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Saturday, September 8, 2018

The Blood Oath

By Anna Von Reitz

If we are Christian we all have a Water Oath (Baptism) and a Blood Oath (Communion).  These are not our puny oaths. These are Covenant Oaths guaranteed by God.  When we do our part, He promises to do His.

In Communion we accept the Blood Oath of Jesus on the Cross declaring "It is finished!" 

When I accept His Oath and enter into Communion, His words apply to me--- it is finished and done. 

Satan has no more hold over me and I have no more debts to pay Satan.

In fact, Satan has no right to be here collecting anything from any of us.  Not one peso. Not one drop of blood.  Although we may commit many sins, there is only one forgiveness for all sins at all times, forevermore.  Jesus made the Covenant and He fulfilled it.  Period.


This is why I arrested Satan and had him put in chains.  This is why I will track down and arrest Lucifer, too.  They have no right to be here causing trouble for anyone.  We have all been paid for---- sheep and goats, too. 

So what is this nonsense that all the people of the world are suffering?  Say what?  Has not our King redeemed this Earth and does He not own the World, too? 

A young Luciferian recently dared to offer their stock-in-trade excuse to me: "Lucifer enlightened us and gave us knowledge." 

Yes, I replied, but knowledge of what?  ---- Falsehood and deceit, things that have no reason to exist.  

I might have added death, misery, war, prostitution, delusion, love of money and a whole long list of other things that we don't need, either.

Checkmate. End game. Again.


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  1. Oh Anna, I can't believe you posted this very false gospel. I don't see one speck of biblical truth in this entire Article. Whew ! talk about leading people astray, this tops the list.

    1. So Abby,
      If she is indeed this far off the narrow path?
      Interesting comment Anna makes on sheep and goats. It is as if she thinks they have all been saved. Now i believe what i read says that they are separated in the end.

    2. a follower, this ARticle is so far off track its alarming. None of it lines up with what JESUS SAYS. For example in Luke 13:3 and 5 Except ye Repent, ye shall perish. PERIOD.

      Yet Anna insinuates here to her 54 MILLION readers, that 'taking communion and getting dunked in water, or sprinkled'......constitutes Salvation. No it does NOT. If that be the case then she makes Jesus out to be a liar, which we know he is not.
      In fact, IF she would really study the bible, as she seems to have grown up with all these many years, then she would know that Communion is ONLY for those who are already Saved, Converted, Cleaned up; it is NOT for sinners 'lest they drink themselves to damnation'. In other words sinners do themselves harm in Gods eyes by partaking of Communion.

      The same applies to water baptism; it is ONLY for the saved. Goats are not saved. Sheep are the Saved ones, and even then, we have many fake sheep who have been falsely led by lying churchES and pastors to think they are saved, but are NOT.

      Matt 7:13-14 Enter ye at the straight gate; for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction and MANY go through it 14 because straight is the gate and narrow is the way which leadeth unto life (everlasting life) and FEW there be that find it

      Anna, you are preaching the Wide Path to the whole world here and you put yourself and others in more danger than you realize.

      Sheep are sheep, dedicated followers of Christ; and goats are NOT. They are NOT on the same path, the destination of goats is that road to the fiery Lake. Jesus did NOT die for folks TO sin. Anyone who lives a sinful life is a Sinner and is in dire need of being Converted to Saint status.
      Sinners are on that Wide Way; they have NO benefit at all from the shed blood of Christ. He did NOT pay for sinners to live sinfully.
      Jesus made the Payment for REPENTED (ex)sinners, once for all time. But that Payment was excruciating; so in Return, God demands a Repented person to keep his Repentance and go and SIN NO MORE. Is that asking too much for that awful price that He paid??
      Those who think they can be so glib and sin after making such a promise to God (which is what repentance is) - then there is NO more payment to be made for such people.

      Lastly, Anna, you have a bad habit of lumping the entire world population into one basket, and insinuate that all are included; but that is very contrary to the passage I just quoted from Matt. 7, doesnt it?
      IF your liberal all-inclusive sermon was correct, then you would be saying that God is stupid and going to translate everyone on earth, to heaven - which would mean just MORE OF THE SAME as what we already have now...since you are always sure to NEVER emphasize the need for Repentance; just drink yer wine, eat yer wafer, and go get dunked.

      Anna, ''tempt not thy God, foolishly'.

    3. Mathew 25:34Then the King will say to those on His right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.
      In a sense she is right the goats were paid for yet we know the goats do not, did not and will not accept Him.
      Goats- 41Then He will say to those on His left, ‘Depart from Me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.…

    4. Of course, I am right --- he did pay for all. Sheep and goats. So that Satan has nothing left to say about anything here. Why then do we persist in allowing him to rule our commerce or anything else? He was supposed to be bound and removed from this planet many centuries ago. Enough is enough.

    5. Abby--- you are like an engine firing on one cylinder. I can't believe that your comments are so off-base and off-topic, either. And they always, consistently, are. READ what I wrote instead of what you ASSUME I wrote and then maybe you will be able to add something worthy to the conversation.

    6. Anna,no I assure you I am firing on all the right cylinders. Its sad that you cannot see truth from bs. I have given much backup for what I say, whereas we are all still waiting for any lick of proof from you, which has never shown up. So what you have is your own personal opinion.
      The last days of which I speak are all right in the Book of Revelation, or if you use the catholic bible, then its Apocolypse, still the last book of the bible. Its apparent that you have never read it, and if you have, you do not understand it sufficiently to realize none of that has yet happened, and is up ahead of us.

    7. Anna, doesn't really matter what He paid for; what matters is that no goats will be in the Kingdom of God; they are not saved, and they are on the road of destruction. We should never mislead folks to think that everybody is saved, whether they want to be or not. There is a Responsibility to God 24/7 for our Salvation and for keeping our salvation. As Paul stated in another Comment - one can lose their salvation, if they don't take care of it.

    8. Anna,
      With this statement. You sound like those complainers. Those who complain about the long suffering of the Messiah.
      There is a reason often overlooked for why this is a long and drawn out process.
      " He was supposed to be bound and removed from this planet many centuries ago. Enough is enough."
      The timing is His.
      i can kinda relate to what it is you are saying, yet you cannot chain satan for all of us. Not you and not the daughters of Eve.
      i do not know where this comes from?
      It is more likely up to each individual who accepts the Truth to put satan into these chains.
      As far as a son. Lucifers sons may well be counted as those who have not chose wisely. Those who continue down a path of destruction. We are all individuals and all have personnel choices in these matters to make.

    9. Abby, I believe we would agree that the letters of the apostle Paul which are included in our bibles are accepted as the inspired Word of God. I gather from your comment that you believe the events described in The Revelation (of Jesus Christ) have not yet occurred. Paul told the Corinthian church in 1 Corinthians 10:11 that the end of the age had come upon them. He told the church at Colossi in Colossians 1:23 that the gospel had already been preached to every creature. The events described by Josephus and Tacitus concerning the seige of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. describe almost precisely the events our Lord said would occur before his return. Revelation 1:1 says that the revelation was given by God (the Father) to Jesus Christ (the Son) to show his servants things which must _shortly_ come to pass. Lastly, the Lord himself said (and the event is recorded in Matthew, Mark, and Luke) that there were some who were listening to him speak who would be alive to see him come in the glory of his Father and the holy angels. Do men live 2,000 years? So in light of these scriptures, why do you believe the events described in The Revelation have not yet occurred?

    10. Joseph, because if you carefully read the entire book of Rev. beginning at Ch. 4, you will see where God is telling John the Revelator He is going to take him on a 'journey' and show him things to come HEREAFTER.
      This tells us that John is not reporting any current events, but all things futuristic. That is one big difference about the Book of Revelation, versus all the other books which report things as they are happening, currently at that time.

      Secondly, Joseph, simply by reading on through the rest of the Book then, it should become obvious that none of those things have happened YET. In those chapters you will see where a world tyrannical Dictator becomes the world Leader, is very controlling and hold all the purse strings to everyone on earth.
      Seals of Gods Judgements are opened and initiated; Bowls of Judgement are poured out upon the Earth. Initially 1/4 of the world population dies. And then another 1/3 of the remaining population dies.
      We see many things that are to happen, none of which have yet happened, as should be obvious. There will be a period of 3 1/2 years where there will be no rain at all; the two witnesses of God will have power to shut off the rains for that period of time. We know that has never happened......YET.

