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Thursday, August 9, 2018

One Page Situation Update for August 8, 2018

By Anna Von Reitz

The Current System:

· A Scottish corporation calling itself  “The United States of America, Inc.” and a Delaware corporation calling itself the “United States of America, Inc.” run by the Roman Catholic Church have been usurping upon our Government.... since 1868;
· They have provided the 19 enumerated services required by the original Constitution –and a lot more we never asked for --under fraudulently assumed contracts;
· The labor of the American People and their other assets have been used as tradable commodities to pay for all these services;
· Our legal system was unlawfully converted into a private debt collection service to seize our assets to pay for all this foreign spending on our tickets;
· Bottom line: we have been defrauded and enslaved in gross Breach of Trust.  The purported Trustees have stolen our individual identities and racked up huge bills against our credit— just like any credit card thief.

The Correction to Be Made:

· The original unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America has organized and objected to the circumstance described above;
· The Federation States and People have been called to Assemble;
· We have the power to restore our lawful government and put an end to the abuses;
· Trump was elected to help restore our lawful republican form of government;
· All Governors have been briefed and the President as Commander-in-Chief is leading an orderly transition.

Where We Are Going:

· The fifty State republics of The United States of America are still alive and functioning;
· These States are not “States of States”;
· Our States are the Priority Creditors of all the bankrupt Federal Territorial and Municipal States of States and are heir to all the assets and property these foreign organizations were holding and managing “for” us;
· We, the People of this country, address the fraud committed against each one of us, get our own records corrected, and assemble our State organizations;
· Our States reclaim and receive back all the assets we are owed and direct control of our property is returned to us;
· Our State Deputies meet “in Congress Assembled” in Philadelphia to take care of long overdue business and chart a way forward;
· The United States of America, the actual federation of our States, helps President Trump “Make America Great Again!”

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  1. From what I hear I don't see any of "NOTHING"happening on the side for the Natural People and if we are making progress why those Corrupted still coming for AMERICAN NON Citizens for the debts they made and put it off on tht AMERICAN PEOPLE by putting them in jail??? I need evidence before I continue putting my own self and my family in jail doing all this paperwork and "NOTHING has Changed" !!!

    1. Wow... Sorry to read that you've been misled by people like Anna. The feeling of defeat will crush your spirit more and more with each wave. Sadly, you might fall into sever major depressive disorder if you keep following people like Anna.

  2. Of all people, "Unknown", YOU are an expert on BULLSHIT!! I have followed your comments through a large number of Anna's posts, and you are DEFINITELY working for the cabal. You use everything at your disposal to intimidate and strongly discourage innocent people on this site (trying to cause them to run from Anna's advice). I am sure you know that she is correct in her history and advice to the American people, yet you persist in bad-mouthing at every turn. (How much do they pay you?) Rest assured, God is not mocked, and you will reap the seeds of deception you are now sowing!

  3. Trust me. This is a bad path to follow. Many of you will regret it later. You'll say boy did I waste my time and energy. Time is precious people. Please don't waste it on something like this. The defeat is crushing. It crushes the human spirit. The force is overwhelming. And the sovereign citizen past stuff comes back to haunt you even when you turned away. I'm speaking from experience. There is a better way. There must be. A way where we are all empowered and we help our communities.

  4. jim donovan, you are right the unknown aka abby aka ucadia is/are very, very sick, evil troll(s) i.e. psychopaths. I do not read their bs comments and with pleasure I flash them down to the toilet when receiving notification in my email. The way they react it means Judge Anna and we are on the right track.

    1. Such a pity. You do not realize who the real troll is. She's in Big Lake Alaska. She's got her fangs sunk deep into you. You can't even tell who your friend and who your enemy is.

  5. your credibility is non display an ignorance of cosmic proportions
    and who are you helping....??

  6. I think that if every one would do some research and learn who you are and where you live and then try to help one another instead of bashing one another, we could all benefit from this. I believe that the people that are complaining the most are the ones that are doing nothing and expect to gain from it. YOU MUST LEARN TO FEND FOR YOURSELF AND THEN HELP THE ONES THAT ARE NOT ABLE TO HELP THEMSELVES.STOP BEING SUCH CRY-BABIES

    1. The issue is that the law that is being practiced in the U.S. is extremely complex. I think we need to recognize this first. If we don't acknowledge that the law is extremely difficult, then I'm afraid we will go into situations with a false sense of security.

      My solution is to respect the law as it is and be VERY cautious about people who profess to be masters of the law without validation from THEIR system. It is their legal system and therefore they are 100% in the right to validate who amongst them are specialists to master the law.

      The only conclusion I can think of is to tread very carefully and abstain from breaking their laws. We understand that citizens have watered down rights. This is common knowledge by now. We know why. Rights are compromised for security. So let's just be honest with our selves.

      Frank O'Collins said it best. Their system functions on the premise that many families and communities are shattered. However, there are successful cohesive modes of communal living that can be used as examples for a solution to this madness.

      We need to realize that this is survival of the fittest. Said successful cohesive communities are mainly interested in self preservation. They are clever. More clever than many think. They just might be the catalyst of subversive movements like the one Anna is leading here. People should take a step back and try their best to see the bigger picture here. How likely is it that people like Anna are subverters subverting people for a special interest group?

      Think about a hypothetical deal that many have been struck between Anna and a special interest group whereby Anna has a patron and all Anna has to do is feed vulnerable people with information that renders them ineffective in society-at-large.

