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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

For Doctors, Lawyers and Indian Chiefs

By Anna Von Reitz

The doctors, lawyers, and Indian Chiefs among us --- as the old poem goes ---have an extra stumbling block between them and their freedom.

The corporations that we have been dealing with "as" our governments set "Public Policies" which are then enumerated into Administrative Code --- as in "Federal Code" and State of State Statutes. 

In order to become Public Law these Public Policies/Administrative Codes have to be published in the Congressional Record and enumerated in the CFR and enrolled.  Titles 17 through 50 have never passed this test, because the so-called Revised Statutes have never been enumerated and enrolled.

The point of this is that Title XXXVII (37) which causes all the problems for civilian "Uniformed Officers" is part of the Revised Statutes that have never been rendered into Public Law.  They remain merely the private "policy" of the governmental services corporations masquerading as our government.

So--- all the "requirements" that doctors and lawyers and Indian Chiefs be "registered" and/or licensed, or that they have to belong to some club or union like the American Bar Association or be approved as a member of the American Medical Association are nothing more than Public Policy of a corporation and its literal franchises, the States of States organizations.

People think its "law" but it's not.

That is the First Issue.

The Second Issue is that a corporation does have the right to set Public Policy for itself and its employees.  Your employer can make you wear an ugly brown uniform and an orange gingham apron as a condition of your employment. 

In this case, they can demand that in order to take advantage of company-sponsored insurance, their employees can only receive treatment from a "licensed" professional the Company approves of and licenses for that purpose.

So who are their employees? 

Obviously, all the federal civilian and military workers and their dependents.

But, thanks to the Great Fraud, they also claim that everyone who has ever been "registered" in their system is a corporate franchisee, with the result that they claim that all Social Security participants are government employees and subject to their rules, too.

You can "retire" from this presumption any time you like, but you also need to know that this is being presumed against you before you have any motivation to object and notify Social Security and the IRS and the rest of the alphabet soups that you made "a mistake" and/or that you have "retired". 

With nearly everyone enrolled by fraud and error in their corporation's "Social Security" program they have a mighty hammer to use against us until we "retire" and serve notice of our return to our birthright political status, or serve notice that we made a mistake and were not meaning to or required to enroll in Social Security. Or both.

The end result is that if you are seeking medical care and expect Social Security to pay for it or Medicare or Medicaid or any other government program, the Company has a right to demand that the provider is "licensed" and meets their criteria. Which they do. 

So they enforce Title 37 even though it isn't Public Law via de facto commercial contract and coercion under monopoly inducement.

This cuts down the choice of "covered" service providers and also "covered" services, so that even if Doctor A has a cure for cancer, people diagnosed with cancer will be obliged to go to Doctor B, whose services are covered under the Company insurance, aka, Medicare, etc., and their treatment options will be limited in the same way that their choice of doctors or lawyers is limited: by commercial contract and coercion under monopoly inducement.

As a further inducement, hospitals and clinics which receive government corporation grants and aid are forced to work only with "licensed health care professionals" operating as civilian uniformed officers --- unpaid employees of the government monopoly.

You can go to any physician you like, licensed or unlicensed, in a public (licensed) capacity or private (unlicensed) capacity, but you have to pay for it yourself.  You can also obtain any service or undergo any treatment you like, so long as you pay for it yourself.

Doctors who wish to conduct their business as "private physicians" may do so, too, so long as they provide all their own services and equipment and operate their own clinics as private enterprises, and of course, they can't accept Medicare or other government program insurance for services.

It is the "Company Store" phenomenon as recorded by Tennessee Ernie Ford singing, "Sixteen tons, and what do you get?  Another day older and deeper in debt!  St. Peter dontcha call me 'cause I can't go!  I owe my soul to the Company Store!"

In this case, the monopolistic corporations serving in place of your lawful government, are forcing you and millions of others to receive their services and only their services at the price and under the conditions they dictate.

They have already taken all the money you might have otherwise had to spend on medical services as taxes over the course of your working life, and now they want to dictate who you can receive service from and how much you can pay for such service and which services you can access.

Lawyers and Indian Chiefs are in the same bind, more or less.

You don't have to be a Bar Member unless you want to work for "the government" or one of its "franchises", but since they have worked it to arbitrarily define almost everyone as a "franchise" belonging to their corporation, the vast bulk of the work is only available to Bar Attorneys.

Similar to the hospitals receiving "government" grants, the courts can only employ Bar Attorneys as officers of the court, because that is what the Company policy dictates.  