      It is a Time referred to as the Great Tribulation, whereby it tells us that ''mens hearts will be failing them for what they SEE coming upon the earth''. It will be so astounding that people will be having heart attacks. We know this has not happened ...yet.

      So there is just no use in trying to persuade ourselves that oh that happened already, no problem. That is living in denial, because it is yet to come. And it all happens for the 7 yrs. immediately prior to the Return of Christ.
      If those things had already happened, then where is Christ and why isn't he personally ruling in person? Christ is not some invisible entity; he is coming visibly, in person, in bodily form, and will Rule the Earth as King of Kings in his Theocracy after he has totally destroyed all that is undesirable from the face of the earth, all the wickedness, and especially He puts satan under lock and key for the following 1000 years.

      Reading Revelation takes having a spiritual mindedness to grasp its meaning, and its Timeframe, along with the insight given to us by God. This is also true with reading any of the bible in order to gain true understanding.
      The bible cannot be read with the carnal worldly mind, nor can it be read like you'd read any other book, and expect to understand what is being read.

      Ultimately, the bottom line is, we can see obviously none of those things in Rev. have happened yet. That much can be understood by anyone simply by looking at it logically and with as much sanity as one can muster up, lol.

  2. Anna, what-in-the-hell-has-that-got-to-do-with-the-matter-at-hand? As I understand it, you wanted to, first, get the people to register their names back on the land. There are, still, too many unanswered questions about just doing that. As I told you, I have been doing this process, for the last 44 years. I, and many of my clients, are well educated, successful and professional people. I have shared your "mission" to many of them, but I can' answer their questions, I asked for your help but you were too busy, and until they get the answers to their questions, they are not going to take you as being serious and legit.

    Anna, from what I read on you posts, everyday, you have many people following you, don't let them down.

    I told you, months ago, when we conversed, that I have been incarcerated for a total of 9 years, for standing up to the judges/system, in defense of my clients. I was hopping that I could fine some help with you.

    Several months ago, when you and I spoke, I suggested that you stay on point. Dear Anna, you have, or are, loosing your balance. Don't ruin a good thing. Remember, not everyone who is following you, or who is thinking about following your program, are Christians and are not coming to you for spiritual advice or guidance. If they want it, they know where to go. Consider the venue, you do not have the right to preach to them.

    Stay focused on the points where you can help the people in areas where they are hurting. Remember our conversation, phone and e-mail, I told you that I have contact/access to an extremely large group of people that would love to get-their-names-back-on-the-land, but until you answer their questions, and there are many unanswered questions, they are not going to make a move, and it would be ridiculous to think otherwise.

    1. Unknown,
      You do bring up some valid points. We must see the line, between pointing out the falsehoods and just merely pointing and blaming.
      There is absolutely nothing wrong with calling out the lies.
      But i would suggest praying for those who need it. And no not in a manner that would suggest that we are perfect or that we know everything.
      i also do not believe i can think of the secular institutions as the ones who feeds me nor provides my 'needs'. i do not worship the world.

    2. Just because you come looking for Law, you forget where Law comes from? Hello? Nobody who does not know the religion that gives rise to a system of Law can hope to function in that system. So learn what you will learn about Christianity and about Satanism, for I have exposed much about both for those who see and those who hear. Satan is the "God" of Commerce and he must be overthrown for the triumph of Christ to be complete. Anyone who does not understand this does not grasp the nature of the fight they are having with the legal system.

    3. Anna, you obviously have no idea of the very power of God. If you did you would know Christ himself will overthrow satan and perform his own triumph. And without a lick of help for mere man.

      When he returns he will destroy Rome in just one hour, with the fire out of his mouth. And you think he need your/our help?

      The fight we have with this earthly legal system is the ongoing work of satan who is running all the more rampantly; he knows his time is growing very short now, so its full steam ahead for the ugly b'tard.

  3. Thankfully being an American state national isn't about being a Christian, Muslim, Jewish or any other spiritual path....♩

    Maybury's two laws
    These two rules can be expressed in 17 words: do all you have agreed to do and, do not encroach on other persons or their property. The first rule is the basis of contract law, and the second, the basis of tort law and some criminal law." ... These are the two laws taught by all religions.

    1. The Law of Commerce derives from Satanism. The Law of the Land derives from the Old and New Testaments. Got that? So it behooves everyone dealing with Law to know the religions from which these practices and rules derive.

    2. As I stated before, the legal system and religion are bed fellows.

    3. I quite agree, Robert Allen. At the end of the day, religions and law are both part of the demiurge's control matrix system. Most people would be horrified to even consider that another name for the demiurge is "God", the god of religions.

      There is a vast, vast difference between the god entity of religions and the actual Creator Being of this universe.

      "God" needs Satan (who is, in fact, an aggregation of its own darkest shadows) in order to appear as the Good Guy. I would contend that "God" is an actual satan (in the original sense of the word, meaning "opponent")to the true Creator of this universe.

      The way the demiurge and its associates proceed is always based on the same old but very efficient recipe: problem-reaction-solution. First, they create a situation that is so undesirable that people beg for deliverance. Then they come and present themselves as saviors so people embrace them, love them, worship them, revere them.

      In this specific case, they create a nightmarish cage called the Law of Commerce. When people are totally sick of it and yearn for something different, they get presented the other side of the medal, the Law of the Land. Which is rightfully perceived as a vast improvement compared with its opposite, but is still a control system. It is a cage, but since it is less constraining and perverse, it will be perceived as freedom. People have been caged for such a long time that they have forgotten the true taste of freedom. They have been deprived of true love for so long that they have forgotten how true love feels like. Which is why they will so readily fall for its synthetic substitute, the conditional love of the various ideologies spawned by the demiurge and its hierarchy of gods and archons.

      That's how the Great Deception work. Leading you to love and revere your oppressor by creating a bigger oppressor who is so abhorrent that you will turn to its apparent opposite as your savior.

      I do not believe we need a savior. I believe we are the Ones we have been waiting for.

    4. A sermon from Obama's first campaign.
      Quoting Lenin I believe...

    5. A sermon from Obama's first campaign.
      Quoting Lenin I believe...

    6. Lee, you speak truth. A contract is not automatically commerce, it is an agreement and can be as simple as entering a restaurant and sitting down for a meal served to you and consideration comes after the eating.

    7. Leland I agree with you. Basically you are saying be "good on your word" with everybody....if everyone just did that one thing, we wouldn't be in this situation....But hardly anyone in this world is good on their word. Or honest about their contracts...!!
      That's how oppressors are made as judges over all of us....simply because most people just cannot be good on their word to another person, whether they be friends or strangers.....!!! And not only are they not good on their word, they refuse to even call the other person ahead of time to actually say they won't be able to make their obligation on time, and ask or beg for more time....Instead they just ignore your calls as soon as their obligation to you comes up....As soon as they avoid your calls, you automatically know they are intentionally trying to break their contract with you, making them cowards as well as criminals...!!! Some people consider themselves professional CON MEN as a legitimate profession....!!! And as far as "SIN" goes, it's like is always a work in progress and never ends, because even if you don't commit the actual act of a crime, just thinking about it is a sin....No one can live up to those standards....Suffice it to say there are "sins" and there are "SINS", completely unforgivable no matter how much you plead for forgivness....torching and killing children is one of them....!!!

  4. Such crying you have two legs a brain investigate all dealings with your court systems .it's a personal decision hire a lawyer or learn the system.
    you going to let them run you as a citizen of U.S. that's what they will try.its a free country if your a state national prove it..

    1. Right, Bubba. It all comes down to that. You have to stand on your own flat feet and prove who you are and what your political status is, and all the paperwork is only to create court-admissible evidence to assist in proving your identity and claiming your exemptions.

  5. He, not she bound Satan for 1000 years BUT he is currently still at large.

    1. Yes, he is still at large. Both? satan and lucifer.
      This is very apparent. Perhaps Anna is speaking more of in a personal nature? But it does not feel as such.
      We can see by her confused scripture that he is working around her.
      Pray that he is cast out. Pray that she sees that she also has been led astray.

    2. There is no scripture telling us that any Man arrests satan/lucifer. What it does say is that we are to repent, be converted, get off satan's territory and onto Holy Ground.