      Think of a scenario where a patron asks Anna to steer vulnerable people in a direction whereby they can no longer vote for candidates running for office. This is exactly what declaring yourself as a "State National" results in.

      I just think that Anna is exploiting a dark aspect of human psyche. The part of us that is easily influenced to think in terms of "us against them." And what she does is make "them" appear less powerful than they really are for us. This perception of "them" that we hold becomes a basis for us to make foolish mistakes that not only harms our families and loved ones but also alienates us from communities. I just think it is a downward spiral.

      There must be a better way. We must look for examples of successful modes of communal living. We must build an infrastructure that protects us as a collective (even if we have to hire lawyers). We need to snap out of this "us against them" mentality and help our communities.

      The only think I can think of is a Religious Society. Religious meaning that we are careful. We have principles and values that we feel transcends this earthly existence.

  7. Follow people like Anna and you'll see for your self.

  8. The solution is available. But as long as leaders like Anna ignore the solutions, then there will be no solution. The solution is separation of church and state.

    The solution is communal living. A religious society comprised of heads of religious households. Each religious household equating to a tax exempt Church creating mission related revenue to raise responsible and accountable children as well as to operate general public charity side projects (e.g., soup kitchens, Hospital, public libraries, you name it).

    This way not only will religious heads of religious households be rightful custodians of wealth that they create but they will also help the general public with part of that wealth.
    Think of how many Farmers in the U.S. that can benefit off this. Transferring their land to a household church. Using the profits generated off that land to raise their children to fulfill a vocation and also using profits to form nonprofit organizations to help the general public.

    Why is it that it's ok for people in the truth movement to ignore the examples set by the Catholic Church or Episcopal church? Why do people in the truth movement turn away from the fact that the Catholic Church has billions if not trillions of dollars worth of assets in the U.S.? Why is it so easy for people in the truth movement to be pessimistic about OUR ability to do the same thing as the Catholic Church?

    Did we all swallow a blue pill thinking that it was a red pill? Does the blue pill make us unknowingly validate the claims of the Catholic Church while we bash it as the synagogue of satan? Why can't families nationwide come together under 1 religious society and do exactly what the Catholic Church does in terms of property management?

    We have to question everything. The answers to the above questions indicate that people like Anna are employed by special interests to steer people away from real solutions. They don't mind being called the Synagogue of Satan as long as that's a means to their end which is self preservation.

    The moment families nationwide wake up and realize that they can do the same exact thing as the Catholic Church will be the moment that the Catholic Church has serious competition. So it's in special interests best interest that people like Anna are steering people away with misinformation. People like Anna have social capital. But they use that capital in a way that validates special interest groups. It validates the Bar Society. It validates the Fraternal organizations because there are no success stories in what Anna promotes. All we see are failures. People getting torn away from their families. People that are so confident that they are right that black becomes white and white becomes black.

  9. And now is the time for families nationwide to wake up. Realize their birthright. Now with the madness ensuing in media and social media. With the nihilism promoted in academia. The time is ripe. It's ripe because people these days, society-at-large have lost all reference points. Many might think that this is an obstacle but it is not. It can be used as a strength. Imagine how many class action lawsuits a collective religious society can win against people who overstep their boundaries. There is power in numbers especially if a collective is animated with the same spirit. A religious society can do this.

    We have to prove to authorities that we respect their authority. But at the same time also prove that we are a force to reckon with when/if they abuse this authority. But we can only beat them at their own game. We cannot invite them into a separate game with separate rules that they don't recognize. In fact, that's exactly what they want us to do. They want us to behave like sovereign citizens because they know that if we walk into their game that they are sure to win.

    So we each have to become educated with effective knowledge. Not alternative knowledge like that of what Anna's peddling her. We need to beat them at their game with their knowledge. And then we need to build enough collective wealth to where we can actually employ their bar attorneys to go after people that TRULY trespass over our rights.

    Don't get me wrong, I am sure that many cases slip through the cracks. People who are in authority get away with murder. But creating as much background white noise only makes such cases worse. People like Anna purposefully drown out those legitimate cases that slip through the cracks.

    We have to wake up and realize that the solution is hidden in plain sight. You would have never guessed how easy it is.

    1 Person files a Statement of Agent in one state for an unincorporated nonprofit association.

    That same person files a USPTO trademark as being owned by said unincorporated nonprofit association in the "Ordaining ministers and performing religious services" goods and services class.

    And said person commences to ordaining heads of households as Ministers.

    It's as easy as that.

    1. Irrevocable Private Common Law Ecclesiastical Trust. Own nothing, control everything.

  10. Ok, so heres the indicator of why our world is in such a sick condition, and the only remedy for it:
    2 Chron. 7:14 'IF my people which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and Seek My Face, and turn from their wicked ways: THEN will I (you) hear from heaven and forgive their Sin, and Heal Their Land.''

    There's yer solution. (it's wickedness that got this country sick, and it continues to be wickedness that keeps it sick; and that's why yer climbing an icy covered mountain. Ya'll got the cart before the horse.)

  11. "Unknown" I don't know what you are smoking, but I think you got a bad batch.

  12. FreeSovereign communitys in Newfoundland operate without govt, no taxes and people volunteer and get things done and have for years. Go back to the basics. It works. I never see. A cop in my town for years growing up, small community and people were happy, never locked our doors, people were very safe and people were happy. Community worked together and resolved own issues and it worked.

    Thanks to corporations the country is falling apart with family and dads targeted and of so much corruption people are leaving cointry, systems and corporations . Nobody has to part take.


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