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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Problem and the Solution

By Anna Von Reitz

The Problem
Today, each baby is born into debt slavery.   This debt is attached to him via undisclosed commercial contracts which convert the living child into a human chattel asset backing the debts of governments.
This system is set up so that the debts accrued can never equal the debts repaid.
That is, even if you pay all that you owe, there will still be interest to be paid on this debt when you die.
This debt will be passed on to the next generation.
This creates a perpetual Debt Ponzi Scheme.
Instead of money, each new participant contributes a share of debt to the pyramid. 
With each new generation this odious debt increases and more and more of the world’s wealth is controlled by fewer and fewer people.
These controllers are middlemen.
This is because on the opposite side of the ledger in such a system, the debtors are also the creditors; if it were not for the middlemen, the bankers and fund managers standing in the way, this would be apparent to everyone and we could all have a good laugh.
The Problem turns out to be ignorance and dishonest bookkeeping.
When we use actual commodities as money instead of debt, the debt pyramid is eroded, but other problems rear their heads.
The use of a standard commodity, such as gold or silver, as money, creates a system of idolatry.
No matter how much of the commodity we amass, there is never enough.
Such a system is prone to manipulation by producers and hoarders of the standard commodity.
Inevitably, the producers and warehouse managers (bankers) of the standard commodity gain an unfair advantage over everyone else.
This results in an inelastic, unreal, dishonest system of trade that limits and burdens the many and encourages gluttony by a few.
Conclusion: there is no lasting relief in either the Debt Ponzi Scheme nor in the use of any Standard Commodity as money.
Both systems have been tried and both systems have failed and both systems are prone to manipulation, dishonesty, and limitations that cripple us.
We need a new answer.
We need an honest, incorruptible way to trade with each other that includes and empowers everyone.
The Solution
Without going into a lot of technical detail, we have a simple, seamless, utterly secure, utterly private means of replacing both the current Internet and the current banking systems.
Our system is generations ahead and can’t be hacked.
This provides a means for people to connect safely and privately on a global basis.
It also provides the unobstructed ability to trade, to record transactions, to record property interests, to declare our individual form of law and political status, and to establish unique identification passwords and addresses.
This gives us all the means to trade but not the “what” to trade.
We propose a truly global currency based on the value of all goods, all commodities, and all labor resources currently traded worldwide.
This creates a “Super Commodity Standard” that actually does reflect the value of all goods and services being traded worldwide.
Everyone has value to trade by virtue of their country’s natural resources and their own ability to work, and everyone is a producer when trading in our Super Commodity Currency.
There is no benefit from hoarding or otherwise manipulating such a currency, and no practical limit to its value, which increases when we reinvest in care-taking the Earth and its people, instead of increasing when we destroy each other and pollute the planet.
Both these initiatives are nonviolent, noncoercive, and not aimed at harming anyone. 
We simply introduce them as new options and let nature take its course.
As soon as people realize all the benefits of having a secure private identity and private banking and internet capability, they will naturally want access to our new banking and internet system.
The common sense benefits of having investments in Super Commodity Currency means they will exchange some of their national currency for global currency and begin trading in it. 
Especially resource rich and labor rich countries will benefit from using Super Commodity Currency--- meaning that those with the most need will reap the most benefit and freedom from this new system.
Over time the reinvestment in the Earth and in the people will increase the value of the Super Commodity Currency, and people will gradually let go of their old national currencies.
The impulse to compete will no longer be channeled to trade wars and contests like “China versus Japan”-- and will be addressed toward maximizing and increasing the health and value of each worker and each plot of land, instead.
This system pays for itself, is self-generating, and has no known limitation or drawback technically or morally. It is decentralized, self-policing, self-correcting, and can endure indefinitely.

It is competent right now to replace both the Debt Ponzi Scheme and the Standard Commodity Scheme with an honest and beneficial system of private international trade.
See this article and over 800 others on Anna's website here:
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  1. Sounds good. SO where is this taking place now.

    1. In Venezuela? How so? I would love to give good news to suffering folk there.

  2. And who will be the people in charge of rolling this out. Our gov't now still seems interested in playing the same games...President Trump needs to denounce this Corp. Gov't to start with.

