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Saturday, October 13, 2018

The "Historic" Trusts

By Anna Von Reitz

The banks did something deplorable, criminal, inexcusable.

It wasn't the first time.

They pretended that actual assets left "on Special Deposit" in their banks were "abandoned" simply because nobody had used or inquired about the assets in a long time. 

Of course, there was no contractual obligation on the part of the Depositors to meet any schedule of contact with the bank, but the banks acted upon the theory that if Depositors didn't walk through the doors as often as they or someone in the Legislature thought they should---- well, of course, those assets had to be "abandoned", "lost", "unclaimed".

It's basically the same schtick they have applied to all the "missing" American babies who were born on our shores and who magically "disappeared" (on paper) and whose good names and estates were then labelled "Disregarded entities" for the purposes of fraud, racketeering, and theft.

After cobbling up this after-the fact requirement, which was never disclosed to the Depositors, the banks then seized those private account assets for the bank's use, and the bank gambled with those assets and made use of these private deposits to underwrite lending, which the bank multiplied according to the rules of "fractional reserve" banking --- thus benefiting itself many times over with no risk or expense for itself and no consideration for the actual owners of the assets.

All of this took place with no notice given to the actual owners.

And as the banks had unlawfully and without authorization made use of these private assets for investment purposes, and those investments were often time-dependent and had to be left in various funds for various lengths of time, the discovery of their malfeasance was a constant worry.

So they came up with a new label, "Historic Trusts" or "Legacy Trusts" and they cut a deal with the "governmental services corporations" officially allowing them to steal the trust assets and block the actual owners from accessing the assets.

If you care to look, you will see that many "State of State" organizations did the same thing with your Birth Certificates, labeling them "Legacy Certificates" or "Legacy Trusts". 
And just like all of us waking up and saying --- "WT-- do you think you are doing?" The actual owners, trustees, and beneficiaries of all these so-called "Historic Trusts" have rumbled awake.

The owners of the defrauded trusts are more then willing to pay handsomely for the return of their assets --- more than the banks would ever share. So this is another avenue of help for Mr. Trump. 
I have an "Historic Trust Association" of asset holders who have been robbed by the banks. Just one account in one of these trusts is enough to fund recoupment of all of them, and access to enough money to run our entire government including the military for two hundred years.

And it is all good, clean money with known provenance. The Trustees are ready to make a deal.

Again, I say, let's stop being stupid. 
We have the records, we have the provenance, we have the proof. When people see that we mean business and that their deposits are going to be protected in America, they will bring their money here, just as they have been bringing it to Iceland.

Between what we can do for you in terms of crediting and/or forgiving the U.S. Debt, Mr. Trump, and what we can do for you in terms of delivering hard assets, its pretty apparent that we "Tin Hats" hold the cards that you need and have done our homework for many years.

If you are serious about making American Great Again and are open to doing it without World War III, you need to find a conference table with two seats.


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  1. Yes, Yes, Yes!! We (the many awakened) Know Now(remember) who we Are, We (the many courageous) have corrected the Records, We Have Provenance (true upright Standing) And We (the many are Now in One Accord) Have Proof!!! It only takes One, and Now we ARE Many!!!! Thank You Anna & Team and Thank You All!!

    Much Gratitude, Love and Peace Be Now

    1. How's this for an idea....send all 4 branches of our military to every IRS and FTB Buildings across America , surround they, place them all under house arrest, and threaten every single agent that when if someone is demanding a loan, gets it, or the agent goes to jail for life, no matter what their supervisors tell them to do....!! In other words , instead of taking money from everyone , they will be in charge of making sure people get their money without any controversies being started by them or their attorneys....up to a million dollars per year. And if your working, no taxes will be taken out....The corporations that are making billions are going to have to pay for everything since between them and these powerful taxing agencies , have stolen the wealth of us and the rest of the world....if I was to run for president, that would be they only thing I would focus on because it is the cause of all other problems dividing and poloriziing everyone into an eventual "civil war "...!! But you may ask , "what about Roe v Wade, what about woman's rights, what about all other "civil rights" issues, what about foreign policy, what about environmentalism, what about trade wars, etc, etc"...?? My answer....

