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Friday, September 28, 2018

The Pillar and Post Revisited

By Anna Von Reitz

Pernicious Disinformation and confusion is ruining this entire country and the effort to restore its rightful government. Only you can make the needed difference.

One old lady and The Living Law Firm can't do it alone, even with your donations of money toward the cause, for which we are truly grateful. (Paypal: and Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652)

The American People as a whole must wake up and educate themselves and take appropriate action to disentangle the web of lies and "legal presumptions" that have been used to enslave us and then, must take appropriate political action.

But what is the "appropriate" political action above and beyond reclaiming your birthright estate and Good Name? There are groups springing up like mushrooms and while many groups have good intentions, many do not.

There are two principal groups that are promoting agendas that would be disastrous for our country, both very well-funded and also--- foreign: British Territorial Templars vs. French Templars.

They are both Templar groups, all worship Satan, all are steeped in gross deceit. It's the Old Choice. Would you prefer Vanilla Feces or Chocolate Feces?

This goes back thousands of years and was enshrined in Solomon's Temple. Solomon was a Ba-El worshiper, too. He worshiped an entire Pantheon of Demons, including Ba-al, the Chief Demon.

And what did his Temple famously display? The two pillars -- Joachim and Boaz, which symbolize the modus operandi of Satan and Satanism: False Choices.

You can eat of the Tree of Knowledge or the Tree of Life....
(Answer: Neither one, thanks.)

You can have Bubonic Plague or Cholera.... which do you prefer?
(Answer: Neither one, thanks.)

A war in the Middle East or a war in Eastern Europe?
(Answer: Neither one, thanks.)

You can hate each other because of skin color or because of religious doctrine --- which do you prefer?
(Answer: Neither one, thanks.)

You can be undermined by Democrats or Republicans? Which brand of selfish incompetent nastiness would you prefer?
(Answer: Neither one, thanks.)

It's all predicated on "when did you stop beating your wife?" logic.

With Vanilla Feces you get the Queen operating as Her Britannic (Satanic) Majesty while pretending to be a Christian. You get the Raj taxing you for salt that comes from the sea for free. You get brutal oppression wrapped in a tea cozy.

With Chocolate Feces you get the French Republic operating our country as a Territorial "Republique"-- just take a look at what the French people endure and the scourge of Muslim invasion against a Christian nation and figure this out, please.

These people are all Ba-El worshipers. They all hate Christians and hate Christian nations. The only difference is that the Talmudic Madmen at the very top of the pyramid hate everyone equally, while their minions below still have to be deceived to follow along using catch-all labels like "National Security Concerns" and lies like the "National Debt" to ensure their complicity.

So they are doing their usual schtick and lining you all out with two bad choices---- the Same Old Same Old British Bunko enforced by the Roman Inquisition (Internal Revenue Service) or the French Republique also enforced by the Roman Inquisition (IRS).

Take your pick.

Or not.

There are other choices, like minding your own shop and exercising self-governance, educating yourself about your birthright freedoms and responsibilities, correcting your own political status records, operating your lawful government to straighten out and "reconstruct" the Federal Government you are owed.....

This is an option, too, one that you control. And its a Good Choice --- one with real ice cream and a cherry on top.

But you have to recognize the Bad Choices and the Satanic Either/Or False Choice Set Up or you will be confused and not know who or what to believe and be wandering around like sheep "from pillar to post". Literally.

Whenever you see anything about "Kim" or "Reno" or "North Carolina" you know that it is the French Templars. Whenever you see anything about Canada or China, etc., you know it is the British Templars.

And when you see glimpses of Spain and Greece, you will know that you are seeing the real power players, rooted in places nobody suspects.

You must learn to know your true Enemies --- the Haters from El Caziri -- the Black Magicians who promote perpetual war, whose entire belief system is rooted in duality, false choices, and conflicts. You must recognize their organizations --- the Bar Associations and "Secret Fraternities" established all over the world.

You must also realize that the Talmud is not born of the Torah nor does it come to us from Judah, just like the Six Pointed "Star of David" has nothing to do with Judah or Judaism, either.

This is the sign and emblem of two members of the Ancient Caste of Merchants having sex, each represented by an Equilateral Triangle.

The remnant of the Ancient Caste of Merchants is who runs Israel and also who set up the Holocaust.

They are Aryans (from the star system of Orion) not native to the Earth at all. And they marry each other in a vain effort to preserve their alien gene pool, not because of any religion.

If this is shocking to you, well, read your Bible. I am told that Americans have more Bibles than the whole rest of the world combined. I am also told that nobody reads them. They just sit on the bookshelves and bedside tables gathering dust.

