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Monday, August 13, 2018

What Do I Want?

By Anna Von Reitz

I wish for the return of all our assets, all our property, and for all our records to be corrected to reflect our actual political status.

I wish for every American to be told the truth and given a choice whether they want to live as Americans or as Brits and I want their choice to be honored. Once that decision is made, I wish for an absolute, complete, and utter end of all further British attempts to interfere with, control, undermine, or secure any unjust enrichment from America ever again. 

I wish for the Roman Catholic Church to reform itself voluntarily and repent from what it has done in this country and repent the Breach of Trust it has committed against Americans for almost two centuries. 

I wish to see the Roman Catholic Church get back to being a Church and actually providing unselfish service to humanity instead of allowing criminals and moral reprobates to profit themselves while using the Church as a store front for their unsavory activities. 

I wish for the return of all our intellectual property that has been purloined by both the British Government and the Roman Catholic Church, including our copyrights and patents and trademarks and certificates and all stocks and bonds and contracts related to us, back to our control. 

I wish for an apology to and a release of all of the American prisoners who have been jailed and railroaded and incarcerated and prosecuted under false premises and contrived, deliberately false legal presumptions.  I especially wish for the speedy release of all political prisoners and all those accused of victimless white collar crimes and "thought" crimes. 

I wish for all my employees whether British citizens or Americans to remember that they are in fact employees owing me good faith service at all times and in all respects. I wish them to remember that fact with regard to the service they owe to all other Americans as well.  

I wish for all middlemen including bankers and politicians and attorneys who have betrayed and plundered the National Trust of the American People to voluntarily vacate their positions.  Those who have acted in ignorance, I wish them to be re-educated and re-assimilated. Those who are unrepentant criminals need to be prosecuted. 

I wish for all quasi-military positions including the "U.S. Attorney General" to be redirected to assist us in reclaiming and restoring our rightful government or otherwise be removed from our shores. 

I wish for a complete financial audit of all budgets, of all Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports, of all associated Annual Reports, of all Public Trusts, of all Public Pension Funds, of all internally and externally Managed Accounts so as to validate the current status of this country's actual wealth and debt position and to expedite prosecution of those responsible for the massive embezzlement that has occurred here. 

I wish for the nullification of all the bogus "MASTER FORM LINE OF CREDIT DEEDS OF TRUST" taken out by Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and other banks against American land assets, in which they pretend to have an interest in our land in exchange for their digits entered in a ledger ---- and the end of all such claims and practices resulting in Odious Debt. 

I wish for the recognition and release of all Odious Debt worldwide. 

I wish for the return of all American Historic Trust funds and their repatriation to our people and our Sovereign States, which are all trusts which have been commandeered by these dishonest banks, purloined and held under various false and weak-minded excuses including purported "money laundering" related to funds that haven't seen a single transaction in a hundred years --- and an end to all the vacuous criminality on display at the World Bank, IBRD, BIS, IMF, etc.

I wish for the return of all our assets which are naturally and reasonably ours and their return to our control without any further obfuscation or argument, and those assets are to include all American gold confiscated under color of law by the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Administration and other assets of ours currently held in the so-called Global Debt Facility. 

I wish for the return of our portion of those "Life Force Value Annuities" awarded as credit and received under known conditions of fraud by Prince Philip as part of the settlement of the bankruptcy of CANADA. 

I wish for our portion of the Economic Security Fund and of the Exchange Stabilization Fund to be returned to us. 

I wish for the dissolution of all "titles" and land trusts being held with respect to any portion of our land and soil and the return of these parcels free and clear to the people and to the sovereign States they rightfully belong to. 

I wish for the liquidation of all corporations which have been operated as crime syndicates. 

I wish for restitution for all the bogus foreclosures and asset confiscations that have been carried out against private property belonging to Americans under color of law, such restitution to include treble damages, return of the property seized whenever possible, all time lost, all court expenses, and a million dollars penalty for each instance to make up for grief, suffering, and unconscionable assault to the extent possible --- all directly payable to the living people who are the actual victims of these crimes.  

I wish for the rapid reform of all of the Law Schools and the Universities and the Medical Schools in receipt of public funds, grants, or aid of any kind to teach the actual Public Law of this country and to honor it in thought, word, and deed ---- or tenure be damned. 