    1. Although Trump has balls of steel, he is no God, and he is all alone..I knew when he picked ex CEO of Exon/Mobil for Secratary of State (Tillerson) that he wasn't the right choice for the position..!! Now he using the director of the CIA for the position...POMPONO!! The only way he can find out who will be loyal is to try them out and get close to them to find out what they are planning, and if they betray him in any way he can always fire them and start over, but at least he has more intelligence about these agencies and what he is up against...he is using everyone to his advantage and then firing them when he has enough info from them...he has to promise them the world in order to gain their trust enough to learn their agenda, and then fire them like used trash..!! He has no problem firing people..he really has learned to be the top CEO of the biggest corporation on the planet...the UNITED STATES, INC. He's perfect for that position, because that's all we have right now...a Corp State..!! Not a Republic..!! As far as your commodity system, it sounds good, except for the fact that there are still extremely earthly people who will always think they are in charge or should be and will always try and corrupt an honest system...those people have to be round up and incarcerated or we will never have peace on this planet..!! That includes our some point, they have to submit to our control and not there own..but they have to recognize us as intelligent and resposible enough to run a country or they wont let go of their control...every country is being deceived by their own intelligent agencies by false or misleading info that all Presidents relay on to do the right thing..Instead, they usually give their leaders false or misleading info just to start controversies or wars for the BANKS..!! As long as we have people who think they are more powerful and wealthy than everyone else, we can never develops an honest system of exchange..!!

    2. You actually took the long approach to explaining what I deleted earlier in my post. Trump has to publicly denounce this Corp. Inc. And then create a people's news station and hold accountable all involved in this scam. Or the people will never completely trust him. And get rid of all the Marxist, communist news stations. Put everyone on the same page with transparency until all the weeds are killed or arrested and dealt with.

    3. Oh! And Trump baited Tillerson, that's how he knew to fire him.

  3. If what you are talking about is not a one world political system and monetary system, I do not know what is. This type of system will certainly usher in the coming of satan as antichrist.

  4. It makes me raise an eyebrow when somebody has as much information about the United States corporation and everything that has happened throughout the years, and then they say something that in effect is promoting a one world system... Anna, it makes me question whether your methods are true and accurate and will actually work. Over the past 2 years, I have yet to see anyone anywhere post anything saying that they’re better off after filing everything.
    My reason for filing would be to correct my status and get myself out of debt. But there is no proof this will actually work. I understand the fraud completely now.
    Just like I know Satan will be here before Jesus.

    If you know somebody that is done with all their filings and is better off, have them send me an email.

    1. Actually there is a lady and her family on you Tube. I believe for a small fee she will teach you all you need to know,since she has done it.

    2. I believe she did it then moved to Cuba or Brazil somewhere out of the USA. Just search learning to regain soveriegnty...she should pop up.

    3. Are you speaking of Druanna? She is out there and she charges big bucks for doing this. Big , as in thousands. If she did this, why would she want federal reserve obligations again for payment?

    4. Fruit Inspector, you are obviously new to this site. I have done all my filings and then some and am better off by far as have many on this site. But what we have done does not amount to a hill of beans to you if you don't get busy yourself and do your own filings. Blessed is he who has not seen and yet believes.

    5. If two years is new, then yes.
      Like I said before, I want to correct my status and get out of debt. I have looked at a bunch of different people on YouTube and how they had completed part of this process but nobody ever says if it helped them one way or the other. They never show any current proof or documentation.
      If they are better off, why not show others, privately, how to do it all and show their specific results?
      I haven’t found Anyone willing to do this yet!

      I already called the two offices that I need to get in contact with in my birth state to get more certified copies of my birth certificate and then to have them sent to and authenticated in the SOS’s office. I already have a Revocation of Election letter on my computer, filled out. I have quite a few of Anna’s recommended forms download. I have a link to the Minnesota? d.b.a. form. I also have the W-8 BEN.

      For me right now, to do this will cost a lot of what I do not have, money. Before getting paid, I had $12.00 in my main checking account, $14.00 in my car payment account, and had built my savings up to $40.00, which is now down to $5.00.

      Are you out of debt? Is your house paid for? Vehicle(s)? I also have 2 massive school loans:($11,500) & ($65,000 in deferment). I also had a Vitromectomy two years ago. Those Dr. and hospital bills are now down to just under $5,000.
      So you see, I do not have very much discretionary income to use for something that will not help make my situation better. I already know correcting my status will cause problems with my current employer. I asked already. I had to pay federal taxes for the last 2 years because of my wife’s student loan. In order for her to get a lower payment, we are filling separately and it is costing me.