You, my Readers, are especially blessed, because you have the benefit of our research and have the tools to figure out the "who is who" and the "what is what" in the midst of the Maelstrom these vicious enemies of Mankind have created.

But you are especially tasked, too --- to get this information out to all who will listen and benefit and take appropriate action, and to support the effort with might and main, with prayers and pennies, with -- as the Founders put it: "our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor".

There are enough Christian and enough sane countries left in the world to ensure that we have a choice. They are backing our efforts diplomatically, and if necessary, will intervene in other ways. But we must make the effort to educate ourselves and get our lawful government restored and operating -- and nobody can do that "for" us.

We have to take the responsibility and do the work ourselves.


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  1. Virgo Triad didn't work so let's lump her in with the French Templars, even though she is Russian.

  2. I notice Karen Hudes is all over you tube with her version of what is going on.
    Robert Allen, just curious do you have the solution? I know I don't and don't claim to, and do not have the degrees that you have.

  3. No degrees here,I just follow the people who get things done and I like this forum and some good points that come up.
    Anna has a tendency to fabricate info about people she knows nothing about, with no facts to back it up. She supports NASA, which is complicit in plans to kill us. I have the files that spell it out. While claiming to be against the same entities that NASA is part of. Just sayin.


  4. You can eat of the Tree of Knowledge or the Tree of Life....
    (Answer: Neither one, thanks.)

    If somebody has eyes to see, the Bible tells you who the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was and who the tree of life was. Satan was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and and Jesus was the tree of life...

    I cannot believe she has fallen for NASA’s lies. Too many reviews have been shown to prove that almost everything they do is a hoax, a big con job. If the space suits could really keep astronauts safe from radiation, why have they not use those suits and cleaned up Chernobyl?

    1. am I the only one that has noticed that what supposedly landed on the moon bears no resemblance to what was fished out of the ocean? Where were they hiding this funky looking black capsule at??

    2. The River of Life
      1Then the angel showed me a river of the water of life, as clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb 2down the middle of the main street of the city. On either side of the river stood a tree of life, producing twelve kinds of fruit and yielding a fresh crop for each month. And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations. 3No longer will there be any curse. The throne of God and of the Lamb will be within the city, and His servants will worship Him.…
      Matthew Henry Commentary
      22:1-5 All streams of earthly comfort are muddy; but these are clear, and refreshing. They give life, and preserve life, to those who drink of them, and thus they will flow for evermore. These point to the quickening and sanctifying influences of the Holy Spirit, as given to sinners through Christ. The Holy Spirit, proceeding from the Father and the Son, applies this salvation to our souls by his new-creating love and power. The trees of life are fed by the pure waters of the river that comes from the throne of God. The presence of God in heaven, is the health and happiness of the saints. This tree was an emblem of Christ, and of all the blessings of his salvation; and the leaves for the healing of the nations, mean that his favour and presence supply all good to the inhabitants of that blessed world. The devil has no power there; he cannot draw the saints from serving God, nor can he disturb them in the service of God. God and the Lamb are here spoken of as one. Service there shall be not only freedom, but honour and dominion. There will be no night; no affliction or dejection, no pause in service or enjoyment: no diversions or pleasures or man's inventing will there be wanted. How different all this from gross and merely human views of heavenly happiness, even those which refer to pleasures of the mind!
      There is no doubt of the Truths that Anna does expose, and yet there is also no doubt of the lies. The lies that are not backed up. Discernment is needed by all.
      i thought it interesting that the groups that are "springing up were compared to "mushrooms."
      You Anna, were told by who (a straw man?) that no one reads their Bibles. Reading ones Bible clearly does not make one perfect nor all knowing, although it may be a good starting point. Through True repentance we may be baptised by the Holy Spirit and begin a journey of seeking Truth and receive, understanding and many gifts from above. Blessings, gifts,'talents' that yes we should share freely.
      Once you see that Yes, the whole world has indeed been deceived including your 'self' first and foremost the healing may begin.
      Never forget satan knows the Bible as well as each and every one of us.

    3. The Expulsion from Paradise
      21The LORD God made garments of skin and clothed Adam and his wife. 22Then the LORD God said, “Behold, the man has become like one of Us, knowing good and evil. And now, lest he reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life, and eat, and live forever...” 23Therefore the LORD God banished him from the Garden of Eden to work the ground from which he had been taken.…

      And now lest he put out his hand and take also of the tree of life, and eat and live forever."
      This is where the 'choice' begins. Choose well.

