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Friday, September 28, 2018

Mr. Trump, What's Wrong With This Picture?

By Anna Von Reitz

The Department of Justice works for you as an "Agency" --- it's a subcontractor under your own thumb and forefinger --- unless of course, the foreign "U.S. Trustees" named by the Secondary Creditors are interfering in your Administration?  

Otherwise, why are you finding it so hard to properly direct the "Department of Justice" to do its actual job? 

Aside from the meddling of bankruptcy trustees, there seems to be no plausible explanation for how and why Department of Justice personnel are so far off course.  If this were a golf course and they were the ball, they'd be in a swamp behind the local fire station.

So here is today's mystery.  These guys who are supposed to be helping you in your executive duty to prevent, detect, suppress, and punish actual crimes, are wasting millions upon millions of dollars prosecuting you --- their Boss and the man they are directly tasked to assist.  

How is that even possible? 

I'd have an Attitude Adjustment Meeting with Jeff Sessions and tell him what his job is.  I would give him a week to straighten this entire situation out or he'd be down the road with no return bus fare. 

And we'd have a new U.S. Attorney General.  

One that didn't have any flimsy excuse to take a powder and recuse himself, one that didn't have any "Baggage" from years in Congress, who would have no problem shutting down the ridiculous Mueller witch hunt, someone with some practical common sense and grit....  

How about Brett Kavanaugh?  Withdraw his Supreme Court nomination and appoint him the new U.S. Attorney General.  

Get rid of Sessions. 

We have said it privately and now we are saying it in public.  Jeff Sessions has personal liabilities and is useless as an Attorney General. 
He provides no competent leadership for the DOJ, which is why they are wasting our time and money and contributing to the Circus that Washington, DC has become -- instead of assisting you.  

He is supposed to work for you and the rest are supposed to work for him, but if there is nobody competent at the helm and in control of things you know yourself from your own experience that things just go to Hell. 

Please put an end to the Circus.  Get rid of Sessions.  Appoint Kavanaugh. Kill two birds with one stone. 

And watch the roaches run....


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  1. Colorado 9 worked under you.. Why didnt you keep them in check?
    Why does the chief marshall have a badge tattooed on her ass..body? Isnt it to be respected? Since when is haywood marshall for life? Who decided THAT?
    Why does the marshal fly the usa of america battleflag on thier shields??? Answer by marshall moore of Colorado... Its all the trophy guy had..... Are u all a joke or what. Ask a question you cant get straight answer, or its a half answer.. No? Im glad for half answers,... Or it would have been the cilorado 10... When i asked doucette who he was.. No answer, anna joined in.. And still no answer. Years later still no answerd. And yet questions upon questions are asked in this platform the most are half answers,.. Still no vision.. No articles of results .. Just articles and razzle dazzle.. Who is anna? Where we going? Whetr is all this money we are owed? Etc. I doubt ill be answered, but blocked. Until i log into my other account(S).. YES MULITIPLE...DOUCETTE LOVED to block acvounts too.. But he niw doing 38 years. While im still asking questions..., think about that

    1. trident.. good points. How can haywood be appointed for life. Is this a women's lib thing between her and Anna? Sounds like what the usurpers say, "lets turn the Continental Marshals into a fiefdom." or oh well, she copyrighted it.

  2. Trident, you wanna go back and organize what you are trying to say so the rest of us can understand what you are talking about. Thanks

  3. Abby, go read this post.

    1. Ok, we went and put some 'strips' on the grill,
      made some buttered cabbage and organic sweet
      corn, sat at our dining room table and ate dinner
      like the real old-fashioned americans that we are
      at our home.
      Then I went and read your recommendation here.
      My summation: A great update Report to let us know
      where we the people stand at the moment, informing
      us of some Progess.
      That is what Anna has refused to do, but from many
      Comments I am reading on other venues, it seems many
      of them say the same things I have been saying - -
      asking for proof, wanting updates, wanting to SEE
      real action in real life, etc.

      robert, thanks for this update/info. Keep up the good

    2. robert - I went to the site you gave for humanitarian project funding and I did not see anything there about project funding. Can you tell me what I am missing ?

  4. Anna...apparently u aren't a serious Q follower or u wouldn't have fallen for the 'rope the dope' routine Trump plays out in public ALL the time😅

  5. Following trident well was a friend of Bruce .and Tha tattooed critter I spoke up about her and was 100% correct the Marshall ' s united fire her.
    Bruce gets thrown under the bus no fighting to get any one of the leaders in Colorado .
    Doesn't speak well for a once united cause.
    numbers speak in the patriot world and real friends fight for you even when your captured by the enemy.

  6. I have no illusions if we get swat. Teamed at dawn we go down alone.bad business in any army setting.

  7. I spose growing up with someone putting food in my mouth, making my bed, washng my clothes, tending to me, watching out for me, caring for my needs, might have given me a false sense that someone else does everything for me. Seems quite a few folks are waiting for Jesus or angels or some miracle president to once again return us to that warm childhood feeling that someone else is watching out for us, don't worry moms right there and dad too still taking care. Wake the F UP!!!. No one but us is going to take care of anything on this planet. God is waiting and plenty of opportunity passes by each moment. We are charged with taking care of this planet and our domain. Sure we can wait around, let things happen, wonder when the miracle superman or woman is going to fix it all or get on it and at least try. Just cause many have and as of yet it is still a mess, does not mean it is not critical and worthwhile. You just wanna be 85 or 90 and look back and say you were afraid and did not live your life? Or embrace the adventure and crank up your built in smarts and expand your wisdom.


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