    6. FI, your profile says Nov 2017. To answer your question, once it works, the pressure is off and many people forget that they can use that proof to help others. You don't want the W8-BEN. Just the W-8 available here:
      In the meantime you can immediately increase our take home pay by filing 10 exemptions on a W-4 which the employer cannot deny or argue with. They will express their concern but just tell them that you have a lot of deductions this year and that your tax advisor (me!) is instructing you to do this. If money is the issue, I would first work on getting a refund of all of my taxes. I zeroed out my $120k+ tax bill using Anna's method and now filing for refunds using Form 843. If you post your email I will send you proof. You can also use the tax court petition, which should be quicker, and get a court order for LOJ and then file all years at the same time to get a refund of all past taxes remitted in error + interest. Should be a nice check. Just be sure to file 1 x Form 843 per tax year. I am working with one of Anna's LLF lawyers to eliminate all other debts, most of which have already been discharged, but LLF requires a fee so wait til you get your refund check. The LLF can certainly help you with eliminating your mortgage and student loans. In the meantime you and your wife should complete the surrender of your fed persons and revocation of election so you don't need to file anymore.

    7. Nov 2017 is because I changed my user name then. My wife is not willing to do any of this unless it works out for me. She is already afraid of the IRS trying to arrest me for not paying taxes if I do not file. My email for you to contact me is

    8. FI, I hear you. I just sent you the proof to your email. You may want to try talking to her about getting a NCSN passport that takes you out of US jurisdiction.

    9. 1FreeMan, I have everything ready to go with the 843, now just waiting for irs List of years and amounts, sent a month ago.

      P.S. there is no way to eliminate student loans; all there is is various payment methods, which do not help at all.
      'Strange' how it takes money to get rid of debt.

    10. what is a NCSN Passport and where to get one ? Thank you

    11. Hi Diane, it is non-citizen state national passport issued to you as a State Citizen (capitol C) according to Article 4 section 2 of the Constitution which states: The Citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States.
      I got mine through

  5. Well, there you have it. A need for total re-education of the world's true history, starting with religion. Because now all of your followers will turn against you for creating a NWO and ushering in Satan. IRONY at it's best.

  6. Did anyone not read..."The Problem turns out to be ignorance and dishonest bookkeeping". So let's just throw more ignorance in there.
    And then there is the solution.Our system is generations ahead and can’t be hacked. This can only mean a "benevolent artificial intelligence" system, since the one that has been running it was an non-benevolent system. Can't wait to hear the rational on this thought pro ess!

  7. Sounds to me like some adults have come to the round table and come up with a plan. I will just sit back now and watch the fun.

  8. The only way to do this is by giving everyone back their soveriegnty,backing money with actual assets and anyone who tries to start a war will lose their assets. You Can't back a war without asset control.

  9. This is about moving humanity forward by service to others(meaning the people) and ending evil control.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Of course this is second hand being me sharing this info. SO don't hold me totally correct, as things have been changing daily.

  12. I have to laugh, it is very much like Star Wars. Smh and I have way too much time on my hands.

  13. Anna is making way more sense to me now than before, although I expect all sorts of confusion to come from her patriots now. Till she further explains her 360.

  14. where is the solution? This seems like hogwash to me. We need a reset for sure and it is beyond the hand of man . It is also beyond the hand of the strange god as well. Only creator God has the power to rectify this mess. I AM ( his name I AM that I AM ) the Lord thy God , thou shalt NOT have any strange gods before ME. Christ was not god and never claimed to be ....Mark 10:45 45For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many." son of man not god.
    Ok Abby have your say.

    1. Denial of Christ's Divinity is called Arianism and is one of the oldest heresies.

    2. BCM, have you never read the first chapter of John?
      John 1:1 - In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
      John 1:14 - And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.
      Jesus is the word made flesh who is declared to be God here. How much clearer can it be?

    3. Among the basics of the bible, is the fact that Jesus is both God AND Man. He was God before coming to earth as a ''man'' and then rose again, went back to our Father, and is again God. Jesus said ''if you have seen me, you have seen the Father''. Just before he rose again, he said, ''I go again to My Father, and just as you SEE ME go, you will SEE ME come again''.
      Surely, even a dumb ass knows about the Return of Christ to set up HIS KINGDOM here on earth. That is the ''frosting on the cake'' Its the Benefit Package for all the saints of God, The church body of true believers. And for Christ Deniers? A thousand year long nap, then judgement and lake of fire.