      2 Cor. 4:4 tells us that 'satan is the god of THIS world'. IF and when we are Saved by God, then He Sets Us APART FROM this World; we are still in the world, but we are then no longer part OF this world.
      This requires that Mankind finds and attains true Salvation and acquire it by the Method that has been set forth for mankind, outlined in the word OF GOD.

      As scripture tells us, ''resist the devil, and he will flee from you''. And the above is how one does that. Otherwise, you are up for grabs as long as you are still ''OF the World'. The world is his territory, for now, until Jesus Returns and takes over as King of Kings and rules over the earth, LITERALLY.

      That is how we ''arrest satan'. And we don't need to go looking for him, or hunting him down; he is everywhere. When we come into Saint Status, and on Gods territory, and the little creep thinks he can still pester us, or aggravate us thru people in our midst, WE have the Right to Binding and Loosing. So we then stand up to Satan and bind him in the Name of Jesus because Saints HAVE the Name of Jesus with which to do that.

      Goats, worldly folks, Jesus rejecters, do not have that privilege.

      I will give an example, for those who do not realize the power of satan, if he chooses to use it: And he will try to use it on new Saints because he is angry that he lost us/you:

      Shortly after our salvation, I was cleaning my son's room as my regular weekly routine. His friend had given him a huge poster to decorate his room, which back then teenagers put posters on their bedroom walls. So there it was on his wall. But as most people would do, I thought its nothing but a harmless poster; paper.
      He had been having disturbed sleep. But then he began having such horrific nightmares that he would jump out of bed, and his feet would hit the floor so hard, it woke me over in my room.

      I would rush to his room, and he would be shivering and his teeth would be chattering, and he was as stiff as a board; he was scared to 'death'. I finally got him awake, settled down, and back to bed.
      The next week, cleaning his room again, my eyes focused strongly on that poster, which was a poster of a huge red and yellow satan coming up out of huge fire. His eyes were like daggers.
      Suddenly I decided to rip it down, took it to the basement to the incinerator, and set it on fire and burned it, and found myself saying, 'satan, burn, you are not welcome here, burn, burn'. And I watched it burn till it was nothing but ashes.

      What does all that mean? Well, firstly, satan used my sons friend to pass along his portrait for his wall; to use it to get to both of us, to 'get even with us for having left the World and gone to God's side. Satan lost us for good and he was mad and trying to punish us for that'.
      BUT God saw to it that I nipped that in the bud right there and then, tho at the time I had no idea of the harm that satan was doing just BY THIS display of his damned self, lol. We had NO interest in satan whatsoever; were not involved in any kind of satanism; but you see, just giving him a foot into our home is all it took.
      But when I ordered him out, and burned him up, that was the END of it. And today, if I ever see any small inkling of his devilishness trying to come around, I do not hesitate to read him the riot act, made up of my own heartfelt words, lol.

      Take heed.

    3. Exactly. Those who live with Satan, die because of him. He is the means by which death enters this world. Therefore it is no mistake that his emblems are like germs infecting everything with illness and death, nor should it be any surprise that his followers are like zombies, the living dead, who cannot enjoy life any more themselves, yet would steal it from others.

      What are we doing just standing around and letting all this Satanic crappola flourish? My point exactly.

      We have been set free of all that. We have been purchased-- all of us --- believer and non-believer alike. Satan has no business being here and neither do his Followers nor his son nor any of their entourage. It's time for them to leave.

      And it's time for us to give them the boot and escort them to the door.

    4. Correction, Abby. Satan WAS the God of this world. But no longer, and not for a very long time. And no, I am not speaking figuratively or in some parable. I locked Satan up. I did it myself. He is no longer freely acting on this planet. And his Son, Lucifer, is being tracked down like any criminal to face the same fate.

      You have heard Jesus's word that his kingdom was not of that age, and so it was not, but the age of his kingdom has come.

      Why therefore do you all continue this nonsense and bow to Satan? Satan is no more. His son will be no more. It's over. The entire issue was settled long ago and it is time for everyone to realize that: it's over. Jesus conquered Satan and I arrested him and it's over. Done.

      All we have to do is mop up and enter into the Kingdom of Heaven and stop messing around with all this nasty stuff and false beliefs.

    5. It has always been known that the one to bind Satan would be a woman. Why? Because Eve, like Satan, passed the test and accepted her punishment without blaming anyone else. Only the daughters of Eve have the earthly power to overcome Satan, not the sons of Adam. That is just another proof of the power and the justice of Our Father, that she who was overthrown by Satan and made to suffer, has her moment of honor and is allowed to bind her Enemy in preparation for the Kingdom of Heaven.

    6. Abby, maybe you should read the KJV 1611 again,here is the scripture you say does not exist.
      King James Bible Rev 20:2
      And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years,

    7. Anna, you are digging yourself deeper into a hole, with yet another false statement, which you don't even have any backup for, because it is not to be found; its a lie.

      God is no respecter of persons; anyone who is part of the true body of Christ, those true Believers, has all Rights to bind satan, man, woman, whatever. There is no difference in the eyes of God.
      God even gave the husband rule over his own household, whom he is assigned the task of leadership. Do you profess here to tell us that the husband does not have the power and authority to BIND satan? Yet, he is tasked with responsibility OF his household? Are you saying he must turn to his wife to ''bind satan' ?
      Anna,do you not yet see the fallacy of your opinions here, and throughout your writings??

      Poor Mr. Belcher

    8. Bluecollar, we have not yet come to Rev. 20 yet. This world right now is approx. at the beginning of Rev. 4:1. It is Jesus who will put satan under lock and key for 1000 years WHEN he Returns. In case you and Anna have not yet noticed, Jesus has not yet returned and satan is still running rampant.

      In Rev. 20 it sounds like past tense only because John was telling what he was seeing in his very long Vision there, as it was given him by God. So when John says ''and then I saw........'' as in past tense, that is why he spoke that way.

      Not only has satan NOT been put away yet, he is running in high gear now, which should be obvious to all who have eyes to see.

      I just yesterday told my little episode we had with satan just for my son having his ugly face poster on his bedroom wall. And I tell you that was a scary damned incident, and I absolutely put him out of my house burning his poster picture up in the incinerator ! That ought to you y'all that satan and his power are STILL running lose on earth.

      Bottom line, until Jesus Returns, satan will still be the god of this world. If one just looks at what all ungodly things have been pushed off on us just in the past decade, you would KNOW the little lizzard is still god of this world.
      Whose picture did he get on magazine covers? Jenner, the gurly guy and praised as something 'normal'. What has been promoted to our young people in schools? You can be whatever gender you want to be. Who turned our schools into target practice?

      And you dumbo's think satan is put away??

    9. Blue collar Rev.20 is a vision of a future event.
      Has there ever been in recorded history a 1000 year period as described by these passages?

    10. Abby, this is what you wrote.....
      There is no scripture telling us that any Man arrests satan/lucifer. What it does say is that we are to repent, be converted, get off satan's territory and onto Holy Ground.
      So there is a scripture....and you claim it is future BUT the point is,it exists and here it is again FYI:"AND HE LAID HOLD= PASSED TENSE NOT FUTURE
      King James Bible Rev 20:2
      And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years,

    11. Blue, listen: Look at Rev. 4:1 etc. John is saying that God tells him to 'come up here, I am going to show you what must come HEREAFTER'.
      v. 2 and that he was immediately caught up 'in the Spirit'.

      And then John goes on in all the other chapters of Rev. to say ''what he SAW'....all the things God showed him would happen IN THE FUTURE, at the End of Time.
      Read thru those remaining chapters, and tell us all when did you ever SEE those things ever happen here on earth? For example Rev. 11:6 for these two have power to shut heaven, that it rain not for all the days of their prophecy (which is 3 1/2 years) if you read all of Ch.11 start with v.1...........and tell us WHEN did we ever have a time when it did not rain for 3 1/2 years straight? It has never (yet) happened.

      Read on thru, and tell me when there was no longer any Sun shining; when has the sun vanished? Why are we still seeing the Sun - - IF all of Rev. is past tense?

      I am not here to quote all this stuff for you, because it is an entire book; and you ought to read it for yourself; not take one's word for it; go see for yourself, and THEN you will see it is ALL yet to happen, from Chapter 4 ONward. Not one bit of it has happened yet.
      In fact through out the Book of Rev. you will see where first 1/4 of the earth's population dies/or is killed during that time which is called the Great Tribulation. And then another 1/3 of what remains after that. That alone equals about 4 BIllion people. Tell us then when did you ever see that happen? It has not......YET.
      Read it all. And as you read, ask yourself , have we seen this happen yet? Has any of this been reported from the past? NO. will be your answer.
      It tells of Jesus coming and reigning as King for 1000 yrs. Has that happened yet?

