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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Adam's Punishment

By Anna Von Reitz

You remember the Book of Genesis account of the Garden of Eden story---- Adam, Eve, Serpent, and Apple?

I've brought this to everyone's attention before, but it is time to do it again----

Okay, the Serpent has worked his typical half-truth deceit, lied to Eve --- you won't die......right away...... and Adam and Eve have eaten the apple and the Lord Almighty has, of course, figured out the whole situation.

It is now Judgment Day in Eden. What happens?

The snake is condemned to crawl on his belly in the dust for the rest of his days and his children and Eve's children will be enemies ever after.

Eve's child-bearing risk and pain is greatly increased. She is stuck with being attracted to that lunk-head, Adam, and forced to serve him.

Both the serpent and Eve take their lumps in silence. They accept their guilt and their punishment.

Adam is the only one that whines and blames Eve for his sin--- and God doesn't pronounce that same kind of judgment and specific punishment for him. This is because Adam punished himself.

Let me explain---

What happens when you abdicate responsibility?

You lose the rights that went with the responsibility.

Adam lost the keys to his kingdom, his peace, the balance of his mind, and his eternal life -- not because he sinned -- but because he failed to accept responsibility for his sin. He lied about it and became subject to self-delusion and death and helplessness instead.

Eve and the Snake, however, passed the test.

They both accepted responsibility and the right to rule.

So here in the very beginning of the scripture is also the end of it. It is in Genesis that the entire secret is revealed: Adam can accept responsibility for his sins. Even now.

When the men of this planet accept their responsibility for their sins all the blaming and the delusions and the unending punishment can stop.

Jesus accepted responsibility for everyone else's sinning and forgave it. Like Eve and the snake, he did so in silence, not blaming anyone.

That is how Jesus overcame Adam's sin and became the King of Kings--- not as a sacrifice, but as a ruler who accepted all the responsibilities of being King, and who earned all the rights that go with them.

So then, let us follow after Him, Our King, resolved to pass the final test and soldier on, no longer blaming anyone else, no longer being deluded, and no longer needing to deceive anyone.

We, too, can overcome.


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  1. If people would spend alittle time researching the truth it would set them free. It's more than a scripture.

    1. Aw... I just think your looking for an issue to argue about with someone dumb enough to buy into your gig. Sure sound like a superior being to me... yep everyone ought to follow you. You're making an awful week case for the front you are pushing.

  2. I am grateful to read this message now! The keynote of accepting responsibility for our deeds (including all our "misdeeds") does free us. That indicates an inherent truth in self acceptance. Evil (according to Jung) apparently comes from the denial of our shadow.

  3. King James Bible
    And he said, Take heed that ye be not deceived: for many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and the time draweth near: go ye not therefore after them.
    Note it says "MY NEW NAME "
    Revelation 3:12 12The one who is victorious I will make a pillar in the temple of my God. Never again will they leave it. I will write on them the name of my God and the name of the city of my God, the new Jerusalem, which is coming down out of heaven from my God; and I will also write on them my new name.

  4. What bible are you reading?
    I have never seen anything about an Apple.
    If a person really studies what is said, fruit is not what is being talked about. “It was pleasurable to the eyes” is not talking about food of any kind!

    1. Gen 3:2 and 3 and v. 6 'and when the woman eve saw the tree was good for FOOD and was pleasant to the eye

  5. It is true that Adam failed and did not accept responsibility. Bad boy.

    However, it is NOT true that Eve took responsibility Anna. NO SHE DID NOT. She blamed it on the serpent or did you forget. The serpent did not take responsibility either. He would of lied himself to death if he had been asked the question like a politician does on the witness stand.

    Judgment came AFTER Adam was tested and by failing he gave authority over to the woman and the Serpent which is why Satan is the Prince of this world right now and women rule over men. Unlike what you have said that he is gone. Frank O’Collin made this edict about 5 years ago before you did. Just an FYI.

    99% of men look for a mother in a marriage not a wife. Females always know they are the boss cause men in general are wimps. I know you whole heartily taste and agree with me Anna. See I was a wimp growing up so I know. Very few men are willing to admonish their wives because of the fear of losing them. That’s why this country is lacking men with a backbone today.

    Noah lost the manual to a successful marriage however I found it. You all want to know what it said?

    “Yes dear”!!

    That’s what all women want to hear. Yes dear no matter what culture. Anything other than that is an act of war. You all marry men know this is 100% true and its really comical. This is why Anna as most female have a hidden resentful feeling for their husbands and she unconsciously resolves to call Adam a low witted man. A man with no wits.

    So let me correct you Anna and that you may all learn something special since WE ARE addressing the bible. Why did Adam and Eve fail?? Did they somehow thought God wasn’t looking?

    Here is wisdom no one has taught you. It said:

    Rom 8:20  For the creature (man) was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of him (God) who hath subjected the same in hope, 
    Rom 8:21  Because the creature (man) itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God. 

    And what it this vanity thing that is keeping man in bondage since Adam? This vanity thing King Solomon said “vanity of vanity all is vanity”

    From G3152; inutility; figuratively transientness; morally depravity: - vanity.

    God created Adam created morally deprived for a great purpose. Now I bet most of you have never bother to look up this word and see the truth of the matter. Contrary to would be preachers and teacher Adam was not created an enlighten being. He was a carnal man just like the rest bunch of us. Adam and Eve had no more restrain then any of us today. The law of cause and effect works on all of us moment to moment and spiritual character is lacking we take the path of less resistance. Kill or be kill, survival of the fittest. TILL you have a spiritual awakening. Maybe you are having one now. I hope you all are.

    Woman were created with curves to which men have no breaks! :) So God said be fruitful and multiply and so it has been and here you and I are.

    This is not what I have said or interpret. It is what the Scriptures said. So if you have any dispute about this talk with your Creator.

    Ben-Elyon, man on the land

  6. DEdesign......thank you for correcting Anna about "the blame" issue..for a minute I thought I read it wrong...!! Indeed, Eve did blame the Serpent, so there was only one more person left to blame and it's human nature , starting at a very young age to deny responsibility, when you know damn well there will be consequences for doesn't matter if it's your parents or the courts.....!!! For me I would have been completely happy without "free choice" . But I was never given that choice....EVER!!! Sometimes I think God has an odd sense of humor...!! But it does shed light on the commercial system we have in place today.....instead of "accepting" all charges for value, the courts know ahead of time, it is the most natural thing to deny you did anything wrong, which attorneys take advantage of and plead "Not guilty" for you and thereby bring the wrath of the courts (and God) against them...!!
    And while men may be physically stronger than women, they are pathetic weaklings when it comes to love, or their vision of it...!! It's all conditional to them...they constantly need confirmation of their mates undieing love in order to survive...!!

