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Saturday, September 29, 2018

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  1. Thank you Paul, Anna, and all the support for this! .........

    I largely endorse this effort! One consideration that I have is in regards to the term "Slavery". Although I can't make a final analysis of this right in this very moment I do invite dialogue and especially concerning who the intended audience is for this message. When I know what the thinking is in this regards I can probably present a more complete comment.

    Looking forward to the possibility of "dialogue". IMO - No great advancement is possible without dialogue.

    Thank You!

    1. Je~ichael, Every person born in this NOW is the target audience. But The willful enslavement of humanity goes back throughout the ages.
      Any individual held by enslavement is, by definition,a slave. Is it a harsh word? Yes. Is it accurate? Absolutely.
      Understanding this, please become part of the end of ALL slavery.

      Peace be with you.

    2. The spirit of this seems generally good however the semantics (IMO) are debatable. If people are essentially volunteering into governmental-type jurisdiction/s then IMO it is "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude". And if it is all based on the BC registration then the issue appears to be more a matter of fraud and usurpation, probably coercion and in some cases under threat and duress.

  2. Anna & Paul, I've been waiting for a great add from you all. That is exactly what I've been wishing for, awesome, wonderful a masterpiece. Thank you all so much I'm so happy! Ofcourse Jerry Day couldn't of said it better!


  4. Just a CAUTION! I clicked on the link and was watching the video and about half way through the video started breaking up. I was using Firefox to view within the webpage as opposed to on YouTube. I lost control of my mac and firefox and had to re-boot. The hackers have found the page and if Anna was not in the right ball park, that would not have happened. Take heed and peace to all!

  5. When a company is found to have sold the public a faulty product which has caused much harm, a CLASS ACTION suit is filed and a halt simultaneously placed on the sale of that HARMFUL product.
    Never have I seen anyone come forward and try to get all americans to fight against that harmful product on any individual basis. Nor have they ever simply informed the public of that faulty product and then leave it at that. OR provide them with a lengthy and cumbersome ''to do'' list as a means to dissolve the problem.

    So can anyone tell me a valid reason WHY this too is not handled by the filing of a CLASS ACTION suit?

    There is nothing wrong with informing people like this Ad, but such informing has been going on for at least a couple of decades now; it still has not put a tiny dent in the Problem.

    1. Example of working in THEIR courts to get redress: hmmm

    2. I think I have a legal solution to all this after watching the "Kavanaugh Senate Hearing"(or should I say lynching)...!! Let's all claim "Sexual Harrassment by anyone sending us letters from the IRS or Internal Revenue Service and then get the FBI to investigate it.....!! And this time they can't say it's civil, after what we just witnessed.....!!! Its the only charge they care about anymore...!!

    3. Abby, respectfully, are you waiting for this "Media" to inform people of the real facts? You say this has been going on for decades without a dent in the problem but you are also the first to say correcting your status is a waste of time cause of course "Jesus" is coming to clean up the mess. Class action Law Suits, brought in the Names of Decedents lost at Sea. Well that is a joke. We have no Courts of Justice only Courts of administration. What are they administating? Our ESTATES! Who is the Executor? The judge! Because we have no clue who we are. Who is benefiting? The STATE! Why? Because we don't know who we are!

      I spent the last 38 years as a single mother working 10 to 14 hours a day, 5 to 7 days a week. I was so distracted by the desire to take care of my children that I was uninformed of the truth. Now I spend every waking moment researching. I have filed my documents despite the costs. I gave up many things to un-volunteer myself from this system. I know who I am and have learned to question everything and no longer consent! I let go of the fence quite happily.

      I know you are waiting for Jesus to fix everything but we only have today. The Now! God helps those who help themselves. I found this site and several others by asking God each morning to reveal the answers. I turned off the Boob tube 7 years ago and started reading in my spare time. As I approach 60 next spring I have much more free time as my knees can no longer tolerate 10 hour days. I welcome Jesus but I also ask for the strength to stand strong against evil today if it's not his time to come fix this mess. You speak with such confidence that Jesus is coming, a very positivery outlook. Why then do you throw out such negativity at those of us who need to find solutions to this debacle, yesterday?