I wish for the orderly reform and auditing of all public utility corporations and cooperatives and particularly the liquidation of the North American Water and Power Alliance, all so-called Water and Soil Districts, all other attempts to seize upon and mismanage public assets for private gain and an end to ruthless oppressive racketeering against the people to whom all these resources actually belong.

I wish for an auditing of all public employee pension funds and so called "pension associations" which have been used as slush funds for predatory investment activities throughout the United States and which are subject to seizure and restructuring. 

I wish that this should be done with no harm to any public employee, retired or currently working. 

I wish for the political parties and their "elections" to be fully disclosed for what they are and no longer deliberately confused with public elections. 

I wish for an end of criminality including an end to all attempts seeking to justify adhesion contracts. 

I wish for full and official recognition of the Operation of Law and the return of our Delegated Powers to our sovereign States and People. 

I wish for the cessation of all attempts to form commercial corporations named after "the United States" or any form of "United States of America" or any "Republic" so as to attempt another round of the same old fraud. 

I wish for every country on Earth, including Scotland, England, and France to cease and desist all infringement against our copyrights and our Good Name and I do hold these governments accountable for all their wrong-doing in this regard both past and present. 

I wish for the "United Nations" Corporation and the United Nations Organization and all related franchises and officials to cease and desist all effort to claim hegemony against our rightful national government based on the actions of the Territorial United States Congress or the Municipal United States Congress at any time now or in the past. We did not vacate our states nor did we grant any power or authority related to our state offices to the United Nations. 

I wish for the worldwide recognition of the fact that these pikers have been trading upon assets that they have controlled by piracy and fraud, to the extent that they have possessed or controlled them at all, and have been secretively, unconscionably profiting themselves by borrowing money and credit against assets that do not now and never have belonged to them.  This is known as "Odious Debt" and I wish for all of it to be discharged and all the property and assets that have been conscripted and/or pirated to be returned to the living people and sovereign States they belong to without further obfuscation or delay.  

I wish for the "U.S." military services to be forthrightly and immediately converted to the "American" military services,  and for anyone who disagrees with that change to be released from any further obligation to serve in any branch of service.  Any such person who feels that their allegiance to the "U.S." is greater than their allegiance to America, is welcome be discharged whether officer or NCO, whether vested in the military retirement system or not, without dishonor and without penalty.  Anyone who stays under false pretenses and who expresses any actual and material disloyalty to America after being granted the opportunity to leave our service, I wish all such persons to be subject to court martial and immediate involuntary discharge. 

I wish for all military, agency, and so-called "counter intelligence" and controlled opposition operations addressed against the American people and our sovereign States by our employees to end now and never resume.  If this requires the wholesale disbanding and liquidation of the FBI, CIA, DIA, FEMA, BATF, DOJ, and other unauthorized agencies that is just fine and in line with my wish that the government in all respects be subject to the people of this country and not allowed to run amok foisting off public policies and agency regulations as Public Law. 

I wish for all the leaders worldwide who are responsible for this stinking Mess to have a "Come to Jesus" moment regardless of what their religion is and realize that the bulk of the misery that billions of innocent people have suffered is all unnecessary and is more or less directly attributable to their own dishonesty and/or incompetence. 

I wish for all those world leaders and politicians who can't stand the heat or grasp the fundamentals of the situation we are all facing --- Americans and everyone else, too --- to step down.  Leave.  Admit that you are either a skunk or an incompetent or both, and go.  Leave the space open for people who do know what it going on and who do care for their countries and for the world and who will at least try to do the right thing for everyone concerned instead of dithering and snarking and standing around looking like a combination of guilty-stupid-and-helpless. 

I wish for an end to ignorance about our government, how it was formed, why it was formed, how it is structured and how it is supposed to work.  For that I wish a vast national education effort to be made to teach actual American History instead of distorted pablum.  Our government requires an intelligent and well-educated electorate operating at top speed and dealing with a full deck of verifiable facts and I wish to see that result enabled as quickly as possible.   

I wish for all the media corporations foreign and domestic to be compelled to obey our Public Law and respect our right to Free Speech.  Any media corporation that wants to come to America and trash Americans using American airwaves to do it needs to be taxed out of business on our shores and I wish it to be so, sooner than later. 