    12. Anna, I'm afraid you are trying to play God. Worse, you are sounding like a Reconstructionist; that is, a religious belief that teaches that Man must fix the earth. But there is absolutely NO instruction from God, or that the Apostles ever taught the Believers that that is their job. God knows its not even possible for man to fix this earth.

      Our mandate was to 'go out into the world and preach to mankind to repent' and to teach the gospel according to Christ; the doctrine of Christ.

      Satan is a spirit; he cannot be seen with the naked eye. He is an influence on Man, just as the Holy Spirit of God is an influence and Leader, a Guide to those that are His; the believers.

      There is NO way that any Man can rid this earth of that satanic spirit. Wish all you like, in fact I wish you could, but its not possible. We are simply told to resist the devil and he will flee US, because we have the spirit of God residing in us.
      But all mankind is encouraged to resist him, but they never will. They love deviousness too much, and hate holiness too much.

    13. 1John 4:3 also 4:4, 2 John 1:7 and Luke 17:21, this I know for me, Jesus never left, to have to come back because I am the temple he lives in me, Satan has been defeated Jesus said let it be done according to your faith, this is my faith maybe not anyone else so I speak for myself. But I do believe he lives in all that are light. The kingdom is with in you. We are all one.


    15. Ahh well, Joan of Arc had problems too.

      Being more Buddhist of nature and a convinced reincarnationist (reincarnation most likely the strongest and most believed form of death's doorway on earth) I am of the mind that systems will always mess up and this one in America has achieved extreme messiness. People all want something a little different than their neighbor, no one is identical and no one is right for someone else. Love can see and hear and feel past the differences.

    16. Jasper, I might point out to you Acts 1:9 and 10 'And when he had spoken, while they beheld, he (Jesus) was taken up and a cloud received him out of their sight. 10 and while they looked steadfastly toward heaven as he went up......

      So that might help you to realize that he truly did leave. And then in Zech. 14:4 and in that day his feet shall stand on the mt. of olives .....and in v. 5 And the Lord shall come and all the Saints with him.

      So if you read through the early verse of Zech. 14 you will see one place that speaks of his Return, and the Saints (the believers that had been raptured 7 yrs. earlier, return with him)

    17. Jasper, it is the Holy Spirit who lives in us; He is the Spirit of God. As Jesus instructed the believers to go to the Upper Room and wait and He sent them the Holy Spirit. That was on the Day of Pentecost and the Birth of the Church, officially.

    18. I agree with one has ever experienced true agape love on earth, except maybe as a new born...but even that doesn't compare with true "unconditional love", without judgement...!! If you don't believe me, then pray for a "Near Death" experience, because they are the only ones that have experienced it with "first hand knowledge", and can lawfully testify to it....!! All live on earth is conditional, including your relationship with your feed them and they obey you.....confitional love...sorry dog lovers, the TRUTH hurts...!!!

  6. Wrong again Annita...we are talking bible here right?

    Well actually you are not because nothing you said is biblical. I don't blame atheist for keeping away from the teachings of today teachers and preacher. I don’t blame people for looking elsewhere for an answer to this thing call life. Seriously i would recommend they stay away from the Creflo Dollars' of Babylon. You are puling these assertions out of a hat! I will go as far as to say that i am not blaming you either. It is your husband's fault for your fault since he should be the one teaching you the things of God. That's a biblical mandate. He like Adam who fail to correct his wife he is failing like most men to guide his wife.

    Back to this dude Lucifer and Satan. In my last post i proved the word "lucifer" is not a noun and was purposely inserted to twist the Scriptures. But it seems you (plural) have lots of wool over your eyes.

    Back to this dude Satan, the adversary. You claim he has been put away. You do not know the depth of Satan and that he is influencing you to write what you write.

    Paul had to be kept in check because of this carnal nature, like us all. And though he prayed that this splinter in the flesh, what ever it was that was troubling him, this is what is written down which you apparently have not open your bible and read:

    2Co 12:7 And lest I should be exalted above measure through the abundance of the revelations, there was given to me a thorn in the flesh, the messenger of Satan to buffet me, lest I should be exalted above measure.

    So one of Satan’s cronies was assigned to him so that he would stay close to God Almighty. Go and read the 2nd chapter of Corinthians. I post to expose those who contradict the truth. And since millions of people are supposedly reading these post they get to read the truth as it reads.

    You all wanna get close to the real Creator? Stay away from the Churches and start reading your Bibles.

    You Anna, like many, want to help take back America? Really, seriously. Men start getting your personal house in order and correct your status at home first and become the man of your domain. When this begins to happen and America family structure is fixed, since these people deliberately broke it thru the school and religious system, we will once again be a strong nation.

    That’s why Roman fell cause they lost the good men with a backbone. It’s past time for half measures and we men need to pick up the banner.

    What is the greatest weapon at our disposal? LOVE!

    Semper Fi

    1. I know that Satan has been put away, because I myself literally put him in jail. If you don't believe that, that is up to you. I have done what I have done and of that much, I am certain. I am also on the track of his son, Lucifer, and won't rest until he is cashiered and on his way to join his father.

      If this is "too deep" for you and you can't quite understand this, you probably don't grasp the fact that Satan was actually vanquished ---utterly and permanently defeated by Jesus---- and it is only our own stupidity that has allowed him to continue to collect souls and allege debts we don't owe and to live among us despite the facts.

      As I have said about the government, I also say about your religion--- wake up.

      Jesus has bought all the slaves, good and bad alike, and set them free. Satan has no call upon you. You owe him no debts, no allegiance, nothing. So why then do you bow and scrape? Why are you fooled by his falsehoods?

      Stand up and rebuke him and his mindless followers. Rebuke them.

    2. Sorry, Anna, but satan still has his 7 years of reign coming. Its called the Great Tribulation wherein he will be the World Dictator and it will be a time like no one could even imagine.
      So you are absolutely wrong, you did not put him in jail, he still roams free as he has a right to do, simply because he has so many worshippers and followers and has been so welcomed. He will continue until Jesus returns and puts him away under HIS lock and key and then we will be rid of him for nearly 1000 years.
      Satan is invisible right now, so how did you get the cuffs on him, lol.
      Myself, he is bound and I'm off limits to him. But he is still out there free roaming, to and fro, seeking whom he can devour.

    3. Thank you Anna, that is great, I believe you. It is done according to your faith, all things are possible with God and Jesus did put man made law under his feet, we are free from the law, thank you Anna.

    4. Jasper, be careful of what you so quickly believe. There is a difference between reality and what you just would like to believe because it sounds pleasant to you. Reality can be harsh and very unpleasant but choosing to turn a blind eye to it will never make it go away.

    5. If Satan has been vanquished, why is all of hollywood, singers, and the clergy still prayipraying and sacrificing to him for power and fame....!!

  7. Anna- "A young Luciferian recently dared to offer their stock-in-trade excuse to me: "Lucifer enlightened us and gave us knowledge."
    "Yes, I replied, but knowledge of what? ---- Falsehood and deceit, things that have no reason to exist."
    Please consider: These things do have a reason to exist, He warned us, and told us these things and more would continue to exist.
    Untill what? A falling away, and then?
    The falling away has been going on all of my life, and it continues and increases. And so much the quicker here recently.
    Are we witnessing the revealing and insuing collapse and destruction of the false church (false temples) right now?
    If we are, remember there is a real church, the one that has been hidden or ignored because of (misunderstanding?) Hebrews 12:22

    1. a follower, many years ago I asked God 'what are we falling away FROM'. Tell me, I have to know so I do not get involved in it. He responded ..''From the TRUTH'.

      I instantly knew that was the answer to my question. I could see it had been happening; it was why so many in my christian chat room out and out rejected what was clearly written in the Word !

      That was back in 'o5 or '06 and since that time it has continued to increase by leaps and bounds, and its so easy to see there is now barely a glimmer of real Truth being told anymore. In fact it is almost totally hated, as is even evident right in this Forum!

      It is also blatantly evident that The Church Body of Christ IS definitely a very small number. Sad, but true.

