "In House Attorney"....!!!! This is when the A4V process was still unknown to the courts because it was just being used by the father of it...Roger Elvic....!! They were so sick of him , that eventually they were probably ordered by the courts to just charge him with anything and we will do the rest...and they did..!! They put him through he'll and back by putting him a mental hospital for the criminally insane, and forced him on meds that would intentionally defender him almost comotose...and to top it off he was bused around all over to make it even worse on him....He lost his wife and his son as well as his farm, all because he was betting them at their own game....!!

      Therefore the only group I will join are ones that pledge their honor , finances, and their own lives , if one of the group is targeted....thats when someone needs his support group the most...they need to get him.out on bond and start working on the case as a group to make sure the courts don't win against him because they will just use any one else using his same argument just as bad if not worse....!!

  14. Wow! Lot going on here. It's great to see so many of you are waking up to Anna's b/s! In the first thing i ever read from her several years ago, and a few since, she has expressed her undying love and worshipful honor of il papa in the Vatican. Now she says she "doesn't care much for him". What a shameful liar.

  15. There seems to be much confusion about Treasury Direct Account (TDA) and certain Federal Reserve SSN accounts. They are NOT the same thing. They are both real, but only one is accessible to us. The TDA is a special account that you open yourself with the Treasury. It is linked to an existing bank account. It has nothing to do w/ your ssn. It's purpose is to allow you to easily invest in Treasury debt instruments. According to a well placed source and personal friend, we SHOULD be able to link all three accounts once we've accomplished the relatively easy process alluded to by some here and elsewhere. Of course, we all know how that has worked out.

    1. I recently wrote to Trump on his site and told him what he needs to do to correct all this....Return all military back to our country, and have them surround every single IRS Buildings, and place a house arrest on every single agent all the why up to the Director and Commissioner and tell them they are no longer going to demand money, but give it to people asking for it since they are the ones in charge of all accounts ...!! Anyone that doesn't do exactly what the people want from them are going to GITMO . From now on they all have a choice, listen to your boss and wind up in GITMO, with no recourse available to them , or do the right thing and return all the money they stole from people who never worked or had anything to do with govt...amd anyone that generates a "frivolous arguement" letter is going straight to exceptions or excuses...and no one can leave their jobs until everyone is made whole again...thats the only way we are ever going to access $4 quadtrillion of debt that the FED caused....!!

  16. I guess I'll go watch television since no one on here seems to get along?

    1. Actually, most of these people discussing have been discussing our points of view here for sometime. I think we get along fine. Except for pop ups like Tinker and Kelli.

    2. Each of us know who we are and damn well are not afraid to say or question things that don't add up. So, get with the program.

  17. We used to until we found out that the "deep state" doesn't believe in "ANY" RULE OF LAW when it comes to them...They want and insist on us always being slaves...the Law be dammed...!! But the real problem is that people value money more than freedom and blessings from our creator....!!

  18. "What I say is true. The National Archives contain all the proof that will ever be needed and those records are available to you. So let's cut to the chase."

    Okay, so I went and looked, sure enough, lots of information and not easy to wade through. I did manage to find the banking act and provided remedy along with other referenced works laid forth here and in prior published articles. Speaking of 'publish', there is a quandary in and of itself ... dammed if you do, otherwise hushed voices in private so you don't get locked up.

  19. Or go back and re educate yourself with previous post if you feel left out...

  20. Anna & Paul,

    Hold the horses there!!

    My alarm just screamed "Intruder Alert" !

    Please explain the following:

    Why "exactly ninety-three days"? The "93 Society" is an active agent of The Covenant and Deep State/Dark cabal. Coincidences don't exist.

    What specific banks will be "brought to their knees"? This sounds more like Lex Luther, NOT the little grandma in Alaska I've followed & supported for years now.

    "Potential"?? Huh! That one gave me whiplash! WTH? "We are not Tin Hats. We are the (potential) victims of a Middleman Swindle by the banks." Again, why now is it "potential" ?

    I am not feeling the Anna in this letter to Melania.

    Please clarify...

    1. You are behind a fairly good line on that wait.πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

    2. From Anna:


      The International Jurisdiction of the Sea is the realm of Satan. The International Jurisdiction of the Sea nonetheless operates by strict rules called "timelines".

      It so happens that the most extreme timeline for commercial claims is 90 days plus three days mailing time before they are considered "cured".

      Our acknowledgement and acceptance of the return of the Delegated Powers cured in the International Jurisdiction of the Sea for the required 90 plus 3 = 93 days with no successful objection.

      As a result, it stands "as law" in commerce and within the International Jurisdiction. Period.

      The entity owed the Delegated Powers is The United States of America [Unincorporated] and it is in the name of The United States of America [Unincorporated] that we established and prosecuted the claim.

      The Public Record firmly establishes that the actual Government of this Country functioning in International Jurisdiction since September 9, 1776, is The United States of America [Unincorporated].

      Only unincorporated entities are sovereign.

      Now, I am sick of all the ignorance and bull shit from people who either (1) don't know or (2) don't care to study.

      We have sacrificed untold hours and untold wealth to stand in the doorway between you and the loss of your country and everything you think you own to creditors of foreign governments. Either wake up and help or go away.

      PS --- It's "potential" because the worst hasn't happened yet. We've suffered "great tribulation" and other evils, but nothing compared to what would be unleashed if these banks are allowed to pull off their crimes. Exposing them and creating a public record of the exposure is the best insurance against them actually pulling it off. They depend on secrecy, darkness, doing things under color of law and similar lies and deceits --- which makes exposure their anathema.

      Telling the President's wife the truth in public as well as via her private email is one way to guarantee that the rats are cornered and held aloft by their little scaly tails, instead of being allowed to divvy up our cheese between themselves and a bunch of other guilty corporate interests.

      If you think that you have so much to say about what we say and how we say it, why weren't you busy thirty years ago? Why didn't you send out tens of thousands of Notices? Why didn't you prosecute --- on your own dime --- hundreds of court actions and collect tons of evidence of the crimes committed against Americans?

      Do you think that I am incompetent to operate in the international jurisdiction of the sea just because I am a Grandma from Big Lake? If so, give up you best answer and prayer to keep your life and your property undisturbed.

    3. So Anna then the obvious question to follow would be......'why after 30 long years, tens of thousands of Notices, hundreds of court actions and tons of evidence of crimes committed against Americans''......why have we been steadily going down hill in all this time, and Why has there been no Official Action taken against all this Fraud......across the board?
      Surely, you have all the evidence; what else does it take?

      The problem is: All your efforts have changed nothing 'out here in the real world'. THAT is what everybody is trying to tell you, which You just continuously ignore.

      You are expecting your words to suffice, but that will no longer work. Everybody is fed up and done with 'empty' words and with your never-ending saga and all the waiting.
      The Fact of the Matter is.......we do NOT see any functioning Operational Government of the United States of America, Un-Inc.

      Its time to produce the Goods, or fold up the 'display' and go back to baking cookies.

  21. A good read. Meet Tank.

    14 October, 2018 23:58 - We the Sovereign People of Planet Earth declare our Sovereignty!


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