    4. Mostly space gods nonsense imo🎶

  5. "
    They are Aryans (from the star system of Orion) not native to the Earth at all. And they marry each other in a vain effort to preserve their alien gene pool, not because of any religion." Anna...Now was a sleeper☇


    Just scanned this yesterday 🎶

    1. Leland Roth - thanks for the reminder of LA Waddell! If you've not come upon Fomenko's Chronologia a mathematical & astronomical correction of our historic timeline it might spark interest. Looks like antiquity is the Middle Ages, Dark Ages didn't exist, & he adjusts for the added 1000 yrs.
      Scaliger a jew, late 1500's, rewrote our entire history rubber-stamping characters, events into the past & renaming them, giving the illusion history repeats itself. The addition of 1000 yrs was done by turning the "i" or "j" in dating as i500, meaning 500 yrs after Christ, into 1500. Is this really year 1018?
      Fomenko demonstrates Scaliger & Flavius Josephus, jews, as one in the same character. We have been so lied to about everything.
      It is voluminous & difficult reading, at least for us. Some videos are out there, this 1st is Fomenko explaining his methodology & next is reading of Chronologia series.

      New Chronology By Fomenko 52:51

      History: Fiction or Science? (reading) part 1

  6. TSA:
    I don’t understand why you have connected your tda accounts with your business account to collect your redeemed birth certificates values and started using it to fund your quest?
    Dont forget to add those Bond Numbers to your security agreements. Wink

    1. LifeCoach Cher-ie: Interesting comment. Who is TSA? Are you meaning "why have you not connected your tda accounts?".

      What puzzles me is, if one changes political status and is 70 yrs old and retired, where does their funding come from to survive- buy food, pay for shelter, clothe, medical care, dental care, transportation, etc. Access to the funds that has been effectively stolen has never been revealed over the "benefits/privileges" provided under the current system.

      If once the political status has changed, the question of survival has never been defined. My thinking is that if as Anna says waking people up enough to change their political status is the main task, it can't happen unless the answer to the transitional funding support is still a question mark. If one is still employed, one is still subject to taxes deducted by the employer, taxes on goods purchased, a challenge at the municipal office on property taxes etc.

      If I am supposed to be able to access my trust, how do I do that? If Anna has changed political status, why isn't she able to access her trust to support herself and the Living Law firm, better yet, why is the Living Law Firm staff not accessing their funds instead of all this donation request to support the team?

      I support what Anna and her team has done, but there is still the question of funding.

    2. Dan,
      You are asking some valid questions. And yes many of us are employed and still pay our taxes. Does anna rely on us who still pay the proverbial beast? There is a pattern to be seen here.
      1. Money plea july 28, 2018
      2. Money plea Aug. 2, 2018
      3. Money Plea Aug.4,2018
      4. "Grandma's cupboardrd is bare"
      Think about that and think about the irony that after we have given everything back to you, provided for your protection and the protection of your State of the Union---- Grandma's "cupboard" is bare. We are still here in the trenches, still doing all this on nothing but cookie jar and mattress money.
      So if you value what has been done for you and the fact that you still have a country to come home to and an indemnity bond that protects you and your family and your State of the Union--- and you want The Living Law Firm to continue it's work---- send what you can. We are at push come to shove here
      with all the final "repatriation" work left to do
      5. Money plea Aug. 10, 2018
      And now one final plug. The research that led to these conclusions and actions and which have served to protect you and your family and bring forward the actions that have been taken to preserve your country and your property rights and your State of the Union --- has all been done by people like me, working away for free for years at a time, not all those people on your payroll.

      We get nothing ---- no pay from the renegade "government" and in fact, many of us have suffered and died and been attacked by these criminals and prosecuted under deliberately constructed false legal presumptions. Many of us have spent time in jail --- not for our "political beliefs" --- but because we had the temerity to assert our birthright and claim our property and our exemptions.

    3. Pt.2
      "In doing this, we protected all of you and even protected those persecuting us, because without this, all our land, all our rights, all our freedoms would have been lost.

      The international bankers actually thought they were going to pull it off, and claim that our entire continent was "abandoned" assets, up for grabs.

      If you have any sense of just how close this entire country and the rest of the world has come to disaster --- get going. Reclaim your Good Name and your rightful political status and then, boot up your local assemblies.