  7. Anna, sorry, but again you show you are very short on spiritual understanding of the Bible. And throughout all your writings/articles you are trying to go around God and promoting Man as being in charge of all things.
    There are times for having a can-do attitude but Anna you strongly influence mankind that they have no need for God at all. In this, I am afraid you will eventually have to answer to God for that.

    You also demean Men and almost appear to be a feminist by stretching scripture to your own liking; that Eve and the serpent 'passed the test'. NO they did not. None of them passed the test.

    Let me clarify for whosoever will hear: God created Man and Woman as sinless. And put them in the Garden of Eden. Must have been a very lovely peaceful place IMO.
    But it seems God wanted to give Man a choice, whether to do Godly or not. So he created the serpent as well, who represents Satan. I believe God thought surely that Man would so appreciate and enjoy the Garden and the peace so much that nothing would cause them to lose it.

    God gave them just one mandate; just do not eat of this one tree. But they were lied to by the serpent and he beguiled them and they went against God and that was the fall of Man. This was the very FIRST SIN, which was DISOBEDIENCE. God said 'don't' and they went and did it anyhow. That is what disobedience is.
    Disobedience caused the Fall of man and brought chastisement and punishment upon them THEN, and it is still doing the same thing today.

    Anna, your analogy is not at all a good one; and it shows lack of spiritual understanding of Gods Word and His importance to ALL people. It is high time that you learned to put God in the drivers seat, and find your proper position in the mix.
    Surely, by now you must have come to the realization that this bumpy road that you are having, this long and winding road you have been traveling which seems to have no viable successes, may just be due to You trying to play God?
    In your mind you may think you are getting someplace, but in all truth, none of us has seen ANYONE reporting any genuine improvement in their real LIFE. And we certainly have not seen one single person who has ''collected on their Accounts' - thats for sure!

    Anna, I am not here just trying to pick on you, or to fault find, but dang it you ought to start listening to some of your followers here, instead of wanting to be a One Man Show. I've been around here probably in my second year now, and have NOT seen one bit of actual advancement or PROGRESS in the lives of The People.

    People ask a question, get no answer, ask again, get irritated with the dead silence and being ignored, and then get accused of 'whining and complaining'. Now how nonsensical is that, LOL.

    My Remedy is: If ya don't like the 'whine' then start SERVING UP THE CHEESE !

  8. Abby, If you are collecting SSI as many Seniors are, I think this #560 will help. I am doing the steps right as we speak. Anna does warn to read aforementioned info as well. It is a 5 and one half pages of info, short and concise as can be, for Anna. I think I may still have a couple of questions I will post here. Why Anna didn't just suggest I go here in the first place... beyond me. Unknown (who ever that is) was at least helpful in the matter.

    1. robert, no I do not collect SSI. Just ordinary SS. SSI is for folks who are not eligible for SS, and SSI is a handout to those that barely if ever put anything into SS Fund.


    2. Abby,Ok. well #560 is your answer how to correct your political status.
      pretty simple if your BC is in order.

    3. robert, two things. I don't have money for filing and secondly, I don't yet see anything to gain from it. Thirdly, nobody has yet told us how and when to use such papers anyhow.

    4. That is what is at this link, it is self explanatory and shouldn't cost you anything.Just follow the directions. It is simple and consise.less than 7 and 1/2 pages of info.

    5. I believe Anna stated that she was gonna post an article just for me on myself and others on benefits, and that it would not effect them.

  9. Just go here:
    and scroll down to:
    560. How to Correct Your Political Status and Why

    1. Robert- So if you are collecting SS do you have to stop collecting SS to correct your status?

    2. Michael Kelly, when I have a moment I will copy and paste Anna's comment here.

    3. Michael Kelly here it is...
      AnnaSeptember 5, 2018 at 10:21 AM
      It simple. Do you want to be in control of "your" assets, including your SS payments and services, or do you want to be a helpless victim of whatever "the system" decides to give you or not give you? If you own your name(s) and manage your own ACCOUNTS, you have control, not the bureaucrats

  10. Anna, also you are trying to lead people in the opposite direction from what the Word of God says. You are trying to shove blaming ANYONE for ANYTHING, under the rug. You are saying don't judge anyone and don't fault anyone. But the bible tells us TO judge righteously, which mean to say so when we see a sin, or fault, or error or misdeed. Point it out and settle the matter in whatever way necessary.

    Anna, NO we do not just sweep shit under the rug. Not even our OWN shit; in fact we start with our own, first. After that, everybody else is going to get a finger in their face, too.

    How about this for a wake up call: Gods Judgement at the end is going to be ALL ABOUT BLAME. How ya like that, Lol. So we better start with ourselves and our ''fellow wicked man' and get cleaned up here and now; otherwise Theres coming a Big Blame Judgement in the end.

    Saying we shouldn't blame anyone, is like saying 'lets not go around holding anybody accountable for their actions'. Now hows that for an Oxymoronic viewpoint, while you talk about 'eve and the serpent took
    responsibility'. No your scenario shows that 'Eve suffered in silence' and did not take any responsibility. She and they all suffered the consequences of their Disobedience to God.

    And now, here in this Forum, every single issue y'all trying to 'correct' is the result of Disobedience to God on the part of those who created this maze of stupid.

    1. Abby, from my understanding ww are not to judge our brothers as we may not be fully informed of circumstances. God is the judge, yes, but doesn't he want us to ask for forgiveness from him. It's no damn wonder these Idiots were able to take God out of our schools. Nobody is on tge same page. If all God is is wrath then I want nothing to do with him. God is Love first and formost. Have you watched the Movie, The Shack? Believing God wants to punish you and that's it is a heavy burden to carry. All this judgement in the Name of God by men has turned our young people from him. God didn't turn my son from him, judgemental people did and they are quoting the bible with theit judgement. There has to be a better way.

    2. "The Shack" was an electrifying movie for me for while watching it toward the end - my daughter's father from beyond the grave appeared to me to get me to forgive his daughter in the physical (lots to forgive there☻) before she was to die from the extremely painful cancer treatments she took in Georgia (unknowingly to us up north @ the time☇) two Junes ago.

      God is love...🎶

    3. Annie, what you posted shows the misunderstanding of God and the Bible and about his punishments.
      I don't want to get lengthy here, so I will try to explain it. God is both a punisher and a rewarder. He is both a hater and a lover.
      What determines what God does, depends upon what people do. We were all born as a sinner and have need to be turned from that status, over to the status of saint. He has given us the means to do that. He provided the way of Salvation (which gives us the status of saint) by being send by the Father, to be born as a human being like us, and to shed his blood for 'whosoever repents and receives Gods forgiveness of ALL our sinfulness''.

      THAT removes us from the status of sinner TO our new status of saint. It removes us from being punished for our sinfulness, because God forgave us BECAUSE we Repented. There are many many rewards for the saints of God. Blessings of all sorts; the privilege of having our prayers answered; healing; having the Holy Spirit come and reside in us and guiding us, teaching us, speaking to us what God wants to tell us; and above all it gives us Eternal Life.