      For those folks who think they can be glib about God, and get an easy pass anyhow - - be aware that God tells us ''that even we who ARE definitely saved, we are just SCARCELY saved'. This includes me. So if people think they can be lackadaisical, half hearted - you are among the lukewarm folks, which Jesus said he will spit out of his mouth. Matt. 7:21 not everyone who saith Lord, Lord, will enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, but he that DOES THE WILL of the Father.

      OUCH! But, it is good to be warned, while there is still a little time left, for ''no one is promised tomorrow''.

    2. Abby stupidity continues her idiotic 'end times' discourses here while actually sounding somewhat coherent in her some of her summaries of recent world political events....

      Like many crackpots 'end timers'...they need to research the the history of end timers failures to compute realities on earth better😅

    3. The "True" Church has never been "a" Church, but rather the unseen Body of Believers from all different parts of the world and all various Churches and doctrines who God the Father calls. Even Jesus had no control over who was called or not, and plainly said that that was up to His Father. So in the final analysis our salvation does not rest with us and never has; we receive the gift or not, and I do believe that it is largely a matter of asking, for when we humble ourselves to ask, we receive, and when we humble ourselves to serve, we receive more. This has been my actual experience and I have no reason to think that I am "special" --- I think it is this way for everyone, that if we would be called by God, we must first realize our condition and our sinful Nature and ask for help, and that is the First Calling. And having accepted the free gift of salvation for ourselves, when we gratefully offer to serve in return -- that is the Second Calling. For it is one thing to be like the lepers who all received healing and who all rejoiced, and another to be like the lepers who returned to give thanks back to their Healer. Let us all be blessed, but if we would be called a second time, let it be with hearts and hands ready to do what we are called to do.

    4. It isn't so much a matter of "falling away" as having never found their home in a Church in the first place. When I was growing up as a Lutheran I saw and experienced glimmers of the Glory of God and of Christian Fellowship, but it was already dim and faded. The Holy Spirit still visited us, but not with the awe-inspiring clarity and uplift that is possible. It was more like the echo of a song drifting on the wind, faintly heard and discerned through layers of static.

      So then the challenge became -- to find the source of the song so I could hear it better.

      When you really, truly understand that you have been purchased as a slave and set free, you can never go back to being a slave again. You will put sin under your heel. You will know what to answer Satan's minions. I won't have to teach you anything when the Holy Spirit teaches you. You will already know that this whole situation is ridiculous and you will join me in rebuking Satan and his son, Lucifer, and all their followers, too.

      Their day is dead and gone. Their claim upon the Earth is ended. It's over. It only remains for us to wake up and give them the boot.

      So what is wrong with people who call themselves "Christians" who act as Satanists? Who are confused and who worship money instead? Their hearts and senses grow dim. They can no longer feel, because they are dying within.

      They look for Him and can't find Him. They read the scripture, but it does not speak to them. They listen, but the song is gone and all they can hear is wind.

      Those of us who have heard, must sing the song anew. We must find it in ourselves to lift our voices and proclaim the Truth in all things. Set aside the falsehoods of the past.

      Have you ever had your arms full of groceries or some other packages, so full that you could not possibly carry or grasp one more thing? Of course, we all have been in that situation. And it is that way in the spirit now. We have so many burdens we can barely stumble forward.

      Our own government is so messed up it is a scourge to us. The Satanists seem to spring up like mushrooms overnight, preying upon our values and our children, teaching them false values and preaching everything that isn't right.

      And when we resist? Oh, then, we are "mentally incompetent" or we are "insane" or we are "reprehensible" or "irresponsible" or more famously, "clinging to our guns and religion".

      But those who are saying this are the ones who are dying and who are deluded. They are already so weak that they only way they survive is to steal from others. They imagine --- and they would have you believe --- that they are strong precisely because they have guns and uniforms. But they are mentally and emotionally like straws. They can't come up with a rational defense for the evil they are doing.

      Pity them and pass on.

    5. Anna, I do not have a home church,and I sure don't want one, simply because they are all full of dead mens bones, white washed tombs, and a 'Church' has nothing at all to do with whether one falls away or not.

      The 'great falling away' is a falling away from The Truth of The Word of God........and that can all be found right in The Book.

  8. Does not say anything about a church in Hebrews 12:22, nor can I find any mention of a church in the old testament. What's up with that?
    Hebrews 12:22Heb 22But you have come to Mount Zion, to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem. You have come to thousands upon thousands of angels in joyful assembly,

    1. It's not there or anywhere else in the Bible. The word is ecclesia... the called AND chosen.

    2. Blue collar Sorry not just 12:22- Please continue reading.
      To me He is describing the True temple.

    3. Bluecollar, of course you will not any church in the OT. The Church was not established until that Day of Pentecost after Jesus rose again, and sent the Holy Spirit to Earth. That was the birth of The Church which consists of Believers. (He never established methodist, baptist, catholic, lutheran, mormon, or any other of these denominations. Those are all established by Man, each wanting their own doctrines and beliefs, all in disagreement with one another. None of them are 'the church'.

    4. Church is mentioned in Hebrews 12:23 assembly, church etc.
      Depends on the version you are using.

    5. In any case, they exist for only one!! And non taxed...!!

  9. Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers...
    Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image...
    How do we justify declaring allegiance to a state (fiction), incorporated or not, as the prerequisite for freeing ourselves from same and calling it coming out of babylon?
    Aren't these "states" the exact same fictions created and worshiped by men that mostly didn't even claim to be Christian?
    Where in the Holy Bible is authority granted to Create any such graven image and/or worship it?

    1. We are not pledging to the State but to the land from which we came. The land is not fiction. It lives as we do. The same elements are in us as in the soil. The bible is full of words with many interpretations. Goats and sheep are livestock, animals. God loved the world. All of us. Where is the Love in beating someone with interpretations of the Bible? Ww only have today. It seems many want to see people fail. We all fall short but I have no right to judge my brother, but to look after myself. Do unto others and first cause no harm.

    2. Annie, I've never seen anyone die from 'being beaten with interpretations of the bible' nor even hauled off to the ER. For those who so hate scripture, well, nobody is forcing them to read it, accept it, or even like it. But it is our job to forewarn folks of consequences while they are still alive. As for me, its up to them what they do with it, or anything I speak about. But I will not be stifled just because some folks are burned from some church and have foolishly chosen to 'throw the baby out with the bathwater'.
      Remember this: God is one thing......churches and idiots who are full of hot air, are totally unrelated. Most 'churches' today are like dirty bathwater and should be thrown out. They have been so badly infiltrated by satan and his minions.

    3. Do I need to repost that sad story a man being beaten to death by a Bible again here?


  10. Yes a heavenly Jerusalem! Heavenly, a spiritual heaven in a spiritual world where we all need to be. Where two or more of you are gathered in my name their i am! The "church" is the called out ones scattered thruout the world. Our bodies are the temple not a building!

    This is talking about the spirit world and that is why we need to be holy unstained from the religiosity of the world, out of Babylon. The old physical temple is past. It. with all it's laws. was a foreshadow of the things to come. The "church" is not a building so don't look for God there! The church are the "called out ones" and we are called to a spiritual work and our abode is in the spiritual Jerusalem in our head.

    The words the Jesus spoke they are spirit and we are to worship in spirit and in truth. You all want to be King? Then seek out the truth for that is the honor of a King. Get close to the Creator. Dust off your bible and seek and knock and you will find. I don't care what belief persuasion you have if you seek in truth you will find it.


    1. Design, good post. And upon his literal bodily Return, he will bring with him the Literal New Jerusalem. It will be His and Our Abode when he comes to Earth to stay and rule for 1000 years.

    2. Absolute Nonsense Abby, but that ok!🎶

      Freedom to pursue one's religious convictions in a non harmful way was an original desire imo of American state nationals from the beginning here in America ♩

  11. 6 or 7 billion people currently on this planet & most aren't Christian, yet bleed red when physically harmed.

    When it comes to declaring in America r one is an American Citizen versus American state national...if I don't get executed for claiming to be an American state national...then that's what I currently am until further notice - regardless of paperwork status.

    It is that simple imo.♩

  12. People have to understand their own religion and what it actually says and means or they don't have a chance of understanding the Law that comes forth as a result of that religion. This is all logic. It has nothing to do with anyone's opinion. It says what it says and means what it means.