      And if you can, send a donation our way. Because our accounts were commandeered along with everything else and bungled up and commingled as part of these infernal bankruptcies --- we still have no money to operate on.
      6. Money plea:It costs me thousands every month to keep this operation running. I know many of you are suffering and facing a long winter ahead. But as you can observe, the Banksters and their political pawns are still stalling and caterwauling, trying to hang on to money and power even after their crimes are exposed for the whole world to see, still choking and sputtering and scheming---- and their new favorite buzzword: "resisting".

      I'll take care of their continued "resistance".

      With enough thrust, believe me, pigs really can fly.

      This is going to be the permanent end of the banker's constipation problems. No more "Doctrine of Scarcity" applied to everyone but them and their cronies.

      Help us knock this whole situation over the Goal Poles and past the Tipping Point. Send us whatever help you can. Send us prayers. Send us information. Send us donations-- we still need them. Send to my PayPal account: or via Snail Mail to: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.
      7. Money Plea Sept.25, 2018
      Whatever you can do, please help and please do it now:
      8. comment by a follower- The Tree of life, can not be bought or sold with $$$ not even 'love dollars'
      Anna- One old lady and The Living Law Firm can't do it alone, even with your donations of money toward the cause, for which we are truly grateful. (Paypal: and Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652)

      Then we have this bit of news:Anna,
      "53 million people worldwide read my postings each week.
      That's roughly six times the population of New York City."
      That is an amasing statistic and i must wonder how many of these 53 million have donated to you and or "The Living Law Firm?"
      Now start doing the math.

    4. Exactly. Kim said that Anna tried to access funds from from the global assets(if I remember that correctly) or something to that effect, point being she, A not was not looking out for the people. I also found it odd how quiet she was in demeanor when she was in Texas, didn't strike me as the rebellious type.

    5. Add up the least amount of donations, add the fact that no taxes paid since 1998. Nice deal. Cozy comfort for an old lady. Certainly incentive to push her agenda.

    6. One thing that is true,people over time show through their comment and actions who they really are. That's why patience is a virtue, through patience your enemy is revealed. I thinks there is holes in Anna's persona.And people who question are beginning to see through it.

    7. a follower - WE ALL NEED HELP, especially funding. Its perfectly fine to let us know they're in need. Look WE do a great deal ourselves & are almost never financially assisted, even when its the easiest thing to do by sending business our way, costing them nothing out of pocket. BUT... that's just not how folks are today.
      As Christians We're not even supposed to touch the jew's Babylonian money-majik filth... & here we are asking for sustenance because they have tainted, poisoned everything.
      No we don't agree all the time w everything, BUT WE RESPECT THE SOURCES FROM WHICH IT CAME especially when their sacrifices are so great, while all we have to do is read & learn from it.
      Whats the matter with LETTING US KNOW THEIR COFFERS ARE BELOW NECESSITY? Been to the grocery latey? 100 shekels buys essentials, upon which FOOD we are TAXED AGAIN.
      Ya know, if you'd send a little something, you just might have another perspective on this matter. Try it, just a few bucks. It opens the heart quite a bit. thanks

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. Nothing wrong with donating, people donate to cure cancer all the time, but they have had a cure for a very long time. Resonating frequency at the same level as the cancer cell resonates destroy said cancer cell with no side effects. It is good to know who is asking for donations and what their agenda is for it. If each person generously donated $20 there is no reason for Anna's cupboards to be bare.For that matter any of her friends.

    10. Not to mention she probably eats organic except for coffee, spices, toiletries.
      Oh added note she also is in favor of Alaska Harrp Antena Array. F____! Seriously? There are just too many questions and holes that are very apparent, to just trust Anna while heartedly. I started out with an open mind that has now closed. But I enjoy the forum.
      Hey dole out $5,$10,$20,that is each person's rightful choice. But do the math. Put on your shinola sensors.And for God's sake, be decerning and ask yourself the right questions when she goes on and on in these elaborate posts.Even if 50,000 of her follower sent in $10 that is $500,000. And she sent out 83,000 emails asking for donations,granted she did a little in etive advertising getting us to b to do the advertising for her,even added a little film to back it up, quite a nice little business if you ask me. Yet the law firm charges upwards of $3000 to do your paper work. And yet I have not seen any one benefit from getting money back from said paperwork. Food for thought.

    11. Hell for $500,000 I think anyone here would step up to task and research. And that is a low estimate.

    12. Wow, some really meaty Comments here. It is high time that folks started telling it like it IS; stop bs'ing people with all the sugar coated crap. Thanks to all you guys.....Dan......a follower....robert.