    4. "beware the scribes"

      i am not knowledgeable on "religious" things (this can be good or bad, hopefully i dont have preconceived ideas)

      from what i see, people need to be sure which "christ" and "jesus" and "lords" are which, and "spirit to come" versus "ghost that already came/is still here". it seems the latin ending/tense is very important.

      that site has lots of info. i would recommend people at least have arguments against it if they think it is "wrong". i am not affiliated.

      one does not have to "buy" everything or even anything on that site, to simply download various books and do your own studies.

      grab a latin vulgate and nominum interpretario, now tell me which "lord" is which?

      they also claim there appears to be a guy simply called "jesus" versus the actual. see the source.

      they also claim standard apocalypse books missing from modern "bibles". see the talmud quote on that.

      i.e. if you leave out the ending, satan's coming is "the end". how convenient.

      that "illuminist mason" "bible" could be a "joke" to see which priests would sign off, an actual "bible" with images altered, a way to initiate masons "join us, see how much power we have"...a false flag to divert attention towards who, the catholic priests who signed off on it?

      if there is one thing a layman like me knows, it is that the "other side" does study "the bible" etc. they just choose the "other side" and try to invert it all.

      (paraphrase of masonic speak) "satan/lucifer/etc. is not a god, but the denial of god". a negative force, the absence of god.

      "our lady" stuff may not apply to various people who are not "traditional catholics" but there is lots of sources on that site for ANYONE to do your own researches.

      they seem to have a strong belief that "sola scriptura" is nonsense, and that there are darn good reasons "bibles" were kept from normal lay people...full of fake "lords" that english translations simply translate as "the lord".

      he does not comment on the wycliffe bible (who was a common lawyer)...not sure where one can get a copy.

      "the nice thing about standards is there are so many to choose from"

      they seem strong on proper "catholic" baptism, while others claim "whosever believeth in me shall not perish" indicates there is no reason anyone "has to" be "baptized"

    5. one reason i find "our lady" stuff interesting, is they are as far from "common law" as can be...yet many similarities:

      - dogma/decrees and not-necessarily-written traditions are above written law.
      - in absence of proper priests/church/masses/weddings/funerals/baptisms/etc., powers to do a proper baptism revert to "the people", similar to the present "american" situation.

      from a "legal" and "lawful" perspective, it is interesting, as roman civil law is polar opposite from common law, but they appear stuck in a similar boat at the moment, with no proper "pope" etc. for many years, according to them.

      it is interesting to note the system is defined such that when terrible things happen, and the priesthood is subverted..."the (lay) people" get to/must do their own baptisms as "remedy"

      it is an interesting "mirror" of "common law" stuff in a way.

      they dont phrase it that way, but where there is a "rite" there is a "remedy" it looks like :)

      all the "my body is mine!" pro-abortion people, are also interestingly enough doing a type of "common law" but not knowing it or identifying it as such.

      it is perhaps not surprising that "common law" principles show up in many places when the powers that be get too dictatorial, often with those defending them not knowing or aware of it.

  15. This was going good except when it came to the part about our "NEW banking and internet system"!!! First off, NO "new banking" will be allowed, look at what is happening to the crypto currencies, losing billions in value!!! Anything competing with jew controlled central banks will be attacked and destroyed and if that has not happened to THIS "new banking system" then if is either a fraud or it isn't doing anything to attract their attention. Secondly, anything "internet" related is NOT "secured" it will be "bugged" with hacks, malware and viruses, as the "system" has to go through all of the other routes that the current internet providers have to use. Sorry, but this stuff is wishful thinking. Until the elites that control all of this is dealt with first, this stuff on this site is wishful thinking.

  16. First let me correct my statement. Anna hasn't changed anything she believes. She has just stated where we have come to. And the solution. It is really up to us the people to believe in ourselves and learn to forgive ourselves and others so we can move on and do what is needed to make this world right.Now you have to look inside yourselves and see. The tools are there.

  17. Forgiveness and love are the only real truths. God has always been love unconditional.

    1. That 'love and forgiveness' sermon is nothing but New Age coddling of babies that never want to grow up. Real Truth is...repent, or perish. There is nothing about God or His Son that is 'unconditional'. That word is nowhere in the bible, nor is it even insinuated or alluded to. God has conditions for everything; even for having prayer heard.