I wish for all "National" Football League owners and members and players to remember what "nation" they are part of and stop disrespecting the American flag and I wish for any player using our stadiums to be given the option of playing or not. 

I wish for the deplorable role of the Democratic Party and of political parties in general in debasing, misleading, preying upon, and betraying the interests of the American People to be fully recognized and I wish for their strict regulation along with all other lobbyists --- because that's what political parties are: organized lobbies. 

I wish for all of this to be done as quickly, as peacefully, and with as much honesty as possible, with respect and compassion and the benefit of a doubt extended, without any emphasis on blame, and instead with an emphasis on making correction and re-building this country and this world into a far better place for everyone to live. 

I wish for everyone to be provided with the actual facts and for everyone to work with one accord to clean up this Mess.  

That's what I wish for, so everyone can stop asking. 

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  1. Your wish shall not be granted.

    1. Unknown, you certainly are an interesting duck.I have read most of your posts, not for everybody's palette.
      I mean interesting duck as complimentary.

  2. Show me how it hurts to rot from the inside out.
    This vigil burns until the day our fires overtake you.

    1. Truthful, to say the least. Though it is nice to see what Anna actual wants to envision happening, all of which I believe is valid,very well stated in my opinion. Nice to see and I could not agree more,would also like to see more ideas from other inspirational people, I personally, love options(one size fits all, doesn't always work)and do my best to keep an open mind.

    2. Not trying to be smug. But Federal, State, and Local governments may very well respond to Anna's wishes with a simple "We have no idea what you are talking about." What Anna's wishes are requesting is based on an alternative historical premise that the status quo has no idea of. I hope you can see this as problematic.

      Look, as I've said before in this forum, it is entirely acceptable for people to hold on to truths that are alternative to those held by the status-quo. But to forcefully demand that the status quo subscribe to what you adhere to as true is an entirely different thing.

      My approach is to subscribe to a different historical narrative and at the same time claim that that narrative is religious. Followers of the Bible, Hindu, Budda, Koran, etc., do this all the time. These are known as mythologies. And if we deeply consider was all history is then we may realize that it is all mythology because we have not experienced it first hand. And even if we did experience historical events first hand, our claim to that experience could very well be considered as a myth to others that receive our first hand claims on a second or third hand basis.

    3. The thing is that the "dominant" protective agency dictates the mythology (historical narrative) that shall be subscribed to as absolute truth by mainstream journalists, politicians, lawyers, mainstream medical professionals, mainstream scientists, mainstream entertainers, etc.,). The dominant protective agency is the Society of Jesus. And this is carried out by temporal coadjutors (Jesuit Brothers) that embedded within said aspects of mainstream life.

      No lie. Read the Constitutions for yourself.

    4. Unknown, your tube link is satanic. You do not belong on this (Anna's) site.

    5. It's their corporate world. Extracted from their society since the 16th Century. Therefore, their Brothers are embedded with it guiding it as their (Provincial- Generals see fit). The Jesuit Brothers are the foot soldiers. The Professed Jesuits are the superiors to the Brothers all the way up to the Superior General.

      They were the reason for the Pale of Settlements whereby hordes of Ashkenazi Jews relocated from Russia to Prussia. Ashkenazi Jews have always done the Jesuit's bidding lest they experience the Jesuit wrath (Holocaust). It's better to join them than to go against them because they are tapped into the pulse of "THEIR" corporate world which they believe is the Dead Body of Christ.

    6. They founded the U.S. through Masonry. Who do you think is running the show in the U.K... It's Jesuits. The U.S. was founded around the same time that Jesuits were expelled from Catholic Europe, they then found safe harbor in U.K. and Russia where they masterminded the American Revolution through Masons in the 13th Colony and they retaliated against Catholic Monarchs with the european revolution and later with Napoleon who captured the Vatican itself along with the Pope. They founded the U.S. specifically to operate unhindered as Religious Freedom in the U.S. allows. Where ever they go Ashkenazi Jews follow like lap dogs.

  3. interesting video "unknown" is one back at

    1. Also interesting from another vantage point, with points stating same truths in another frame work.

    2. A good visual of rotting from the inside out, so to speak.

  4. Not sure if Anna is aware,she might be, that her posts are always shared in the operationdisclosure posts and have been for sometime.I have been on that email list for over a year now, has a very broad perspective on events and happenings globally.

