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Thursday, August 9, 2018


By Anna Von Reitz

I have lately been assailed by people concerned because they could not get a passport, were issued an incorrect passport, or were being penalized for things like child support debts or IRS liens with not being able to use a passport issued by "the US".
Passports are issued by the Post Office, not the "government".
You, as a Post Master (Think about it, you handle the mail --- buy, sell, trade, carry, and deliver mail all the time) have the right and ability to send "yourself" anywhere the mail goes.
Technically, your Birth Certificate is sufficient to cross most international borders, so long as you provide reasonable proof of the other elements of a Passport --- current picture, nationality (Ohioan, Californian, Wisconsinite, etc.), a current postal address, two Witnesses (or their signed and notarized testimony identifying a photo of you as "the" man or woman whose birth event was registered on the BC and certifying your good character.
There you go. Make your own. The "authorities" will scream, but it is their own darn fault for messing around and not doing their job---and they really have no authority to restrict your travel.
You put all this information on a 5" X 8.5" postcard and send it to yourself at your normal address with your normal postal address as the Return Address, too, using a $1.00 "Global" Stamp, which will of course be cancelled to pay the postage.
When this document returns to you, it has been stamped and sealed and is in fact a "Passport" proving your current address and presenting your identity.
They can argue it all day long, but they can't restrict the movements of a State national. You have your own Post Office and your own Seat of Government and they can go blow.
As for the Passports they do issue that are quasi-correct and issued under color of law, you can correct them and nail down their interpretation by the way you sign them.
Always sign everything with a by-line. By: John Peter Doe.
That claims your copyright. All rights reserved.
Take one of those $1.00 Global stamps and stick it above your
signature, and cancel it by writing your name and the place you are "leaving from" across the stamp in red ink.
The Post Master has now cancelled the Global Stamp and the "cargo"--- the Name you have copyrighted and affixed -- is ready to be mailed to whatever destination your little heart desires.
The out of control bureau-rats from Washington, DC, can sniff and snort all they like, but it isn't their business and not in their control.
They say theirs is a passport issued by The United States of America; well, that's us.
And if they mean some Scottish wannabe commercial fraud organization infringing on our copyright and abusing our Name instead, they need to be grilled about that copyright infringement and be put on the record as attempting to interfere with our ability to contract and our ability to conduct international trade. Both.
$250,000 fine and ten years in jail, international sanctions in 172 countries. See how they like that.
Don't let these cretins poke their noses into areas where their noses don't belong. Give them the "Bad dog!" response and if enough of us do this consistently enough, they will get the message even if it has to be reduced to Tarzan-like speech:
Me, Employer.
You, Employee.
And issue your own Passport.

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  1. Anna, should we not also correct the record of our passport application? The Browns in NH were railroaded by the judge who used their own passport application against them since on it they had sworn under POP that they were US citizens no matter how much they denied it in court. The process would be to return the passport in which you were misclassified as a US citizen and apply for a new non-citizen state national passport. This classification is obviously not on the DS-11 and must be stated in an addendum called an Explanatory Statement. In the notarized ES you would make the determination of your status as only you can do. If completed properly they will issue you a corrected passport, and passport card you can use instead of a driver's license, even if you have liens outstanding since you have declared in your ES that as non-citizen state national you do not have a SSN and do not have any outstanding unpaid taxes. Even though the passport will look identical to your old passport, it will be coded as a non-citizen state national. The way you can prove this is to order a certified copy of the application and ES upon which the passport was issued. No judge can argue with the SOS/DOS which is their boss, who issued you a passport based on your non-citizen state national status.

    1. 1freeman, I haven't seen anyone mention on pg2 of DS-11 section "Acts and Conditions" read it and keep reading it until you get it, it's very creative writing and a trap!

    2. Calvin, which part are you referring to?

    3. 1FreeMan, my mistake it's pg4 Acts or Conditions "If any of the below-mentioned acts or conditions have been performed by or apply to the applicant, the portion which applies should be lined out" it takes a couple times of reading the whole section to grasp it.