      So that is the one side of God. And He loves the saints. He loves that which is good, and he also hates that which is evil.
      So ponder that.

      On the other side of the coin, we have most of the world population who rejects the Truths of God, refuses to see their own sinfulness, does not wish to be changed by God by repenting and being saved; they refuse to believe the bible is true and they spend their lives refuting, while they REMAIN in their sinner status, and receive NO benefits from God.

      They stay on the wrong side of God, which automatically puts them on the side of satan. They have had opportunity to change their sinner status to saint status, and rejected it. So, in the end they receive punishment from God for that.

      We could argue this, but when we fully realize that the Father sacrificed his own Son to provide the privilege for sinners to avoid paying that price themselves, by simply facing and admitting their own sinfulness, and repenting, letting God change them, convert them, and living their life from there on,
      in the ways of God.
      Its really just that simple. It is shameful that churchES do not ever seem to explain this. I've come upon it by God leading me to it, and then by studying the bible for myself, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit who explains it as we study.

      God's punishment is also a good thing, because that is what will be 'settling the score' giving us true Justice, serving up punishment to those who have done us ALL such gross injustices and made us the victims of their unspeakable criminal behavior.

      THAT is the very reason why I do not need to dwell on who did what to me and 'they got away with it'. NO they did not get away with anything, because God is yet to have His Day of Justice served upon them. His Judgement is coming and then we who have the status of saint in the eyes of God, will have finally and truly WON the whole battle.

      BUT to be in that ''winners circle' one must first get into the status of Saint. And there is ONLY One Way to do that as I stated above.

      Annie, it is a shame that your son got misled by wrong minded, unlearned people. I would highly suggest that you have a good heart to heart talk with him, explain what I've stated here, as I swear before God Almighty that it is truth. And do not let him throw the baby out with the bathwater. That is exactly what satan wants; do not let him steal your soul or that of your family.
      If you have questions I will be glad to answer them if I can.

    4. Abby I am here too for u if u need answers ♩😃    "There was a claim that a Red Heifer was born back in the 1990s ... but the Messiah didn't show up." Michael Rivero owner of wrh

      Read more: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn!

    5. Annie, God gives those who are in the status of Saint, the obligation and privilege to Judge. We are told to judge all things, but we are to do it in line with the Word of God; not our own opinion or preference or critical tongue. It must be righteous judgement.
      Oh yes, I too have heard the ''don't judge churchy folks' LOL. Hopefully they will take their own advice for themselves, since they obviously cannot even read thoroughly or completely.

      Judging is in Matt. 7 and they see v. 1 saying ''judge not or you will be judged'. And then they close up the book, and stay stupid. But the entire passage needs to be read to get the full picture. And then they would see down in v.5 it clearly says ....FIRST make sure your own act is cleaned up, THEN you are fit to JUDGE.
      (like the old saying goes, the skillet cannot call the kettle black)
      It seems to me from observations, that most people prefer not to judge simply because they don't want the responsibility of studying to become FIT to judge, and because they are bible-ignorant and too lazy to study and get up to par.

      At the same time they are in essence saying ''you are not supposed to judge me, so don't judge me''.......and so they dont ever get held accountable for their actions. I see this no different that the little child who sneaks cookies out of the cookie jar and doesn't want to get caught or discovered, and suffer any consequences.
      It is the job of Pastors to instruct their congregations righteously and to strongly encourage them to study the bible, and to instruct them on HOW TO study it. But they don't and they are going to be held accountable for this grave failure, and it will be HARSH judgement that they are going to suffer.
      And it will be well deserved.
      People have looked to pastors for Leadership, and had a right to expect it, but instead they have been leading them into the ditch by providing ''happy hour of feel good on sunday mornings'. Totally worthless.

    6. Saint Olaf outright murdered 3000 people to become a Saint....

      Yes, future lifetimes is usually the most effective & efficient way for God to balance out black magicians murderous ways🎶

    7. Leland, I have to throw in my version of this and hope it helps. As my inner knowing is instructed, in the beginning God created... and with perfection came the Law (reap what you sow, from dust to dust, death feeds life). It is self perpetuating. God does NOT punish, he teaches us how to attract good ten fold and how to avoid destruction ten fold. In creating perfection he gave us choice, we could not be perfection without it. We have a choice to attract good or what we do not want. For those who want the short course, practice continually being grateful. Being grateful does not require anything but practice and a pure heart and it is self cleaning. Haha, I was just taught that.

    8. Thankful, then you do not know the God of the Bible, for He most assuredly punishes; how else can he be a Just God? How can there be Justice without punishment which is perfectly Just? Are you not familiar with the Godly mandate of being held accountable for one's actions?

      If you have a ''God'' that does not punish wrong doing, then you need to find the Real God.

    9. Leland...i wanted to post this after your comment about the "Red Heifer" but there was no place to comment about it under yours (hint hint Paul)...
      Anyway the " Red Hiefer" that was born here in America did not fulfill prophecy, because the hiefer has to be born in Jerusalem and no where else....Its a billion to one chance of that particular hiefer being born....the Jewish people even tried genetic breeding in order to produce one and failed.....
      But the good news is that a "Red Hiefer" was finally born in Isreal, and almost perfect in everyway..
      SO, the die is cast and the last days are here....!!
      The reason why the need wanted the Hiefer so bad is because they have already built the 3rd temple completely, and all they have to do now is build the temple by just putting all the pieces together, which will gain the attention of the entire world....because it's been built in pieces to be put tohether, this huge temple could be built in 6 months.....!! At least we will get a break from the fact news bashing Trump, which is getting old quick......!!

    10. Fascinating bs imo, but that is the way it is down here with Israel doing what it does best😅,2598

  11. per Anna's ARticle here 'Jesus took responsibility for everyone's sin and forgave it'. Wrong again Anna. You are sending a very wrong message all over the world here. Jesus NEVER took any such 'responsibility' and He certainly did not forgive it all''.

    People have to take responsibility for their OWN sin, by fully acknowledging it in themselves, and Repenting. Like Jesus said in Luke 13:3 ''except YOU repent, YOU shall perish'. And in v. 5 'except YOU repent, YOU shall likewise perish'
    In fact He said it Twice there. So to say that Jesus took responsibility for YOUR sins, then why would he say here that without YOU repenting, YOU will perish?

    Nobody but YOU is responsible for your own sin. Jesus only forgives Repented sin, and even then it must be sincere repentance. Don't get the idea that one can sin and repent, sin and repent,repeatedly in the same sinfulness. Repenting out of one side of your mouth, knowing full well you intend to continue in it, is nothing but foolish mockery. It will not work.
    Jesus shed his blood to set us free OF sin; NOT to set us free TO SIN.

    1. Catholics do it all the time. Go to confession, say a few prayers, wipe the slate clean, repeat!!! We are all.sinners all the time just like God is good all the time. But is it what we think it means?