  5. As I stated earlier, I like options and a broader perspective.For those interested;

    Operation Disclosure(Just google)
    People who are faint of heart, turn away NOW. This website contains top secret and classified information. See people exposed of fraud

    This link has some enlightening sketches.

  7. If the above doesn't work try this link.

  8. We all want those things Anna..!! The problem has always to get them without another bloody "civil war" or worse, a world war....!!

  9. Must say Anna your writings set the tone.
    I follow along picking up sheds of facts
    trying to get the big picture .
    in turn I go on the air on the largest talk show daily .
    What you see on the street (pro good guys) is first broadcast on this channel .
    they are like children have to feed them Gerber baby food. But thair vocabulary is growing .

    1. Bubba - What talk show? Probablt the only one I would catch.

  10. Re: "I wish for an end to ignorance about our government, how it was formed, why it was formed, how it is structured and how it is supposed to work. For that I wish a vast national education effort to be made to teach actual American History instead of distorted pablum." -

    This touches (or comes very close to) the crux of it all. The "education" needs to begin as early as possible (possibly in kindergarten). However the idea of "a vast national education effort" needs to be rethought. Firstly it deserves to be asked whether a "national" effort is actually fitting for the "effort". I can most readily imagine local efforts - possibly starting with home schooling and extending into private schools. -

    1. Extremely well stated, Anna, & I wholeheartedly concur. The more this good work gets exposed the stronger we the People become, both individually and collectively. Your "comic book" can be used beginning with 6th graders for re-education of history, law, government and truth.

      Truth can set one free from tyranny, when known and acted upon peacefully, lawfully; recording one's status and standing in local public record followed with newspaper publication with reference to specific public record #s as "Legal Notice" is a great beginning. Knowing who one IS, Living wo/man, and is NOT (dead corp[se] FICTION) is indeed a key element to victory, insistent upon no joinder between the Living and the DEAD. Time to Arise from the dead, dear ones, and LIVE peacefully, lawfully FREE, by God's Grace and Spirit empowerment, reclaiming what's been stolen, a true resurrection.

      Prophetic Word excerpt 8/13/18: God is Bringing His Justice: … “My authority is complete, the enemy's plans are in full defeat. Come into line with the truth; I have won! Move into the authority of My Son. Take the land, the time is now; unto Me alone you must bow. Do not be deceived by the enemy's lies; let truth of victory be realized. Do not be afraid of the enemy's illusion; I am bringing His camps to utter confusion. As kings and priests go forth and decree and you will see the enemy flee; you have been given authority."… The Just Live by Faith … “Submit to My will and be made My pure treasures! … Know that I AM in you… Hear My roar, align and release. Wake up, oh sleeper! I am the Mighty God in the midst of thee. Will you let Me receive My inheritance in and through you? Cross over through the veil of your flesh; break all ties to the lies, open your eyes, declare that the enemy is in demise. Declare sight to those bound in the enemy's illusion and his camp is brought to utter confusion. Now is the time for the big surprise – My sons and daughters to come forth – ARISE! Decree it is finished, be not curtailed. Decree My justice; I have prevailed!" …

      Blessings to all willing to BE and DO peacefully lawfully for highest good of ALL, standing in Love, Peace, Joy, Thanks-giving Living, and True Justice for ALL - Tricia FreeMom :D

  11. Simple answer is to understand inherent power and how we unwittingly gave it away when we asked to be a trust fund (name) in their system. He who names (creates)controls claim your land ! The BC is just proof of your power to reclaim what you entrusted when the people take back the land by self governing the profit in managing it will be gone called the "fee' in fee simple

  12. This was uploaded earlier today:
    Anna Von Reitz What Do I Want, August 13, 2018
    NEOTECH --- 144 views

    1. This was uploaded last month by same person:

      WITH ALL DUE RESPECT Judge Anna – Tank – July 18, 2018
      NEOTECH --- 1,794 views

  13. We should all know that cockroaches work in the dark, so they chew away at a house out of our sight, until they are seen by all. By then they have eaten away so much, that the only remedy is to tear down the whole damned building, and start all over again, from scratch.