    4. James P - I agree, and the Dems have used the "sexual harassment" card with so much disrespect and contempt they have made a laughing stock of themselves,their 'party' and the laws designed to protect people from 'Sexual Harassment'
      Same with their passage of VAWA under Clinton in 1995. Mentions Men negatively 22 Times. Destroys lives of children. Financed in large part by the vermin who run the Fed reserve and dis the BC's. The Talmud people.

    5. Annie,
      Yahusha (Jesus) is the answer daily. He is and has been here, "in the flesh". Our flesh. This is what so many that are 'waiting' for Him do not seem to quite yet grasp.
      Amidst all this chaos, all the confusion, that yes we were warned of, we can find peace. as the world goes on.

    6. Hi Annie. First of all it is a shame that anyone would have to work long hours 7 days a week and it is actually painful and exhausting for me to even read that.
      Now you have been sold the idea that filing papers of all kinds is ''the answer' and will cure the ills of all that. But unfortunately, that is just not so, and I just happen to have the uncanny insight to see and know it is not so.

      I take it that you have not fully digested all of my Comments over time, because if you had you would know precisely where I stand on things. For instance, I have said that Jesus will Return, but only After he has poured out his Wrath and wiped OUT all this mess. I also have stated that I have no idea exactly when that will happen, but that we are now in that general Time.

      Ive also stated many times that this rabbit hole is far far deeper than what anyone wants to fully realize, and is so entangled that it is impossible to ever untangle. So ultimately, all this paper work and all the efforts put forth to get freedom of the people back, is an impossibility.
      That is my well thought out summation After careful analysis of ALL the aspects of this conundrum. The Truth is not always pretty but you will all come to realize it is the Truth.

      I also fully realize that most people do not like the Truth, and don't want to face Reality, and so they choose to say that I am ''always being negative''. Instead, look at it like this: Promoting false pipe dreams that have no reasonable foundation, is going to be a huge letdown when they all come to no fruition.

      I am not ''sitting around doing nothing waiting for Jesus to come fix everything'. I simply know that Man is never going to fix anything, and I simply know what Jesus is going to do. And I happen to know that He is NOT coming to fix anything for this very mass of Mankind that is swamped itself in such unspeakable corruption. Perish that thought.
      What he is going to do is wipe it all off the face of the earth, and then start all over Anew. And who will be partakers of that New Start, depends on where one stands Now.

      A thought to consider: IF this was fixable, and considering that Anna has all the vast knowledge she possesses, along with knowing many in positions she could deal with, who would be the appropriate ones to make contact with, who to work with etc etc - - and having been at this for decades, Yet has not gotten a whole lot accomplished, then what makes anyone even think that filing papers and reclaiming any part of your self, is going to hold any real water? Few have listened to her; what makes you think You will be listened to with your fistfull of papers?

      Each of us is free to do whatever they want; it is not my business what others do, but neither is it anyone elses' business what I do, or don't do. I just do not expend myself without seeing proof that I will get personal benefit from ANY efforts I put forth.

    7. a follower, Zech 14:4 'And his feet shall stand in that Day upon the mt. of Olives which is before Jerusalem.........'

      So He is not physically here yet, but will be at some point in time which cannot be far off, since this world is in 'perish mode' lol.
      This means the world is not going to go on as it has been,but will get a total renovation which it is in bad need of. I say bring it on, enough is enough.

    8. Great Annie!
      I know you are waiting for Jesus to fix everything but we only have today. The Now! God helps those who help themselves. I found this site and several others by asking God each morning to reveal the answers. I turned off the Boob tube 7 years ago and started reading in my spare time. As I approach 60 next spring I have much more free time as my knees can no longer tolerate 10 hour days. I welcome Jesus but I also ask for the strength to stand strong against evil today if it's not his time to come fix this mess. You speak with such confidence that Jesus is coming, a very positivery outlook. Why then do you throw out such negativity at those of us who need to find solutions to this debacle, yesterday?"

    9. It is simple to answer that question. Read Anna's page and articles and then come back and ask it again i you still don't get it.
      A class action lawsuit against them would be heard in. . . their courts. . . so how could it possibly come out in our favor?
      Pretty simple, really. . .