      From my understanding SIN is an acronym for Social Insurance Number. If we don't come out of HER, Babylon, then we will never go to Heaven.

      I can't quote the Bible verse for verse and I never wanted to shove my interpretation down anyones throat. We were told Jesus died for our sins growing up. I have since learned, take responsibility and not repeat that sin. I believe Anna"s message is to take responsibility. Isn't that the Main issue here?

    2. Confessionals are a false crutch and temporary reliever of guilt, but it is purely a rule of the RCC itself. It is very misleading. As I stated, this sin and repent repeatedly, is nothing but lip service; very disingenuous. Going to confess to some person behind a screen, who has no 'dog in the fight' is useless. That man has no power to forgive anyone, that counts for anything. He is not in charge of heaven. So its The One who IS in charge of Heaven that you need to go to and then you better mean it. He has much to say about hypocrites.

      In this world we ought to take responsibility for our actions; if you have kids, feed them, if you get a traffic ticket, pay it, if you have a job, show up, etc. But one can do all that and still not end up in heaven.
      Thats because those things are 'trying to work one's way into heaven' by 'being good and doing good'. But without Faith, works are dead; of no value when it comes to 'passing thru'.

      'You must be born again, or you will not see the Kingdom of God'.

    3. The Sacrament of Penance was directly instituted by Christ Himself. You can't understand this until your read what Christ's true Church itself has said about it for over 20 Centuries.

    4. Paul, it is not any Sacrament. It is just as The Word says, ''Repent and HE is just to forgive.'' This is what Christ himself has told us, and then had it written in the Bible as teaching/instruction to we who are The Church.
      It does not matter what any organization says, or has said, or will say; what matter is what Christ has said, and we can read that for ourselves.
      Its all about realizing our sin, and repenting of it, and anyone can repent anywhere at any time, at any moment; driving down the road, or going to the bathroom, Lol. In fact that reminds me of my gospel song writer friend who is an ex-catholic who repented in the men's room at his factory job one day. Turns out he is one of the strongest most sincere christians I have ever known.
      Upon his most startling conviction by God, that day, he was saved, born again, and never again attended any catholic church after that.

      I am The Church. (along with that dear friend, and a few others I know personally). No organization or building is 'the church'. The ONLY time one needs to repent to any other Person, is if and when they have trespassed against That Person; and that person only and to God; it is nobody else's business whats between you and them.
      I view priests who hear confessions as nothing but gossip collectors, and I do not believe they keep it to themselves. They have no ability to forgive anyone of anything that does not directly involve them. They do not and cannot speak for God and they certainly do not and cannot stand in His place. There are no vicars especially because He does not need any.
      He Lives !

    5. Actually Jesus is quite dead physically, but his spirit lives on♩

    6. Leland, you continue to show you know nothing about Jesus. FYI..News Alert: He ROSE from the grave on the 3rd Day, walked the earth for 40 days, and then told his followers 'Now I go to My Father, and just as you SEE me Go, you will SEE me Come AGain''.

      He Lives !

    7. Abby u r usually the epitome of ignorance when speaking & writing of spiritual truths imo☇...except when u point out that EVERY Soul has to take responsibility for ALL their actions ETERNALLY...

      Your basic (& perhaps eternal?) flaw is in your reasoning ignoring tbat Soul is eternal for ALL Souls & that includes animals & so forth - of course some animals r more spiritually advance than some humans obviously💙♩💓

      So of course ALL Souls including JC r spiritually ALWAYS around...Just not in the physical human vessel unless invited!

      Life after life we go until we figure this truth out...God is love🎶


    8. Leland, you and you alone are the epitome of all time ignorance. Every time you post your spaced out bullshit, you prove just how damned stupid you are. You also show strong evidence of being a paid Troll, or else you simply enjoy being the devils unpaid Slave, while he leads you straight to the lake of fire where you ARE headed.
      So shut the hell up and stop addressing me. You are FAR worse than any Unknown who was in here. I would take him back if we could trade you off and shove you down a roadside toilet where not even lime will cure the stink of YOU.
      And take that arab girlfriend with you, as she could not be too smart to associate with a hell bounder like YOU.
      Gods Vengeance be upon you, the sooner, the better. Good riddance!

    9. Abby u just revealed yourself to be a black magician wishing harm on one of Jesus missionaries (& God's, too🎶) of non onlybegottenism truths♩🎤

      May the Blessings be💙

    10. Leland, Hell awaits you. You are nothing but a worker for the Devil himself so shut the hell up.

    11. Black magician like u Abby r one of the Devil's favorite types...💚

      God loves ALL Souls dear Abby...even u🎶

    12. To all: God is love and he wants back in

    13. Leland, I just cant resist. Go to hell. That is going to be your eternal home. Get ready. Take your troll paychecks with you and choke on them. The sooner the better. You are taking up space you don't deserve. You work for your father the Devil, and you will end up with him burning in the lake of fire.

    14. My troll paycheck? Is that my soc security monthly starting as of last month or my 40 hour week job for the last 10 years @ Southwest Marriott in Minnetonka, Minnesota?

      For someone who thinks they 'know' Jesus is the onlybegotten...u can be pretty dumb sometimes Abby♩

      May the Blessingz Be🎶💚

  12. Anna concerning,How to correct your political status and why?, I have two BC's. Please do not ask me why. The older one which is laminated(recently caused me all sorts of grief getting my new REAL ID at the DMV) has a BIRTH # 208 and a registrar's # 76-2235 Of course these are not the real number's just an example. NOTE there is NO time of birth on either of my BC's. My mother seemed to remember 1:20 pm as the time, but I wouldn't count on her memory as she wasn't the most together women at that time and I have seven dead step brothers.. On the Laminated one for an Address, it simply says OFFICE of VITAL STATISTICS (certified copy) STATE BOARD OF HEALTH BUREAU OF VITAL STATISTICS/CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH FLORIDA. my point being that this one is laminated by the people who sent it to me, and was not accepted by the DMV because of a(RECENTLY initiated policy)

    The long form paper BC that I had to order through a third party agency, has a STATE FILE NUMBER:208-1976-082195 (also another example) and the website below.(no Address)

    Obviously the long form is not as detailed(copy of the actual BC)like my laminated one. It also doesn't say FLORIDA on it like my laminated copy.SO as you can see FLORIDA ain't got there S__T in order. What to expect from Jacksonville 20 years behind the time (ARM PIT of FLORIDA) I printed the form #56 They have made a change to it, there is no "c" in 7abc just ab. They have added 8. under Section C-Substitute Fiduciary. Part III court and Administrative Proceedings are after that now. 8 Says. check this box if a new fiduciary or fiduciaries have been or will be substituted for the revoking or terminating fiduciary and specify the names and addresses, including the ZIP code of the new fiduciaries. (do I just skip 8?)
    Just need to make sure I am doing this correctly. And can I used my mother's guessed birth time for me even though it is NOT on either BC?
    I am of the opinion my earlier BC would be more appropriate as it looks more official having the Actual State of FLORIDA on it. Also when I mail it Do I use my address in c/o robert Allen?