  14. But do these 100,000 extraterrestrials believe in Jesus?

  15. Well, I wish I was 50 again. No, make that 40.

  16. What else does Anna wish for?
    1. Money plea july 28, 2018
    2. Money plea Aug. 2, 2018
    3. Money Plea Aug.4,2018
    4. "Grandma's cupboardrd is bare"
    Think about that and think about the irony that after we have given everything back to you, provided for your protection and the protection of your State of the Union---- Grandma's "cupboard" is bare. We are still here in the trenches, still doing all this on nothing but cookie jar and mattress money.
    So if you value what has been done for you and the fact that you still have a country to come home to and an indemnity bond that protects you and your family and your State of the Union--- and you want The Living Law Firm to continue it's work---- send what you can. We are at push come to shove here
    with all the final "repatriation" work left to do
    5. Money plea Aug. 10, 2018
    And now one final plug. The research that led to these conclusions and actions and which have served to protect you and your family and bring forward the actions that have been taken to preserve your country and your property rights and your State of the Union --- has all been done by people like me, working away for free for years at a time, not all those people on your payroll.

    We get nothing ---- no pay from the renegade "government" and in fact, many of us have suffered and died and been attacked by these criminals and prosecuted under deliberately constructed false legal presumptions. Many of us have spent time in jail --- not for our "political beliefs" --- but because we had the temerity to assert our birthright and claim our property and our exemptions.

    In doing this, we protected all of you and even protected those persecuting us, because without this, all our land, all our rights, all our freedoms would have been lost.

    The international bankers actually thought they were going to pull it off, and claim that our entire continent was "abandoned" assets, up for grabs.

    If you have any sense of just how close this entire country and the rest of the world has come to disaster --- get going. Reclaim your Good Name and your rightful political status and then, boot up your local assemblies.

    And if you can, send a donation our way. Because our accounts were commandeered along with everything else and bungled up and commingled as part of these infernal bankruptcies --- we still have no money to operate on.

  17. To all commentators (common taters): For all my bitching and calling Anna out, i will not apologize, but i believe some, perhaps many, of you agree with me when i say that i stand shoulder to shoulder with her regarding most of what she SAYS. The problem is how all those good things line up in stark contrast to her deeply hidden agenda. Now she is barking at the Roman Catholic cult as though she has long been its most brazen foe, which everyone who read my retort to her bogus claims of being just a sweet little protestant girl knows is an outright lie. She has claimed to have a close personal and professional relationship with the two most recent Perverts in Chief. She has written of them in the most glowing terms of admiration and affection. She has repeatedly said that the phony "civil flag of peace" has always been the official USA flag of the republic, which she knows is an absolute provable LIE. Why does she make this stupid false claim? Read her husband's "Declaration of the Flag" and it will become very clear. He wants to be the "King of the USA", but he can't pull it off without two things. 1) he needs lots of gullible subjects, hence the bogus flag; 2) he needs the blessing and support of "il papa" sitting atop the "kingdoms of the world" in the Vatican. Keep in mind that all accomplished politicians are the most adept at the Bait and Switch tactic. Obomination promised Change, but only increased the depravity that is the District of Columbia. Every president as far back as you can see has done the same thing. Even Reagan. Anna is no different, imho. She knows what you want to hear, so she puts it out there with candy canes and lollipops, but beware her sinister agenda!

    1. I think she and this movement has enormous social capital but what good is it if it is being taken for granted every day and misguided?

      Think for a second about the social capital behind BlackLivesMatters.

      So many wealthy entertainers are behind. So many people. But is it effective? Of course not. It is not effective because it does very little to empower its followers. If anything, it further disenfranchises the very same people it advocates for. It turns them into pawns to meet other ends that are unbeknownst to them.

      The same can be said about this movement of Anna's and Keith Livingway as well as Frank O'Collins.

      It does not create competent followers. I'm afraid all it does is spread confusion. But then again this is what many humans are best for. And I am afraid the only way to earn social capital is to appeal to the easily confused side of the human psyche. The brute and reactionary side.

      God forbid you attempt to really empower mankind. You will be completely dismissed by their inability to see what is right in front of their face.

    2. Death lies eternal
      A heathen rapture consumes the light
      Impaled on its axis,
      The [Body of Christ] around me lays down to die

    3. Unknown: in re your quote: "The same can be said about this movement of Anna's and Keith Livingway as well as Frank O'Collins."