      I don't care, if you want all those things America, I won't stand in your way, as long as you all come together for me, Rebulicans and Democrates, rich and poor, liberals and conservatives, I will let the courts do anything if the people demand it, as long as I get your word to vote for me, so I can focus on a problem that has plagued us since we first arrived on these shores....I get what I want (And so really do all of you by default) , and you all get what you want....DEAL...!!
      That would finally end the bipartisan ship that now exsist....everyone getting together for one purpose only...get the IRS to act like a "Trust " account that will be only in the business of giving money out as non redeemable loans until they have paid out $4 quadtrillion dollars back...Ill even allow other countries to tap into it...but only to the people, not the govt.....but in order to be eligible for all that windfall it will be mandatory for everyone to wear a sidearm, to act as our new law enforcement, and given full authority to arrest anyone suspected of FRAUD, no matter how small...tjat includes law enforcement itself if they fail to protect the people instead of the LAW....Our Common Law...
      I cant think of a better way to bring people together on both sides as a single unstoppable unit to crush the deep state and get the reigning terrorist agency to do it for us or face consequences to horrible to imagine....!! How's that for a plan...!! Maybe I should run for president...Even Trump didn't promise that....!!!

  2. I explained once before and this is basically whats been done with all the mortgage fraud, you were loaned money based on the credit created with your promissory note, the actual principle was deposited in an escrow account that goes unclaimed and after 3 years or so they have a law that the bank then can claim the money as being unclaimed, money which was never theirs to begin with. All the same crap all banks are all trust companies, the government is a trust company, the whole system is one big masonic structured trust corporation matrix and just like any masonic order your standing in the system is based on degrees of understanding and achievement in the system. Remedy for one IS NOT the same remedy for another because your standing is not the same as someone else's do to degrees of rank. LOL this is evident in any case where you have to give a resume I'm so and so I've done this I went to school here Im currently employed here ....blah blah blah and all this has what bearing on any FACTS at hand... your being ranked in the system judged for what degree you have achieved in the societal matrix then you receive equivalent remedy. And best of all are a bank account possessing member of our banking trust society, basically a citizen in our "banking world order" and under our complete jurisdiction! LOL I recently saw a traffic proceeding and the judge was hit with all the typical "Im not the Person, I'm the man, I'm not blah blah blah I want to settle and discharge blah blah blah", the judge after all the semantics basically asked "do have any money in your bank account to pay these charges?" and the man stated no I don"t have any money in my account or something to that effect but admitting he had a bank account, Bam! thank you for jurisdiction and you'll be going back to jail now until we can settle these charges. He also had a Drivers license but the judge made it clear with his one single question where his ultimate power was derived from in this matter.

    1. You know what his mistake was....he unwitting gave "silent judicial notice" to the judge by simply making statements than on top of it answered the judge without giving the judge a question for him to answer other words in the mind of the judge, the defendant noticed the Judges authority by simply answering "NO"...He never got the judge to answer one thing to make him "liable " for a lie if he answered it else can he be liable for anything when he isn t testifying himself to anything because the defendant never took a deep breath, and walked in calmly ...Instead he went in pumped up ready for a fight, and the judge took full advantage of it, and trapped him easily with one question......It takes practice guys to calm yourselves down and just remember never act as a defendant in court....:ACT LIKE A JUDGE, and get him to notice your authority...!! Remember, you were only brought into court for one reason and one only.....for the judge to trick you into the courts jurisdiction....amd that's it...!! His job is so easy with an ignorant public that has been trained and brainwashed to always answer authority...especially when the judge sits way above you...!! The courtroom has been well thought out by psychologist to instill fear and the "Wrath of God" upon you...!!