    I know I have been a kind of pin in your butt, now you know why?
    If you answer this I thank you for the clarity. I may try to find an email address of you to send in case you don't see this. Or maybe someone has the phone number of the LLF, maybe they can answer this.

  13. An added NOTE/they were not efficient in the recording of birth in Jacksonville as my father was going by an alias name which he used on my BC. his real name was never recorded. Making it difficult for mr=e to do any searches on him.My whole family history is all helter skelter. The only one's I actually met were my mother,useless for info, my dad going by an alias, his sister, my aunt a crazy child abuser and useless concerning family history on my dad's side. ARGGGHHH!

  14. Here is the Link to the Living Law Firm, there is a number to call for individual cases.

    1. However this route could cost up to or less than 3000 dollars.

  15. Gees...robert. I think a vacation is in order for you...!!
    I'm wondering if they are already changing things at vital statistics...
    If anyone saw the Senate approval of judge Kavanaugh you could clearly see how desperate the DEMS are was more of an inquisition/ circus....!!!
    They are showing long lines at the DMV because of the new "real ID" they want you to get once you have to renew your license....!! You do have a choice to keep your old "drivers license", but then you cannot get a passport or go into any Federal Building, etc...!! I image the DMV employees are confused as well as to what they are supposed to do...!! The law was inacted and implemented to fast for employees and people both...!!!

    1. This FEDERAL ID was implemented in Delaware many years ago. We have to renew our PERSON every 5 years and I did it 2 years ago so it's been at least 7 years here. We did not have the option to keep the old style. Now I know what's going on I'm working on getting rid of it altogether. I've never operated in comerce and have always been a private travelor. Waiting for the last documents from Lamar County and I will be able to get the correct passport and then the DMV is getting their plastic back. That is my last contract to get out of.

      As far as this article, what I got from it as a summary is if you accept responsibility it will set you free. The bible was written by men with good intent, but there is a lot of blaming going on all through it. Read Paul.

      I am surrounded by whiners of both Genders. They are stuck in victim mode and like the attention they get from it. They will never be self governing.

      If you don't govern yourself somebody else will do it for you and then you can whiNE about it. Vicious circle.

    2. Annie, what documents do you need, in order to get your correct passport?

    3. Annie, is the ID the DMV forced you to get actually says "Real ID " on it or does it say Federal ID....There is a difference....And this one has a star on it...i think it's a star hologram....if yours doesn t say that than you still don't have the new one.....!!

  16. You are correct about the above post on all counts.. I am flying to KCMO next week to visit
    Old friends.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Right now you can fly on an airplane with a regular drivers license, but in the future a real ID will be needed.

  19. Thus the reason I opted for the real ID.

  20. Both the serpent and Eve take their lumps in silence. They accept their guilt and their punishment.

    Adam is the only one that whines and blames Eve for his sin--- and God doesn't pronounce that same kind of judgment and specific punishment for him. This is because Adam punished himself.

    ARE YOU SERIOUS? Eve and the serpent take their lumps in silence? But not man, no man is a whiner and a complainer! Where in the 'world' do you get off?
    Many of us men,(real men) see and understand Adams responsibility in all of this.
    Many men and women along with the snake that can and will reside in them all still do not see nor accept this TRUTH!
    Show me a passage where we can see that satan takes his lumps in humility and silence?
    Eve and the snake earned the right to rule?
    i can not believe any one would see it that way. You see this as a good thing? Let me show you something. It is, was, and can be a curse.
    Woe to the wrong- evil! For the reward of his hand is done to him.
    My people! Youths exert pressure on them, and women rule over them. Oh My people! Your leaders lead you astray, and swallow the way of your paths."
    ISAIAH 3:11-
    Now tell me you can not see this passage and relate it to this world!

    1. a follower, 2 Cor. 4:3 But if our gospel be hid, it is hid from them that are lost
      4 in whom the god of this world has blinded the minds of them which believe not.....

  21. Which is more violent? The Bible or the Quran?
    Number of Cruel or Violent Passages
    Bible 1321
    Quran 532
    So the Bible has more than twice as many cruel or violent passages as does the Quran. But the Bible is a much bigger book. How do they compare when size is taken into account?

    Violence and Cruelty Total verses Percent
    Bible 1321 31102 4.25
    Quran 532 6236 8.53
    When expressed as a percentage of cruel or violent verses (at least as marked in the SAB/Q), the Quran has twice that of the Bible. (8.53 vs. 4.25%)

    Of course this analysis does not consider the extent of the cruelty in the marked passages. And that is an important consideration. Is Numbers 31:14-18, for example, more cruel than Quran 5:34? That is something that each person must decide."

  22. Leland, first of all I can't believe anyone would actually take the time to go through the entire Bible or Quran and count passages that they feel are violent. What a waste of time. The Bible is full of recorded history. History that took place over thousands of years. If you were to watch a documentary of what has taken place on the earth for the past 100 years, look what you would have: Wars , revolution, cruel evil dictators killing their own people, violent crime. It's an everyday occurrence all over the world. I don't think you could say it's bc people are reading the Bible or the Quran. I've known many Moslems and they are pretty much just trying to get by and take care of their families like most of us. There are always the radicals of course in any religion. But so much of the violence in the Bible is just recorded history of wars, or vengeance being exacted on others who had done evil and violence to many. I have never read the quran so I certainly can not comment on it. The crucifiction of Christ is an extremely violent act carried out by evil men against one peaceful man. Just bc it is recording the events that took place does not mean that the Bible in any way condones those acts. There are many, many more verses that condemn violence in every way. But you know anyone who denies that we are living in a world that is full of evil and violence of men against one another is a Pollyann living in some sort of fantasy.

    1. 365 comments on article since it was written apparently in 2006...with the author replying to many. E.T.....Why do u think it is a waste of time for someone to take the time do something that 3 billion Muslims & Christians might have an interest in? Anna has written about 900 plus interesting articles on the path to becoming an American state national. Many could say the same to her & us that follow her?

      I was in Las Vegas when the headline story in the paper was black people could now become priests in the Mormon Church?

      Why was that important in Las Vegas? Las Vegas then was 1/3 Mormon, 1/3 black...And all the porns shops were owned by Mormons then in early 1980's.

      All because Cain killed Able over a

    2. And we aren't even touching on the BIGGEST joke in the Bible as being remotely true history...the insane incest aspects of the Bible r ABSOLUTELY insane otherwise E.T.😅

    3. ETT, you are right on target, once again. Good Comment.

    4. My responses r better dear Abby & continues to be🎤

      The Bible is the holy scripture of the Christian religion, purporting to tell the history of the Earth from its earliest creation to the spread of Christianity in the first century A.D. Both the Old Testament and the New Testament have undergone significant changes over the centuries, including the the publication of the King James Bible in 1611 and the addition of several books that were discovered later.

