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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Demand and Decree of the Sovereign Government

By Anna Von Reitz

To boil it down pure and simple --- the Federal Government was created to exercise certain "Delegated Powers".  

Three different levels of Federal Government were created --- the actual Federal Government operated by the States of America formed in 1781, which was moth-balled under conditions of deceit and fraud in 1868, the Territorial Government designed to administer new territorial acquisitions under the Northwest Ordinance and such Insular States and possessions (like Puerto Rico and Guam) and the Municipal Government to administer Washington, DC. 

Over the last three years, all three levels of this "Federal Government" have been rendered incompetent.  The actual Federal Government is still dormant pending completion of its "reconstruction".  Both the Territorial and Municipal Government have gone bankrupt. 

By Operation of Law, the Delegated Powers have returned to the source Delegating those Powers in the first place ---- The United States of America, its member States, and its People. 

And here, attached, is The Demand and Decree accepting and acknowledging the return of these Powers and demand for the return of our assets.   


  1. Not just sorry service , been abused , terrorized , ripped off.and they are going for all the marbles . This could get ugly , armed to the teeth one billion rounds of hollow point rounds with siliotte targets of old people pregnant women.da.

    1. They have been training terrorists for over a hundred years and now they have more domestic terrorist "citizens" than we are even aware of. I have met with quite a number of them thus far that get downright evil when I talk to them about their beloved sacred god the USA INC.


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