    4. Calvin, read the rest of the sentence:
      "and a supplementary explanatory statement under oath (or affirmation) by the applicant should be attached and made a part of this application." This is why you need to include a notarized ES (explanatory statement) in which you determine your own status.
      One guy who I helped get out of jail from 2 outstanding felonies and 1 misdemeanor (he was railroaded by CPS), used the process at and got a 4 star passport card before his case was dismissed.

    5. 1FreeMan, my mistake it's pg4 Acts or Conditions "If any of the below-mentioned acts or conditions have been performed by or apply to the applicant, the portion which applies should be lined out" it takes a couple times of reading the whole section to grasp it.

  2. Sure helps to see where one is n isn't
    and who one is n isn't

  3. that DIY passport sounds good but a 5x8.5 postcard doesn't provide much room for border stamps.

  4. Anna, could you please explain how do you purchase airplane ticket with "your passport" and how is "your passport" recognized in 172 countries ... have you use it yourself to travel overseas?
    Thank you in advance for your answer!

    1. Daga, this is part of the problem. What Anna recommends may be 100% accurate no doubt, but who wants to get stuck at TSA for 3 hours and miss your flight or be turned away because the blue shirted goons have a one track mind. Much easier to use the process I described above to secure a NCSN (non-citizen state national) passport issued by the SOS/DOS that they will readily recognize and that comes with the added benefit of a certified copy of the application and ES (Explanatory Statement) certifying that the passport was issued upon your NCSN status declaration and that this certification is valid as evidence in any court in the US.

    2. Greetings 1FreeMan, I was curious if when you used the process you mentioned and used, did you use it completely as is, or did you modify it in any way with any of Anna's or your own info, knowledge. If you did modify it, would you share what that is and why you added (or subtracted) it. Thank You in advance for what ever you are willing to share.

    3. Hey GrumpyOne, yes, stuck to the process but added the following from Anna. I sent an authenticated COLB at the state level only since they technically issue the passport as a Constitutional state Citizen of your domicile state. Once I received the passport, I signed it according to Anna's instructions. I also just purchased a $1 global mail stamp and will be applying that to the signature page as well.

    4. I called the stte dept. and spoke to a "accounts recievable to ask some q. she promised someone would call me back...that was tues. and no they didn't. HAS ANONE CONSIDERED terminating the application first before starting anew if one had done a passport within 15 years ago?

    5. Hey 90colleen, excellent point. If you are not going to apply for a new passport, this is a must to correct the record. However, if you are going to apply for a new NCSN passport, the ES will explain that you are returning your passport because it was issued in error as a US citizen and that you are now applying for a new passport according to,your correct status as an NCSN.

    6. Hi, 1FreeMan! You've written elsewhere about how to sign the passport, but I still have a couple questions and this seems to be the perfect moment to ask them.

      Above the signature line on Page 3 you suggest we write:

      Without prejudice, all rights reserved
      UCC 1-308 Retired
      By: Lastname, First Middle

      1. First a comment: It's been suggested elsewhere that rather than "reserved" (reservations can be canceled), it's better to write "retained."

      2. Another comment: Since the statement "all rights reserved" is what UCC 1-308 is all about, it's better to not cite "their" code.

      3. What does "Retired" mean here?

      4. Is the b in "By" capitalized or not? How come the name is styled Last, First Middle rather than First Middle Last or First-Middle: Last? And why is (c) and/or (TM) not included? And while we're at it, how about including LS [Living Soul] and/or Non assumpsit?

      5. Is there a preferred ink color for our autograph?

      6. Place our thumbprint across the end of our name using red or blue ink?

      7. Place the stamp in the upper right-hand corner of the signature page, or maybe below the eagle's eye? Does the $1 global mail stamp you refer to have a variety of images available, or one in particular? I was shown another global mail stamp that cost $1.15 with red and blue swirls on a white background, so I'm confused.