    5. Hey Leland, I meant it was a waste of time to count passages that one considers violent, rather than study what the whole of scripture is saying. Also Cain didn't kill Abel over a woman, it was envy.
      I wish I could tell you my whole life story here Leland, but that would not be wise. But I will give you a couple insights. By the time I was 16 I had pretty much completely rejected the catholic upbringing I had. It was all phony to me. I had a new religion by that time: sex, drugs and rock and roll. Then one of my best friends was shot and killed by his own brother at age 16. It caused me to be very angry with God, ran out of my house and shook my fist at heaven saying How could you let this happen. I felt as though I had to understand the meaning of life, what was it really all about. My method of searching? Psychedelics. My friends and I would do 4-5 times the normal amount of acid or peyote or angel dust or whatever we could get our hands on to trip. Learned how to leave the body and travel the astral plane, communicate with "Higher intelligences", became aware of the myriad of beings that are all around us in that world that we cannot see with the eyes. Became acutely aware of this world being "synthetic", a created construct in a very odd element that exists only bc this world existed:TIME. I was a "Gypsy of a strange and distant time, travelling in panic all direction blind, aching in the warmth of a burning sun, screaming in the emptiness of where he come from (Gypsy -The Moody Blues).
      Then something happened. I got to the point where suicide seemed the best way out, but I discovered the way out of Plato's cave. I had a "rebirth of the SOUL". I found the way to live in that peaceful higher world without taking drugs. I suddenly could read the writings of the great philosophers and they seemed as simple to understand as if they'd been written to a little child. "A beam of light will fill your head, and you'll remember what's been said, by all the good men this world's ever known" (Melancholy Man-The Moody Blues"). There are many things I can't even write here for many reasons, but my entire life consisted of living in the realm of the esoteric, some of the things you allude to in what you write. When it came to Jesus, I thought myself to be equal to him, that He was just a great teacher who had found the same "wisdom" that I had found, and that I was every bit as much God as he was. I was even told all the time that I looked like Him because I had long curly hair to the middle of my back and a beard.
      Then, through a series of events that took place over about a 6 month period, which became obviously clear to me was being directed by a force much higher than myself, my whole world came crashing down. I used to hitch-hike everywhere I went. Suddenly every person who picked me up began witnessing Christ to me. I would "blow them away" with my great spiritual insight ( or so I thought). Everywhere I went and everything I did there were people and "signs" that kept appearing in my life telling me about Jesus and I just kept arguing. Then 1 night I was out partying all night, (yes I had started taking drugs again), and when I got home in the morning I was walking upstairs to go to bed and there was a knock on my door.

    6. I went down and opened the door and there was 2 girls standing on my porch. They looked as though the sun was shining through their eyes. I thought "these girls are Christians". I opened the door and one of them said, "Hi, we're Christians and we just wanted to tell you about Jesus. They were from Texas, and I lived in Illinois, and they just happened to stop by my house to tell me about Jesus. I didn't even really hear anything else they said. My bubble had popped. I finally realized, somebody is trying tell me something. I went out and bought a Bible, bc I didn't have one. I knew nothing about the Bible. I had tried to read the book of Revelations while tripping on acid a few times, but it made no sense to me, even in that "Higher" frame of mind. So I just opened this Bible to a spot and began reading. It was 1 Timothy 4:1-2 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils; speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared by a hot iron. Then I read this 2 Timothy 3:1-7 This know also that in the last days perilous times shall come, for men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God; having a FORM of gODLINESS,but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. For of this sort are they which creep into houses and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts, ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. WOW !!! This was a perfect description of what and who I was. I was devastated. Soon after I was alone in my room with just that Bible and Jesus appeared to me . I was on my knees, and He stood behind me with a hand on my shoulder. In my spirit I saw Him as a shepherd holding a sheep in one arm, and His staff in his other Hand. He spoke to me these words, Which destroyed my entire philosophy of life. He said "I AM JESUS, I AM GOD, ALL THESE THINGS YOU'VE BEEN INTO ARE OF THE DEVIL." He showed me a review of my life, like people speak of who have near death experiences. He showed me how He had been there leading me all along, and had led me through all I had been through. He showed me how every minute detail of my life had led up that moment I encountered Him, and that it was all necessary to bring me to that place. I accepted Him as my Savior and Lord, and accepted His forgiveness and gift of eternal life. He had pursued me, and overtaken me, and I simply could not resist, it was too hard to continue kicking against the pricks.

    7. The real point I want to make to you here is this. In all of this I had the experience first, before I had the knowledge. I had never heard of Terrance McKenna before I tripped on psychedelics, but years later read his works, and said wow, that's exactly what I experienced. I had never read Plato's allegory of the cave until I got to college and took a philosophy class, but realized, hey that's exactly what I experienced. My experience of salvation took place before I had ever read about anyone else having that experience. I was raised catholic, and they have no such teachings. I only knew a couple people who were Christians and to me they were just Jesus-freaks, small-minded people in my opinion. All of that happened over 40 years ago. I could not possibly tell you how my entire life He has proved over and over and over again His faithfulness and that His Word is truth. He has done the miraculous in my life, has led me when I had no clue what was taking place, even saved my life in an incredible accident where I most likely would have been killed, "but I cried out to the Lord, and he rescued me from all my troubles."
      Jesus never formed a religion or even a church. His "church" is a spiritual body made up of those who live by the FAITH OF THE SON OF GOD. They may go to a church building or belong to a certain religion, or not. That is not what identifies them. Jesus Himself, with the claims he made about Himself, would have been laughed off the pages of history as probably the craziest person who ever lived, if He were not alive today and revealing Himself by His Spirit to those who truly seek the truth with an open heart and mind.


      May the Blessings continue💗

    9. Thank you E.T.
      Can relate some of this is also my experience.

    10. ETT, I can relate, lol, I especially can relate to being chased down, hounded, nagged, pressured, every which way to get my attention; made me so uncomfortable I couldn't stand it - - even got me a job at an engineering firm which I was not qualified for, hired on the spot. Then hired a young engineer when we were not hiring; but he was sent there to speak to me, just happened to be married to a pastors daughter, etc.
      All the right things were said, I asked questions I had never thought of or cared about. That was over 40 yrs ago and I will never forget it. I just never thought to write down the date at the time. But 1975 in the springtime.
      None of it was my idea, or my seeking. And I had no special problem at the time. In fact God had me well established beforehand; lived in an excellent neighborhood in a very nice townhouse, and a good job.
      Its a very long story, and an even longer one since then. But suffice it to say 'when you KNOW, you KNOW' and there is no doubt about it.
      You are correct; IT happens before any knowledge of anything. Learning comes afterwards as then you have the Holy Spirit to give understanding of what is being read.

    11. E.T......was it "purple microdot" or would you recommend a better one....!! P.S....I don't want a 12 hr "bad trip"....!!!