      Dan. You have read my mind and put it in print here. Sometimes I don't always have the right words, but man, you put it just right.

      a follower - thank you too for your boldness and showing that christians are not mush mouth butt kissers; but we are to tell it like it is, call it what it is. Truth can hurt but lies will definitely kill those who participate in them.

      robert allen - I too noticed the almost lethargic demeanor of Anna when she was speaking in Texas. Even when something fell and made a loud boom sound, she did not even flinch. All very strange.

      All in all, all that you 3 have said, I too have said and thought in the back of my mind. Ultimately, it amounts to a LOT of holes in Anna's entire agenda here, and I've noticed most if not all of them. Its WHY I have been called ''a complainer'' LOL.......for pointing them out.
      So thank you ALL for joining in telling the Truth.

      WINK, IF you consider yourself to be a 'christian' then you are a very very poor excuse of one; for ever since you have been in this Forum you have always trashed me when I was merely telling it like it is. A true christian does not trash Abby, who I ASSURE YOU is a real bonafide born again Christian. If you were a real one, you would have 'recognized me''. So that speaks volumes about you and what you really are. Not to mention you are totally lacking in Godly Discernment, that even after these THREE here have spelled out Anna for you in clear words, you still ''don't get it''.

    13. Abby, it has taken me time to put it all together. As I never say what is on my mind till all the pieces begin to fit. And fit they have. You have been correct in you point of views concerning Anna. That is why I never commented on your posts.

    14. We are here to get the truth and promote truth, not be conned or attacked or manipulated. We have already had enough of that.

    15. And no end timer nonsense either😅

    16. Abby - what on earth are you talking about? "A true Christian does not trash Abby.."?? One doth protest too much, honestly. No Abby, no trashing of Abby, but perhaps a projection of & by Abby herself? Come to think of it, that's a very jew thing to say, as though you're superior, infallible, projecting, mentally unstable & intolerant of others who don't kiss your derriere.
      You have no idea what anyone 'gets' simply from posts. Its you who start fights, not us, as you're doing now, injecting your slings, fabricating personal attacks.
      From our perspective, you're trolling, shadowing, accusing posters of attacking you.
      Your striking out nastily, projecting upon others, is incompatible w constructive discourse. And hell NO, ain't no 'born again' anything. Don't have to be. "Get it?"

    17. Wink Wink and Abby: go to the corner of the room and time out. In a free speech society everyone is entitled to speak even if we disagree. Character assassination is not called for by anyone. I like to call a spade a spade, however there are decent ways to do that without reverting to character assassination. Next time, take a few breaths before blurting out, please for all our sakes.

      By no means am I dissing Anna. I'd just like to know how the funding is supposed to work after changing political status for the retired and those who want to transition but have no clue how to support their families going forward. They can't all leave their factory or office jobs and do what they love. And they all don't love what they do now. I do remember in one post Anna made recommending NOT to use the TDA accounts at this time to avoid drawing attention. So what is the answer?

    18. Dan Carpenter - DO NOT address me as tho I caused any problems here. IT IS Abby's nastiness. I will NOT be spoken to as tho you're some parent to a child. Got that? Pretty cowardly of you to blame me for Abby's ugliness. Trying to rub up against Abby so she won't attack you? NOT using me, you won't!
      Its is always Abby who does this. Taking up for oneself FOR THE FIRST TIME who has had enough of Abby's condescending remarks when she was NOT even addressed in the first place, but inserted herself & who also shadows & lurks posters. We've all seen it.
      I DO NOT DO THAT. Do NOT refer to me in the same vain as Abby. When one defends oneself against someone with a reputation for pestering posters, its expedient to "shut it down" as quickly as possible. We've had enough of it.
      DISCIPLINE ABBY, big pappa & leave us out of it. Got that?

    19. wink wink, wow what a handle:talk about in your face.

      Proverbs 16:30 He who winks his eye devises perversity ... - Bible Hub
      Whoever winks with their eye is plotting perversity; whoever purses their lips is bent on evil. New Living Translation With narrowed eyes, people plot evil; with a ...
      Proverbs 6:13 winking his eyes, speaking with his feet ... - Bible Hub
      He winketh with his eyes, he speaketh with his feet, he teacheth with his fingers; ... over me without cause, or those who hate me without reason wink in malice.
      Proverbs 10:10 He who winks the eye causes grief, and ... - Bible Hub
      People who wink at wrong cause trouble, but a bold reproof promotes peace. ... He that winketh with the eye causeth sorrow: but a prating fool shall fall.
      Proverbs 6:13 Commentaries: Who winks with his eyes ... - Bible Hub
      He winks with his eyes, he speaks with his feet, he teaches with his fingers; ... Those sins are in a special manner provoking to God, which are hurtful to the ...