      My knee jerk reactionary self wants to label them as wackos and add James McBride and a few others in there, but that would be a disservice to everyone who might read this...i'm sure there must be at least two or three! Anyway, these people are definitely NOT wackos. They each have their own agenda, none of which actually coincide with what they claim to be about. Anna wants to be Queen. Keith wants to be revered as a wise and knowing sage. Frankie is just plain out there, and i'm not sure he even knows what his agenda is. When you factor in the universal yin and yang, the light and the dark, it's no wonder we all feel like they've got us by the ying-yang! I'm not sure what you can buy with that kind of social capital anyway.

    4. the civil flag is fine.

      the fact is, "War on terror" "lack of specie-based terasury" "FDR shenanigans" "lincoln exec orders" "merging of law and equity" "federal citizens only fake elections" "corporate government everywhere" "trump is CEO of the country (nikki haley)"

      other than the most clueless corporate tool, everyone should be crystal clear there are "War powers" "emergency powers" being invoked, correctly or not, and the "government" is operating as if they were at "War".

      politicians have said as much.

      thus, if the horizontal stripes "military flag" is not the "military flag" or "war flag", then they are using the wrong flag all over the place.

      "star spangled banner" poem/song is about military flag, a military fort. how else would you distinguish military bases from non-military? whether "peace" or "war" it is still a military flag.

      the vertical stripes/seal are on union pacific and a few other remaining vestiges of non-military things. old campaign posters used it. it was the "rebellious nine" flag before "independence", with or without "belcher" assistance.

    5. i would add "patriot act"

      what happens is "wars" get declared, if only half-heartedly and not officially, they never "End" and powers are never revoked.

      as skull and bones kiddy bush said, "go out and shop"

      there are 3 types of martial law. see blacks law dictionary. one of them, the "lesser" form, is hang around in the background. unless there is a riot, the "military" wont actively be seen in the streets, etc.

      they want to maintain the economy, protect the corporations benefitting from all this fraud. so they simultaneously do 1984-style "war is peace" "keep calm and carry on (british)" propaganda simultaneously to all the "War"

      it has even been said, a "judge" cannot make a proper lawful ruling, if it would cause panic/chaos. so the "law" is ignored, maybe they will privately, off the record, cut a deal with you, but case will be sealed.

      so, it is definitely 24/7 "war" a thousand which ways, and "martial law", but they simultaneously doublethinkingly pretend that "one nation" and "Federal citizens only" is all there is, that "corporations" and "Stocks" and "Bonds" are part of the american system, that their "courts" are actual "law", etc.

    6. You should look again at the "rebellious nine" flag. It looked NOTHING at all like Anna's fraud.

  18. re:
    I wish for all "National" Football League owners and members and players to remember what "nation" they are part of and stop disrespecting the American flag and I wish for any player using our stadiums to be given the option of playing or not.
    they are "federal citizens" and not part of "america" what do you care? they are not part of the several states.

    give them the option of being a state citizen and/or national.
    explain that is part of "equal civil rights"

    i thought "your state is your nation" -- anna von reitz ???

    if you think the "Schools" and "Churches" do anything besides kidnap children into "pledging" to a "military flag" and sell them off to corporations, get real.

    mindless "pledging" to military flag of the "one nation" is how we got into this mess.

    google "bellamy pledge". "christian socialist" / "mason". with nazi-type "salutes".

    no thanks. good riddance. that is "Disrespectful" to every free country.

    give them a state flag to pledge to, and explain the situation to the football players.

    perhaps then the "negroes" will trust you after all this fraud that was done supposedly to "Free" them.

    why should any "negro" trust your word on ANYTHING? you lied.

    now all the "whites" are being subject to the same kidnapping.

    there is no reason civilians should "pledge" to a military flag. i dont hold them harmless.

    this "dont Disrespect me" is what every war criminal says. no thanks.

    respect is earned. end your "Civil war".

    if you want "respect" then go "reconstruct", run an actual treasury, and quite trying to enslave americans of all colors and beliefs.

    cancel your bogus "pledge".

    right now, when i see a horizontal stripes military flag, there is no way to know who i am dealing with. only complete silence.