    12. ET's favorite Moody Blues tune before he became perhaps another foolish, but peaceful end timer unlike Abby?❣🎶

      "Legend of a Mind"

    13. James, sorry I can't recommend any of that. You're too old for that anyhow...LOL.
      Leland, actually Question was my favorite, but of course loved Legend of a mind, the original version wrapped in The House of Four Doors, between the 3rd and 4th door.
      But Leland, Really? Foolish? The fool hath said in his heart,"there is no God". And then there is this one that smacked me right between the eyes when I thought I was such a wise man: For the wisdom of this world is foolishness to God.

    14. End timers philosophy is quite foolish ET & perhaps negates much of your hard earned 'truths' imo♩

      "Question" indeed still a GREAT song. Last saw the groups day after Paul Wellstone was murdered (& after I interacted with the Wellstone couple @ the annual Juneteenth here in MINNESOTA that year as well....Yes for them it was 'end times' apparently ☇)

    15. Justin Hayward ^ also sang this favorite 'end timer' song💗

      Forever Autumn

    16. Leland What an incredible talent Justin Hayward is. Did you know that the original Moodies put an ad in a newspaper for a lead singer/guitarist and Justin Hayward answered the ad. Ray Thomas said it was like they stuck in their thumb and pulled out a plum.
      What about Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush...ever listen to them? If you're from Minn. you probably have. I need to start posting some of Franks stuff on here, been wanting to for a while. His music is the most pertinent to what is discussed here. But then he is also one of those end-timers you speak of.

      "When it is evening you say, it will be fair weather for the sky is red. And in the morning, it will be foul weather because the sky is red and lowering. O you hypocrites, you can discern the face of the sky, but can you not discern the SIGNS of the TIMES?

    17. Minnesota band that was our favorite growing up...

      Gypsy first album with some national hits🎶

    18. My favorite of Gypsy later hits u might still enjoy ET♩

    19. Yes I'm very familiar with Gypsy...seen them in concert even. You familiar with Frank Marino/Mahogany Rush

    20. As u might see my comment on seeing Gypsy band twice in last post link...My former end timer Mensa buddy was a sound engineer for many Minnesota music groups back then (& musician, too) & did recall your favs....He suggested they were related to British progressive rock Wishbone Ash music & is currently checking in you tube to see what he remembers of them🎶🤗

    21. Leland, Frank & M H are Canadian. You could not forget Frank if you'd ever seen him. I'll put this one up there for you. You could find others. Just want you to listen to his incredible guitar work. I saw them in 75-6. Read the comments on any of his videos, you'll see what his fans think of him. Awesome, down-to-earth guy too. Use to email with him some. He used to be on message board on his website and would answer questions about a myriad of things. Smart, informed, super talented. This guy wrote, played and produced his first album at age 16.
      I vote this song for the official theme song of this blog.

    22. Not exactly my style of favorite music in general these days...

      Beethoven 9th Symphony 4th movement Choral is, however 😍

    23. And ANYTHING Sissel sings like she dix in this old 34 second clip for Titanic 🎶

    24. Wrong Sissel "Titantic" link^😶💓

      Can't find it now so here is Sissel doing 1:30 in Titantic movie🎶 💙

    25. You lost me there threw in that Gypsy to throw me Ever heard of Loreena McKennitt...awesome stuff

    26. "Leading NY rabbi says opposition to Israel is ‘litmus test’ for Jews participating on left, and that’s anti-Semitic

      US Politics 

      Philip Weiss on September 14, 2018 49 Comments

      My brother's rabi😅 "

      Old text message to my NYC brother:

      "My landlord & I were talking about your beautiful rabbi/cantor tonite - played her "Somewhere over rainbow" song on you tube which he liked & don't ask me how this subject matter came up, but my landlord couldn't believe this below quote🎹😂"Eric Clapton had been thinking of buying a racing bicycle and was discussing it with Ginger Baker, when a roadie named Mick Turner commented, 'it's got them Disraeli Gears', meaning to say 'derailleurgears', but instead alluding to 19th Century British Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli."Jul 3, 2009 🚵"

      ET ~ I introduced Loreena McKinnett awesome music to my dear older brother over 15 years ago🎶

    27. That's awesome! I first heard her on C2C with Art Bell about that same timeframe. She's another incredible talent.

  23. There is so many energetic expressions converging Now!!! Awe-mazing Now time INdeed to choose to See and Be In alignment/in tuned with!!!

    Fascinating interview from 1899 with Nikola Tesla for those open to deeper considerations and Source connection:

    Much Love, Gratitude, Peace Be Now

    1. Ive never ever seen a time as the Time we are now in; people are now at their peak of ''fedupness''. And it is not going to improve; there is absolutely no reason to think we will ever go backwards from here. This is not mere opinion, nor do I wish it to grow worse, but the Evidence is all right in front of our noses. Some choose to face facts while others choose to go hide in their mental fantasies. Like it or not, we are already well into the battle between good and evil; for awhile evil will win out, or appear to. But THEN .......wait till you see how this all ends up.

    2. 😂    "There was a claim that a Red Heifer was born back in the 1990s ... but the Messiah didn't show up." Michael Rivero owner of wrh

      Read more: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn!

  24. Patriot, now THAT is a big mouthful of Whining, actually the biggest in all this entire Blog. The majority of us are simply asking questions and pointing out what is amiss in here. Who made You Gatekeeper of the Blog?

  25. ANNA-
    "Adam is the only one that whines and blames Eve for his sin--- and God doesn't pronounce that same kind of judgment and specific punishment for him. This is because Adam punished himself."
    Also wrong. Lies are misleading. Lies of ommision? i would encourage your readers all "53 million" to search for the Truth themselves.
    Did Adam blame Eve? Adam recounted the events as did Eve when she 'naturaly'pointed towards the serpent saying, "The serpent decieved me, and I ate."
    So perhaps by telling the Truth in the way that they did was wrong? Perhaps they each should have owned it? Instead of casting the blame to satan (empowering him) take him out of the equation? Repent!
    Bottom line is ' both' were punished! Both did wrong! We are in this together. There are whiners and complainers all around. Men and women
    As far as punishment goes,Yes the men were punished, and if men and women are one (married) we are in this together as one. Are we not? Do you think it is easy for a man to
    see his wifes pain, in childbirth or otherwise? A living man. One that has not been zombiefied by this world.
    A real man, a true man. Do you think a woman does not see a working man or a man's pain? A woman a real living woman. One that has not been zombiefied by this world.

    Repentance remains the only way back, 'True' repentance for everyone, men and women.
    Satan, Lucifer, the serpent, the dragon has been judged, there is no turning back for this entity. Remember?
    Be vigilante. All of you.