    20. a follower - Ya know this blog has attracted some very immature, even childish & nagging negative 'followers'. Is this how YOU spend your time finding quotes to play widdle follower games? Really?
      Are YOU a grown up? Really? Or are you a child pretending to be a grown up?
      It is really a shame that so much valuable information is provided by Anna & the likes of so many of you RUIN possibility of INTELLIGENT DISCOURSE with you juvenile stupidity.
      Its embarrassing to send well intended folks to read Anna's articles & have them come back to me saying what a bunch of idiots commenting. Rarely anything of worthwhile substance.
      And its TRUE. Go play w 'yourselfie', seems you need the attention. Whats da matter, mommie daddy don't want to play wif widdle follower?
      No wonder folks back off from this board.
      What a waste of Anna's valuable intellect & time, really. Just imagine what could be accomplished here w thinking adults.

    21. Wink, so you still don't get it. Even after it has been spelled out for you by a number of people in here who are not gullible like you are. Instead of taking heed, you choose to continue blindly following while going nowhere.
      I have pointed out many of the fallacies and errors and warnings and pointed out things to watch out for, or to consider, and to not just accept things simply because 'your idol, anna'' has said them. Nobody is right all the time. Some folks are expert in some things, while not at all skilled in other things.

      But you, wink? You can't stand for anyone to say anything against any of what Anna says, because it messes with your ''utopian dream state''. Wake up wink, Anna is not God nor is she above reproach.
      You are the one who needs to grow up and realize there is little accomplished simply because Anna has nothing accomplished.
      Even so, you can do as you please, follow who you wish, fall into the ditch, wake up as late as you like, continue going nowhere, but running off your mouth at me just because you are embarrassed by the feedback you got from those you led here, is childish.

    22. Abby - what in hell are you going on about? you just make it up as you go. We rarely bother reading the comments becuz so many of them are stupid, empty, whiney, complaining, negative, non productive, blah blah.
      We appreciate Anna very very much. Seems you find it offensive that someone other than yourself could have relevance.
      You have no idea what I think. Why do you care so much what I think? Competition too much for ya? You have diarrhea of the mouth going on & on & on w such insanity.
      While you nit wits are blathering, we're on other sites, learning, sharing, recording documents, doing A for V with success, stepping out of the matrix, encouraging others,...
      Abby why are you so filled w self-loathing? The last time a personality such as yours was encountered, we called them a drunk & they were. A drunk. Hoovering over their keyboard, falling off their stool, spouting claims of self-importance, pointing fingers at empty space. Getting stupider & stupider.
      You remind us of just such a lush.
      What is it w you & your God complex?? You assume entirely too much & on & on & on over absolutely nothing to do with reality.
      Cannot imagine having to live with or around you. You must drive people crazy. No wonder you hover over the keyboard so much, may have lost human contact w that bad attitude, who could stand being around ya.
      We're actually making progress, taking Anna's direction, recording papers, writing letters. Some on our way to becoming independent bankers, outside the matrix.
      This forum is a waste of time becuz of nasty acidic drips like you. What a waste of such an excellent resource Anna provides.
      Have a little toddy or 5, the night is still young, just be careful on that stool.

    23. Wink wink,
      So you do not see that you are childish?

    24. Grow up abit yourself a follower...Jesus isn't coming back in the flesh for anyone's satisfaction any time soon - or ever for that matter🎶

      God Love Soul...not the flesh so much😅

    25. Psalms 5:4 For thou art not a God who hath pleasure in wickedness; neither shall evil dwell WITH thee
      5 the foolish shall not stand in thy sight; thou hatest all workers of iniquity.
      6 Thou shalt destroy them that speak leasing; the Lord will abhor the bloody and deceitful man
      9 for there is no faithfulness in their mouth; their inward part is very wickedness; their throat is an open sepulchre; they flatter with their tongues
      10 destroy thou them o Lord, let them fall by their own counsels; cast them out in the multitude of their transgressions; for they have rebelled against thee

      11 But let all those that put their trust in thee, rejoice
      12 For thou Lord will bless the righteous; with favour wilt thou compass him as with a shield