  6. AlertBAHWx71_Z9.png
    The Time to Fight is Now! VOTE THEM ALL OUT (RED OCTOBER)
    29 Sep 2018 - 3:04:05 PM
    TWITTER has been given the green light to blanket censor all content deemed to threaten their SURVIVAL [election].
    GOOG - FB will follow.
    Welcome to the POLICE STATE.
    Swamp Labeling Brett Kavanaugh a Conspiracy Theorist
    29 Sep 2018 - 1:35:03 PM

    [1:02:40 - 1:03:35]
    Q includes recent Trump tweet☇

    1. How is it possible to vote Them out? Democrats, Republicans different piles of SHIT. That is their system not mine. All corporate! In Delaware the Sheriff is just a flunky for the Municipal STATE. We vote in corporate elections as shareholders. I never got my share since 1977. As an American I am not eligible to cast that vote. my trade name is no longer on their roles.

    2. I haven't voted in 8 years....but as Anna says if u do vote🎶

    3. ImI in my 50's and Never registered to vote,I knew back then something was wrong.


  8. 09-29-2018, Part I: “'Hello there y'all!' I'm just trying to wrap my head around Anna's great, positive and Just Solutions here, as I'm just a humble 'neewbie' here in several area's of this great (Internal') struggle for real Freedom from ALL of these / those 'Corporate - Inc's.' ('Actors') who are masquerading as being 'for the People, by the People,' etc. With both of those (problem's) being our 'Elected' and 'non - Elected' (e.g.: those mostly "ignorant Employee's" of those Corp. 'Actors', who don't seem to even understand or even care about the basics of the u.S. / State Constitution(s) even...?!?) Those 'state' and 'federal' governments whom take away our Rights as a matter of 'just doing Business,' every day, etc. I've 'fought' Traffic Infractions in 'their' Court's and have had some 'mixed' results. When you tell a ('state') Judge ('Magistrate') in 'open' Court that he's/she's in charge of a Criminal Proceeding here, (ONLY) and that they have no SMJ, and that the ('state') Prosecutor and/or the Asst. Prosecutor also have NO SMJ, nor do the State, County, City Police who pulled you over and 'Issued' you the 'Summons' (A 'Traffic Infraction' / 'Summons' is NOT a Crime!) in the first place have also broken the Law via their own Legal Definitions of same: as they also have NO SMJ ('Subject Matter Jurisdiction) or 'In-Personum' Jurisdiction, AND that you're in Criminal Court, (illegally!) and NOT a 'Traffic Court,' (etc.) and that you're ONLY there via a 'Special Appearance' to NOTIFY them of the Law(s) and that you are NOT Granting to them in any way, any 'Jurisdiction,' and that they MUST 'throw out' the (alleged!) 'Case' entirely, you usually get 'Ignored' and/or 'Marginalized,' or even called a 'crazy Independence nut-case,' they (usually) still slap you with the 'Fine,' and/or threaten you as well... But, my eyes where really 'opened' at one point when I went to the local Library and looked up the 'MV Code,' and (FYI) in CT it's 'Title 14,' I believe...