  18. Ye of little faith, forgive them Father,for they know not what they do.

  19. The seed is in the fruit and the fruit knoweth not.

  20. My boat has never sank, no matter the storms for love has guided me, even in my times of emmense doubt. The moment I let go,is when I saw the light. What are you looking up here for? I was asked. Simply, be I that I Am...
    Just my personal experience, follow your own.

  21. Compassion flowed through me and the fear was gone, my fear, but questions still remained for I had to grow...

  22. There will be many that need to grow.

  23. In the {past 75 years I have Heard of a {Promise that I trust we certainly NEED in these United States. That is; "THE RESTORATION OF ALL THINGS. Of course would this INCLUDE People? Why not. What was also discovered was "The Resurrection of the DEAD!. Just Imagine such a Feat by The Creator in HIS Time. Could 2018 be a Year Of "Signs and Wonders? Le me add that there Truly IS A NEW LOOK At THE WORD OF GOD; "REMNANT".

    1. The remnant bride is incorrect. When people die their spirit immediately returns to God who gave it to them. The flesh returns to the earth from which it was made!

    2. You are correct, FI. Many people foolishly believe in soul sleep. Pauls says: to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. There is no remnant bride among gentile believers. The remnant only refers to Israelites who acknowledge and accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
      Romans 9:27 - Esaias also crieth concerning Israel, Though the number of the children of Israel be as the sand of the sea, a remnant shall be saved:
      According to Dake: The doctrine of the remnant always refers to Judah and the other tribes of Israel, never to Gentiles or the church. It teaches that God is obligated to save a remnant of all Israel, so as to preserve their line to eventually fulfill with them the covenants made with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and David. God promised an eternal line to these men, and He promised their descendants an eternal land (Gen. 12:1- 3, 7 13:14- 17 15:18- 21 17:2- 8, 19 21:12; 22:17- 18 26:3- 4 28:3- 4, 13- 15 2Sam. 7). Isa 1:9
      Besides, resurrection of the dead was commanded by Jesus to all believers as well as casting out devils, healing the sick and all the same works that Jesus did. John 14:12, Mark 16:17-18, Matt 28:18-20, Luke 10:19, etc. But how many truly believe?

  24. People who took Anna's advice in hopes of getting rich will not be getting so.

  25. No matter which system is put into place to 'exchange' goods and/or services there would have to be some type of accounting method to assure both parties are satisfied. Whomever is in charge of the accounting book is the actual key player that would determine outcomes, and at that level of power who would that be ? From neighbor to neighbor, to local business to consumer, from business to business and internationally nation to nation. The world banks in place for countries are just as corrupt as central banks and local banks. WHO would be the 'judge' of fair trade at any and every level of commerce ?

  26. When creator God steps in He will set up what once was and this time we better not piss Him off. No man can be trusted to be fair and what a responsibility it would be for him. I kind of like the idea of only ten laws and all is free. Acts and statutes be damned.

  27. So interesting comments. Do not know exactly what Anna's plan is.... however, the currencies and token oriented cryptocurrencies could be in the mix. Most public and many politicians representing regulatory bodies have very little knowledge in this area. The blockchain technology solves the security issues spoken above as applied to banking and the internet which are separate areas. These systems are DECENTRALIZED controlled by the public NOT a central authority. The old system is dying as we know. The new system is being built along side it at the current time, it is in the earliest of stages. The volatility will eventually subside as wide spread adoption increases. I would suggest all educate themselves about these new currencies. Finally, history illustrates a currency (trade between parties) does not have to be backed by any commodity, ie gold or silver. This concept is not historically accurate. The key is CONFIDENCE in the system and honesty among the parties.

  28. The crypto and bitcoin and other internet non sense is just another facet of the fiat system created by the same players.shaking head.

  29. When your crypto currency vanishes out of your own account what will you do then?
    It is another system to control you.

  30. Unless you can touch it, feel it, smell it, you Can't control it.

  31. I feel for Anna and Trump, the ignorance is rampid.

  32. I want land as a human right, and the right to the use of other natural resources one needs to live. After that we can develop systems of exchange, like, you help me build a house and I provide you with food I have grown. Until each of us has a steady platform from which to operate, and that platform is inviolate, then we will always be slaves to those we permit to control it. Now, the bankers and the government employees have control of our survival, and they control the courts and the police. If we don't obey they throw at us the full force of their agencies and strip us of our jobs, our bank accounts, our homes, and even our freedom. They will even take our children as a means of controlling us!