    26. Psalms 5:5 for God hates all workers of iniquity.

    27. Abby loves Abby and so does God.

    28. Of course God loves Abby, & every Soul Abby so vilely hates😅🎶

  7. Thank You forever for your most relevant information that is helping to change We the People & ultimately the world in freeing ourselves from the reptilian Babylonian Pharisee Khazar Octogon AshkeNAZI or as they call themselves today, jews.
    As We peel away Ba-El’s rotten onion layers perhaps we’ve becoming more aware than we realize. Perhaps one reason bibles aren’t read so much is due to an elevating subliminal discernment that the Bible as we have it, has been enormously, wholly corrupted, severely edited into a poisoned spear directed precisely into the soul of our being.
    For those of us who’ve had hundreds of years old Bibles to see for ourselves that there is no way in Ba-El hell the current versions reflect its true content but are corrupted jew’ized propaganda to entrain the masses into the jew Death Cult prophesy. In a state of cognitive dissonance, perhaps Christians are fed up with it all.
    The jews have converted Christianity into their Death Cult as represented by his death upon a cross, blood & body consumption as ritual cannibalism, & pray/prey on our knees hands together as bound slaves. Christianity is of the living as you’ve recently articulated. Even Muslims spiral around a massive black cube, symbol of Saturn, Satan, Ba-El, the jew & pray/prey with their heads down & azz’s exposed in symbolic sodomy. Whom among us has not been deceived?
    Here we go now in vilifying Aryans, said to be the 5th root race. Real Whites have zero genetic diseases, Negro’s have only 1, while jews have 112 genetic disease including a host of MENTAL diseases. A White-looking jew cannot be White nor Negro-looking jew be Negro. It’s why jews have inserted into our narrative as ‘vernacular spell-binding’ the identities Black & White, as a tiled floor upon which they walk, to allow the jew to slip in under ‘color of jew law’ pretending to be White, Black, Yellow, Muslim, yogi, Latino, Asian & anything effectively deceptive.
    Nor can the jew be Aryan any more than a jew can be Christian. There is no such thing as jew’daeo-Christian nor any such ‘jew history’, concocted in late 1800’s, along w their Moses & ‘6 million’ memes later inserted by jews, to elevate the jew to Great White European Gentile Christian’dom.
    Just as the jew does today, has always done, cloaked itself to infiltrate, destroy as master-baiting parasites. As their diversions kick into high gear, its now Zionists, fake jews, not Torah jews & most pleadingly “Not all jews” (have we ever head jews say Not all Muslims, Not all Negro’s much less ever Not all Whites?) To this very day ALL JEW teachings say its ONLY JEWS who possess a soul, ok. More like its only jews who possess a “sold”.
    So now it’s the Aryans…. NO, emphatically NOT ARYANS. Why in Ba-El hell can’t ya just call it what it is: JEW?
    Now it’s the Aryan’s who were the extraterrestrial invaders & who’re incessant incestuous inbreeders. Why then are Caucasians genetically disease free, while jews are a genetic cesspool, so much so their god Ba-El must’ve been laughed out of the god clubhouse for his junk. NO, its not anyone else but the JEW itself.
    Thanks & stay sane.


  8. bubbapatric - Agree! Please see post below.

  9. An interesting article.
    Discerning the Mystery: Did Hundreds of UFOs Just Portal into Our Solar System? - Examining the Possibilities of Q Anon's 'Sky Event'

  10. Out of curiosity what is the difference in using the handle "unknown, a follower, wink wink etc..." each of the other handles are just as unknown as unknown, compared to the ones that use their name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Michael Kelley, maybe cuz the "Anonymous" handle can be one or several persons & maybe they've caused problems. Just a guess.
      Sorry as previously said "unknown" earlier & deleted it. thanks

    2. The unknown everyone was so upset with did turn extremely , i guess vulgar a few times. Sad thing is he also had good points on occasion. His temper got the best of him.

  11. robert allenSeptember 28, 2018 at 2:07 PM
    The links I shared above have all the info you will need to catch up. Kim is the Person in charge of the QFS (Quantum Financial System) that is up and running, when the bubble bursts this is the system that will right everything, it is Source oriented and and can tell who is using nafarious intent,and will stop them from access. She has her DNA access to this system. She is in charge of the Kingdom of MANA or the Mana World Trust, which contains all of the Worlds assets. Kim is the sole one and only Trustee in charge of this. In short she has the power to restore Sovereignty to any Nation. Once you have your Sovereignty back, if you start a war you lose all funding from the Trust, as well as your Sovereignty. She and only she can fund any country. She is of Russian royalty bloodline and raised in America. She has been engaged with the Cabal, and limiting their ability to divert funds intended to help the people, humanity. TO understand how and what the Kingdom of Mana is watch this video: or go here:

    So when we read this, does this not also creep you out? Not picking on you Robert, i appreciate the rundown.
    Come on all of you,
    She has her DNA access to this system. She is in charge of the Kingdom of MANA or the Mana World Trust, which contains all of the Worlds assets.
    Can you see this is also opposite of the word of God. The One True God.