  9. 09-29-2018, Part II: Obviously, I found out by REading all of those 'Laws' that I'm not an 'Operator,' nor am I a 'Driver' who 'Drives' or Operates' a 'Motor Vehicle,' as those are ALL Defined as 'Corporate Actors,' (in their own right) using the 'Public' roads and highways, (of which ‘we the people’ actually own!) for 'private, CORPORATE gain,' of which none of us do when we are PERSONALLY and PRIVATELY 'Traveling' in our own 'Automobiles' (e.g.:) when we are all doing all of those things that we have a RIGHT to do FREELY in our own private lives, all done while we are (under the Articles of Confederation and our state - federal Constitutions) living, working, breathing the free air (‘under God!’) and while we're 'pursuing happiness,' and while we’re ALL 'self-governing' our own 'actions,' and we’re NOT breaking any 'Criminal Statutes,' nor 'committing' any 'Crimes' and so on... When I looked up those Legal Definitions (‘Driver,’ Operator,’ ‘Motor Vehicle’) in the CT State MV Code, it's obvious that they ONLY Apply to other 'Corporate Actor's (“’Operating’ in ‘Commerce’”!) AND when you turn to the 'flyleaf' pages in the Front of ALL of those Statute Books for the State Legislature’s: you WILL Discover that they've put a small 'c' inside of a circle, like this: ‘©’ and that that means that they've 'Copyrighted' the very 'Statute Law Books' that we're supposed to able to read and use 'freely' because they're (supposed to be) 'our Representatives’ living in a ‘FREE’ state within the u.S.A.,' etc! It also means (Proves to me!) that the State Legislature and that the ‘STATE’ itself is a ‘CORPORATE BUSINESS’ and as that as such they're ‘OPERATING’ and have made EVERYTHING into a 'STATE' CORPORATE Ownership (thingie) which is FOR SALE ONLY; AND THAT ALL FINE'S, FEE’S, PENALTIES, CHARGES, TOLLS, PARKING FEE’S, TAXES are ALL CORPORATE BUSINESS COSTS OF DOING CORPORATE BUSINESS WITHIN THEIR " CORPORATE BUSINESS JURISDICTION" AND THAT IT’S NOTHING MORE AND NOTHING LESS!!! In other Words; they treat EVERYTHING as IF it's a CORPORATE BUSINESS TRANSACTION, NO MATTER WHAT it really is in the fullest 'Truth and in Reality' of OUR lives; and that ALL of our Private, Personal Lives are being CHARGED EVERYTHING THAT THEY CAN 'GET AWAY WITH' (Lying, Cheating, Stealing from ALL of us!) AS IF WE ARE ALL CORPORATE (‘ACTORS’) ENTITIES AND BUSINESSES?!?!? AND THAT; - it's ALL taking place right under our very Noses, as they know that NONE of us ACTUALLY READ the Law(s) AND all of the Legal Definitions and understand what they're really doing to us every day of the Year, day in and day out...!!! -jbm

    1. JB, you have made some of my point; they will just ignore us and end up paying the fine anyhow. That is just how it really is, unless you happen to get a judge who is not very sharp, or ?
      I totally agree that it stinks and is unjust any way you look at it; sickening.

      I had a troubled attorney tell me outside the traffic court once a few years ago 'you are better off to just pay the fine and save yourself a whole lot of trouble that will be far worse than the fine'. He was inferring that by bringing up some of this stuff, you risk being handed a mandate for a Mental Evaluation 'till you realize your error and come to your senses'.
      I had asked him this question after I overheard him talking to his client and I could tell he knew the courts were rigging everybody and did not like it.
      Also nearly a couple decades ago we had our hometown lawyer tell us 'its just a game, to them its just a game' and he had a look on his face that told us he thinks the System is really stupid; he too had a degree of pure disgust with it all, but he had inherited his dad's long time well known Firm so he was sort of born into his career there.

    2. Well, if u told that police officer about your crazy end timer nonsense while trying to get of paying a fine or something...& u did it with anger...police folks r obligated to info u of your potential for needing an evaluation of sorts😅

  10. ▶ Truth, Honor & Integrity show Statement | Truth, Honor & Integrity show Statement

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. 30 September, 2018 14:45
    CLARIFICATION: Statement of support for President Trump and clarification of her position, from Kim-Possible



    I have just had this video sent to me by an associate of mine and I feel I need to address this, not only to anyone who may or may not listen to this, but directly to President Trump and the United States Government.

    Over the last several months, I have been working with several associates to assist President Trump in “draining the swamp”. I am in complete support of the President of the United States Donald J. Trump for his brilliant plans and strategies in restoring the United States to its former glory. I was born in the United States and have watched the deep state, the Chinese Elders, the Rothschilds, and all those that associate with these people, tear this country apart. I was elated to see President Trump elected and actually carry through on his promises to rid this country of the deep state.

  13. Continued;
    To be very CLEAR, I have NEVER EVER had a conversation about working for the United States Government, and DEFINITELY never ever made a statement about being or running for President regardless of who is in office.


    My “job” as trustee, signatory, custodian, and principal is;

    A) To support the governments of the world in returning assets back to the countries plus dividends which were stolen or taken by my predecessors. We do NOT force any government to take assets nor attempt to direct in any way nor govern over any country including the United States. To be clear, I do not now, nor have I ever, nor will I ever, work for the United States Government.