    For real security we need to insist that our use of land and resources, enough to be self sustaining is our right that cannot be violated.

  33. 'When your crypto currency vanishes out of your own account what will you do then?
    It is another system to control you.'

    "The crypto and bitcoin and other internet non sense is just another facet of the fiat system created by the same players.shaking head."

    As we all are entitled our own opinions, it's called the 1st Amendment. The crypto ecosystem of currencies and tokens (separate development not a payment currency) is being built at this time. Check back in 5 years, your opinion could be different... education, education....

    As per above comment after 9 years the blockchain of Bitcoin has NEVER been penetrated. The wallets (your bank account) holding the currencies have been penetrated, those being held on computer (computer being hacked). The exchanges (trading platforms) have been hacked. But, a Hard Wallet (specialized thumb drive) holding your assets off line which requires 3 sets of "password protection" is impossible to penetrate. By the way, you can touch, feel and smell the hard drive no different than a "dollar bill", silver or gold if that makes you comfortable...

    The next two years will be very educational. Even many supporter "gold and silver bugs" at the highest levels are participating..... the next 5 years will see significant inflation.... paper assets and their derivatives might not fare to well...... something to think about...

    1. What happens when you forget the three passwords or misplace you misplace your precious thumb drive like people who misplace their keys ,wallet ,or reading glasses or so.eone close to you steals it?

    2. From Anna:

      There is no safety in a bogus system and no matter how you cut it, there are problems with any kind of currency or money. All are subject to ups and downs and manipulations. And if you continue to act as a "citizen" you continue to be in danger of confiscations and seizures. That is reality. We have to do our best with it, until we can figure out and implement something that is immune to these evils. I personally hedge my bets and keep some money --silver and gold, and some forms of currency for rainy days. I have no particular insight into which of several bad options is better, but common sense should say that something actual is more reliable than something imaginary and something issued by a major government is likely to survive better than start up cryptocurrencies.

  34. Over the past few years, we have been told by the lying Media and govt. and even by Trump, that our economy is on the upswing.....does not make sense with all these stores going bankrupt, including a couple miles of Madison Avenue.
    Im dizzy from all my reading and 'homework' but there is a large business moving out of southern california, to Dallas. They advertized 1000 job openings, and got 100,000 applications. Ahh, so is this proof that the employment has improved? Hardly.

    This is why our entire economy is tanking: The rich, elitists, politicians have pushed the middle class out of the market. It is the middle class that has always been the backbone of a flourishing economy.....but now that has been killed.
    Money has been sopped up by the upper 1% and now the 99% cannot afford to purchase and preserve the economy, so it is simply dying.
    The rich elitists who have engineered all this, are so stupid they forgot to figure in the fact that THEY cannot and do not buy enough goods and products TO keep the economy alive.

    Ahh, so now we all know why all these stores are going bankrupt; Macy's, Sears, Toys R Us, etc etc.

  35. here in medicine hat, alberta, a 100 million dollar crypto currency mining operation has signed a 10 year contract to purchase electricity from the city's new natural gas fired plant to cool their computers; the city's older plant exported electricity daily; now everyone here knows why the new plant was built; it will employ 100 people...

  36. What is this "Super Commodity Currency"??

  37. Im not sure Tom, but I feel it will be based on energy, which everyone and everything Is and is measurable for balanced, sound exchanges moving forward. We will All KNOW soon enough for sure, and I forgot one can hardly wait!! Out with the OLD, in with the New!!!