    "your" flag has lost all credibility anna. trying to dragoon people is just going to make it worse.

    come clean.

    if any football players knew your story, they would respect that, and doubtless be lining up with donations/etc.

    they are kept in the dark like everyone else.

    if you want "Respect" you have to quit lying/deceiving people. if you are not part of that, "your" flag is being used in that manner

    end your bogus "pledge", explain the situation. people will be happy to know that 99% of everything is not normal, that is truly has been permanent martial law and slavery for a long time, and that there is a way out of the treason and fraud.

    "negroes" i can imagine, will be happy someone finally levelled with them.

    you cant keep lying to people and then get mad when they dont "Respect" your treason and "Secession"

    why should i respect people seceding into "one nation" trying to enslave me? that is not to say everyone using that horizontal stripes military flag does that, but that is 99% of its current uses.

    no "politician" no "school" no "banker" no "church" has bothered to come clean. your information is still unknown to 99% of everyone.

    if you spent "millions" informing the powers that be, it looks like they threw it away and didnt bother to tell anyone.

    1. tell lebron james "this is the actual history, this is how you become a state citizen and/or national under equal civil rights"

      and then, he can go inform all the "football players"

      hell, they can wake up the "white people"

      the fact is the "one nation" pledge and the people doing it have "seceded". it is neither "federal" nor "State".

      its not in any "constitution"

      it is totally bogus and outside all known "law"

      tell "Fox and friends" we dont like nazi-type bogus "pledges" and we dont do "christian socialism" and the "masons" have caused enough damage.

      "your" horizontal stripes military flag is being used for treason.

      there is no reason to "respect" people seceding and trying to kidnap everyone else into being their eternal slaves.

      all the more shameful they do it under bogus "religious" justification.

      mindless flag worshipping is how we got into this mess.

      where and when has trump said a word to anyone about any of this. just part of the problem. hasnt lifted a finger.

    2. that is why i recommend new flags/seals.

      because your current "military flag" has lost all credibility it might have had.

      noone ever knows who they are dealing with. noone ever says.

      so long as they are using "Your" flag to kidnap people with bogus "pledges", i see no reason to "respect" it

      that doesnt mean i will burn it or spit on it, it does mean i will make it perfectly clear i dont "Secede" into "one nation" and i am not a "Federal citizen" and i dont appreciate being press-ganged/dragooned into foreign types of law/money/citizenship.

      if that is "disrespect" then they earned it.

      be thankful they arent burning "your" flag.

    3. the real solution is someone starts a "several states of the american union football/basketball/etc." league.

      then, we get mark cuban, charles barkley, michael jordan, shaq, lebron james, kobe bryant, magic johnson, etc. on board.

      then, they can all stand for the state flags, knowing they are truly "equal" at last, and not worry about being kidnapped into bogus "one nation pledges" and misuse of the "military flag"

      the "military" is at fault. tell them we want a "union of several states" "sporting leagues" as part of our "reconstruction"

      that is how far gone things are. they literally did bogus "national" leagues for their fake "one nation"

      liquidate these bogus "national leagues" and return all assets to a "american union of Several states football league" etc.

      those "managers" "agents" "owners" "coaches" "referees" "commissioners" etc. have all "Seceded" under a bogus "pledge'.

      the solution is to get them back into the actual "union"

      start at the top. the "players" have not been told any of this.

      start fining the "recruiters" and "agents" for not informing their "clients". fine the owners/managers for "Seceding".

    4. none of these "one nation military sporting leagues" should even exist.

      no "American" should be paying for rich people to "Secede" and enslave players, coaches, fans, cheerleaders, etc.

      yank their charters, give them option of rebooting under "several states of the american union sporting league".

    5. you could buy a super bowl commercial (better, they give you one) and have all your "funding" problems met in one hour.

      how many of these military "leagues" and "owners" have put their money where their mouth is?

  19. Oops! Someone got caught lying. Good call Xerces Yakir.
    Yeah, and I bought that flag decal! Double standards are not nice Anna!

  20. Oops! I sorry, I just love when a light goes on.

  21. Let's just look at reality....unbeknownst to Presidents, CIA,and uninformed civilians,(there are documents prooving this) in the 1920's anti gravity and interdemesional technology was already in motion that would or could have done away with all fossil fuels. You see where that has gotten us.We are talking about technology that isn't even accessible by National security. And you think that claiming sovereignty is gonna get you somewhere?, really?


    Disclosure by Dr.Steven Greer.


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