      But the reality is , until he gets you to do something stupid, that court is as much as yours as it is his...!! Every one just assumes the court belongs to the it doesn't because he knows that everything in a "commercial world" is CIVIL (FRCP 1 (2)...)..!! There fire he used your ignorance and FEAR against you very effectively...!! I saw my friends sister, who has been an attorney for 20 years (a civil attorney only in the workman comp claims working for the big corporations ), tried to get involved with his younger brothers criminal case by sending the prosecutor a threatening letter, which the prosecutor immediately filed charges on her, and she was shaking in her shoes and had to hire another attorney for herself for $5000 to get out of it....!! She had no clue how criminal court worked, and she didn't want to find out....!! Listen guys how do you think I learned doing the exact same thing as this defendant 3 times before I got it right....and when I reversed his strategy on him, he didn't even see it coming, and knew immediately her "F'd" up, and was physically shaken to the point of pacing back and forth behind the courtroom figuring out what my next move was going to a last ditch "hail marry" he tried to get me to sign a "foretta waiver", which I knew not to sign or bother with except to h a nd it back to him the exact way I received it....blank..!! I could have really maimed my point home right then, but this one time I gave him an easy way out...I told him I'll be back with my attorney, for which he sighed a great relief....but he knew I let him off, and that was the last time I ever faced that judge, even though I was back there at least 3 more times for the same thing....!!

      It time for all of you to start studying their procedures instead of just relying on strictly patriot stuff.....!! They are not afraid of patriots because most of them know law but are severely lacking in proceedure...!! When I went back to get the record of my case (the minutes)....i found out that judge used his right of "nucc pro tunc" at least 3 times, to relieve himself from liability....!! That's why you always get the record of your case after the case is over...umless you like making the same mistake over and over again...!!

    2. Very interesting Mike re: "any money in your bank account". About a year or so ago I had a difficult time closing a bank account (apparently due to their policy that) they couldn't close the account unless it was all perfectly zeroed out. The bank was out of state and so I wasn't able to simply "walk in" and withdraw the remaining "change" left in the account. Consequently the account remained opened for some months. When it finally closed I felt a significant relief being completely done with that system that I did not agree with!

      I have had no intentions of opening another account based on the fed system and by hearing your observations in court there is now no way that I'll do that!

    3. Leland..your wecome..!! But why do I get the feeling your pulling my leg....!!!

    4. Ah, a good friend in the making Is ALWAYS alert to mirthful possibilities ๐Ÿ˜…

      Found this last nite...on III...perhaps♩

  3. Oh MY, Make it "Three" seats Please... I want to be there too! It will be a much needed SHIFT from the Innocent Animal Kingdom I currently serve with love....Well below my talent level for sure.. HAHA Love you Anna!

  4. Anna, I highly doubt anyone will be asking you to sit in one of the two seats.

    1. Two seats that "you" are requesting. Now if "they" were offering you a seat, that would be impressive.

  5. If you are by any chance, please be sure to post your invite here, for all to see, along with your responses of letters sent to the Queen,Trump, the Vatican with all the official seals attached....that will be along wait for sure, Queen Anna.

  6. Re-posting from "Anonymous" poster above, as I found the topic and message insightful and quite fascinating! Thank you for sharing Anonymous, good stuff!!

    "Gematria Effect News"

  7. Same old story , they fleece us and ignore us, up in till we come together as a force preferably as grand juries .

  8. ''we have the records, the provenance, the proof''. Then Anna, how about showing it to us in here.

    Never forget, folks........just taking peoples' word for things is HOW we got in all this 'slavery and theft' to begin with !

  9. NLA National Liberty League is proceding toeducste the Sheriffs. Require anyone who is asking tob an person of office to be required to know our constitution and will be replacing our court system. Judt go and listen for yourself...

  10. Read this.

  11. So my question remains, why is Anna so out of sorts?

  12. Things are being handled. Anna will fade away......



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