    B) To support and fund qualifying private projects for development, infrastructure and humanitarian efforts.

    C) Support research, development and use of new technologies worldwide for the benefit of humanity.

  14. Apparently, Thomas William's did a piece which I heard and it was misinterpreted by a you tube channelled. Thus this post.

    D) Assist any government worldwide in the restoration of its own Sovereignty.

    E) Chinese Elders, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Clintons, any and all “Dragon” families were FORMER TRUSTEES. As a Trustee, they are NOT an owner. They were supposed to “do a job” for my predecessors. My predecessors and I DO NOT share the same views; therefore, I DO NOT support any of the former trustees for that same reason. They are STILL trying to claim they have assets but they do NOT. They have no access to the Trust. Therefore any member or former member of any government (including the United States) any member of the above organization are NOT representative of myself and are constantly making promises, not only to you, but to all those reading this AND to the governments of the world. They have ZERO intention on following through on these promises.

    F) I AM NOT involved, nor is THE TRUST, in any kind of “new currency” for the United States nor any other nation nor any type of “Global Currency Reset”. If the United States Government wants to change their currency that is their decision, not mine, and DEFINITELY not China’s nor any Chinese/Asian/Dragon elders.

  15. Continued;
    To be clear, I do not share Mr. Thomas William’s views, nor have we ever discussed the Trust nor myself serving as any type of interim government. I do not support ANYONE trying to overthrow any government nor head of state anywhere. I have no intention of perpetuating the “One World Government” with a “One World Council” which is currently being attempted by the former trustee group, including the Chinese Elders, Dragons, Rothschilds, etc., It is my sole intention to disburse the assets in the trust and restore sovereignty.
    Unfortunately, Mr. Williams has made a public statement suggesting an overthrow of the United States Government, which I cannot in any way support. Therefore, as of this day 30th of September 2018, I can no longer associate with Mr. Williams in any way.

    Please be advised this is my public response to a very public statement, I do hope everyone understands, although, this statement was not made by me (not in public nor private).

    Mr. President Trump, #MAGA!

    Kim “Possible”
    aka Kimberly Goguen

    1. robert,where did Kim post her statement; in case anyone asks where they can read it for themselves, directly. Thx.

    2. Abby, where all posts concerning intel,Kim,and Mana World Trust are posted.

      Scroll down to 30 September, 2018 14:45
      post tap and it will come up.


      Is her web site.

  16. The Thomas post above is his clarification of the you tubers misinterpretation of his comment. When I listened to his broadcast it was clear that it was his preference in a scenario of should the cabal succeed in getting rid of Pres.Trump that maybe Kim should take over but that she had not suggested this it was only his opinion.

  17. In addition to this sad situation,one good thing is that now you have a clear statement of Kim's intentions.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. One good thing that has come out of this,now,Anna and her followers has it straight from the horses mouth, of what her I intentions are.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Sounds like a French illuminati to me,lol.
      See Anna things do come full circle,meaning now that you made slanderous statements,it has now come back to bite you in the ass. This is the real Kim,not French Illuminati , or Virgo triad, or associate of the people you are supposed to be against.

    2. My philosophy is that the universe does things for you,not to you.

  20. And the people you can trust. It is ashame that one you tube with an baited headline could cause this situation.

  21. Still a lot of people seem to jump at baited headlines, like certain kinds of bait catch certain kinds of fish. Funny though that despite many actual complaints, comments, accusations with plenty of evidence made toward you tube or news biggies and the like seem to bounce right off of them, having little if any effect. I recall when google and paypal and the other current biggies were small and hardly anyone even knew about them. Now rather than have healthy competition, new creation and competition, the biggies seem embedded like "The History Channel" "Time Magazine" "Google" and so on. Is it cause that's what people want? Either it is or people are just having fun at the circus ( or not having fun) and cheering for certain vendors, making them big big big and supporting monopolies and of course footing the bill putting in the lions share of the work and sacrifice for the making of such mass societal events without a care who is really on the take or in charge. Being an order follower is easy until your excuse "My boss said I could do it" fails you and you must answer for your own actions.

  22. Thanks for the update Robert. Where does this leave Thomas Williams? Is he out in the cold or is he trying to work something out w/Kim?


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