You can be a private lawyer, called a "Counselor-at-Law" and you can assist your customers (not clients) to navigate whatever jurisdictions or processes are required, but its an uphill go, because most people don't know the difference between a "Bar Attorney" and a "Counselor-at-Law" and so don't have sense enough to seek your services out.

And meanwhile, the Company is ruthlessly passing more policies that make sure that only Bar Attorneys can use all the services and facilities of the courts, while you have to provide all your own clerks and receptionists and paralegal services. 

We are dealing with two oppressive old-style monopoly-interest parent corporations acting "as" our government, and while we can --- and some of us do -- continue to operate as private and independent health care professionals and lawyers and tribal chiefs, our customer base is shrinking and the options that people have are shrinking, too, until we all wake up and operate the lawful government we are heir to.

The THINGS in Washington, DC, and all those THINGS operating in your State Capitols are only corporations like J.C. PENNY and Dairy Queen, and they actually have no more authority or lawful control over your lives than any other corporations --- so long as you make it your business to hold them to their limitations and to exercise your own rights and prerogatives. 

Begin by reclaiming your own Trade Name and all your Assumed NAMES and removing them to a permanent domicile on the land and soil of your birth State.
And then get busy and boot up your State Jural Assembly. 

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  1. found this interesting article...

    1. Bohdi...yea, but they never tell you which constitution they are talking about....its like saying everyone has to obey U.S. LAW....But which U.S. ??? There are 3 of them...!! That's why people lose in court...!! They all think we only have one U.S. and one Constitution...!! Remember, they define the words not us...!!

    2. thanks for your input...good points!

  2. even better watch all three of these carl miller videos

  3. How does one born to Americans abroad reclaim their Trade Name and all assumed NAMES when there is no 'birth State' to remove them to? American by birth (not naturalized) but without a 'land' to go to?

    1. Is it possible to learn the State your parents were from at the time of your birth abroad? Perhaps that is the way to go, or at least a start.

    2. The long form birth certificate should provide that info.

  4. Company is the syndicate, thugs banding together and destroy any opposition . Can we resuscitate. This abortion?
    Going to be messy we all want to win.
    note the IRA fighting 1920's.learned only way to fight terrorism is with terrorism British burn suspect IRA. Homes .burn two in retaliation . Only thing that stopped british.
    not saying we're there but thugs understand only one thing blowback in a big way.
    Vermin prevention.

    1. Christopher Bollin speaking with Jim Fetzer two brilliant men analyzing a common thread from JRK,BOBBY KENNEDY to 9/11. Jewish mobsters micky.Cohen only man pardoned out of Alktraz.prison.bu supreme court judge Earl Warren. the same one who wrote the Warren report they own general dynamics major submarine builder .
      The use patsy oswald,serhan serhan , fake 19 hijackers most still alive col.Tim osman
      otherwise known as Osama bin Laden .
      Control immediate media blurbs setting tone. And trusting ppl think thair government wouldn't lie.

    2. There has to be an alternative to "Coporations", because they all need to be done away with, or they will always rule over us...!! One thing is for sure..If real money backed by substance again comes back, all the current accounting records will have to be trashed, because once you "PAY" for something, instead of "DISCHARGING " it, the account is "payed for in full, the account completely settled and adjusted to reflect closure with no remaining balance due....In other words, these corporations won't be able to use their PRIVATE "off-sheet bookkeeping ledgering accounts " open...!! Only public accounts that can either be opened or accounts "Receivable" allowed..!! It's back to school for accountants..!!

    3. Jim Fetzer is suspect, he tried with many others to suppress Judy Wood for exposing directed energy weapons that vaporized the twin towers. She is honest and very bright. She exposes all kinds of people for what they are.

    4. From what I have seen, Jim Fetzer is on every monday with Louisa and they have discussed and reported about directed energy weapons being part of bringing down the towers. It fell faster than a demolition and always exposing these fake school shootings where no one has died, no death certificates of children that were supposed to have been killed. Also the plane crash that supposedly killed two state troopers is a false flag. Show vid of crash site and troopers walking away.

  5. Once again I disagree -as I DO NOT have a domicile, a residence.
    Attorneys are Counselors at law as they are AGAINST the Common Law.
    I am a Counselor in Law, a legal scholar & earned this by doing the due diligence & recognizing the fraud which vitiates the most solemn contracts, documents & judgments!

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