    Jesus did not die as a sacrifice. He made a New Covenant: "This is my blood....given for many....for the forgiveness of sin." And he fulfilled that Covenant.

    Sin is just another name for "debt". There can be no doubt that according to all Christian Doctrine, Jesus paid the debt for everyone.

    So now you are all hopping around on one leg screaming and yelping, but in fact, all I have done is point out what is and has always been right in front of your faces.

    You have been set free. All your debts have been paid. Why then are you content to pay Satan as if nothing has happened? Either claim your freedom which Jesus has bought, or go home and lay down and be good little slaves to Evil the rest of your days.

    1. Anna, I am not intending to trash you, but lady, you are really off the track here. Saying that ''sin is JUST another word for debt'? What kind of 'debt' are you referring to...exactly?

      Sin has nothing at all to do with money, if thats the kind of 'debt' you are talking about. If so, then you are very badly mixed up, and mixing earthly issues together with spiritual issues, and that is how you got off track.

      Sin happens to be immorality, wickedness, corruption, deceit, and a whole long list of such traits in people. Sin has absolutely not been brought to Justice YET. That will happen in the near future and the God of Justice will bring that Justice. Its called the White Throne Judgement whereby Jesus will Judge all the goats.

      The ONLY Freedom that Jesus has set the SHEEP free from , is SIN. Those who have Salvation have been freed of SIN. Has nothing to do with financial debts, none whatsoever.
      And the Freedom of sin is not at all obtained by simply ''claiming it''. Repent, or perish. That is the only way, and then live the balance of your lives avoiding sinfulness in every way.

      Now either show us where all ''our debts $$$ have been paid''. Prove that, Anna, because there is NO proof of any such thing. IF you had proof of it, then why have you not shown it.
      Anna, I am very concerned about your mental conception here, because your timeframes seem to be all out of whack, and your expression of them is even more disconcerting.

      There is NO 'just claiming freedom'; not spiritually nor earthly or financially.

      Yoi ! I feel like we are being thrust into some outer space matrix mess here.

    2. My last documents went out in the post Friday to be recorded. I have created an Irrevocable Private Common Law Ecclesiastical Trust and a personal covenant with our Lord Jesus Christ. I don't have a religious tag hanging on my ear and have a great belief God will remove all the silly religious tags people choose as God is not about religion.
      Many disagree which is their right. Unfortunately men and their churches cause more harm to the people with their narrow minded judgement, therefor I have not found a place of worship in my community as sanctuary. I have had enough of the wrath of God to last 10 lifetimes. There is as much interpretation of law in the bible as in statute. It's exhausting. So please, Love and Peace to all, a much simpler outlook on the day!

    3. Awesome Annie!! Stay Centered, grounded and True within the Eye of this storm of "OLD WORLD" purging, cleansing and healing Now. It's the most peaceful, loving and humble seat to observe and learn from Now!! It's All Good (even though most of it stinks terribly like throwing out old leftovers from the fridge,lol)
      We Got This Now!!!
      Much InLove, InGratitude, InPeaceful service Be Now

  13. I feel obligated to comment in a general way to all these comments.

    First. Redemption and Salvation are two very different things.

    We are all redeemed, whether we want to be or not, and without our cooperation in any way whatsoever. That does NOT mean we are all saved.
    Salvation does not happen without our cooperation, and in fact only comes to us with true repentance and penance for our sins. It's not correct to say we are saved while we are still fighting the good fight against sin and error and we are still breathing, for salvation can be lost by falling back into unrepentant mortal sin and until we die repentant and with sanctifying grace we can not truly say we are saved.

    What the Church has always taught about Redemption is contained here:

    Salvation, on the other hand is different:

    Intertwined with those two is the doctrine of the Church on Justification treated here:

    In addition to that we can not be saved without Sanctifying Grace. This has been held constantly by Christ's true Church from the days of the Apostles.

    The other term that needs to be explained in connection with the previous is Regeneration.

    Satan's tool is confusion and I hope these links help to clarify the truth of what has always been held by the Church from over 2000 years ago.

    From the above, don't get the idea that I in any way condone what has been going on in Rome since the Vatican Council II in 1963-64.
    That was nothing less than a coup.

    Errors of V2 Ecclesiology

    Catechism of V2 Errors

    V2 Rites - Are they valid?

    Heresies of John Paul II

    Heresies of Benedict XVI

    Heresies of Francis I

    John XXIII - Freemason

    What you are seeing in Rome since the 1960s is a new and false religion not Christian or Godly at all. But be very careful that you don't fall for the old trick of Satan and "Throw the baby out with the Bathwater" so to speak. It was predicted in La Salette in 1846 that "Rome will lose the Faith, and become the seat of Anti-Christ".
    We are living the the Great Apostasy.

    To be really repentant our sorrow for our sins must have some very specific qualities.

    The Act of Perfect Contrition

  14. David Wilcock (@david_wilcock)
    9/8/18, 7:59 PM
    Six different insider sources, including Q, suggest that we may be right on the verge of mass arrests happening. Finally. Spy satellites were taken down in a stunning Alliance move. This is an URGENT, ABSOLUTE MUST-SEE. Huge, three part investigation!…

  15. Paul thank you for making that clarification. I speak against the vatican harshly based on what it is today, which is exactly what you have stated in your last paragraph.

    I just wish to add, that a person either has salvation or they do not. It is personal between a person and God. If a person leaves the church building/organization they have been attending, their salvation is still theirs. No church gives one salvation and no church can remove it.

    (I say this for those who I've run across over the years who have the mistaken idea that if they quit going to their 'church' they would be 'leaving God'. That is absolutely NOT true.)

    1. Fortunately in this life I was never told by parents that I was a sinner since they weren't Christians by the time I was born♩

      So the nonsencial Christian p.o.v that we ALL were born in sin has ABSOLUTELY no hold over me whatsoever this life thank GOD💓💗

      May the Blessings Be 💙

  16. Is it any wonder why people cannot unite in truth and in fact, minus the belief systems! The name is not the thing, insert matters not. Thought has no power, it is an instrument of the One will, there are no separate wills or lives. Every scripture in this world says, One power, One presence, One knowing! Not my words, me does not enter into it, a series of habit patterns is not real. Really.

  17. Proof that 'end timer' Abby is 'firing on ALL cylinders ' is right below here😅

    "I think our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends. I think they're all insane. But I am liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That's what is insane about it. Don't your agree?" -- John Lennon

    Read more: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn!

    1. Yes well John also was the one who proclaimed he "was more popular then Jesus" - and promoted songs "Love" + "Imagine" tho was quite in love with himself and his mate Yoko= both were/are really full of it.
      Tho it's easily seen that the worldly "love of money" is in high places+powers it stil applies that "you can't serve both God and mammon".
      Sooo comes down to -
      EPHESIANS 6:10 - 24 for any+all.

    2. mtman2, your mention of john lennon reminds me of when we took a little family trip to NYC and on a beautiful warm saturday evening decided to go have dinner down in Greenwich Village, which was back in the mid 60's. So we took a cab from the city and we wanted to walk to the restaurant which was soo nice back then, and our dinner was just spectacular.
      But as we were walking down the little narrow sidestreet to the place, we suddenly came upon an empty store front and there was a lifesize picture of john and Yoko totally naked in a frontal position. We quickly covered my sons eyes. He was just 10 at the time.
      Needless to say, they were not very popular with us.

    3. The British invasion was just that. (Music)

    4. John & Yoko were more entertaining back then than Vietnam being Monsanto-ed by Agent Orange imho☇

  18. Personally,I have never bought into the validity of the Bible. Our History is such a joke.None of it makes sense to anyone who has a brain. Huge gaps left to confuse, or hide
    the truth. No one was allowed to purchase much less have a Bible until the 16th or 17th century after it was manipulated, and the damage was done. People are so confused with history, mythology,science, law, religion. Actually I suspect the dead sea scrolls were planted to be found, scholars even think the old testament was written before the new testament. There is only one place to find truth, inside,within.All else is illusion.

    1. You looked somewhat knowledgeable til that dirge.
      Go do truly honest research on those terms+items you demoted and you'll then know enough to speak of + on such tjings....

    2. To whom is this comment directed. It makes me crazy when people post with no informing to whom they are directing their comment:

      mtman2September 9, 2018 at 5:41 PM
      You looked somewhat knowledgeable til that dirge.
      Go do truly honest research on those terms+items you demoted and you'll then know enough to speak of + on such tjings.