    1. Go to Anna's post of 83,000emails sent out and read Kim post I posted. You will get the facts of her agenda. I don't have time to back track for you. I already do way too much posting links and posts trying to enlighten. But the post I posted spells out her responsibilities and who had her position Pryor. Hope that helps. The reason the new Quantum Financial System computer has her DNA is to keep manevalent people from accessing it. Rothchilds etc.

    2. Hope this helps for now.Abby, email me and as soon I as I come across who to contact I promise to send it to you. Peace.

    3. Be sure to let email friend Abby know about your other pssible 'truths' Robert she may have deliberately 'overlooked'😅🎶

  12. Re: "The Tree of Life" - I like this presentation:
    "Take an apple, peel it, cut it into pieces and eat it: this gives you a particular sensation. If you bite straight into the apple, you have a different sensation. Now, go into an orchard, pull the branch of an apple tree towards you, and start biting into an apple without picking it: you can feel how alive the fruit is, and you experience a sense of plenitude and joy. It is the tree itself communicating this to you, because it is linked to the earth and to the sky and draws forces from both.

    This example can be transposed to the domain of love. Imagine a man or a woman who has cut themselves off from the spiritual world – they are like an apple detached from a tree: they have already lost part of their energies and of their magnetism. So when you meet them and love them, what will you be able to 'taste'? You will of course find a few crumbs to eat, but you will not feel that you are linked to the immensity of divine love. But when you love someone who is connected to the Tree of Life, you will feel you are in communion with the heart of the universe.":

  13. robert, I did not see any info or application for funding for humanitarian projects, on the 'think different' site you gave me. Can you tell me where I might find that, how, where to apply and instructions for doing so? Thx.

    1. Sorry. It has been a while since I watched that link. Not sure where to find it now. But when the time comes the opportunity will present itself for those interested. I will watch for it and let you know. My email;

    2. You will need a 10 year business projection to qualify.

    3. Abby here are two of Kim's responsibilities as a Trustee.

      B) To support and fund qualifying private projects for development, infrastructure and humanitarian efforts.

      C) Support research, development and use of new technologies worldwide for the benefit of humanity

      When the Cabal is defeated B. will be initiated. To read the full post of Kim's responsibilities go read Anna's post on 83,000 emails sent out.

    4. robert, ok thanks. I just did not see anything about that on the Site you gave. I was looking for the guidelines and instructions and requirements and the application form etc etc

      Yeah I already read 'the 83000 emails' etc

    5. robert, I wanted to point out that it was stated in one of Kims quotes given, that it said ''money for the Wall has already been sent''. But then just a couple days ago at Trump's Rally (in virginia ?) the crowd was wanting ''build the wall'' and he responded saying yes, but the democrats are holding up funding for the Wall.
      So I wonder what you make of these two contradictions.

  14. Hmmm. So nowa days it seems more and more I see people spewing out so called facts and evidence they just read somewhere that someone said. To me all that means is someone said it. That apparently is a fact isn't it? So can I say I know if what they said is true or false? Can I claim the do not have any evidence? Once and attorney threatened me with that same lame assumption that I had no evidence only knowing what I had said. I mean didn't that Putin guy say a while back that people here focus on sill stuff like what kind of girls a fellow liked twenty years ago or what kind of hat he or she wears or peraps they talk a little funny as though that is evidence of some future action they take. I hear people fear having to put up with elected officials for years suffering under imagined future that does not exist yet. Why not have a system where if people truly do not want a political leader or need to change have a way to fire them or stop them from damaging and harming things if that is the case proven by their actual actions, not what they might do cause they feed their poodle McDonald Burgers and then complain they cannot do anything since they chose to suffer for 8 years or whatever. A simple government like the local kind managed by the actual people doing the living is needed rather than a mess led by news reporters and professional liars. These kind are perhaps blind but are just living off of those who do the actual labor required so people can have food on their plate and a roof over their head. Any idea of killing the neighbors and stealing their stuff should be a clear sign to anyone that things are going very wrong and peace needs restored.

    1. Air Carvings - this may be relevant to your post, which was also posted by Anna in an articles. A real inspiration in any case.
      The Mexican Town That Kicked Out Politicians And Started Over (HBO) 5:44

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. "When cabal is defeated"
    From my understanding that is what is holding everything up, so called reset, med beds, 0 energy devices, The Golden Age etc...


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