      8. Autograph the stamp? In color? At an angle? What angle, specifically?

      Inquiring minds want to know. : )

      Thank you very much.

      2--Autograph across the stamp? At an angle? Right to Left?

    7. Hey Genevieve! Let me see if I can answer these for you by the numbers.
      1. Have not heard this. I would stick with trusted Reserved until further notice.
      2. Agreed.
      3. Retired from all presumed federal service.
      4. Doesn't matter whether capitalized or not. My LLF lawyers says this is your given name: Lname, Fname Mname. Depends on the circumstances whether to add (c) or TM. LS is a great thing to place after your autograph. Especially in a court case where you claim to be the beneficiary of your NAME Estate. Non assumpsit would come after "Without prejudice, all rights reserved."
      5. Blue if not purple or red. Never black.
      6. Red ink generally. Blue if a silver bond.
      7. Any image you prefer or is available at the PO as long as it is round and says global.
      8. Yes. Yes, gold, purple, red or blue. 45 degrees from the upper left down to the bottom right.
      Hope this helps.

    8. PS: For # 8, Anna recommends red.

    9. 1FreeMan: Thank you very very much!!!

    10. 1FreeMan: I have a couple more nitpicky questions for you (lucky guy!).

      1. Draw our own autograph line above the PP's signature line? Draw it in red?

      2. I'm going to autograph my PP with my name thusly: Last, First Middle. Good idea to place our thumbprint in red touching the middle name?

      Thank you for your ongoing assistance. I really don't want to blow this or leave anything out (or could you guess this?).

    11. Genevieve, Here you go...
      1. Yes. Yes.
      2. Yes. Anna has not mentioned sealing your autograph with a thumbprint.
      Check the email I sent you earlier.

    12. 1Freeman: One more for ya'!

      3. "Leaving from" pertains to our birth state?

  5. CJ, I would not recommend either of these sources. The World Passport is for "World citizens" according to Article 13(2) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the UN and is rarely if at all recognized by TSA or US customs or many other countries. The last time someone successfully used it to re-enter the US was in 2007 according to their own website at
    The coppermoonshinestills process has many deficiencies and from personal experience of the wife of a friend of mine who was issued a passport using this process and arrested and put in jail overnight, it is not registered with FBI/NCIC as "DO NOT DETAIN" which renders it quite useless.
    The only process I can recommend and the one I used myself to secure a 5 star non-US citizen passport and card, is who has been doing this for 25 years.

  6. Sorry...that would be

  7. I have NOT had that experience with my passport, filled out as suggested by coppermoonshinestills....Although, I and my son only got 3 stars, and my wife received 5 stars, even though each one was filled out exactly the same. I have been stopped 4 times and have given them just the Passport card (I have no license) and EACH time I received NO TICKET. i also made sure to get these tickets at the end/beginning of a month, where one is most likely NOT to get a 'warning' and let go. My son was also pulled over, same thing....Wife drives like Ms. Daisy, so she hasn't been pulled over. We were able to 'pass jail and collect $200'... I don't know why the lady got arrested, but I highly doubt it was due to the passport card. Might I also add that I know for a fact that there is a warrant out on me, IN the STATE that I was pulled over by. This was confirmed, although I did not need confirmation, by my wife's cousin, who is a Cop in unsaid State. And I've NEVER heard of anyone going to jail bc of doing the coppermoonshinestills method, the exact way it's written.

  8. Hey Uncle Q, that's great news! Thanks for sharing. We get way too few success stories posted here. The lady got arrested for trumped up charges since she did not have a license. She was released the next day so perhaps it was because of the passport once they realized they had detained a NCSN. The good news is that she was released. I do not have any further details so far. That's pretty strong for you since you have an outstanding warrant. Glad to hear it is working for you and your family. Still, I personally feel more comfortable with the process as it has more teeth to it with the added ES and certified copy issued under the seal and signature of the SOS/DOS and which states that it meets all requirements under the FROE for any court in the US.