    3. robert, how and why we are now faced with all these insurmountable problems, and backed into a corner with no back door, is because of people who have 'looked inside their self serving selves for so-called guidance'. That is the worst place to look, UNLESS they have received the Guide from on high, and I don't mean 'whatever they have chosen from some multiple choice menu'. Ultimately, I can honestly say, there is only ONE who knows everything. And thats who I count on for guidance, NOT the crap that was in there before, Lol. That 'crap' is what gets people in trouble every time, evidenced by all those bad/wrong choices.

    4. This world keeps us so busy answering to others, that no one has the time to study and become so knowledgeable about all the sciences that people could easily see through the LIES and realize nothing in our universe was an accident....there was a "SOURSE" for all of it, no matter what you call it...!!

  19. But I digress, Anna would love to know where you keep this poor soul you have personally locked up in jail, as if that makes sense. There was a movie can't remember it at the moment about a man who had locked Satan away, and someone let him out. Sure you didn't fabricate your story from that? Programming is such a sad thing to watch as it struggles for answers (throughout this forum)and it's stage to be seen by onlookers.
    Anna, there is definatly something off about you and your obsession. The world is a much larger stage of events than just yourself in Alaska.And anyone who backs up that nasty NASA, "never a straight answer" using CGI to educate your children about their space toys and goons on the ISS,Astro Nots etc., I have to wonder about.Especially Since the Pedo Disney helped to fabricate the space story any how.
    India and China's accounts of worldly events are more coherent for being over 5000 years old,spiritually and historically, than any 300 year old manipulated story of, America. Just my humble opinion.Not trying to change anyone's belief system, not whining, or attacking. Just saying. Namastae.

    1. Robert....the movie you are thinking about is a "twilight zone" episode called "the howling man"....!!!

  20. Robert, it is a rather sad fact imo that people can be so adamant on basing their whole perception of reality on written words in a book. But if that's how they want to live, it is of course their absolute right.

    1. You should take the advice I gave Bob or keep "tilting at windmills".
      Yes there's disagreements among man on all or any thing ; however there was only one Christ and His clear purpose and that's what actually counts.
      The Creator God not a book tho He being from beyond the limitations of the material plane, space + time as He created them is found in spirit of which you possess and can know Him.
      Moreover He will with your sincerity reveal Himself to you + you will never be the same.
      As His love is spelled with a capital L-ove and His "book" tho written by men speaks of Him and meant for you + us all...

    2. Mtman2, there is no Bob in this forum. Unless you are referring to me, Robert.

      mtman2September 9, 2018 at 5:52 PM
      You should take the advice I gave Bob or keep "tilting at windmills".
      Yes there's disagreements among man on all or any thing ; however there was only one Christ and His clear purpose and that's what actually counts.
      There are other figures in other cultures that claim the same experiences that Christ had, in that sense "he" is not exclusive. Only by name, if he truly went by the names given.Just like mother Mary, same personage as Helen in Greek Mythology. As there are many stories of the flood.
      You really need to address the person's you are attributing your comment to. A simple cut and paste the person in your text before your comment would help.

      This I do agree with/
      The Creator God not a book tho He being from beyond the limitations of the material plane, space + time as He created them is found in spirit of which you possess and can know Him.
      Moreover He will with your sincerity reveal Himself to you + you will never be the same.
      As His love is spelled with a capital L-ove and His "book" tho written by men speaks of Him and meant for you + us all

    3. Marc, when I was just 6 weeks old, I got whooping cough so bad that the doctor came out to our house to see me. He said there was nothing he could do for me, and told my parents I was going to die. This alarmed my dad so bad that he held me and paced the floor and kept saying, God don't let her die. Over and over.
      And so here I still am, more decades later than I care to say, lol.
      So, that and many other similar incidences, is what I base my reality on; what is written in 'a book' Plus the actual manifestation of the words in it = reality.

    4. Abby, your considerable creative power is going to confirm whatever belief you're holding, through manifestations and incidences. That's how the deception works; the tricksters have you manifest the reality they want for them.

      You are an infinite, eternal Being manifesting itself in this humn form and many other forms in this universe and many other universes. There is no beginning nor end to You. Even in this limited human form, you have enormous creative power.

      If you give that power away to a perceived external authority (because you have been trained to do so), that authority will use your power for its own benefit, and keep a fraction of it to grant your prayers. On condition that you keep worshipping. Your worship is their sustenance. But you could have done the job by yourself.

      "God" works excatly like the state in that regard. The state taxes the people to do things that the people could have done by themselves, by self-organizing in their communities. Because the people have been led to believe they need an authority to lord over them, protect them, take care of matters for them. The state is a theocratic model that belongs to the demiurge's paradigm.

      There is a Prime Creator in this universe, like there are in all other universes but that Being doesn't want nor need your worship. It wishes you to express the magnificence that You Are, and be the prime creator of your own experiences. And it is your absolute right to do otherwise.At the end of the day, eternity is our playground.

    5. Marc, I was 6 weeks old, lol. I don't think I had any ability to manifest anything other than an ongoing unstoppable cough, lol.

      You are promoting self-exaltation and a blatant disregard for The Creator who IS God. And that is a big part of the problem with this entire world; everybody thinks they are so important and a big shot and so 'self sufficient' they don't need God.
      This seems to be a modern day characteristic of Man. If this is such a better way, due to the 'improved intelligence of mankind now' then why is the world condition in such a deteriorated state?

    6. Human beings on this Earth are born with more power and life force at their disposal than any god, due to the fractal (microcosmic) nature of their physical body. Which is precisely why so many gods are so keen on keeping humankind under very tight control, starting with the démiurge.

      A 6 weeks old is already a powerful being, but in this case, any creative manifestation would have been due to your father, of course.

      "God" is indeed a creator being, as we all are. It's just that it didn't create this universe. But it has kept itself very busy creating synthetic realities, ideologies and all kinds of control systems.

      Si, let's talk about self-exaltation and disregard. First, l don't despise the démiurge. I respect its role in the evolution of this universe. And l am aware that, at a higher level, it is just role playing that cosmic conqueror personal, since we are all role playing for one another.

      That doesn't mean l have to like what it does. Actually, l find it quite disgusting. That doesn't mean l have to pander to its authority either. I do not consent. And l have communicated tly withdrawal of consent to that entity and all of its minions in no uncertain terms.

      Is that self-exaltation? I call it acknowledgement of the Self. Not ego inflation, but acknowledgement of my Higher Self, Cosmic Self and Infinite Self. That's what the gods of synthetic light are terrified and incensed about, which is why their religious ideologies are engineered to make us feel as small and unworthy as possible. Keep your head down, get on your knees, and pray, pray, pray. Beg for mercy, you wretched sinners.

      I understand these concepts can feel quite overrwhelming when one is under the spell and trance of religious programming. Still, l don't have to make myself small in order to respect other people's feelings. "God" is not my Maker. My Being always was. And always will be.

      And, by the way, l never talked about "the improved intelligence of mankind now". On the contrary, l consider mankind to currently be in a very diminished state, compared to its natural state, du to the ongoing, all-out multidimensional assault it has been under for many millenia now.

    7. Nicely expressed Mark, thank you!!!
      Much Gratitude, unconditional Love and Eternal Peace Be Now

    8. seem to be very assured of yourself, but your just as week spiritually as the rest of us otherwise, all you would have to do is point to that mountain and say move mountain and it would surely move.....that is a direct quote from Jesus....and it was not a parable to understand or interpret....!! It was litteral, because if you really had enough faith in yourself and your creator, that mountain would move on just your command......DIG IT..!! Face it, none of us have that kind of faith , either in ourselves or in God....!! People always claim to know what faith is, yet Jesuses always points out how weak our faith really is.....they always want to interpret that saying when it was obvious that he was not speaking in parables right then....!!! I can't wait for the interpreters to comment....!!!

    9. My pleasure, Kelli. Love is what connects Us all at the deepest level. I know you know.

    10. Marc, you go about it all the hard way, lol. Thats not even necessary; I keep it simple, and if I really had to I could put it all on one page.
      You are of course welcome to believe or should I say disbelieve all you want to, however, I can guarantee you the day will come when you will say, dang ! Those Jesus people were right, lol.