  38. Both South America and the Unbunti are said to not have used money yet lived even with central buildings, kind of a city country fashion, not sure about the Ubunti, and there is the Trobiander who we know use Yams, and a poor man with no yams is topped off by others for needs. Occasionally a Trobiander will take a coin if they think it pretty but they have no value for it otherwise. We read in the Excellence of the Common Law, well referenced history that coins are what changed the status of a serf since with the coins you could hire a land servant. Others preferred the coins to a lazy one who rarely got around the work to pay for the shoes.
    Exchanges, pluses and minuses, everyday, trillions of exchanges in money. Nearly everyone is so used to it thinking about it is rare other than a rather emergent need to get enough of it to get by, people do not wonder how much we actually need if all the fees, fines, penalties, inflation economics and BS were removed and it is not only useless to people but being used for harm. The old fuedal system, from the days people in Holland had to wear a 'P" sewn on clothes if poor. Government passed laws so 95 percent were pour and the practice finally reigned in when poor people were becoming a profitable commodity.
    Also it seems the people who used no money had no prisons either. The so called civilized using this slave trade today masked as prisons and mental hospitals, running up debts on all the little people in places and that have the most corruption also have the most prisons and those who believe in violating versus defending what is right.
    I agree with Manly Palmer Hall's saying "When any one is transacting with anyone else, a man or woman, flesh and blood, if the one gains to the others loss, it creates toxic energy. The planetary grids of energies round about us all are effected. Despite thinking by some that they got away with something, they too are suffering the effects of the the toxic energy.
    The Age is here, perhaps new energy will begin to form, during those times, creative art, beautiful gardens, in idyllic magical life style can evolve, trees and the Earth bath in the positive love energy and so on.

  39. re: we have a simple, seamless, utterly secure, utterly private means of replacing both the current Internet and the current banking systems.
    probably nothing of modern software will ever meet my "code portability" standards...but language/OS/standards and licensing of any "code" (or "binary only") and licensing of specifications for someone to create a compatible implementation "from scratch" are important.

    suppose someone has a laptop of unknown processor type, a wireless network card, and a (we will say C, but could be rust or java or forth...) compiler for some unknown operating system. or even just an assembler.

    what would it take to interface with this system, and would they need to acquire additional hardware?

    specifications for interoperability?

    my concerns are "what does it take to interface with this system from scratch, on an unknown operating system and unknown processor?"

    my "needs" may not match most people, but after many years:

    "32-bit intel dos-compatible windows 9x/ME only"
    "32-bit windows xp sp3 required"
    "64-bit windows-only"

    gets really old really fast.

    "x86 linux only" is not much better. "x86 mac os x" is more of the same.

    for "cell phones" and "Tablets" the question is:

    -- how much is an SDK?
    -- can only "signed applications" run on this platform? how much does that cost?

    modern "hardware" and "software" is locked down nowadays.
    as far as i am concerned, portability does not equal security, but lack of portability equals "single area to attack"
    my concern is how portable is the software layer of this, for someone running an unknown OS and unknown CPU:

    10 Thou shalt foreswear, renounce, and abjure the vile heresy which claimeth that ``All the world's a VAX'', and have no commerce with the benighted heathens who cling to this barbarous belief, that the days of thy program may be long even though the days of thy current machine be short.
    This particular heresy bids fair to be replaced by ``All the world's a Sun'' or ``All the world's a 386'' (this latter being a particularly revolting invention of Satan), but the words apply to all such without limitation. Beware, in particular, of the subtle and terrible ``All the world's a 32-bit machine'', which is almost true today but shall cease to be so before thy resume grows too much longer.

    1. forgive my lack of faith in modern "software" ... most programmers are simply lazy and parasitic.

      my concern is that if this "new internet" is simply:

      "all the world's a jvm"
      "all the world's a python vm"
      "all the world's an x86 with virtualization extensions"

      i dont see as any improved "internet", just more of the same.

      i should be able to plug this "new internet" in anywhere i can run a tcp/ip stack right now.

      that includes an old pdp or simulator, multics, waits, tops 20, 16-bit dos, qnx, os/2, vms, etc.

      if this is simply a "tunnel" or "router program" over/under existing tcp/ip that i can run on one system, and point all my old machines/simulators to use as a "gateway" of sorts, that is good, but i dont see it as a "new internet".

      like everything else, modern software reflects the rampant parasitism elsewhere in society.

      what is needed to take working tcp/ip stack code today, and "extend" it for compatability with this "new internet"?

      i dont expect a "new internet" to replace all the existing tcp/ip stacks out there...but there should be a straightforward process for a qualified person to do so.

      "internet" implies different OS and processors.

      a "new internet" should at least make some effort for "transition".

      "buy a new machine and run our new software" doesnt cut it.

      how do we "transition" on existing platforms?

      "new" things that require everyone "upgrade" dont impress me. i hope that is not the case.

      i dont expect working code for everything in the world to replace current tcp/ip...i do require detailed specifications that would allow someone qualified to do so.


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