  9. CJ, there is no cost. It is an investment that keeps paying you back year after year many times more than the $400 investment ($1,050 only if you want them to do it for you). Just one ticket that you did not get and you already have your money back already. Never mind not being thrown in jail by an overzealous cop. So how come I got mine then, through the USPS & DOS? And yes, I did correct my IRS status before applying. So where is this special passport center just for nationals you claim? Also, on the world passport visa page you cite, scroll down to USA and show me one stamped passport accepted after 2007. I used my new passport to travel to Europe earlier this year without a hitch. Coming back, I failed to press down on the passport when they wanted me to put it into their new scanning machine. So I got a big X on my printout and was told to go into a special line with several others for physical passport inspection. Great, I thought, now I can put this new passport to the test. The customs officer looked through my passport with great interest wondering why I got an X. He finally concluded: "I don't understand it! I can't find anything wrong with this passport!" So I volunteered: "Well maybe I didn't press down hard enough on it when the machine scanned it." "Yes, that must be it because there is absolutely nothing wrong with your passport!" was his response.

  10. Well written back in 2013 and this is the TRUTH now, then and in all time!

    the way you look at the world is absolutism. The way i look at it i could float between either world. Float between the two dimensional world as a us citizen or be in standing as a man. you believe its absolute, its one way or no way. I believe that i could bounce between any dimension i want at will because im a man. … i could be whatever i wish and theres nobody that can limit my capacity to do as i will. Nobody.
    Caller; as a man?
    as anything. Anytime im boxed in a corner all i gotta say is time out time out
    what are u gonna do?,
    im gonna throw the trump card down.
    What trump card?
    Man card. Im in the image of gawd ha ha. I get to do whatever i want. How are you going to hold me now? I just threw the trump card down on the table ha ha, theres the man card.
    Damn, he threw the man card down on the table. Oh youre not playing fair.
    You thought you had me didnt you? Yeah well you dont got me no more. .. nobody can bind me, im a man. if u want to try to bind me, esp in government theyre the easiest ones to break the bond with...
    but if the guv has an agreement with me? No no, im pulling out. Theres no more benefit in dealing with you because youre crazy i dont want to deal with this no more.

    “ official, high or petty, can prescribe what shall be orthodox in politics, nationalism, religion, or other matters of opinion or force citizens to confess by word or act their faith therein." WEST VIRGINIA STATE BOARD OF ED. v. BARNETTE

    The very purpose of a Bill of Rights was to withdraw certain subjects from the vicissitudes of political controversy, to place them beyond the reach of majorities and officials and to establish them as legal principles to be applied by the courts. One's right to life, liberty, and property, to free speech, a free press, freedom of worship and assembly, and other fundamental rights may not be submitted to vote; they depend on the outcome of no elections.
    West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette, 319 U.S. 624, 638 (1943)

    [they can call it petunias, pot or plutonium, but i: a man; call all property, and i win.
    When a corporation creates a man get back to me.
    The constitution, a contract between the fed inc and states of inc, have their amendments
    which they can change at will for their property (i.e., citizens (slaves)
    but we the people have our bill of rights which are articles, besides, all we need is the preamble to the constitution, they can keep and haggle over their amendments]

    [i am NOT a citizen (i.e., subject) i HAVE a citizen, right here in my pocket, its called a birth certificate,
    would u like to put the cuffs on it? if u wish to put cuffs on me, and i did no wrong, then its only 18$ per second,
    one hour minimum and your bond, your supervisor's bond, the captain's bond, the police commissioner's bond,
    the mayor's bond and your principal the secretary of state's bond, added together should make a nice down payment
    on the 36 billion dollars of stress u just gave me, we'll work out the payment plan for the rest of it later]

  11. Not sure. That may only be for the postcard she is referring to. Maybe just autograph your name through the stamp and leave that part off, so you can leave from anywhere.

  12. Hello
    R U still responding to Passport Questions?


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