      I can just tell you that you are way off on the wrong track, but thats up to you what track you want to be on. But rest assured, I am most assuredly NOT in any way connected to ''all' by love. There is no love between Gods children and the rest of the population. The majority of the population is ''of this world' whereas Gods children are 'not of this world'. So you see, there can be no 'love connection' between the two groups.

      Telling those who are of the world, the Truth is the most 'love' they can expect. But its easy to see the world does not want Truth. And so that sort of determines the relationship between the two groups. Something like a london fog dividing us, lol.

    11. True Love DOES Move mountains and WE ARE Now experiencing the unstoppable Power of our True unconditional Love deep within our very cores NOW!! It IS available to ALL that are Now choosing to Seek deeper within, and finally surrendering ALL the worldly, temporal mind (EGO)baggage that has been disconnecting us from our True Love and Faith. It IS Time Now, and their IS NO stopping us Now!! Victory IS Ours!!

      Much Eternal Gratitude, Eternal Love and Eternal Peace Be Now for All

    12. Marc,theres nothing 'overwhelming' about your concepts; they are simply unfounded and consist of wishful thinking. There is nothing about you or any other human being that has ever provided any hard evidence that you 'have always been and always will be'. Neither have any of you with this 'concept' given an explanation then of just how it is that you have a body, can learn and think, and eyes that can see, and ears that dont see, but can hear.
      Neither has there ever been any one with your 'concept' of your origination.

      Lastly do not attempt to insult me by insinuating that I/we have been ''programmed'' - - as your excuse for disbelieving what has been plainly written and endured for thousands of years.

      It would seem the reverse is true; those of you with the ''concept'' that you present, and having NO backup for such views are the ones who have been programmed simply by hearing what tickled your ears, and gave you your excuse for condemnation of God and His creation.

      You are totally free to believe what you like, but do not ever insult me by saying I have been programmed, while you so arrogantly think I am overwhelmed by your ever so unfounded 'concept'. Perish that thought because I have heard every story that has floated around, plus I even know why they float around.

  21. Of course. Just one more weight to drown with...

  22. It is now appearing that the Syria thing is finally reaching its boiling point. Russia is serious about ridding Idbid of the terrorist along with the u.s. backed Rebels who 'own' the city. It is the largest congregation of terrorist in the world right now.
    But our nefarious pentagon and bulldog are warning russia to leave Idbid alone. Now if that isn't telling then what is ! Meanwhile russia is determined to rout them out, has already warned the u.s. twice in as many days, that russia plans on bombing and includes a u.s. base in syria which has been arming the rebels and backing them.

    So bottom line is, it looks like war between u.s. and russia now. Our pentagon has lost their minds and no parent should allow their sons/daughters to go to syria to participate in this nonsense. Russia is correct, and our bulldog is proving himself how he got his name; he is a war monger no doubt bout it.
    Stupid overpaid so called military. And our media says nothing about this, and americans have no clue.

    1. Well then this forum just became a waste of time if Russia is gonna be attacked by Trump. Highly doubt it. Just more posturing.

    2. robert, I'm not sure Trump even knows what bulldog is up to, but Putin warned his own people last week IN Pravda their largest newspaper, printed, to be prepared for war with the u.s.
      And now we see russia has dropped at least 100 bombs on the rebel/terrorists - and we know with a good deal of certainty that the u.s. has been backing those rebels.
      Putin has warned the u.s. that russia will bomb the u.s. base in syria for their artillery and weapons they have been providing the rebels.
      Can we really blame russia? I don't think so. Trump should never have given full reins to anyone called bulldog anyhow.
      The u.s. has no business in trying to overthrow Assad. Let the Syrians decide their own Leader.
      Go sticking your nose where it doesn't belong, and it will get what it deserves. Sad for the u.s. boys and girls in the military at that base there. Putin has warned at least twice that he is coming for that base to shut it down. Those rebels are thugs that the u.s. has hired to do their dirty work.
      Buts its been a war like atmosphere there since Friday and I don't see putin backing down. So we shall see what happens; its not looking good.

    3. As best I can get info right now, russia has fired upon the rebel/terrorists Idbid (city) the u.s. fired on russians. What does that tell you about the u.s. showing their protection of their hired rebels and terrorists ? Of course russia fires back. Trump is showing lack of good judgement by allowing these warmongers he has left in charge of our military.
      They seem to want war with russia, and at this rate they are going to get it.
      We try to find out what is going on, but true news is being blocked in the u.s. You gotta wonder why is that.

  23. Anna,you really have stepped off the deep end,(and I am ok with that, you wouldn't be the first or the last)Jailed Satan, on Lucifer's trail.....what will you claim next??? I consider myself a more than reasonably deep individual, I have seen Satan in "energy form", spread throughout the planet within each human.But I never tried kill that being, or to attack the human possessed by him,much less try to arrest the person, how would I know it was really him? But you have jailed him??? I have to say you have opened yourself to heavy scrutiny now. I chose to not be the first to comment on this post, because I thought it to be wayyyy out there, from any perspective, and as I suspected it set off most in the forum. I do however, agree that Christ has given his mortal vessel in exchange for all sins past and present, and future,(as it is the only way to free anyone from this Matrix)with the compassion within him, by asking God to forgive us, for we know not what we do. (Through his ability to see tha no amount of teaching would free any of of us from this reality, the human condition is just too suseptable...)But that is solely my own humble opinion.The key words forgiveness, and compassion.And the only prayer to me that has any power, in the Bible, in my opinion is the Lord's prayer... But these are my own belief, not put into my head by others. It will be interesting as time goes on to see where this takes your efforts, as I still think you live in a paradox mindset, and because of that will become the thing you hate most,it shows in your words and your actions. I of course do believe Kim Possible is genuine in her perspective, and can't understand your intense mistrust of her,unless it is you (your reflection) mistrust and struggle with that reflection you think you see, in her. I personally see no deception there. But to each there own. I know she has humanities best interests in mind, by her thoughts and actions which reflect it. Only time will tell, and that is all any of us have, to whatever degree we do.

    1. robert, I walked away and we went out to the grocery store and to eat a meal. It gave me time to let the dust settle, as I feel I am obligated to be correct, since this is a very public venue.

      And what came to mind is that after Anna revealed so much about her thoughts and beliefs, and the Fact that I know without a doubt, that her thinking processes are so very far out in left field, have no validity whatsoever, etc etc - - I have concluded for myself that I cannot in any way trust any of her other presentations about paperwork, law, and her statements about what is happening.
      As I had shown previously and repeatedly, her timeframe was very strange all along, and now she has made it clear to me that she is very confused on all issues regarding the Time of anything, whether it be from the bible or in this earthly realm.

      For some strange reason she speaks as though everything is in the present tense, when that is not at all the case. This journey she is embarking on is most assuredly a very long, extensive journey that is decades and decades into the future; yet she speaks as though it is all current events.

      Most unfortunately though, the End of Time as we know it, will arrive way before there is even any chance of that Journey will ever reach its ETA. I know this 'by the signs of the Times' which Anna is totally oblivious to and refuses to include in her scenario. And that is what makes all of her presentations off the mark.
      I do not enjoy saying this,but unfortunately,it is true.

    2. OMG what a siccome this would make!! hope i spelled that right

      Satan is really doing a number here.

      So Anna you personally jailed Satan and now you are a bounty hunter for lucifer, the fire fly!! AND you speak but no scriptures to back it up. Listen i take this stuff serious but i had to grim to myself. This is like a bunch of 4 5 and 6 year old kids talking to each other.

      Abby you are a real fighter :) my suggestion is stay close to the trunk of the tree but may i humbly suggest you re-evaluate your total belief system and look at things from a spiritual perspective. Like is Lazarus and the rich man a "parable" or real story. If it is a parable than it is not literal but if it's a literal story how can they be in heaven already when Jesus is telling the story and hasn't die yet to open the gate to heaven. But since it said it is a "parable" than it can't be a real experience taking place at the same time. You know like being a "free slave"

      Just a thought not a challenge. Honestly i believe i am done here and need to go on to greater things. But if you'd like an exchange


    3. DEdesign, its sitcom, which stands for 'situation comedy'.
      And yeah, satan has really invaded and has been quite successful in tampering with some of the minds in here. Its like an incurable inoperable disease, Lol.

  24. I have stated my mind on this matter and there I stand.


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