  26. Patriot 58
    Leave the matrix?
    You do not. If you are in a group you will always be in some sort of a matrix.
    Do you think in Anna's kingdom there will not be a pecking order? a matrix?
    Do you think there will be no whiners and complainers?
    Should people be aware or alarmed even that Bible scripture is being used improperly or twisted to promote a rising kingdom?
    As far as her own money, you evidently have missed the numerous pleas for money here at the old granny needs shoes sight.
    Yes i am aggravated.
    Some of us do not buy into the snake oil salesman and we are attempting to show you untruths. That is all.
    False hope is not hope.
    Ignorance are those who refuse the Truth.
    Did you notice the other day when a piece of mail addressed to Jas not James had Anna in an uproar? We never heard if this was a True Bill that they owed. Yet, how was the reader led to think, to believe?
    i myself have received so much mail, in so many names close to mine (mispelled) etc. Even received mail with my dead grandparents names.Grand parents that were dead before i was alive. Had a list of names at the courthouse, listed as aliases. Middle name first, sons name etc.
    Is it a giant conspiracy???
    Welcome to the modern era of Tech and confusion.
    The key is, in this world PAY YOUR dang BILLS if YOU own them!Go fight if you do not.
    Don't let the bank trick you into paying your entire bills. What a crock and a lie.Did you make the deal?
    The world owes you nothing.
    If at all possible, Try not to be a purposeful drain on society.

  27. Anna,
    "53 million people worldwide read my postings each week.
    That's roughly six times the population of New York City."
    That is an amazing statistic and i must wonder how many of these 53 million have donated to you and or "The Living Law Firm?"
    Also just because they read it do they buy into it?
    This all must be true because you have said it.

    1. Yes, an amazing statistic. If only 1% of subscribers donate a dollar... $530,000.

    2. Leland, would you be kind enough to repost the Ebay link of that cell charging machine(That your buddy sells for $562) I seem to have lost the link.
      Thanks much!

    3. here is one on ebay fo $318 Robert🤗 here is Jeff's website

    4. Leland....can you personally testify to this machine...i have been looking into these frequency wave form machines since the body does seem to be sensitive to certain healing frequencies....!!



      Am going to pursue buying that used one above - any used SQQI e power in ebay - from now on if cheaply had...☇

    6. Robert...for some reason I think you or Robert sent the wrong info to me instead of leland, because I got a message from eBay an out that machine and they were confirming it with me....!! I hope I get it...if I do I will send it to you Leland. But not until I try

    7. I couldn't even afford the used one for almost $300, but it looks impressive...!! I'm trying to find a good frequency device for relatively cheap....hilda Clark sells one for $88, and another for $115...but her newest one cost almost $300 also...!! But it is way more convenient to use because you only have to wear it for 5 min. a day.....!!!

    8. I sent u both the info I got the SOQI e power used machine for $218 including shipping.

      I figure showing the bill paid from eBay was the best way to confirm I know these machines work!

      I also picked up on ebay cheaply yesterday for $65 - a Fir Pad made by SOQI. That is also an excellent healing small blanklet like warmer with for sore body places using Fir technology💓

      Years ago I made my own zapper that Hulda Clark detailed in her first book. I was impressed by it!

      SOQI has one 10 or more times better than anyone world wide as far as I know. I have picked them off ebay for $100...although that is rare.

  28. It took me years to stop calling an old friend who is named Doug this particular lifetime - Bernie in the physical (& my dreams, too) -
    because that was his name in a previous life when I knew him well back then.

    My buddy Doug in this life growing up also had as a boyhood neighbor - Buddy Epsen (who we ALL😅 knew as Jed Clampbett on the Beverly Hillbillies♩) before Doug became a B.A.R. attorney. His current employer (boss) knows well my p.o.v. about B.A.R. attorneys☇

  29. The Truth is bitter. It is unpleasant and downright ugly. It is time for adults to stop kicking against the pricks and face reality. Those who prefer to call Real Adults bastards, are stuck in the 'old political correctness' which they allowed themselves to get brainwashed with.
    That is when all this dishonesty and covering up of the Truth started, and then grew out of control, till now way too many folks cannot even stand real Truth.
    That will be the downfall of most of our population. It is children who live on fairytales; adults have grown up, stand up and face Facts.

    Scripture tells us .......''Come, let us REASON together'.

    There is NO reasoning in here, but its more like a dog fight.A lot of brokenness and its been taken out on others who have not contributed to your personal plights. A large part of this Forum is akin to some dysfunctional family, JUST BECAUSE so many of you hate the Truth because it is ugly.
    But none of those shenanigans, rants, and ravings will change the Truth. Divorce your love for PC and grow up.

    (this comment is placed here, but is not toward a follower)

  30. Yes for u Abby the truth is 'bitter'

    There was a claim that a Red Heifer was born back in the 1990s ... but the Messiah didn't show up.

    Read more: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn!

  31. It appears that there is bombs away outside of Damascus as we speak. Started today Saturday, or last night. I mention this because our Media does not seem to be reporting it.
    From what I understand, Russia and Syrian Army are attacking the city of Idbid which has been taken over by rebels and terrorists. We have seen for many years that the rebels are backed by the united states because the united states has wanted to dethrone Assad to put in their own choice in Syria. Who knows what the truth is, but that sounds logical to me.

    Many dead bodies already, as russia is softening up the area, preparing for the ground game which has not yet begun.
    IMO, if this summation is correct and the u.s. has been backing these rebels for such a purpose, then IMO that is wrong, as its just over oil pipelines, as we have often read. That is not a sane reason for such a war as what seems to finally be ensuing.

    In that respect, it seems to me that russia is correct in what they are doing. They knew they were planning to do this, as just a few days ago russia warned their citizens to prepare for war with the united states.

    We know that trump was not the one who hired these thug 'rebels' and placed them in syria to overthrow Assad; but if I recall correctly, it was obumbo who did that. And they are still there, so this is the result now. I cannot say for a certainty that bulldog is doing americans right. He has been left in charge by trump, which may not have been a good idea.
    I tend to think that all high up military officers are war mongers.

    But I am just making folks aware of what is going on since Media is not doing so. We have to just watch and see where this all goes; it may not be pretty, but it is what it is. It is already looking pretty bloody, and the worst is yet to come as this just began early this evening Eastern Time in the u.s.

    1. Good post Abby,
      The Quicker we become aware that simply filing some paperwork is not the fix all answer the better.
      Protection comes from above.

      Do not let people get to you, and cause you to run off the rails.

    2. I agree a follower in general ...until the Abby's of the world practice black magic against non Christians ☇

    3. The is only one way to know for sure what is going on in Syria, or anywhere else for that matter.....and that is to go there and talk to the people directly, because the news is all fake...!!

  32. I already told you about this was born in America and not Isreal, where it has to be born to be biblical....i just heard it last night on "coast to coast:" 640am radio .....You can look it up online who the pastor was and follow up on this if you want.
    Just Google in coast to coast and then punch in upcoming will show the previous sites after all the listings for this week...!!
    This time it's the real thing....!!


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